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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 4954

Chapter 4954 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rufas J.S.; Gimenez Abian J.; Suja J.A.; Garcia C., 1987:
Chromosome organization in meiosis revealed by light microscope analysis of silver stained cores

Bower D.J., 1987:
Chromosome organization in polyploid mouse trophoblast nuclei

Webb, G.C., 1976:
Chromosome organization in the australian plague locust chortoicetes terminifera part 1 banding relationships of the normal and supernumerary chromosomes

Webb G.C.; Neuhaus P., 1979:
Chromosome organization in the australian plague locust chortoicetes terminifera part 2 banding variants of the b chromosome

Kumar O.A.; Panda R.C.; Rao K.G.R., 1986:
Chromosome orientation and sterility in gamma ray induced interchanges in chili pepper capsicum annuum l

Armstrong K.C., 1984:
Chromosome pairing affinities between old world and new world species of bromus section pnigma

Lukaszewski, A.J.; Apolinarska, B.; Gustafson, J.P.; Krolow, K.D., 1987:
Chromosome pairing and aneuploidy in tetraploid triticale i. stabilized karyotypes

Lukaszewski, A.J.; Apolinarska, B.; Gustafson, J.P.; Krolow, K.D., 1987:
Chromosome pairing and aneuploidy in tetraploid triticale ii. unstabilized karyotypes

Crane C.F.; Beversdorf W.D.; Bingham E.T., 1982:
Chromosome pairing and associations at meiosis in ha ploid soybean glycine max

Kumar O.A.; Panda R.C.; Rao K.G.R., 1987:
Chromosome pairing and behaviour in autotriploid chili pepper capsicum annuum l

Attia, T., 1977:
Chromosome pairing and chiasma formation at low temperature in 5d nullisomic f 1 plants from crossings of chinese spring with 3 di ploid aegilops genotypes

Holm P.B., 1986:
Chromosome pairing and chiasma formation in allohexaploid wheat triticum aestivum analyzed by spreading of meiotic nuclei

Wischmann B., 1986:
Chromosome pairing and chiasma formation in wheat triticum aestivum plants triisosomic for the long arm of chromosome 5b

Raja Rao K.G.; Lydia G., 1983:
Chromosome pairing and desynapsis in induced auto tetra ploid tomatillo physalis ixocarpa

Koduru, P.R.K.; Rao, M.K., 1978:
Chromosome pairing and desynapsis in spontaneous auto poly ploids of pennisetum typhoides

Feldman M.; Strauss I.; Vardi A., 1979:
Chromosome pairing and fertility of f 1 hybrids of aegilops longissima and aegilops searsii

Hashemi A.; West J.E.; Waines J.G., 1986:
Chromosome pairing and pollen fertility in interspecific hybrids of species of parthenium asteraceae

Berbec, A., 1987:
Chromosome pairing and pollen fertility in the interspecific f 1 hybrids nicotiana tabacum l. x nicotiana benavidesii goodspeed nicotiana knightiana goodspeed x nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana raimondii macbride x nicotiana tabacum

Wang X.; Holm P.B., 1988:
Chromosome pairing and synaptonemal complex formation in wheat rye hybrids

Koduru P.R.K., 1980:
Chromosome pairing and the meiotic behavior of univalents in the synaptic mutants of pearl millet pennisetum americanum gramineae

Aung T.; Walton P.D., 1987:
Chromosome pairing at five ploidy levels in elymus trachycaulus

Hutchinson J.; Chapman V.; Miller T.E., 1980:
Chromosome pairing at meiosis in hybrids between aegilops and secale species a study by in situ hybridization using cloned dna

Reddi, V.R.; Seetharami-Reddi, T.V.V., 1977:
Chromosome pairing at pachytene and meiosis in auto tetra ploid rice

Armstrong K.C., 1985:
Chromosome pairing failure in an intersectional amphiploid of bromus altissimus x bromus arvensis

Jenkins, G.; Scanlon, M.J., 1987:
Chromosome pairing in a Lolium temulentum X Lolium perenne diploid hybrid with a low chiasma frequency

Hobolth P., 1981:
Chromosome pairing in allo hexa ploid wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring transformation of multivalents into bivalents a mechanism for exclusive bivalent formation

Rasmussen S.W.; Holm P.B., 1979:
Chromosome pairing in auto tetra ploid bombyx mori females mechanism for exclusive bivalent formation

Kirti P.B.; Murty U.R.; Bharathi M.; Rao N.G.P., 1982:
Chromosome pairing in f 1 hybrid arachis hypogaea x arachis monticola

Armstrong K.C.; Keller W.A., 1982:
Chromosome pairing in ha ploids of brassica oleracea

Simeone, R.; Blanco, A., 1987:
Chromosome pairing in hybrids between triticum turgidum l. and aegilops caudata l

Chen J.F.; Lin Y.J., 1982:
Chromosome pairing in interspecific hybrids of tagetes patula and tagetes erecta

Rao G.R.; Kumar A., 1983:
Chromosome pairing in interspecific hybrids of the solanum nigrum complex

Armstrong K.C., 1985:
Chromosome pairing in octoploid f 1 and octoploid amphiploid hybrids between bromus inermis and bromus pumpellianus

Nowick E.M., 1986:
Chromosome pairing in oryza sativa x oryza latifolia hybrids

Kirti P.B.; Rao B.G.S., 1980:
Chromosome pairing in reciprocal hybrids of solanum integrifolium and solanum indicum var multiflora

Eizenga G.C.; Kasperbauer M.J., 1985:
Chromosome pairing in tall fescue festuca arundinacea haploids derived by anther panicle culture

Rao G.R.; Kumar A., 1981:
Chromosome pairing in tetra ploid forms of solanum nigrum

Lewis E.J., 1980:
Chromosome pairing in tetra ploid hybrids between lolium perenne and lolium multiflorum

Bharathi M.; Murty U.R.; Kirti P.B.; Rao N.G.P., 1983:
Chromosome pairing in the interspecific hybrids arachis hypogaea x arachis chacoense nomen nudum and arachis hypogaea x arachis villosa

Rasmussen, S.W., 1977:
Chromosome pairing in tri ploid females of bombyx mori analyzed by 3 dimensional reconstructions of synaptonemal complexes

Mcguire P.E., 1984:
Chromosome pairing in triploid and tetraploid hybrids in elytrigia triticeae poaceae

Jenkins G., 1983:
Chromosome pairing in triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring

Verma, A.K.; Sinha, B.M.B., 1978:
Chromosome pairing in x irradiated pteris longifolia

Miller T.E., 1981:
Chromosome pairing of intergeneric amphi ploids as a means of assessing genome relationships in the triticeae

Holm P.B.; Rasmussen S.W., 1980:
Chromosome pairing recombination nodules and chiasma formation in di ploid bombyx mori males

Bakar M.A.; Kimber G., 1982:
Chromosome pairing regulators in the former genus aegilops

Reed S.M.; Collins G.B., 1980:
Chromosome pairing relationships and black shank resistance in 3 nicotiana interspecific hybrids

Brandt L.; Mitelman F.; Nilsson P.G., 1983:
Chromosome pattern and survival in acute nonlymphocytic leukemia in relation to age and occupational exposure to potential mutagenic carcinogenic agents

Hastings R.J.; Franks L.M., 1981:
Chromosome pattern growth in agar and tumorigenicity in nude mice of 4 human bladder carcinoma cell lines

Kaneko Y.; Rowley J.D.; Maurer H.S.; Variakojis D.; Moohr J.W., 1982:
Chromosome pattern in childhood acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Bernstein R.; Macdougall L.G.; Pinto M.R., 1984:
Chromosome patterns in 26 south african children with acute nonlymphocytic leukemia

Yoshimoto, H.; Yoshikawa, M., 1975:
Chromosome plasmid interaction in escherichia coli strain k 12 carrying a thermo sensitive plasmid rts 1 in autonomous and in integrated states

Giannoni M.A.; Ferrari I.; Giannoni M.L., 1981:
Chromosome polymorphism among brazilian populations of the peccary tayassu albirostris

Hartley S.E.; Horne M.T., 1984:
Chromosome polymorphism and constitutive hetero chromatin in the atlantic salmon salmo salar

Kozlovskii A.I., 1985:
Chromosome polymorphism and cytogenetic mechanism of sex ratio regulation in the wood lemming myopus schisticolor

Koul A.K.; Wafai B.A., 1980:
Chromosome polymorphism and nucleolar organization in some species of fritillaria

Zohary D.; Plitmann U., 1979:
Chromosome polymorphism hybridization and colonization in the vicia sativa group fabaceae

Tho, S.P.; Byrd, J.R.; McDonough, P.G., 1982:
Chromosome polymorphism in 110 couples with reproductive failure and subsequent pregnancy outcome

Yasnova, M.V.; Gileva, E.A., 1976:
Chromosome polymorphism in 2 synanthropic populations of norway rat rattus norvegicus

Mueller, H.; Klinger, H.P.; Glasser, M., 1975:
Chromosome polymorphism in a human new born population part 2 potentials of polymorphic chromosome variants for characterizing the idiogram of an individual

Fedyk S., 1980:
Chromosome polymorphism in a population of sorex araneus at bialowieza poland

Bhattacharya S.; Chakrabarti S., 1985:
Chromosome polymorphism in black rat rattus rattus mammalia rodentia from india due to pericentric inversion in pair of chromosomes 6 and 7

Vitturi R.; Carbone P.; Catalano E.; Macaluso M., 1984:
Chromosome polymorphism in gobius paganellus pisces gobiidae

Omura Y.; Fukumoto Y.; Ohtaki K., 1983:
Chromosome polymorphism in japanese sika cervus nippon

Grinchuk, T.M.; Ignatova, T.N.; Sorokina, E.A.; Artsybasheva, I.V.; Pan'shina-Yu, T., 1988:
Chromosome polymorphism in mammalian cells with multidrug resistance 1. karyotypical analysis of chinese hamster cells resistant to ethidium bromide at the early passages of initial selection steps

Dzenis I.G.; Rozovskii I.S.; Karetnikova N.A., 1984:
Chromosome polymorphism in patients with ovarian hypofunction of central genesis

Vasil'ev, V.P., 1978:
Chromosome polymorphism in spicara smaris pisces centracanthidae

Yatsenko V.N.; Malygin V.M.; Orlov V.N.; Yanina I.Yu, 1980:
Chromosome polymorphism in the mongolian vole microtus mongolicus

Thaeler, C.S-Jr, 1976:
Chromosome polymorphism in thomomys talpoides agrestis rodentia geomyidae

Marchant C.J.; Macfarlane R.M., 1980:
Chromosome polymorphism in tri ploid populations of fritillaria lanceolata liliaceae in california usa

Ray, F.A.; Bartholdi, M.F.; Kraemer, P.M.; Cram, L.S., 1984:
Chromosome polymorphism involving heterochromatic blocks in Chinese hamster chromosome 9

Yoshida T.H., 1981:
Chromosome polymorphism of the large naked soled gerbil tatera indica

Gorshkov S.A.; Gorshkova G.V., 1981:
Chromosome polymorphism of the pink salmon oncorhynchus gorbuscha

Tateoka T., 1980:
Chromosome polymorphism of the poa macrocalyx complex in hokkaido japan

Vilardi J.C., 1984:
Chromosome polymorphisms and chiasma frequency in 2 populations of staurorhectus longicornis orthoptera acrididae

Iwasaki S.; Shioya Y.; Hanada A.; Nakahara T., 1988:
Chromosome preparation from 2 cell bovine embryos derived from follicular oocytes fertilized in vitro

Bongso T.A.; N.S.C.; Ratnam S.S., 1988:
Chromosome preparations from human mouse and hamster oocytes that prevents chromosome loss by overscattering

Fredga, K., 1987:
Chromosome preparations in the field from mammals long after death

Bosman, F.T.; Van-Der-Ploeg, M.; Schaberg, A.; Van-Dujin, P., 1975:
Chromosome preparations of human blood lymphocytes evaluation of techniques

Thomas B.; Devi P.U., 1987:
Chromosome protection by wr 2721 and mpg in single and combination treatments

Carr R.L.; Carr G.D., 1983:
Chromosome races and structural hetero zygosity in calycadenia ciliosa asteraceae

Dube M.; Morisset P.; Murdock J., 1985:
Chromosome races in festuca rubra sensu lato poaceae from eastern quebec canada

Johnston F.P.; Church R.B.; Lin C.C., 1982:
Chromosome rearrangement between the indian muntjac muntiacus muntjac vaginalis and chinese muntjac muntiacus reevesi is accompanied by a deletion of middle repetitive dna

Sevast'yanov V.I.; Pakhomova G.A.; Gus'kov E.P., 1980:
Chromosome rearrangement during meiosis in barley depending on the level of chloride salinity

Herman, R.K.; Albertson, D.G.; Brenner, S., 1976:
Chromosome rearrangements in Caenorhabditis elegans

Welker, D.L.; Metz, B.A.; Williams, K.L., 1982:
Chromosome rearrangements in Dictyostelium discoideum

Van der Ploeg, L.H.; Cornelissen, A.W.; Michels, P.A.; Borst, P., 1984:
Chromosome rearrangements in Trypanosoma brucei

Bond D.J.; Broxholme S.J., 1983:
Chromosome rearrangements resulting in increased aneu ploid production in sordaria brevicollis

Freitas T.R.O.; Mattevi M.S.; Oliveira L.F.B.; Souza M.J.; Yonenaga Yassuda Y.; Salzano F.M., 1983:
Chromosome relationship in 3 representatives of the genus holochilus rodentia cricetidae from brazil

Southern, D.I.; Pell, P.E., 1973:
Chromosome relationships and meiotic mechanisms of certain glossina morsitans group tsetse flies and their hybrids

Leggett J.M., 1980:
Chromosome relationships and morphological comparisons between the di ploid oats avena prostrata avena canariensis and the tetra ploid avena maroccana

Leggett J.M., 1983:
Chromosome relationships and morphological comparisons in the hybrids avena hybrida x avena sativa and avena hybrida x avena maroccana

Garcia E.; Alvarez M.C.; Thode G., 1987:
Chromosome relationships in the genus blennius blenniidae perciformes c banding patterns suggest two karyoevolutional pathways

Dunford M.P., 1986:
Chromosome relationships of diploid species of grindelia compositae from colorado new mexico and adjacent areas usa

Pierucci, O., 1972:
Chromosome replication and cell division in Escherichia coli at various temperatures of growth

Cave, M.D., 1968:
Chromosome replication and synthesis of nonhistone proteins in giant polytene chromosomes inst auto radiography chironomus thummi dna

Kubitschek, H.E.; Newman, C.N., 1978:
Chromosome replication during the division cycle in slowly growing steady state cultures of 3 escherichia coli b r strains

Bianchi, N.O.; Becak, W.; De-Bianchi, M.S.A.; Becak, M.L.; Rabello, M.N., 1969:
Chromosome replication in 4 species of snakes boa constrictor amarali xenodon merremii philodryas patagoniensis bothrops jararaca

Lindgren V.; Farber R.A., 1982:
Chromosome replication in aging human di ploid fibroblasts

Iba, H.; Fukuda, A.; Okada, Y., 1977:
Chromosome replication in Caulobacter crescentus growing in a nutrient broth

Bird, R.E.; Lark, K.G., 1970:
Chromosome replication in escherichia coli 15 t minus at different growth rates rate of replication of the chromosome and the rate of formation of small pieces

Caro, L.G., 1970:
Chromosome replication in escherichia coli part 3 segregation of chromosomal strands in multi forked replication

Spurná, V.; Nebola, M.; Kamenická, E., 1980:
Chromosome replication in mouse intraspecific hybrids

Zusman, D.R.; Krotoski, D.M.; Cumsky, M., 1978:
Chromosome replication in Myxococcus xanthus

Sargent, M.G., 1980:
Chromosome replication in sporulating cells of Bacillus subtilis

Campbell, C.E.; Worton, R.G., 1977:
Chromosome replication patterns in an established cell line chinese hamster ovary/

Zaritsky, A.; Woldringh, C.L., 1978:
Chromosome replication rate and cell shape in Escherichia coli: lack of coupling

Schroeder, J.; Autio, K.; Jarvis, J.M.; Milstein, C., 1980:
Chromosome segregation and expression of rat immuno globulins in rat and mouse hybrid myelomas

Lafountain J.R.Jr, 1985:
Chromosome segregation and spindle structure in crane fly nephrotoma suturalis spermatocytes following colcemid treatment

Beermann F.; Bartels I.; Franke U.; Hansmann I., 1987:
Chromosome segregation at meiosis i in female translocation 2 4 1 go positive mice no evidence for a decreased crossover frequency with maternal age

Graves, J.A.M., 1984:
Chromosome segregation from cell hybrids 1. the effect of parent cell ploidy on segregation from mouse chinese hamster hybrids

Graves, J.A.; Wrigley, J.M., 1986:
Chromosome segregation from cell hybrids. II. Do differences in parental cell growth rates and phase times determine direction of loss?

Graves, J.A.; Zelesco, P.A., 1988:
Chromosome segregation from cell hybrids. V. Does segregation result from asynchronous centromere separation?

Janicke M.A.; Lafountain J.R.Jr, 1982:
Chromosome segregation in crane fly nephrotoma suturalis spermatocytes cold treatment and cold recovery induce anaphase lag

Di-Pietro, G.; Diana, G.P.; Rizzoni, M.; Palitti, F.; De-Marco, A.; Becchetti, A.; Perticone, P., 1976:
Chromosome segregation in mammalian cells cultivated in vitro induction of di ploid tri polar mitosis in chinese hamster cells

Ruvinskii, A.O.; Agul'nik, S.I.; Agul'nik, A.I.; Belyaev, D.K., 1986:
Chromosome segregation in mice heterozygous for robertsonian translocations i. the influence of mutations on chromosome 17 upon the disjunction of the homologues in females

Ruvinskii, A.O.; Agul'nik, S.I.; Agul'nik, A.I.; Belyaev, D.K., 1986:
Chromosome segregation in mice heterozygous for robertsonian translocations ii. structural changes in the homologues as a possible cause for abnormal disjunction in females

Hall, J.C., 1972:
Chromosome segregation influenced by 2 alleles of the meiotic mutant c 3 g in drosophila melanogaster

Balkan W.; Martin R.H., 1983:
Chromosome segregation into the spermatozoa of 2 men hetero zygous for different reciprocal translocations

Seleznev Y.V.; Lil'in E.T.; Drozdov E.S.; Karon B.I.; Nesvizhskii Y.V., 1985:
Chromosome sensitivity to mutagenic action in lymphocytes from patients affected by chronic alcoholism

Severin S.O., 1979:
Chromosome set of the european grayling thymallus thymallus

Ivanitskaya, E.Yu, 1975:
Chromosome set of the piebald shrew diplomesodon pulchellum

Gileva E.A.; Kuznetsova I.A.; Chepakov M.I., 1984:
Chromosome sets and taxonomy of true lemmings of the genus lemmus

Kao Van Shung; Chan Van Min', 1979:
Chromosome sets in 3 species of rats rattus muridae mammalia from vietnam

Ivanishchuk P.P., 1985:
Chromosome sets in four species of horse flies diptera tabanidae

Gokhman V.E., 1985:
Chromosome sets in some ichneumoninae hymenoptera ichneumonidae

Ivanitskaya, E.Y. ; Isakov, S.I.; Korobitsyna, K.V., 1977:
Chromosome sets of 2 shrew species from the tadzhik ssr sorex buchariensis and crocidura suaveolens soricidae insectivora

Kuliev, G.N.; Volobuev, V.T., 1977:
Chromosome sets of 3 vole species of the genus clethrionomys

Zelinskii-Yu, P., 1976:
Chromosome sets of the atlantic salmon salmo salar resident population of the kuyto lakes in the white sea basin

Carbone P.; Vitturi R.; Catalano E.; Macaluso M., 1987:
Chromosome sex determination and y autosome fusion in blennius tentacularis brunnich 1765 pisces blennidae

Poggio L.; Wulff A.F.; Hunziker J.H., 1986:
Chromosome size nuclear volume and dna content in bulnesia zygophyllaceae

Fivawo, N.C.; Rees, H., 1985:
Chromosome size variation during pollen grain development in Scilla sibirica

Waye J.S.; Durfy S.J.; Pinkel D.; Kenwrick S.; Patterson M.; Davies K.E.; Willard H.F., 1987:
Chromosome specific alpha satellite dna from human chromosome 1 hierarchical structure and genomic organization of a polymorphic domain spanning several hundred kilobase pairs of centrometric dna

Parker, J.S., 1975:
Chromosome specific control of chiasma formation

Tease, C.; Jones, G.H., 1976:
Chromosome specific control of chiasma formation in crepis capillaris

Novikov, N.N.; Pleshkov, B.P.; Lapchenko, G.D., 1977:
Chromosome splitting according to grain proteins in remote hybrids

Giri N.; Taylor N.L.; Collins G.B., 1983:
Chromosome stability and fertility of a nitrous oxide derived tetra ploid population of red clover trifolium pratense

Noda K.; Takayama M., 1986:
Chromosome stability in callus derived from interspecific hybrids between hordeum vulgare and its wild species hordeum bulbosum

Furuta Y.; Koshikawa K.; Tanaka S.; Nishikawa K., 1984:
Chromosome structural variation in 85 strains of aegilops triuncialis

Furuta Y., 1981:
Chromosome structural variation in aegilops ovata

Robins, D.M.; Axel, R.; Henderson, A.S., 1981:
Chromosome structure and DNA sequence alterations associated with mutation of transformed genes

Hungerford, D.A.; Mellman, W.J.; Balaban, G.B.; La-Badie, G.U.; Messatzzia, L.R.; Haller, G., 1970:
Chromosome structure and function in man part 3 pachytene analysis and identification of the supernumerary chromosome in a case of downs syndrome mongolism

Hungerford, D.A.; Hungerford, A.M., 1978:
Chromosome structure and function in man part 6 pachytene chromomere maps of 16 17 and 18 pachytene as a reference standard for metaphase banding

Khesin, R.B.; Leĭbovich, B.A., 1976:
Chromosome structure, histones and gene activity in Drosophila

Ennis, T.J., 1976:
Chromosome structure in chilocorus coleoptera coccinellidae part 2 the asynchronous replication of constitutive hetero chromatin

Rostovtseva, T.S., 1969:
Chromosome structure of early ripening self pollinating lines of corn m

Cunningham, R.P.; Berger, H., 1977:
Chromosome structure of escherichia coli mutants temperature sensitive for dna replication

Shiraishi N.; Fujihara T.; Maeda S.; Kazama T.; Takahashi R.; Sugiyama T., 1982:
Chromosome structure of normal long evans rats revealed by modified giemsa method for dna replication

Palmer, R.G.; Newhouse, K.E.; Graybosch, R.A.; Delannay, X., 1987:
Chromosome structure of the wild soybean accessions from china and the soviet union of glycine soja sieb. and zucc

Sutherland, G.R.; Carter, R.F.; Bauld, R.; Smith, I.I.; Bain, A.D., 1978:
Chromosome studies at the pediatric necropsy

Johnson G.A.; Dewald G.W.; Strand W.R.; Winkelmann R.K., 1985:
Chromosome studies in 17 patients with the sezary syndrome

Masuda, H.; Hanabusa, T.; Waide, Y., 1978:
Chromosome studies in 2 cases of bovine lympho sarcoma

Gowda L.S.; Kumar A.S.A., 1983:
Chromosome studies in 2 species of chilopods

Mohanty P.K.; Nayak B., 1981:
Chromosome studies in 2 species of parasa lepidoptera limacodidae

Hou, M.; Deng, C.A.; Ruan, H.F., 1987:
Chromosome studies in 20 cases of myelodysplastic syndrome

Kaul, D.; Ansari, H.A., 1978:
Chromosome studies in 3 species of piciformes aves

Bratkowska, W.; Hubner, H.; Ferenc, T.; Szpakowski, M.; Krajewski, J.; Budzko, W., 1985:
Chromosome studies in 3665 consecutive newborn children

Takagi, N.; Itoh, M.; Sasaki, M., 1972:
Chromosome studies in 4 species of ratitae aves

Retief A.E.; Van Zyl J.A.; Menkveld R.; Fox M.F.; Kotze G.M.; Brusnicky J., 1984:
Chromosome studies in 496 infertile males with a sperm count below 10 million per milliliter

Bourrouillou G.; Dastugue N.; Colombies P., 1985:
Chromosome studies in 952 infertile males with a sperm count below 10 million per milliliter

Sangowawa B.G., 1987:
Chromosome studies in a diploid potato solanum mochicense ochoa

Borgstrom G.H.; Teerenhovi L.; Vuopio P.; Andersson L.C.; Knuutila S.; Elonen E.; D.L.C.apelle A., 1981:
Chromosome studies in acute lympho blastic leukemia

Galiano N.G., 1987:
Chromosome studies in argentine species of stevia compositae

Keil D.J.; Lucknow M.A.; Pinkava D.J., 1988:
Chromosome studies in asteraceae from the usa mexico the west indies and south america

Moraes, J.C.; Mattevi, M.S.; Ferreira, J.M., 1980:
Chromosome studies in Brazilian rams

Soares V.M.F.C.; Pissinatti A.; Combra Filho A.F.; Alvares J.N.; Seuanez H.N., 1982:
Chromosome studies in callitrichidae platyrrhini a comparison between callithrix and leontopithecus

Tanaka, N.; Tanaka, N., 1979:
Chromosome studies in chionographis liliaceae 2. morphological characteristics of the somatic chromosomes of 4 japanese members

Tanaka, N.; Tanaka, N., 1980:
Chromosome studies in chionographis liliaceae 3. the mode of meiosis

Tanaka, N.; Tanaka, N., 1977:
Chromosome studies in chionographis liliaceae part 1 on the holo kinetic nature of chromosomes in chionographis japonica

Strother, J.L., 1976:
Chromosome studies in compositae

Tsenghi, C.; Metaxotou-Stavridaki, C.; Strataki-Benetou, M.; Kalpini-Mavrou, A.; Matsaniotis, N., 1976:
Chromosome studies in couples with repeated spontaneous abortions

Sarkar A.K.; Dutta N.; Chatterjee U., 1979:
Chromosome studies in cryptocoryne araceae

Solimann, A.S.; Al-Mayah, A.R.A., 1978:
Chromosome studies in date palm phoenix dactylifera

Dalgaard V., 1986:
Chromosome studies in flowering plants from macaronesia

Chen, A.T.L.; Sergovich, F.R.; Mckim, J.S.; Barr, M.L.; Gruber, D., 1970:
Chromosome studies in full-term, low-birth-weight, mentally retarded patients

Natarajan, M.; Mitra, J., 1976:
Chromosome studies in greenes viral associated melanoma and amelanoma

Retief, A.E., 1985:
Chromosome studies in gynecology

Colombo, P.C.; Bidau, C.J., 1985:
Chromosome studies in heteroptera from argentina i. the meiotic chromosomes of five species of coreidae

Achar, K.P., 1985:
Chromosome studies in indian diplopoda myriapoda ii. a note on the occurrence of translocation in aulacobolus excellens

Colombera D.; Rasotto M., 1982:
Chromosome studies in males of gobius niger jozo and gobius paganellus gobiidae osteichthyes

Kant, K.; Ahuja, Y.R., 1977:
Chromosome studies in marfans syndrome 6 cases and general review

Inoue, S.; Morita, Y., 1976:
Chromosome studies in mosses part 6

Ferreira, A.; Mesa, A.; Biazetti, N.S., 1976:
Chromosome studies in neotropical tettigonioidea orthoptera tettigonioidea

Pal, A., 1976:
Chromosome studies in nicotiana solanaceae

Keil, D.J., 1977:
Chromosome studies in north american and central american species of pectis compositae tageteae

Dallapiccola B.; Alimena G.; Chessa L.; Gastaldi R.; D.R.ssi G.; Semenzato G.; Quinti I.; Pandolfi F., 1984:
Chromosome studies in patients with t cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia chronic lymphocytic leukemia and expansions of granular lymphocytes

Jose J.; Sharma A.K., 1985:
Chromosome studies in peperomia

Troiano, G., 1977:
Chromosome studies in pericoma modesta diptera psychodidae

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Chronic back pain: a tripartite model of outcome

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Chronic bilateral subdural hematoma in adults

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Chronic biliary obstruction caused by reovirus type 3

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