Section 5
Chapter 4,954

Chromosome pairing and pollen fertility in the interspecific f 1 hybrids nicotiana tabacum l. x nicotiana benavidesii goodspeed nicotiana knightiana goodspeed x nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana raimondii macbride x nicotiana tabacum

Berbec, A.

Genetica Polonica 28(3): 263-270


Accession: 004953021

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The F1 hybrids of Nicotiana tabacum (2n=48) with three species of the section Paniculatae (2n=24) were obtained. The F1 hybrid N. tabacum cv. BP-210 .times. N. benavidesii formed from 0 to 6 bivalents with a modal number of 0. The F1 hybrids N. knightiana .times. N. tabaccum cv. Izyda and N. raimondii .times. N. tabacum-F1 cv. Zamojska 4 .times. cv. LB-838 each formed from 0 to 3 bivalents with a modal number of 0. The mean number of bivalents per cell in the F1 N. tabacum .times. N. benavidesii was significantly higher than in the remaining hybrids indicating that, out of the three species, N. benavidesii had the closest affinity to N. tabacum. The three hybrids formed mostly aborted pollen.