Chromosome pairing in the interspecific hybrids arachis hypogaea x arachis chacoense nomen nudum and arachis hypogaea x arachis villosa

Bharathi, M.; Murty, U.R.; Kirti, P.B.; Rao, N.G.P.

Cytologia 48(3): 527-538


ISSN/ISBN: 0011-4545
Accession: 004953050

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Chromosome pairing at the pachytene stage of meiosis was studied in triploid hybrids involving A. hypogaea, and A. chacoense and A. villosa. There was very good pairing at least in respect of 10 chromosomes. Unpaired regions and heteromorphic bivalents were observed occasionally. Chromosome pairing indicated a close relation among the 3 spp. A. hypogaea has 10 chromosomes in common with A. chacoense and A. villosa although the 10 chromosomes of each of these species are not necessarily homologous. Evidence was obtained for the existence of structural repatterning in the A-genome species and also in the genomes of A. hypogaea. The information obtained was utilized in the discussion of the origin of A. hypogaea.