Clonal growth of human megakaryocytic progenitor cells in a micro agar culture system simultaneous proliferation of megakaryocytic granulocytic and erythroid progenitor cells and t lymphocytic colonies

Geissler, D.; Konwalinka, G.; Peschel, C.; Odavic, R.; Braunsteiner, H.

Experimental Hematology 11(Suppl 14): 104


ISSN/ISBN: 0301-472X
Accession: 004975416

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A simple and reproducible micro-agar culture technique for cloning human CFU-M , 0.04% human transferrin, saturated with Fe Cl3) a linear relationship between colonies formed and plated cell number was observed. For the routine morphological analysis, the whole agar layers were stained using the Pappenheim method. For further characterization of CFU-M, cytochemical stainings and immunofluorescence tests with rabbit-antihuman factor VIII-related antigen were performed on the whole agar layers.