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Cloning of genes encoding oxidation of benzene in pseudomonas putida and their expression in escherichia coli and pseudomonas putida

Irie, S.; Shirai, K.; Doi, S.; Yorifuji, T.

Agricultural and Biological Chemistry 51(6): 1489-1494


ISSN/ISBN: 0002-1369
Accession: 004977242

A gene cluster from the chromosomal DNA of Pseudomonas putida encoding the oxidation of benzene to catechol was cloned into a broad-host-range cosmid vector, pMMB33. Escherichia coli cells containing these cloned genes were able to accumulate catechol from benzene and showed green pigmentation, presumably, due to the accumulation of indigo produced by benzene oxidizing enzymes. A mutant strain, 81CB46, of P. putida, which is deficient in the oxidation of benzene to catechol, gained the ability to grow on benzene due to the cloned genes. The functional region of the cloned fragment was less than 5kb in length.

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