Colpo cysto rectography a radiological investigation technique for stress urinary incontinence in females

Vincenzoni, M.; Rossi, M.; Baldelli, S.; Ronzoni, G.; Carlino, G.

Acta Medica Romana 17(1-2): 65-72


Accession: 004986564

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Statics and dynamics of pelvic organs are assured by an anterior and a posterior suspensory system; the deficiency of 1 or both of these systems causes urinary incontinence. The preferable method for the radiological investigation of this pathology, mainly affecting women, is colpocystorectography. Urinary incontinence can be visualized by this technique and the assessment of its type is also possible: anterior incontinence, posterior incontinence, or mixed incontinence. Colpocystorectography shows evidence of accompanying possible uterovaginal and/or rectal prolapses. A correct diagnosis of the type of urinary incontinence is essential for an adequate corrective therapy, which is generally surgical.