Section 5
Chapter 4,994

Comparative cytoembryological study of species of family fabaceae iv. megasomatogenesis gametogenesis and embryogenesis in coronilla emerus ssp emeroides coronilla varia and coronilla scorpioides

Krusheva, R.M.

Godishnik na Sofiiskiya Universitet "Kliment Okhridski" Biologicheski Fakultet Kniga 1 Zoologiya 76(2): 3-24


Accession: 004993147

Instead of a normal, Allium type embryo sac develops (C. emerus, C. varia)-a new one for the genus and very rare in the family phenomenon. There are established also common characteristics: integumental tapetum; persisting nucellar epidermis; podium, big polar nuclei and nucleoli; early differentiation of the antipodals living long on the podium; an asymmetrical growth of the embryo sac after fertilization, as a result of which the embryo and the podium remain in a lateral position.

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