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Comparative pathomorphological studies of experimental trichinosis of mice of parasitized with trichinella spiralis trichinella pseudospiralis trichinella nelsoni and trichinella nativa

Kr"stev L.; Dimitrova, J.; Komandarev, S.; Polyakova Kr"steva O.

Khelmintologiya 22: 25-32


Accession: 004997267

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Comparative pathomorphological investigation was carried out in experimental trichinellosis of mice invaded with four Trichinella species: Trichinella spiralis, T. pseudospiralis, T. nativa and T. nelsoni. THe musculature, liver, spleen and lymphatic nodes of the the experimental animals were studied. The studies were carried out in dynamics on the 7th, 14th, 21st, 36th, 34rd, 57th, and 78th days. A similar morphological picture was established in the musculature and also some differences were observed: in T. spiralis the invasion rate is the greatest, the larvae are well capsulated with manifested basophillic degeneration and intensive inflammatory reaction; in T. pseudospiralis the invasion rate is the lowest, encapsulation around the larvae is absent, basophilia and inflammatory processes are weakly expressed; in T. nativa and T. nelsoni a medium expressed invasion rate is established, accompanied by a medium expressed inflammatory process with presence of capsulae around the Trichinella larvae. The electron-microscopic changes in the liver appear on the first month p.i. and continue up to the middle of the second month p.i., being most expressed in T. nativa invasions and especially in invasions with T. pseudospiralis. Hyperplastic lymphadenitis in the lymphatic nodes was established and fibrosis of the capsules and trabeculae was observed in the spleen.