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Comparative studies of radio nuclides from global fallout and local sources in ground level air and sewage sludge

Erlandsson, B.; Ingemansson, T.; Mattsson, S.

Water Air and Soil Pollution 20(3): 331-346


ISSN/ISBN: 0049-6979
Accession: 004998651

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The presence of activation products in the environment released to the air from a nuclear power station was studied in sewage sludge and ground level air. The measured time variation of the 60Co concentration in sludge and ground level air was in good agreement with the reported variation in release rate to the air from the power station when the prevalent wind direction was taken into account. The ratio between the 7Be normalized concentration in sludge and ground level air was .apprx. 1 for radionuclides due to global fallout but < 2 .cntdot. 10-3 for 60Co. 60Co spread from a local source (a nuclear power station) and to a considerable degree was dry deposited on the ground and then washed off by rain.

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