Comparative studies on the inheritance of the major morphological traits of cyprinus pellegrini cyprinus carpio scattered cyprinus carpio red carp and their hybrid f 1

Shen, J.; Yan, Y.

Acta Genetica Sinica 14(1): 49-55


Accession: 004999530

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The morphological characteristics of the 3 hybrid combinations F1 and their parents through the heterocross of Mirror carp, Bou's carp and Red carp. The apparent differences were observed in scale, body colour, head length, body height, gill rakers and so on between their parents and between the parents and the hybrid F1. The hybrid F1 from 3 hybrid combinations were in the median of their parents, but tended to their maternities and there were some characteristics appearing insuperparents. At the same time, we also found the hybrid F1 not only combined with some profitable morphological characteristics, but also increased the economical function with the cross complementation, such as the growth of Red Bou's carp F1 was faster than their parents; the head length of Mirror Bou's carp became smaller and the gill rakers was increased, and the feeding range was expanded and the harvesting rate enlarged in 3 hybrid F1. All of these made it possible to select new race that will be more easily harvested and chiefly fed on plankton.