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Biology, Geography & Health: Section 6

Section 6 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Shalouh Z.A., 1980: Comparative study of alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic blockade on blood sugar and plasma free fatty acids in normal subjects

Goel P.K., 1988: Comparative study of species composition density and species diversity of the phytoplankton in a non polluted and a sewage receiving freshwater reservoir

Krylov I.A., 1982: Comparative study on resistance of hospital and out of hospital pseudomonas aeruginosa strains to anti bacterial drugs

Vollmer W.M., 1988: Comparing change in longitudinal studies adjusting for initial value

Bryceson A.D.M., 1983: Comparison of 2 dosage schedules of sodium stibo gluconate in the treatment of visceral leishmaniasis in kenya

Goswick C.B., 1981: Comparison of amantadine and rimantadine for prevention of type a russian influenza

Gurwith, M.; Albritton, W.; Lank, B.; Harding, G.; Ronald, A., 1978: Comparison of cefoxitin sodium and cefazolin

Guelfi G., 1985: Comparison of direct and indirect radionuclide cystography

Mueller W., 1982: Comparison of free thyroxine and total thyroxine estimates as single parameters in the evaluation of thyroid state

Ainsworth E.J., 1987: Comparison of intestine and bone marrow radiosensitivity of the balb c and the c57bl 6 mouse strains and their b6cf 1 offspring

Lichtman D., 1984: Comparison of micron and submicron fly ash particles using scanning electron microscopy and x ray elemental analysis

Proffitt M.R., 1987: Comparison of plasmagel with leucoprep macrodex methods for separation of leukocytes for virus isolation

Mitchell J.C., 1980: Comparison of septal and ventromedial hypothalamic lesion effects on discrete trial differential reinforcement of low rate

Gauldie J., 1987: Comparison of the acute phase response of cultured morris hepatoma 7777 cells and of rat hepatocytes

Lee, C. Y.; Chiu, S. C.; Lee, A. S. K.; Ma, L., 1977: Comparison of the effects of human chorionic gonadotropin and luteinizing hormone on phospho fructo kinase activity in isolated rat ovaries

Letarte M., 1986: Comparison of the n linked glycopeptides of dqw 1 and dr 1 molecules

Dudley S.M., 1988: Comparison of three topical antimicrobials for acute bacterial conjunctivitis

Legendre A.M., 1981: Comparisons of hem agglutination inhibition staphylococcal clumping and latex agglutination tests for canine fibrinolytic degradation products

Larionov Yu S., 1983: Competition and intergenotypic relations in spring wheat and their role in breeding/

Thomas H.C., 1982: Complement activation in chronic liver disease

Simizu B., 1979: Complementation between temperature sensitive mutants isolated from aedes albopictus cells persistently infected with western equine encephalitis virus

Goebel, W.; Kreft, J., 1974: Complex cole 1 dna in escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis

Webb W.R., 1983: Complications following abdominal fascial closures using various nonabsorbable sutures

Winer A.M., 1984: Composition and dominance in los angeles basin california usa urban vegetation

Fijalkowski, D.; Kseniak, M., 1978: Compositional and dendrological values of the park in lysolaje

Thickman D., 1987: Computed tomographic evaluation of the solitary nonpulmonic nodule

Winquist R.A., 1983: Computed tomography of acetabular fractures post operative appearances

Slosberg, R. M.; Levitt, H., 1978: Computer applications in clinical training

Svendsen, P., 1976: Computer tomography of traumatic extracerebral lesions

De Gasperi A., 1982: Concentrated glucose insulin and potassium solutions in the prevention of cardiogenic shock in acute myo cardial infarction

Cornforth I.S., 1982: Concentrations of nitrogen phosphorus sulfur magnesium and calcium in north island new zealand pastures in relation to plant and animal nutrition

White M.S., 1983: Concurrent endothelial cell turnover and leukocyte margination in early athero sclerosis

Ichinose, A.; Hayashi, K., 1976: Conditions for negative staining of influenza virus on carbon coated micro grids

Assal G., 1980: Conflict between prosody and syntax in restrained speech

Lintner, K.; Fermandjian, S.; Regoli, D.; Barabe, J., 1977: Conformational features of brady kinin a circular dichroism study of the aromatic side chains

Thomason, H. C. Jr ; Miller, A. B.; Hanson, K., 1976: Congenital complete atrio ventricular block and prolapsing mitral valve

Evans J.N.G., 1983: Congenital posterior choanal atresia

El Tahir A., 1982: Connection of vaginal trichomoniasis incidence in women with sexually transmitted diseases

Herr H.W., 1987: Conservative management of muscle infiltrating bladder cancer prospective experience

Mir, I.; Khan, F.; Comrie, A. M., 1975: Constituents of acer pentapomicum

Iannuzzi M.C., 1987: Construction of a general human chromosome jumping library with application to cystic fibrosis

Frey, J. R., 1974: Contact sensitivity induction tolerance de sensitization

Kataria, A.; Chauhan, B. M., 1988: Contents and digestibility of carbohydrates of mung beans vigna radiata l. as affected by domestic processing and cooking

Yasumura Y., 1985: Continuous growth and phosphatidylcholine synthesis of rat hepatoma cells in choline deprived chemically defined medium

Matsuda T., 1986: Contractile effects of bay k 8644 a dihydropyridine calcium agonist on isolated femoral arteries from spontaneously hypertensive rats

Drake D.W., 1980: Contrasting success of natural hybridization in 2 eucalyptus spp pairs

Partos S., 1988: Contribution to evaluation of volatile compounds in polymer materials used in medicine

Del Valle Ajmat M., 1987: Contribution to the knowledge of the tingidae from argentina subfamily tinginae i

Pringle D.J., 1981: Contributions of international food aid to diets of nicaraguan children

Ludwig, R. A., 1978: Control of ammonium assimilation in rhizobium 32h 1

El Shayeb N.M.A., 1981: Control of growth and afla toxin production of aspergillus flavus by some additives

Smith R.J.Jr, 1981: Control of red rice oryza sativa in water seeded rice

Hachiya K., 1985: Control threshold of rice leaf bug trigonotylus coelestialium

Pompeiano O., 1981: Convergence and interaction of neck and macular vestibular inputs on vestibulo spinal neurons

Rosen, P. J.; Feinstein, D. I.; Pattengale, P. K.; Tindle, B. H.; Williams, A. H.; Cain, M. J.; Bonorris, J. B.; Parker, J. W.; Lukes, R. J., 1978: Convoluted lymphocytic lymphoma in adults a clinico pathologic entity

Bartsch I., 1979: Copidognathus hartwigi new species halacaridae acari a marine mite new to the fauna of bermuda

De-Moor, G.; Lootens, M., 1975: Corbicula fluminalis occurrences in some quaternary sediments from the lys valley south of deinze belgium

Richardson R.L., 1983: Coronary artery bypass surgery in the septuagenarian

Smith C.E., 1981: Correlated biochemical and cytochemical studies of nad phosphatase activity in amelo blasts using structural analogs of nadp

Suri S., 1988: Correlation between high resolution computed tomography and surgical findings in congenital aural atresia

Iwamoto Y., 1981: Correlation between the protease activities and the number of epithelial cells in human saliva

Datta, U.; Sehgal, S.; Mohapatra, S. B.; Aikat, B. K.; Mehra, Y. N., 1978: Correlation of local and systemic immune cells in tonsillitis patients

Zhurkin V.B., 1981: Correlations between dna structural parameters and calculated circular dichroism spectra

Sillevis Smitt H.J., 1986: Cortical hyperostosis and enthesopathy due to long term etretinate administration

Halbreich, U.; Asnis, G. M.; Shindledecker, R.; Zumoff, B.; Nathan, R. S., 1985: Cortisol secretion in endogenous depression 1. basal plasma levels

Messmer B.J., 1987: Counterpulsation in atrio aortic bypass theoretical and experimental aspects

Boettcher, B. R.; Meister, A., 1980: Covalent modification of the active site of carbamyl phosphate synthetase by 5' p fluorosulfonylbenzoyl adenosine direct evidence for 2 functionally different atp binding sites

Dumdey E., 1980: Creatine contents in red cells and blood plasma of chicken before and after stimulation of erythropoiesis by anemia

Nunn S.J., 1986: Criterion related validity of the nowicki strickland locus of control scale with academic achievement

Parihar D.R., 1985: Crop termite damage in indian desert and its control in castor

Dix P.J., 1981: Cross resistance in cell lines of nicotiana sylvestris selected for resistance to individual antibiotics

Simpson F.J., 1984: Cryo preservation of gracilaria tikvahiae rhodophyta and other macrophytic marine algae

Wieland T., 1984: Crystal and molecular structure of s deoxo 3 isoleucineamaninamide a synthetic analog of amanita toxins

Mehta M., 1987: Csf and serum ldh levels in tuberculous and pyogenic meningitis

Motovski A., 1984: Cultivation of the transmissive gastroenteritis virus in a permanent cell line

Diderichsen B., 1980: Cur 1 a mutation affecting the phenotype of sup plus strains of escherichia coli

Bolte E., 1987: Cushing syndrome with food dependent periodic hormonogenesis

Smith R.P., 1985: Cyanide and sulfide interact with nitrogenous compounds to influence the relaxation of various smooth muscles

Kozhemyakin, L. A.; Korostovtsev, D. S.; Koroleva, T. R., 1977: Cyclic amp in organs and tissues in body adaptation to extreme effects

Ferrendelli, J. A.; Kinscherf, D. A., 1977: Cyclic nucleotides in epileptic brain effects of pentylene tetrazole on regional cyclic amp and cyclic gmp levels in vivo

Et Al, 1981: Cyclosporin a in cadaveric organ transplantation

Byer N.E., 1981: Cystic retinal tufts and their relationship to retinal detachment

Stringam, G. R., 1968: Cyto genetic studies of interchanges involving chromosome 2 in the tomato d lycopersicon esculentum d

Chatterjee, T.; Sharma, A. K., 1969: Cyto taxonomy of cichorieae d

Van Zwet T.L., 1983: Cytochemical functional and proliferative characteristics of pro monocytes and monocytes from patients with monocytic leukemia

Ishaque M., 1984: Cytochrome system in cultivated mycobacterium lepraemurium

Carney C.N., 1985: Cytologic criteria for the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma

Hori I., 1983: Cytological studies on rhabdite formation in the planarian dugesia japonica differentiating cells

Joubert S.M., 1982: Cytoplasmic and nuclear estrogen and progesterone receptors in male breast cancer

Kliphuis E., 1984: Cytotaxonomic studies on galium verum

Pearson, C. J.; Steer, B. T., 1977: Daily changes in nitrate uptake and metabolism in capsicum annuum

Peterson, B. J.; Hobbie, J. E.; Haney, J. F., 1978: Daphnia grazing on natural bacteria

Gold S.R., 1979: Day dreaming a measurable concept

Chakrabarti A.G., 1981: De toxification of corn

Hobbs M.S.T., 1983: Decline in rate of death from ischemic heart disease in the uk

Sugawara, C.; Sugawara, N.; Kiyosawa, H.; Miyake, H., 1988: Decrease of serum triglyceride in normal rat fed with 2000 ppm aluminum diet for 67 days ii. feeding young and adult rats a sucrose diet with addition of aluminum hydroxide and aluminum potassium sulfate

Sonnenfeld T., 1983: Decreased red cell deformability following open heart surgery

Klein E., 1980: Defective cyto toxic t cell generation in moloney murine sarcoma virus infected a sn mice

Temtamy S.A., 1984: Deficient 5 alpha reductase due to mutant enzyme with reduced affinity to steroid substrate

Takase, I.; Nakahara, T.; Ishizuka, K., 1978: Degradation of 3 3 chloro 4 chlorodifluorodifluoromethylthiophenyl 1 1 dimethyl urea clearcide in paddy soils

Gottschalk G., 1986: Degradation of various amine compounds by mesophilic clostridia

Akabane T., 1980: Delayed in vitro immuno globulin production by cord lymphocytes

Garavello B., 1985: Delivery in the woman with fetal breech presentation clinical statistical investigations

Crichton P.B., 1987: Demonstration by immuno electron microscopy of antigenic heterogeneity among p fimbriae of strains of escherichia coli

Kutas F., 1985: Demonstration of keratinizing effect of n butyrate on day old chicken crop epithelium

Seneta, W., 1974: Dendrological curiosities part 6

Namba, T.; Tsunezuka, M.; Hattori, M., 1982: Dental caries prevention by traditional chinese medicines 2. potent anti bacterial action of magnoliae cortex extracts against streptococcus mutans

Kruhov M.P., 1984: Dependence of meadow cenosis stability on nitrogen nutrition level and utilization regimen

Izumi K., 1987: Deposition and insecticidal effect of dust formulation on the brown planthopper nilaparvata lugens in paddy rice field

Carroll B.J., 1983: Depressive pseudodementia a suggested diagnostic profile

Sungu S., 1987: Dermatoglyphic investigations of leukemia

Baqai, I. U.; Siddiqui, P. A.; Rehana, I., 1975: Description of a new species of fresh water calanoid copepod neodiaptomus kingherensis new species from kingher lake sind pakistan

Lacourt, J., 1976: Description of the male of pristiphora tetrica new record hymenoptera tenthredinidae

Baron P., 1983: Design construction and evaluation of a multi stage cassette impactor

Swietlicki E., 1987: Detailed early measurements of the fallout in sweden from the chernobyl ussr accident

Schwarz H., 1985: Detection of a deuterium isotope effect in disubstituted and trisubstituted alkylphenylnitrosoureas a sister chromatid exchange study in chinese hamster v 79 e cells

Hieftje G.M., 1987: Detection of capsule tampering by near ir reflectance analysis

Broitman S.A., 1985: Detection of gram negative bacteremia by limulus amoebocyte lysate assay evaluation in a rat model of peritonitis

Hodgson G.S., 1987: Detection of murine hemopoietin 1 in media conditioned by emt6 cells

Vicari G., 1984: Detection of specific immuno globulin e antibodies in sera from patients with hydatidosis

Liedtke, A. J.; Gentzler, R. D.; Babb, J. D.; Hunter, A. S.; Gault, J. H., 1976: Determinants of cardiac performance in severe aortic stenosis

Felice L.J., 1982: Determination of alkyl anilines and alkyl pyridines in solvent refined coal distillates and aqueous extracts by gas chromatography mass spectrometry

Dal Bo L., 1983: Determination of ceftriazone a novel cephalosporin in plasma urine and saliva by high performance liquid chromatography on an amine bonded phase column

Rycaj B., 1987: Determination of ethylenethiourea in the form of trimethylsilyl derivative by gas chromatography

Baranov, N. P.; Karlinskii, V. M., 1981: Determination of iso enzyme activity of malate dehydrogenase ec in blood serum

Ploeger E., 1988: Determination of nitrogen containing pesticides by hplc with diode array detection

Kyogoku Y., 1983: Determination of protonation sites in thermo spermine and in some other poly amines by nitrogen 15 and carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

Hatanaka H., 1984: Determination of synthetic drugs illegally enriching by chinese medicine

Diez J.A., 1987: Determination of the optimum levels of the parameters which define the potassium soil dynamic in vetch crop

Hartmann M.K., 1979: Determination of tryptophan by manually operated and autoanalyzer methods based on the formation of norharman

Satterlee, J. D.; Erman, J. E., 1983: Deuterium exchangeable proton hyper fine resonances of low spin cytochrome c per oxidase ec and the mechanism of peroxidase catalysis

Varnagy L., 1987: Development and structure of the shell membrane and of the chorioallantoic membrane cam of the goose

Lodi S., 1986: Development of a sensitive direct luminescent enzyme immunoassay for plasma estradiol 17 beta

Injac, M.; Sivcev, I.; Vukovic, M., 1978: Development of chrysopa carnea in the program of integral apple protection

Zavalishina, O. A.; Suvorova, L. V., 1977: Development of intra mural intestinal tube ganglia in rabbit embryos during maternal thyroid loading

Tam R.C., 1987: Development of radioimmunoassays for human erythropoietin using recombinant erythropoietin as tracer and immunogen

El-Mekkawy, D. A.; Michael, M. I.; Rizk, T. A., 1984: Development of the eyes in the egyptian toad bufo regularis

Zurier R., 1985: Developmental abnormalities of terminal deoxynucleotidyl transferase positive bone marrow cells and thymocytes in new zealand mice effects of prostaglandin e 1

Longer J.D., 1979: Developmental correlation between hypothalamic somatostatin and hypophyseal growth hormone

Willhite C.C., 1983: Developmental toxicology of acetonitrile in the syrian golden hamster

Duncan C.J., 1981: Di amide temperature and spontaneous transmitter release at the neuro muscular junction stimulation of exocytosis by a direct effect on membrane fusion

Balaram P., 1981: Di sulfide luminescence emission characteristics of cyclic tetra peptide di sulfides

Epstein D.L., 1982: Diagnosis and management of lens induced glaucoma

Bukrinskaya A.G., 1987: Diagnosis of human rotavirus infection by dot blot hybridization assay

Egge A.C., 1984: Diagnostic and therapeutic applications of bentiromide screening test for exocrine pancreatic insufficiency in patients with cystic fibrosis comparison with other tests of exocrine pancreatic disease

Belokhvostova A.T., 1986: Diagnostic value of 3 hydroxyanthranilic acid determination in patients with precancer diseases and cancer of the bladder

Prut'ko V.G., 1984: Diaphus basileusi new species myctophidae from the northwestern indian ocean

Kawabe K., 1982: Dictyostelium brunneum new species of brown pigmented cellular slime mold

Kay, R. F.; Sussman, R. W.; Tattersall, I., 1978: Dietary and dental variations in the genus lemur with comments concerning dietary dental correlations among malagasy primates

Yone Y., 1980: Dietary value for red sea bream larvae of rotifer brachionus plicatilis cultured with a new type of yeast

Auclair J.L., 1985: Differences in amino acid requirements between 2 biotypes of the pea aphid acyrthosiphon pisum

Marner J.M., 1987: Differences in surface molecules of motor axon terminals correlated with cell cell recognition

Murgola, E. J.; Hadley, K.; Jones, C., 1976: Different classes of glycine transfer rna which suppress glutamic acid codons

Degoulet P., 1979: Different stimulating capacity of monocytes and bone marrow derived lymphocytes in mixed leukocyte cultures a dose response study

Fedchenko G.G., 1982: Differential diagnosis of central cancer and pulmonary tuberculosis

Robins, D. M.; Schimke, R. T., 1978: Differential effects of estrogen and progesterone on ov albumin messenger rna utilization

Ajami, I., 1976: Differential fertility in peasant communities a study of 6 iranian villages

Boyer J., 1979: Differential properties of lipases active as membrane bound enzymes in isolated fat cells

Stickney, J. L., 1976: Differential species sensitivity to the inhibitory effect of cardiac glycosides on tritiated 1 noradrenaline accumulation by tissue slices

Hamblin T.J., 1987: Differentiation induction in myelodysplasia and acute myeloid leukemia use of synergistic drug combinations

Verger Bocquet M., 1985: Differentiation of the regenerated eye in syllis amica quatrefages annelida polychaeta according to level of removal

Williams T.J., 1983: Diffusion of oxygen in slices of rat brain

Ninomiya I., 1982: Digital on line computation of a predictor of cardiac oxygen consumption left ventricular systolic pressure volume area

Von-Os, C. H.; De-Jong, M. D.; Slegers, J. F. G., 1974: Dimensions of polar pathways through rabbit gallbladder epithelium the effect of phloretin on nonelectrolyte permeability

Hoffman, R. L., 1977: Diplopoda from malayan caves collected by pierre strinati

Saito A., 1982: Direct effect of cholecystokinin 8 stimulating respiratory chain in bull frog rana catesbeiana brain

Ezure K., 1986: Direct parsing

Weprek S., 1985: Disaccharide derived 2 oxoglycosyl and 2 oximinoglycosyl bromides novel conveniently accessible building blocks for the expedient construction of oligosaccharides with alpha d glucosamine beta d mannose and beta d mannosamine as constituent sugars

Stapley E.O., 1984: Discovery production and purification of the sodium potassium activated atpase inhibitor l 681110 from the fermentation broth of streptomyces sp ma 5038

Wang C H., 1986: Discussion on the convergence of mca method and applied in estimating the fishing intensity of indian ocean yellowfin tuna thunnus albacares

Capinera, J. L.; Barbosa, P., 1976: Dispersal of 1st instar gypsy moth larvae in relation to population quality

Sanders J.E., 1982: Disposition of the dia stereo isomer of mefloquine in mice

Azarashvili A.A., 1981: Dissociated training in the presence of sodium hydroxy butyrate

Kamatani A., 1982: Dissolution rates of silica from diatoms decomposing at various temperatures

Eley M.G., 1981: Distinguishing imagery from propositional re coding processes in sentence picture verification tasks

Vohs P.A.Jr, 1984: Distribution and habitat use of waterfowl wintering in oklahoma usa

Scott, P. J. B., 1988: Distribution habitat and morphology of the caribbean coral and rock boring bivalve lithophaga bisulcata d'orbigny mytilidae lithophaginae

Becker W., 1984: Distribution of carbon 14 after oral administration of 1 carbon 14 labeled linoleic acid in rats fed different levels of essential fatty acids

Eloy J F., 1981: Distribution of foliar applied boron measured by spark source mass spectrometry and laser probe mass spectrography

Giebel W., 1980: Distribution of marked perilymph to the subarachnoidal space

Ibsen, K. H.; Cardin, J. P-Jr ; Chiu, R. H. C.; Garratt, K. N.; Marles, S. W.; Doty, J. R., 1980: Distribution of pyruvate kinase ec isozymes in adult and developing xenopus laevis

Fujita T., 1981: Distribution of the pulmonary blood flow measured by emission computed tomography

Matsuda T., 1982: Disturbance of liver function tests in chronic congestive heart failure

Ketskhoveli, E. N.; Saradzheva, M. A., 1978: Diurnal dynamics of bark and wood pigments

Ridgway C., 1986: Divergent dopaminergic regulation of tsh free alpha subunit and tsh beta in pituitary cell culture

Wartell R.M., 1987: Dna bending induced by the catabolite activator protein allows ring formation of a 144 bp dna

Butour, J. L.; Delain, E., 1975: Dna length measurement by electron microscopy the use of 2 superposed dna protein mono layers

Bickle T.A., 1983: Dna restriction modification enzymes of phage p 1 and plasmid p 15b subunit functions and structural homologies

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Bailey, A.; Robinson, D.; Dawson, A. M., 1977: Does gilberts disease exist

Hynes R.O., 1979: Domain structure of fibronectin and its relation to function di sulfides and sulfhydryl groups

Gibbs, D. M.; Neill, J. D., 1978: Dopamine levels in hypophyseal stalk blood in the rat are sufficient to inhibit prolactin secretion in vivo

Sandzen S.C.Jr, 1982: Dorsal pedicle flap for re surfacing a moderate thumb index web contracture release

O'bryan, R. M.; Baker, L. H.; Gottlieb, J. E.; Rivkin, S. E.; Balcerzak, S. P.; Grumet, G. N.; Salmon, S. E.; Moon, T. E.; Hoogstraten, B., 1977: Dose response evaluation of adriamycin in human neoplasia

Baro, F.; Malfroid, M.; Waegemans, T.; Cox, J. P., 1985: Double blind trial of suloctidil vs. placebo in moderate to severe mental deterioration

Kawakami Y., 1987: Doxapram on blunted respiratory chemosensitivity to hypoxia in hypoxemic chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Belinskaya, N. K.; Shokova, R. I., 1977: Drought resistance of lianas from the genus clematis ranunculaceae

Eng R., 1984: Drug resistance encountered in the retreatment of mycobacterium tuberculosis infections

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Fichter E., 1985: Duplication of molars in a pronghorn

Takakura K., 1984: Dynamic computed tomography of brain tumor

Nikolov N.G., 1985: Dynamics of basic biogenic elements nitrogen phosphorus potassium in the phytomass of chrysopogon gryllus and dichanthium ischaemum association near patriarch evtimovo county of plovdiv bulgaria

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Goullier A., 1981: Dys immune lymph adenopathy with distomatosis immuno enzymological detection of circulating antigens

Pechen De D'angelo A.M., 1988: Early biochemical changes produced by malathion on toad embryos

Harel L., 1983: Early effect of growth factors epidermal growth factor plus insulin upon atp turnover in 3t3 cells

Mcauliffe, T. B.; Hilliar, K. M.; Coates, C. J.; Grange, W. J., 1987: Early mobilization of colles' fractures a prospective trial

Newberne P.M., 1985: Early stages of nodular transformation of the b 6c 3f 1 mouse liver induced by choline deficiency

Petavy A F., 1988: Echinococcus multilocularis comparative study of glycogen synthase in metacestodes and in the livers of infected and control meriones unguiculatus

Fuhrmann P., 1987: Echographic findings before and after beta radiation ruthenium 106 rhodium 106 of choroidal melanomas

Smith B.N., 1986: Ecological differences of 3 carbon pathway and 4 carbon pathway plant species from central utah usa in habitats and mineral composition

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Sugie T., 1982: Effect of antibody to detergent solubilized zonae pellucidae on in vivo and in vitro fertilization in the mouse

Ford, D. J., 1977: Effect of autoclaving and physical structure of diets on their utilization by mice

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Sheikh Zade Yu R., 1987: Effect of burst stimulation of the vagus nerve on atrial excitability in cats

Komai, T.; Kawai, K.; Nambu, K.; Miyakoshi, N.; Shindo, H., 1978: Effect of carbidopa mk 486 on the metabolic fate of l dopa part 1 effect of carbidopa on the tissue dopa decarboxylase and on the l dopa 2 carbon 14 uptake by the brain in rats

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Yoshida A., 1980: Effect of dietary poly chlorinated bi phenyls on hepatic cholesterogenesis in rats

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Maestri B., 1985: Effect of drought and prolonged refrigeration on senescence in cut carnation dianthus caryophyllus

Tellefson L.M., 1986: Effect of endogenous phosphoenolpyruvate potential on fluoride inhibition of glucose uptake by streptococcus mutans

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Pavlenko, N. M.; Pekur, G. N.; Bur'yan, N. I., 1976: Effect of fermentation conditions on the activity of proteolytic enzymes of wine yeast

Offer N.W., 1987: Effect of formaldehyde treatment on the degradation of acid preserved fish silage protein in vitro

Inoue T., 1979: Effect of gastric mass survey in employees

Jacobiwtz D.M., 1980: Effect of gonadal hormones on luteinizing hormone in plasma and choline acetyl transferase activity and acetyl choline levels in discrete nuclei of the rat brain

Klose A.A., 1981: Effect of heat processing in cans and retort pouches on sensory properties of fowl meat

Nugent P.E., 1980: Effect of high soil moisture on quality of muskmelon cucumis melo

Tyrsted G., 1982: Effect of hydroxy urea and 5 fluorodeoxy uridine on deoxy ribo nucleoside tri phosphate pools early in phyto hem agglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

Maresz Babczyszyn J., 1981: Effect of immunization from pseudomonas aeruginosa on experimental infection in mice

Green, M. H. L.; Donch, J.; Greenberg, J., 1970: Effect of inhibitors of dna synthesis on uv sensitive derivatives of escherichia coli strain k 12

Brock M., 1985: Effect of intra arterial sodium nitroprusside on intracranial pressure and cerebral autoregulation

Carter K.E., 1984: Effect of irrigation and nitrogen on yield and quality of oilseed rape brassica napus

Walker, W. M.; Miller, J. E.; Hassett, J. J. , 1977: Effect of lead and cadmium upon the calcium magnesium potassium and phosphorus concentration in young corn plants

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Adams J.E., 1985: Isolated acth deficiency and empty sella associated with hypothyroidism

Thompson T.L., 1979: Isolation and characterization of a bacterio phage specific for sphaerotilus natans which contains an unusual base in its dna

Wilkinson F.C., 1980: Isolation and characterization of bacteroides nodosus from foot lesions of cattle in western australia

Eckhardt, T.; Leisinger, T., 1975: Isolation and characterization of mutants with a feedback resistant n acetyl glutamate synthase in escherichia coli strain k 12

Walker G.C., 1983: Isolation and characterization of tn 5 insertion mutations in the lex a gene of escherichia coli

El Sohly M.A., 1987: Isolation and identification of propylcannabinoids from a soviet variety of hemp grown in mississippi usa

Gaziev A.I., 1981: Isolation and properties of 2 dna polymerases from bacillus stearothermophilus cells

De Silva K.T.D., 1988: Isolation and structural studies on the alkaloids of alstonia macrophylla

Bray D., 1983: Isolation of a calcium dependent actin fragmenting protein from brain spinal cord and cultured neurons

Tamura, A.; Furuta, R.; Naruto, S., 1976: Isolation of an antibiotic ab 74 related to destomycin c

Calzada C.T., 1980: Isolation of entero pathogenic bacteria in nurseries of the municipality of sao paulo brazil

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Vassiliadis, P.; Kalapothaki, V.; Papadakis, J.; Trichopoulos, D.; Serie, C., 1978: Isolation of salmonella from stools of healthy slaughter pigs with 3 procedures of direct enrichment

Hughes D., 1979: Isolation of yersinia enterocolitica from milk and dairy farm in australia

O'leary, M. H.; Limburg, J. A., 1977: Isotope effect studies of the role of metal ions in iso citrate dehydrogenase

Ladd T.L.Jr, 1984: Japanese beetle coleoptera scarabaeidae attractant tests with eugenol substitutes and phenethyl propionate

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Zachariades, N.; Hatjiolou, E., 1988: Kaposi's sarcoma then and now nodular lesion of palate as the only manifestation of the disease in a 70 year old heterosexual woman

Arai R., 1984: Karyotypes of a mugiloidid parapercis kamoharai and a blenniid omobranchus punctatus pisces perciformes

Maire I., 1987: Ketogenesis in hypoglycemic neonates carnitine and dicarboxylic acids in neonatal hypoglycemia

Sano Y., 1980: Kinetic analysis of bovine alpha crystallin re aggregation in the presence of calcium ions

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Ratner H.B., 1979: Laboratory isolation techniques in human and experimental fungal infections

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Weber E., 1983: Lack of interaction between the tetra cyclic anti depressant maprotiline and the centrally acting anti hypertensive drug clonidine

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Levin I.W., 1982: Lamellar micellar transition of 1 stearoyllysophosphatidyl choline assemblies in excess water

Bloomfield C.D., 1981: Laparotomy in the reevaluation of patients with advanced hodgkins disease

Nardon C., 1986: Larval development developmental arrest and hormone levels in the couple galleria mellonella lepidoptera pyralidae and pseudoperichaeta nigrolineata diptera tachinidae

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Fuller P., 1985: Left hemisphere specialization for facial and manual imitation

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San Martin G., 1986: Lepidonotus carinulatus new record for the waters of spain polychaeta polynoidea

Zumwalt R.E., 1988: Lethal intrauterine fetal trauma

Coura J.R., 1981: Leukocyte migration inhibition response to tissue antigens in asymptomatic individuals infected with trypanosoma cruzi

Saschenbrecker, P. W., 1973: Levels of ddt and poly chlorinated bi phenyls compounds in north atlantic finback whales

Verburh-Van-Der-Zwan, N.; Manuel, H. R., 1976: Lichen purpuricus report of a case

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Negishi S., 1985: Light response of cultured melanophores of a teleost adult fish oryzias latipes

Aronow W.S., 1979: Limitations of surgical methods of peri cardial drainage echo cardiographic observations

Gobbi M., 1984: Lineage relationship of chronic lymphocytic leukemia and hairy cell leukemia studies with 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Ba O., 1983: Linked cross sectional study for evaluating the effect on the microfilarial load of the onchocerciasis control program

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Bier D.M., 1982: Lipid transport in the human new born palmitate and glycerol turnover and the contribution of glycerol to neo natal hepatic glucose output

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Karmas E., 1988: Liquid chromatographic determination of some amines and their amino acid precursors in protein foods

Schorderet, M., 1977: Lithium inhibition of cyclic amp accumulation induced by dopamine in isolated retinae of the rabbit/

Rau, R., 1978: Liver findings in feltys syndrome

Levy P., 1985: Local anesthesia in carotid endarterectomy an alternative method

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Carr C.D., 1979: Location of structurally similar areas in chinchilla cochleas of different lengths

Solomon F.J., 1984: Long chain acyl coenzyme a and acylcarnitine hydrolase activities in normal and ischemic rabbit heart

Paul W.E., 1981: Long term culture of normal mouse b lymphocytes

Chen S., 1984: Long term follow up of high dose bcg vaccine mistakenly given intracutaneously in 128 children

Stentoft P., 1986: Long term ranitidine in progressive systemic sclerosis scleroderma with gastroesophageal reflux

Merkle W., 1980: Long term treatment of glaucoma with propranolol ophthalmic solution

De Molla C.F., 1987: Loosening in total hip arthroplasties

Winston R.M.L., 1980: Loupes or microscope for tubal anastomosis an experimental study

Yarovaya O.V., 1986: Low ionic strength extraction of nuclease treated nuclei destroys the apparent attachment of transcriptionally active dna to the nuclear skeleton elements

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Homma H., 1984: Lymphatic system or hydro oncotic forces which is more significant in drainage of pleural fluid

Szegedi G., 1987: Lymphocyte subpopulations in peripheral blood of patients with non hodgkin lymphoma

Keith L.B., 1979: Lynx lynx canadensis demography during a snowshoe hare lepus americanus decline in alberta canada

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Sale, P. F., 1977: Maintenance of high diversity in coral reef fish communities

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Blanc W.A., 1985: Malformations and chromosome anomalies in spontaneously aborted fetuses with single umbilical artery

Morpurgo G., 1985: Malignant melanoma in rome italy 1970 1979

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Biemann K., 1987: Mass spectrometrically derived amino acid sequence of thioredoxin from chlorobium an evolutionarily prominent photosynthetic bacterium

Nakamura T., 1985: Material test system for the evaluation of mechanical properties of biomaterials

Mendenhall H.W., 1981: Maternal plasma lhrh human chorionic gonadotropin total estrogen and progesterone concentrations in labor and post partum period

Redondo F.L., 1987: Mathematical treatment of data for calculating activities of alpha amylase isoenzymes

Phillips D.M., 1979: Maturation of the rat cumulus oophorus a scanning electron microscopic study

Singlas E., 1986: Mean residence time a new pharmacokinetic parameter

Landegren U., 1984: Measurement of cell numbers by means of the endogenous enzyme hexosaminidase applications to detection of lymphokines and cell surface antigens

Hemker H.C., 1985: Measurement of macrophage cellular procoagulant activity

Eguchi S., 1981: Measurement of the angle element of pacing vector electrode vector and qrs vector

Roper M.J., 1982: Measurements of some radiobiological and physical properties of neutrons produced by a 4 mev van de graaff accelerator

Grigg, P., 1975: Mechanical factors influencing response of joint afferent neurons from cat knee

Zaharieva S., 1985: Mechanism of action of beta endorphin and naloxone in hypophysectomized rats with hemorrhagic shock the role of the central nervous system

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Itokawa Y., 1984: Mechanism of lipid per oxide formation in poly chlorinated bi phenyls and ddt poisoned rats

Buccafusco J.J., 1982: Mechanism of the clonidine induced protection against acetyl cholin esterase inhibitor toxicity

Songu Mize E., 1988: Mechanisms of altered sodium excretion after preoptic hypothalamic lesions

Matsumoto Y., 1981: Mechanisms of reproductive isolation between the fruit feeding and the pinaceae feeding types of the yellow peach moth dichocrocis punctiferalis lepidoptera pyralidae

Darup I., 1982: Mediastinal emphysema after thoracotomy

Werman R., 1983: Mediobasal hypothalamic neurons are excited by the iontophoretic application of sodium

Wallace B.M.N., 1980: Meiotic chromosome pairing in stethophyma grossum spermatocytes studied by a surface spreading and silver staining technique

Weikang, S.; Yanling, L.; Min, Y.; Zhen, Y., 1977: Membrane associated embryonic antigen in human hepato cellular carcinoma cells

Okada Y., 1982: Membrane potential changes associated with differentiation of enterocytes in the rat intestinal villi in culture

Church A.C., 1983: Memory the cerebral spread of an engram in mice as affected by inhibitors of dopamine beta hydroxylase

Klose R., 1986: Mepivacaine for brachialis plexus block in long lasting operations

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Nienstedt W., 1979: Metabolism of progesterone in the isolated perfused rat lungs

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Rochemont J., 1979: Method for the separation of glutamine and homo serine by ion exchange chromatography

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Hodges T.K., 1987: Microcallus growth from maize protoplasts

Mayor, E., 1975: Micromycetes observed in the gardens of the neuchatel botanical institute part 1

Daggett W.M., 1987: Microsphere reference flow samples during systemic flow adjustment

Isozaki, Y.; Matsuda, T., 1982: Middle and late triassic conodonts from bedded chert sequences in the mino tamba belt southwest japan 1. epigondolella

Burke R.D., 1987: Migratory and invasive behavior of pigment cells in normal and animalized sea urchin embryos

Feagin F.F., 1984: Mineral flux of surface enamel and root surfaces in acidified gelatin gels

Tollestrup K., 1982: Mining and exploitation of natural mineral deposits by the desert tortoise gopherus agassizii

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Levy J P., 1980: Mitogen induced blast cells of c type virus infected mice as target cells for cytolytic t lymphocytes

Jia G L., 1984: Mitral valve replacement with porcine heterograft a follow up study of 74 cases

Tosca, C., 1977: Modalities and consequences of agricultural regression in the district of querigut ariege france

Plokhotnikov K.E., 1982: Model of monomeric tissue growth

Kidwell S.M., 1986: Models for fossil concentrations paleobiologic implications

Kagan V.E., 1983: Modification of an enzymic system of calcium transport in sarcoplasmic reticulum membranes during lipid per oxidation induction and regulation systems of lipid per oxidation in skeletal and heart muscles

Togasaki R.K., 1981: Modification of sakamis method for degradation of carbon 14 labeled 3 phospho glyceric acid and carbon 14 labeled serine

Crepaldi G., 1986: Modifications of plasma lipoproteins after lipase activation in patients with chylomicronemia

Szekely J.I., 1987: Modulation by enkephalin analogues and neuroleptics of apomorphine induced stereotypy and turning behavior in rats

Allis C.D., 1985: Modulation of linker histones during development in tetrahymena thermophila selective elimination of linker histone during the differentiation of new macronuclei

Okimasu E., 1979: Modulation of thymocyte membrane potential by concanavalin a

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Kakunaga T., 1982: Molecular structure and evolutionary origin of human cardiac muscle actin gene

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Novokhatskii A.S., 1986: Monoclonal antibodies to human tumor hela cells

Gomez-Cuevas, R., 1977: Monograph on diabetes

Singhi S., 1985: Morbidity and mortality in diarrhea in rural haryana india

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Diamond L., 1985: Morphologic and physiologic response of lungs to steroid and cigarette smoke an animal model

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Matthiesen, T.; Tuch, K., 1978: Morphological findings in spontaneously hypertensive rats in comparison with findings after experimental renal hypertension

Vasfilova E.S., 1983: Morphological variability of species of the family nymphaeaceae in the central urals ussr

Kilbertus G., 1979: Morphology and ultrastructure of the coremium in sphaerostilbe repens

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Morgan P.B., 1985: Mortality of eggs and first stage larvae of the house fly musca domestica diptera muscidae in poultry manure

Molero M.D., 1987: Motility of spermatozoa preserved in liquid nitrogen as it depends on the cryoprotective medium used

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Herrmann, R. G., 1970: Multiple amounts of dna related to the size of chloroplasts part 1 an auto radiographic study

Huseby, N. E., 1982: Multiple forms of serum gamma glutamyl transferase ec association of the enzyme with lipo proteins

Covelli H., 1986: Multiple primary neoplasia of the head and neck and lung the changing histopathology

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Georgopoulos C., 1982: Mutants in the y region of bacterio phage lambda constitutive for repressor synthesis their isolation and the characterization of the hyp phenotype

Cardellino, R. A.; Mukai, T., 1975: Mutator factors and genetic variance components of viability in drosophila melanogaster

Braciale T.J., 1984: Mycoplasma infection of cell cultures thymidine incorporation of culture supernatants as a screening test

Egami K., 1986: Myelotoxicity due to cancer chemotherapy

Uchikawa, K., 1976: Myobiid mites acarina myobiidae parasitic on bats in japan part 1 genus calcarmyobia

Hirschmann R.A., 1985: Myotonic muscular dystrophy associated with ritodrine tocolysis

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Merkus F.W.H.M., 1986: Nasal absorption of alprenolol and metoprolol

Queiroz O., 1983: Natural carbon 13 abundance as a tracer for the determination of leaf matter turnover in 3 carbon pathway plants

Liu J L., 1985: Natural killer cell mediated cytotoxicity in normal individuals

Rietschel E.T., 1985: Nature and linkage type of fatty acids present in lipopolysaccharides of phase i and ii coxiella burnetii

Wakui C., 1984: Necessity for total trichloride compound measurement in screening tests for workers exposed to trichloroethylene or 1 1 1 trichloroethane

Yemo F., 1987: Neglected amoebic liver abscess report of 31 cases

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Adler R., 1981: Neurite promoting factor in conditioned medium from rn 22 schwannoma cultures bioassay fractionation and properties

Nakamura, S., 1980: Neuro physiological study of the extrapyramidal system in cats 1. production of choreo athetoid movements following electrical stimulation of the mesencephalic ventromedial tegmentum in freely moving cats

Cacciari E., 1988: Neuroendocrinological evidence of an anti dopaminergic effect of flunarizine

Conrad M., 1985: Neuron generator potentials evoked by intracellular injection of cyclic nucleotides and mechanical distension

Conlon J.M., 1988: Neuropeptide gamma a peptide isolated from rabbit intestine that is derived from gamma preprotachykinin

Cheng L.Y., 1986: Neurulation and the cortical tractor model for epithelial folding

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Tsao C Y., 1986: New approach to improve the quality of minced fish products from freeze thawed cod gadus morhua macrocephalus and mackerel scomber tapeinocephalus

Sadeh, T.; Davis, M. A.; Giese, R. W., 1976: New compounds synthesis of aliphatic seleno amino acids as potential pancreatic imaging agents

Gagiev M.Kh, 1984: New devonian icriodid conodonts

Nikitina I.V., 1986: New genus and species of squid of the family neoteuthidae cephalopoda oegopsida from the south eastern part of the pacific ocean

Knutsen O.H., 1983: New method for administration of hydro chloric acid in metabolic alkalosis

Williams, E. E., 1984: New or problematic anolis from colombia 3. 2 new semiaquatic anoles from antioquia and choco colombia

Walter G., 1987: New records of nycteribia kolenatii new record in west germany and west berlin

Olmi M., 1987: New species of dryinidae with description of a new subfamily from florida usa and a new species from dominica amber hymenoptera chrysidoidea

Merxmueller, H., 1977: New summary of the ferns and flowering plants indigenous to the right bank of the rhine river in bavaria part 4

Lavie D., 1981: New withanolides of biogenetic interest from withania somnifera

Yampol'skaya, S. A., 1977: Niemann pick disease type b after crocker

Whittington W.J., 1981: Nitrate uptake and the induction of nitrate reductase activity in wheat triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring seedlings

Gukova, M. M.; Ageeva, V. S., 1978: Nitrogen balance with respect to nutritional condition of a vetch oat mixture

Mitsuhashi W., 1987: Nitrogen mobilization and peptidase activities in pods of maturing phaseolus vulgaris fruits

Brokl O.H., 1987: Nmn transport by snake renal tubules choline effects countertransport proton nmn exchange

Repo S., 1988: No evidence of a population pheromone in tomicus piniperda coleoptera scolytidae a field experiment

Van-Aartsen, J. J., 1987: Nomenclatural notes 4. melania scalaris philippi 1836 and odostomia scalaris macgillivray 1843

Bianchi E., 1984: Non progressive psychomotor retardation in a child with severe deficiency of arylsulfatase a activity

Kuroiwa Y., 1987: Nonenzymatic glycosylation of the nail and the hair

Zhong X L., 1984: Noninvasive method for detecting thyroid function r p time interval technique

Kabacoff C.M., 1987: Nonproductive cell associated virus exists before the appearance of antiviral antibodies in experimental measles encephalitis

Faber, K.; Stuckler, H.; Kappe, T., 1984: Nonsteroidal antiinflammatory agents 1. synthesis of 4 hydroxy 2 oxo 1 2 dihydroquinolin 3 yl alkanoic acids by the wittig reaction of quinisatines

Vavra J., 1984: Norlevinea new genus for glugea daphniae protozoa microspora a parasite of daphnia longispina crustacea phyllopoda

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Galiano, M. E., 1975: Note on scales in salticidae araneae

Rungs, C., 1982: Notes on corsican lepidoptera 2. conclusion

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