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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5001

Chapter 5001 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ghanem M.H.; Abassy A.Z.; Guirgis F.K.; Abdel Hay M.M.; Shalouh Z.A., 1980:
Comparative study of alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic blockade on blood sugar and plasma free fatty acids in normal subjects

Preobrazhenskaya M.E.; Minakova A.L., 1984:
Comparative study of alpha glucosidase activity in lymphocytes and granulocytes of human peripheral blood

Besancon, J.; Chapdelaine, P.; Tremblay, R.R.; Lemay, J.P., 1983:
Comparative study of alpha glucosidase ec activities in blood and seminal plasma of rams

Castilla, C.; Paris, H.; Crespo, A.; Murat, J.C., 1980:
Comparative study of alpha glucosidase ec activities in rat rattus norvegicus and trout salmo gairdneri

Aleshina, N.T.; Burlakova, E.B.; Terekhova, S.F., 1976:
Comparative study of alterations in the concentration of free cholesterol and in the anti oxidative activity of animal tissue lipids

Geronokaki, A.A.; Abduazimov-Kh, A., 1977:
Comparative study of althaea dioxane lignins

Perez, H.; Arredondo, B.; Gonzalez, M., 1978:
Comparative study of american cutaneous leishmaniasis and diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis in 2 strains of inbred mice

Voss-Foucart, M.F.; Barzin, S.; Toussaint, C., 1977:
Comparative study of amino acid composition of peptidic components from sipunculids and polychaete cuticles

Camps J.; Sola X.; Rimola A.; Pares A.; Rives A.; Salmeron J.M.; Arroyo V.; Rodes J., 1988:
Comparative study of aminoglycoside nephrotoxicity in normal rats and rats with experimental cirrhosis

Harada Y.; Sera K.; Takumida M.; Nagasawa Y.; Ninomiya Y., 1987:
Comparative study of aminoglycoside ototoxicity

Lolis, D.; Konstantinidis, K.; Papevangelou, G.; Kaskarelis, D., 1977:
Comparative study of amniotic fluid and maternal blood serum human placental lactogen in normal and prolonged pregnancies

Dorrestein, G.M.; Van Gogh, H.; Rinzema, J.D.; Buitelaar, M.N., 1987:
Comparative study of ampicillin and amoxycillin after intravenous, intramuscular and oral administration in homing pigeons (Columba livia)

Dufour J P.; Nunnally R.; Buhle L.Jr; Tsong T.Y., 1981:
Comparative study of an atpase trigger fused lipid vesicle and other vesicle forms of di myristoylphosphatidyl choline

Kwon-Chung, K.J.; de Vries, G.A., 1983:
Comparative study of an isolate resembling Banti's fungus with Cladosporium trichoides

Tang Y.; Xie Z.; Guo S., 1986:
Comparative study of anaerobic bacterial culture in four transport systems

Audigier Y.; Gout R.; Mazarguil H.; Cros J., 1980:
Comparative study of analgesia induced by 5 norvaline enkephalin and 5 proline enkephalin analogs

Desmarchelier J.M., 1980:
Comparative study of analytical methods for bio resmethrin fenothrin dextro fenothrin pyrethrum i carbaryl fenitrothion methacrifos pirimiphos methyl and dichlorvos on various grains

Khattak, T.M.; Mahmood, A., 1986:
Comparative study of anatomical characteristics of earlywood and latewood of blue pine pinus wallichiana a. b. jackson

Laurin S.; Forsberg L.; Johansson A.; Jorulf H., 1981:
Comparative study of angiography computed tomography and ultrasound in abdominal tumors of children

Ageeva O.N.; Andzhaparidze O.G.; Kibardin V.M.; Nazarova G.M.; Pleteneva E.A., 1983:
Comparative study of animal viruses and construction of a model of their evolutionary relationship

Cherevatyi V.S.; Vashchenko T.N.; Shishkov G.Z., 1980:
Comparative study of anti bacterial effect of different extracts from garden sage salvia officinalis

Padron F.; Sanz J.; Florez J., 1981:
Comparative study of anti emetic properties of clebopride and metoclopramide in vomiting produced by cis platinum

Storozhuk B.G.; Stolyarchuk A.A., 1980:
Comparative study of anti fibrillar action of some anti arrhythmic drugs in an experiment

Trinus F.P.; Chernov V.A.; Ryabukha T.K.; Sharykina N.I., 1980:
Comparative study of anti inflammatory analgesic and anti pyretic action of anti tumor drugs

Zastavnyi I.V., 1979:
Comparative study of anti influenzal efficiency of bonaphthon oxolin florenal and rimantadine

Ordog I.; Drinoczy M.; Barna Vetro I.; Lugosi L.; Zsidai J., 1985:
Comparative study of anti purified protein derivative sera by elisa method

Uchida H.; Sasaki T., 1983:
Comparative study of anti tumor activity and immuno modulatory effect of tetra hydro 2 furanyl 1 3 beta d glucan and tetra hydro 2 pyranyl 1 3 beta d glucans

Ladygina, M.E.; Sokolovskaya, I.V.; Rubin, B.A.; Grot, A.V., 1978:
Comparative study of anti viral properties of histones of animal and plant origin

Agaeva, R.A., 1976:
Comparative study of antibiotic sensitivity of proteus hauseri belonging to different serological groups

Philip Joet F.; Herkert A.; Vervloet D.; Arnaud A., 1986:
Comparative study of anticholinergic agents and beta 2 stimulants in the treatment of asthmatic attacks

Manani G.; Manuali M.; Diani M.; Borin P.; Gigante C.; Alovisaro C.; Vincenti Z.; Posteraro C.M., 1984:
Comparative study of antiemetic properties of levo sulpiride and dextro sulpiride

Lehner, T.; Jones, T.; Avery, J., 1986:
Comparative study of antigen binding T cells separated by Vicia villosa or streptococcal antigen and the effect of HLA class II antigens

Koz'yakov S.Ya; Efremova L.P.; Koz'yakova E.B., 1980:
Comparative study of antigens of uni cellular cyanobacteria by the indirect immuno fluorescence method

Anan'eva, V.A.; Zhilina, N.N.; Bykovskiĭ, A.F.; Stakhanova, V.M.; Viazov, S.O., 1976:
Comparative study of antigens specific for hepatitis B in transfected cell cultures

Castillo D.; Bustos A.; Vega P.; Melendez M.; Neira L.; Roos Y.O., 1983:
Comparative study of antinuclear antibody determination using as substrate the cell line hep 2 and rat liver

Molnar J.; Pragai B.; Berencsi K.; Mandi Y.; Foldeak S., 1985:
Comparative study of antiproliferative effects of chlorpromazine 7 8 dioxochlorpromazine amantadine nitrogen mustard rutin n mustard and alpha beta and gamma interferon on k 562 cells in vitro

Deitos T.F.H.; Haas E.; Marks A., 1987:
Comparative study of anxiolytic efficacy and comparative tolerability of chlordiazepoxide alone and in an antidystonic combination

Sviridov, S.M.; Korochkin, L.I.; Poliakova, E.; Matveeva, N.M., 1971:
Comparative study of appearance of water soluble antigens and brain esterase fractions in ontogenesis of 2 strains of rats

Schmidt S.; Saling E., 1987:
Comparative study of application techniques for the transcutaneous carbon dioxide measurement in the fetus

Tyagunenko Y.V.; Petkov A.S.; Kirova N.Z.; Avramova R.S.; Leseva M.D., 1988:
Comparative study of apramycin resistant microbes isolated from man and animals

Bhojwani, S.C.; Jones, D.K., 1981:
Comparative study of aqueous and oily pilocarpine in the production of ocular hypotension

Trapeznikova S.S.; Navasardyants D.G.; Levchenko L.I.; Khalanskii A.S.; Khokhlov A.P., 1986:
Comparative study of arginase isoenzyme activity in human brain tumors and in the tumors of experimental animals

Ohshiro T., 1987:
Comparative study of argon neodymium yag and carbon dioxide lasers to achieve similar histological changes in ddy mouse skin

Malindzak, G.S.Jr ; Meredith, J.H., 1970:
Comparative study of arterial transmission velocity

Hung L.K.; A.K.K.; H.Y.F., 1988:
Comparative study of artery cuff and fat wrap in microvascular anastomosis in the rat

Ishwaran N., 1981:
Comparative study of asiatic elephant elephas maximus populations in gal oya sri lanka

Mathe I.Jr; Vadasz A.; Mathe I., 1981:
Comparative study of asperuloside production of galium verum populations from the surroundings of budapest hungary

Aguila, C.; Cuéllar, C.; Fenoy, S.; Guillén, J.L., 1987:
Comparative study of assays detecting circulating immune complexes and specific antibodies in patients infected with Toxocara canis

Vakhaniya N.A.; Abashidze N.D.; Nutsubidze N.N., 1984:
Comparative study of assimilation of molecular and nitrate nitrogen by root nodules and organs of kidney beans

Ihara, K., 1982:
Comparative study of atrial pacing and ventricular pacing for the treatment of sick sinus syndrome

Osidze, D.F.; Fisenko, S.A.; Khor'kov, I.A.; Nochevnyi, V.T.; Sokova, V.A., 1975:
Comparative study of aujeszkys disease virus reproduction in cell and tissue suspensions of avian embryos

Ivery, D.; Lange, C.F.; Merdinger, E., 1975:
Comparative study of aureobasidium pullulans and rhodotorula glutinis pigments

Negina Y.P., 1980:
Comparative study of auto antibody formation after immunization with different types of typhoid vaccines

Iwase H.; Kato Y.; L.S.C.; Hotta K.; L.Y.T., 1984 :
Comparative study of avian ovalbumins by means of glycosidase treatment and following high performance liquid chromatography analysis of their dansyl glycopeptides

Yamagishi S., 1985:
Comparative study of avifauna between environmental green area of tanagawa ii power station and secondary natural forest japan

Tsouroutsoglou, W.; Sion, M.L.; Stathopoulos, G.A.; Kapoulas, S.; El-Messidi, M.; Paradelis, A.G., 1983:
Comparative study of aztreonam and cefamandole in the treatment of serious urinary tract infections

Spengler P.J.; Edwards L.D., 1980:
Comparative study of bacampicillin and ampicillin in the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea

Nizhegorodova L.E.; Nidzvetskaya L.M., 1985:
Comparative study of bacteria of different water horizons in the northwestern black sea

Nadler V.; Goldberg I.; Hochman A., 1986:
Comparative study of bacterial catalases

Namba Y.; Suzuki A.; Takeshima N.; Kato N., 1985:
Comparative study of bactericidal activities of 6 different disinfectants

Aarabi, B., 1987:
Comparative study of bacteriological contamination between primary and secondary exploration of missile head wounds

Padovan J.A.; Waisbich E., 1980:
Comparative study of bacteriological sputum negativeness in nontreated patients with pulmonary tuberculosis treated with isoniazid plus ethambutol and rifampicin or streptomycin

Feler, E.; de Nader, O.R.; Mingo, Y.; Schujman, J.; Pesce de Ruiz Holgado, A.A., 1975:
Comparative study of bacteriuria induced by suprapubic and urethral drainage

Benyajati C., 1986:
Comparative study of baralgan and hyoscine n methyl bromide in the treatment of intestinal and renal colic pain

Eremeev, V.S.; Pliss, M.G.; Tsyrlin, V.A.; Shcherbin, I.I., 1984:
Comparative study of baroreceptor reflexes in cats and rats

Goren, M., 1978:
Comparative study of bathygobius fuscus and related species of the red sea including bathygobius fishelsoni new species

Jiao S.; J.G.; Jing Q., 1986:
Comparative study of behavioral qualities of only children and sibling children

Tari, C.; Fournier, N.; Ducet, G.; Crevat, A.; Albengres, E.; Urien, S.; Tillement, J.P., 1987:
Comparative study of bepridil and nicardipine action on respiration and calcium transport in mitochondria

Lakizova I.Yu; Yelyakova L.A.; Yemel'yanenko V.I.; Permykov Y.A.; Burshtein E.A., 1988:
Comparative study of beta 1 3 glucanases of marine molluscs by tryptophan fluorescence

Aksentsev S.L.; Okun' I.M.; Milyutin A.A.; Belyaeva E.I.; Konev S.V., 1982:
Comparative study of beta adreno receptors of the rat brain synaptic membranes

Mccreight, J.D.; Pharr, D.M.; Lower, R.L.; Sox, H.N., 1976:
Comparative study of beta glucosidase from cotyledons and fruits of cucumber cucumis sativus

Sudo K.; Maekawa M.; Kanno T., 1986:
Comparative study of binding affinity to lactate dehydrogenase of enzyme linked immunoglobulin and antisubunit antibody

Galleyrand J.C.; Fournier J.; Chanal J.L.; Puozzo C., 1988:
Comparative study of binding of an antiallergic substance to serum albumin and erythrocytes in man in the dog and in the rat

Lim, J.K., 1975:
Comparative study of bio availability and toleration of new oxytetracycline intra muscular intra venous formulations

Thebault, J.; Lucas, A.; D'athis, P.; Tillement, J.P., 1977:
Comparative study of bio availability of 3 pharmaceutical preparations of digoxin

Lebrun P.; Vlayen P., 1981:
Comparative study of bioactivity and the secondary effects of bacillus thuringiensis h 14

Seth J.N.; Joshi S.M.; Kachru D.N., 1983:
Comparative study of biochemical changes in new apple hybrid cultivar chaubattia anupam and cultivar early shanburry during fruit development maturity and post harvest storage

Dabas Y.P.S.; Verma M.C.; Tripathi S.S.; Saxena V.B., 1984:
Comparative study of biochemical constituents of bull and murrah bull semen

Raichvarg, D.; Guenounou, M.; Brossard, C.; Agneray, J.; Alouf, J.E., 1980:
Comparative study of biological activities and mitogenic effect of extracts from Haemophilus influenzae type a

Kozhin A.A.; Khusainova I.S.; Zhukov V.V., 1983:
Comparative study of biological activity of red and violet laser radiations

Movshev, B.E.; Nedoshivina, R.V., 1977:
Comparative study of biological activity of toxin isolated from burned skin by physicochemical and immuno sorption methods

Krokhmaleva N.A.; Khomutov A.E., 1981:
Comparative study of biological availability of heparin administered to rats intra muscularly and rectally

Asratyan, A.A.; Rybakova, I.I.; Vasil'eva, V.I., 1976:
Comparative study of biological properties of mycoplasma hominis strains

Dearden Badet M T., 1986:
Comparative study of biological properties of proteins synthesized in vitro by murine decidua and deciduoma

Strel'nikov Y.E.; Libikova N.I.; Milevskii E.I.; Sharova L.A., 1986:
Comparative study of biological properties of some bacterial polysaccharides

Gitel'man, A.K.; Ivanova, V.T.; Zakstel'skaya, L.Y. ; Bukrinskaya, A.G., 1978:
Comparative study of biophysical properties of influenza type a virus ribo nucleo proteins

Kukovics S.; Adam T.; Borka G., 1986:
Comparative study of biophysical reactions of pure merino and merino x corriedale f 1 female lambs

Estoppey F.; Perrin N., 1983:
Comparative study of bird populations of some hilly forest environments

Ahram J.; Blatt J.M.; Borman J.B., 1983:
Comparative study of bjork shiley and starr edwards prostheses for aortic valve replacement

Joffre, J.; Ronda, R.; Berovides, V., 1977:
Comparative study of black and red varieties of the holstein race based on genetic polymorphism 1. gene frequencies

Khraisha S., 1985:
Comparative study of blood 2 3 diphosphoglycerate of school students of both sexes at amman jordan and dead sea level

Buyanov V.M.; Nedoshivina R.V.; Alekseev A.A.; Ognev Y.V., 1979:
Comparative study of blood and lymph toxicity of patients with acute pancreatitis

Safarov S.Yu; Koblov L.F., 1983:
Comparative study of blood coagulation disorders in unobstructed and thrombosed vascular anastomoses in animals with spleen auto transplantation

Zaman M.S.; Ali C.S.; Ahmad K.M., 1985:
Comparative study of blood glucose cholesterol protein and urea content in cyclic noncyclic and subestrous lactating buffaloes

Matsumoto N., 1988:
Comparative study of body surface isopotential map left ventriculogram and thallium 201 myocardial scintigram in patients with old lateral myocardial infarction

Watanabe, S.; Sugano, H., 1988:
Comparative study of body sway in patients with meniere's disease in the acute attack stage and the quiescent stage

Abdou, N.I.; Casella, S.R.; Abdou, N.L.; Abrahamsohn, I.A., 1973:
Comparative study of bone marrow cells and blood bone marrow derived cells in infantile and acquired agamma globulinemia possible role of circulating anti immuno globulin m in pathogenesis

Larina, G.I.; Karpovich, L.G.; Levkovich, E.N., 1978:
Comparative study of bone marrow derived lymphocyte activity in the spleen of mice infected with viruses of the tick borne encephalitis complex

Bouyoucef S.E.; Damideaux J.; Thivolle P.; Mathieu L.; Dugay J.C.; Mathieu P.; Vignon E.; Houzard C.; Berger M., 1988:
Comparative study of bone scan and radiography their diagnostic value in osteoid osteoma ascertained by pathological anatomy examination 29 cases

Sachanski S.; Marinchevski I.; Petrov G., 1986:
Comparative study of broad bean cultivars and of seed processing to protein products

Lamblin, G.; Lhermitte, M.; Lafitte, J.J.; Filliat, M.; Degand, P.; Roussel, P., 1977:
Comparative study of bronchial mucins isolated from the sputum of patients suffering from cystic fibrosis or other chronic bronchial diseases

Zhao J., 1984:
Comparative study of bronchial reactivity between normal subject and asymptomatic asthmatics

Henderson R.F.; Mauderly J.L.; Pickrell J.A.; Hahn F.F.; Muhle H.; Rebar A.H., 1987:
Comparative study of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid effect of species age and method of lavage

Bozhinov M.; Dimitrova L., 1985:
Comparative study of bulgarian and foreign cotton cultivars

Danylyak, M.I.; Mel'nychuk, H.H.; Babenko-Ye, I., 1977:
Comparative study of c 2 cellulase and c x endo glucanase activities in representatives of white and brown rot

Conte V.P.; Widman A.; D.S.lva J.J.; Magalhaes A.; Bettarello A., 1980:
Comparative study of caerulein and bromopride on the human gallbladder

Deloison Y., 1984:
Comparative study of calcaneums of primates and pan australopithecus homo relationships

Penot, M.; Floc'h, J.Y.; Penot, M., 1976:
Comparative study of calcium 45 absorption and translocation in various groups of plants

Nothig Laslo V.; Jurgens G.; Holasek A., 1984:
Comparative study of calcium binding to lipoprotein a and low density lipoprotein by spin labeling

Mark H., 1986:
Comparative study of calibration methods for near ir reflectance analysis using a nested experimental design

Ghouse, A.K.M.; Hashmi, S., 1977:
Comparative study of cambial structure of 5 indian tropical trees

Blagodatskaia, B.M.; Golubev, V.I.; Ianaeva, N.G.; Trotsenko, R.Sh., 1980:
Comparative study of Candida zeylanoides and Candida vinaria

Gasilin V.S.; Pivovarov V.N.; Kasatkina L.V.; Matveeva L.S.; Grigor'yants R.A., 1980:
Comparative study of carbohydrate metabolism in patients suffering from ischemic heart disease with and without coronary athero sclerosis

Isemura, M.; Hanyu, T.; Kosaka, H.; Ono, T.; Ikenaka, T., 1981:
Comparative study of carbohydrate protein complexes 3. peptide structures of the linkage region in proteo glycans of human porcine and shark squalus acanthias cartilages

Isemura, M.; Takahashi, K.; Ikenaka, T., 1976:
Comparative study of carbohydrate protein complexes part 2 determination of hydroxy lysine and its glycosides in human skin and scar collagens by an improved method

Landi, S.; Held, H.R.; Tseng, M.C., 1970:
Comparative study of carbon 14 labeled purified protein derivative from various mycobacteria part 1 preparation of carbon 14 labeled purified protein derivative antigens and their absorption to glass

Landi, S.; Held, H.R., 1970:
Comparative study of carbon 14 labeled purified protein derivative from various mycobacteria part 2 skin cross reactivity in sensitized guinea pigs

Letouze R.; Gendraud M., 1980:
Comparative study of carbon metabolism of young sugar beet and forage plants influence of light quality on phosphoenol pyruvate carboxylase capacity

Beumer, H.M.; Mills, J.G.; Sharpe, P.C., 1978:
Comparative study of carbuterol and salbutamol from metered aerosols in bronchial asthma

Unger, A.; Panayi, G.S.; Tidman, N.H., 1977:
Comparative study of carcino embryonic antigen in rheumatoid synovium tumor and normal adult lung

Nakagawa, A.; Araki, M.; Oshima, T.; Ueno, Y.; Akagi, M., 1984:
Comparative study of cardioplegia by anoxic arrest and elective fibrillation under extracorporeal circulation using left ventricular function curve

Noel P.Y., 1982:
Comparative study of carotenoids from 2 parasitic isopoda urobopyrus processae and pliophryxus philonika with those from their host processa edulis crustacea caridea

Bensoussan M.G.; Scoditti P.M.; Bianchi A.J.M., 1979:
Comparative study of catabolic potential of the enteric micro flora of echinoderms and superficial sediment bacteria collected in an abyssal environment

Tul'skaya E.M.; Zvyagintsev D.G., 1979:
Comparative study of catalase and catalytic activity in the upper soil horizons

Rotschafer J.; Crossley K.; Zaske D.; Viste R., 1979:
Comparative study of cefaclor and amoxicillin in treatment of urinary tract infection

Ghoneim, A.T.M.; Tandon, A.P.; Ionescu, M.I., 1982:
Comparative study of cefamandole vs. ampicillin plus cloxacillin prophylactic antibiotics in cardiac surgery

Whang, C.W.; Chung, E.S.; Chang, S.T., 1984:
Comparative study of cefoperazone and amikacin

Hook, E.W.; Judson, F.N.; Verdon, M.S.; Ehret, J.M.; Handsfield, H.H., 1986:
Comparative study of cefoperazone and spectinomycin for treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in men

D'ambrosi A.; Cinchini E.; Zangirolami A.; Greco A.; Catellani M.; Ruffilli M.P.; Alvisi V., 1986:
Comparative study of cefoperazone cefotaxime in the treatment of bronchopneumonia

Judson, F.N.; Ehret, J.M.; Root, C.J., 1983:
Comparative study of ceftriaxone and aqueous procaine penicillin G in the treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in women

Judson, F.N.; Ehret, J.M.; Handsfield, H.H., 1985:
Comparative study of ceftriaxone and spectinomycin for treatment of pharyngeal and anorectal gonorrhea

Handsfield H.H.; Murphy V.L., 1983:
Comparative study of ceftriaxone and spectinomycin for treatment of uncomplicated gonorrhea in men

Taylor D.N.; Pitarangsi C.; Echeverria P.; Panikabutra K.; Suvongse C., 1985:
Comparative study of ceftriaxone and trimethroprim sulfamethoxazole for the treatment of chancroid in thailand

Gribencha S.V.; Ignat'ev G.M.; Kirkin A.F.; Barinskii I.F., 1985:
Comparative study of cell mediated and humoral immunity and resistance to rabies virus after vaccination against rabies

Mel'nychuk H.H.; Danylyak M.I.; Kolesnyeva H.V., 1982:
Comparative study of cellulases and gluco amylase of fungi from the family polyporaceae

Durand H.; Soucaille P.; Triaby G., 1984:
Comparative study of cellulases and hemi cellulases from 4 fungi mesophiles trichoderma reesei and penicillium sp and thermophiles thielavia terrestris and sporotrichum cellulophilum

Klimova V.S., 1979:
Comparative study of cephalexin and cephradine distribution in rats

Kumar, A.; Murray, D.L.; Hanna, C.B.; Kreindler, T.G.; Jacobson, K.D.; Bundy, J.M.; Waxman, K.; Finnerty, E.F.; Folan, D.W.; Drucker, W.R., 1988:
Comparative study of cephalexin hydrochloride and cephalexin monohydrate in the treatment of skin and soft tissue infections

Pieper C.F.; Goldring S.; Jenny A.B.; Mcmahon J.P., 1980:
Comparative study of cerebral cortical potentials associated with voluntary movements in monkey macaca mulatta and man

Magaudda, G.; Inghilesi, E.; Belli-Donini, M.L.; Baraldi, D.; Miuccio, C.F., 1976:
Comparative study of certain aspects of the conservation of cultivar pantano tomatoes following gamma irradiations at successive stages of ripening

Latits G., 1987:
Comparative study of certain cycle induction hormone preparations in sheep

Magomedova, S.K.; Chernyshev, V.I.; Shekhanova, I.A., 1974:
Comparative study of certain physicochemical mechanisms of adaptation of fish to different water salinity

Nath D.R.; Rao P.L.N., 1983:
Comparative study of certain qualitative characteristics of domestic and wild rabbit oryctolagus hispidus meat muscle fiber diameter shear force value cooking loss and taste panel evaluation of rabbit meat

Bayssade-Dufour, C.; Jourdane, J., 1976:
Comparative study of chaetotaxy of cercaria of pseudocephalotrema pyrenaica and of 2 species of lecithodendriidae

Lemberg A.; Bengoches L.; Pierangeli N., 1982:
Comparative study of changes in hemostasis between acute fulminating viral hepatitis and terminal cirrhosis

Kolombet, L.V.; Annenkov, G.A., 1978:
Comparative study of changes in isozyme spectra of lactate dehydrogenase during organogenesis in mice

Kardong K.V., 1982:
Comparative study of changes in prey capture behavior of the cottonmouth agkistrodon piscivorus and egyptian cobra naja haje

Durand J.P.; Parzefall J.; Richard B., 1982:
Comparative study of chemical prey detection in the cave living proteus anguinus and its epigean relative necturus maculosus proteidae urodela

Kang M S.; Kim Y.; Choe C.Y., 1985:
Comparative study of chemically defined media on the proliferation and differentiation of chick myoblasts in culture

Baraboi V.A.; Orel V.E., 1986:
Comparative study of chemiluminescence and resistance of blood serum and its components under the effect of ionizing radiation

Kida Y.; Cravioto H., 1985:
Comparative study of chemotherapy and or immunotherapy of established experimental brain tumors

Canela, E.; Bozal, J., 1979:
Comparative study of chicken liver xanthine dehydrogenase ec and bovine liver xanthine oxidase ec dehydrogenase activity of xanthine oxidase

Kato Y.; Iwase H.; Hotta K., 1988:
Comparative study of chicken ovalbumin subfractions having different carbohydrate chain from each other by high performance anion exchange chromatography

Deb M.; Brar S.S., 1987:
Comparative study of child rearing practices used for female children by rural and urban mothers

D.B.cker P.; Debackere M., 1979:
Comparative study of chloramphenicol absorption in calves after oral intra ruminal and intra abomasal administration

Iqbal M.; Samad H.A.; Yaqub M.; Najib U.R.hman, 1984:
Comparative study of cholesterol and total lipids in semen of nili ravi buffalo bulls and sahiwal bulls

Chakraborty, J.; Nelson, L., 1976:
Comparative study of cholin esterases distribution in the spermatozoa of some mammalian species

Champion S.; Piot J M.; Jacquemin C., 1979:
Comparative study of cholinergic control of cyclic nucleotides levels in pig and dog thyroid

Khodorovskii, G.I., 1978:
Comparative study of chorionic gonadotropin and thyrotropin effects on the thyroid gland in immature male and female rats

Likhtenshtein A.V.; Alekhina R.P.; Zaboikin M.M.; Zborovskaya I.B.; Moiseev V.L.; Shapot V.S., 1980:
Comparative study of chromatin and ribo nucleo protein complexes in cells of normal liver hepatomas and livers of tumor bearing animals

Nelipovich P.A.; Rybalko G.V.; Korol' B.A.; Umanskii S.R., 1982:
Comparative study of chromatin degradation products formed in rat thymus cells under effects of irradiation and hydrocortisone injection

Rinaldi, R.A.; Subirana, J.A., 1982:
Comparative study of chromosomal structure

G.A.; Geng Y.; Zhou Z., 1987:
Comparative study of chromosome aberrations induced by neocarzinostatin and pingyangmycin in vicia faba

Inoue K., 1985 :
Comparative study of chronic hepatitis histological differences between japan and england uk

Huelsmann W.C.; Breeman W.A.P.; Stam H.; Kort W.J., 1981:
Comparative study of chylomicron and fatty acid utilization in small intestine and heart

Labayle, D.; Chalas, J.; Poitrine, A.; Lindenbaum, A.; Francoual, J.; Millat, B.; Etienne, J.P., 1982:
Comparative study of cimetidine plasma kinetics and gastric acid output in patients with healed and unhealed duodenal ulcer

Baba S.; Kinoshita H.; Mori Y.; Suzuki K.; Shimada J.; Kawamura S.; Itabashi T.; Watanabe H.; Fujimaki Y.; E.A., 1987:
Comparative study of ciprofloxacin bay o 9867 and norfloxacin in the treatment for acute lacunar tonsillitis

Kawamura S.; Itabashi T.; Watanabe H.; Fujimaki Y.; Horikawa H.; Shibui K.; Ishii T.; Takayama M.; Ishii J.; E.A., 1987:
Comparative study of ciprofloxacin bay o 9867 and pipemidic acid in the treatment for suppurative otitis media

Pariat C.; Cambar J.; Courtois P., 1983:
Comparative study of circadian mortality variations induced by gentamicin and dibekacin in mice

Moraitou-Apostolopoulou, M.; Kiortsis, V., 1976:
Comparative study of cladocera from the 1st meter of sea water collected in a polluted zone and in another relatively clean zone

Orts, A.; Martí, J.L.; Baltar, I.; Castejón, J.V.; Esplugues, J., 1980:
Comparative study of clenbuterol and isoprenaline on cardiac contractility and tidal respiratory volume

Tsitsopoulos P.; Fotiou F.; Papakostopoulos D.; Sitzoglou C.; Tavridis G., 1987:
Comparative study of clinical and surgical findings and cortical somatosensory evoked potentials in patients with lumbar spinal stenosis and disc protrusion

Rousselet, F.; Fredj, G.; Clenet, M., 1986:
Comparative study of clofibrate and tiadenol on cholesterol metabolism in rat and hamster i. comparative effects of clofibrate and tiadenol on cholesterol hepatic and intestinal biosynthesis in hamster and rat

Dragacci S.; Hamar Hansen C.; Fournel Gigleux S.; Lafaurie C.; Magdalou J.; Siest G., 1987:
Comparative study of clofibric acid and bilirubin glucuronidation in human liver microsomes

Goodman, D.H., 1978:
Comparative study of cloprednol vs placebo in asthma

Pierard P.; Van Der Auwera P.; Quarre J.P.; Ramaut M.; Thiriaux J., 1984:
Comparative study of colonization by candida of the respiratory tract of patients treated with amoxicillin doxycycline or minocycline

Sommerfelt H.; Svennerholm A M.; Kalland K.H.; Haukanes B I.; Bjorvatin B., 1988:
Comparative study of colony hybridization with synthetic oligonucleotide probes and elisa for identification of enterotoxigenic escherichia coli

W Worswick P.V., 1987:
Comparative study of colony thermoregulation in the african honeybee apis mellifera adansoni latreille and the cape honeybee apis mellifera capensis escholtz

Kiguchi M.; Sudo J I., 1987:
Comparative study of colorimetric method using diazotization reaction and high performance liquid chromatographic method in determination of aminohippuric acid

Yunoki K., 1984:
Comparative study of computed tomography and angiographic findings in cases with cerebral infarction with special reference to internal carotid arterial system

Brenot P.; Raynaud A.; Pernes J.M.; Parola J.L.; Gaux J.C., 1986:
Comparative study of conducting iliac angioplasties with digital subtraction and conventional angiography incidence on true consumable costs

Havelaar A.H.; Tips P.D.; Engel H.W.B., 1982:
Comparative study of confirmation media for detecting group d streptococci

Dhingra M.M.; Saran A., 1988:
Comparative study of conformational behavior of leucine and methionine enkephalinamides by proton nmr spectroscopy

Maia R.; Brant P.C., 1980:
Comparative study of contamination of beef by organo chlorine pesticide residues in various regions of minas gerais state brazil

Kalinkin, M.N., 1977:
Comparative study of content of lipid fractions in various parts of the rabbit myo cardium

Singh, G., 1983:
Comparative study of continuous and interrupted sutures in cataract surgery in eye camps

Badawy S.Z.A.; Elbakry M.M.; Baggish M.S., 1987:
Comparative study of continuous and pulsed carbon dioxide laser on tissue healing and fertility outcome in tubal anastomosis

Kovaleva T.A.; Dautov S.Sh; Kruchinin V.K.; Suzdal'skaya I.P.; Zhirmunskii A.V., 1982:
Comparative study of contractile properties of adductors in 2 bivalve mollusk species of the family pectinidae

Tuchmann A.; Bauer P.; Plenk H.Jr; Braun O.; Dinstl K., 1986:
Comparative study of conventional scalpel and carbon dioxide laser in experimental tumor surgery

Aoki K.; Kobayashi K., 1987:
Comparative study of cor audiometry and play audiometry in follow up observation

Suma, H., 1987 :
Comparative study of coronary artery bypass to the left anterior descending artery using internal mammary artery grafts and saphenous vein grafts

Legrand V.; Mancini B.J.; Bates E.R.; Hodgson J.M.; Gross M.D.; Vogel R.A., 1986:
Comparative study of coronary flow reserve coronary anatomy and results of radionuclide exercise tests in patients with coronary artery disease

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Comparative study of cortico steroid metabolism in lower apes and humans

Rozenbaum, E.A.; Pliskin, J.S.; Barnoon, S.; Chaimovitz, C., 1985:
Comparative study of costs and quality of life of chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis patients in Israel

Thakare J.T.; Bhoyar H.S., 1982:
Comparative study of crossing techniques in wheat triticum aestivum

Forward R.B.Jr, 1987:
Comparative study of crustacean larval photoresponses

Candioti M.C.; Reinheimer J.A.; Ramanzin M.G., 1983:
Comparative study of culture media for counting proteolytic microorganisms in milk

Perez Perez I.; Flores Castro M., 1984:
Comparative study of culture media for the isolation of neisseria gonorrhoeae

Mendes I.F.; Pral E.M.F.; Takata C.S.; Rizzo E.D.; Saito T., 1985:
Comparative study of culture media recommended for sterility tests of biologics

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Comparative study of cultures of four species of the genus oudemansiella

Quevauviller A.; Cammoun M.; V.N.oc Huyen L., 1979:
Comparative study of cutaneous burns elicited in the rat by 2 natural and 5 synthetic burning fabrics

Otterness, I.G.; Chang, Y.H., 1976:
Comparative study of cyclo phosphamide 6 mercapto purine azathioprine and methotrexate relative effects on the humoral and the cellular immune response in the mouse

Kulaeva O.N.; Muromtsev G.S.; Shakirova F.M.; Khokhlova V.A.; Fofanova T.A., 1982:
Comparative study of cyto kinin and fusicoccin action on growth of isolated pumpkin cotyledons

Brondz, B.D.; Suslov, A.P.; Egorova, S.C., 1978:
Comparative study of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocytes and producers of the macrophage migration inhibition factor in the h 2 system

Titovets, E.P., 1979:
Comparative study of cytosolic and solubilized mitochondrial menadione reductase ec from rat liver

Aripov T.F.; Rozenshtein I.A.; Gussakovskii E.E., 1986:
Comparative study of cytotoxins from the venom of the central asiatic cobra naja naja oxiana by autofluorescence

Amin G.; Khallafalla G.; Doelle H.W., 1988:
Comparative study of d xylose conversion to ethanol by immobilized growing or non growing cells of the yeast pachysolen tannophilus

Hudec I., 1981:
Comparative study of daphnia atkinsoni and daphnia ulomskyi crustacea cladocera

Sharov V.G.; Dzhennings R.B.; Khowkins K.K., 1980:
Comparative study of defects of cardio myocyte membrane permeability in deep ischemia and after treatment with isoproterenol using colloidal lanthanum

Olenev S.N.; Shklyaeva L.D., 1979:
Comparative study of dehydrogenase and diaphorase activities in neurons of the spinal ganglion in vivo and during their cultivation in vitro

Olenev, S.N.; Shklyaeva, L.D., 1978:
Comparative study of dehydrogenase and diaphorase activity basis of the method

Wakisaka S.; Nakagaki H.; O'neill R.R.; Kemper T.L.; Caveness W.F., 1982:
Comparative study of delayed brain damage in pubescent and adult rhesus monkeys macaca mulatta from radiation within the therapeutic range

Viac, J.; Thivolet, J.; Hegazy, M.R.; Chardonnet, Y.; Dambuyant, C., 1977:
Comparative study of delayed hyper sensitivity skin reactions and antibodies to human papilloma virus

Malassine A.; Chaffaux S.; Breuiller M.; Laporte P.; Ferre F., 1980:
Comparative study of delta 5 3 beta hydroxy steroid dehydrogenase activity of mitochondrial and microsomal fractions of human and cat placentas

Fless G.M.; Scanu A.M., 1986:
Comparative study of density distribution of plasma lipoproteins of normocholesterolemic and hypercholesterolemic rhesus monkeys and humans

Hansen, E.K.; Asmussen, E., 1985:
Comparative study of dentin adhesives

Savin, R.C.; Stoughton, R.B.; Cornell, R.C.; Voorhees, J.J.; Willis, I., 1985:
Comparative study of desoximetasone ointment 0.25 percent vs. fluocinonide ointment 0.05 percent in patients with psoriasis

Demulder A.; Michiels N.; Brauman H., 1987:
Comparative study of diagnostic efficiency of three radioimmunoassays for parathyrin hormone two carboxyl terminal and one mid region

Stagno, S.; Pass, R.F.; Reynolds, D.W.; Moore, M.A.; Nahmias, A.J.; Alford, C.A., 1980:
Comparative study of diagnostic procedures for congenital cytomegalovirus infection

Abdullaev G.G., 1980:
Comparative study of diaphyseal femoral fracture treatment methods in children and their immediate results

Brause, B.D.; Romankiewicz, J.A.; Gotz, V.; Franklin, J.E.; Roberts, R.B., 1980:
Comparative study of diarrhea associated with clindamycin and ampicillin therapy

Lin C Y.; Huang M.W.; Chen Y M., 1980:
Comparative study of different acid extraction of histones from soybean glycine max hypocotyls

Pataraya K.N.; Silagadze L.S.; Oniashvili N.I.; Nioradze I.G., 1984:
Comparative study of different carbohydrate contents in the cardiac muscle of animals on different phylogenetic stages

Igea A.M.; Zapatero L.M., 1986:
Comparative study of different coprological techniques

Singh, K.D.; Sinha, R.; Singh, A.N.; Upadhyay, P.S., 1976:
Comparative study of different cropping sequences with tobacco for small holdings in north bihar

Vaquez A.V.; Felix A., 1987:
Comparative study of different culture media employed for the isolation of non typhoid salmonella from feces

Gutierrez Banos J.L.; Martin Garcia B.; Hernandez Rodriguez R.; Picatoste Patino J.; Ladron Gil C.; Gurtubay Arrieta I., 1987:
Comparative study of different diagnostic methods in 2 cases of megacaliosis

Nontasut, P.; Singhasivanon, V.; Maipanich, W.; Yamput, S.; Visiassuk, K., 1987:
Comparative study of different doses of mebendazole in hookworm infection

Mauro A.; Delia S., 1979:
Comparative study of different enrichment and isolation media for identification of enteric pathogens

Hendrickx H.H.L., 1980:
Comparative study of different factors influencing resistance of tubes to gas flow

Vila, L.E.; Claret, J.M.; Verde-Lopez, F.J., 1985:
Comparative study of different feeds for fattening quail iii. determination of the metabolizable energy of quail fed by means of 2 parallel methods

Guthoff R.F.; Singh G.; Von Domarus D., 1983:
Comparative study of different fixation methods of 4 loops binkhorst intra ocular lens implants

Agha N.H.; Karim H.M.A.; Dahir N.D., 1985:
Comparative study of different gels for quality control of technetium 99m radiopharmaceutical kits

Keller A., 1983:
Comparative study of different hair structures of castor canadensis and castor fiber

Kjelleberg S.; Stenstrom T.A.; Odham G., 1979:
Comparative study of different hydrophobic devices for sampling lipid surface films and adherent microorganisms

Lopez Ruiz J.; Illnait J.; Diaz N., 1987:
Comparative study of different immunochemical methods for the quantitation of apolipoprotein b possibilities of their introduction in our health system

Gonzalez Richmond A.; Naranjo Banda A., 1984:
Comparative study of different indexes of nutritional status

Chang, Y.; Pfeffer, J.T.; Chian, E.S., 1979:
Comparative study of different iron compounds in inhibition of sphaerotilus growth

Donoghue, D.J.; Sharp, P.A.; Weinberg, R.A., 1979:
Comparative study of different isolates of murine sarcoma virus

Mederos L.M.; Valdivia J.A.; Bravo J.R., 1986:
Comparative study of different media for mycobacteria including new uit a modification

Bichurina M.A.; Goryunova V.V.; Chubarova N.I.; Zhebrun A.B.; Noskov F.S.; Lonskaya N.I.; Fridman E.A., 1981:
Comparative study of different methods for determinating ov albumin in purified influenza virus preparations

Battisti O.; Swartebroeckx Y.; Armengol A.R.; Lamboray A.M.; Dubois P.; Legrand B.; Bertrand J.M.; Langhendries J.P., 1987:
Comparative study of different methods for evaluating gestational age at birth

Pellet O.; Chomel P.Y.; Raskin E.; Galoisy Guibal J.P.; Joly R.; Latarjet J.; Cognet J.B.; Robert A.; Boude M., 1987:
Comparative study of different methods of decontamination for fluidized beds in a burns center

Wokatsch, R.; Rohde, R., 1976:
Comparative study of different nutrient media used for the isolation of Salmonella in routine laboratories

Zammit M.; Valjee K.D.; Toledo Pereyra L.H., 1979:
Comparative study of different pancreas transplantation modalities islet cell vs organ pancreas transplantation in pancreatectomized dogs

Gavristov, A.V.; Karpova, M.A.; Mosichev, M.S.; Kuznetsov, V.D., 1981:
Comparative study of different procedures for isolating glucose isomerase ec from streptomyces albogriseolus mycelia

Elias Vila L.; Manaut Claret J.; Verde Lopez F.J., 1985:
Comparative study of different rations for fattening quail influence of including national domestic ingredients on the cost of feeding quail ii

Lekakh, V.A.; Vostrikov, A.A.; Kiryaev, A.A., 1978:
Comparative study of different regimes of albino rat adaptation to repeated heat effects

Daza, R.M.; Damaso, D.; Moreno, M., 1981:
Comparative study of different serological tests for the diagnosis of brucellosis

Olenev, V.I.; Suslova, T.B.; Vladimirov-Yu, A., 1976:
Comparative study of different types of swelling of rat liver mitochondria

Dehairs F.; Decadt G.; Baeyens W., 1982:
Comparative study of different wet mineralization digestion methods for the measurement of total mercury in biological samples

Gabrielyan A.G.; Ablyazimova N.A.; Vartanyan M.K.; Karagezyan K.S.; Zakharyan E.G.; Zakharyan R.A., 1980:
Comparative study of differential melting curves and some physical properties of dna of dp phages of salmonella derby cultures

Raichvarg D.; Cazalet C.; Scherrmann J.M.; Caillens H., 1979:
Comparative study of digoxin determination by enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay and radio immunoassay techniques

Gus'kova T.A.; Berlyand E.A.; Popova V.N.; Romanova L.K.; Chicherina L.A., 1984:
Comparative study of dioxidine and quinoxidine in chronic toxicological experiments

Kuz'menko S.P.; Ataeva D.M.; Gandilyan P.A., 1987:
Comparative study of diploid wheat chromosomes by differential staining

Aouti, A., 1978:
Comparative study of diplopod myriapod populations from a hygrophilous forest and from a hevea plantation in lower ivory coast

D.L.vaur E.; Siou G.; Grolleau G.; Sech J.C L., 1979:
Comparative study of diquat and paraquat action on the digestive mucosa of mouse rat and rabbit

Berger P.; Laane R.W.P.M.; Ilahude A.G.; Ewald M.; Courtot P., 1984:
Comparative study of dissolved fluorescent matter in 4 west european estuaries

Nguen Fyong Oan'; Skotnikova O.I.; Sevast'yanova M.G.; Borisov B.N.; Fedorov N.A., 1980:
Comparative study of dna breaks in human leukemic blood cells and in normal leukocytes

Crosa J.H.; Williams B.L.; Jorgensen J.J.; Evans C.A., 1979:
Comparative study of dna homology and physiological characteristics of strains of peptococcus saccharolyticus

Hattman, S.; Kenny, C.; Berger, L.; Pratt, K., 1978:
Comparative study of dna methylation in 3 uni cellular eukaryotes

Tanabe K.; Yamazaki H.; Yoshida S.; Yamamoto K.; Hiraoka E.; Itoh S.; Yamazaki M.; Sawanoi M., 1987:
Comparative study of dosage forms of release of commercially available ketoprofen suppositories

Muttalib M.A.; Islam A.; Ameen M.N.; Nurunnabi M.; Enayetullah M.; Bhuiyan A.; Waliullah; Ahmed N.; Ahmed T.; E.A., 1980:
Comparative study of doxycycline and ampicillin in respiratory tract infections in bangladesh

Vafakulov B.Kh; Kozhinskaya E.M.; Kononov V.M.; Vasil'eva V.I.; Karpovich L.G.; Tsvetkova N.V.; Asratyan A.A.; Donets M.A.; Doroshenko N.V.; Sarkis'yants N.O., 1988:
Comparative study of dried erythrocyte immunoglobulin immunodiagnosis for the detection of hepatitis a virus antigen

Cova L.; Hantz O.; Arliaud Gassin M.; Chevalier A.; Berthillon P.; Boulay J.; Jacquet C.; Chomel B.; Vitvitski L.; Trepo C., 1985:
Comparative study of duck hepatitis b virus dna levels and endogenous dna polymerase activity in naturally infected ducklings in france

Vora, A.B.; Bhatnagar, A.R., 1987:
Comparative study of dust fall on the leaves in high pollution and low pollution area of ahmedabad india v. caused foliar injury

Grieder, A.; Maurer, R.; Stahelin, H., 1977:
Comparative study of early effects of epi podophyllo toxin derivatives and other cytostatic agents on masto cytoma cultures

Lindvall K.; Hamsten A.; Landou C.; Szamosi A.; D.F.ire U., 1984:
Comparative study of echocardiographically and angiocardiographically determined regional left ventricular wall motion in recent myocardial infarction

Sugawara, N.; Sugawara, C., 1984:
Comparative study of effect of acute administration of cadmium and silver on ceruloplasmin and metallothionein: involvement of disposition of copper, iron, and zinc

Sato, Y.; Matsuzawa, H.; Eguchi, S., 1982:
Comparative study of effects of adrenaline, dobutamine and dopamine on systemic hemodynamics and renal blood flow in patients following open heart surgery

Belostotskaya, G.B.; Malinovskii, O.V., 1982:
Comparative study of effects of alkylating agents ionizing radiation and uv light on the mitotic cycle of mammalian cells 1. effect on n methyl n' nitro n nitroso guanidine on passing the mitotic cycle of hela cells

Labiale G.; Vallet M., 1984:
Comparative study of effects of noise on sleep in the laboratory and at home

Scollo-Lavizzari, G.; Pralle, W.; Radue, E.W., 1977:
Comparative study of efficacy of waking and sleep recordings following sleep deprivation as an activation method in the diagnosis of epilepsy

Montada Dorta D.; Chiong R.T.; Hernandez Contreras N.; Fresneda Vidal M., 1985:
Comparative study of efficiency of five formulations of insectil on culex quinquefasciatus

Xia C.; Yan S.; Xie Z., 1983:
Comparative study of electro cardiography and echo cardiography on left atrial dimension

Osawa H.; Kumagami H.; Miyazaki M.; Nakata T.; Kaieda S., 1988:
Comparative study of electrocochleography between transtympanic and ear canal recording technique

Turner J.E.; Paretzke H.G.; Hamm R.N.; Wright H.A.; Ritchie R.H., 1982:
Comparative study of electron energy deposition and yields in water in liquid and vapor phases

Arreguín, B.; Lara, P.; Rodríguez, R., 1988:
Comparative study of electrophoretic patterns of latex proteins from clones of Hevea brasiliensis

Eichelberg H.; Friedrich R.; Weber E., 1979:
Comparative study of embryo growth in normal sized and dwarf chickens gallus gallus domesticus

Morganroth J.; Somberg J.C.; Pool P.E.; Hsu P H.; Lee I.K.; Durkee J., 1986:
Comparative study of encainide and quinidine in the treatment of ventricular arrhythmias

Kushch, A.A.; Terskikh, V.V.; Kolesnikov, V.A.; Niyazmatov, A.A.; Koslov, Y.V.; Zelenin, A.V., 1978:
Comparative study of endogenous rna polymerase activity and dna availability to acridine orange and actinomycin d in guinea pig liver cell chromatin early after partial hepatectomy

Dzhokhadze, D.I.; Balashvili, M.I., 1976:
Comparative study of endogenous rna polymerase activity from pea leaf cell nuclei and chloroplasts

Yao T.; E.A., 1988:
Comparative study of endoscopic findings and histopathological results on early gastric cancer

Kosenko E.A., 1981:
Comparative study of energy metabolism in the liver and skeletal muscles of rat and rabbit effects of starvation

D.V.ij W.; Bulthuis R.A.; Konings W.N., 1988:
Comparative study of energy transducing properties of cytoplasmic membranes from mesophilic and thermophilic bacillus spp

Fernandez Feijoo M.A.; Millan Garcia R.; Hernandez Magdalena J.J.; Moreno Diaz T.; Camean Fernandez M., 1987:
Comparative study of enteric diets in the national market

Koujima I.; Hirai Y.; Shiode J.; Terasaka K.; Okabe A.; Kanemasa Y., 1985:
Comparative study of enterococci and fecal coliform group as an indicator of seawater pollution

Chizhikov D.V.; Teplyaeva B.V.; Zhitomirskii Z.S., 1986:
Comparative study of enterosoluble coatings produced from polymers

Liu Y.; Xiao B.; L.S.; Zhan C., 1986:
Comparative study of enzyme histochemistry and other two indexes in toxicity experiment with isolated rat hepatocytes

Dahlheim, H.; Weber, P.; Walter, P.; Rosenthal, J., 1970:
Comparative study of enzyme kinetics on standardized human renin with 4 heterologous purified renin substrates

Garcia-Rodriguez, R.E., 1982:
Comparative study of epithelium and mesenchyme in the rat small intestine during embryogenesis 1. mitotic activity and volume of the nuclei

Markova, S.A.; Markov, M.V., 1976:
Comparative study of erysimum cheiranthoides grown from seeds of over wintered and spring plants

Helyuta V.P., 1979:
Comparative study of erysiphaceae flora in steppe reservations of the ukrainian ssr ussr

Puget, A.; Vergnes, H.; Gouarderes, C., 1974:
Comparative study of erythrocyte glycolytic enzymes in man and in 2 species of lagomorpha ochotona rufescens rufescens and oryctolagus cuniculus

Verstraete, W.; Voets, J.P., 1976:
Comparative study of escherichia coli survival in 2 aquatic ecosystems

D.O.iveira C.A.I.; Mauro A.O.; Kronka S.N., 1982:
Comparative study of estimative methods for phyllocoptruta oleivora populations in citrus orchards

Tromans P.M.; Beazley J.M.; Shenouda P.I., 1981:
Comparative study of estradiol and prostaglandin e 2 vaginal gel for ripening the unfavorable cervix before induction of labor

Takikawa H.; IIno Y.; Hachiya H.; Ishikawa H.; Yoshida M.; Izuo M., 1986:
Comparative study of estrogen receptor assay in human breast cancer using 16 alpha iodine 125 estradiol and tritium estradiol

Pokrovskaya E.V.; Ivanenko T.I., 1981:
Comparative study of estrogenic activity of modified estrogens using competitive analysis and bioassays

Ivanenko T.I.; Fedotov V.P.; Shtrekke I.; Ottel' M., 1980:
Comparative study of estrogenic anti fertile and anti gonadotropic effects of some modified estrogens in rats

Aboul-Naga, A.M.; Aboul-Ela, M.B.; Hassan, F.A., 1985:
Comparative study of estrous activity in finn ewes and two egyptian fat tailed sheep under subtropical conditions

Winek, C.L.; Esposito, F.M., 1981:
Comparative study of ethanol levels in blood vs. bone marrow vitreous humor bile and urine

Ketlinskii, S.A.; Chekulaeva, L.I., 1977:
Comparative study of ethimizol and hydrocortisone action on the proliferative activity and protein synthesis in the tongue and liver epithelial cells

Ghatei M.A.; Fotherby K., 1979:
Comparative study of ethynyl estradiol metabolism in the rabbit guinea pig and rat

Asaul-Vyetrova, Z.I.; Bleikh, S.A., 1976:
Comparative study of euglenophyta flora in the ukrainian ssr ussr using biometric methods part 3 steppe zone

Maslova M.A.; Semenov V.I.; Smyslova V.D.; Semenova E.V., 1985:
Comparative study of euploid and aneuploid plants in the f 2 f 3 generations of hybrids triticum paleocolchicum x non complete wheat elymus amphiploid

Balas, P.; Katsogiannis, A.; Katsiotis, P.; Karaitianos, J., 1980:
Comparative study of evaluation of digital arterial circulation by doppler ultrasonic tracing and hand arteriography

Klenina I.S.; Lipovetskii B.M., 1984:
Comparative study of exercise tolerance in patients with autonomic vascular dystonia angina pectoris and with a history of myocardial infarction

Zakhariev B.; Iliev S., 1980:
Comparative study of experimental 1 year old and several year old poplar parent plants

Pernin, P.; Riany, A., 1980:
Comparative study of experimental pathogenicity of Acanthamoeba strains

Plachot, M.; Mandelbaum, J., 1978:
Comparative study of extra and intra follicular hamster oocyte maturation

Nakatsuji N.; Johnson K.E., 1983:
Comparative study of extracellular fibrils on the ectodermal layer in gastrulae of 5 amphibian species

Stoinova Y., 1985:
Comparative study of f 1 and f 2 fertility and of f 1 meiotic behavior in triticale hybrids of differing ploidy or hexaploid levels

Kostetskii E.Ya; Naumenko N.V., 1984:
Comparative study of fatty acid composition of phospholipids from marine invertebrates

Masson C.; Alrahmoun W.; Tisserand J L., 1986:
Comparative study of feed intake digestibility nitrogen utilization mean retention time and feeding behavior of young goats and sheep fed different diets

Dulphy J.P.; Michalet Doreau B.; Demarquilly C., 1984:
Comparative study of feed intake feeding and ruminating behavior in sheep and cattle fed silages subjected to different treatments

Luong T N.; Depin J C., 1981:
Comparative study of femoral vaso dilator effects of naftidrofuryl and nicergoline in the dog

Federico Theilkuhl J.; Lozano F.; Meneses D.G.ngora B., 1986:
Comparative study of ferrous sulfate and ferric ammonium citrate in a model of hypochromic anemia in lactating pigs

Mitranov, L., 1977:
Comparative study of fertile cultivars and their sterile analogs on the basis of triticum timopheevi

Nikolaevskaya V.R.; Siviengsai Ch; Demina T.Yu; Chernikov M.P., 1986:
Comparative study of fibrinogen and bovine serum albumin attack rate by digestive proteinases

Kambara, H.; Hishida, S.; Naganawa, H., 1982:
Comparative study of field desorption and secondary ion mass spectra for antibiotics

Jimenez B.; Capdeville B.; Roques H.; Faup G.M., 1984:
Comparative study of filtration and denitrification in immersed granular filters

Wildberger, H.; Van-Lith, G.; Mak, G., 1976:
Comparative study of flash and pattern evoked visual evoked cortical potentials in optic neuritis

Ulanova K.P.; Zaitseva N.M., 1979:
Comparative study of flavonoids from soviet far eastern species of clematis and atragene

Valutskaya, A.G., 1977:
Comparative study of flavonoids of the genus peucedanum

Takeda A.K.; Nakamura P.M.; Barbosa S.F.C., 1979:
Comparative study of flocculation complement fixation indirect immuno fluorescence and passive micro hem agglutination reactions for syphilis

Singh, M.; Baveja, R.; Singh, G.; Mehrotra, T.N., 1976:
Comparative study of fluorescent and Papanicolaou's techniques for detection of carcinoma of cervix uteri

Briancon D.; Quillet P.; Duplan B.; Chapuy M.C.; Arlot M.; Meunier P.J., 1988:
Comparative study of fluoride bioavailability following the administration of sodium fluoride alone and in combination with calcium in 12 healthy volunteers

Rioufol C.; Bourbon P.; Vrancken L., 1983:
Comparative study of fluoride elimination from guinea pig bone after long term and short term exposure to hydrogen fluoride

Medvedeva V.N.; Tkachev Y.G.; Kulich M.N., 1981:
Comparative study of fluorine content in aluminum plant workers

Honma T., 1986:
Comparative study of fluorometric and electrochemical detection of catecholamine serotonin and metabolites in rat brain by high performance liquid chromatography

Govindarajalu, E.; Karunakaran, D., 1978:
Comparative study of foliar anatomy of south indian species of jasminum part 1 coastal sclereids as a new type

Florez Tascon F.J.; Laher Montoya E.; Maroto Gomez L.; Alonso Ojeda A., 1987:
Comparative study of fosfosal and acetylsalicylic acid in rheumatoid arthritis

Fombonne, E.; Peron-Magnan, P.; Fuhrer, R.; Simon, P., 1986:
Comparative study of four evaluation criteria in a clinical trial with schizophrenic patients

Girio, R.J.; Yanaguita, R.M.; Mathias, L.A., 1985:
Comparative study of four saprophytic leptospira strains as screening antigens in the serodiagnosis of leptospirosis in water buffaloes (Bubalus bubalis)

Matyshevs'ka, M.S.; Slushna, N.P., 1977:
Comparative study of fractional composition of proteins in healthy and xanthomonas vesicatoria and corynebacterium michiganense inoculated tomato leaves

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Comparative study of fungal communities of soil and rhizosphere of spinach plants cultivated in chinampas

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Comparative study of g cell and d cell population in the dog stomach

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Comparative study of gamma amino butyric acid mediated de polarizations of lumbar a delta and c primary afferent neurons of the rat

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Comparative study of gammagraphic and histologic diagnosis in liver diseases

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Comparative study of gangliosides from murine b lymphomas and murine t lymphomas

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Comparative study of gas exchange in fungi that grow on paper

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Comparative study of gas transport characteristics of extraerythrocytic oxygen carrier models

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Comparative study of gastric cancer in young and aged patients

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Comparative study of gastric secretory function between benign gastric polyp and elevated type of early stomach cancer with special reference to histological findings of gastric mucosa

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Comparative study of general and spinal anesthesia in the elderly female patient undergoing hip surgery

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Comparative study of genetic activity of different n nitroso compounds mutagen and ethylenimine mutagen in the biochemical mutant of actinomyces streptomyces rimosus

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Comparative study of genomes of potexviruses the homology of the primary structure of potato aucuba mosaic virus and potato virus x coat protein genes

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Comparative study of german cockroach blattella germanica dictyoptera blattellidae population sampling techniques

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Comparative study of glial cell lines infected with some alphaviruses flaviviruses and picornaviruses

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Comparative study of glomerular filtration at sea level and at high altitude locations with edta chromium 51

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Comparative study of glomerular filtration rate with diverse labeled agents

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Comparative study of glucan synthetase activity in 2 strains of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis

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Comparative study of gluco corticoid sensitivity and receptors in lymphoid tissues

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Comparative study of glucosidases from the thermophilic fungus thermoascus aurantiacus purification and characterization of intracellular beta glucosidase

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Comparative study of glutamate dehydrogenase and glutamine synthetase activities in the roots and aerial organs of an obligate halophyte suaeda maritima var macrocarpa and a glycophyte phaseolus vulgaris grown in presence of different concentrations of sodium chloride

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Comparative study of glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenases from rabbit skeletal muscles and baker's yeast using fluorescent probes of cationic nature

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Comparative study of glyco lipid compositions of plasma membranes among 2 types of rat ascites hepatoma and normal rat liver

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Comparative study of glycophorin a derived o glycans from human cad sd a positive and sd a negative erythrocytes

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Comparative study of glycosamino glycans synthesized in peripheral and peritoneal polymorphonuclear leukocytes from guinea pigs

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Comparative study of gonads in tentaclectomized helix aspersa and a control group

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Comparative study of grasshoppers taxocenosis orthoptera caelifera on various mountains of the west mediterranean region

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Comparative study of group A and group C meningococcal infection

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Comparative study of growth and carbon uptake in fagus sylvatica l. trees growing under different light conditions

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Comparative study of growth and yield performance of some local and foreign varieties of winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus

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Comparative study of growth promoting capacity of some insecticides nematicides

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Comparative study of guanidine hydro chloride denaturation of globular proteins 1. spectroscopic and chromatographic analysis of the denaturation curves of rnase a cytochrome c and pepsinogen

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Comparative study of guanidine hydro chloride denaturation of globular proteins 2. a phenomenological classification of denaturation profiles of 17 proteins

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Comparative study of guanidino compounds in serum and brain of mouse rat rabbit and man

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Comparative study of gymnanthes lucida in cuba

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Comparative study of hairs of anthropoids and man

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Comparative study of halogenated tyrosine derivatives from demospongiae porifera

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Comparative study of heavy metal complexation by fulvic acid

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Comparative study of helminth parasites of fishes from mogi guassu river brazil collected during expeditions between 1927 and 1985

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Comparative study of hematological changes in experimental hyper thermia in rats on normal and protein deficient diets

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Comparative study of hematological values in some selected indian birds blood cholesterol

Yadava S.C., 1983:
Comparative study of hematological values in some selected indian birds blood coagulation time

Yadava, S.C., 1978:
Comparative study of hematological values in some selected indian birds blood glucose

Yadava S.C., 1980:
Comparative study of hematological values in some selected indian birds erythrocyte sedimentation rate

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Comparative study of hemo globin types of 2 populations of eastern senegal bedik and niokholonko

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Comparative study of hemoglobins from different artemia populations the influence of temperature on the oxygen equilibria

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Comparative study of hemolytic effect of vitamins of group d

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Comparative study of hemopoiesis and blood circulation volume in dogs after massive dose transfusion of homologous blood and its components

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Comparative study of hen yolk phosvitin and plasma vitellogenin

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Comparative study of heparin and histamine release by mast cells using lipid suspensions

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Comparative study of heparin and low molecular weight heparin in hemodialysis for chronic renal failure

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Comparative study of herbicides applied to old lucerne red clover and birdsfoot crops in northwestern transylvania romania

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Comparative study of herbicides in potato plants decomposition and influence on soil microorganisms

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Comparative study of herpesvirus group induced dna polymerases

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Comparative study of heterogenous nuclear rna from normal and leukemic human leukocytes

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Comparative study of Hexabrix and Lipiodol UF in sialography

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Comparative study of hexones of certain adenovirus of the genus mastadenovirus

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Comparative study of high and low dosage of metoclopramide in vomitings induced by cisplatinum

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Comparative study of high performance liquid chromatography and thin layer chromatography for the determination of metoxuron and its byproducts in formulations

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Comparative study of highly repeated dna properties in silver and polar foxes

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Comparative study of hirudin and pseudo hirudin

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Comparative study of histamine and exercise challenges in asthmatic children

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Comparative study of histidine ammonia lyase ec from the intestine of pig ascarids and pig liver

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Comparative study of histochemical characteristics of the secreting cells of the gastric glands

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Comparative study of histochemical foundations of differentiation of the epidermis in vertebrates

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Comparative study of histological and kinetic variations of the digestive mucosa and pancreatic parenchyma after hypophysectomy in the rat. Light and electron microscopic study

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Comparative study of histones from the slime mold physarum polycephalum and calf thymus

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Comparative study of histones from various cotton cultivars

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Comparative study of human chromosome replication in primary cultures of embryonic fibroblasts and in cultures of peripheral blood leukocytes part 1 chromosome replication at the beginning and termination of the s period

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Comparative study of human chromosome replication in primary cultures of embryonic fibroblasts and in cultures of peripheral blood leukocytes part 2 replication of centromeric regions of chromosomes at the termination of the s period

Lozovskaya, E.R.; Slesinger, S.I.; Prokofieva-Belgovskaya, A.A., 1977:
Comparative study of human chromosome replication in primary cultures of embryonic fibroblasts and in cultures of peripheral blood leukocytes part 3 distribution of adenine thymine and guanine cytosine nucleotide pairs along the length of chromosomes 1 23 and 16 in the 2 types of human cells

Lozovskaya, E.R.; Slesinger, S.I.; Prokofieva-Belgovskaya, A.A., 1977:
Comparative study of human chromosome replication in primary cultures of embryonic fibroblasts and in cultures of peripheral blood leukocytes part 4 differences in the intensity of tritiated thymidine and tritiated deoxy cytidine incorporation of chromosomes in the 2 types of cells at the termination of the s period

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Comparative study of human fetal, normal adult, and somatotropic adenoma pituitary function in tissue culture

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Comparative study of human intestinal and hepatic esterases as related to enzymatic properties and hydrolyzing activity for ester type drugs

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Comparative study of human placental and fetal brain alkaline phosphatase ec

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Comparative study of human transcortin isolated from normal donor blood and retroplacentary blood

Amann J., 1986:
Comparative study of humus criteria in farms cultivated with conventional and alternative methods

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Comparative study of hunting behavior of wintering hen harriers circus cyaneus and marsh harriers circus aeruginosus

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Comparative study of hydro chlorothiazide and a fixed combination of metoprolol and hydro chlorothiazide in essential hypertension

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Comparative study of imidazole and skf 525a on the urinary excretion of ascorbic acid in rats

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Comparative study of immature and mature olfactory receptor cells in adult frogs

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Comparative study of immune response in horses immunized with crotalus durissus terrificus subjected to formaldehyde treatment and thermal action

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Comparative study of immunizing and delayed hypersensitivity eliciting antigens of mycobacterium leprae mycobacterium tuberculosis mycobacterium vaccae and mycobacterium bovis bcg

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Comparative study of immuno electrophoresis and immuno electro osmophoresis immuno diffusion applied to diagnosis of paracoccidioido mycosis

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Comparative study of immuno fluorescence and enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay for toxoplasmosis in 877 sera

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Comparative study of immunochemical properties of the 5th isozyme of lactate dehydrogenase from the rat skeletal muscles and liver 1. isolation and description of lactate dehydrogenase 5 preparations from skeletal muscles

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Comparative study of immunogenic and tolerogenic properties of immuno globulin preparations depending on their molecular composition

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Comparative study of immunoglobulins and specific antibodies in the blood of rabbits immunized with adsorbed diphtheria pertussis tetanus vaccine an adsorbed diphtheria tetanus toxoids with normal and reduced antigen content

Ashkenazi A.; Vogel T.; Barash I.; Hadari D.; Levanon A.; Gorecki M.; Gertler A., 1987:
Comparative study of in vitro and in vivo modulation of lactogenic and somatotropic receptors by native human growth hormone and its modified analog prepared by recombinant dna technology

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Comparative study of in vitro anti microbial activity and human pharmaco kinetics of dibekacin and tobramycin

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Comparative study of in vitro flow characteristics between a human aortic valve and a designed aortic valve and 6 corresponding types of prosthetic heart valves

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Comparative study of in vivo stigmasterol biosynthesis in nicotiana tabacum and hordeum vulgare

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Comparative study of inactivation of herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2 by commonly used antiseptic agents

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Comparative study of induced mutagenesis of rec plus and rec minus strains of bacillus subtilis

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Comparative study of infusions obtained by different methods from the aboveground parts of euphorbia seguieriana euphorbia virgata and euphorbia semivillosa

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Comparative study of inhibin from human testis prostate and seminal plasma

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Comparative study of insular and mainland populations of the northern red backed vole clethrionomys rutilus possible role of the founder principle

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Comparative study of insulin receptors on liver and hepatoma cell plasma membranes

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Comparative study of intensive conventional insulin treatment and the multiple insulin injection regime a cross over study and patient evaluation of novopen

Gautier J Y.; Foraste M., 1982:
Comparative study of inter individual relationships in males of 2 species of cockroaches blaberus craniifer and eublaberus distanti dominance and the plasticity of social organization

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Comparative study of inter neuronal relations in neighboring micro areas of the cerebral cortex in untrained alert rats

Bogdanov A.V., 1979:
Comparative study of inter neuronal relations in the auditory cortex of alert and anesthetized cats

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Comparative study of interaction between different forms of estrogen receptors and cell nuclei

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Comparative study of interactions between 4 biphenylacetic acid and sulfamethizole and between fenbufen and sulfamethizole in rats

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Comparative study of interferon production in mice with graft vs. host reaction

Faussone-Pellegrini, M.S., 1987:
Comparative study of interstitial cells of Cajal

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Comparative study of intra cellular action of thymosin alpha 1 and serum thymic factor

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Comparative study of intra dermal reaction with total lepromin and lepromin treated with ultrasound in normal individuals

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Comparative study of intra vital micro circulation and hemo rheological changes following burn injury of varying severity in rats

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Comparative study of intranasal subcutaneous and intravenous administration of desamino d arginine vasopressin

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Comparative study of intraperitoneal and intravenous vancomycin pharmacokinetics during continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

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Comparative study of intravenous anesthetic technique administered during short term gynecological operations

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Comparative study of intravenous, nasal, oral and buccal TRH administration among healthy subjects

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Comparative study of invertases ec of streptococcus mutans

Furnica G., 1980:
Comparative study of investigations referring to radioactivity of the danube river

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Comparative study of iodine 125 and tritium acetate labeled antibodies in detecting iridescent viruses

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Comparative study of iron mobilization from hemosiderin ferritin and iron iii precipitates by chelators

Bystrova E.I.; Ivanov V.B., 1980:
Comparative study of iso propyl n 3 chlorophenyl carbamate effect on the root growth of corn and buckwheat

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Comparative study of isolates of the causative agent of phomosis in potatoes

Thiebaud D.; Jacot E.; Schmitz H.; Spengler M.; Felber J P., 1984:
Comparative study of isomalt and sucrose by means of continuous indirect calorimetry

Burguet W., 1984:
Comparative study of isotopic and echotomographic studies of the thyroid in 118 operated patients

Caccialanza M.; Brambilla L.; Eulisse G.; Signorini M., 1981:
Comparative study of kaposis sarcoma with technetium 99m scanning and tele thermography

Kobayashi, H., 1976:
Comparative study of karyotypes in the small and large races of spinous loaches cobitis biwae

Stogmann W.; Fink M.; Blumel P.; Mandelli V.; Roveda A.; Ardia A.; Petrescu D., 1984:
Comparative study of kelfiprim syrup in urinary tract and lower respiratory tract infections in children

Davydov D.R.; Kurganov B.I., 1982 :
Comparative study of kinetics of cytochrome p 450 reduction by nadph cytochrome p 450 reductase and dithionite

Nakamura I.; Kaizuma N.; Futsuhara Y., 1987:
Comparative study of kunitz trypsin inhibitor like proteins in the subgenus glycine

Ponce, P.; Bell, L., 1985:
Comparative study of lactations of five eights holstein three eighths zebu three quarters holstein one quarter zebu and holstein friesian cows i. effect of racial group and herd race interaction on milk production and composition

Lakizova I.Yu; Elyakova L.A., 1983:
Comparative study of laminarinases from marine mollusks by uv differential spectrophotometry

Ingle P.O.; Supe S.V.; Bute D.N., 1986:
Comparative study of land utilization pattern in command area of morna and ekburji irrigation projects india

D'almeida C.; Roland Heydacker F., 1985:
Comparative study of lantana camara verbenaceae pollen from benin and martinique west indies

Herbst, M.; Piontek, P., 1974:
Comparative study of latency relaxation and contraction of frog skeletal muscle

Kiew R.; Ibrahim C.S., 1982:
Comparative study of leaf anatomy of malaysian species of chionanthus and olea oleaceae with special reference to foliar sclereids

Lin T S.; Crane J.C.; Ryugo K.; Polito V.S.; T.M., 1984:
Comparative study of leaf morphology photosynthesis and leaf conductance in selected pistacia species

Hernandez L.F.; Orioli G.A., 1983:
Comparative study of leaf structure light interception and yield in sunflower helianthus annuus

Ceulemans R.; Impens I.; Gabriels R., 1979:
Comparative study of leaf water potential diffusion resistance and transpiration of azalea rhododendron simsii cultivars subjected to water stress

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Comparative study of leg wound skin closure in coronary artery bypass graft operations

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Comparative study of leishmania donovani growth in immune and normal macrophage

Lane B.G.; Tumaitis Kennedy T.D., 1981:
Comparative study of levels of secondary processing in bulk messenger rna from dry and germinating wheat embryos

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Comparative study of light collecting complexes of purple photosynthetic bacteria chromatium minutissimum and rhodopseudomonas palustris

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Comparative study of lipid arrangement in high density and low density lipoproteins using method of spin labels

Sadamori, S., 1987:
Comparative study of lipid composition of Candida albicans in the yeast and mycelial forms

Dumas, J.C.; Laurens, S.; Plurien, G., 1978:
Comparative study of lipid metabolic disorders in 3 pure bred mice exposed to electro magnetic radiations

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Comparative study of lipid protein complexes isolated from wheat grain gluten and chloroplast lamellae

Kolomiitseva I.K.; Kaznacheev Y.S.; Potekhina N.I.; Kuzin A.M., 1985:
Comparative study of lipid transfer in the cell and using lipid exchange protein in vitro

Chaudhuri G.; Banerjee A.B., 1987:
Comparative study of lipids of leishmania donovani and hamster spleen tissue

Luthra R.; Sharma B.N.; Paul Y., 1980:
Comparative study of lipids of seed kernels of some prunus species

Guerrier, D.; Pellet, H., 1980:
Comparative study of lipo protein lipase ec in white and brown fat of rat rattus norvegicus

Iritani N.; Ikeda Y.; Fukuda H.; Katsurada A., 1984:
Comparative study of lipogenic enzymes in several vertebrates

Basak, S.C.; Harriss, D.K.; Magnuson, V.R., 1984:
Comparative study of lipophilicity vs. topological molecular descriptors in biological correlations

Fukuhara, M.; Takabatake, E., 1978:
Comparative study of liver enlargement induced by various chemicals

Mayanskii D.N.; Kutina S.N.; Shimek I., 1985:
Comparative study of liver resistance to carbon tetrachloride after endotoxin and prodigiosan stimulation

Mustafaev I.D.; Imamaliev G.N.; Kuzliev I.M., 1986:
Comparative study of local forms and siberian cultivars of sea buckthorn from various climatic conditions of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Kitamura M.; Fukushima Y.; Nakano K.; Imamura E.; Endo M.; Hashimoto A.; Hayashi H.; Koyanagi H., 1987:
Comparative study of long term results following isolated and combined aortic valve replacement with or without enlargement of aortic valve ring 14 years follow up studies on 68 patients with small aortic annuli

Peters C.G.; Brunton J.T., 1982:
Comparative study of lorazepam and trimeprazine for oral pre medication in pediatric anesthesia

Melo de Paula, A.J., 1984:
Comparative study of lormetazepam and flurazepam in the treatment of insomnia

Samajpati J.N.; Rahman S.; Chowdhury T.C., 1980:
Comparative study of low cost grain storage structures for domestic use in bangladesh

Dobrov E.N.; Arbieva Z.K.; Ulanov B.P.; Esenaliev R.O.; Nikogosyan D.N., 1986:
Comparative study of low intensity and picosecond laser high intensity uv inactivation of tobacco mosaic virus rna ability to self assemble with the virus protein

Aaron J J.; Kaleel E.M.; Winefordner J.D., 1979:
Comparative study of low temperature and room temperature phosphorescence characteristics of several pesticides

Gheysen A.; Daubresse P.; Weyns J., 1985:
Comparative study of lowry and stutzer methods for the determination of proteins in products of fungal fermentation

Schmidt, R.J.; Gooch, V.D.; Loeblich, A.R.Iii ; Hastings, J.W., 1978:
Comparative study of luminescent and nonluminescent strains of gonyaulax excavata pyrrophyta

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Comparative study of lung puncturing aspiration with chibas needles and trocars in 67 patients

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Comparative study of lymphography and aspiration cytology in the staging of prostatic carcinoma. Report of 35 cases with histological control and review of the literature

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Comparative study of mackerel scomber scombrus anionic trypsin ec and bovine trypsin ec

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Comparative study of macro plankton in the northwestern mediterranean sea by dives in the diving saucer sp 350 and catches by pelagic trawl

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Comparative study of male genitalia in species of acromyrmex from uruguay

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Comparative study of mammary exploration methods

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Comparative study of manifestation of hemodynamic shifts in response to repeated load tests

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Comparative study of manometric and electroencephalographic monitoring during carotid endarterectomy in 100 cases

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Comparative study of markers of pathogenic staphylococci

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Comparative study of maximum aerobic capacity by three ergometries in untrained college women

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Comparative study of meat productivity of bulgarian brown cattle american brown cattle brown swiss and their f 1 crosses 2. carcass indicators

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Comparative study of mechanical factors in ruminant digestion normal motility of rumen in the indian farm ruminants

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Comparative study of mechanical responses of hepatic artery strips to adrenaline in presence of pyridoxine and pyridoxal 5' phosphate

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Comparative study of media for determination of lysine decarboxylase activity

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Comparative study of meiosis and fertility in some lines of triticum

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Comparative study of melanin biosynthesis in some soil deuteromycetes

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Comparative study of membrane carbohydrates from healthy and plasmodium yeolii nigeriensis parasitized erythrocytes

Havelaar, A.H.; During, M.; Delfgou-Van Asch, E.H., 1985:
Comparative study of membrane filtration and enrichment media for the isolation and enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from sewage, surface water, and swimming pools

Havelaar A.H.; Engel H.W.B., 1981:
Comparative study of membrane filtration methods for the isolation of group d streptococci from water

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Comparative study of membranes of Streptococcus faecalis and Micrococcus lysodeikticus

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Comparative study of meptazinol and pethidine for the relief of pain in labor

Delamarre P.; Truchet M., 1984:
Comparative study of mercury and cadmium exposure in a freshwater fish brachydanio rerio histological microanalysis of cadmium induced mineral concretions

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Comparative study of mesiodistal crown diameters and arch dimensions between indigenous British and Pakistani immigrant populations

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Comparative study of metabolic activities of bacteria in 3 eco regions of the colorado front range usa

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Comparative study of methods chosen by the association francaise de normalization for evaluating sensitizing potential in the albino guinea pig

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Comparative study of methods for counting coliforms in foods

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Comparative study of methods for extraction of methyl imidazole in caramel dye samples

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Comparative study of methods for quantitation of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes

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Comparative study of methods for recovery of indigenous viruses from samples of activated sewage sludge

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Comparative study of methods for sodium chloride analysis in olive brines

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Comparative study of methods for the determination of urea in biological fluids

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Comparative study of methods for the enumeration of total and fecal coliforms in the eastern oyster, Crassostrea virginica

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Comparative study of methods for the enzymatic assay of serum urea

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Comparative study of methods of determining oil content of sunflower helianthus annuus seeds

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Comparative study of methods of determining potassium in greenhouse soils

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Comparative study of methods of immunizing of rabbits to obtain anti sera to plant antigens

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Comparative study of methods to determine the total organic phosphorus in andosols

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Comparative study of methods to evaluate the soluble phosphorus released from bicalcium phosphate by two bacterial strains of bacillus cereus

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Comparative study of mexican strains of volvariella bakeri and a foreign strain of volvariella volvacea

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Comparative study of mexiletine and quinidine in the treatment of ventricular ectopia

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Comparative study of mezlocillin and ticarcillin in the treatment of urinary tract infections

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Comparative study of micro id minitek and conventional methods with enterobacteriaceae freshly isolated from foods

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Comparative study of micro morphology and porosity characterized by an electro optical image analysis in olive grove soils jaen province spain

Alonso P., 1985:
Comparative study of micronucleate and amicronucleate clones of euplotes aediculatus

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Comparative study of microsomal enzyme activities in adult and fetal monkey erythrocebus patas hepatocytes

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Comparative study of microsomal mixed function oxidases in several animals with special references to contents of cytochrome p 450 and oxidase activity

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Comparative study of microvessel wall dimensions and their response to neurogenic vasoconstrictor stimuli in skeletal muscles of normal and spontaneously hypertensive rats

Philipp E.; Kapp W., 1983:
Comparative study of midazolam and vesparax in moderate or severe insomnia in female surgical patients

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Comparative study of migraines in relation to their duration of evolution

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Comparative study of milk fatty acids in germ free and conventional mice mus musculus

Larrea Fabra R.; Bringas Amigo J.; Duarte Gonzalez G.; Cedeno Lopez M.; Martinez Nardo C., 1985:
Comparative study of minute pyelogram isotopic renogram and renal arteriography in the diagnosis of secondary arterial hypertension

Kasuya M., 1987:
Comparative study of miocene fission track chronology and magneto biochronology

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Comparative study of miscellaneous properties of cysteine sulfinate trans aminase and glutamate oxal acetate trans aminase in chick retina homogenate

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Comparative study of mitochondria of tumor and normal tissues of the pea pisum sativum

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Comparative study of mitochondrial and cytosol protein kinase activities

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Comparative study of mitochondrial malate dehydrogenase ec from normal rat liver and morris hepatomas in vivo and in culture

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Comparative study of mitotic stages of cells derived from human peripheral blood

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Comparative study of models of acute hepatic insufficiency

Datta B.; Singh O.P., 1981:
Comparative study of moisture release behavior of soils soil clays and pure clays

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Comparative study of molecular characteristics of X and Y nucleolar organizers of various lines of Drosophila melanogaster

Mel'nychuk H.H., 1980:
Comparative study of molecular forms of soluble succinate dehydrogenase in some species of higher basidiomycetes

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Comparative study of molecular size and structure of exo beta glucanases ec from kluyveromyces and other yeast genera evolutionary and taxonomic implications

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Comparative study of molecular variants of thyroxine binding human globulin

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Comparative study of mono amine levels in discrete brain areas of 5 rodent species

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Comparative study of morphogenesis of the external ear in human and mouse embryos/

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Comparative study of morphological changes in the myocardium after different types of allergic reaction in coronary vessels

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Comparative study of morphology and physiological and biochemical characteristics of 3 forms of mycobacterium lacticola 104

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Comparative study of mortality from cardio vascular diseases in spain and in its province valencia 1968 1975

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Comparative study of mouse teratoids developed from blastocysts and embryos at the stage of 3 embryonic layers

Ueno K., 1981:
Comparative study of muco protein in secreted mucus of the digestive tract of the dog 1

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Comparative study of mucosal gastric carcinoma and submucosal gastric carcinoma

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Comparative study of multiple forms of exo enzymes produced by bacillus subtilis mutants

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Comparative study of muscarinic cholinoreceptors of human and rat brain glial cells

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Comparative study of mutagenesis in individuals of different sexes analysis of the induced translocation frequency

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Comparative study of mycobactin dependent strains of mycobacteria isolated from a wood pigeon with mycobacterium avium and mycobacterium paratuberculosis infection

Polezhaeva A.I.; Mashkovskii M.D., 1981:
Comparative study of mydriatic effect of anti depressants belonging to different groups

Furukawa K.; Kuramochi E.; Hoshino R.; Shirasawa E.; Takahara M., 1980:
Comparative study of myelography discography selective lumbar radiculography and block and facetography and block in patients with low back disorders

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Comparative study of myo cardial protection by coronary perfusion with deep hypo thermia 10 celsius with and without potassium cardioplegia clinical electro cardiographic and enzymatic results biochemical and histological controls

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Comparative study of myoid cells of the thymus of embryonal and adult humans by indirect immuno fluorescence

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Comparative study of myosins present in the lateral muscle of some fish species variations in myosin isoforms and their distribution in red pink and white muscle

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Comparative study of nasal and bronchial provocation tests

Voirol E.; Daget N., 1986:
Comparative study of nasal and retronasal olfactory perception

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Comparative study of native and chemically modified chymotrypsin ec as monomers soluble polymers and membranes

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Comparative study of natural autoantibodies in the serum and cerebrospinal fluid of normal individuals and patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurological diseases

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Comparative study of neo striatum neuronal structure in birds with differing capacity for extrapolation

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Comparative study of netilmicin tinidazole vs. netilmicin clindamycin in the treatment of severe abdominal infection

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Comparative study of neurological and myxedematous cretinism associated with severe iodine deficiency

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Comparative study of neuronal responses in the frontal cortex and periaqueductal gray of the awake unrestrained dog

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Comparative study of neutral carriers in polymeric lithium ion selective electrodes

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Comparative study of neutral proteoglycanase activity by growth plate zone

Shafik J., 1985:
Comparative study of nine varieties of broad bean vicia faba

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Comparative study of nitrogen ingested in 3 simple forms urea di ammonic phosphate or phosphoric acid urea effect on some physicochemical characteristics of adult sheep rumen content

Arnozis P.A., 1979:
Comparative study of nitrogen nutrition of 2 genotypes of paspalum dilatatum

Dubois J.D.; Burris R.H., 1986:
Comparative study of nitrogen uptake and distribution in three lines of common bean phaseolus vulgaris at early pod filling stage

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Comparative study of nmr spin echo decay for protons of various globular proteins in aqueous solutions

Seganti L.; Mastromarino P.; Superti F.; Pana A.; Orsi N., 1981:
Comparative study of nonantibody inhibitors present in plasma of different animal species and active towards bk virus a human papovavirus

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Comparative study of normal and abnormal immuno globulin g in mono molecular layers at air water and oil water interface

Richtsmeier, J.T., 1987:
Comparative study of normal, Crouzon, and Apert craniofacial morphology using finite element scaling analysis

Barbero Mari P.; Garcia Marcos L.; Marin J.; Borrajo E.; Sanchez C.; Labios M., 1985:
Comparative study of normal values of blood viscosity in adults

Marti Bernal M.C.; Brezmes Valdivieso P., 1986:
Comparative study of norphloxacine in vitro activity against other antimicrobial drugs

Yashvili M.N., 1985:
Comparative study of nucellus cell ultrastructure in zea mays with cytoplasmic male sterility

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Comparative study of nuclear and cytoplasmic rna of normal mouse liver guelstein ascites hepatoma 22a and liver of tumor bearing animals

De-Boer, W.; De-Vries, J.; Mulder, E.; Van-Der-Molen, H.J., 1977:
Comparative study of nuclear binding sites for estradiol in rat testicular and uterine tissue determination of low amounts of specific binding sites by a tritiated estradiol exchange method

Skutelsky, E.; Danon, D., 1970:
Comparative study of nuclear expulsion from the late erythroblast and cytokinesis

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Comparative study of nuclear rna from human leukocytes in the norm and in leukemia by molecular dna rna hybridization/

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Comparative study of nuclear rna from rat liver and zajdela hepatoma by dna rna molecular hybridization technique

Hennart P.; Hofvander Y.; Vis H.; Robyn C., 1985:
Comparative study of nursing mothers in africa zaire and in europe sweden breastfeeding behavior nutritional status lactational hyperprolactinemia and status of the menstrual cycle

Ede H.; Janos V.; Laszlo L., 1985:
Comparative study of nutrient content and trypsin inhibitor materials of protein source seeds

Bernhard Reversat F., 1987:
Comparative study of nutrient cycling in an acacia seyal community and in a planted eucalyptus stand in senegal

Shepard W.D.; Stewart K.W., 1983:
Comparative study of nymphal gills in north american stone fly plecoptera genera and a new proposed paradigm of plecoptera gill evolution

Colak O.; Soran H., 1983:
Comparative study of obtaining bio gas from affodil asphodelus sp and cow manure

Plawner M., 1986:
Comparative study of occupational accidents involving women in different sectors of economic activity

Zhankov A.I.; Zhdanov V.M.; Lyapustin V.N.; Dzhivanyan T.I.; Lashkevich V.A., 1985 :
Comparative study of oligopeptide maps of virus specific proteins of the tick borne encephalitis complex viruses

Sevilla, C., 1978:
Comparative study of oniscoidea hemo cyanins terrestrial isopods absorption spectra and amino acid composition

Audigier Y.; Duprat A.M.; Cros J., 1980:
Comparative study of opiate and enkephalin receptors on lower vertebrates and higher vertebrates

Akbasova A.D.; Dil'dabekova Z.A., 1980:
Comparative study of optical properties of humic acids of some types of soils in the kazakh ssr ussr

Velasquez Jones L.; Mota Hernandez F.; Donnadieu Castellanos I.; Kane Quiros J.; Puente Tamayo M.; Ruiz Bedolla E.; Filloy Yague L., 1987:
Comparative study of oral rehydration solutions with sodium bicarbonate and citrate

Marusik-Yu, M., 1987:
Comparative study of orb webs of spiders aranei araneidae tetragnathidae uloboridae in the lagodekhi reserve georgian ssr ussr

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Comparative study of organ cultures of the human rat mouse and chick embryonic liver

Cambar J.; Gomez H.; Lugan I.; Martin Dupont P.; Meunier J M., 1984:
Comparative study of organotypic cultures of glomeruli isolated from rat renal cortex with 2 different techniques

Tandon K.K.; Parkash V.; Sahota B.S., 1980:
Comparative study of osteo cranium visceral skeleton and weberian apparatus of barilius bola barilius bendelisis and labeo dero

Iwase H.; Kato Y.; Hotta K., 1983:
Comparative study of ov albumins from various avian species by concanavalin a sepharose chromatography

Lau P W.; Asakura T., 1980:
Comparative study of oxygen and carbon mon oxide binding by hemo globin

Skogen, W.F.; Litwin, S.B.; Laver, M.B.; Taketa, F., 1977:
Comparative study of oxygen linked changes in blood ph of several mammalian species

Mee A.S.; Klaff L.J.; Girdwood A.H.; Paul M.; Tyler M.; Marks I.N., 1983:
Comparative study of pancreatic poly peptide secretion endocrine and exocrine function and structural damage in chronic alcohol induced pancreatitis

Lam C.F.; Cross A.P., 1979:
Comparative study of parameter estimation procedures in enzymic kinetics

Saavedra L.; Ferrer R.; Rodriguez J.; Alarcon M., 1982:
Comparative study of parasitism by gastro intestinal nematodes in breeding of holstein calves using linear and radial grazing systems

Freund, H.; Atamian, S.; Fischer, J.E., 1980:
Comparative study of parenteral nutrition in renal failure using essential and nonessential amino acid containing solutions

Najem, A.Z.; Kaminski, Z.C.; Spillert, C.R.; Lazaro, E.J., 1983:
Comparative study of parenteral piperacillin and cefoxitin in the treatment of surgical infections of the abdomen

Pelassy P., 1979:
Comparative study of particulate atmospheric pollution in an urban site and a rural site in the region of yaounde cameroon

Gautam R.C.; Kaushik S.K., 1983:
Comparative study of pearl millet pennisetum typhoides hybrids and their parents under different fertility levels

Saxon, D.J.; Dunagan, T.T., 1976:
Comparative study of pentose phosphate pathway enzymes in acanthocephalans from homo thermic and poikilo thermic hosts

Willer, J.C., 1977:
Comparative study of perceived pain and nociceptive flexion reflex in man

Tchervenakov, A.; Patev, E.; Gruev, I., 1970:
Comparative study of peritoneal and hemo dialysis

Bowerman J.G.; Gomez M.P.; Austin R.D.; Wolf D.E., 1987:
Comparative study of permethrin 1 percent creme rinse and lindane shampoo for the treatment of head lice

Andzhaparidze O.G.; Bogomolova N.N.; Boriskin Y.S.; Desyatskova R.G.; Bektemirova M.S., 1980:
Comparative study of persistence of 3 rna viruses in continuous cell culture of human origin

Houck, R.L.; Dawson, J.G., 1978:
Comparative study of persisters and levers in seminary training

Kamegaya, M., 1987:
Comparative study of Perthes' disease treated by various ambulatory orthoses

Pruzanski, W.; Saito, S., 1988:
Comparative study of phagocytosis and intracellular bactericidal activity of human monocytes and polymorphonuclear cells. Application of fluorochrome and extracellular quenching technique

Saux M.C.; Fourtillan J.B.; Lefebvre M.A.; Crockett R., 1985:
Comparative study of pharmacokinetic profiles of four tetracycline formulations

Novikova Z.N.; Gotsiridze I.A.; Abuladze G.V., 1984:
Comparative study of pharmacological activity of individual alkaloids of vinca herbacea and of their sum

Berezhnaya L.A., 1980:
Comparative study of pharmacy aqueous extracts prepared using a newly designed tissue pulverizer

Golovenko H.Ya; Zin'kovskii V.G.; Bogatskii A.V.; Andronati S.A.; Seredenin S.B.; Yakubovskaya L.N., 1979:
Comparative study of phenazepam metabolite secretion during single and multiple administration in white rats

Chetvernya S.A., 1986:
Comparative study of phenols from the inflorescences of two matricaria spp

Miyabara S.; Sugihara H.; Yonemitsu N.; Yun K., 1984:
Comparative study of phenotypic expression of mice trisomy 16 by different female strains attempt at an animal model for human trisomy 21

Chirkovskaya, E.V.; Pomazanskaya, L.F.; Krasil'nikova, V.I., 1978:
Comparative study of phospho lipids from neuronal and glial cells of the brain in mammals birds and reptiles

Tolibaev, I.; Mukhamedova-Kh, S.; Akramov, S.T., 1978:
Comparative study of phospho lipids of ambary seeds

Ahern C.R.; Macnish S.E., 1983:
Comparative study of phosphorus and potassium levels of basaltic soils associated with scrub and forest communities on the darling downs queensland australia

Evstigneev, V.B.; Proskuryakov, I.I.; Olovyanishnikova, G.D.; Voznyak, V.M., 1978:
Comparative study of photo potential and esr signal arising under photo oxidation of metal substituted pheophytins

Latche, J.C.; Viala, G.; Calmes, J.; Cavalie, G., 1978:
Comparative study of photo respiratory metabolism in soybean glycine max varieties

Ceulemans R.; Gabriels R.; Impens I.; Yoon P.K.; Leong W.; N.A.P., 1984:
Comparative study of photosynthesis in several hevea brasiliensis clones and hevea species under tropical field conditions

Ceulemans R.; Impens I.; Gabriels R., 1980:
Comparative study of photosynthesis transpiration diffusion resistances and water use efficiency of 2 azalea rhododendron simsii cultivars

Berdykulov K.A.; Nurieva D., 1980:
Comparative study of photosynthetic productivity in individual green micro algae

Singh P.N.; Sindhu I.R.; Gupta K., 1986:
Comparative study of phylloplane mycoflora of cercospora beticola infected and non infected leaves of spinacia oleracea and factors affecting disease severity

Ortiz J.M.; Garcia Lidon A.; Tadeo J.L.; D.C.rdova L.F.; Martin B.; Estelles A., 1986:
Comparative study of physical and chemical characteristics of four lemon cultivars

Castelo-Branco, A.; Cabral-Sá, A.; Coelho Borges, J., 1985:
Comparative study of physical and mental incapacities among Portuguese airline pilots under and over age 60

Cushing C.E.; Mcintire C.D.; Sedell J.R.; Cummins K.W.; Minshall G.W.; Petersen R.C.; Vannote R.L., 1980:
Comparative study of physical chemical variables of streams using multi variate analyses

Boyadzhyan A.S.; Nalbandyan R.M.; Bunyatyan G.Kh, 1981:
Comparative study of physicochemical properties of 2 forms of dopamine beta hydrolase from chromaffin granules in cattle

Permyakov E.A.; Medvedkin V.N.; Kalinichenko L.P.; Burstein E.A., 1983:
Comparative study of physicochemical properties of 2 pike esox lucius parv albumins by means of their intrinsic tyrosyl and phenyl alanyl fluorescence

Charpentier, C.; Lhoste, P.; Nguyen-Van-Long, T.; Fontanges, R., 1976:
Comparative study of physicochemical properties of mannans from 9 yeasts

Efendiev N.M.; Dzhafarov A.I.; Samedova I.B., 1983:
Comparative study of physicochemical properties of moisture in the anterior chamber of the eye after its replacement by auto serum in an experiment

Duarte M.L.R.; Asano S.; Albuquerque F.C., 1983:
Comparative study of physiologic and morphologic characteristics of 2 corynespora cassiicola isolates

Nwuga V.C.B., 1984:
Comparative study of physiotherapy educators in great britain uk nigeria and the usa

Szerszen J., 1981:
Comparative study of phyto pathogenic fungal micro flora in 3 polish regions differing in the degree of pollution with industrial emissions

Mommaerts J P.; Borsu Elgman L., 1980:
Comparative study of phyto plankton production in 2 trout ponds in the hilly section of belgium 1967 1969

Zavorueva E.N.; Tereshkova G.M.; Belyanin V.N., 1980:
Comparative study of pigment system dark stability in green and blue green algae

Mavier P.; Preaux A M.; Zafrani E.S.; Vasconcelos A.W.; Rosenbaum J.; Dhumeaux D., 1985:
Comparative study of pinocytosis and prostaglandin e 2 production by hepatic and peritoneal resident macrophages in mouse

Sweet, R.L.; Robbie, M.O.; Ohm-Smith, M.; Hadley, W.K., 1983:
Comparative study of piperacillin vs. cefoxitin in the treatment of obstetric and gynecologic infections

Mouille P.; Dabire H.; Fournier B.; Schmitt H., 1982:
Comparative study of piperoxan and 2 2 imidazolinyl 2 4 benzodioxan 170 150 on presynaptic and postsynaptic alpha adrenoceptors in rats

T.A.T.; Stermitz J.; Ishizaki H.; Nonaka S., 1980:
Comparative study of pit viper venoms of genera trimeresurus from asia and bothrops from america an immunological and isotachophoretic study

Arfi R.; Champalbert G.; Patriti G.; Puddu A.; Reys J P., 1982:
Comparative study of plankton of the vieux port outer harbor and of the marseilles gulf france relationships with physical chemical and pollution parameters

Bravo, L.D., 1978:
Comparative study of plantlets of cassia aphylla subspecies

Ducobu, J.; Demeester-Mirkine, N.; Bossuyt, A.; Braumann, H.; Corvilain, J., 1976:
Comparative study of plasma cortisol evolution in thyrotropin releasing hormone or placebo injected patients with or without thyroid disease

Zender, R.; Courvoisier, B., 1970:
Comparative study of plasma free amino acids in malignant bone tumors and in healthy subjects

Brochu M.; Belanger A., 1987:
Comparative study of plasma steroid and steroid glucuronide levels in normal men and in men with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Meyers, K.M.; Holmsen, H.; Seachord, C.L., 1982:
Comparative study of platelet dense granule constituents

Vezon G.; Piquet Y.; Boisseau M.; Desgranges G.; Ducassou D.; Reiffers J.; Roudaut M.F.; Vuillemin L.; Moulinier J., 1982:
Comparative study of platelets frozen with different cryoprotective agents

Semenko T.A.; Gotvyanskaya T.P.; Vasil'eva V.I., 1981:
Comparative study of pneumococcal mono infections and mixed mycoplasmal pneumococcal infections in hamsters

Nurimov T., 1981:
Comparative study of poa bulbosa productivity in artemisia ephemeral deserts

Smorodintsev, A.A.; Aksenov, O.A.; Konstantinova, I.K.; Vil'ner, L.M.; Tyufanov, A.V.; Timkovskii, A.L.; Bresler, S.E.; Kogan, E.M.; Tikhomirova-Sidorova, N.S., 1978:
Comparative study of poly guanylic acid poly cytidylic acid and poly inosinic acid poly cytidylic acid toxicity in different subjects

Il'in, K.V.; Vande-Wood, D.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1977:
Comparative study of poly peptides of oncornavirus type d

Merdan, A.; Croizier, L.; Veyrunes, J.C.; Croizier, G., 1977:
Comparative study of polyhedron and virion proteins of 3 isolates of baculovirus from spodoptera littoralis

Toba T.; Arihara K.; Adachi S., 1987:
Comparative study of polysaccharides from kefir grains an encapsulated homofermentative lactobacillus sp and lactobacillus kefir

Bourgat, R., 1977:
Comparative study of polystoma monogenea of ranidae anura from southern togo description of polystoma togoensis new species

Said F.A.; Levkina L.M.; Gorlenko M.G., 1986:
Comparative study of populations of alternaria macrospora the causative agent of alternaria leaf spot in the cotton plants cultural and morphological characters

Gutierrez J.R., 1981:
Comparative study of populations of nothofagus obliqua and nothofagus glauca fagaceae dicotyledoneae in relation to some characteristics of their leaf morphology and associated flora

Mozhina, I.A.; Terekhova, V.A.; D'yakov-Yu, T., 1986:
Comparative study of populations of thielaviopsis basicola berk. et br. ferraris 3. electrophoretic spectra of protein systems

Shimazaki, K.; Mooney, V., 1985:
Comparative study of porous hydroxyapatite and tricalcium phosphate as bone substitute

Orensanz J.M.; Gallucci V.F., 1988:
Comparative study of postlarval life history schedules in four sympatric species of cancer decapoda brachyura cancridae

Shankar, V.; Shankarnarayan, K.A.; Rai, P., 1976:
Comparative study of potential growth and re growth under various defoliation stresses in range grasses part 1 cenchrus ciliaris

Deutinger M.F.; Mandl H.; Holle J.; Freilinger G., 1987:
Comparative study of primary and secondary surgery on tendon injuries

Demidova, S.A.; Levina, D.S.; Gushchin, B.V.; Ritova, N.M.; Blyumkin, V.N.; Gushchina, E.A.; Klimenko, S.M.; Nikolaev, G.I., 1975:
Comparative study of primary cell cultures of diffuse struma and cancer of the human thyroid

Gallo I.; Nistal F.; Arbe E.; Artinano E., 1988:
Comparative study of primary tissue failure between porcine hancock and carpentier edwards and bovine pericardial ionescu shiley bioprostheses in the aortic position at five to nine year follow up

Clement, A.; Janin, G., 1976:
Comparative study of principal cations and of phosphorus in a stem of a fritzi pauley poplar

Negulyaev Y.A.; Nosyreva E.D., 1979:
Comparative study of procaine and benzocaine effect on normal and aconitine modified sodium channels

Legris C.; Boulet L.P.; Lafrance L.; Belanger J.; Beaupre A., 1987:
Comparative study of procaterol and salbutamol in mild to moderate asthma

Peterson E.H., 1979:
Comparative study of procedures for quantification of vibrio parahaemolyticus in seafoods

Kadiiski, E.; Petkov, P.N.; Vasilev, I.; Ivanov, M.; Vitkov, V.T., 1981:
Comparative study of productive abilities and effectiveness of raising cows of the bulgarian simmental breed for milk and meat production 3. growth rate development and fattening ability of young animals raised for breeding and fattening

Rakipov N.G.; Buiya M.S.U., 1986:
Comparative study of productivity and its components in summer wheat cultivars of various geographic origin

Tixador R.; Richoilley G.; Gasset G.; Planel H., 1982:
Comparative study of proliferation kinetics of paramecium tetraurelia aboard a satellite and a balloon flight

Shubinskii G.Z.; Kudaeva O.T., 1984:
Comparative study of proliferative activity of human lymphocytes obtained from different pairs of donors in a mixed lymphocyte culture in vitro

Szegedi L.; Dobjanschi A.; Novak J.; Szilagyi L.; Wersching E., 1980:
Comparative study of propanidid plus succinyl choline and thiopental plus succinyl choline induction

Leibman, D.Y. ; Nesterov, V.P., 1979:
Comparative study of properties of d glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase ec from frog rana temporaria and pike esox lucius skeletal muscles

Yatel, T.P., 1978:
Comparative study of properties of influenza b virus strains isolated in kiev in 1972 1977

Kazanina, G.A.; Petrova, L.Y. ; Selezneva, A.A.; Ruban, E.L., 1976:
Comparative study of properties of microbial lipases

Krupyanko V.I.; Kolot M.N.; Nesmeyanova M.A., 1981:
Comparative study of properties of periplasmic and membrane bound alkaline phosphatase of escherichia coli

Butsuk S.V., 1982:
Comparative study of properties of the slow and fast parts of the adductor of 2 sea scallop species

Pien F.D.; Michael N.L.; Mamiya R.; Takaki H.; Slavish S.; Bruce A.; Moreno Cabral R.J., 1979:
Comparative study of prophylactic antibiotics in cardiac surgery clindamycin vs cephalothin

Nag, D.P.; Chopra, S.C.; Sharma, P.L., 1977:
Comparative study of propranolol sotalol and n iso propyl 1 p nitrophenyl ethanolamine in ouabain induced cardiac arrhythmias

Benayahu D.; Aronson M., 1983:
Comparative study of protamine chloride and sulfate in relation to the heparin rebound phenomenon

Zalenskii A.O.; Bukhkhol'ts P.; Ibragimov R.Kh, 1980:
Comparative study of protamines of the salmonidae fishes

Dzyuban N.F., 1983:
Comparative study of protective properties of native and sorbed pseudomonas aeruginosa ana toxin

Khurum L.R.; Shurygin A.Ya; Mukhsinov V.Kh, 1981:
Comparative study of protein spectra in 2 yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae strains cultivated under different conditions

Smirnov L.P.; Sidorov V.S., 1984:
Comparative study of protein spectra of cestodes and their hosts by means of gel chromatography and disc electrophoresis

Behnel J.J., 1982:
Comparative study of protein synthesis and heat shock puffing activity in drosophila melanogaster salivary glands treated with chloramphenicol

Bhat A.R.; Pattabiraman T.N., 1980:
Comparative study of proteinase inhibitors in human amniotic fluid and maternal serum

Ling, N.S.; Epstein, W.L., 1975:
Comparative study of proteins extracted from metal induced allergic and foreign body granulomas in man

Vakhrusheva T.E.; Pressman E.K.; Sandakhchiev L.S., 1980:
Comparative study of proteins in enucleated and nucleate cells of acetabularia and in interspecific combinations of acetabularia mediterranea and acetabularia crenulata

Chernikov M.P.; Stan E.Ya; Smirnova L.I.; Volkova L.D., 1985:
Comparative study of proteolysis in newborn rat stomach during artificial feeding with a milk substitute with varying protein composition

Leblanc E.L.; Gill T.A., 1982:
Comparative study of proteolysis in short finned squid illex illecebrosus and long finned squid loligo pealei

Degteva G.K.; Belyaeva E.V.; Engel'gardt V.A.; Grigor'eva G.I.; Zakhar'evskaya N.S.; Alakhov Y.B.; Kaplun I.V., 1980:
Comparative study of proteolytic activity of staphylococci and identification of specific protease

Bal'dman A.V.; Bondarenko N.A.; Kozlovskaya M.M.; Rusakov D.Yu; Kalikhevich V.N.; Ardemasova Z.A., 1982:
Comparative study of psychotropic activity of tuftsin and its analogs

Singh K.D.N.; Prasad C.R.; Singh Y.P., 1986:
Comparative study of pyrites and sulfitation pressmud on soil properties yield and quality of sugarcane in calcareous saline sodic soil of bihar india

Van Gansbeke B.; Jeghers O.; Ermans A.M., 1985:
Comparative study of quality control procedures for technetium 99m radiopharmaceuticals

Heden, L.O.; Meynell, E., 1976:
Comparative study of r 1 specific chromosomal transfer in escherichia coli strain k 12 and salmonella typhimurium strain lt 2

Samokhvalova, N.S.; Popova, M.F.; Domareva, O.P.; Suvorova, E.A., 1978:
Comparative study of radiation induced interphase cell destruction and extent of bone marrow aplasia of bank voles and mice/

Sapezhinskii I.I.; Dontsova E.G.; Shiryaev V.M.; Silaev Y.V., 1981:
Comparative study of radiation oxidation and x ray chemo luminescence of some globular proteins

Halpern G.M.; Bedossa A.; Levy C., 1980:
Comparative study of radio immunological methods and immuno enzymatic methods for assaying total serum immuno globulin e and specific immuno globulin e antibodies

Dzhemilev Z.A., 1979:
Comparative study of radio sensitivity of monkey macaca mulatta chromosomes after in vivo and in vitro irradiation of cells

Samokhvalova, N.S.; Popova, M.F., 1983:
Comparative study of radio sensitivity of normal and regenerating tissues 1. interphase cell death and aplasia of the regenerating and normal bone marrow and spleen of c 57bl mice

Samokhvalova, N.S.; Popova, M.F., 1982:
Comparative study of radio sensitivity of normal and regenerating tissues 2. aberrant cell frequency and the mitotic index in the regenerating and normal bone marrow of c 57bl mice

Tselishchev S.P.; Chaikina K.V.; Dikareva N.S., 1984 :
Comparative study of radio sensitivity of spring wheat cultivars by beta irradiation of plants

Konstantinova, M.M.; Revez, L., 1977:
Comparative study of radioprotective activity and action mechanism of 2 mercapto propionyl glycine and beta mercapto ethylamine

Chizhov A.Ya; Ronin M.Ya; Strelkov R.B., 1980:
Comparative study of radioprotective efficiency of gas hypoxic mixture and mexamine at early stages of rat post natal development

Zolotareva L.T.; Goncharenko E.N.; Mandrugin A.A.; Fedoseev V.M., 1980:
Comparative study of radioprotective efficiency of some sulfur containing radioprotective agents in experiments on saccharomyces cerevisiae and pichia guilliermondii

Gorelova, N.V.; Antipov, V.V.; Vasin, M.V., 1977:
Comparative study of radioprotective properties of serotonin derivatives repeatedly applied before gamma irradiation

Durnova, G.N., 1978:
Comparative study of rat lymphatic organs during space flight under weightlessness and artificial gravitation

Matsumoto A.; Kubo T.; Shibanoki S.; Ishikawa K., 1986:
Comparative study of rat strain difference in avoidance learning

Burgasov, P.N.; Sumarokov, A.A.; Lelikov, V.L.; Marcuk, L.M.; Fedenev, V.G.; Dzaparidze, M.N.; Karaeva, L.T.; Derteva, I.I., 1976:
Comparative study of reactions and serological response to cholera vaccines in a controlled field trial conducted in the USSR

Kanabrocki J.A.; Lalucat J.; Cox B.J.; Quackenbush R.J., 1986:
Comparative study of refractile r bodies and their genetic determinants relationships of type 51 r bodies to r bodies produced by pseudomonas taeniospiralis

Jackson R.R., 1987 :
Comparative study of releaser pheromones associated with the silk of jumping spiders araneae salticidae

Seshadri, M.; Ranjekar, P.K., 1981:
Comparative study of repetitive DNA in Phaseolus

Sokurova E.N., 1979:
Comparative study of reproduction of vibrio cholerae proteus bacteria in liquid nutrient medium after gamma irradiation and dilution of cell suspensions

Henneberry T.J.; Keaveny D.F., 1984:
Comparative study of reproductive activity in 3 strains of pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella gelechiidae lepidoptera on st croix usa virgin islands untreated and irradiated laboratory reared females and untreated native males and females

Magomedov M.A.; Vilenchik M.M.; Kuzin A.M., 1982:
Comparative study of repurinase incertase activity in tissues of radio resistant raphanus sativus and radio sensitive vicia faba plants

Gruhn W.B.; Dewanjee M.K.; Anderson G.S., 1980:
Comparative study of res pools of the normal and immunologically activated rabbit synovium with radio colloids

Tang Z.H.; Wood R.J., 1986:
Comparative study of resistance to organophosphate and carbamate insecticides in four strains of the culex pipiens complex diptera culicidae

Stovbun S.F.; Bukova V.E.; Shvarts S.A., 1984:
Comparative study of resistance to tetanus and the results of the passive hemagglutination test in laboratory animals

Tsuji, K.; Robertson, J.H.; Baas, R.; Mcinnis, D.J., 1969:
Comparative study of responses to neomycin b and neomycin c by microbiological and gas liquid chromatographic assay methods

Dereuddre J., 1979:
Comparative study of resting tree buds comportment during a cooling by gradation

W.H.; Lin J., 1987:
Comparative study of restriction maps of duck mitochondrial dnas

Thiers, G.; Trigui, M., 1976:
Comparative study of results and cost of bacteriological analysis of water by the tube dilution method and by membrane filtration

Raichev S.; Katsarov Y.; Tsenkova J.; Petrov S., 1984:
Comparative study of results from using corriedale and north caucasian breeds in crossbred sheep breeding

Begin M.T.; Handford P., 1987:
Comparative study of retinal oil droplets in grebes and coots

Banerjee, U.; Das, P., 1977:
Comparative study of retrograde amnesia in rats on active and passive avoidance tasks and spontaneous recovery of memory

Yoshiura M.; Iwamoto T.; Iriyama K., 1984:
Comparative study of reversed phase high performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection systems for the determination of urinary homovanillic acid and vanillylmandelic acid at the diagnosis of neuroblastoma

Pardi A.; Martin F.H.; Tinoco I.Jr, 1981:
Comparative study of ribo nucleotide deoxy ribo nucleotide and hybrid oligo nucleotide helices by nmr

Ozbas T.; Kutsal T., 1986:
Comparative study of riboflavin production from two microorganisms eremothecium ashbyii and ashbya gossypii

Polishchuk E.A.; Sokolov V.A.; Shumnyi V.K., 1984:
Comparative study of ribulose 1 5 di phosphate carboxylase activity in mutants normal and hybrid plants of pea in connection with heterosis

Shim C K.; Lee J U., 1985:
Comparative study of rifampicin pharmacokinetics administered orally and intravenously in the fasted and non fasted rats

Vladimirtseva E.A.; Agafonova L.V.; Yamnikova S.S.; Pysina T.V.; Kovtun T.V.; L'vov D.K.; Zhdanov V.M., 1981:
Comparative study of rna and proteins of antigenically similar human and animal influenza a viruses

Zuily Fodil Y.; Esnault R., 1980:
Comparative study of rna metabolism in freshly isolated protoplasts and callus cultures of parthenocissus tricuspidata crown gall

Wang C A.; Zhao T X.; Liang X G.; Xiong J Y.; Liu H M.; Wang J L.; Cai R F.; Hong T., 1985:
Comparative study of rna profiles of rotaviruses derived from different areas of china

Pronin, A.V.; Khorobrykh, V.V.; Kaulen, D.R.; Kagan, G.Ia.; Sanin, A.V., 1979:
Comparative study of rosette and plaque formation in rats infected with Mycoplasma arthritidis and Acholeplasma laidlawii

Arushanyan E.B.; Anokhov S.S., 1984:
Comparative study of rotatory movements elicited by stimulation of the putamen and caudate nucleus in cats

Fang Z.; Y.X.; Wen L.; Hao G.; Liu C.; A.A.; Hung T., 1987:
Comparative study of rotavirus rna profiles during two winter seasons in changchun china

Nadeau, P.; Pallotta, D.; Lafontaine, J.G., 1977:
Comparative study of rye and thymus histones: amino acid analysis and tryptic fingerprinting

Schiffrin E.; Celener D., 1987:
Comparative study of s 100 positive cells in intestinal and extraintestinal lymphoid tissue

Peral-Fernandez, J.L.; Reyes-Andres, J., 1987:
Comparative study of sample preparation methods for atomic absorption analysis of mineral elements in plant materials i. analysis of elements in tobacco

Peral-Fernandez, J.L.; Reyes-Andres, J., 1987:
Comparative study of sample preparation methods for atomic absorption analysis of mineral elements in plant materials ii. a posteriori optimization of the sample preparation methods

Serufo J.C.; Lima M.G.; Ribeiro M.F.B.; Santos J.L.D., 1987:
Comparative study of schemes of preexposure vaccination against human rabies importance of the interval between doses and laboratory control

de Lima e Costa, M.F.; Roche, R.S.; Katz, N., 1984:
Comparative study of Schistosoma mansoni isolated from patients with hepatosplenic and intestinal clinical forms of schistosomiasis

Zhang, L.D.; Tang, Y.H.; Zhu, W.B.; Xu, S.H., 1987:
Comparative study of schizophrenia treatment with electroacupuncture, herbs and chlorpromazine

Bartko G.; Maylath E.; Herczeg I., 1987:
Comparative study of schizophrenic patients relapsed on and off medication

Suzuki T.; Suzuki K.; Kobayashi E.; Ogawa Y.; Kawamura Y.; Nakai T.; Suzuki S.; Hayakawa T.; Noda A.; E.A., 1986:
Comparative study of secretin test and pancreozymin secretin test in chronic pancreatitis

Lan, W.H., 1985:
Comparative study of sectioned and whole tooth specimens in histological preparation

Amador M.C.P.; Gonzalez E.A.; Jimenez F.G.; Collera O.; Saloma D., 1982:
Comparative study of seed oils from convolvulaceae

Perez-Amador, M.C.; Garcia-Argaez, A.; Alcantara, S.; Garcia-Jimenez, F.; Collera, O., 1983:
Comparative study of seed oils of convolvulaceae 2. analysis of seed oils of ipomoea murucoides and ipomoea arborescens

Przybylska, J.; Kozubek, E.; Blixt, S., 1985:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum ix. electrophoretic albumin variant characteristics of pisum fulvum

Przybylska, J.; Blixt, S.; Hurich, J.; Zimniak-Przybylska, Z., 1977:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum part 1 electrophoretic patterns of different protein fractions

Hurich, J.; Parzysz, H.; Przybylska, J., 1977:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum part 2 amino acid composition of different protein fractions

Przybylska, J.; Zimniak-Przybylska, Z., 1985:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum x. observations on geographic distribution of electrophoretic albumin patterns electrophoretic pattern iii and electrophoretic pattern vii

Manteuffel, R.; Przybylska, J., 1987:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum xi. immunological relationships of the s2 albumin fractions

Helbing, D.; Manteuffel, R.; Przybylska, J., 1987:
Comparative study of seed proteins in the genus pisum xii. antigenic similarities of the s2 albumin fractions as revealed by a competitive elisa

Savchenko, V.K.; Rokitskii, P.F., 1975:
Comparative study of selection effectiveness in di ploid and auto tetra ploid populations

de Vicente, A.; Borrego, J.J.; Arrabal, F.; Romero, P., 1986:
Comparative study of selective media for enumeration of Pseudomonas aeruginosa from water by membrane filtration

Edelstein, P.H., 1982:
Comparative study of selective media for isolation of Legionella pneumophila from potable water

Head, C.B.; Whitty, D.A.; Ratnam, S., 1982:
Comparative study of selective media for recovery of Yersinia enterocolitica

Yakovlev V.P.; Klimova V.S.; Rudzit E.A., 1979:
Comparative study of semi synthetic cephalosporin distribution in the rat body

Goldring, S.; Aras, E.; Weber, P.C., 1970:
Comparative study of sensory input to motor cortex in animals and man

Rifat K.; Morel D.; Gamulin Z.; Szappanyos G., 1981:
Comparative study of sequential analgesic anesthesia with analgesia by continuous infusion of fentanyl

Belkaid M.; Hamrioui B.; Oudjida M.; Tabet Derraz O., 1980:
Comparative study of serological tests for the diagnosis of hydatidosis

Pialarissi C.S.D.M.; Vaz A.J.; Souza A.M.C.D.; Nakamura P.M.; Camargo E.D.; Silva M.V.D.; Ueda M., 1987:
Comparative study of serological tests in immunological diagnosis for neurocysticercosis

Casalino, M.; Sidol, A.; Comanducci, A.; Bellussi-Passali, L., 1976:
Comparative study of serum and tissue levels after administration of sisomicin and gentamicin

Bergeron, M.G.; LeBel, M.; Charest, A.; Forcier, J.F.; Morin, J.; Vallée, F., 1986:
Comparative study of serum bactericidal activity of cefotaxime alone or in combination with tobramycin

Khraisha, S.; Awidi, A., 1987 :
Comparative study of serum ferritin and its correlation with different blood parameters of students at Amman and Dead Sea levels

Xiang J.; E.A., 1982:
Comparative study of serum herpes simplex virus type 2 antibody by immuno enzyme slide method in high and low incidence areas of cancer of the uterine cervix

Khraisha S., 1983:
Comparative study of serum iron and iron binding capacity and their correlation with red blood cell count and hemoglobin of school children of both sexes at dead sea level and amman jordan

Asano S.; Suzuki K.; Minamitani K., 1987:
Comparative study of serum lipoproteins separated by the method of cellulose acetate membrane electrophoresis in humans and rats

Bindschedler O.; D.M.n J.C.; Curiat G., 1981:
Comparative study of several culture media to determine coliforms and escherichia coli in dairy and cocoa products

Garcia Villanova Ruiz B.; Mariscal Larrubia A.; Cueto Espinar A., 1986:
Comparative study of several indicators of biological pollution in irrigation waters

Brenes Balbuena M.; Garcia Garcia P.; Duran Quintana M.C.; Garrido Fernandez A., 1986:
Comparative study of several methods for the conservation of the raw material for the elaboration of ripe olives

Borrull F.; Torres J.; Gonzalez J.; Cerda V., 1979:
Comparative study of several methods for the determination of sulfur di oxide as an atmospheric pollutant

Brenes-Balbuena, M.; Garcia-Garcia, P.; Garrido-Fernandez, A., 1986:
Comparative study of several methods for the storage of ripe olives ii. effects on color and texture of the final product

Brillet C., 1984 :
Comparative study of sexual display in 2 species of sympatric amphibious fish pisces periophthalmidae

Shimizu, A.; Kawano, J.; Hazue, S.; Kimura, S., 1986:
Comparative study of shimizu and gibbs' sets for phage typing staphylococcus aureus isolated from poultry

Moon C.Y.; Kantor G.; Athey T.W.; H.H.S., 1988:
Comparative study of shortwave heating patterns in phantoms with polyethylene and silk partitions

Gabrielyan N.D.; Zalmanzon E.S.; Auezova L.Zh; Ivanov S.K., 1984:
Comparative study of sialyl transferases in cell cultures of rat embryos transformed by bovine adenovirus dna ba 3

Karpenko, H.F., 1977:
Comparative study of skin and bone collagen resistance to proteolysis

Tsuchida Y.; Tsuya A.; Uchida M.; Kamata S.; Ohura T.; Ogo K., 1984:
Comparative study of skin blood flow in various types of delayed deltopectoral flaps using the xenon 133 clearance method

Sauermann G.; Doerschner A.; Hoppe U.; Wittern P., 1986:
Comparative study of skin care efficacy and in use properties of soap and surfactant bars

Nicolle M.H.; Petrescou L.; Julien D., 1979:
Comparative study of sleep and the state of wakening

Maruyama H.; Hayakawa H.; Kato M.; Suzuki A.; Ishizawa S.; Kataoka K.; Fujimori I.; Matsuki S., 1981:
Comparative study of small dose intra venous insulin boluses and conventional large dose insulin therapy in the treatment of diabetic coma

Ghodsian, M.; Zajicek, E.; Wolkind, S., 1985:
Comparative study of social and family correlates of children's behavior ratings

Cernelc, D.; Hafner, G.; Kos, S.; Cenlec, P., 1977:
Comparative study of social and psychological analyses in asthmatic, rheumatic and diabetic children

Murrell T.G.C.; Pamnany L.J., 1981:
Comparative study of socio economic status and sexual relationships of men suffering from gonococcal and nongonococcal urethritis

Vereninov A.A.; Marakhova I.I., 1981:
Comparative study of sodium and potassium transfer across the muscle membrane in sodium free and potassium free media

Foussard Blanpin O.; Prieur D., 1987:
Comparative study of sodium valproate antiepileptic effects upon mice infested or not with syphacia obvelata

Musaev B.T., 1981:
Comparative study of soil and ground air layer temperatures with respect to characteristic soils of the azerbaijan ssr ussr

Salari H.; Steffenrud S., 1986:
Comparative study of solid phase extraction techniques for isolation of leukotrienes from plasma

Ibragim M.A.M.; Vodop'yanova L.G.; Kozlov A.V., 1979:
Comparative study of solubility of dna containing complexes from some prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Dyadyusha, G.P., 1976:
Comparative study of solubilized and sarcolemma bound acetyl cholin esterase

Anfimova M.L.; Gabrielyan N.D.; Khorlin A.Ya, 1980:
Comparative study of solubilized forms of sialyl transferases from rat spleen and mouse plasma cytoma mopc 104e

Sud'yina, O.H.; Cherep, M.N., 1975:
Comparative study of soluble proteins in 2 dunaliella salina strains

Delachambre D., 1979:
Comparative study of solvable antigens of 2 clones a young and an old one both of them originating from the same clone of a parasitic flagellate trichomonas vaginalis

Mikheev V.S.; Kurishko K.A.; Vatti K.V., 1978:
Comparative study of somatic recombination in drosophila melanogaster males and females

Ivanova V., 1985:
Comparative study of some alfalfa cultivars

Kataeva, L.G.; Gogol, A.T., 1976:
Comparative study of some aspects of the specific action of products made by using smoke and the synthetic smoking agent vniimp 1

Binh B.H.; Campan R., 1982:
Comparative study of some aspects of visual form perception of 2 species of lepidopteran caterpillars arctia caja and galleria melonella

Moreno-Gonzalez, A.; Garcia-De-Jalon, P.D., 1976:
Comparative study of some beta adrenergic agents on heart rate arterial pressure and bronchial resistance

Kozlov S.A.; Kiselev E.N.; Zinov'ev Y.V., 1987:
Comparative study of some biochemical and physiological patterns of isolated perfused liver tissue of rabbits guinea pigs and rats

Tufano, M.A.; Sommese, L.; Capasso, C.; Folgore, A.; Scafa, F.; Galdiero, E., 1986:
Comparative study of some biological activities of porins extracted from various microorganisms

Santamarina M.T.; Ubeira F.M.; Leiro J.; Sanmartin Duran M.L., 1987:
Comparative study of some biological characteristics of a new isolate of trichinella

Tomas E.; Samuel I.; Popescu A.; Cajal N., 1983:
Comparative study of some characteristics of influenza virus a pr 8 34 h 1n 1 cultivated on chorio allantoic membrane fragments in the presence of ceruloplasmin or of parainfluenza type 1 sendai virus

Reddy M.V.; Dutta M., 1984:
Comparative study of some chemical properties of earthworm cast termite mound and ant gallery materials in relation to the underlying soils of a tropical agro ecosystem

Ivanova I.A.; Bobkov Y.G., 1984:
Comparative study of some drugs on different models of brain hypoxia

Sanabria G.; Ozaki K., 1984:
Comparative study of some health indicators of japan and cuba

Larsson, A.; Johansson-Sjobeck, M.L.; Fange, R., 1976:
Comparative study of some hematological and biochemical blood parameters in fishes from the skagerrak

Klinge, E.; Sjöstrand, N.O., 1977:
Comparative study of some isolated mammalian smooth muscle effectors of penile erection

Kock, D., 1977:
Comparative study of some mammals in the south of niger north central africa mammalia insectivora chiroptera lagomorpha rodentia

Basalah M.O.; A.W.aibi M.H.; Muhammad S., 1985:
Comparative study of some metabolites of citrullus colocynthis and cucumis prohetarum

Ponirovskii, E.N., 1975:
Comparative study of some methods of leishmania identification

Avilov I.A.; Bukanova N.V., 1983 :
Comparative study of some physiological features of anabaena variabilis strains

Usmanov, T.A.; Ibragimov, A.P.; Ismailov, E.M., 1975:
Comparative study of some properties of different rna fractions of verticillium dahliae and the cotton cultivar 108 f

Kosturski N.; Furdzhev I., 1985:
Comparative study of some regionally distributed wheat barley and triticale cultivars

Pallavicini C.; Peruffo A.D.B.; Finley J.W., 1983:
Comparative study of soybean plasteins synthesized with soluble and immobilized alpha chymotrypsin

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