Comparative study of the dynamics of carbon metabolism in the yeast candida tropicalis growing on n octa decane and glucose

Davidova, E.G.; Rachinskii, V.V.; Kretova, L.G.

Mikrobiologiya 47(5): 799-804


ISSN/ISBN: 0026-3656
Accession: 005001257

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The dynamics of C metabolism was studied in C. tropicalis growing on 14C-labeled n-octadecane and glucose. The kinetics of incorporation of 14C into the main groups of organic substances in the cell (proteins, nucleic acids plus polysaccharides, lipids, free amino acids, organic acids, free carbohydrates plus nucleotides) revealed differences in the rate of their synthesis and accumulation. The general features and the major differences in the pathways of C metabolism depended on the nature of a C substrate. If the yeast used n-octadecane as a C source, the rate of synthesis of the lipid fraction was higher, and the ratio between its components changed as well as the rates of their synthesis.