Section 6
Chapter 5,002

Comparative study of the nutrient-salts of Lake Edku (Egypt) before and after the construction of Asswans high dam in 1958 and 1969

Banoub, M.W.

Archiv fur Hydrobiologie 99(1): 106-117


ISSN/ISBN: 0003-9136
Accession: 005001567

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Lake Edku (Egypt), a 131 km2, shallow brackish-water lagoon, connects to the Mediterranean sea through a narrow strait at Maadia, which flushs western-Delta drain-water into the Abukir bay. Since the construction of the Asswan high-dam the lagoon freshwater input has doubled, causing changes in its major and minor (nutrient) salts which seem to bear on the lagoons productivity and community structure.

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