Section 6
Chapter 5,002

Comparative study of the trapping of the oriental fruit moth grapholitha molesta of the peach tree with virgin females and with a synthetic sex pheromone

Audemard, H.; Fremond, J.C.; Marboutie, G.; Gendrier, J.P.; Reboulet, J.N.

Revue de Zoologie Agricole et de Pathologie Vegetale 75(4): 117-126


Accession: 005001728

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The attractiveness of traps baited with G. molesta virgin females vs. traps baited with a synthetic sex pheromone (cis-8-dodecenyl acetate: Orfamon) was tested in 4 peach orchards of the Rhone valley, France. Both methods showed fairly similar results for the periods of catch and the trend of the curves. The lack of specificity of this synthetic sex pheromone brought about the occurrence of undesirable catches that were easily identifiable. The large variability in the proportions of captures obtained with the 2 trapping methods pointed out the difficulty of using them to evaluate the adult populations of an orchard.

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