Comparative study on the crossing of dual purpose beef cattle and beef cattle with german braunvieh 3. results of fattening female calves

Alps, H.; Ferstl, R.; Gottschalk, A.; Golda, J.

Bayerisches Landwirtschaftliches Jahrbuch 64(3): 343-354


ISSN/ISBN: 0375-8621
Accession: 005002042

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At the Bavarian institute of animal husbandry 85 female crossbred and purebred Braunvieh calves were fattened till they reached 160 and 180 kg live-weight between January and August 1985. For the crossbreeding program with Braunvieh cows sire breeds of Fleckvieh, Blonde d'Aquitaine, Limousin and Piemontese were used. During the fattening period the purebred Braunvieh calves had an average daily gain of 1147 g. The crossbreds had a higher rate of gain between 5 and 8%. The crosses with Blonde d'Aquitaine were on top in daily gain with 1240 g. The differences between the purebred und the crossbred calves are not significant. The crossbred calves had an advantage regarding the consumption of milk replacer. On average the feed conversion is about 10% poorer for the Braunvieh calves. The scoring and grading of the live animals and of their carcasses are higher for the crossbred calves than for the purebred Braunvieh calves. There are significant differences for the muscling, particularly in the loin and rump area and in the round. The carcass grading of the Braunvieh calves is on average one class poorer than that of the crosses. The crossbred calves of Blonde d'Aquitaine with Braunvieh had the best results in growth performance and in carcass grading.