Comparative study on the response of oryza sativa ssp indica and oryza sativa ssp japonica rice plants to ammonium and nitrate nitrogen

Chanh, T.T.; Tsutsumi, M.; Kurihara, K.

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 27(1): 83-92


ISSN/ISBN: 0038-0768
Accession: 005002123

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The effects of NH4+ and NO3- as N sources on the growth of 2 subspecies of rice, O. sativa ssp. indica and O. sativa ssp. japonica, during the first 6 wk of growth were studied by the water culture method. Indica and Japonica rice plants respond differently to NO3-. Although both Indica and Japonica grew fairly well in solutions containing the 2 forms of N, the growth of the former was superior in NO3- than in NH4+ + NO3- or NH4+ solutions, especially at relatively low N concentrations, whereas the growth of the latter was inferior in NO3- than in NH4+ + NO3- solutions. In addition, plants of both subspecies fed with NH4+ showed growth retardation with tipburn of the lower leaves and poorly branched roots. Under moderately warmed glass house conditions with natural sunlight in winter, the growth of Indica in NO3- solution was appreciably reduced compared to that in NH4+ + NO3-. Thus, the effects of climatic conditions such as temperature and intensity of sunlight on the response of rice plants to NH4+ and NO3- N appear to be important.