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Comparative voluntary feed intakes growth performance carcass composition and meat quality of large white landrace and duroc pigs

Smith, W.C.; Pearson, G.

New Zealand Journal of Experimental Agriculture 14(1): 43-50


DOI: 10.1080/03015521.1986.10426123
Accession: 005002862

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The performances of Large White (27), Landrace (27), and Duroc (27) gilts on an ad libitum feeding regime were compared over the liveweight range 25-85 kg. Landrace gilts had the highest voluntary feed intakes; and the appetite of Durocs exceeded that of Large Whites, but only at .gtoreq. 65 kg liveweight. The breeds did not differ in growth rate, but Landrace gilts had higher feed conversion ratios and carcasses of lower lean content than the Duroc and Large White gilts which were similar in these traits. Landrace carcasses had a relatively lower proportion of bone and the three breeds had similar carcass lean:bone ratios. Duroc gilts had the highest killing-out percentages and Large Whites the lowest, but the breed differences were not significant. There were only small breed differences in joint proportions of the carcass and no breed effect on the distribution of lean tissue. A proportion of Duroc and Landrace carcasses had pale, soft, exudative musculature but the condition was not found in the Large Whites.

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