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Comparison of 3 different assay procedures for the determination of hemoglobin a 1 with special attention to the influence of pre hemoglobin a 1c temperature and hemoglobin concentration

Kortlandt, W.; Van Rijn, H.J.M.; Hoeke, J.O.O.; Thijssen, J.H.H.

Annals of Clinical Biochemistry 22(3): 261-268


ISSN/ISBN: 0004-5632
Accession: 005004240

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Three different methods for the measurement of [human] glycated Hb or HbA1, based on agar gel electrophoresis, ion-exchange and affinity chromatography were compared. All 3 showed acceptable precision (overall CV [coefficient of variation] being < 5%) and correlated well with each other (r > 0.945). The ion-exchange and affinity chromatography method proved to be independent of the amount of pre-HbA1c present. The electrophoresis method was independent of temperature in contrast to the other 2 methods, which showed a strong and comparable temperature dependency. All 3 methods were dependent on the Hb concentration and/or protein content of the hemolysate. Both ion-exchange and electrophoresis showed significant interference by changes in Hb concentrations, whereas the protein concentration significantly biased the affinity chromatography figures. Taking into account their specific merits all 3 methods are acceptable for routine use. [The importance of glycosylated Hb or HbA, in diabetic control is well established.].

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