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Comparison of a spectro fluorometric method with a gas liquid chromatographic procedure for the determination of quinidine plasma levels

Midha, K.K.; Mcgilveray, I.J.; Charette, C.; Rowe, M.L.

Canadian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences 12(2): 41-44


Accession: 005004723

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An improved spectrofluorometric method was compared with a recently published GLC procedure for the determination of plasma concentrations of quinidine [an antiarrhythmic agent]. Plasma samples, obtained at different time intervals after administration of single doses of quinidine sulfate to healthy human volunteers and to a dog, were analyzed by both procedures. The assays compared favorably for individual data points with a mean overall difference of 8% for all subjects studied. The difference between the areas under the curve profiles calculated was less than 4.5%. Plasma samples from patients treated with quinidine were also analyzed by both procedures. A mean overall difference of 10.29% was obtained. These 2 methods are of comparable specificity, and reliability.

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