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Comparison of different methods for detecting prunus necrotic ringspot virus pnrv prune dwarf virus pdv and apple mosaic virus apmv in plum trees

Gruentzig, M.; Fuchs, E.

Zentralblatt fuer Mikrobiologie 143(1): 25-37


Accession: 005006869

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Biological and serological methods for detecting PNRV, ApMV and PDV in plum trees were compared with regard to their reliability of diagnosis. Furthermore we carried out measurements of virus concentration in different test materials by means of latex test and ELISA, respectively. In these experiments we could find out relatively high concentrations of PNRV, ApMV and PDV in forced or dormant buds of leaves and/or petals, in petals in May as well as in young leaves. From this resulting both the latex test and the ELISA allowed to identify 100% of all diseased trees that were tested. Using older leaves the reliability of serological detection decreased somewhat, especially in the case of ApMV. The biological detection of PNRV as well as PDV by means of Cucumis sativus L. satisfied only in the period from September to January using buds forced in a greenhouse. This method is not to recommend at other times or for detecting ApMV. Other test materials of the tree were also not suitable.

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