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Comparison of direct drilling reduced cultivation and plowing on the growth of cereals 4. spring barley and winter wheat on silt loam soils over chalk

Pollard, F.; Elliott, J.G.; Ellis, F.B.; Barnes, B.T.

Journal of Agricultural Science 97(3): 677-684


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8596
Accession: 005007012

Two experiments were conducted on a silt loam soil over chalk on downland in southern England [UK]. Three primary tillage treatment (plowing, deep or shallow tine cultivation) were compared with direct drilling for their effects on the growth of spring barley during the years 1969-74 and winter wheat during 1974-8. No significant differences in barley population density or early growth were recorded. In the 1st 2 yr more grain was produced on the shallow tined and direct-drilled plots than on those that were plowed, but the differences did not persist into subsequent years. The mean yield of each treatment over the 4 yr did not differ. Significant differences in population density and winter mortality of wheat occurred, but these were not consistently associated with differences in yield. In this crop also, the mean yields of the cultivation treatments over the 4 yr were not significantly different. Choice of primary tillage system on this chalk downland soil was not a significant factor in the production of either spring barley or winter wheat.

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