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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5010

Chapter 5010 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Rothe K.F.; Diedler J., 1982:
Comparison of intra cellular and extracellular buffering of clinically used buffer substances tris and bi carbonate

Tucker R.F.; Volkenant M.E.; Branum E.L.; Moses H.L., 1983:
Comparison of intra cellular and extracellular transforming growth factors from nontransformed and chemically transformed mouse embryo cells

Glass R.L.; Winship D.H.; Rogers W.A., 1981:
Comparison of intra gastric infusion with conventional mechanical bowel preparation

Sen S.K.; Hazra S.K.; Iyengar G.A.S.; Banerjee R.S., 1981:
Comparison of intra gene and inter gene recombination in the meiotic mutant c 3 g of drosophila melanogaster

Herr G.P.; Conner J.T.; Schehl D.; Dorey F., 1982:
Comparison of intra muscular diazepam and hydroxyzine as pre medicants

Korttila K.; Pentti O.M.; Auvinen J., 1980:
Comparison of intra muscular lysine acetyl salicylate and oxycodone in the treatment of pain after operation

Lindgren L.; Saarnivaara L.; Himberg J J., 1979:
Comparison of intra muscular pethidine diazepam and flunitrazepam as pre medicants in children undergoing oto laryngological surgery

Nitter Hauge S.; Levang O.W.; Semb B.K.H., 1983:
Comparison of intra operative flow measurements and hemodynamic findings at follow up in patients with different aortic disc valve prostheses

Sleeboom H.P.; Van Oosterom A.T.; Bijvoet O.L.M.; Gleed J.H.; O'riordan J.L.H., 1983:
Comparison of intra venous 3 amino 1 hydroxypropylidene 1 1 bis phosphonate and volume repletion in tumor induced hyper calcemia

Hansen D.; Aures D.; Grossman M.I., 1980:
Comparison of intra venous and intra gastric aspirin in production of antral gastric ulcers in cats

Lalyre Y.; Wilson D.E.; Kidao J.; Hall C.H.; Capek V., 1981:
Comparison of intra venous and intra muscular sincalide carboxyl terminal octa peptide of cholecystokinin on gallbladder contraction in man

Wender, R.H.; Conner, J.T.; Bellville, J.W.; Schehl, D.; Dorey, F.B.; Katz, R.L., 1977:
Comparison of intra venous diazepam and hydroxyzine as surgical pre medicants

Kravetz D.; Bosch J.; Teres J.; Bruix J.; Rimola A.; Rodes J., 1984:
Comparison of intra venous somatostatin and vasopressin in infusions in treatment of acute variceal hemorrhage

Gonzalez Mendez R.; Hahn G.M.; Wade Jardetzky N.G.; Jardetzky O., 1988:
Comparison of intracellular ph measurements by phosphorus 31 nmr and weak acid partitioning in chinese hamster ovary fibroblasts

Nagaoka, S.; Kawasaki, S.; Karino, Y.; Nakamura, H.; Nakanishi, T.; Sasaki, K., 1986:
Comparison of intracellular uptake retention and sensitivity of adriamycin in hela s3 hmv 1 and nih 3t3 cells in vitro

Otolorin E.O.; Ladipo O.A., 1985:
Comparison of intramenstrual intrauterine device insertion with insertion following menstrual regulation

Rosenberg P.H.; Heino A.; Scheinin B., 1984:
Comparison of intramuscular analgesia intercostal block epidural morphine and on demand intravenous fentanyl in the control of pain after upper abdominal surgery

Oei, H.L.; de Boer, G.F., 1986:
Comparison of intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of Marek's disease vaccine

Yee, J.P.; Koshiver, J.E.; Allbon, C.; Brown, C.R., 1986:
Comparison of intramuscular ketorolac tromethamine and morphine sulfate for analgesia of pain after major surgery

Fjellestad-Paulsen, A.; Wille, S.; Harris, A.S., 1987:
Comparison of intranasal and oral desmopressin for nocturnal enuresis

Matsuda, M.; Tano, Y.; Edelhauser, H.F., 1984:
Comparison of intraocular irrigating solutions used for pars plana vitrectomy and prevention of endothelial cell loss

Chardavoyne, R.; Kumari-Subhaya, S.; Auguste, L.J.; Phillips, G.; Stein, T.A.; Wise, L., 1987:
Comparison of intraoperative ultrasonography and cholangiography in detection of small common bile duct stones

Spivey W.H.; Lathers C.M.; Malone D.R.; Unger H.D.; Bhat S.; Mcnamara R.N.; Schoffstall J.; Tumer N., 1985:
Comparison of intraosseous central and peripheral routes of sodium bicarbonate administration during cardiopulmonary resuscitation in pigs

Hempleman S.C.; Burger R.E., 1985:
Comparison of intrapulmonary chemoreceptor response to carbon dioxide partial pressure in the duck and chicken

McLemore, T.L.; Eggleston, J.C.; Shoemaker, R.H.; Abbott, B.J.; Bohlman, M.E.; Liu, M.C.; Fine, D.L.; Mayo, J.G.; Boyd, M.R., 1988:
Comparison of intrapulmonary, percutaneous intrathoracic, and subcutaneous models for the propagation of human pulmonary and nonpulmonary cancer cell lines in athymic nude mice

Chow S.; Fujio Y., 1987 :
Comparison of intraspecific genetic diversity levels among local populations in decapod crustacean species with some references of phenotypic diversity

Ambrosius H.; Schenderlein C., 1986:
Comparison of intrasplenic immunization with other ways of antigen application

Saravolatz, L.D.; Lee, C.; Drukker, B., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous administration with intrauterine irrigation with ceforanide for nonelective cesarean section

Carrier J.A.; Shaw R.A.; Porter R.S.; Allison E.J.Jr; Kessler E.R.; Woody D.G.; Harker C.C.; Jones J.G., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous and oral routes of theophylline loading the acute asthma

Svetkey, L.P.; Dunnick, N.R.; Coffman, T.M.; Himmelstein, S.I.; Bollinger, R.R.; McCann, R.L.; Wilkinson, R.H.; Braun, S.D.; Newman, G.F.; Cohan, R.H., 1988:
Comparison of intravenous digital subtraction angiography and conventional arteriography in defining renal anatomy

Birchler, B.; Hess, O.M.; Murakami, T.; Niederer, P.; Anliker, M.; Krayenbuehl, H.P., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous digital subtraction cineangiocardiography with conventional contrast ventriculography for the determination of the left ventricular volume at rest and during exercise

D.C.estecker J.S.; Pryde A.; Heading R.C., 1988:
Comparison of intravenous edrophonium and esophageal acid perfusion during esophageal manometry in patients with non cardiac chest pain

Collier, A.; Steedman, D.J.; Patrick, A.W.; Nimmo, G.R.; Matthews, D.M.; MacIntyre, C.C.; Little, K.; Clarke, B.F., 1987:
Comparison of intravenous glucagon and dextrose in treatment of severe hypoglycemia in an accident and emergency department

Green D.W.; Bristow A.S.E.; Fisher M., 1984:
Comparison of intravenous glycopyrrolate and atropine in the prevention of bradycardia and arrhythmias following repeated doses of suxamethonium in children

Ekman Ordeberg G.; Uldbjerg N.; Ulmsten U., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous oxytocin and vaginal prostaglandin e 2 gel in women with unripe cervices and premature rupture of the membranes

Shah S.C.; Shah P.N.; Dalal N.J.; Kapoor O.P.; Dattani K.K.; Anand M.P., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous ranitidine and cimetidine on gastric acid secretion and ph

Greif, J.; Markovitz, L.; Topilsky, M., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous salbutamol (albuterol) and aminophylline in the treatment of acute asthmatic attacks

Shanson D.C.; Shehata A.; Tadayon M.; Harris M., 1987:
Comparison of intravenous teicoplanin with intramuscular amoxycillin for the prophylaxis of streptococcal bacteremia in dental patients

Bullard, D.E.; Bigner, S.H.; Bigner, D.D., 1985:
Comparison of intravenous vs. intracarotid therapy with 1 3 bis 2 chloroethyl 1 nitrosourea in a rat brain tumor model

Dolcetti, A.; Osella, D.; D.F.lippis, G.; Carnuccio, C.; Grossi, E., 1988:
Comparison of intravenously administered doxofylline and placebo for the treatment of severe acute airways obstruction

Barbour, G.L.; Crumb, C.K.; Boyd, C.M.; Reeves, R.D.; Rastogi, S.P.; Patterson, R.M., 1976:
Comparison of inulin iothalamate and technetium 99m di ethylenetriamine penta acetic acid for measurement of glomerular filtration rate

Schroyens W.; Bruyneel R.; Tchao R.; Leighton J.; Dragonetti C.; Mareel M., 1984:
Comparison of invasiveness and non invasiveness of 2 epithelial cell lines in vitro

Holman B.L.; Jolesz F.A.; Polak J.F.; Kronauge J.F.; Adams D.F., 1985:
Comparison of iodine 123 iodoamphetamine cerebral uptake and magnetic resonance spectroscopy following experimental carotid occlusion

Lee R.G.L.; Hill T.C.; Holman B.L.; Uren R.; Clouse M.E., 1982:
Comparison of iodine 123 labeled n iso propyl p iodo amphetamine brain scans using anger camera scintigraphy and single photon emission tomography

Abhold R.H.; Hanesworth J.M.; Harding J.W., 1988:
Comparison of iodine 125 angiotensin iii and iodine 125 angiotensin ii binding to rat brain membranes

Bidlack J.M.; O'malley W.E.; Schulz R., 1988:
Comparison of iodine 125 beta endorphin binding to rat brain and ng 108 15 cells using a monoclonal antibody directed against the opioid receptors

Martel J C.; S.P.erre S.; Bedard P.J.; Quirion R., 1987:
Comparison of iodine 125 bolton hunter neuropeptide y binding sites in the forebrain of various mammalian species

Judd R.C.; Caldwell H.D., 1985:
Comparison of iodine 125 labeled and carbon 14 labeled peptides of the major outer membrane protein of chlamydia trachomatis strain l 2 434 separated by high performance liquid chromatography

Mombelli G.; Roux A.; Haeberli A.; Straub P.W., 1982:
Comparison of iodine 125 labeled fibrinogen kinetics and fibrino peptide a in patients with disseminated neoplasias

Horner, J.M.; Liu, F.; Hintz, R.L., 1978:
Comparison of iodine 125 somatomedin a and iodine 125 somatomedin c radio receptor assays for somatomedin peptide content in whole and acid chromatographed plasma

El'darkhanova P.Yu; Smirnov V.F., 1979:
Comparison of iodine 131 labeled rose bengal clearance sensitivity from the results of digital processing of the data on external count

Plewe G.; Beyer J.; Krause U.; Cordes U.; Eissner D.; Hahn K., 1985:
Comparison of iodine 131 m iodobenzylguanidine scintigraphy with urinary and plasma catecholamine determinations in the diagnosis of pheochromocytoma

Taylor A.Jr; Eshima D.; Fritzberg A.R.; Christian P.E.; Kasina S., 1986:
Comparison of iodine 131 o iodohippurate and technetium 99m mercaptoacetyltriglycine renal imaging in volunteers

Manik C.P.; Molinoff P.B.; Mcgonigle P., 1988:
Comparison of iodine 135 sch 23982 and tritiated sch 23390 as ligands for the d 1 dopamine receptor

Wilson D.J.; Smith T.F.; Ilstrup D.M., 1984:
Comparison of iodine labeled and fluorescein labeled mono clonal antibodies for detection of chlamydia trachomatis inclusions in cells grown in glass vials

Chatal, J.F.; Charbonnel, B., 1985:
Comparison of iodobenzylguanidine imaging with computed tomography in locating pheochromocytoma

Conacher, H.B.S.; Mckenzie, A.D., 1977:
Comparison of iodometric titration potentiometric titration and bromide ion electrode determination for bromide in brominated vegetable oils

Valk J.; Crezee F.; Olislagers D.S.egte R.G.M., 1984:
Comparison of iohexol 300 milligrams injected per milliliter and hexabrix 320 milligrams injected per milliliter in central angiography a double blind trial

Delcour, C.; Vanderhofstadt, A.; Vandenbosch, G.; Baleriaux, D.; Struyven, J., 1987:
Comparison of iohexol and ioxaglate for intravenous digital subtraction angiography of the neck and head

Haagen, F.D.; Lok, D.; Pasteuning, H., 1987:
Comparison of iohexol and ioxaglate in selective coronary angiography

Sortland, O.; Nestvold, K.; Kloster, R.; Aandahl, M.H., 1984:
Comparison of iohexol with metrizamide in myelography

Stanton L.; Day J.L.; Brattelli S.D.; Lighfoot D.A.; Vince M.A.; Stanton R.E., 1981:
Comparison of ion chamber and thermo luminescent dosimetry in mammography

Lee S.C.; Deutsch C.; Beck W.T., 1988:
Comparison of ion channels in multidrug resistant and multidrug sensitive human leukemic cells

Clay, J.R., 1978:
Comparison of ion current noise predicted from different models o the sodium channel gating mechanism in nerve membrane

Stevens T.S.; Chritz K.M., 1987:
Comparison of ion pair and ion exchange liquid chromatography for assay of dalapon products

Preusse C.J.; Fuchs C., 1979:
Comparison of ion selective electrodes and flame photometry for determination of serum sodium ion and potassium ion for clinical purposes

Boucher, R.C.; Larsen, E.H., 1988:
Comparison of ion transport by cultured secretory and absorptive canine airway epithelia

Davies, R.F.; LeMay, M.; Beanlands, D.S.; Morton, B.C.; Chambers, R.J.; Herbert, M.; Larocque, B., 1988:
Comparison of ioxaglate with diatrizoate in angiography of the internal mammary artery

Jenkins, C.R.; Chow, C.M.; Fisher, B.L.; Marlin, G.E., 1981:
Comparison of ipratropium bromide and salbutamol by aerosolized solution

Gandolfi, O.; Barbaccia, M.L.; Costa, E., 1984:
Comparison of iprindole, imipramine and mianserin action on brain serotonergic and beta adrenergic receptors

Gault M.H.; Ahmed M.; Kalra J.; Senciall I.; Cohen W.; Churchill D., 1980:
Comparison of ir and wet chemical analysis of urinary tract calculi

Templeton J.L.; Spence R.A.J.; Kennedy T.L.; Parks T.G.; Mackenzie G.; Hanna W.A., 1983:
Comparison of ir coagulation and rubber band ligation for 1st and 2nd degree hemorrhoids a randomized prospective clinical trial

Mohler, F.S.; Heath, J.E., 1988:
Comparison of IR thermography and thermocouple measurement of heat loss from rabbit pinna

Raja K.B.; Simpson R.J.; Peters T.J., 1987:
Comparison of iron 59 uptake in vitro and in vivo by mouse duodenum

Nunez M.A.; Maga J.A., 1979:
Comparison of iron availability using anemic rats in extruded and conventional flour

Archibald F.S.; Simonson C.; Devoe I.W., 1981:
Comparison of iron binding and uptake from iron iii chloride and iron iii nitrate by neisseria meningitidis

Abeyta C.Jr, 1983:
Comparison of iron milk and official association of official analytical chemists methods for enumeration of clostridium perfringens from fresh seafoods

Kriausakul N.; Mitterer R.M., 1980:
Comparison of iso leucine epimerization in a model di peptide and fossil protein

Ries, A.L.; Moser, K.M., 1986:
Comparison of isocapnic hyperventilation and walking exercise training at home in pulmonary rehabilitation

Penchev V.; Constantinov B.; Ivanova K., 1987 :
Comparison of isodose charts for cobalt 60 teletherapy unit rokus

Holmberg, E.A.; Campeau, J.D.; Devereaux, D.L.; Ono, T.; diZerega, G.S., 1986:
Comparison of isoelectric focusing in Sephadex vs immobiline flatbeds for the recovery of follicle regulatory protein from porcine follicular fluid

Mcateer P.M.; Carter J.A.; Cooper G.M.; Prys Roberts C., 1986:
Comparison of isoflurane and halothane in outpatient pediatric dental anesthesia

Kissin, I.; Morgan, P.L.; Smith, L.R., 1983:
Comparison of isoflurane and halothane safety margins in rats

Burger, H.J.; Hauber, G.; Schlote, W.; Schwenk, M., 1985:
Comparison of isolated cells from liver, colon, and kidney of guinea pig

Cenacchi, G.; Guerret, S.; Grimaud, J.A.; Laschi, R., 1987:
Comparison of isolated collagen fibrils from normal and atherosclerotic human carotid arteries: an immunocytochemical approach

Szecsi A.; Toth S., 1987:
Comparison of isolates in the chaetomium aureum species group by esterase isoenzyme analysis

Adams P.B., 1987:
Comparison of isolates of sporidesmium sclerotivorum in vitro and in soil for potential as active agents in microbial pesticides

Kwon-Chung, K.J., 1979:
Comparison of isolates of Sporothrix schenckii obtained from fixed cutaneous lesions with isolates from other types of lesions

Blackall, P.J.; Summers, P.M., 1978:
Comparison of isolation methods of erysipelothrix rhusiopathiae from arthritic pig joints

Golberg, R.L.; Washington, J.A.I., 1976:
Comparison of isolation of haemophilus vaginalis corynebacterium vaginale from peptone starch dextrose agar and columbia colistin nalidixic acid agar

Eidus, L.; Glatthaar, E.; Hodgkin, M.M.; Nel, E.E.; Kleeberg, H.H., 1979:
Comparison of isoniazid phenotyping of black and white patients with emphasis on South African blacks

Peters, R.M.; Shackford, S.R.; Hogan, J.S.; Cologne, J.B., 1986:
Comparison of isotonic and hypertonic fluids in resuscitation from hypovolemic shock

Ware J.; Norman M.; Larsson M., 1984:
Comparison of isotope dilution technique and hematocrit determination for blood volume estimation in rats subjected to hemorrhage

Schoemaker, H.J.P.; Gamble, R.C.; Budzik, G.P.; Schimmel, P.R., 1976:
Comparison of isotope labeling patterns of purines in 3 specific transfer rna

Ruschel A.P.; Vose P.B.; Victoria R.L.; Salati E., 1979:
Comparison of isotope techniques and nonnodulating isolines to study the effect of ammonium fertilization on di nitrogen fixation in soybean glycine max

Arulsekar S.; Parfitt D.E.; Kester D.E., 1986:
Comparison of isozyme variability in peach prunus persica and almond prunus dulcis cultivars

Knowles P., 1985:
Comparison of isozyme variation among natural stands and plantations jack pine pinus banksiana and black spruce picea mariana

Sharitz R.R.; Wineriter S.A.; Smith M.H.; Liu E.H., 1980:
Comparison of isozymes among typha spp in the eastern usa

Powers S.; Wagner M.J.; Lopez R.L.Jr; Jones P.B., 1986:
Comparison of item responses of english and spanish speaking children using minimum logit chi squared regression

Njanja, J.C.; Wescott, R.B.; Ruvuna, F., 1987:
Comparison of ivermectin and thiabendazole for treatment of naturally occurring nematode infections of goats in Kenya

Markhart A.H.IIi; Smit Spinks B., 1984:
Comparison of j 14 hydraulic press with the scholander pressure bomb for measuring leaf water potential

Srivastava A.K.; Igarashi A., 1985:
Comparison of japanese encephalitis virus isolates from japan and thailand by peptide mapping

Osborn, J.E.; Robertson, S.M.; Padgett, B.L.; Walker, D.L.; Weisblum, B., 1976:
Comparison of jc and bk human papovaviruses with sv 40 dna homology studies

Osborn, J.E.; Robertson, S.M.; Padgett, B.L.; Zu-Rhein, G.M.; Walker, D.L.; Weisblum, B., 1974:
Comparison of jc and bk human papovaviruses with sv 40 restriction endo nuclease digestion and gel electrophoresis of resultant fragments

Levin R.J.; Mitchell M.A.; Barber D.C., 1983:
Comparison of jejunal and ileal absorptive functions for glucose and valine in vivo a technique for estimating real michaelis constant in the domestic fowl

King W.L.; Hautaluoma J.E., 1987:
Comparison of job satisfaction life satisfaction and performance of overeducated and other workers

Osnes, M.; Petersen, H.; Schrumpf, E., 1978:
Comparison of juice obtained during duodenal aspiration and cannulation of the main pancreatic duct after stimulation with exogenous secretin in man

Blem, C.R.; Steiner, J.W.; Miller, M.A., 1978:
Comparison of jumping abilities of the cricket frogs acris gryllus and acris crepitans

Moeckel H O., 1984:
Comparison of k l a values with the static and dynamic method during the fermentation of turimycin and l lysine

Sahrawat K.L., 1981:
Comparison of karanjin with other nitrification inhibitors for retardation of nitrification of urea nitrogen in soil

Zhou Z.; Shao Q.; Jiang X., 1984:
Comparison of karyotype and chromosome n banding pattern of hordeum spontaneum of qing zang plateau china and that of the middle east

Kral B.; Radjabli S.I.; Grafodatskij A.S.; Orlov V.N., 1984:
Comparison of karyotypes g bands and nucleolar organizer regions in 3 cricetulus spp cricetidae rodentia

Schroder J.; Van Der Loo W., 1979:
Comparison of karyotypes in 3 species of rabbit oryctolagus cuniculus sylvilagus nuttallii and sylvilagus idahoensis

Rozek, M.; Warchalowska-Sliwa, E., 1987:
Comparison of karyotypes of bembidion lampros herbst and bembidion properans steph. coleoptera carabidae

Peterffy A.; Jonasson R.; Szamosi A.; Henze A., 1980:
Comparison of kays and de vegas annulo plasty in surgical treatment of tricuspid incompetence clinical and hemodynamic results in 62 patients

Van Der Auwera P.; Levin S.; Klastersky J., 1983:
Comparison of kelfiprim sulfamethopyrazine plus trimethoprim and co trimoxazole sulfamethoxazole plus trimethoprim in urinary tract infections

Platikanov N.; Todorov N.A.; Dzhurbinev D., 1985:
Comparison of kellner system with east german new system for feed energy value determination and effect of pelleting and sodium hydroxide treatment of mixtures containing straw on fattening of young bulls

Szita G.; Takacs J.; Lendvai I., 1981:
Comparison of kessler swennarton and brilliant green lactose bile broth media for enumeration of coliform organisms in milk

Moretti, R.J.; Hassan, S.Z.; Goodman, L.I.; Meltzer, H.Y., 1984:
Comparison of ketamine and thiopental in healthy volunteers: effects on mental status, mood, and personality

Banknieder, A.R.; Phillips, J.M.; Jackson, K.T.; Vinal, S.I.J., 1978:
Comparison of ketamine with the combination of ketamine and xylazine for effective anesthesia in the rhesus monkey macaca mulatta

Sheps, S.G.; Schirger, A.; Zachariah, P.K.; Fisher, L.D.; Spiekerman, R.E.; Araas, F.J.; Collins, J.B.; Agerter, D.C., 1987:
Comparison of ketanserin and metoprolol in the treatment of essential hypertension

Alford, R.H.; Cartwright, B.B., 1983:
Comparison of ketoconazole and amphotericin B in interference with thymidine uptake by and blastogenesis of lymphocytes stimulated with Histoplasma capsulatum antigens

Cooper S.A.; Berrie R.; Cohn P., 1988:
Comparison of ketoprofen ibuprofen and placebo in a dental surgery pain model

Estenne B.; Julien M.; Charleux H.; Arsac M.; Arvis G.; Loygue J., 1988:
Comparison of ketorolac pentazocine and placebo in treating postoperative pain

Casciato, D.A.; Bluestone, R.; Goldberg, L.S., 1977:
Comparison of killing of bacteria by guinea pig neutrophils and monocytes

Kuroki G.W.; Poulton J.E., 1986:
Comparison of kinetic and molecular properties of two forms of amygdalin hydrolase from black cherry prunus serotina seeds

Miggiano, G.A.; Mordente, A.; Martorana, G.E.; Pischiutta, M.G.; Castelli, A., 1987:
Comparison of kinetic and optical changes during guanidine denaturation of intestinal alkaline phosphatase

Juma N.G.; Tabatabai M.A., 1988:
Comparison of kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of phosphomonoesterases of soils and corn and soybean roots

Wakabayashi S.; Goshima K., 1981:
Comparison of kinetic characteristics of sodium calcium exchange in sarcolemma vesicles and cultured cells from chick heart

Thomson A.B.R.; Hotke C.A.; Weinstein W.M., 1982:
Comparison of kinetic constants of hexose uptake in 4 animal species and man

Sparks D.L.; Jardine P.M., 1984:
Comparison of kinetic equations to describe potassium calcium exchange in pure and in mixed systems

Takada A.; Sugawara Y.; Takada Y., 1988:
Comparison of kinetic parameters of the activation of glutamic acid plasminogen by tissue plasminogen activator obtained from various sources

Fehrmann, H., 1977:
Comparison of kinetics of lipo amide dehydrogenase from pythium ultimum and phytophthora erythroseptica

Kobayashi, M.; Ohata, K., 1984:
Comparison of kinins derived from rat stomach tissue and produced by catheptic enzyme in rat stomach

Smiddy W.E.; Fine S.L.; Quigley H.A.; Hohman R.M.; Addicks E.A., 1984:
Comparison of krypton and argon laser photo coagulation results of simulated clinical treatment of primate retina

Makabe R., 1987:
Comparison of krypton and argon laser photocoagulation for senile neovascular maculopathy

Makabe R., 1986:
Comparison of krypton and argon laser trabeculoplasty

Tomoda T.; Kato N.; Nishimura T.; Itagaki T.; Ohkuma H.; Uyama M., 1985:
Comparison of krypton and argon lasers in the treatment of retinal vascular lesions

Ishiwata K.; Vaalburg W.; Elsinga P.H.; Paans A.M.J.; Woldring M.G., 1988:
Comparison of l carbon 11 labeled methionine and l methyl carbon 11 labeled methionine for measuring in vivo protein synthesis rates with pet

Greenacre, J.K.; Coxon, A.; Petrie, A.; Reid, J.L., 1976:
Comparison of l dopa with carbidopa or benserazide in parkinsonism

Kameyama T.; Ishikawa F.; Oishi K.; Aida K., 1982:
Comparison of l fucose specific lectins produced by 6 strains of streptomyces

Eales J.G., 1979:
Comparison of l thyroxine and 3 5 3 tri iodo l thyronine kinetics in fed and starved rainbow trout salmo gairdneri

Harris, T.R.; Roselli, R.J.; Maurer, C.R.; Parker, R.E.; Pou, N.A., 1987:
Comparison of labeled propanediol and urea as markers of lung vascular injury

Ashe, R.G.; Moodley, J.; Richards, A.M.; Philpott, R.H., 1987:
Comparison of labetalol and dihydralazine in hypertensive emergencies of pregnancy

West M.J.; Wing L.M.H.; Mulligan J.; Walkley J.; Grygiel J.J.; Graham J.R.; Chalmers J.P., 1980:
Comparison of labetalol hydralazine and propranolol in the therapy of moderate hypertension

Giattina J.D.; Cherry D.S.; Cairns J.Jr; Larrick S.R., 1981:
Comparison of laboratory and field avoidance behavior of fish in heated chlorinated water

Finlayson B.J.; Faggella G.A., 1986:
Comparison of laboratory and field observations of fish exposed to the herbicides molinate and thiobencarb

Hall R.A., 1980:
Comparison of laboratory infection of aphids by metarrhizium anisopliae and verticillium lecanii

Burritt E.A.; Bittner A.S.; Street J.C.; Anderson M.J., 1985:
Comparison of laboratory methods for the prediction of in vitro dry matter digestibility in 3 maturing grasses

Heimbach F., 1985:
Comparison of laboratory methods using eisenia foetida and lumbricus terrestris for the assessment of the hazard of chemicals to earthworms

Bailey K.M., 1984:
Comparison of laboratory rates of predation on 5 species of marine fish larvae by 3 planktonic invertebrates effects of larval size on vulnerability

Terpstra, C.; Frenkel, S.; Straver, P.J.; Barteling, S.J.; Van-Bekkum, J.G., 1976:
Comparison of laboratory techniques for the evaluation of the antigenic potency of foot and mouth disease virus cultures and vaccines

Chang L H.; Pereira B.M.; Weinstein P.R.; Keniry M.A.; Murphy Boesch J.; Litt L.; James T.L., 1987:
Comparison of lactate concentration determinations in ischemic and hypoxic rat brains by in vivo and in vitro proton nmr spectroscopy

Ogawa, R.; Kunimoto, F.; Gohshi, Y.; Hasegawa, S., 1987:
Comparison of lactated ringer's and 5 percent dextrose saline mixture solutions as intra operative hydrating agents

Gaskins C.T.; Anderson D.C., 1980:
Comparison of lactation curves in angus hereford jersey angus and simmental angus cows

Ghazi, A.; Therisod, H.; Shechter, E., 1983:
Comparison of lactose uptake in resting and energized Escherichia coli cells: high rates of respiration inactivate the lac carrier

Ichiye T.; Nakamoto S., 1985:
Comparison of lagrangian and eulerian diffusion near the bottom

Johannsson O.E., 1987:
Comparison of lake ontario canada usa zooplankton communities between 1967 and 1985 before and after implementation of salmonid stocking and phosphorus control

Vinberg, G.G., 1977:
Comparison of lake phyto plankton and zoo plankton biomasses

Thomann, R.V., 1977:
Comparison of lake phyto plankton models and loading plots

Kirton, A.H.; Clarke, J.N.; Carter, A.H., 1978:
Comparison of lamb carcasses sired by southdown with those sired by dorset down or suffolk rams mated to romney ewes

Boland, M.P.; Lemainque, F.; Gordon, I., 1978:
Comparison of lambing outcome in ewes after synchronization of estrus by progestogen or prostaglandin treatment

Sowa, J.; Huszno, B.; Szybiński, Z., 1979:
Comparison of laparoscopic and scintigraphic diagnoses in liver diseases

Rørvik, K.; Husby, P.; Gramstad, L.; Vamnes, J.S.; Bitsch-Larsen, L.; Koller, M.E., 1988:
Comparison of large dose of vecuronium with pancuronium for prolonged neuromuscular blockade

D.G.oot G.H.; Schalm S.W.; Schicht I.; Batavier P.; D.J.nge M.; Lens J.; Terpstra J.L., 1983:
Comparison of large pore membrane hemo dialysis and cross dialysis in acute hepatic insufficiency in pigs

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Comparison of laryngo tracheal and ultrasonic nebulizer administration of lidocaine in local anesthesia for bronchoscopy

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Comparison of laser and ir techniques for measurement of the resting focus of accommodation mean differences and long term variability

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Comparison of laser Doppler and Doppler ultrasound in lower limb vascular diagnosis

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Comparison of late 62 140 months degenerative changes in simultaneously implanted and explanted porcine hancock bio prosthesis in the tricuspid and mitral valve positions in 6 patients

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Comparison of late messenger rna splicing among class b and class c adenoviruses

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Comparison of latent and nominal rabbit ig vha1 allotype complementary dna sequences

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Comparison of latex agglutination and counterimmunoelectrophoresis for the detection of pneumococcal antigen in elderly pneumonia patients

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Comparison of latex agglutination elisa and indicator plants for detection of potato viruses s and x in potatoes

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Comparison of latex agglutination inhibition test and bioassays for rapid estimation of serum gentamicin levels

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Comparison of lattice designs check plots and moving means in wheat triticum aestivum breeding trails

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Comparison of lauric acid effects on synchronous and nonsynchronous cell divisions of escherichia coli k 12

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Comparison of lavage or intravenous antibiotics at cesarean section

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Comparison of lead excretion in patients after 5 chelating drugs

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Comparison of leaf development in normal entire and lanceolate plants of tomato lycopersicon esculentum cultivar ailsa craig

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Comparison of leaf gas exchange and water use efficiency in 2 eastern gammagrass tripsacum dactyloides accessions

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Comparison of leaf smearing and wick feeding techniques for root distribution studies of tobacco nicotiana tabacum

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Comparison of leafhopper species complexes in the ground cover of sprayed and unsprayed peach orchards in michigan usa homoptera cicadellidae

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Comparison of learning styles between physical education and dance majors

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Comparison of left and right ventricular blood flow responses during arterial pressure reduction in the autonomically blocked dog: evidence for right ventricular autoregulation

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Comparison of left atrial and left ventricular performance in conscious dogs

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Comparison of left ventricular ejection fraction by cine computed tomography and single plane right anterior oblique ventriculography

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Comparison of left ventricular ejection fraction by electro cardiogram gated radio nuclide techniques and contrast angiography using a micro computer system

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Comparison of left ventricular end diastolic volume of radionuclide ventriculography contrast ventriculography and a method independent of geometry

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Comparison of left ventricular free wall and septal diastolic compliance in the dog

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Comparison of left ventricular function after 1 year in 67 patients under periodic hemo dialysis for renal insufficiency

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Comparison of left ventricular function and infarct size in patients with and without persistently positive technetium 99m labeled pyro phosphate myo cardial scintigrams after myo cardial infarction analysis of 357 patients

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Comparison of left ventricular function changes between essential hypertension and hypertrophic non obstructive cardiomyopathy

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Comparison of Leg Strength Training Equipment

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Comparison of legionella pneumophila legionella micdadei legionella bozemanii and legionella dumoffii by transmission electron microscopy

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Comparison of legume and wheat flour carbohydrates part 1 sugar analysis

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Comparison of leucine amino peptidase ec from human lens beef lens and kidney and hog lens and kidney

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Comparison of leucine enkephalin and acth effects on adrenal function in fetal and adult sheep

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Comparison of leuconostoc oenos strains ml 34 and psu 1 induce malo lactic fermentation in pennsylvania usa red table wines

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Comparison of leukocyte adherence inhibition reactivity in b 77 tumor bearing rats between before and after surgical removal of tumors

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Comparison of leukocytic pyrogen and leukocytic endogenous mediator

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Comparison of leukotrienes as conjunctival microvascular permeability factors

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Comparison of levels of amp in highly purified and mixed primary cultures of neurons and nonneuronal cells from embryonic chick sympathetic ganglia

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Comparison of levels of benzo a pyrenediol epoxide dia stereomers covalently bound in vivo to macro molecular components of the whole epidermis vs. the basal cell layer

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Comparison of levels of trace elements extracted from fly ash and levels found in effluent waters from a coal fired power plant

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Comparison of levo eseroline with dextro eseroline and dihydroseco analogs in antinociceptive assays confirmation of rubreserine structure by x ray analysis

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Comparison of lidocaine and bupivacaine depression of sinoatrial nodal activity during hypoxia and acidosis in adult and neonatal guinea pigs

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Comparison of lidocaine by fluorescence polarization immunoassay, enzyme immunoassay, and high resolution gas chromatography

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Comparison of lidoflazine and quinidine in prophylactic treatment of arrhythmias

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Comparison of life span of erythrocytes in some inbred strains of mouse using carbon 14 labeled glycine

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Comparison of life tables among the 3 species of tadpole shrimps

Itino T., 1986:
Comparison of life tables between the solitary eumenid wasp anterhynchium flavomarginatum and the subsocial eumenid wasp orancistrocerus drewseni to evaluate the adaptive significance of maternal care

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Comparison of lifetime performance in mice under crisscross, repeat hybrid male cross and random mating systems

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Comparison of light and electron microscopic determinations of the number of bacteria and algae in lake water

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Comparison of light and electron microscopy for defining occupational asbestos exposure in transbronchial lung biopsies

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Comparison of light microscopy and transmission electron microscopy for the evaluation of body cavity effusions

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Comparison of light scattering index 50 percent and inhibitory concentration 50 percent

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Comparison of limulus amoebocyte lysates and correlation with the usa pharmacopeial pyrogen test

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Comparison of limulus amoebocyte lysates from different manufacturers

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Comparison of lindane and chlorpyrifos methyl for preventive control of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis

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Comparison of linear and quadratic classification of event related potentials on the basis of their exogenous or endogenous components

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Comparison of linear effect molecular weight correlations obtained on different biological substrates

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Comparison of lipid and protein content of serum very low density lipo proteins isolated by ultra centrifugation in uniform density and in density gradient

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Comparison of lipid biosynthesis of normal and dark kept spinach leaves in photosynthetically active light

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Comparison of lipid components between wild and culture sea mussels

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Comparison of lipid composition among rhodococcus rubropertinctus r s and m variants

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Comparison of lipid composition and 1 6 di phenyl 1 3 5 hexatriene fluorescence polarization measurements of hairy cells with monocytes and lymphocytes from normal subjects and patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia

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Comparison of lipid cycles of holbrookia propinqua from padre island and mainland texas usa

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Comparison of lipid production by uni cellular and filamentous fungi

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Comparison of lipids between cultured and wild sea breams

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Comparison of lipids between tumor and normal hamster melanosomes

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Comparison of lipids from Spiroplasma citri and corn stunt spiroplasma

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Comparison of lipopolysaccharide and outer membrane protein lipopolysaccharide extracts in an elisa for the diagnosis of brucella ovis infection

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Comparison of lipopolysaccharides of rhodomicrobium vannielii grown in phototropic and chemotropic conditions

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Comparison of liquid chromatographic and gas liquid chromatographic assays of 5 fluoro uracil in plasma

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Comparison of liquid chromatographic methods for isotherm determination on active carbons

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Comparison of liquid growth media for Legionella pneumophila

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Comparison of liquid scintillation counting method with morphological evaluation of lymphocyte blast transformation in vitro culture stimulated with phyto hem agglutinin

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Comparison of Listeria serotypes and phage types isolated from sheep, other animals and humans

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Comparison of Listerine mouthwash and periodontal dressing following periodontal flap surgery. I. Initial findings

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Comparison of lithium and sodium transport in primary cultures of dissociated brain cells

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Comparison of litter fall and turnover in 2 florida usa ecosystems

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Comparison of live and removal methods to estimate small mammal densities

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Comparison of live human neutrophil and alveolar macrophage elastolytic activity in vitro. Relative resistance of macrophage elastolytic activity to serum and alveolar proteinase inhibitors

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Comparison of live Newcastle disease vaccines in a simple vaccination and challenge experiment

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Comparison of live trapping methods for surveying small mammal populations

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Comparison of liver alcohol dehydrogenases ec in fischer 344 and sprague dawley rats

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Comparison of liver enzymes and liver scan in the detection of hepatic metastases

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Comparison of liver scans using indium 113m colloid and technetium 99m phytate in a patient with hepatic metastases and enlarged spleen

Hoffmann, T.H.; Ransdell, H.T., 1980:
Comparison of lobectomy and wedge resection for carcinoma of the lung

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Comparison of loblolly and shortleaf pine bolts as hosts of the southern pine beetle dendroctonus frontalis coleoptera scolytidae

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Comparison of local anesthetic activities between cis and trans isomers of racemic 1 benzoyloxy 2 dimethylamino 1 2 3 4 tetra hydro naphthalene

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Comparison of local blood flow and oxygen availability at the same locus in the ischemic gerbil brain

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Comparison of local cerebral blood flow determined by thermal and hydrogen clearance

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Comparison of local neuro toxicity of 3 white spirit formulations by per cutaneous exposure of rat tail nerve/

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Comparison of local vs. central tumor measurements in a multicenter cancer trial

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Comparison of locations with respect to the effect of nitrogen manuring of winter cereals in spring using the minimum nitrogen method

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Comparison of loco motion and adhesion in 4 strains of amoeba proteus

Hiroki M., 1981:
Comparison of loco motor behavior between standing water dwelling and running water dwelling gammarids

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Comparison of locomotion, chemotaxis and adhesiveness of rabbit neutrophils from blood and peritoneal exudates

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Comparison of locus of control among students within a prison setting with students at a private liberal arts college

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Comparison of locus of control in freeloaders vs nonfreeloaders

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Comparison of logistic and gompertz functions and the prediction of growth processes

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Comparison of long acting analogs of luteinizing hormone releasing hormone in man

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Comparison of long acting oxytetracycline and parvaquone in immunization against east coast fever by infection and treatment

Jaattela A.; Maki O., 1983:
Comparison of long acting propranolol and conventional metoprolol in the treatment of hypertension

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Comparison of long bone radiographs between usa navy divers and matched controls

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Comparison of long term lipogenic effects of 2 different medium chain tri glycerides in the growing rat

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Comparison of long term results of different procedures for portal hypertension

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Comparison of long term results of surgical vs. medical treatment in acquired valvular disease

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Comparison of longevities of uninfected and trypanosome trypanosoma nannomonas congolense broden 1904 infected tse tse flies glossina morsitans morsitans westwood 1850

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Comparison of longissimus dorsi muscle pigment concentration from implanted and control angus and limousin bulls and steers

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Comparison of loperamide with bismuth subsalicylate for the treatment of acute travelers' diarrhea

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Comparison of lorazepam and flurazepam as hypnotic agents in chronic insomniacs

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Comparison of lorcainide and quinidine in the treatment of ventricular ectopy

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Comparison of low alkaloid tall fescues festuca arundinacea and orchardgrass dactylis glomerata for lactating jersey cows

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Comparison of low and high calcium requiring forms of the calcium activated neutral protease from rabbit skeletal muscle

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Comparison of low and medium energy collimators for single photon emission computed tomography imaging with iodine 123 labeled antibodies

Dayton W.R., 1982:
Comparison of low calcium and high calcium requiring forms of the calcium activated protease with their auto catalytic breakdown products

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Comparison of low dose heparin and low dose heparin combined with aspirin in prevention of deep vein thrombosis after total hip replacement

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Comparison of low dose radiation therapy alone or combined with procarbazine nsc 77213 for unresectable epidermoid carcinoma of the lung stage t 3 n 1 n 2 or m 1

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Comparison of low doses of hydrochlorothiazide plus amiloride and hydrochlorothiazide alone in hypertension in elderly patients

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Comparison of low glucosinolate low erucic acid rapeseed meal cultivar tower commercial rapeseed meal and soybean meal as sources of protein for starting growing and finishing pigs and young rats

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Comparison of low molecular weight products following reaction of complement c 3 c 3b with complement c 3b inactivator and with trypsin

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Comparison of low temperature responses of chilling sensitive and chilling tolerant rice mitochondrial membrane

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Comparison of low volume and high volume irrigation aspiration systems for extracapsular cataract extraction

Kaji, T.; Hirai, Y.; Okada, J., 1985:
Comparison of lubricant efficiencies during compaction of lactose powder

Rogers V.E., 1981:
Comparison of lucernes when grown on a heavy clay soil infected by phytophthora and their response to attack by the spotted alfalfa aphid therioaphis trifolii f maculata

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Comparison of lung antioxidant levels in humans and laboratory animals

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Comparison of lung burdens of inhaled particles of rats exposed during the day or night

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Comparison of lung function in young nonsmokers and smokers before and after initiation of the smoking habit. A prospective study

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Comparison of lung sound and transmitted sound amplitude in normal men

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Comparison of lung vascular and epithelial permeability indices in the adult respiratory distress syndrome

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Comparison of lung volume measurements by single breath helium and multiple breath nitrogen equilibration methods in normal subjects and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients

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Comparison of lupine varieties for grain yield nutritive value of stubbles incidence of infection with phomopsis leptostromiformis and occurrence of lupinosis

Arnold, G.W.; Hill, J.L.; Maller, R.A.; Wallace, S.R.; Carbon, B.A.; Nairn, M.; Wood, P.M.; Weeldenburg, J., 1976:
Comparison of lupine varieties for nutritive value as dry standing feed for weaner sheep and for incidence of lupinosis

Haresign, W.; Lamming, G.E., 1978:
Comparison of luteinizing hormone release and luteal function in cyclic and luteinizing hormone releasing hormone treated anestrous ewes pre treated with pregnant mares serum gonadotropin or estrogen

Probst B., 1983:
Comparison of luteinizing hormone stimulated testosterone release from mongolian gerbil and mouse whole testes and isolated interstitial cells in vitro difference in response and sensitivity

Parker R.J.; Priester E.R.; Sieber S.M., 1982:
Comparison of lymphatic uptake metabolism excretion and bio distribution of free and liposome entrapped carbon 14 labeled cytosine beta d arabino furanoside following intra peritoneal administration to rats

Balo Banga J.M.; Nemeth G.; Farago K., 1985:
Comparison of lymphocyte chromatin activation test with leukocyte migration in detection of drug allergy

Polk E.A.; Starr A.J.; Friedman H.; Erb L., 1982:
Comparison of lyophilized and frozen micro titer systems for routine minimum inhibitory concentration testing in the clinical laboratory

Vold, B.S., 1970:
Comparison of lysyl transfer rna species from vegetative cells and spores of bacillus subtilis by methylated albumin kieselguhr and reversed phase chromatography

Case D.C.Jr, 1984:
Comparison of m 2 protocol with cyclo phosphamide vincristine prednisone in patients with nodular lymphoma

Kazama, T.; Ikeda, K., 1988:
Comparison of MAC and the rate of rise of alveolar concentration of sevoflurane with halothane and isoflurane in the dog

Acharya S.; Sharma K.D., 1985:
Comparison of macro and micro environment approach of stability analysis in rice for some qualitative attributes

Stoner A.W.; Greening H.S.; Ryan J.D.; Livingston R.J., 1983:
Comparison of macro benthos collected with cores and suction sampler in vegetated and unvegetated marine habitats

Smith A.L., 1981:
Comparison of macro faunal invertebrates in sand dollar dendraster excentricus beds and in adjacent areas free of sand dollars

Neuswanger D.J.; Taylor W.W.; Reynolds J.B., 1982:
Comparison of macro invertebrate herpo benthos and hapto benthos in side channel and slough in the upper mississippi river usa

Ruggeri, F.; Santoro, R.; Rapicetta, M.; Grandolfo, M.F., 1978:
Comparison of macro methods and micro methods in kaolin and red blood cell treatment of sera used in the measles hem agglutination inhibition test

Paoluzi P.; Agnello M.; Proietti F.; Pietroiusti A.; Caracciolo F.; Capurso L., 1988:
Comparison of magaldrate and cimetidine in short term treatment of duodenal ulcer a double blind trial

Wikman Coffelt J.; Higuchi M.; Fabian F.; Mason D.T., 1979:
Comparison of magnesium ion vs calcium ion potassium ion and actin activation of myosin after tri nitrophenylation

Webster D.H., 1985:
Comparison of magnesium sulfate and this magnesium chelate foliar sprays response of magnesium deficient cultivar beautiful arcade apple seedlings

Cotton, D.B.; Strassner, H.T.; Hill, L.M.; Schifrin, B.S.; Paul, R.H., 1984:
Comparison of magnesium sulfate, terbutaline and a placebo for inhibition of preterm labor. A randomized study

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Comparison of magnetic resonance and roentgen ray computed tomography in dementia

Nichols, D.A.; Laws, E.R.; Houser, O.W.; Abboud, C.F., 1988:
Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography in the preoperative evaluation of pituitary adenomas

Goldsmith, M.S.; Tanasescu, D.E.; Waxman, A.D.; Crues, J.V., 1988:
Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and radionuclide imaging in the evaluation of renal transplant failure

Amparo, E.G.; Hoddick, W.K.; Hricak, H.; Sollitto, R.; Justich, E.; Filly, R.A.; Higgins, C.B., 1985:
Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasonography in the evaluation of abdominal aortic aneurysms

Wiczyk, H.P.; Janus, C.L.; Richards, C.J.; Graf, M.J.; Gendal, E.S.; Rabinowitz, J.G.; Laufer, N., 1988:
Comparison of magnetic resonance imaging and ultrasound in evaluating follicular and endometrial development throughout the normal cycle

Borrello J.A.; Aisen A.M.; Gebarski S.S., 1985:
Comparison of magnetic resonance relaxation times and x ray attenuation coefficients of focal brain lesions

Mimuro M.; Fujita Y., 1980:
Comparison of main emissions at minus 196 celsius from phycobilisomes of 2 blue green algae anabaena cylindrica and anacystis nidulans

Russell, J.B.; Baldwin, R.L., 1979:
Comparison of maintenance energy expenditures and growth yields among several rumen bacteria grown on continuous culture

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Comparison of maintenance treatment regimens for 1st central nervous system relapse in children with acute lymphocytic leukemia a pediatric oncology group study

Reddy N.V.; Rao D.R.; Sunki G.R., 1979:
Comparison of maize wheat and triticale in broiler diets

Namba M.; Karai M.; Kimoto T., 1987:
Comparison of major cytoskeletons among normal human fibroblasts immortal human fibroblasts transformed by exposure to cobalt 60 gamma rays and the latter cells made tumorigenic by treatment with harvey murine sarcoma virus

Garvey M.J.; Tollefson G.D.; Tuason V.B., 1987:
Comparison of major depression with and without panic attacks

Matsui Y.; Staunton D.E.; Shapiro H.M.; Yunis E.J., 1986:
Comparison of major histocompatibility complex antigen expression on phytohemagglutinin and major histocompatibility complex induced t cell lines with that on t and b lymphoblastoid cell lines by cell cycle dependency

Rogers M.J.; Germain R.N.; Hare J.; Long E.; Singer D.S., 1985:
Comparison of major histocompatibility complex genes among distantly related members of the genus mus

Thornburg, R.W.; Baseman, J.B., 1983:
Comparison of major protein antigens and protein profiles of Treponema pallidum and Treponema pertenue

Nunamaker R.A.; Wilson W.T., 1981:
Comparison of malate dehydrogenase allozyme patterns in the african honey bee apis mellifera adansonii and the africanized populations of brazil

Hadacova V.; Klozova E.; Svachulova J.; Pitterova K., 1983:
Comparison of malate dehydrogenase iso enzymes in some allium species by iso electric focusing

Cogburn R.R., 1981:
Comparison of malathion and 3 candidate protectants against insect pests of stored rice and advantages of encapsulation

Hong T.K.; Jaal Z., 1986:
Comparison of male adult population densities of the oriental and artocarpus fruit flies dacus spp diptera tephritidae in two nearby villages in penang malaysia

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Comparison of male agonistic behavior in 5 species of cockroaches

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Comparison of male and female bemisia tabaci in the transmission of bean golden mosaic

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Comparison of male bumble bee flight paths temperate and tropical hymenoptera apoidea

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Comparison of malt agar with malt agar plus o phenyl phenol for isolating armillaria mellea and other fungi from conifer roots

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Comparison of mammalian lhrh and of an analog ici 118630 on luteinizing hormone and ovarian steroid progesterone estradiol secretions in laying hens gallus domesticus

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Comparison of mammalian mitochondrial ribosomal rna from different species

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Comparison of mammalian vasoactive intestinal peptide bioactivities in dispersed acini from guinea pig pancreas

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Comparison of mammary adipose fatty acid composition in Japanese and American breast cancer patients

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Comparison of mammary tumor development in mice bearing pituitary implants and carrying mammary tumor virus infections by various routes

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Comparison of mammography and transillumination light scanning in the detection of breast lesions

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Comparison of management techniques for evaluating italian and hybrid ryegrass lolium multiflorum cultivars

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Comparison of mandelate dehydrogenases from various strains of Acinetobacter calcoaceticus: similarity of natural and 'evolved' forms

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Comparison of manganese cobalt and copper binding to fulvic acid as measured by fluorescence quenching

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Comparison of manganese sulfate and manganese edta for soybeans grown on 2 soils in the greenhouse

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Comparison of mania and depression after brain injury: causal factors

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Comparison of manometric and ir methods for determining carbon mon oxide in blood

Hall, P.A.; Lemoine, N.R., 1986:
Comparison of manual data coding errors in two hospitals

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Comparison of maris kabul with vertus alfalfa medicago sativa for resistance to verticillium wilt

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Comparison of marrow granulocyte macrophage precursor response to piperazinedione vs. cyclo phosphamide in normal mice

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Comparison of mass examination of refraction with autorefractometer in 1983 and 1984 at the same school and with an autokeratometer in 1984 part 2

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Comparison of mastectomy with tamoxifen for treating elderly patients with operable breast cancer

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Comparison of master's and doctoral level psychologists in recognizing signs of potential suicide

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Comparison of maternal and fetal effects of vacuum extraction with forceps or cesarean deliveries

Suzuki, H., 1988:
Comparison of maternal and fetal serum IgG levels at birth

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Comparison of maternal and neonatal morbidity in midforceps delivery and midpelvis vacuum extraction

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Comparison of maternal behavior at parturition in primiparous or multiparous ewes of ile de france prealpes du sud and romanov breeds

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Comparison of maternal serum and urinary estrogen determinations as indicators of fetal well being

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Comparison of mating ability and mating competitiveness between mass reared and wild strains of the melon fly dacus cucurbitae

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Comparison of mature leaf architecture of 3 types in sorbus rosaceae

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Comparison of maximal acid output and gastrin response to meals in Chinese and Scottish normal and duodenal ulcer subjects

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Comparison of maximal bronchoconstriction in vivo and airway smooth muscle responses in vitro in nonasthmatic humans

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Comparison of Maxon suture with Vicryl, chromic catgut, and PDS sutures in fascial closure in rats

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Comparison of maze escape behaviors of 2 species of the shore crab hemigrapsus

Naglieri J.A., 1980:
Comparison of mccarthy general cognitive index and wechsler intelligence scale for children revised iq for educable mentally retarded learning disabled and normal children

Neumann P.W.; Weber J.M.; Jessamine A.G.; O'shaughnessy M.V., 1985:
Comparison of measles antihemolysin test enzyme linked immunosorbent assay elisa and hemagglutination inhibition test with neutralization test for determination of immune status

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Comparison of measured and calculated consumptive use of water by savanna grass axonopus compressus

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Comparison of measured and estimated evapo transpiration

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Comparison of measured and modeled mesoscale sulfur di oxide patterns in the benelux

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Comparison of measured ozone in southeastern virginia usa with computer predictions from a photochemical model

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Comparison of measured relative iso dose distributions in tangential stationary fields of cobalt 60 radiation with calculated iso dose plans

Kachanoski R.G., 1987:
Comparison of measured soil cesium 137 losses and erosion rates

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Comparison of measured torso potentials with those simulated from epi cardial potentials for ventricular de polarization and re polarization in the intact dog

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Comparison of measurements of glucose flux rates in wethers and in pregnant and lactating ewes using carbon 14 labeled and tritium labeled tracers

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Comparison of measurements of serum venom specific immunoglobulin g by radioimmunoassay and enzyme immunoassay

Schroeter J.; Brusis T.; Luckhaupt H., 1985:
Comparison of measurements of the extent of interaural transmission with regard to the problem of noise exposures differing between 2 sides at the work place

Ligas, J.R.; Primiano, F.P.; Saidel, G.M.; Doershuk, C.F., 1977:
Comparison of measures of forced expiration

Bode, J.; Page, R., 1978:
Comparison of measures of moral judgment

Gaus J.; Weitze K.F., 1984:
Comparison of measures of testes in living boars and after castration

Wang, C.Q., 1981:
Comparison of measuring closing volume simultaneously by helium and nitrogen method

Steindel B.; Kaczmarek W., 1980:
Comparison of meat quality of belgian landrace polish large white polish landrace pure breed and male belgian landrace x female polish landrace cross bred pigs

Bendtsen B.A.; Maeglin R.R.; Deneke F., 1981:
Comparison of mechanical and anatomical properties of eastern cottonwood populus deltoides and populus hybrid ne 237 populus deltoides x populus nigra cultivar volga

Cox R.H., 1982:
Comparison of mechanical and chemical properties of extralobar and intra lobar canine pulmonary arteries

Geller A., 1986:
Comparison of mechanisms enhancing biodegradability of refractory lake water constituents

Inganas, M., 1981:
Comparison of mechanisms of interaction between protein a from staphylococcus aureus and human mono clonal immuno globulin g immuno globulin a and immuno globulin m in relation to the classical fc gamma and the alternative fab' 2 epsilon protein a interactions

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Comparison of mechanisms of signal transmission in plasma membranes of brain synaptosomes and photo receptor membranes of the retina

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Comparison of meclofenamate sodium with buffered aspirin and placebo for the relief of postoperative dental pain

Gleason, J.A.; Winer, W.; Turner, J.L., 1987:
Comparison of meclofenamate sodium with codeine and placebo for the treatment of episiotomy pain

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Comparison of media and culture techniques for detection of Streptococcus pneumoniae in respiratory secretions

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Comparison of media and methods for detecting and enumerating Listeria monocytogenes in refrigerated cabbage

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Comparison of media and methods for the detection and enumeration of clostridium perfringens in seafoods

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Comparison of media and procedures for the isolation of listeria monocytogenes from ground beef

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Comparison of media and techniques for detection of group A streptococci in throat swab specimens

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Comparison of media for direct isolation and transport of Shigellae from Fecal specimens

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Comparison of media for isolation of bacillus cereus from foods

Itoh K.; Mitsuoka T., 1985:
Comparison of media for isolation of mouse anaerobic fecal bacteria

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Comparison of media for isolation of salmonellae and shigellae from fecal specimens

Fiacco V.; Miller M.J.; Carney E.; Martin W.J., 1984:
Comparison of media for isolation of ureaplasma urealyticum and genital mycoplasma spp

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Comparison of media for quantitative determination of bacillus cereus in certain food products

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Comparison of media for recovery of total coliform bacteria from chemically treated water

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Comparison of media for substance abuse education in rural communities

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Comparison of media for the enumeration of Clostridium perfringens

Bredt, W.; Bink, H., 1977:
Comparison of media for the isolation of Ureaplasma urealyticum

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Comparison of media for the primary isolation of Haemophilus ducreyi

Komm, B.S.; Keeping, H.S.; Sabogal, G.; Lyttle, C.R., 1985:
Comparison of media proteins from ovariectomized rat uteri following estrogen treatment

Jinno M., 1986:
Comparison of media used for human in vitro fertilization and embryo transfer programs a new method for serum preparation

Wolinsky, H., 1970:
Comparison of medial growth of human thoracic and abdominal aortas

Burney R.E.; Gundry S.R.; Mackenzie J.R.; Wilton G.P.; Whitehouse W.M.; W.S.C., 1983:
Comparison of mediastinal width mediastinal thoracic and mediastinal cardiac ratios and mediastinal widening in detection of traumatic aortic rupture

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Comparison of medical and surgical treatment for unstable angina pectoris. Results of a Veterans Administration Cooperative Study

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Comparison of medical vs. surgical treatment of major hemoptysis

Elliott H.L.; Mclean K.; Meredith P.A.; Sumner D.J.; Reid J.L., 1984:
Comparison of medroxalol and labetalol drugs with combined alpha adrenoceptor and beta adrenoceptor antagonist properties

Kauppila A.; Kivinen S.; Leinonen P.; Tuimala R.; Vihko R.; Ylostalo P., 1983:
Comparison of megestrol acetate and clomiphene citrate as supplemental medication in post menopausal estrogen replacement therapy

Gupta S.K.; Roy S.K., 1985:
Comparison of meiotic abnormalities induced by gamma rays between a diploid and a tetraploid species of physalis

Hiwada K.; Yokoyama M.; Kokubu T., 1981:
Comparison of membrane bound aryl amidases from human bovine hog dog rabbit and rat kidneys

Morgan, K.G., 1983:
Comparison of membrane electrical activity of cat gastric submucosal arterioles and venules

Yang F Y.; Xing J R.; Chen W W.; Wang S Y., 1986:
Comparison of membrane fluidity of seedling mitochondria of chilling sensitive and chilling tolerant rice

Weeks R.S.; Mains P.E.; Sibley C.H., 1984:
Comparison of membrane immuno globulin m expression in the murine b cell lymphoma 70z 3 treated with lipo poly saccharide or supernatant containing t cell factors

Lin, S.D., 1977:
Comparison of membranes for fecal coliform recovery on chlorinated effluents

Avdulov N.A.; Zaslavskii B.Yu; Mikheeva L.M.; Val'dman A.V., 1982:
Comparison of membranotropy and relative hydrophobicity of chemically different anti depressants

Hatch D.; Leighton L., 1986:
Comparison of men and women on self disclosure

Johnson, D.; Poteat, G.M.; Kushnick, T., 1986:
Comparison of mental age estimates made by pediatricians and mothers of preschool children

Fishler, K.; Koch, R.; Donnell, G.N., 1976:
Comparison of mental development in individuals with mosaic and trisomy 21 Down's syndrome

Netopina S.A., 1980:
Comparison of mental working capacities of children in the 4th and 5th grades who entered school at the age of 6 and 7 years

Winters, J.J.; Hoats, D.L., 1986:
Comparison of mentally retarded and nonretarded persons' organization of semantic memory

Slattery P.J.; Harmer M.; Rosen M.; Vickers M.D., 1981:
Comparison of meptazinol and pethidine given intra venously on demand in the management of post operative pain

Kane P.F., 1984:
Comparison of mercuric oxide and copper sulfate as digestion catalysts in manual kjeldahl determination of crude protein in animal feeds collaborative study

Kane P.F., 1987:
Comparison of mercuric oxide and cupric sulfate titanium dioxide as catalysts in manual kjeldahl digestion for determination of crude protein in animal feed collaborative study

Ohta, Y., 1978:
Comparison of mercury contents in human hair from different individuals by activation analysis

Kuhnert, P.M.; Kuhnert, B.R.; Erhard, P., 1981:
Comparison of mercury levels in maternal blood, fetal cord blood, and placental tissues

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Comparison of mesna with forced diuresis to prevent cyclophosphamide induced hemorrhagic cystitis in marrow transplantation a prospective randomized study

Mantilacci L., 1980:
Comparison of meso planktonic facies of the years 1956 1978 in lake trasimeno italy

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Comparison of messenger rna binding by formylated methionyl transfer rna binding protein and messenger rna associated proteins

Loschke D.C.; Hadwiger L.A.; Wagoner W., 1983:
Comparison of messenger rna populations coding for phenyl alanine ammonia lyase and other peptides from pea pisum sativum tissue treated with biotic and abiotic phyto alexin inducers

Perry R.P.; Kelley D.E.; Schibler U., 1979:
Comparison of messenger rna precursors in plasma cytomas producing closely related kappa chains

Barrett T.; Underwood B., 1985:
Comparison of messenger rna species induced in cells infected with each member of the morbillievirus group

Donderski, W.; Trzilova, B., 1977:
Comparison of metabolic activity in heterotrophic bacteria isolated directly from water and by the plate method

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Comparison of metabolic and psychological parameters during continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion and intensified conventional insulin treatment in type I diabetic patients

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Comparison of metabolic and vaso constrictor stimuli on coronary vascular resistance in man

Petrofsky, J.S.; Lind, A.R., 1978:
Comparison of metabolic and ventilatory responses of men to various lifting tasks and bicycle ergometry

Stauffer R.W.; Mccarter M.; Campbell J.L.; Wheeler L.F.Jr, 1987:
Comparison of metabolic responses of usa military academy men and women in acute military load bearing

Krzysik B.A.; Adibi S.A., 1979:
Comparison of metabolism of glycine injected intra venously in free and di peptide forms

Verburg, M.P.; Britt, B.A.; Oerlemans, F.T.; Scott, B.; van Egmond, J.; D.B.uijn, C.H., 1986:
Comparison of metabolites in skeletal muscle biopsies from normal humans and those susceptible to malignant hyperthermia

Saito S.; Tani S., 1982:
Comparison of metacercariae of echinostoma hortense and echinostoma cinetorchis in loach misgurnus anguillicaudatus

Sugiura Y., 1979:
Comparison of metal complexes between depybuvamide bleomycin and bleomycin an important effect of axial donor on metal coordination and oxygen activation

Onosaka S.; Cherian M.G., 1982:
Comparison of metallo thionein determination by polarographic and cadmium saturation methods

Van Der Elst J.; Deleener A.; Verschaeve L.; Kirsch Volders M.; Susanne C., 1984:
Comparison of metaphase and interphase nucleolar activity in hela ccl 2 cells and phytohemagglutinin stimulated human lymphocytes

Boggs J.M.; Moscarello M.A., 1984:
Comparison of metastable phase behavior of the complexes of di palmitoyl phosphatidyl glycerol with magnesium and myelin basic protein

Miller, F.R., 1981:
Comparison of metastasis of mammary tumors growing in the mammary fat pad vs. the subcutis

D.R.iter J.; Cramer S.J.; Lelieveld P.; Van Putten L.M., 1982:
Comparison of metastatic disease after local tumor treatment with radio therapy or surgery in various tumor models

Backman P.A.; Crawford M.A.; Hammond J.M., 1984:
Comparison of meteorological and standardized timings of fungicide applications for soybean glycine max disease control

Roti, E.; Robuschi, G.; Gardini, E.; Montermini, M.; Salvi, M.; Manfredi, A.; Gnudi, A.; Braverman, L.E., 1988:
Comparison of methimazole, methimazole and sodium ipodate, and methimazole and saturated solution of potassium iodide in the early treatment of hyperthyroid Graves' disease

Konturek S.J.; Tasler J.; Cieszkowski M.; Mikos E.; Coy D.H.; Schally A.V., 1980:
Comparison of methionine enkephalin and morphine in the stimulation of gastric secretion in the dog

Miller, K.E.; Seybold, V.S., 1987:
Comparison of methionine enkephalin dynorphin a and neurotensin immunoreactive neurons in the cat and rat spinal cords i. lumbar cord

Gasnier-Fauchet, F.; Gharib, A.; Nardon, P., 1986:
Comparison of methionine metabolism in symbiotic and aposymbiotic larvae of sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae i. evidence for a glycine n methyltransferase like activity in the aposymbiotic larvae

Gasnier-Fauchet, F.; Nardon, P., 1986:
Comparison of methionine metabolism in symbiotic and aposymbiotic larvae of sitophilus oryzae coleoptera curculionidae ii. involvement of the symbiotic bacteria in the oxidation of methionine

Skottner, A.; Forsman, A.; Löfberg, E.; Thorngren, K.G., 1984:
Comparison of methionyl human growth hormone and pituitary growth hormone on somatic growth of hypophysectomized rats

Valori, R.M.; Collins, S.M.; Daniel, E.E.; Reddy, S.N.; Shannon, S.; Jury, J., 1986:
Comparison of methodologies for the measurement of antroduodenal motor activity in the dog

Stone D.L.; Evans G.F., 1986:
Comparison of methodology for the determination of bacterial spore numbers in the skim milk powder

de Louvois, J.; Mulhall, A.; Hurley, R., 1980:
Comparison of methods available for assay of chloramphenicol in clinical specimens

Wojtyniak B.; Gorynski P., 1980:
Comparison of methods defining over weight used for estimating the spread of obesity in population

Garred, L.J.; Keller, K.H., 1977:
Comparison of methods for analyzing membrane oxygenation

Ekelund R.; Emanuelsson E.; Granmo A., 1983:
Comparison of methods for assessing effects of industrial waste water on the mussel mytilus edulis

Dorwart, W.V.; Chalmers, L., 1975:
Comparison of methods for calculating serum osmolality from chemical concentrations and the prognostic value of such calculations

Campbell V.A.; Bailey C.J., 1984:
Comparison of methods for classifying community residential settings of mentally retarded individuals

Benes, S.; McCormack, W.M., 1982:
Comparison of methods for cultivation and isolation of Chlamydia trachomatis

Ficsor G.; Oldford G.M.; Loughlin K.R.; Panda B.B.; Dubien J.L.; Ginsberg L.C., 1984:
Comparison of methods for detecting mitomycin c induced and ethyl nitroso urea induced germ cell damage in mice sperm enzyme activities sperm motility and testis weight

Pattison, J.R.; Jackson, C.M.; Hiscock, J.A.; Cradock-Watson, J.E.; Ridehalgh, M.K.S., 1978:
Comparison of methods for detecting specific immuno globulin m antibody in infants with congenital rubella

Ahrén, C.M.; Gothefors, L.; Stoll, B.J.; Salek, M.A.; Svennerholm, A.M., 1986:
Comparison of methods for detection of colonization factor antigens on enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli

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Comparison of methods for detection of Mycoplasma pulmonis in experimentally and naturally infected rats

Doornik A.W., 1981:
Comparison of methods for detection of rhizoctonia solani in soil

Pomeranz Y.; Czuchajowska Z.; Lai F.S., 1986:
Comparison of methods for determination of hardness and breakage susceptibility of commercially dried corn

Ellis P.C.; Rand A.G.Jr, 1987:
Comparison of methods for determination of lactose nonfat dry milk in meat products

Thorpe V.A., 1980:
Comparison of methods for determination of sulfur in fertilizer collaborative study

Barkagan L.Z.; Bishevskii K.M.; Arkhipov B.F., 1981:
Comparison of methods for determination of the activity of progressively acting blood anti coagulants

Dressman R.C.; Stevens A.A.; Fair J.; Smith B., 1979:
Comparison of methods for determination of tri halo methanes in drinking water

Vollmer, P.J.; Lee, J.; Alexander, T.G., 1980:
Comparison of methods for determining penicillamine in bulk drug and formulations

Vollmer, P.J.; Chastonay, R.; Haneke, C.; Kantor, N.; Blyth, R., 1977:
Comparison of methods for determining probenecid in tablets and flavored oral suspensions containing ampicillin

Buckland G.D.; Harker D.B.; Somerfeldt T.G., 1986:
Comparison of methods for determining saturated hydraulic conductivity and drainable porosity of two southern alberta canada soils

Corominas L.F.; Boy V.M.; Rojas P., 1981:
Comparison of methods for determining sodium in fertilizers

Zatsepina, L.N.; Zaitseva, R.I., 1978:
Comparison of methods for determining specific soil surface based on the adsorption of water and nitrogen

Savvatimskii, P.I.; Kokh-Kh ; Ernst, P., 1977:
Comparison of methods for determining the age of macrurids macruriformes pisces of the north atlantic

Stoehr, G.P.; Venkataramanan, R.; Dauber, J.H., 1986:
Comparison of methods for determining unbound theophylline concentrations

Blackwelder W.C.; Kagan A.; Gordon T.; Rhoads G.G., 1981:
Comparison of methods for diagnosing angina pectoris the honolulu hawaii usa heart study

Roemisch, E.; Kocka, F.E., 1976:
Comparison of methods for differentiating among Serratia marcescens isolated from clinical specimens

Fink R.; Kessler H.G., 1988:
Comparison of methods for distinguishing uht treatment and sterilization of milk

Lu, W.; Et-Al, 1985:
Comparison of methods for enrichment of salmonella iii. different inoculate dose in four enrichment broths

McTernan, W.F.; Adams, J.C.; Rechard, P.A., 1974:
Comparison of methods for enumerating fluorescent bacteria

Middlebrook K.; Roff J.C., 1986:
Comparison of methods for estimating annual productivity of the copepods acartia hudsonica and eurytemora herdmani in passamaquoddy bay new brunswick canada

Hyneck, M.L.; Johnson, M.H.; Wagner, J.G.; Williams, G.W., 1981:
Comparison of methods for estimating digoxin dosing regimens

Vales, D.J.; Bunnell, F.L., 1988:
Comparison of methods for estimating forest overstory cover i. observer effects

Frenzel S.A., 1985:
Comparison of methods for estimating ground water pumpage for irrigation

Kotsonis, F.N.; Klaassen, C.D., 1977:
Comparison of methods for estimating hepatic metallo thionein in rats

Heine, R.W., 1976:
Comparison of methods for estimating potential evapo transpiration in canterbury

Pacheco B.M.; Nascimento Junior D.D.; Regazzi A.J., 1987:
Comparison of methods for estimating the botanical composition and the dry matter production in pastures

Pierson, C.J.; Emswiler, B.S.; Kotula, A.W., 1978:
Comparison of methods for estimation of coliforms fecal coliforms and enterococci in retail ground beef

Ahlgren G., 1983:
Comparison of methods for estimation of phyto plankton carbon

Yutaka F.; Roberts E.M., 1979:
Comparison of methods for estrus synchronization in sheep

Slanovec, T.; Golc, S., 1976:
Comparison of methods for evaluating dry matter content in cheese

Schertz, K.F.; Rosenow, D.T., 1978:
Comparison of methods for evaluating stalk strength of sorghum bicolor

Thoresen S.S.; Dortch Q.; Shmed S.I., 1982:
Comparison of methods for extracting intra cellular pools of inorganic nitrogen from marine phyto plankton

Vaden V.R.; Webster J.; Hampton G.J.; Hall M.S.; Leach F.R., 1987:
Comparison of methods for extraction of atp from soil

Lundin, A.; Thore, A., 1975:
Comparison of methods for extraction of bacterial adenine nucleotides determined by firefly assay

Gunn B.A.; Singleton F.L.; Peele E.R.; Colwell R.R.; Keiser J.K.; Kapfer C.O., 1981:
Comparison of methods for identifying staphylococcus spp and micrococcus spp

Latin R.X.; Snell S.J., 1986:
Comparison of methods for inoculation of muskmelon cucumis melo with fusarium oxysporum f sp melonis

Shanson D.C.; Dryden M.S., 1988:
Comparison of methods for isolating mycobacterium avium mycobacterium intracellulare from blood of patients with aids

Gorina, E.I., 1976:
Comparison of methods for isolating phosphate dissolving bacteria E.; Boot E.M., 1983:
Comparison of methods for isolation and confirmation of clostridium perfringens from spices and herbs

Rosenblatt, J.E.; Fallon, A.; Finegold, S.M., 1973:
Comparison of methods for isolation of anaerobic bacteria from clinical specimens

Grachev V.P.; Zaval'nyi M.A.; Popova V.D.; Khanina M.K.; Mironova L.L., 1983:
Comparison of methods for large scale cultivation of cells and viruses

Christian, R.R.; Hanson, R.B.; Newell, S.Y., 1982:
Comparison of methods for measurement of bacterial growth rates in mixed batch cultures

Golay M.W.; Glantschnig W.J.; Best F.R., 1985:
Comparison of methods for measurement of cooling tower drift

Kemp W.M.; Lewis M.R.; Jones T.W., 1986:
Comparison of methods for measuring productive by the submersed macrophyte potamogeton perfoliatus l

King P.M., 1981:
Comparison of methods for measuring severity of water repellence of sandy soils and assessment of some factors that affect its measurement

Bason P.T.; Kitney R.I., 1981:
Comparison of methods for obtaining a heart rate variability signal from 60 x real time electro cardiographic data

Teixeira N.M.; Duraes M.C.; Freitas A.F.D., 1982:
Comparison of methods for predicting total lactation from part lactation milk yields

Mathur, V.K.; Ramsey, E.W., 1983:
Comparison of methods for preservation of renal function during ischemic renal surgery

Temeyer K.B., 1987:
Comparison of methods for protoplast formation in bacillus thuringiensis

Martins M.T.; Alves M.N.; Sanchez P.S., 1982:
Comparison of methods for pseudomonas aeruginosa recoveries from water

Solomon, M.; Montgomery, A., 1988:
Comparison of methods for quantifying fiber types in skeletal muscle tissue

Blaser, P., 1978:
Comparison of methods for quantitative detection of molds in foods part 2 effect of homogenization conditions on mold plate count

Lundholm, I.M., 1982:
Comparison of methods for quantitative determinations of airborne bacteria and evaluation of total viable counts

Buggy, B.P.; Wilson, K.H.; Fekety, R., 1983:
Comparison of methods for recovery of Clostridium difficile from an environmental surface

Cody, H.J.; Smith, P.F.; Blaser, M.J.; LaForce, F.M.; Wang, W.L., 1984:
Comparison of methods for recovery of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus from seeded laundry fabrics

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