Section 6
Chapter 5,010

Comparison of lake phyto plankton and zoo plankton biomasses

Vinberg, G.G.

Gidrobiologicheskii Zhurnal 13(6): 14-23


Accession: 005009263

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The biomass of zooplankton (Bz, kcal .cntdot. m-3) and the biomass of its food, e.g., phytoplankton (Bp, kcal .cntdot. m-3), may be compared using 3 simple equaltions: C = cBz, P = bBp and f = FBz, wehre C = the consumption of food (kcal .cntdot. m-3 day), c = the specific rate of food consumption (day-1), P = the production of food (kcal .cntdot. m-3 day), b = the specific rate of food production (day-1), F = the specific rate of filtration (m3 .cntdot. kcal per day) and f = part of the water volume filtered in 1 day (day-1). Under stationary conditioning when C = P, Bz and Bp are constant, b = f, F = c/Bp and b = (Bz/Bp) .cntdot. c. The latter 3 equations give the opportunity to determine the known (Bz/Bp) ratios, the value of b and F satisfying the requirement in food of zooplankton under stationary conditions.

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