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Comparison of meat quality of belgian landrace polish large white polish landrace pure breed and male belgian landrace x female polish landrace cross bred pigs

Steindel, B.; Kaczmarek, W.

Roczniki Naukowe Zootechniki 7(1): 123-130


Accession: 005009637

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This investigation was carried out on samples of M. longissimus dorsi from carcasses of 32 Polish Large White, 32 Polish Landrace, 31 Belgian Landrace and 30 crossbred Polish Landrace .times. Belgian Landrace pigs evaluated in a pig progeny testing station. Highly significant breed differences were found in crude protein content, water holding capacity, pH and lightness. Differences were insignificant for dry matter, fat and ash content. Polish Large White pigs had lower protein content in meat than the other breeds. The meat of Belgian Landrace pigs was poorer as far as waterholding capacity, pH and lightness were concerned than that of Polish Large White and Polish Landrace. These parameters in crossbred pigs were the mid-levels of values observed in the parental breeds, except for the crude protein content.

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