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Complementation analysis by somatic hybridization and genetic crosses of nitrate reductase deficient mutants of nicotiana plumbaginifolia evidence for a new category of cnx mutants

Dirks, R.; Negrutiu, I.; Sidorov, V.; Jacobs, M.

Molecular and General Genetics 201(2): 339-343


Accession: 005019942

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Fusion complementation experiments between nitrate reductase (NR) deficient lines CNX 20, 27, 82 and 103 of Nicotiana plumbaginifolia were performed with the already characterized Nicotiana plumbaginifolia mutants nx 1,24 and 21, belonging respectively to the complementation groups cnx A, B and C. CNX 20 and 82 were identified as belonging to the group of cnx A, CNX27 complemented with NX 1 and NX 21 but not with NX 24 indication another B type. The fourth line, CNX 103 showed complementation with CNX 20, NX 21 and NX 24, revealing a fourth cnx complementation group, cnx D, that until now has not been described in higher plants. Genetic crosses inside respectively that NIA ad the CNX group, and between NIA and CNX confirmed the fusion complementation results, and showed allelism for th nia mutants.

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