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Complete feed system for dairy cattle comparison of mixed and separated feeding of forage on digestibility and nitrogen balance of dairy cattle

Okamoto, M.; Yoshida, N.

Research Bulletin of Obihiro University Series I 12(4): 353-358


Accession: 005020435

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Feeds containing comparable proportions of 3 kinds of forage were used to investigate digestive physiology concerning complete feeds systems. These feeds included a haylage based diet (complete feed A), a corn silage and haylage based diet (complete feed B) and a haylage and concentrate mixture diet (complete feed C). These feeds were fed to non-lacting cows by means of complete feeding and separate feeding; digesibility and N-utilization were measured. The crude fat component of feeding on complete feed A was significantly higher than that of separate feeding. Other components, TDN [total digestible nutrients] and N utilization did not differ significantly. Dry matter intake of complete feed C under ad lib feeding had no difference between treatments. The mean retention time in rumen of hay and haylage from the separate feeding of complete feed A, was significantly different.