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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5022

Chapter 5022 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Ruettimann G.; Daicker B., 1982:
Complex colobomas of the anterior segment of the eye in a beagle dog

Moermond, T.C., 1978:
Complex color changes in anolis reptilia lacertilia iguanidae

Byrne J.C.; Reed D.D., 1986:
Complex compatible taper and volume estimation systems for red pine pinus resinosa and loblolly pine pinus taeda

Krymova, N.M.; Ivanov, V.E.; Ostapkevich, N.A., 1982:
Complex compounds of copper ii and calcium with n n' di iso nicotinoyl hydrazine

Ostapkevich N.A.; D'yachenko E.K.; Lyubomirova K.N.; Abramovich M.A., 1978:
Complex compounds of copper ii with some organic ligands

Kudrjashov, B.A.; Bloshansky, U.M.; Polol'skaya, O.V.; Lyapina, L.A.; Kaverina, K.P.; Spoludennaya, S.T., 1975:
Complex compounds of heparin in obstetric hemorrhages

Ryzhenko L.M.; Shebaldova A.D.; Kulikova L.K.; Khidekel' M.L.; Tsvetkova O.N., 1981:
Complex compounds of platinum ii and palladium ii with 3 amino coumarin and their biological activity

Presnov M.A.; Konovalova A.L.; Korol'chuk V.P., 1979:
Complex compounds of platinum in chemo therapy of malignant tumors

Grecu, I.; Sandulescu, R.; Neamtu, M., 1986:
Complex compounds of some bioelements with amino acids iii. simple and mixed compounds of manganese ii copper ii and zinc ii with amino acids

Val'ter E.O., 1980:
Complex conservative therapy for acute pancreatitis with the use of permanent magnetic fields

Satorre J.; C.; Cano J.; Reinoso Suarez F., 1987:
Complex convolutions in neurons of the dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus of the normal albino rat

Pinkerton, C.A.; Slack, J.D., 1985:
Complex coronary angioplasty: a technique for dilatation of bifurcation stenoses

Slack J.D.; Pinkerton C.A., 1987:
Complex coronary angioplasty use of extended and angled ballon catheters

Ewing, A.W., 1974:
Complex courtship songs in the drosophila funebris species group escape from an evolutionary bottleneck

Dobrinets I.S., 1981:
Complex crossing in beef cattle raising in the state farms of the stavropol region russian sfsr ussr for the purpose of increasing beef production

Csaba G.; Kovacs P., 1979:
Complex cyto photometric analysis of hormone induced alterations in the glucose utilization of tetrahymena

Courseille C.; Busetta B.; Geoffre S.; Hospital M., 1979:
Complex daunomycin butanol

Hoo J.J.; Parslow M.I.; Shaw R.L.; Veale A.M.O., 1979:
Complex de novo rearrangement of chromosome 9 with clinical features of monosomy 9p syndrome

Denisova A.P.; Libenzon L.L., 1980:
Complex decompression and anti bacterial therapy of internal genital inflammation

Shumakov, A.G.; Nekrasov, P.Ia.; Loboda, V.I.; Lutsenko, S.V.; Krakhmaleva, L.P., 1984:
Complex diagnosis of breast cancer

Bobrov, M.Y. ; Bukhman, A.I.; Lapenkova, N.B.; Mikhailovskaya, M.V.; Ravikovich, R.L.; Fetisova, Z.S.; Chatskaya, D.S., 1977:
Complex diagnosis of breast diseases under polyclinic conditions

Mel'nikov, R.A.; Sneshko, L.I.; Sobolev, A.A.; Pavlov, G.G.; Denisenko, I.V., 1977:
Complex diagnosis of early forms of cancer of the large intestine

Pavlov K.A.; Vorob'eva N.K.; Kolodin V.I.; Murzin B.A.; Smirnov N.M.; Stefanenko Y.F.; Chernomordikov V.G., 1983:
Complex diagnosis of gastric polyps

Szanto J., 1987:
Complex diagnostics and therapy of malignant melanoma

Casaleggio A.; Martini C.; Morando M.; Ridella S.; Mela G.S.; Spiga L.; Intra E., 1984:
Complex dielectric constants of human sera protein bound water behavior in bowel cancer patients

Light, T.R.; Ogden, J.A., 1988:
Complex dislocation of the index metacarpophalangeal joint in children

Porfir'ev I.A., 1981:
Complex dispensary examinations as an effective method of lowering sterility in highly productive milk cows

Rao P.S.; Kumar B.; Chacko V., 1986:
Complex dorsal dislocation of metacarpophalangeal joints

H.P.K.; Choban S.J.; Eshman S.J.; Dupuy T.E., 1987:
Complex dorsal dislocation of the second carpometacarpal joint

Golubev, V.N.; Kobechinskaya, V.G., 1976:
Complex ecological biological classification of monocarpic plants of steppe and forest associations of the piedmont forest steppe region of the crimean oblast ussr

Abidin, B.I.; Belkin, V.I.; Kustov, V.V., 1976:
Complex effect of hypo kinesia and increased oxygen level on carbon mon oxide tolerance in animals

Polivoda B.I., 1981:
Complex effect of potassium ions and viability inhibitors on tumor cells

Aleksan'yan, O.M.; Prokopenko, V.A., 1975:
Complex effect of strontium 90 and basudin on aristichthys nobilis

Mirzoyan S.A.; Grigoryan R.A.; Akopyan T.R., 1979:
Complex effect of therapeutic factors of the djermuk resort armenian ssr ussr in experimental stomach neuro dystrophy

Sivilotti L.; Nistri A., 1988:
Complex effects of baclofen on synaptic transmission of the frog optic tectum in vitro

Pocsi I.; Fabian I., 1988:
Complex equilibria in aqueous solutions of titanium glycine and malonic acid

Kochetova G.P.; Sokolov V.G., 1979:
Complex equipment of radiation therapy departments

Golovina, L.A.; Saidkhodzhaev, A.I.; Malikov, V.M., 1978:
Complex esters of ferula rubroarenosa

Golovin, E.T.; Pomogaeva, L.S.; Muratov, V.K.; Nilovskaya, S.N.; Kharkevich, D.A., 1976:
Complex esters of hetero cyclic gamma amino alcohols part 5 benzoates cinnamates phenoxy acetates and p nitro benzoates and p amino benzoates of trans and cis 2 2 di methyl 5 aminomethyl 4 oxy tetra hydro pyrans

Koval' E.Z.; Pashchenko A.A.; Sviderskii V.A., 1982:
Complex estimation of fungal resistance of hetero organic protective coatings

Poshivalov V.P.; Khod'ko S.T.; Besov E.V., 1979:
Complex ethograph computer for recording and statistical analysis of unrestrained group behavior

Pinter L.; Schmidt J.; Sipocz J., 1985:
Complex evaluation of maize hybrids zea mays of various genotypes

Pokalev G.M.; Nedugova N.P.; Fomina G.B.; Il'ichev D.G., 1985:
Complex evaluation of responses of the cardiovascular system to emotional stress in young people

Bircheva E., 1984:
Complex evaluation of the health of children and adults

Plyasov Y.M., 1988:
Complex evaluation of the nutrient value of fodder microbial protein

Viegas-Péquignot, E.; Benazzou, T.; Dutrillaux, B.; Petter, F., 1982:
Complex evolution of sex chromosomes in Gerbillidae (Rodentia)

Black J.E.; Sirevaag A.M.; Greenough W.T., 1987 :
Complex experience promotes capillary formation in young rat visual cortex

Lyhs L.; Nau H R.; Doerner M., 1986:
Complex experimental plant with automatic information processing for farm animals

Mossman, R.W.; Viniegra, F., 1976:
Complex fault structures in veracruz province of mexico

Jekic M.; Dzekova M.; Lozanovski R., 1981:
Complex fertilizers for wheat grown as mono culture

Kudrjashov, B.A.; Liapina, L.A.; Uljanov, A.M., 1978:
Complex fibrinogen heparin and fibrinogen degradation products in blood of rats after intra venous injection of thrombin

P'yavchenko, N.I., 1978:
Complex field station studies of swamps and swampy forests in the karelian assr ussr

Ska B.; Dehaut F.; Nespoulous J L., 1987:
Complex figure drawing in the elderly

IInuma M.; Hamada K.; Mizuno M.; Asai F.; Wollenweber E., 1986:
Complex flavonoids from pityrogramma frond exudates synthesis of two flavones with carbon carbon linked dihydrocinnamoyl substituents

Are, R.Yu, 1978:
Complex fodder admixture of microbiological origin

Ehlinger, T.J.; Wilson, D.S., 1988:
Complex foraging polymorphism in bluegill sunfish

Troshikhin V.A.; Bogach P.G.; Stepanenko P.Z.; Kaniyazov U.N., 1979:
Complex form of adaptive activity in rats

Rudenko L.P., 1983:
Complex form of instrumental behavior of dogs

Waller, E.K.; Schleuning, W.D.; Reich, E., 1983:
Complex formation and inhibition of uro kinase ec by blood plasma proteins

Wang Z C.; Burns A.; Watt G.D., 1985:
Complex formation and oxygen sensitivity of azotobacter vinelandii nitrogenase and its component proteins

Nakai Y.; Yamamoto K.; Ozawa K.; Terada K., 1981:
Complex formation and the molecular interaction between barbiturates and poly ethylene glycol

Richards, N.J.; Williams, D.G., 1970:
Complex formation between aqueous zinc chloride and cellulose related d gluco pyranosides

Miyabe T.; Seto S., 1984:
Complex formation between beta lactoglobulin and kappa casein by heating

Griffin, J.H.; Alazard, R.; Cohen, P., 1973:
Complex formation between bovine neurophysin i and oxytocin vasopressin and tri peptide analogues of their amine terminal region absorbance and circular dichroism difference spectroscopic studies

Jawaid M., 1980:
Complex formation between cadmium ii and edta

Bottari, E.; Porto, R., 1985:
Complex formation between calcium ii cobalt ii magnesium ii nickel ii and dl d l serine at 25 celsius and in 3.00 molar sodium chloride

Belovolova, L.V.; Blyumenfel'd, L.A.; Burbaev, D.S. ; Vanin, A.G., 1975 :
Complex formation between carbon mon oxide and cytochrome c

Davidson M.W.; Meyer T.E.; Cusanovich M.A.; Knaff D.B., 1986:
Complex formation between chlorobium limicola f thiosulfatophilum c type cytochromes

Maruyama K.; Furuta H.; Iwamura H.; Otsuki T., 1982:
Complex formation between chlorophyll and quinone is suggested to be important in light induced electron transfer

Foust, G.P.; Mayhew, S.G.; Massey, V., 1969:
Complex formation between enz ferredoxin tpn reductase and electron transfer proteins spinach d bacteria rubredoxin flavodoxin clostridium pasteurianum peptostreptococcus elsdenii

Wagner T.; Sprinzl M., 1980:
Complex formation between escherichia coli aminoacyl transfer rna elongation factor tu and gtp effect of the side chain of the amino acid linked to transfer rna

Abdullin A.R.; Litvinov R.I.; Zinkevich O.D.; Zubairov D.M.; Salikhov I.G.; Panasyuk A.F., 1987:
Complex formation between fibronectin and hyaluronic acid as a cause of fibronectin heterogeneity in synovial fluid

Dickerson, J.L.; Kornuc, J.J.; Rees, D.C., 1985:
Complex formation between flavodoxin and cytochrome c. Cross-linking studies

Tan, K.H., 1976:
Complex formation between humic acid and clays as revealed by gel filtration and ir spectroscopy

Jones, G.P.; Marker, A.; Paleg, L.G., 1984:
Complex formation between iaa and phospho lipid membrane components in aqueous media 1. parameters of the system

Jones, G.P.; Paleg, L.G., 1984:
Complex formation between iaa and phospho lipid membrane components in aqueous media 2. interaction of auxins and related compounds with phosphatidyl choline membranes

Jones, G.P.; Paleg, L.G., 1984:
Complex formation between iaa and phospho lipid membrane components in aqueous media 3. interaction of iaa with amphiphiles containing the tri methyl ammonium group/

Aguilar, M.; Florido, A.; Alegret, S.; Valiente, M., 1988:
Complex formation between indium iii and 2 mercaptopropanoic acid in 3.0 m sodium perchlorate at 25c

Bottari, E., 1976:
Complex formation between nickel ii and alpha amino acids

Fritzsche, T.M.; Mcintyre, J.O.; Fleischer, S.; Trommer, W.E., 1984:
Complex formation between nucleotides and d beta hydroxybutyrate dehydrogenase ec studied by fluorescence and epr spectroscopy

Mesubi M.A.; Enemo R.E., 1982:
Complex formation between organo tin chlorides and bis 1 pyrazolyl methane ligand

Jones, K.W.; Bishop, J.O.; Brito-Da-Cunha, A., 1973:
Complex formation between poly ribo uridylic acid and various chromosomal loci in rhynchosciara

Lianos P.; Georghiou S., 1979:
Complex formation between pyrene and the nucleotides gmp cmp tmp and amp

Pick, F.M.; Bray, R.C., 1969:
Complex formation between reduced xanthine oxidase and purine substrates demonstrated by epr

Roddick J.G., 1979:
Complex formation between solanaceous steroidal glyco alkaloids and free sterols in vitro

O'brien, T.A.; Nieva-Gomez, D.; Gennis, R.B., 1978:
Complex formation between the uncoupler carbonyl cyanide p tri fluoromethoxyphenyl hydrazone and valinomycin in the presence of potassium

Wood T.; Muzariri C.C.; Malaba L., 1985:
Complex formation between transketolase transaldolase and glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase

Palmer, F.B.; Dawson, R.M.C., 1969:
Complex formation between tri phospho inositide and experimental allergic encephalitogenic protein

Leporati E., 1986:
Complex formation equilibria between 2 amino n hydroxyacetamide and 2 amino n hydroxypentanamide and cobalt ii nickel ii copper ii and hydrogen ions in aqueous solutions

Brown E.M.; Carroll R.J.; Pfeffer P.E.; Sampugna J., 1983:
Complex formation in sonicated mixtures of beta lacto globulin and phosphatidyl choline

Werner E.R.; Rode B.M., 1983:
Complex formation in the blood of helix pomatia

Kurskaja E.A.; Vajnerman E.S.; Rogozin S.V., 1979:
Complex formation of acid process and alkaline process gelatins

Uyeda, M.; Suzuki, K.; Shibata, M., 1976:
Complex formation of alkaline protease inhibitor with subtilisin bpn and its properties

Neurohr, K.J.; Mantsch, H.H., 1980:
Complex formation of carnosine with purine nucleotides in aqueous solution

E.R.dy M.S.; Mayer P.R.; Peck G.E.; Kildsig D.O., 1983:
Complex formation of cimetidine with caffeine in aqueous solutions

Mustafaev, M.I.; Gnocharov, V.V.; Evdakov, V.P.; Kabanov, V.A., 1975:
Complex formation of co polymers 4 vinyl pyridine and 4 vinyl n cetyl pyridinium bromide with serum albumin

Mukherjee G.N.; Dhar P., 1987:
Complex formation of cobalt ii nickel ii and zinc ii with some sulfonamides derived from amino acids

Binder, G.; Altman, K.I.; Forbes, W.F., 1970:
Complex formation of collagen with copper and its application to the quantitative determination of collagen

Mukherjee G.N.; Dhar P., 1987:
Complex formation of copper ii with some sulfonamides derived from amino acids

Popov, S.G.; Shamovskii, G.G., 1976:
Complex formation of di oligo deoxy adenylyl 5 5 pyro phosphates with poly uridylic acid

Gorchakova N.O.; Grebennikov V.N.; Budarin L.I.; Chekman I.S., 1980:
Complex formation of digoxin with calcium ions

Lyapina, L.A.; Ul'yanov, A.M., 1977:
Complex formation of heparin with biologically active substances and its physiological role in the body part 1

Lyapina, L.A.; Ul'yanov, A.M., 1978:
Complex formation of heparin with proteins and its physiological role in the body part 2

Clezardin P.; Malaval L.; Ehrensperger A S.; Delmas P.D.; Dechavanne M.; Mcgregor J.L., 1988:
Complex formation of human thrombospondin with osteonectin

Powell J.R.; Castellino F.J., 1983:
Complex formation of human valine 354 plasminogen with strepto kinase

Popova, Y.; Manolov, K., 1973:
Complex formation of hydroxy cobalamin with potassium hexa cyano ferrate ii

Minkin, M.B.; Endovitskii, A.P.; Sadimenko, P.A., 1977:
Complex formation of ions in water extracts from solonchak solonetz soils from the southeastern rostov oblast ussr

Chekman, I.S.; Budarin, L.I.; Gorchakova, N.A.; Suchkova, R.V.; Tishura, T.A., 1978:
Complex formation of k strophanthin beta with calcium magnesium and dysprosium ions

Galenko-Yaroshevskii, P.A.; Budarin, L.I.; Buikliskii, B.D.; Grebennikov, V.N.; Pokrovskii, M.V.; Tikhonov, A.V.; Panyushkin, V.T.; Murtazaeva, L.V., 1987:
Complex formation of lithium hydroxybutyrate with sodium potassium barium magnesium and calcium ions

Nachman R.L.; Leung L.L.K.; Kloczewiak M.; Hawiger J., 1984:
Complex formation of platelet membrane glyco proteins iib and glyco protein iiia with the fibrinogen d domain

Leung, L.L.; Nachman, R.L., 1982:
Complex formation of platelet thrombospondin with fibrinogen

Silverstein, R.L.; Leung, L.L.; Harpel, P.C.; Nachman, R.L., 1984:
Complex formation of platelet thrombospondin with plasminogen. Modulation of activation by tissue activator

Shlyakhovenko V.A.; Negrei G.Z., 1983:
Complex formation of rnase as a factor modifying content in cells and body biological fluids during malignant growth

Chekman I.S.; Lun'onok Burmakina V.A.; Gorchakova N.O.; Samars'kyi V.A.; Tkachuk V.V., 1984:
Complex formation of strophanthin with biometals and its effects on the level of calcium and magnesium in rat tissues

Montenarh M.; Kohler M.; Henning R., 1986:
Complex formation of sv 40 large t antigen with cellular protein p 53

Aliev A.M.; Guseinov B.M., 1983:
Complex formation of the azodye theophyllidine with mercury ii

Stand R.; Lund W.; Aaseth J., 1983:
Complex formation of zinc cadmium and mercury with penicillamine

Ueda J I.; Hanaki A.; Yoshida N.; Nakajima T., 1986:
Complex formation of zinc ii ion with glycylglycyl l histidine an investigation by proton nmr spectroscopy

Malevskii A.A.; Rapoport V.L., 1987:
Complex formation specificity of proflavin and acriflavine with guanosine phosphate as revealed by the fluorescence quenching of dyes

Kimura S.; Imanishi Y., 1983:
Complex formation with alkali and alkaline earth metal ions of cyclic octa peptides phenylalanylprolyl leucylprolyl and benzyloxycarbonyl lysylprolyl

Bizri Y.; Cromer M.; Lamy I.; Scharff J.P., 1985:
Complex formation with caffeic acid tiron and natural humic substances

Masters, P.S.; Banerjee, A.K., 1988:
Complex formation with vesicular stomatitis virus phosphoprotein NS prevents binding of nucleocapsid protein N to nonspecific RNA

Savich V.I.; Trubitsina E.V.; Muradi N.M.; Diallo S.B.; Smoleva O.S., 1988:
Complex forming capacity of soil solution and organic matter

Hirokawa, T.; Kobayashi, S.; Kiso, Y., 1987:
Complex forming equilibria in isotachophoresis vii. evaluation of the ion pair formation constants of phosphorus oxo acids with histidine and assessment of their separability

Bookjans, G.; Boger, P., 1979:
Complex forming properties of butanedione modified ferredoxin nadp reductase ec with nadp and ferredoxin

Ricard, J.; Nari, J.; Diamantidis, G., 1980:
Complex forming properties of spinach nadp reductase ec with ferredoxin ferro cyanide and nadp

Kiss T.; Gergely A., 1984:
Complex forming properties of tyrosine isomers with transition metal ions

Christiansen G.; Christiansen C.; Zeuthen J., 1983:
Complex forms of mitochondrial dna in human b cells transformed by epstein barr virus

Joslyn, J.N.; Mirvis, S.E.; Markowitz, B., 1988:
Complex fractures of the clivus: diagnosis with CT and clinical outcome in 11 patients

Castagno, A.A.; Shuman, W.P.; Kilcoyne, R.F.; Haynor, D.R.; Morris, M.E.; Matsen, F.A., 1987:
Complex fractures of the proximal humerus: role of CT in treatment

Temchin A.N., 1987:
Complex frequency selectivity properties of fibers in pigeon auditory nerve

Slomiany B.L.; Slomiany A.; Galicki N.I.; Kojima K., 1980:
Complex fuco lipids of hog gastric mucosa structure of the ceramide eicosa hexoside

Walton, K.M.; Sandberg, K.; Rogers, T.B.; Schnaar, R.L., 1988:
Complex ganglioside expression and tetanus toxin binding by PC12 pheochromocytoma cells

Tokin B.P., 1984:
Complex genetic and embryological studies

Ivanyi D.; Demant P., 1979:
Complex genetic effect of b 10 d 2m 504 h 2d m 1 mutation

Coaker T.; Downie T.; More I.A.R., 1982:
Complex giant mitochondria in the human endometrial glandular cell serial sectioning high voltage electron microscopic and 3 dimensional reconstruction studies

D.Couet H.G., 1984:
Complex glycoproteins associated with the detergent resistant membrane matrix of the rhabdomeral microvilli of crayfish cherax destructor photoreceptors

Stacy C.B., 1987:
Complex haptic hallucinations and palinopsia

Stubbe W., 1980:
Complex hetero zygosity in oenothera 2 modes of origin

James, S.H.; Wylie, A.P.; Johnson, M.S.; Carstairs, S.A.; Simpson, G.A., 1983:
Complex hybridity in isotoma petraea 5. allozyme variation and the pursuit of hybridity

Beltran, I.C.; James, S.H., 1970:
Complex hybridity in isotoma petraea d part 3 lethal system in bencubbin

Baeva R.; Stoinova Y.; Vasileva I., 1984:
Complex hybridization as a method for creating short stemmed highly productive hexaploid triticale forms

Boyadzhiev V.; Vodichenska Ts; Kepova D.; Kurchatova G.; Petrov I.; Kuyumdzhieva T.; Razboinikova F., 1985:
Complex hygienic assessment of heavy metal environment pollution and carriership among the population from the region of a copper producing plant

Spina, A.; Rizzitelli, F., 1977:
Complex hyper amino acidemia and epileptic electro encephalographic anomalies in a healthy child

Kita K.; Takamiya S.; Furushima R.; M.Y.C.; Oya H., 1988:
Complex ii is a major component of the respiratory chain in the muscle mitochondria of ascaris suum with high fumarate reductase activity

Petrunin D.D.; Khakhalin L.N.; Porkhovatyi S.Ya; Olefirenko G.A., 1985:
Complex immunochemical analysis of the proteinogram and the system of soluble leukocytic antigens in children with chronic and relapsing infections

Kogosova L.S.; Chernushenko E.F.; Molotkov V.N.; Morozova N.A.; Balitskaya N.A.; Karnakh R.I.; Shaposhnik L.N., 1981:
Complex immunological examination of patients with bronchial asthma and pre asthma

Sochnev A.M.; Shif B.A.; Ar'kova E.V.; Samoshenkova L.P.; Tsebere I.K.; Rozental' R.L., 1984:
Complex immunological monitoring in the post operative period after kidney allo transplantation

Horváth, M.; Horváth, A.; Fekete, B.; Tóth, J., 1986:
Complex immunological monitoring of breast cancer patients treated postoperatively by electron beam irradiation

Pashin Y.V.; Kozachenko V.I.; Zatsepilova T.A.; Soboleva L.S., 1981:
Complex in vitro and in vivo study of the hexavalent chromium ion genetic activity

Obukhov N.V.; Ametov A.S.; Abedrabbo Kh, 1983:
Complex in vitro radio nuclide studies in the diagnosis of lung cancer

Johnson, N.D.; Wood, B.P.; Jackman, K.V., 1988:
Complex infantile and congenital hip dislocation: assessment with MR imaging

Dancker, P.; Löw, I., 1979:
Complex influence of cytochalasin B on actin polymerization

Kaplan, H.G.; Myers, C.E., 1977:
Complex inhibition of thymidylate synthetase by aromatic diamidines: evidence for both rapid, freely reversible and slowly progressive, nonequilibrium inhibition

Sette M.; Briley M.S.; Langer S.Z., 1983:
Complex inhibition of tritium labeled imipramine binding by serotonin and nontricyclic serotonin uptake blockers

Lochman J.; Bendova E., 1980:
Complex instruction for further rearing of wild ungulates

Petrikovskii B.M.; Barmin A.A.; Darkova L.B., 1980:
Complex intensive observation of the fetus state during labor

Werner-Washburne, M.; Stone, D.E.; Craig, E.A., 1987:
Complex interactions among members of an essential subfamily of hsp70 genes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Lynch, M., 1978:
Complex interactions between natural co exploiters daphnia and ceriodaphnia

Lutfi R.A., 1988:
Complex interactions between pairs of forward maskers

Levinton J.S., 1985:
Complex interactions of a deposit feeder with its resources roles of density a competitor and detrital addition in the growth and survival of the mud snail hydrobia totteni

Chan G.L.; Little J.B., 1981:
Complex interactions of caffeine and its structural analogs with uv light in cell killing

Kozlowski J., 1987:
Complex interpretation of changes in the active substance content of plants and drugs

Sieglilng, C.W., 1985:
Complex investigation in osteochondrosis deformans coxae juvenilis calve legg perthes 2. roentgenological diagnosis

Katona F., 1981:
Complex investigation of impaired brain function during the 1st post natal months

Siegling C W.; Ritter H.; Endert G., 1985:
Complex investigation of osteochondrosis deformans coxae juvenilis calve legg perthes part iii

Bokori, J.; Tamas, J., 1984:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 2. certain nutritional data and feeding values of maize with different physical forms preserved wet by different methods

Bokori, J.; Tolgyesi, G., 1984:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 3. mineral substance contents of maize with different physical forms preserved wet by different methods

Sandor, G.; Kovacs, F.; Vanyi, A., 1984:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 4. incidence of storage molds and their toxins

Sandor, G.; Bata, A.; Vanyi, A.; Kovacs, F., 1984:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 5. incidence of fusarium toxins

Bokori, J.; Kovacs, S., 1985:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 6. total carotene and tocopherol vitamin e contents of maize with different physical forms preserved wet by different methods

Bokori, J.; Andrasofszky, E., 1985:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 7. vitamin b content of maize preserved wet by different methods

Bokori, J.; Fekete, J.; Csokan, P., 1985:
Complex investigation of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize viii. content of biogenic amine of maize preserved wet by different methods

Bokori, J.; Kovacs, F., 1984:
Complex investigations of the storage and feeding value of wet by fermentation preserved maize 1. important methods of wet preservation and aims of the investigations

Markiewicz M.; Dubejko J.; Michalowski R.; Kutarski A., 1981:
Complex investigations on palatal lipidophilia in patients with steno cardia

Beletskaya O.P.; Ivanova G.S., 1980:
Complex isolation of intra cellular and extracellular rnase from aspergillus clavatus

Dudea, C.; Cotoi, S.; Bratu, A., 1977:
Complex junctional arrhythmia in an otherwise healthy girl case report

Glinka E.Yu; Belyaeva N.F.; Kagan Z.S., 1985:
Complex kinetic behavior of fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase from rat and rabbit liver

Jones, C.S.; Davidson, D.J.; Callahan, J.W., 1982:
Complex kinetics of bis 4 methyl umbelliferyl phosphate and hexadecanoyl nitrophenyl phosphoryl choline hydrolysis by purified sphingomyelinase ec in the presence of triton x 100

Etiemble, J.; Boivin, P., 1977:
Complex kinetics of human leukocyte and platelet pyruvate kinases

Venglinskaya, E.A.; Gun'ko, M.A., 1977:
Complex laboratory morphological investigations of the allergic inflammation of joints in rabbits

Carter, D.E.; Werner, T.J., 1978:
Complex learning and information processing by pigeons: a critical analysis

Fredrickson W.T.; Gould P.L.; Gunderson V.M.; Grant Webster K.S., 1987:
Complex learning by low birth weight and normal birth weight juvenile pigtailed macaques macaca nemestrina

Weissenborn W.; Sabri W., 1988:
Complex lesion of the carpus transscaphoideal translunar transstyloideal fracture dislocation

Petry K.; Voisin P.; Baltz T., 1987:
Complex lipids as common antigens to trypanosoma cruzi trypanosoma dionisii trypanosoma vespertilionis and nervous tissue astrocytes neurons

Lanzotti V.; M.; Trincone A.; Basso A.L.; Gambacorta A.; Zillig W., 1987:
Complex lipids from desulfurococcus mobilis a sulfur reducing archaebacterium M.; Gambarcorta A.; Nicolaus B.; Bu'lock J.D., 1980:
Complex lipids of caldariella acidophila a thermo acidophile archaebacterium

Asselineau J.; Pichinoty F.; Prome D.; Prome J C., 1988:
Complex lipids of flavobacterium meningosepticum

Pasnak R.; Tyer Z.E., 1986:
Complex local features as determinants of pattern discrimination

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Complex mechanization of protective af forestation in sands of central asia

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Complex mechano receptors in tritonia diomedea 1. responses to mechanical and chemical stimuli

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Complex mechano receptors in tritonia diomedea 2. neuronal correlates of a change in behavioral responsiveness

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Complex membranous organelles in the cells of the local lesion area on cowpea leaves infected with cucumber mosaic virus vigna sinensis var sesquipedalis

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Complex movement patterns: learning retention and sources of error in recall

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Complex nature of the inhibitory effect of cytosol on the transcription in isolated nuclei of rat liver

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Complex odontoma in the maxillary sinus 2 cases

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Complex odontomas and compound odontomas report on two cases

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Complex of anabasis pest gall gnats in central asia and kazakh ssr ussr

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Complex of arthropods living in galls of saxaul psyllidae of the genus caillardia in the eastern kara kum ussr

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Complex of aspartate carbamoyl transferase ec from escherichia coli with its allo steric inhibitor ctp electron density at 5.9 angstrom resolution

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Complex of cis di ammine di chloro platinum ii with guanylyl 3' 5' cytidine

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Complex of d glyceraldehyde 3 phosphate dehydrogenase with copper ii ion the properties of ternary copper enzyme coenzyme complex

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Complex of field investigations of soil physical properties and processes

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Complex of immuno globulin a 1 lambda para protein and albumin

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Complex of iron and cobalt tetra sulfonated phthalo cyanines with apo cytochrome c

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Complex of soil micromycetes as an index of restoration of recreationally disturbed biogeocenoses

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Complex of sv 40 large tumor antigen and 48000 dalton host tumor antigen

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Complex of tasks in air control of enterprises in the moscow sanitation automatic control system

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Complex of technetium v with 2 3 di mercapto propanesulfonate unithiol preparation and distribution in the rat

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Complex of tertiary acetylenic alcohol and brucine or sparteine x ray crystal structural study and application to optical resolution

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Complex of the parasites of the fall webworm moth hypnatria cunea drury lepidoptera arctiidae in the southern european ussr

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Complex organization of a cryptic satellite dna in the genome of the marine invertebrate rapana thomasiana gastropoda

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Complex organization of the gene family that controls gliadin synthesis on the chromosomes of the first homeological group in hexaploid wheat

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Complex paleozoic filicales in the evolutionary radiation of ferns

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Complex partial seizures simulating schizophrenia

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Complex partial status epilepticus: case report and proposal for diagnostic criteria

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Complex partial status epilepticus presenting as fever of unknown origin

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Complex partial status epilepticus simulating psychogenic unresponsiveness

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Complex patterns of change in the macro benthos of a large sandbank following dredging 1. community analysis

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Complex permittivity of fish meal a general discussion of temperature density and moisture dependence

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Complex physio ecological evaluation of the alkaloid formation of the poppy papaver somniferum l

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Complex population of messenger rna sequences in large poly adenylylated nuclear rna molecules

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Complex porcine intestinal adenomatosis the scenario on one pig farm

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Complex predator prey interactions and predator intimidation among crayfish piscivorous fish and small benthic fish

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Complex procedure for diagnosing pigmented skin neoplasms

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Complex promoter pattern of the single ribosomal RNA operon of an archaebacterium Halobacterium halobium

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Complex prophylactic examinations of women for diagnosing early stages of breast cancer

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Complex psycho therapy depending on personality traits in chronic alcoholism patients

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Complex radio isotopic diagnosis of primary and secondary lesions of the adrenals

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Complex reaction time and general intelligence a refinement

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Complex regulation and functional versatility of mammalian alpha tubulin isotypes during the differentiation of testis and muscle cells

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Complex regulation and optimization of main environmental factors in plant ontogenesis and heightening of plant productivity under irrigation

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Complex regulation of fibronectin synthesis by cells in culture

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Complex regulation of sv 40 early region transcription from different overlapping promoters

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Complex regulation of the T cell receptor alpha gene: three different modes of triggering induction

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Complex rehabilitation of patients with myo cardial infarction in a cardiological unit

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Complex release activity of complement in systemic lupus erythematosus using peroxidase as an antigen in the immune complex 1. measuring complex release activity

Aibara, Y., 1984:
Complex release activity of complement in systemic lupus erythematosus using peroxidase as an antigen in the immune complex 2. clinical studies

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Complex renal artery reconstruction surgical techniques

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Complex replicative form molecules of bacterio phage phi x 174 and bacterio phage s 13 su105

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Complex resistance of plants to chemical pollution from the environment

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Complex response of epithelial cells to inhibition of sodium transport by amiloride

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Complex responses to light of the nudibranch hermissenda crassicornis gastropoda opisthobranchia

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Complex roentgeno radiological and bronchological diagnosis of lung cancer

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Complex roentgenological gastroscopic and cytologic diagnosis of malignant gastric ulcer

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Complex role of 5 hydroxy tryptamine in the regulation of tsh secretion in the male rat

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Complex Salmonella somatic antigens and their identification

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Complex sand reclamation in caspian sea ussr area in connection with salt regime

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Complex screening by computerized working method aimed at risk factors for cardiopulmonary diseases

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Complex screening of the breast in field prophylactic examinations

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Complex segregation analysis for 2 locus model autosomal double recessive

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Complex segregation analysis of Carabelli's trait in a Melanesian population

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Complex segregation analysis of febrile convulsions

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Complex segregation analysis of hyper alpha lipo proteinemia

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Complex segregation analysis of hyper lipidemia in a seattle washington usa sample

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Complex segregation analysis of hyper tri glyceridemia

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Complex segregation analysis of plasma lipid and lipoprotein variables in a jerusalem israel sample of nuclear families

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Complex segregation analysis of the locus for beta amino iso butyric acid excretion

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Complex segregation analysis of tongue pigmentation. A search for residual family resemblance

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Complex segregation analysis with pointers

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Complex selection of self pollinator valuable genotypes in a provocative environment

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Complex sex chromosome system in eigenmannia sp pisces gymnotiformes

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Complex sex linked fusion heterozygosity in the australian huntsman spider delena cancerides araneae sparassidae

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Complex singing behaviors among cistothorus wrens

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Complex song repertoire of male long billed marsh wrens in eastern washington usa

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Complex spatial patterns from tissue interactions an illustrative model

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Complex specific pathogenetic treatment of the stereotype behavior syndrome experimental study

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Complex spherical bodies of Thermus ruber

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Complex spikes in Purkinje cells in the lateral vermis (b zone) of the cat cerebellum during locomotion

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Complex spikes in Purkinje cells of the paravermal part of the anterior lobe of the cat cerebellum during locomotion

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Complex splicing patterns of rna from the early regions of adenovirus 2

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Complex sporadic colobomata

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Complex stimulus relations and exclusion in severe mental retardation

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Complex structural rearrangement of chromosomes 7, 10, 14 and 21

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Complex structure of the membrane nuclease of streptococcus pneumoniae revealed by 2 dimensional electrophoresis

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Complex structure of the ribosomal DNA spacer of Cucumis sativus (cucumber)

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Complex structured cell inclusions in the epidermis of pacifastacus leniusculus crustacea decapoda

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Complex studies of the influence of working conditions in the plock petrochemical plant on the behavior of some parameters of cell immunity

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Complex study of a focus of opisthorchiasis in the irtysh canal karaganda zone kazakh ssr ussr

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Complex study of coagulogram kinin system micro circulation and thrombocytopoiesis in acute leukemia and chronic myelo leukemia

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Complex study of the functional state of womens bodies under industrial conditions

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Complex study of the immunologic status of patients with benign breast tumors

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Complex study of the vascular duct and lobular alveolar systems of the mammary gland

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Complex subcellular distributions of enzymatic markers in intestinal epithelial cells

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Complex symptoms and occipito parietal lesions in partial epilepsy value of tacho encephalographic examination

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Complex systems in simple environments a demersal fish community

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Complex therapeutic approach including physical treatment to impotentia coeundi

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Complex therapy for breast cancer

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Complex thoracic fistula in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia

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Complex thoracic wounds: muscle and musculocutaneous anatomy in closure

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Complex total hip replacement for dysplastic or hypoplastic hips using miniature of micro miniature components

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Complex translocation 8 12 14 in a cell line derived from a child with nonendemic burkitt type acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Complex translocation 9 21 9 22 q 12 p 13 q 12 q 11 in the family of a child with 9p trisomy syndrome

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Complex translocation involving chromosomes 1 9 and 22 in a patient with chronic myelogenous leukemia

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Complex treatment and care of prostatic carcinoma patients

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Complex treatment of acne patients using lipoic acid

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Complex treatment of acute peritonitis

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Complex treatment of bronchial asthma including favorable effects of climatic factors

Base J., 1980:
Complex treatment of malignant tumors of the testicles in adult patients

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Complex treatment of patients with chronic cholecystitis by means of sodium chloride mineral water

Drigant L.P., 1980:
Complex treatment of patients with trigeminal neuralgia

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Complex treatment of peritonitis in children

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Complex treatment of rheumatic fever by injection of autologous lymphocytes

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Complex treatment of urate lithiasis

Bretland, P.M., 1976:
Complex tubular flow in the acutely obstructed kidney

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Complex urinary undiversion

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Complex use of cottonseed kernels

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Complex use of dynamic scintigraphy and echography of kidneys in nephrogenous hypertension

Besedina I.V.; Konev F.A.; Bolotova A.A., 1984:
Complex use of instrument techniques in the study of the efficiency of injection solution filtering

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Complex use of stains in the cytochemical study of protein

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Complex use of the byproducts of microbiological production of citric acid and itaconic acid

Pogosyan A.M., 1981:
Complex use of thermography echography and aspiration biopsy in differential diagnosis of nodal forms of thyroid gland diseases

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Complex vectorographic analysis of avoidance reaction in rats

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Complex ventricular arrhythmias in patients with q wave vs. non q wave myocardial infarction

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Complex vesicovaginal fistulas in africa 57 cases

Sakanishi, A.; Ferry, J.D., 1983:
Complex viscosity of bovine red blood cells in suspensions

Neuenschwander-el Massioui, N., 1984:
Complex visual discrimination of tridimensional patterns in rats: progressive learning improves discriminative and recognition capacities

Kölmel, H.W., 1985:
Complex visual hallucinations in the hemianopic field

Victor J.D., 1985:
Complex visual textures as a tool for studying the visual evoked potential

Pyszynski, W., 1977:
Complex wavy grain in the stem of aesculus

Lee J., 1983:
Complexation analysis of fresh waters by equilibrium dia filtration

Kumar A.; Neta P., 1980:
Complexation and oxidation of glycine and related compounds by silver ii

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Complexation and oxygenation equilibria of cobaltous chelates of di peptides with coordinating side groups

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Complexation and phase transfer of nucleotides by gramicidin S

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Complexation and toxicity of copper and the free metal bioassay technique

Knox K.; Jones P.H., 1979:
Complexation characteristics of sanitary landfill leachates

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Complexation chemistry of cyclo hexa amyloses part 2 p methyl cinnamate anion

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Complexation in the retention of benzoic acids on a bonded xanthine high performance liquid chromatography stationary phase

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Complexation of anthracycline antibiotics by the apo egg white riboflavin binding protein

Hirsch W.; Dimartini C.; Fried V.; Ling W., 1987:
Complexation of aqueous ammonia by cyclodextrins

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Complexation of arenes by macrocyclic hosts in aqueous and organic solutions

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Complexation of aspirin by caffeine

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Complexation of aspirin with potato starch and improvement of dissolution rate by dry mixing

Saar R.A.; Weber J.H., 1979:
Complexation of cadmium ii with water derived and soil derived fulvic acids effect of ph and fulvic acid concentration

Haas J.W.Jr, 1986:
Complexation of calcium and copper with carbohydrates implications for seawater speciation

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Complexation of calcium and lead by n alkyl and n n dialkyl alpha amino acids

Van Roey P.; Smith G.D.; Duax W.L.; Umen M.J.; Maryanoff B.E., 1982:
Complexation of calcium by the synthetic ionophore mcn 4308 2 4 di phenylmethyl 1 piperidinyl 2 oxoethoxy acetic acid crystal and molecular structure of the free acid and of the calcium complex

Becher G.; Oestvold G.; Paus P.; Seip H.M., 1983:
Complexation of copper by aquatic humic matter studied by reversed phase liquid chromatography and atomic absorption spectroscopy

Bailly C.; Catteau J P.; Helbecque N.; Bernier J L.; Houssin R.; Denis C.; Henichart J P., 1987:
Complexation of copper ii by a peptide hybrid of bleomycin and amsacrine circular dichroism and esr studies

Buckley J.A., 1983:
Complexation of copper in the effluent of a sewage treatment plant and an estimate of its influence on toxicity to coho salmon

Fischer, W.R., 1986:
Complexation of copper lead and cadmium by hot water soluble humic substances ii. the stability of the complexes

Fischer, W.R., 1984:
Complexation of copper lead and cadmium by water soluble humic substances 1. the polarographic proof of heavy metal complexation by water soluble humic substances

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Complexation of copper zinc and cadmium by metabolites excreted from marine diatoms

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Complexation of ferron with some metal ions of biological interest

Alex S.; Savoie R.; Corbeil M C.; Beauchamp A.L., 1986:
Complexation of glycylglycine by the methylmercury cation a vibrational spectroscopy and x ray diffraction study

Isab A.A., 1986:
Complexation of gold i thiomalate myocrisin with 1 3 diazinane 2 thione in aqueous solution followed by carbon 13 nmr spectroscopy

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Complexation of heavy metals by extracellular polymers in the activated sludge process

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Complexation of metal ions by monensin crystal and molecular structure of hydrated and anhydrous crystal forms of sodium monensin

Pavlovich G.Z.; Luthy R.G., 1988:
Complexation of metals with hydantoins

Rees, T.F.; Daniel, S.R., 1984:
Complexation of neptunium v by salicylate phthalate and citrate ligands in a ph 7.5 phosphate buffered system

Tomono K.; Ueda H.; Saitoh T.; Nagai T., 1988:
Complexation of nitroglycerin with several beta cyclodextrin polymers by grinding method

Sahai R.; Chaudhary A.K., 1983:
Complexation of phenoxy acetic acids with bovine serum albumin and their ternary complexes in solution

Reinhoudt D.N.; J.A.A.; Uiterwijk J.W.H.M.; Harkema S., 1985:
Complexation of polyfunctional organic guest molecules by macrocyclic polyethers complexes of s tert butylisothiuronium salts with 18 crown 6 and 1 3 xylyl 18 crown 5

Grandjean J.; Laszlo P., 1982:
Complexation of praseodymium by 2 different ionophores enhances markedly its transport rate

Gupta V.D., 1982:
Complexation of procainamide with dextrose

Clarke R.J.; Coates J.H.; Lincoln S.F., 1986:
Complexation of roccellin by beta and gamma cyclodextrin

Szeman J.; Ueda H.; Szejtli J.; Fenyvesi E.; Machida Y.; Nagai T., 1987:
Complexation of several drugs with water soluble cyclodextrin polymer

Kwiatkowski, E.; Kozubek, K.; Peplinski, Z., 1978:
Complexation of tertiary amides by phenols in carbon tetra chloride solutions

Balch A.L.; Hope H.; Wood F.E., 1985:
Complexation of tin ii chloride by a novel macrocycle containing rhodium and nitrogen binding sites the preparation and x ray crystal structure of rh 2sn 2co 2cl 6 mu 2 6 bisdiphenylphosphinopyridine 2

Gardiner, J., 1976:
Complexation of trace metals by edta in natural waters

Clarke, R.J.; Coates, J.H.; Lincoln, S.F., 1984:
Complexation of tropaeolin 000 no. 2 by beta cyclodextrin and gamma cyclodextrin

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Complexes of plant associations in the polish western carpathian mountains an attempt towards sym phytosociological analysis of vegetation maps/

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Compliance strategies in a clinic for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

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Compliance with drug therapy in epileptic patients

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Complications after herniography in adults

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Complications after megavoltage therapy of Hodgkin's disease

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Complications after mumps result from damage to the pancreas

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Complications after resection in cases of chronic pancreatitis

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Complications after temporary punctual occlusion with tissue adhesive histoacryl

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Complications and mortality during treatment of fractures of the upper end of the femur in patients including diabetics

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Complications and sequelae of meningococcal infections in children

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Complications and sequelae of the intra peritoneal application in animal experiments

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Complications and side effects attending contrast radiograph of the spinal column used in clinical orthopedic diagnostics

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Complications arising from ritual circumcision: pathogenesis and possible prevention

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Complications associated with Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia

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Complications associated with the macrosomic fetus

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Complications associated with the overfeeding of infected animals

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