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Compliance testing by measurement of piracetam in urine--a possible method of compliance control for piracetam intakers. An empirical investigation

Fischer, B.; Lehrl, S.; Schnaiter, A.; Schulz, H.U.; Salinger, W.; Fischer, U.; Weber, E.

Neuropsychobiology 10(1): 19-22


ISSN/ISBN: 0302-282X
PMID: 6657035
DOI: 10.1159/000117979
Accession: 005021798

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All teams of investigators concerned with compliance rate agree that patients do not reliably take their tablets as prescribed. In case of long-term medication the problem becomes even more acute. A method for checking on compliance is of great help in controlling medical therapy as well as in judging the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals. Apparently, diachronic determination of piracetam concentration in patients' urine is an especially simple way of testing compliance without undue strain on the patient.

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