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Chapter 5,024

Composition and microbial flora of kusaya gravy of hachijojima island japan

Fujii, T.; Mitsukawa, M.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 45(8): 1033-1036


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5392
Accession: 005023067

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The chemical and microbiological analyses of kusaya gravy were determined in samples obtained from manufacturers at Hachijojima Island. The pH value (7.02-7.55), crude fat content (0.82-0.92%), the amount of total N (403-457 mg/100 ml), and the viable cell count on nutrient agar plate (3.4-9.4 .times. 107 cells/ml) did not differ significantly from those of Niijima and Oshima Islands. The NaCl concentration (8.0-11.1%), however, was much higher than those of Niijima and Oshima Islands. The classification of bacteria at the genus level was performed on 60 strains from the gravy of Hachijojima Island. The microbial flora was significantly different from those of Niijima and Oshima Islands; bacteria of genera Moraxella (38-65%) and Pseudomonas (15-57%) were the most predominant. Bacteria of genus Spirillum, which were the characteristic organisms in the gravy of Niijima and Oshima Islands, were also observed.

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