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Composition and microbial flora of kusaya gravy of miyakejima island japan

Fujii, T.; Mitsukawa, M.

Bulletin of the Tokai Regional Fisheries Research Laboratory 100: 9-12


Accession: 005023068

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The chemical and microbiological analyses of kusaya gravy were determined in samples obtained from manufacturers at Miyakejima Island. The composition of the gravy (2 samples) was as follows: pH, 7.20, 6.75; ash, 5.06, 3.74%; water content, 92.48, 94.38%; NaCl concentration, 4.50, 3.16%; total nitrogen, 534.0, 545.0mg/100ml; volatile basic nitrogen, 331.2, 314.7mg/100ml; trimethylamine, 2.66, 2.81mg-N/100ml; and viable cell count, 6.5 .times. 107, 1.1 .times. 108 cells/ml, respectively. The classification of bacteria at the genus level was performed on 30 strains. Bacteria of genus Corynebacterium were most predominant followed by bacteria of genus Moraxella and Pseudomonas. These dominant bacteria formed very minute colonies on a nutrient agar plate. As the characteristic organisms in the gravy, helical bacteria were also observed. The kusaya gravy of Miyakejima Island was thought to be similar, in points of NaCl concentration and microbial flora, with those of Niijima and Oshima Islands.

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