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Composition and microbial flora of kusaya gravy of shikinejima and kozujima islands japan

Fujii, T.

Nippon Suisan Gakkaishi 46(10): 1241-1243


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-5392
Accession: 005023069

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The chemical and microbiological analyses of kusaya gravy were carried out on samples obtained from manufactures at Shikinejima (sample L) and Kozujima (sample NB) Islands. The compositions of the gravy L and NB were as follows, respectively: pH, 7.16 and 7.52; NaCl concentration, 5.49% and 5.14%; total nitrogen, 440.7 and 430.9 mg/100 ml; volatile basic nitrogen, 282.2 and 300.9 mg/100 ml; trimethylamine, 0.39 and 0.40 mg-N/100 ml; and viable bacterial counts, 1.3 .times. 108 and 1.5 .times. 108 cells/ml. The classification of bacteria at the genus level was performed on 26 strains from gravy L and 17 strains from gravy NB. The dominant flora of the gravy L were Corynebacterium (58%) followed by Moraxella and Pseudomonas; while the dominant flora of the gravy NB were Corynebacterium (35%), Pseudomonas (29%) and Spirillum (24%). These Corynebacterium formed very minute colonies on nutrient agar plate containing 2.5% NaCl. From the above results, the main characteristics of the gravy of Shikinejima and Kozujima Islands were thought to be similar with those of Niijima, Oshima and Miyakejima Islands.

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