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Chapter 5,024

Composition of the essential oils of sudan grass and hybrid sorgo forage sorghums

Kami, T.

Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 25(6): 1295-1299


ISSN/ISBN: 0021-8561
Accession: 005023811

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The essential oil of Sudangrass, a grass sorghum, was isolated by steam distillation of the fresh grass with a yield of 0.0006%. The essential oil was fractionated to each functional group, and the fractions were analyzed by gas chromatographic comparison with authentic samples using polar and nonpolar columns; 62 compounds including 13 acids, 6 phenols, 5 aldehydes, 6 ketones, 6 alcohols, 10 esters and 16 hydrocarbons were tentatively identified as steam-distilled Sudangrass constituents. Almost all the compounds have been detected in the essential oil of Hybridsorgo. In order to clarify the odor difference, quantitative analyses were further carried out on both essential oils of Sudangrass and Hybridsorgo: Sudangrass was rich in carbonyl compounds, while Hybridsorgo was rich in phenols.

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