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Compound component differentiation as a function of conditioned stimulus unconditioned stimulus interval and conditioned stimulus duration in the rabbit's conditioned nictitating membrane response

Kehoe, E.J.; Schreurs, B.G.

Animal Learning and Behavior 14(2): 144-154


Accession: 005024137

The acquisition of the rabbit's nictitating membrane response to a tone + light compound and its components was examined as a function of the CS-US interval (Experiment 1) and CS duration (Experiment 2). In Experiment 1, responding to the compound attained high levels in all groups, but responding on component test trials declined to low levels as the CS-US interval increased across values of 300, 800, and 1,300 msec. Further disparities between the compound and components appeared when the animals were shifted to a positive patterning schedule. In Experiment 2, disparities between the compound and components increased as the duration of the CS was increased across values of 50, 200, and 800 msec within a mixed CS-US interval of 800 msec. The results are discussed with respect to distributive processes, configuration, and speed-accuracy tradeoffs.

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