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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5028

Chapter 5028 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Trivedi B.M.; Gohel M.C., 1987:
Computer approach to the wagner nelson method

Heethaar, R.M.; Pao, Y.C.; Ritman, E.L., 1977:
Computer aspects of 3 dimensional finite element analysis of stresses and strains in the intact heart

Standing L.G.; Keays G., 1986:
Computer assessment of personality a demonstration of gullibility

Freebody P.; Cooksey R.W., 1985:
Computer assessment of reading vocabulary a preliminary study of the relationships between knowledge word frequency and response time

Stein A.; Juliano S.; Karp P.; Hand P., 1984:
Computer assisted 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional reconstructions of auto radiographic images of the cerebral cortex

Porro C.; Fonda S.; Baraldi P.; Biral G.P.; Cavazzuti M., 1984:
Computer assisted analyses of carbon 14 labeled 2 deoxyglucose autoradiographs employing a general purpose image processing system

Zarudii F.S.; Tyurina L.A.; Ikrina M.A.; Lazareva D.N.; Kireeva M.S., 1988:
Computer assisted analysis and design of the biologically active derivatives of sorbic acid

Hofstetter R.; Von Bernuth G., 1982:
Computer assisted analysis of 1 dimensional left ventricular echo cardiograms in children with normal and decreased left ventricular contractility

Potter D.J., 1985:
Computer assisted analysis of 2 dimensional electrophoresis images using an array processor

Kabankin, A.S.; Leksina, L.A.; Bondareva, A.P.; Landau, M.A., 1985:
Computer assisted analysis of a large group of compounds with psychotropic activity vi. use of topological and substructural descriptors to recognize the type of psychotropic activity

Kabankin, A.S.; Bondareva, A.P.; Landau, M.A., 1986:
Computer assisted analysis of a large number of compounds possessing psychotropic activity 7. use of molecular descriptors to recognize the type of psychotropic activity

Erkenbrecher, C.W.; Crabtree, S.J.J. ; Stevenson, L.H., 1976:
Computer assisted analysis of atp data

Naruto, S.; Motoc, I.; Marshall, G.R., 1985:
Computer assisted analysis of bioactivity 1. active conformation of histamine h 1 receptor antagonists

Naruto, S.; Motoc, I.; Marshall, G.R., 1985:
Computer assisted analysis of bioactivity ii. the interaction of lactone suicide substrates with alpha chymotrypsin

Arias E.; Pacchetti G.; Zavanella T., 1981:
Computer assisted analysis of chromosomes of the european crested newt triturus cristatus carnifex

Dobryakov S.N.; Il'yasova V.B.; Minkhadzhidinova D.R.; Sharpatyi V.A., 1986:
Computer assisted analysis of esr anisotropic spectra and structure of radical h adducts and hydroxyl ion adducts of nucleic acid components in frozen aqueous solutions

Hadlock F.P.; Deter R.L.; Harrist R.B.; Park S.K., 1983:
Computer assisted analysis of fetal age in the 3rd trimester using multiple fetal growth parameters

Rizzo G.; Arduini D.; Mancuso S.; Romanini C., 1988:
Computer assisted analysis of fetal behavioral states

Nalimov S.P.; Egrashin N.A.; Kareva N.N.; Udal'eva I.V.; Meller M.E., 1988:
Computer assisted analysis of information on drug consumption as a basis for predicting future need

Ivanov G.G.; Nechaev A.N.; Kachinskii G.N., 1987:
Computer assisted analysis of mechanocardiograms

Van Oostveldt P.; Carrez D.; Collumbien B., 1985:
Computer assisted analysis of nuclear structure during endomitosis in lupine

Leestma, J.E.; Freeman, S.S., 1977:
Computer assisted analysis of particulate axoplasmic flow in organized central nervous system tissue cultures

Plotkin, A.A.; Muchnik, I.B.; Kabankin, A.S.; Kiseleva, N.E.; Lavretskaya, E.F.; Landau, M.A.; Leksina, L.A.; Lyubovnaya, M.A., 1983:
Computer assisted analysis of psychotropic compounds 4. method for the maximal grouping of parameters

Leksina, L.A.; Kabankin, A.S.; Lavretskaya, E.F.; Landau, M.A.; Baldenkov, P.N., 1983:
Computer assisted analysis of psychotropic compounds 5. relationship between the results of testing experimental animals and model enzyme systems

Kostopoulos G.; Gotman J., 1984:
Computer assisted analysis of relations between single unit activity and spontaneous electro encephalogram

Tolmach, A.P.; Mitz, A.R.; Von-Rump, S.L.; Pepper, M.L.; Tolmach, L.J., 1978:
Computer assisted analysis of time lapse cine micrographs of cultured cells

Adair T.; Karp P.; Stein A.; Bajcsy R.; Reivich M., 1981:
Computer assisted analysis of tomographic images of the brain

Parkhurst B.G.; Maceachron M.P., 1980:
Computer assisted analysis of written language assessing the written language of deaf children 2

Dovzhenko-Yu, M.; Borisov, S.V.; Kassil', V.L.; Daubershmidt, R.; Kukel't, V.; Mrokhen, G., 1986:
Computer assisted assessment of the severity of a condition based on clinical and experimental data

Finer Moore J.; Mody N.V.; Pelletier S.W.; Gray N.A.B.; Crandell C.W.; Smith D.H., 1981:
Computer assisted carbon 13 nmr spectrum analysis and structure prediction for the 19 carbon di terpenoid alkaloids

Andras B.E.; Tamas V.; Istvan J., 1982:
Computer assisted clinical follow up

L.Belle M., 1987:
Computer assisted collection and analysis of elisa data

Chou J.T.; Jurs P.C., 1979:
Computer assisted computation of partition coefficients from molecular structures using fragment constants

Capinera J.L.; Wheatley G.W.; Thompson D.C.; Jenkins J., 1983:
Computer assisted crop loss assessment a micro computer model for estimation of sugar beet insect effects to facilitate decision making in pest management

Bragger U.; Pasquali L.; Rylander H.; Carnes D.; Kornman K.S., 1988:
Computer assisted densitometric image and analysis in periodontal radiography a methodological study

Romanoff, R.J.; Seipp, H.W.Jr ; Amsler, L.C.; Johnson, E.H.; Mcintosh, C.L., 1977:
Computer assisted detection of prosthetic aortic heart valve dys function

Miller S.S.; Lightner G.W., 1987:
Computer assisted determination of apple tree canopy volume

Arnolds, D.E.A.T.; Lopes-Da-Silva, F.H., 1977:
Computer assisted determination of brain behavior correlates

Constable S.H.; Burkett L.N.; Krahenbuhl G.S.; Russell S.J., 1981:
Computer assisted determination of muscle fiber cross sectional areas

Sato T.; Ikeda N.; Tsuruta H.; Marumo F.; Suzuki J.; Wada T., 1980:
Computer assisted diagnosis and treatment of body fluid disturbances

Basso P.; Villani L.; Gennari M.; Andreaus M.C.; Bruno F., 1983:
Computer assisted diagnosis in ovarian pathology bayes theorem

Risoe C.; Kirkeby O.J., 1985:
Computer assisted diagnosis of acute myocardial infarction

Gaetani S.A.; Wilson A.J.; Dittrich F.; Lodwick G.S., 1982:
Computer assisted diagnosis of giant cell tumors and aneurysmal bone cysts radiological considerations

Janecki, J.; Zaborowski, P.; Milewski, B., 1978:
Computer assisted diagnosis of hepatic neoplasms on basis of laboratory findings

Barwick R.C.; Schneider R.G., 1981:
Computer assisted differentiation of hemo globin variants

Deutinger J.; Wascher C.; Gring H.; Bernaschek G., 1987:
Computer assisted documentation and printout of findings in obstetric ultrasound examinations

Vozeh S.; Hillman R.; Wandell M.; Ludden T.; Sheiner L., 1985:
Computer assisted drug assay interpretation based bayesian estimation of individual pharmacokinetic application to lidocaine

Pockberger H.; Rappelsberger P.; Persche H.; Thau K.; Kuefferle B., 1984:
Computer assisted electroencephalographic topography as a tool in the evaluation of actions of psychoactive drugs in patients

Staschen C M.; Spieker C.; Zidek W.; Vetter H., 1987:
Computer assisted evaluation of 24 hour blood pressure profiles in essential and secondary hypertensives

Bunyatyan A.A.; Flerov E.V.; Mierbekov E.M.; Ruzaikina T.I.; Tolmachev V.A., 1985:
Computer assisted evaluation of brain bioelectrical activity and circulation during closed mitral comissurotomy under anesthesia

Lacknar K.; Klotz E.; Kalender W., 1985:
Computer assisted evaluation of electrocardiograph gated computed tomographic scans of the heart

Szewczykowski, J.; Dytko, P.; Kunicki, A.; Sliwka, S.; Korsak-Sliwka, J., 1976:
Computer assisted evaluation of intra cranial pressure during the hyper ventilation test

Russell M.P.; Purdie R.N.; Goldsmith J.A.; Phillips I., 1984:
Computer assisted evaluation of microbiological environmental control data

Crandell C.W.; Smith D.H., 1983:
Computer assisted examination of compounds for common 3 dimensional substructures

Doucette W.H.Jr; Whiteside E.P., 1980:
Computer assisted farmland appraisal systems

Pavlov A.S.; Klepper L.Ya; Zamyatin O.A., 1981:
Computer assisted formation of an optimum dose field in interstitial radio therapy with parallel linear composite radiation sources

Lally M., 1982:
Computer assisted hand writing instruction and visual kinesthetic feedback processes

Bhown, A.S.; Mole, J.E.; Hollaway, W.L.; Bennett, J.C., 1978:
Computer assisted high pressure liquid chromatography of radio labeled phenyl thio hydantoin amino acids

Schwartz D.; Hajek Rosenmayr A., 1987:
Computer assisted histocompatibility testing in mixed lymphocyte culture mlc

Lee C.Y.; Fung D.Y.C.; Kastner C.L., 1982:
Computer assisted identification of bacteria on hot boned and conventionally processed beef

Lee C.Y.; Fung D.Y.C.; Kastner C.L., 1985:
Computer assisted identification of microflora on hot boned and conventionally processed beef effect of moderate and slow chilling rate

Tayrien M.W.; Loy R., 1984:
Computer assisted image analysis to quantify regional and specific receptor ligand binding upregulation of tritiated quinuclidinyl benzilate and tritiated wb 4104 binding in denervated hippocampus

Yates D.A.; Szentirmay R.; Kuwana T., 1980:
Computer assisted indirect coulometric titrations of biological redox components

Parnovskii B.L.; Shelepeten' L.S., 1988:
Computer assisted information supply for research on pharmaceutical information

Lefebvre P.J.; Houziaux M O.; Godart C.; Scheen Lavigne M.; Bartholome M.; Luyckx A.S., 1981:
Computer assisted instruction for diabetics an original project developed at the university of liege belgium

Cellini N.; Valentini V.; Vecchioli A.; Romanini A., 1982:
Computer assisted instruction in radiology experience with a mini computer

Woodruff, H.B.; Snelling, C.R.Jr ; Shelley, C.A.; Munk, M.E.M., 1977:
Computer assisted interpretation of carbon 13 nmr spectra applied to structure elucidation of natural products

Binnie, C.D.; Batchelor, B.G.; Bowring, P.A.; Darby, C.E.; Herbert, L.; Lloyd, D.S.L.; Smith, D.M.; Smith, G.F.; Smith, M., 1978:
Computer assisted interpretation of clinical electro encephalogram

Knueppel W.; Neumeier D.; Fateh Moghadam A.; Knedel M., 1984:
Computer assisted interpretative reporting for serum protein electrophoresis on cellulose acetate film

Grauthoff H.; Barwig P.; Frommhold H., 1980:
Computer assisted irradiation planning by computed tomography

Baumhoer W., 1982:
Computer assisted irradiation planning for tumor therapy with fast neutron at the circe neutron therapy unit in essen west germany

Shibata S.; Ueda S.; Matsuda N., 1985:
Computer assisted laboratory diagnosis and its clinical usefulness

First M.B.; Weimer B.J.; Mclinden S.; Miller R.A., 1982:
Computer assisted localization of peripheral nervous system lesions

Weber H.; Glogar D.; Joskowicz G.; Steinbach K.; Probst P.; Kaindl F.; Laskovicz A., 1981:
Computer assisted long term electro cardiographic analysis in patients with artificial atrial pacemaker

Sassi I.; Fontanella G.; Calandrino R.; Faravelli A.; Freschi M.; Cantaboni A., 1986:
Computer assisted macro description of surgical specimens

Wilson, R.; James, A.H., 1984:
Computer assisted management of warfarin treatment

Nagpal N.K.; Sondheim M.W.; Wallis C.H., 1986:
Computer assisted mapping of irrigation water requirements for vancouver island british columbia canada based on soil and agricultural capability survey data

Herholz K.; Pawlik G.; Wienhard K.; Heiss W D., 1985:
Computer assisted mapping quantitative analysis of cerebral positron emission tomograms

Daly H.V.; Hoelmer K.; Norman P.; Allen T., 1982:
Computer assisted measurement and identification of honey bees apis mellifera hymenoptera apidae

Mason, D.C., 1978:
Computer assisted measurement of replicon auto radiograms

Peishoff, C.E.; Jorgensen, W.L., 1985:
Computer assisted mechanistic evaluation of organic reactions 9. reactions of unsaturated electrophiles including nucleophilic aromatic substitution

Rorive G.; Gyselynck Mambourg A.M.; Sabatier J.; Gentinne J.L., 1980:
Computer assisted medical care in a hemo dialysis unit

Takahashi, T.; Shotsu, A.; Okazaki, T.; Yokoyama, K.; Yanagida, A., 1981:
Computer assisted medical record retrieval system

Willemse Collinet M.F.; Turnbull P.C.B.; Hospers G.T.; Van Oppenraay A.B.W.G., 1981:
Computer assisted method for identification of bacillus spp isolated from liquid anti acids

Base W.; Kleinberger G.; Dorda W.; Perkmann W.; Reichetzeder C.; Grabner H.; Laggner A.; Lenz K.; Schneeweiss B., 1985:
Computer assisted microbiology reporting of an intensive care unit

Jeffrey A.M.; Liskamp R.M.J., 1986:
Computer assisted molecular modeling of tumor promoters rationale for the activity of phorbol esters telecidin b and aplysiatoxin

Bunyatyan A.A.; Flerov E.V.; Tolmachev V.A.; Sablin I.N.; Mierbekov E.M., 1985:
Computer assisted monitoring of cerebral bioelectric activity during surgery

Simone J.N.; Welling L.W.; Welling D.J., 1979:
Computer assisted morphometric analysis for 3 dimensional cell shape

Braekken S.K.; Mellgren S.I.; Eide T.J., 1984:
Computer assisted morphometry on muscle biopsies

Franco E.L.; Walls K.W.; Sulzer A.J.; Campbell G.H.; Roberts J.M., 1984:
Computer assisted multiple categorization of absorbance values in elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay through pictorial emulation of 96 well plates

Coin, C.G.; Chan, Y.S.; Keranen, V.; Pennink, M., 1977:
Computer assisted myelography in disc disease

Sabate L.G.; Diaz A.M.; Tomas X.M.; Gassiot M.M., 1983:
Computer assisted optimization in high performance liquid chromatography

Mungall D.; Bancroft W.; Marshall J., 1982:
Computer assisted oral and intra venous theophylline therapy

Vernin G.; Parkanyi C.; Barone R.; Chanon M.; Metzger J., 1987:
Computer assisted organic synthesis of volatile heterocyclic compounds in food flavors

Aller, R.D.; Robboy, S.J.; Poitras, J.W.; Altshuler, B.S.; Cameron, M.; Prior, M.C.; Miao, S.; Barnett, G.O., 1977:
Computer assisted pathology encoding and reporting system an on line computer system developed at the massachusetts general hospital

Rakhit S.; Marciniak G.; Leclerc G.; Schwartz J., 1986:
Computer assisted pharmacophore search in a series of nonsteroidal cardiotonics

Camporesi E.; Fassina R.; Peruselli C.; Roveda F.; Sironi P.G., 1987:
Computer assisted planning of parenteral and enteral nutrition in hospitalized patients

Hasan M.N.; Jurs P.C., 1988:
Computer assisted prediction of gas chromatographic retention times of polychlorinated biphenyls

Aldinger G.; Fischer A.; Kurtz B., 1984:
Computer assisted production of individual total prostheses

Salomon J.A.; Corne R.A.; Tzivoni D.; Weiss T.; Ben Ezra E.; Atlan H., 1980:
Computer assisted quantitative evaluation of thallium 201 imaging by regional sector analysis with myo cardium ellipticity correction

Galesanu M.R.; Ciornea D.; Bild E.; Cuza C.I.; Damian R., 1986:
Computer assisted radiotherapy in the clinic of oncologic radiology iasi romania

Gunasingham H.; Tay B.T.; Ang K.P., 1987:
Computer assisted rapid scan cyclic staircase voltammetry in normal phase high performance liquid chromatography

Mcconchie C.A.; Jobson S.; Knox R.B., 1985:
Computer assisted reconstruction of the male germ unit in pollen of brassica campestris

Neumann H G.; Seidenschnur G., 1987:
Computer assisted screening for cervical cancer results of a 10 year period

Blinowska, A.; Verroust, J.; Blinowski, J.; Cannet, G., 1984:
Computer assisted search for linked potentials

Sekulic S.; Haddad P.R.; Lamberton C.J., 1986:
Computer assisted selection of mobile phase composition in reversed phase liquid chromatography definition of the optimization search area

Varkony, T.H.; Carhart, R.E.; Smith, D.H.; Djerassi, C., 1978:
Computer assisted simulation of chemical reaction sequences applications to problems of structure elucidation

Adam G.; Preiss A.; Hung P.D.; Kutschabsky L., 1987:
Computer assisted site specific functionalization in the gibberellin series norrish type ii photocyclization via a 9 membered transition state

Taylor P.; Perry L.J.; Desselberger U.; Marsden H.S., 1987:
Computer assisted size measurement on a digitizing tablet of nucleic acid and protein molecules from gels

Koretskaya L.V.; Krikov V.I., 1986:
Computer assisted solving of planned tasks assigned to pharmacies

Zaitoun A.M., 1979:
Computer assisted stathmo kinetic and fraction labeled mitosis data analysis of cell cycle time in the germinal center of the spleen effect of prednisolone

Gruenberger J.; Linzmayer L.; Gasic S.; Saletu B., 1988:
Computer assisted static and dynamic pupillometry for the characterization of the tricyclic antidepressant cianopramine

Kelly P.J.; Kall B.A.; Goerss S., 1986:
Computer assisted stereotactic resection of posterior fossa lesions

Gray N.A.B.; Crandell C.W.; Nourse J.G.; Smith D.H.; Dageforde M.L.; Djerassi C., 1981:
Computer assisted structural interpretation of carbon 13 spectral data

Yuta, K.; Jurs, P.C., 1984:
Computer assisted structure activity of chemical carcinogens aromatic amines 2. rat and liver data set

Yuan M.; Jurs P.C., 1980:
Computer assisted structure activity studies of chemical carcinogens a poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbon data set

Varkony, T.H.; Smith, D.H.; Djerassi, C., 1978:
Computer assisted structure manipulation studies in the biosynthesis of natural products

Corey, E.J.; Long, A.K., 1978:
Computer assisted synthetic analysis performance of long range strategies for stereoselective olefin synthesis

Varet, B.; Lévy, J.P., 1977:
Computer assisted teaching of hematology

Tuohy M.; Mccornchie C.; Knox R.B.; Szarski L.; Arkin A., 1987:
Computer assisted three dimensional reconstruction technology in plant cell image analysis applications of interactive computer graphics

Mannes E.J.; Walsh J.W.; Simeone J.F.; Putnam S.L., 1979:
Computer assisted tomographic evaluation of a ganglio neuro blastoma in an adult

El-Gammal, T.; Allen, M.B.J. ; Lott, T., 1977:
Computer assisted tomography and pneumo encephalography in nontumorous hydrocephalus in infants and children

Salvolini, U.; Menichelli, F.; Pasquini, U., 1977:
Computer assisted tomography in 90 cases of exophthalmos

Hauser H.; Perrenoud J.J.; Bopp P.; Rutishauser W.; Hahn C., 1980:
Computer assisted tomography in evaluating patency of aorto coronary grafts value and advantage compared with coronarography

Wilner, H.I.; Cohn, E.M.; Kling, G.; Jampel, R.S., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography in experimentally induced orbital pseudotumor

Peylan-Ramu, N.; Poplack, D.G.; Blei, C.L.; Herdt, J.R.; Vermess, M.; D.C.iro, G., 1977:
Computer assisted tomography in methotrexate encephalopathy

Kazner, E.; Wilske, J.; Steinhoff, H.; Stochdorph, O., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography in primary malignant lymphomas of the brain

Rinaldi, I.; Kopp, J.E.; Harris, W.O.J. ; Reagan, T.J.; Murphy, D., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography in syringomyelia

O'Neill, R.R.; Wakisaka, S.; Malamut, B.L., 1977:
Computer assisted tomography of focal cerebral radiation necrosis in the monkey

Brownlie, K.; Kreel, L., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography of normal suprarenal glands

Vermess, M.; Haynes, B.F.; Fauci, A.S.; Wolff, S.M., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography of orbital lesions in Wegener's granulomatosis

Russell, A.S.; Jackson, F., 1986:
Computer assisted tomography of the apophyseal changes in patients with ankylosing spondylitis

Heuck, F.; Buck, J.; Reiser, U., 1980:
Computer assisted tomography of the normal and abnormal adrenal gland

Lusins, J.; Nakagawa, H.; Bender, M.B., 1978:
Computer assisted tomography of unoperated subdural hematoma short term and long term follow up

Sarno, R.C.; Klauber, G.; Carter, B.L., 1983:
Computer assisted tomography of urachal abnormalities

Radna, R.J.; Vaughn, W.J., 1978:
Computer assisted unit data acquisition reduction

Cannell, G.R.; Mortimer, R.H.; Thomas, M.J., 1985:
Computer assisted validation of binding assays for sex hormone binding globulin

Sivalingam, S.; Dublin, A.B.; Youmans, J.R., 1978:
Computer assisted ventriculography

Altar C.A.; Walter R.J.Jr; Neve K.A.; Marshall J.F., 1984:
Computer assisted video analysis of tritium labeled spiroperidol binding auto radiographs

Wesselius, L.J.; Witztum, K.F.; Taylor, A.T.; Hartman, M.T.; Moser, K.M., 1983:
Computer assisted vs. visual lung gallium 67 index in normal subjects and in patients with interstitial lung disorders

Diller, K.R.; Aggarwal, S.J., 1987:
Computer automated cell size and shape analysis in cryomicroscopy

Griffith P.C.; Cubit J.D.; Adey W.H.; Norris J.N., 1987:
Computer automated flow respirometry metabolism measurements on a caribbean reef flat and in a microcosm

Pun T.; Trus B.; Grossman N.; Leive L.; Eden M., 1985:
Computer automated lanes detection and profiles evaluation of 1 dimensional gel electrophoretic autoradiograms

Rosenkranz H.S.; Frierson M.R.; Klopman G., 1986:
Computer automated prediction of the mutagenicity of benzidine 4 4 diaminoterphenyl 4 dimethylaminoazobenzene and 4 cyanodimethylaniline comparison with the results of the second uk environmental mutagen society collaborative study

Keene J.J., 1982:
Computer automation of micro electrode lowering and single unit discrimination

Frank, J.; Verschoor, A.; Boublik, M., 1981:
Computer averaging of electron micrographs of 40S ribosomal subunits

Pozdnyakov V.I.; Pankov Y.A., 1985:
Computer bank of amino acid sequences of protein hormones analysis of evolutionary conformational and physicochemical properties of individual sites of amino acid sequences in superfamilies of proinsulin and proglucagon

Pozdnyakov V.I.; Pankov Y.A., 1983:
Computer bank of amino acid sequences of protein hormones comparative analysis of sequences in the group of pro opio melanocortin pro enkephalin and pro dynorphin detection of phorphin the 4th repeating peptide in pro dynorphin

Nikias C.L.; Scott P.D.; Siegel J.H., 1984:
Computer based 2 dimensional spectral estimation for the detection of pre arrhythmic states after hypo thermic myo cardial preservation

Van Der Glas H.W.; Van Steenberghe D., 1981:
Computer based analysis of electro myographic silent period parameters in jaw muscles during clenching in man

Freytag G.E., 1984:
Computer based analysis of morphometric parameters in hynobiid larvae

Knox, R.A.; Greene, F.M.; Beach, K.; Phillips, D.J.; Chikos, P.M.; Strandness, D.E., 1982:
Computer based classification of carotid arterial disease: a prospective assessment

Hearn A.B.; Ives P.M.; Room P.M.; Thomson N.J.; Wilson L.T., 1981:
Computer based cotton pest management in australia

Hulting, J.; Blomqvist, P.; Nygards, M.E., 1977:
Computer based electro cardiogram analysis in acute myo cardial infarction a comparison between 2 computer programs for the detection of ventricular arrhythmias

Timishl W.; Van Der Vloedt A.M.V., 1984:
Computer based evaluation of laboratory data in the rearing of tsetse flies glossina palpalis palpalis

Brueck T.M.; Peterson D.F.; Nye J.A., 1982:
Computer based implementation of combined sewer control

Robinson, R.E., 1978:
Computer based information handling systems

Platt J.A.; U.O.M.; Heller D.N.; Cotter R.J.; Fenselau C., 1988:
Computer based linear regression analysis of desorption mass spectra of microorganisms

Makirinta A M., 1981:
Computer based literature search procedures in biology

Aeikens B.; Liedtke C E.; Haussman G.; Knitsch G.; Hartmann F., 1981:
Computer based measurements of bladder cancer urothelial cells by a high resolution microscopic cyto photometric system

Fagan, L.M.; Shortliffe, E.H.; Buchanan, B.G., 1980:
Computer based medical decision making from mycin to ventilator manager

Danielsson, M.; Ruhling, A., 1976:
Computer based methods for vegetation studies an introduction

Leistner H.; Baaske D.; Schueler W.; Neumeister K., 1986:
Computer based production of body cross sections

Kosaki, T.; Furukawa, H.; Kyuma, K., 1981:
Computer based soil data management system cosmas 1. collection storage and retrieval of soil survey data

Kosaki, T.; Furukawa, H.; Kyuma, K., 1981:
Computer based soil data management system cosmas 2. graphic representation of soil survey data

Price D., 1984:
Computer based storage and retrieval of paleontological data at the sedgwick museum cambridge england uk

Moore, D.B.; Griffin, T.G., 1978:
Computer blending technology

Koeppe R.E.II.K.mura M., 1984:
Computer building of beta helical poly peptide models

Vatnitskii, S.M.; Selin, V.A., 1976:
Computer calculation of dose distributions in the use of complex configuration fields

Taguchi, K.; Iijima, M.; Suzuki, T., 1978:
Computer calculation of movement of body's center of gravity

Lackner K.; Simon H.; Thurn P., 1979:
Computer cardio tomography new aspects in noninvasive radiological cardiac diagnostics

Barlow J.S., 1985:
Computer characterization of trace alternant and rapid eye movement sleep patterns in the neonatal electroencephalogram by adaptive segmentation an exploratory study

Nair G.B.; Abraham M.; Natarajan R.; Pal S.C., 1985:
Computer characterization of vibrio parahaemolyticus and allied sucrose negative vibrios isolated from aquatic environs of porto novo india

Hindmarsh, T.; Greitz, T., 1975:
Computer cisternography in the diagnosis of communicating hydrocephalus

Grepe, A.; Greitz, T.; Noren, G., 1975:
Computer cisternography of extracerebral tumors using lumbar injection of water soluble contrast medium

Ishii N.; Sugimoto H.; Iwata A.; Suzumura N., 1980:
Computer classification of the electro encephalogram time series by kullback information measure

Crill, P.A.; Wallace, K.M.; Kling, S.A., 1977:
Computer compatible data collection

V.Leitner E R.; Tietze U.; Andresen D.; Schroeder R., 1981:
Computer compatible long term electro cardiogram analyzing system for quantitative detection of low grade and complex dys rhythmias methods and evaluation of the analyzing accuracy

Moreau G.; Broto P.; Fortin M.; Turpin C., 1988:
Computer conducted screening of molecular structures of potentially anxiolytic substances using an autocorrelation technique

Mackenzie, R.S.; Kilpatrick, K.E., 1976:
Computer content analysis of applied biological knowledge in dentistry

Chen K C.; W.W.T.; Chang K Y., 1986:
Computer control for continuous cultivation of saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kenny, G.N.; Rennie, R.; Toal, F.; Reid, J.A., 1986:
Computer control of a Braun Infusomat pump

Patterson W.I.; Jaffres J.L.; Chaverie C.; Perrier M., 1984:
Computer control of a peristaltic pump

Kenny, G.N.; Rennie, R.; Toal, F.; Reid, J.A., 1985:
Computer control of an Imed 929 infusion pump

Frairot A.; Volle L.; Roche J.; Laval J P., 1987:
Computer control of anti cancer chemotherapeutic management

Kishimoto M., 1984:
Computer control of fermentation process with the aid of statistical parameter estimation

Saito, S.; Takanaka, A.; Tanaka, S.; Mizokami, K.; Inoue, K.; Sunouchi, M.; Kasuya, Y.; Omori, Y., 1981:
Computer control system of pyrogen test

Socolofsky T.J.; Radke G.A.; Davis L.C., 1982:
Computer controlled direct scanning gel chromatography system

Craft W.D.; Payne T.J.; Lappin J.S., 1986:
Computer controlled displays of bending motions

Renard J M.; Mansouri A.; Cooney C.L., 1984:
Computer controlled fed batch fermentation of the methylotroph pseudomonas am 1

Hetenyi, G.J. ; Pagurek, B.; Fluker, G.; Anthony, J.; Popescu, I.; Norwich, K.H., 1977:
Computer controlled gluco regulation in the diabetic dog

Abdullah M.; Haraguchi H., 1985:
Computer controlled graphite cup direct insertion device for direct analysis of plant samples by inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometry

Cembrowski, G.S.; Larson, F.C.; Huntington, R.W.Iii ; Selliken, J.H.J. ; Toren, E.C.J., 1978:
Computer controlled instrument system for sequential chemical testing part 3 application to liver assessment

Toren, E.C.J. ; Carey, R.N.; Cembrowski, G.S.; Schirmer, J.A., 1973:
Computer controlled instrument system for sequential clinical chemical testing part 1 instrumentation and system features

Toren, E.C.J. ; Mohr, S.A.; Busby, M.G.; Cembrowski, G.S., 1973:
Computer controlled instrument system for sequential clinical chemical testing part 2 evaluation of instrumental performance

Suzuki K.; Inoue O.; Hashimoto K.; Yamasaki T.; Kuchiki M.; Tamate K., 1985:
Computer controlled large scale production of high specific activity carbon 11 ro 15 1788 for positron emission tomography studies of benzodiazepine receptors

Gaba V.; Ryall M.D.; Chapman J.M., 1982:
Computer controlled light measurements for photo morphogenesis

Ravichandran K.; Lewis J.J.; Yin I H.; Koenigbauer M.; Powley C.R.; Shah P.; Rogers L.B., 1988:
Computer controlled linear ph gradient for high performance liquid chromatographic fractionations of aromatic carboxylic acids and of humic and fulvic acids

Ruitenbeek J.C.; Janssen R.J., 1984:
Computer controlled manipulator display system for human movement studies

Van-Der-Giet, G., 1977:
Computer controlled method for measuring articulatory activities

Nilsson, P.; Persson, B., 1985:
Computer controlled microwave system for clinical hyperthermia

Matsuda T.; Inamura K., 1981:
Computer controlled multi leaf conformation radio therapy

Halaby S.A.; Vance M.E., 1979:
Computer controlled spectral measurements of blood cells

Heethaar, R.M.; Van-Poelgeest, R.; Meijler, F.L.; Woudstra, E.S.; Van-Der-Zouw, C., 1977:
Computer controlled stimulator for clinical cardiac studies

Saida S.; Shimizu Y.; Wake T., 1982:
Computer controlled tactile vision substitution system and some characteristics of vibro tactile letter recognition

Gilreath P.R.; Rippetoe L.W.; Buchanan D.W., 1982:
Computer controlled temperature chambers for plant environment studies

Tanaka, K.; Toyama, K., 1978:
Computer controlled visual stimulator for electro physiological experiments

Bayer K.; Fuehrer F., 1982:
Computer coupled calorimetry in fermentation

Savojni A.; Ferraris F., 1987:
Computer data on 283 laser iridotomies

Lundstrom M.; Eklundh J O., 1980:
Computer densitometry of retinal nerve fiber atrophy a pilot study

Stroebel, C.F.; Glueck, B.C., 1970:
Computer derived global judgments in psychiatry

Slocum, J.; Byrom, E.; McCarthy, L.; Sahakian, A.; Swiryn, S., 1985:
Computer detection of atrioventricular dissociation from surface electrocardiograms during wide QRS complex tachycardias

Popivanov D., 1986:
Computer detection of electromyographic edges for synchronization of movement related brain potentials

Koman, V.; Kotuc, J., 1977:
Computer determination of all individual structures of tri glyceride molecules of fats and oils

Koman, V.; Kotuc, J.; Csicsayova, M., 1978:
Computer determination of all individual structures of tri glyceride molecules of fats and oils part 2

Landfield, P.W., 1976:
Computer determined electro encephalogram patterns associated with memory facilitating drugs and with electro convulsive shock

Alshoridh S.S.; Prasad R.M., 1982:
Computer diagnosis from electro encephalogram signals using bootstrap identification

Malchow-Møller, A.; Thomsen, C.; Matzen, P.; Mindeholm, L.; Bjerregaard, B.; Bryant, S.; Hilden, J.; Holst-Christensen, J.; Johansen, T.S.; Juhl, E., 1986:
Computer diagnosis in jaundice. Bayes' rule founded on 1002 consecutive cases

Kubota S., 1984:
Computer diagnosis of breast echogram

Jenkins, J.M.; Wu, D.; Arzbaecher, R.C., 1979:
Computer diagnosis of supraventricular and ventricular arrhythmias. A new esophageal technique

Koss, L.G.; Bartels, P.H.; Sychra, J.J.; Wied, G.L., 1978:
Computer discriminant analysis of atypical urothelial cells

Bartels, P.H.; Olson, G.B.; Layton, J.M.; Anderson, R.E.; Wied, G.L., 1975:
Computer discrimination of thymus derived and bone marrow derived lymphocytes

Snowberry K.; Parkinson S.R.; Sisson N., 1983:
Computer display menus

Teicholz E.; Hanson M., 1979:
Computer display of cancer data

Iwase T., 1981:
Computer display of epi cardial map 1

Iwase, T., 1981:
Computer display of epi cardial map 2. epi cardial map in the wolff parkinson white syndrome

Akhundova, M.A.; Devishev, M.I.; Zubovskii, G.A.; Smirnova, N.K., 1977:
Computer dynamic scintigraphy of the kidneys in obstructive chronic pyelo nephritis in children

Bogin Y.N.; Ter Gevondyan N.M.; Zubkova L.V.; Kovshenkov E.D.; Vladimirova A.V.; Nenachova T.V.; Nie L.I.; Petukhov V.B., 1987:
Computer echotomography combined with telethermography in kidney disease diagnosis

Telepak, R.J.; Hartshorne, M.F.; Bunker, S.R., 1982:
Computer edge displays for cardiac wall motion evaluation

Magora, A.; Gonen, B., 1978:
Computer editing of electro myographic recordings

Vincenzo U.; Gualano M.; Belardinelli E.; D.A.gelis A.; Selmi M.; Fabbri M.; Rinaldi A.; Maffei G.F.; Conte S.C.S.; Ingannamorte F.; Cavalli A., 1986:
Computer elaboration of the vitalograph single breath spirometer data

Parrish M.E.; Good B.W.; Hsu F.S.; Hatch F.W.; Ennis D.M.; Douglas D.R.; Shelton J.H.; Watson D.C.; Reilley C.N., 1981:
Computer enhanced high resolution gas chromatography for the discriminative analysis of tobacco smoke

Moline H.E.; Hruschka W.R., 1987:
Computer enhanced image analysis of bacterial polypeptide patterns on two dimensional polyacrylamide gels

Bone, R.A., 1976:
Computer enhanced resolution as an aid to identifying the macular pigment

Jinno K.; Hoshino T.; Hondo T., 1986:
Computer enhanced spectroscopic separation of coeluted components in supercritical fluid chromatography coupled with uv multichannel detector

Franks E.P.; Kasprzyk J.S.; Mcmeel J.W., 1981:
Computer enhanced studies of diabetic retinopathy 1

Kafri, U.; Ben-Asher, J., 1978 :
Computer estimates of natural recharge through soils in southern arizona usa

Samsonov M.A.; Meshcheryakova V.A.; Shadur S.S.; Shekhter E.G., 1986:
Computer evaluation of actual nutrition of ischemic heart patients during dispensary follow up

Magnoni V.; Bonini L.; Reale I., 1986:
Computer evaluation of anthropometric data in the assessment of nutritional status and energetic nutritional requirements of man

Mazurkevich G.S.; Belyaevskii O.A.; Dorokhin V.M.; Senchuk V.S.; Tyukavin A.I., 1984:
Computer evaluation of cardiac output by indicator dilution

Hladon, B.; Palka, Z., 1980:
Computer evaluation of cytostatic properties of compounds 1. in vitro studies on inhibitory and stimulative activities by the cy vtp 1 program for the odra 1204 computer

Hladon, B.; Palka, Z., 1980:
Computer evaluation of cytostatic properties of compounds 2. in vitro studies on the activities of the cy vtp 2 program for the odra 1204 computer

Parnas, H.; Segel, L.A., 1977:
Computer evidence that aggregating dictyostelium discoideum respond to temporal derivatives in attractant concentration

Shevchenko N.G.; Savenkov I.N.; Abramova N.A., 1979:
Computer forecast of salt water mineralization changes in exploited lenses of deserts

Afshar F.; Dykes E., 1984:
Computer generated 3 dimensional visualization of the trigeminal nuclear complex

Van Domburg R.T.; Simoons M.L., 1985:
Computer generated discharge letters in the coronary care unit

Hart W.M.Jr; Hartz R.K., 1982:
Computer generated display for 3 dimensional static perimetry

Beland, F.A., 1978:
Computer generated graphic models of the n 2 substituted deoxy guanosine adducts of 2 acetylamino fluorene and benzo a pyrene and the o 6 substituted deoxy guanosine adduct of 1 naphthylamine in the dna double helix

Scobey, R.P.; Dunning, J.M., 1976:
Computer generated graphics recorded on film extend mini computer capabilities

Thompson C.J., 1987:
Computer generated labels for cytotoxic preparations

Furie B.; Bing D.H.; Feldmann R.J.; Robinson D.J.; Burnier J.P.; Furie B.C., 1982:
Computer generated models of blood coagulation factor xa factor ixa and thrombin based on structural homology with other serine proteases

Bloch P.; Wallace R., 1979:
Computer generated scatter dose distributions for 6 megavolt radio therapy photon beams

O'brien R.N.; Forgacs C., 1982:
Computer generated time and distance of nutrient concentrations under pure diffusion conditions with application to timed release capsules

Purdy, J.G., 1975:
Computer generated track and field scoring tables part 2 theoretical foundation and development of a model

Jayaraman D., 1981:
Computer generation of cobalt 60 single beam dose distribution using analytical beam model

Wied, G.L.; Bibbo, M.; Dytch, H.E.; Bartels, P.H., 1985:
Computer grading of cervical intraepithelial neoplastic lesions 1. cytologic indices

Bouhuys, A.; Littner, M., 1975:
Computer graphics and lung function tests

Max N.L.; Malhotra D.; Hopfinger A., 1981:
Computer graphics and the generation of dna conformations for intercalation studies

Dytch H.E.; Bartels P.H.; Bibbo M.; Pishotta F.T.; Wied G.L., 1982:
Computer graphics in cyto diagnosis

Namba, K.; Caspar, D.L.; Stubbs, G.J., 1985:
Computer graphics representation of levels of organization in tobacco mosaic virus structure

Quinn J.A.; Fujimoto T.T., 1986:
Computer graphics simulation of growth and sporulation of erysiphe polygoni

Publig W.; Zandl C.; Czitober H., 1988:
Computer guided documentation in gastroenterological endoscopy simultaneous documentation and report

Socha, G.E.; Langner, R.R.; Olson, R.D.; Story, G.L., 1979:
Computer handling of occupational exposure data

Webb T.J.B., 1985:
Computer handling of quality control data

Friedman, R.; MacLowry, J., 1973:
Computer identification of bacteria on the basis of their antibiotic susceptibility patterns

Koss, L.G.; Bartels, P.H.; Sherman, A.; Sychra, J.J.; Schreiber, K.; Moussouris, H.S.; Wied, G.L., 1980:
Computer identification of degenerated urothelial cells

Pe'er, J.; Zajicek, G., 1980:
Computer image analysis of the optic disc

Altar C.A.; Kim H.; Marshall J.F., 1985:
Computer imaging and analysis of dopamine and serotonin binding sites in rat basal ganglia or neocortex labeled by tritiated spiroperidol

Thomas J.G., 1986:
Computer implemented digital filtering scaling and addition for analyzing the structure of early somatosensory evoked responses

Pratt, C.; Barnard, J.; Broderick, E.J.; Krauss, R.E., 1977:
Computer indexing of american society for horticultural science publications

Jinno K.; Kuwajima M., 1986:
Computer interactive identification system for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in reversed phase microcolumn liquid chromatography

Pfefferbaum A.; Zatz L.M.; Jernigan T.L., 1986:
Computer interactive method for quantifying cerebrospinal fluid and tissue in brain computed tomography scans effects of aging

Scobey R.P., 1981:
Computer interface and algorithm determines bio electrode impedance

D'stefan D.A.; Leesman G.D.; Patel M.R.; Morehead W.T., 1985:
Computer interfaced instrumentation of rotary tablet press

H.G.H.; Dye J.L.; Suelter C.H., 1981:
Computer interfaced rapid scanning molecular absorption and emission spectrophotometer for stopped flow studies of enzymic reactions

Chik, L.; Sokol, R.J.; Rosen, M.G., 1977 :
Computer interpreted fetal electro encephalogram sharp wave detection and classification of infants for 1 year neurological outcome

Chik, L.; Sokol, R.J.; Rosen, M.G.; Regula, G.A.; Borgstedt, A.D., 1977:
Computer interpreted fetal monitoring data discriminant analysis of peri natal data as a model for prediction of neurologic status at 1 year of age

Chun, R.W.; Van Cura, L.J.; Spencer, M.; Slack, W.V., 1976:
Computer interviewing of patients with epilepsy

Plumridge R.J.; Dickson J.R.; Fatin N.A., 1985:
Computer language translations for dispensed medicines

Takahashi T.; Kobatake Y., 1982:
Computer linked automated method for measurement of the reversal frequency in photo taxis of halobacterium halobium

Spence J.D.; Clark M.R., 1980:
Computer linked graphics tablet for cardio vascular signal processing

Mathers J.J.; Dinwoodie R.C.; Talarovich M.; Mehnert D.W., 1986:
Computer linked high performance liquid chromatography system for feedback control of fermentation substrates

Engleman, M.S.; Moskowitz, S.E.; Zauberman, H.L., 1977:
Computer localization of detached retinal tears for a scleral buckling procedure

Douglas, N.J.; Wraith, P.K.; Brash, H.M.; Millar, J.; Sudlow, M.F.; Flenley, D.C., 1980:
Computer measurement of dynamic compliance: technique and reproducibility in man

Fischhof T.J.; Larkin H., 1980:
Computer measurement of electro cardiograms a study of left ventricular hypertrophy in borderline hypertensive young men

Moens P.B.; Moens T., 1981:
Computer measurements and graphics of 3 dimensional cellular ultrastructure

Fein G.; Floyd T.C.; Feinberg I., 1981:
Computer measures of sleep electro encephalogram reliably sort visual stage 2 epochs by nonrapid eye movement period of origin

Walczak C.A.; Krichevsky M.I., 1980:
Computer methods for describing groups from binary phenetic data modification of numerical taxonomy programs to increase flexibility

Walczak C.A.; Krichevsky M.I., 1980:
Computer methods for describing groups from binary phenetic data preliminary summary and editing of data

Ong K.; Maurer G.; Feinstein S.; Zwehl W.; Meerbaum S.; Corday E., 1984:
Computer methods for myo cardial contrast 2 dimensional echo cardiography

Mcginnis D.S., 1984:
Computer model of an air to air shell and tube heat exchanger

Svacina S.; Hovorka R.; Hodinar A., 1987:
Computer model of hemoglobin glycosylation

Ahlgren D.J.; Stein A.C.; Lyons P.A., 1987:
Computer model of the aids epidemic

Miller A.R., 1981:
Computer model of the evolution of specific maximum life span

Cuffin, B.N.; Geselowitz, D.B., 1977:
Computer model studies of the magneto cardiogram

Flanagan, J.L.; Ishizaka, K., 1978:
Computer model to characterize the air volume displaced by the vibrating vocal cords

Huf, E.G.; Howell, J.R., 1977:
Computer modeling application to studies on the initial rate of sodium ion uptake by frog skin epidermis

Rao A.A.; Sridharan K., 1982:
Computer modeling for regional ground water simulation and estimation of irrigation potential for vedavati river basin india summary of findings

Hagemann J.W.; Rothfus J.A., 1979:
Computer modeling for stabilities and structural relationships of n hydro carbons

Robbins F.V.; Spillman C.K., 1980:
Computer modeling of a ventilated trombe wall with actual performance results

Hagemann, J.W.; Rothfus, J.A., 1988:
Computer modeling of alpha to beta' form phase transitions using theoretical triglyceride structures

Birchall J.P.; Cox T.F.; Wong H., 1983:
Computer modeling of ear nose and throat out patients

Waser, M.R.; Garfinkel, L.; Kohn, M.C.; Garfinkel, D., 1983:
Computer modeling of muscle phospho fructo kinase ec kinetics

Wycoff D.; Mulholland R.J., 1979:
Computer modeling of perturbations of the global nitrogen cycle

Machac, J.; Levin, H.; Balk, E.; Horowitz, S.F., 1986:
Computer modeling of planar myocardial perfusion imaging: effect of heart rate and ejection fraction on wall thickness and chamber size

Carter W.P.L.; Lloyd A.C.; Sprung J.L.; Pitts J.N.Jr, 1979:
Computer modeling of smog chamber data progress in validation of a detailed mechanism for the photo oxidation of propene and n butane in photochemical smog

Garduno-Juarez, R.; Shibata, M.; Zielinski, T.J.; Rein, R.; Rein, R., 1987:
Computer modeling of the neurotoxin binding site of acetylcholine receptor spanning residues 185 through 196

Teinberg R.; Gross A., 1981:
Computer modeling of the selection process

Derwent R.G.; Hov O., 1980:
Computer modeling studies of the impact of vehicle exhaust emission controls on photochemical air pollution formation in the uk

Sakamaki F.; Okuda M.; Akimoto H.; Yamazaki H., 1982:
Computer modeling study of photochemical ozone formation in the propene nitrogen oxides dry air system generalized maximum ozone isopleth

Mukhopadhyay C.; Rao V.S.R., 1988:
Computer modelling approach to study the modes of binding of alpha and beta l arabinose to l arabinose binding protein

Hough A.M.; Derwent R.G., 1987:
Computer modelling studies of the distribution of photochemical ozone production between different hydrocarbons

Zhivotovskii, L.A., 1976:
Computer models of quantitative characters in genetics part 5 the possibility of using genetic markers for early estimation of animal productivity

Mckibben G.H., 1985:
Computer monitored flight mill for the boll weevil anthonomus grandis coleoptera curculionidae

Tsujita T., 1979:
Computer network architecture for distributed information processing

Stilman C.; Scheuermann D.W., 1987:
Computer operated microspectrofluorometry to identify formaldehyde induced fluorophores of biogenic monoamines and precursor substances in models and tissue sections

Koerting H.J.; Klagge E.; Warweg U.; Porstmann I.; Weber P., 1979:
Computer operated scanning analysis of fluorescein iso thio cyanate labeled measles virus in cell cultures

Akitoshi, Y.; Takayama, K.; Machida, Y.; Nagai, T., 1985:
Computer optimization of the formulation of acrylic plaster

Wollin A.S.; Ledger S.N., 1985:
Computer optimized stone fruit tray pack

Fabry, F.; Drieghe, J.; Mulier, J.C., 1975:
Computer oriented orthopedic record

Gramer, E.; Kontić, D.; Krieglstein, G.K., 1981:
Computer perimetry of glaucomatous visual field defects at different stimulus sizes

Meerovich, R.I.; Golyanskaya, S.K.; Efanova, N.P., 1975:
Computer planning of average per capita requirements of the population for nutrients and energy

Deci, P.A.; Lopez, L.M.; Robinson, J.D.; Grauer, K., 1985:
Computer prediction of serum theophylline concentrations in ambulatory patients

Ballardie, F.W.; Gartside, S.; Mallick, N.P., 1983:
Computer prediction of the need for dialysis and transplantation using calculated creatinine clearance

Au, A.D.; Greenfield, H.S., 1977:
Computer prediction of thrombogenic sites for a tilting disc prosthetic heart valve

Tierney, W.M.; McDonald, C.J.; Hui, S.L.; Martin, D.K., 1988:
Computer predictions of abnormal test results. Effects on outpatient testing

Savva D.; Nicholson B.H., 1985:
Computer predictions on the structure of the three presumptive proteins coded for by the bacillus subtilis spoll a operon

D.Winter M.L., 1985:
Computer preselection of compounds for pharmacological screening prediction by fragment description

Pratz O., 1987:
Computer presentation of pattern of success a primacy effect verified

Bowes G.G.; Hunter J.H.; Kaplansky M., 1982:
Computer printed weed control research reports

Javor A.; Simon L., 1987:
Computer processed expert systems a review and example for their use in gastroenterology

Barath C.; Attonaty J.M.; Bader E., 1980:
Computer processed simulation program for planning of structure of cattle populations

Magalini, S.I.; Mastroiacovo, P.; De-Giacomo, M., 1976:
Computer processing applied to the study of multiple malformation syndromes

Aubert A.E.; Denys B.G.; Denef B.; Van D.W.rf F.; D.G.est H.; Kesteloot H., 1982:
Computer processing of echo mechano cardiograms methods and results

Satkyavichyus Z.E., 1982:
Computer processing of radio nuclide scintigrams for diagnosis of acute myo cardial infarction

Lee, R.; Mew, G.; Newman, M.J.; Gibson, A.R., 1976:
Computer processing of soil profile data from surveys in new zealand

Miller P.J.; Holmes J.R., 1984:
Computer processing of trans aortic valve blood pressures in the horse using the 1st derivative of the left ventricular pressure trace/

Hart, W.M.Jr, 1981:
Computer processing of visual data 2. automated pattern analysis of glaucomatous visual fields

Hart, W.M.J. ; Hartz, R.K., 1981:
Computer processing of visual field data 1. recording storage and retrieval

Dawson V.K., 1986:
Computer program calculation of gas supersaturation in water

Nolte L.L.; Youngs V.L.; Crawford R.D.; Kunerth W.H., 1985:
Computer program evaluation of durum and hard red spring wheat

Dahlberg, M.L., 1978:
Computer program for analysis of the homogeneity and goodness of fit of frequency distributions fortran part 4

Ashley, T.R., 1976:
Computer program for analyzing parasitoid host or predator prey relationships

Baselga, M.; Rico, M.; Nuez, F., 1976:
Computer program for calculating coefficients of consanguinity and family relationship/

Letzsch W.S.; Sumner M.E., 1983:
Computer program for calculating diagnosis and recommendation integrated system indices

Shekdar A.V., 1985:
Computer program for computing concentration of water formed deposits

Schoeneshoefer, M., 1977:
Computer program for evaluation physicochemical characterization and optimization of competitive protein binding assays comparison of 4 curve fitting models in peptide and steroid radio immunoassays

Kuehl, T.J.; Dukelow, W.R., 1977:
Computer program for maintenance of individual animal records in a nonhuman primate colony

Nair, B.M., 1978:
Computer program for processing data acquired from gas liquid chromatographic analysis of amino acids

Petrik, B.; Kvet, J., 1976:
Computer program for processing data from ecological sucrose inversion measurements of temperature

Niklas K.J.; Boyd S.P., 1987:
Computer program for three dimensional reconstructions and numerical analyses of plant organs from serial sections

Gheorghe, A., 1984:
Computer program in oncologic radiotherapy 1. physical dosimetry 2. computed statistical processing of the experimental data resulting from measurement of the dose output

Mrázek, J.; Kypr, J., 1988:
Computer program Jamsek combining statistical and stereochemical rules for the prediction of protein secondary structure

Koepcke, E.; Seidenschnur, G., 1985:
Computer program long time morbidity in perinatology 1. program presentation

Yamamoto K.; Yoshikura H., 1984:
Computer program statistically predicting folding structure of nucleic acids of any length and examples of calculation

Jank, H.W.; Hofemeister, J., 1977:
Computer program to analyze the molecular weight of dna from sedimentation profiles

Giessner-Prettre, C.; Prado, F.R.; Pullman, B.; Kan, L.S.; Kast, J.R.; Ts'o, P.O.P., 1981:
Computer programming for nucleic acid studies 2. total chemical shifts calculation of all protons of double stranded helices

Kan, L.S.; Kettell, R.W.; Miller, P.S., 1981:
Computer programming for nucleic acid studies 3. calculated uv absorption spectra of protected oligo deoxy ribo nucleotides

Nash A.H.; Chun S.K.; Lee D.T., 1981:
Computer programming for rural nutrition improvement

Zhong Y X., 1987:
Computer programs for algorithm for least squares estimation of ld50

Persson, S., 1977:
Computer programs for analysis of vegetation data part 1 classification programs documentation and use

Zitko V., 1982:
Computer programs for evaluation of acid base titrations

Horn, R.A., 1981:
Computer programs for output and depth dose from hyperbolic equations

Horvath, M.; Sabo, D.; Tomor, B.; Almasi, L.; Debroczi, T.; Ludvig, K., 1977:
Computer programs for radio cardiography and radio cyclography

Schneider B.; Windisch H., 1988:
Computer programs for special problems connected with the distribution of air

Klaembt, D.; Richter, O., 1976:
Computer programs for studying conformations in rna

Zitko V., 1981:
Computer programs for the evaluation of low resolution mass spectrometry data

Voigt, M.N.; Ware, G.O.; Eitenmiller, R.R., 1979:
Computer programs for the evaluation of vitamin B data obtained by microbiological methods

Swettenham, K.V.; Nickols, C.D.; Berry, C.L., 1983:
Computer programs in cytology reporting and record keeping

Abusan, G., 1984:
Computer programs in oncologic radiotherapy 1. physical dosimetry 2. computing the monthly correction for radioactive cobalt sources used in oncologic radiotherapy

Prieto J.G.; Barrio J.P.; Zapico J., 1984:
Computer programs to obtain high performance liquid chromatography parameters of beta lactam antibiotics

Trappl R., 1981:
Computer psycho therapy is it acceptable feasible advisable?

Lavrencic, D., 1975:
Computer public health and medicine

O'rahilly R.; Muller F.; Hutchins G.M.; Moore G.W., 1984 :
Computer ranking of the sequence of appearance of 100 features of the brain and related structures in staged human embryos during the 1st 5 weeks of development

Heym, D.R.; Siegel, H.; Steensland, M.C.; Vo, H.V., 1976:
Computer recognition and segmentation of chemically significant words for key word in context indexing

Maravilla, K.R., 1978:
Computer reconstructed sagittal and coronal computed tomography head scans: clinical applications

Kalbach, H.; McCallum, W.F.; Konvicka, A.J.; Holland, M.T., 1977:
Computer record keeping in a large rodent colony

Boehme R.J.; Conger K.A.; Anderson M.L., 1988:
Computer regulated constant pressure ischemia in the rat the animal model

Gevins, A.S.; Zeitlin, G.M.; Ancoli, S.; Yeager, C.L., 1977:
Computer rejection of electro encephalogram artifact part 2 contamination by drowsiness

Nakayama T.; Fujiwara Y., 1983:
Computer representation of generic chemical structures by an extended block cutpoint tree

Murray-Rust, P.; Motherwell, S., 1978:
Computer retrieval and analysis of molecular geometry part 1 general principles and methods

Murray-Rust, P.; Bland, R., 1978:
Computer retrieval and analysis of molecular geometry part 2 variance and its interpretation

Murray-Rust, P.; Motherwell, S., 1978:
Computer retrieval and analysis of molecular geometry part 3 geometry of the beta 1 amino furanoside fragment

Hand W.; Semmlow J.L.; Ackerman L.V.; Alcorn F.S., 1979:
Computer screening of xero mammograms a technique for defining suspicious areas of the breast

Bowler, R.P.; Becker, C.E., 1986:
Computer searching for occupational medicine

Jensen, E.; Simonsen, E.; Brok, B., 1987:
Computer sickness

Licata, F.; Perciavalle, V.; Sapienza, S.; Urbano, A.; Viscuso, A., 1978:
Computer simulated discharges of thalamic ventrobasal neurons during sleep and wakefulness

Ross, G.G., 1977:
Computer simulated studies on the life history of the foraminiferan allogromia laticollaris

Bukhari A.R.S., 1981:
Computer simulation and experimental analysis of uni polar epi cardial potentials in relation to the direction of propagation of excitation

Borle A.B.; Uchikawa T.; Anderson J.H., 1982:
Computer simulation and interpretation of calcium 45 efflux profile patterns

Risk, M.J.; Venter, R.D.; Pemberton, S.G.; Buckley, D.E., 1978:
Computer simulation and sedimentological implications of burrowing by axius serratus

Wong C.F.; Mccammon J.A., 1986:
Computer simulation and the design of new biological molecules

Legros J P., 1984:
Computer simulation applied to horizons grain size distribution variations in soils

Smith, G.A., 1978:
Computer simulation as an aid to incorporating diffusion effects into multi compartment models of sodium exchange in tissues

Pongracz F.; Szente M., 1982:
Computer simulation for studying calcium dependent abnormalities in firing mechanism of molluscan neurons

Ishai G.; Bar A., 1983:
Computer simulation for the prediction of stump loading in above knee amputees

Jan N.; Lookman T.; Pink D.A., 1984:
Computer simulation methods used to study models of 2 component lipid bi layers/

Orth D.J., 1979:
Computer simulation model of the population dynamics of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides in lake carl blackwell oklahoma usa

Orth, D.J., 1978:
Computer simulation models for predicting population trends of largemouth bass micropterus salmoides in large reservoirs

Dunin-Barkowski, W.L.; Larionova, N.P., 1985:
Computer simulation of a cerebellar cortex compartment 1. general principles and properties of a neural net

Dunin-Barkowski, W.L.; Larionova, N.P., 1985:
Computer simulation of a cerebellar cortex compartment 2. information learning and its recall in marrs memory unit

Rozsypal A.J., 1985:
Computer simulation of a ideal lateral inhibition function

MacKay, S.A., 1978:
Computer simulation of aggregation in Dictyostelium discoideum

Finney, J.L.; Goodfellow, J.M.; Howell, P.L.; Vovelle, F., 1985:
Computer simulation of aqueous biomolecular systems

van Capelle, F.J.; Durrer, D., 1980:
Computer simulation of arrhythmias in a network of coupled excitable elements

Twizell, E.H., 1980:
Computer simulation of arterial blood pressure with variable wave speed

Fisher, J.B.; Honda, H., 1977:
Computer simulation of branching pattern and geometry in terminalia combretaceae a tropical tree

Rogers, G.; Goel, N.S., 1978:
Computer simulation of cellular movements cell sorting cellular migration through a mass of cells and contact inhibition

Matela R.J.; Fletterick R.J., 1980:
Computer simulation of cellular self sorting a topological exchange model

Addiscott T.M.; Whitmore A.P., 1987:
Computer simulation of changes in soil mineral nitrogen and crop nitrogen during autumn winter and spring

Imai N.; Hirakawa S., 1988:
Computer simulation of congestive heart failure in special reference to the changes of systemic venous pressure and cardiac output during simulated supine leg exercise

Pearce K.N.; Johnstone R.J.; Maccoll A.J., 1987:
Computer simulation of continuous multi stage countercurrent washing of casein curd

Greever, J.; Georghiou, G.P., 1979:
Computer simulation of control strategies for Culex tarsalis (Diptera: Culicidae)

Macgregor, R.J.; Mcmullen, T., 1978:
Computer simulation of diffusely connected neuronal populations

Dardel F., 1988:
Computer simulation of dna ligation determination of initial dna concentrations favoring the formation of recombinant molecules

Achs, M.J.; Garfinkel, D., 1982:
Computer simulation of energy metabolism in acidotic cardiac ischemia

Achs, M.J.; Garfinkel, D., 1977:
Computer simulation of energy metabolism in anoxic perfused rat heart

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Computer simulation of esr spectra of liver paramagnetic centers

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Computer simulation of exercise hyperpnea

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Computer simulation of experiments in responses to intra venous and inhaled carbon di oxide

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Computer simulation of extra ocular muscle cooperation an evaluation

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Computer simulation of fish behavior in relation to a trap model

Matuda, K.; Sannomiya, N., 1980:
Computer simulation of fish behavior in relation to fishing gear 1. mathematical model of fish behavior

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Computer simulation of flagellar movement part 4 properties of an oscillatory 2 state cross bridge model

Brokaw, C.J.; Rintala, D., 1977:
Computer simulation of flagellar movement part 5 oscillation of cross bridge models with an atp concentration dependent rate function

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Computer simulation of foot and mouth disease vaccine potency tests

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Computer simulation of growth thermograms observed for microbial cultures in a batch calorimeter

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Computer simulation of gumboro disease outbreak 3. construction of model g 4

Takizawa, T.; Ito, T.; Tanaka, T.; Mizumura, Y., 1980:
Computer simulation of gumboro disease outbreak 4. epizootics obtained by model g 4 with flock size age and immunity changed

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Computer simulation of human ratings of the paragraph completion method

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Computer simulation of iodine 131 transfer from fallout to man

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Computer simulation of iodine inhibition system with thyrotropin regulation

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Computer simulation of iron absorption: regulation of mucosal and systemic iron kinetics in dogs

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Computer simulation of ischemic rat heart purine metabolism part 1 model construction

Kohn, M.C.; Garfinkel, D., 1977:
Computer simulation of ischemic rat heart purine metabolism part 2 model behavior

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Computer simulation of kinetics of irradiated cell populations in tumors

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Computer simulation of local anesthetic effects using a mathematical model of myelinated nerve

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Computer simulation of long term carbon storage patterns in florida usa slash pine pinus elliottii plantations

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Computer simulation of macroevolutionary process

Kohn, M.C.; Garfinkel, D., 1983:
Computer simulation of metabolism in palmitate perfused rat heart 2. behavior of complete model

Kohn, M.C., 1983:
Computer simulation of metabolism in palmitate perfused rat heart 3. sensitivity analysis

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Computer simulation of metabolism in pyruvate perfused rat heart 1. model construction

Kohn, M.C.; Achs, M.J.; Garfinkel, D., 1979:
Computer simulation of metabolism in pyruvate perfused rat heart 2. krebs cycle

Kohn, M.C.; Achs, M.J.; Garfinkel, D., 1979:
Computer simulation of metabolism in pyruvate perfused rat heart 3. pyruvate dehydrogenase

Achs, M.J.; Kohn, M.C.; Garfinkel, D., 1979:
Computer simulation of metabolism in pyruvate perfused rat heart 4. model behavior

Garfinkel, D.; Kohn, M.C.; Achs, M.J., 1979:
Computer simulation of metabolism in pyruvate perfused rat heart 5. physiological implications

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Computer simulation of metal ion equilibria in bio fluids 3. trace metal supplementation in total parenteral nutrition

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Computer simulation of metal ion equilibria in bio fluids 4. plutonium speciation in human blood plasma and chelation therapy using poly amino poly carboxylic acids

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Computer simulation of mirex pharmaco kinetics in the rat

Baptist R., 1987:
Computer simulation of monitoring herd productivity under extensive conditions sampling error of herd size and offtake rate

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Computer simulation of mosquito populations (Anopheles albimanus) for comparing the effectiveness of control technologies

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Computer simulation of movement and degradation of acaricide in soil

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Computer simulation of neuron membrane permeability changes induced by cyclic amp injection

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Computer simulation of paramecium chemo kinesis behavior

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Computer simulation of pathological vocal cord vibration

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Computer simulation of pheromone trapping systems as applied to boll weevil population suppression a theoretical example

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Computer simulation of radiation induced late effects by system dynamics

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Computer simulation of rat heart metabolism after adding glucose to the perfusate

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Computer simulation of rnase action on uridylyl 3 5 adenosine

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Computer simulation of sensory pain reception by elastic skin model

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Computer simulation of sodium isotope washout kinetics in frog skin epidermis

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Computer simulation of staphylococcal nuclease action on thymidine 3' 5' bis phosphate

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Computer simulation of sulfur isotope fractionation in a closed sulfuretum

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Computer simulation of temperature regulation and feedback control as undergraduate physiology exercises

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Computer simulation of the boundary layer oxidation and removal of atmospheric pollutants over the western atlantic ocean

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Computer simulation of the cellular immune response to malignant lymphoid cells: logic of approach, model design and laboratory verification

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Computer simulation of the conformational properties of oligo peptides comparison of theoretical methods and analysis of experimental results

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Computer simulation of the conformational properties of retroinverso peptides 2. ab initio study spatial electron distribution and population analysis of n formyl glycine methylamide n formyl n' acetyldiamino methane and n methyl malonamide

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Computer simulation of the dehydration of biological products

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Computer simulation of the effectiveness of male linked translocations for the control of anopheles albimanus

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Computer simulation of the interaction between random genetic drift and gene migration in a system of partially isolated populations

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Computer simulation of the phosphorus 31 nmr equations governing the creatine kinase reaction

Graus R.R.; Macintyre A.G.; Herchenroder B.E., 1984:
Computer simulation of the reef zonation at discovery bay jamaica west indies hurricane disruption and long term physical oceanographic controls

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Computer simulation of the response of frog skin epidermis to changes in sodium ion concentration

Robinson E.M.; Hickey D.S.; Aspden R.M.; Machin M., 1987:
Computer simulation of the slice profile in magnetic resonance imaging

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Computer simulation of the social hierarchy for planning the grouping of weaned pigs

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Computer simulation of the urea cycle: trials for an appropriate model

Yamamoto W.S., 1980:
Computer simulation of ventilatory control by both neural and humoral carbon di oxide signals

Ferreira, A.G.; Larock, B.E.; Singer, M.J., 1985:
Computer simulation of water drop impact in a 9.6 millimeter deep pool

Fell D.A., 1979:
Computer simulation studies of the mixing technique and nonlinear optimizations used in the analysis of oxy hemo globin dissociation

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Computer simulation study of the shape of motor unit action potential

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Computer simulation study on the cyclicities of tribolium population dynamics

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Computer simulation study on the nature of the steady state of the aquatic microcosm

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Computer simulations and the use of radiolabeled sulfur colloid to measure the efficiency of the mononuclear phagocyte system

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Computer simulations of cyclic enkephalin analogues

Hampton J.; Majkowski J., 1986:
Computer simulations of future southern bluefin tuna thunnus maccoyii parental biomass recruitment and catches under the 1982 fishing regime

Asano, Y.; Kariya, H.; Mori, S., 1986:
Computer simulations of nuclear reactions by protons with incident energies of 250, 300 and 500 MeV in a human body

Sharp, K.; Fine, R.; Honig, B., 1987:
Computer simulations of the diffusion of a substrate to an active site of an enzyme

Royer L.; Emery W.J., 1985:
Computer simulations of the fraser river plume

Topham, C.M., 1986:
Computer simulations of the kinetics of irreversible enzyme inhibition by an unstable inhibitor

Kuchel P.W.; Dalziel K., 1980:
Computer simulations of the kinetics of reversible ligand binding to a multivalent macro molecule consequences of negative binding cooperativity associated with changes of the association and dissociation rate constants

Niklas, K.J.; Chaloner, W.G., 1976:
Computer simulations of the ontogeny of spongiophyton a devonian plant

Alcala Del Olmo B.L.; Monturiol Rodriguez F., 1984:
Computer soil mapping methodology assay applicable to detailed scales

Cravetto C.; Molino G.; Hofmann A.F.; Belforte G.; Bona B., 1988:
Computer stimulation of portal venous shunting and other isolated hepatobiliary defects of the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids using a physiological pharmacokinetic model

Swiatkowska M.; Nowak B., 1980:
Computer storage and seeking of data from case records of oto laryngological patients

Watanabe S.; Hojo K.; Tasaki H.; Hanazono T.; Sato T.; Metoki H., 1985:
Computer studies in neuropsychology

Wang R.; E.A., 1984:
Computer study of the pathologic prognostic factors of gastric cancer a stepwise regressive multifactorial analysis

Ever-Hadani, S.; Grover, N.B.; Gordon, A., 1977:
Computer study of thyroid diseases part 3 statistical models

Fadeev N.P.; Barcuk A.S., 1981:
Computer subtraction scintigraphy of pulmonary tumors with gallium 67 citrate and indium 113m chloride

Schmidt G.; Klug E., 1987:
Computer supported identification of basic substances

Kretschmer, V.; Haase, H.; Poenighaus, K.H., 1977:
Computer supported organization of blood transfusion centers in primary care hospitals

Askwall, S., 1985:
Computer supported reading vs. reading text on paper a comparison of 2 reading situations

Nemetz P.N.; Margolick M., 1984:
Computer supported systems analysis for waste water control cost minimization

Evans R.S.; Larsen R.A.; Burke J.P.; Gardner R.M.; Meier F.A.; Jacobson J.A.; Conti M.T.; Jacobson J.T.; Hulse R.K., 1986:
Computer surveillance of hospital acquired infections and antibiotic use

Grunt, J.; Krcmery, V.; Rosival, L.; Calpas, S., 1978:
Computer survey of antibiotic resistance developments during 1973 1977

Braun, M.; Rosenfeld, D., 1987:
Computer system architecture for NMR imaging

Delorme, J.; Cournoyer, G., 1980:
Computer system for a hospital microbiology laboratory

Watanabe Y.; Asoh S.; Ohi H.; Imamura J.; Takeda S.; Mizukoshi K., 1985:
Computer system for auditory evoked responses

Slomko, Z., 1980:
Computer systems in fetal intensive care 1. organization of the computer system in fetal intensive care

Slomko, Z., 1980:
Computer systems in fetal intensive care 2. programming of the intensive care of the fetus in computer system

Mattrey R.F.; Long S.A.; Erickson S.W.; Higgins C.B., 1983:
Computer technique for monitoring time dependent changes from sequential computed tomographic images

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Computer tomogram in carpal tunnel syndrome

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Computer tomographic and sonographic diagnosis of echinococcus

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Computer tomographic appearance of empyema necessitatis

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Computer tomographic diagnosis in recurrent dislocation of the shoulder

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Computer tomographic examination of the thymus normal and pathologic findings

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Computer tomographic findings in alcoholism

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Computer tomographic findings in pelvic and abdominal trauma

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Computer tomographic findings in vascular malformations of the cerebral arteries

Hojo K., 1985:
Computer tomographic localization and lesion size in aphasia

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Computer tomographic localization in primary aldo steronism comparison with renal scintigraphy

Dietrich U.; Sakellariou P.; Seibert H., 1983:
Computer tomographic long term results after surgical removal of subdural fluid collections in infancy and childhood

Schulz H.G.; Christou A.; Gursky S.; Rother P., 1986:
Computer tomographic studies on the normal morphology and volumetry of parenchymatous epigastric organs of man

Agyeman J.F.; Huber P., 1982:
Computer tomographical analysis of central cerebral hemorrhage resulting from closed head injury

Pfeiffer K., 1987:
Computer tomography and diagnosis of diseases of the salivary gland

Messing, B.; Storch, B., 1988:
Computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging in cyanide poisoning

Kolesnikova E.K.; Vinogradov V.A., 1981:
Computer tomography and radio isotope scintigraphy of the pancreas

Schumacher M.; Rossberg C.; Stoeter P., 1982:
Computer tomography differential diagnosis and findings in intra cerebral hemorrhage

Probst P.; Fischedick A.R.; Haertel M., 1980:
Computer tomography following renal tumor embolization

Greitz, T., 1975:
Computer tomography for diagnosis of intra cranial tumors compared with other neuro radiologic procedures

Haertel M., 1980:
Computer tomography for gynecological carcinomas

Vock, P.; Haertel, M., 1981:
Computer tomography for staging of bronchial carcinomas

Lackner K.; Weiand G.; Koester O.; Engel K., 1981:
Computer tomography for tumors of the esophagus and stomach

Adams J.E.; Johnson R.J.; Rickards D.; Isherwood I., 1983:
Computer tomography in adrenal disease

Rådberg, C.; Söderlundh, S., 1975:
Computer tomography in cerebral death

Ladurner, G.; Fritsch, G.; Sager, W.D.; Iliff, L.D.; Lechner, H., 1980:
Computer tomography in children with epilepsy

Gabuniya R.I.; Kolesnikova E.K.; Stepanova V.K.; Arabidze G.G., 1981:
Computer tomography in diagnosis of adrenal involvement in arterial hypertension

Nutz, V.; Von-Uexkuell-Gueldenband, V., 1986:
Computer tomography in sudeck's dystrophy

Brismar, J., 1980:
Computer tomography in superior sagittal sinus thrombosis

Luska G.; Elgeti H.; Wanner K.; Rumpf K.D.; Gerber R., 1981:
Computer tomography in the choice of treatment and the planning of per cutaneous trans hepatic biliary drainage in obstructive jaundice due to tumor

Petkov D.; Krystev I., 1986:
Computer tomography in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hypocorticism

Bjerkvik P.S.; Kolbenstvedt A., 1982:
Computer tomography in the diagnosis of extraperitoneal effusions

Claussen, C.; Lohkamp, F.; Rebien, W.; Kuttig, H., 1977:
Computer tomography in the diagnosis treatment planning and follow up in cranio pharyngioma

Liliequist, B.; Lindqvist, M., 1980:
Computer tomography in the evaluation of subarachnoid hemorrhage

Kärcher, K.H.; Breit, A.; Binder, W.; Kumpan, W.; Gfirtner, H., 1977:
Computer tomography in therapy planning

Ladurner, G.; Skvarc, A.; Sager, W.D., 1982:
Computer tomography in transient global amnesia

Frommkhol'd V.; Val'ter E., 1982:
Computer tomography in tumors and tumor like neoplasms of the anterior mediastinum

Lien, H.H.; Kolbenstvedt, A.; Kolmannskog, F.; Liverud, K.; Aakhus, T., 1980:
Computer tomography, lymphography and phlebography in metastases from testicular tumors

Yamamoto, S.; Kojoh, K.; Saito, I.; Yamamoto, R.; Ideguchi, S.; Ohmoto, K.; Ohumi, T.; Hino, K.; Yamamoto, M.; Wada, A., 1988:
Computer tomography of congenital absence of the left lobe of the liver

W.E.H.; Tang Y S.; W.T.; Zhang Y T.; Bai R J., 1987:
Computer tomography of intraventricular masses

Kolmannskog, F.; Vatn, M.H.; Swensen, T.; Aakhus, T.; Gjone, E., 1983:
Computer tomography of the abdomen in patients with uncharacteristic abdominal disturbances

Hagemann, J.; Heller, M.; Lemke, T., 1981:
Computer tomography of the normal larynx

Bergström, K., 1975:
Computer tomography of the orbits

Aubin, M.L.; Bentson, J.; Vignaud, J., 1978:
Computer tomography of the pituitary stalk

Probst F.P., 1980:
Computer tomography of the skull and brain in evaluation of neuro pediatric problems experiences and viewpoints 1

Probst F.P., 1980:
Computer tomography of the skull and brain in evaluation of neuro pediatric problems experiences and viewpoints 2