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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5030

Chapter 5030 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Allaria B.; Romano M.; Zucco F.; Caputo E.; D.G.speri A., 1982:
Concentrated glucose insulin and potassium solutions in the prevention of cardiogenic shock in acute myo cardial infarction

Shanholtzer, C.J.; Schaper, P.J.; Peterson, L.R., 1982:
Concentrated gram stain smears prepared with a cytospin centrifuge

Bernasconi S.; Douglas P.; Dragon V., 1981:
Concentrated high dose irradiation in the treatment of cerebral metastases

Duebbert H.F.; Lokemoen J.T.; Sharp D.E., 1983:
Concentrated nesting of mallards anas platyrhynchos and gadwalls anas strepera on miller lake island north dakota usa

Kharitonova, N.T.; Aliev, B.M., 1978:
Concentrated nonuniform irradiation of locally disseminated esophageal cancer

Khotlubei L.I.; Pervikov Y.V.; Krutyanskaya G.L.; Vil'ner L.M.; Semenov B.F.; El'bert L.B., 1982:
Concentrated purified vaccine against tick borne encephalitis immunological evaluation in experiments with mice

El'bert L.B.; Gagarina A.V.; Khanina M.K.; Krutyanskaya G.L.; Grachev V.P.; Drozdov S.G.; Ral'f N.M.; Finogenova E.V.; Rodin I.M.; E.A., 1980:
Concentrated purified vaccine against tick borne encephalitis prepared by zonal ultra centrifugation development of the preparation

Dulina A.V.; Shafeeva R.S.; Morogova V.M.; Krutilina D.V.; Nigamov F.N.; Narkevich V.V., 1980 :
Concentrated sorbed tissue culture rabies vaccine

Hartemann, E., 1980:
Concentrated Totamin. Use in pediatric intensive care

Istasse L.; Reid G.W.; Tait C.A.G.; Orskov E.R., 1986:
Concentrates for dairy cows effects of feeding method proportion in diet and type

Havelka, J.; Pánek, V.; Havlík, J.; Kudrmann, J., 1979:
Concentrating capacity of the gallbladder for chloramphenicol

Buret, J.; Goffart, M., 1979:
Concentrating capacity of the kidney and nitrogen partition in the urine in Perodicticus potto (Prosimii, Lorisidae, Lorisinae)

Jackson B.A.; Braun Werness J.L.; Kusano E.; Dousa T.P., 1983:
Concentrating defect in the adrenalectomized rat abnormal vasopressin sensitive cyclic amp metabolism in the papillary collecting duct

Stephenson, J.L., 1981:
Concentrating engines and the kidney 4. mass balance in a single stage of a multi stage model of the renal medulla

Stephenson, J.L., 1976:
Concentrating engines and the kidney part 3 canonical mass balance equation for multi nephron models of the renal medulla

Kharlamova, O.M., 1976:
Concentrating function of the frog gallbladder at differing temperatures of the medium

Ivanov V.I.; Ivanov A.N.; Gaziev G.A.; Kobzeva L.I., 1979:
Concentrating micro contaminants in gas chromatographic and chromatographic mass spectrometric analysis in medical biological studies

Nevoral V., 1985:
Concentrating of cobalt manganese copper nickel lead and zinc traces from mineral waters

Golubovskii, M.D.; Viktorova, G.V., 1968:
Concentration and allelism of lethal mutations in neighboring natural populations of drosophila melanogaster in different years

Giddings J.C.; Karaiskakis G.; Caldwell K.D., 1981:
Concentration and analysis of dilute colloidal samples by sedimentation field flow fractionation

Wagner A.P.; Wagner L.P., 1983:
Concentration and analysis of proteins by a discontinuous ph gradient formed by iso electric focusing in poly acrylamide gel

Carlson, W.H.; Schnabel, S.; Schnabel, J.; Turner, C., 1977:
Concentration and application time of ancymidol for growth retardation of kalanchoe blossfeldiana cultivar mace

Medugorac, I.; Jacob, R., 1976:
Concentration and atpase activity of left ventricular acto myosin in goldblatt rats during the compensatory stage of hypertrophy

Ruhenstroth-Bauer, G.; Goldberg, M.; Silz, S.; Strecker, W., 1978:
Concentration and characterization of a liver cell proliferation factor from partially hepatectomized rat livers

Delaney, R.A.M.; Donnelly, J.K.; Bender, L.D., 1975:
Concentration and characterization of porcine blood plasma

Pauciullo P.; Carlson L.A.; Eklund B.; Johansson J.; Olsson A.G., 1985:
Concentration and chemical composition of plasma lipoprotein subfractions in patients with peripheral vascular disease evidence for normal apolipoprotein b but low cholesteryl ester content in small very low density lipoproteins

Hewamanna R.; Samarakoon C.M.; Karunaratne P.A.V.N., 1988:
Concentration and chemical distribution of radium in plants from monazite bearing soils

Hanlon, D.P.; Ferm, V.H., 1986:
Concentration and chemical status of arsenic in the blood of pregnant hamsters during critical embryogenesis. 1. Subchronic exposure to arsenate utilizing constant rate administration

Hanlon, D.P.; Ferm, V.H., 1986:
Concentration and chemical status of arsenic in the blood of pregnant hamsters during critical embryogenesis. 2. Acute exposure

Ueno K.; Haseda Y., 1980:
Concentration and clearance of technetium 99m pyridoxylidene iso leucine by a hepatoma

Bulochnikov, L.I., 1975:
Concentration and composition of blood serum proteins in swine as affected by different factors review

Havel R.J.; Kita T.; Kotite L.; Kane J.P.; Hamilton R.L.; Goldstein J.L.; Brown M.S., 1982:
Concentration and composition of lipo proteins in blood plasma of the whhl watanabe heritable hyper lipidemic rabbit an animal model of human familial hyper cholesterolemia

Studier E.H.; Rimle D.A., 1980:
Concentration and composition of natural urine of some michigan usa small mammals

Schlag, B.; Winkler, L., 1978:
Concentration and composition of serum lipo proteins of the fetal rat

Kuusi T.; Ehnholm C.; Huttunen J.K.; Kostiainen E.; Pietinen P.; Leino U.; Uusitalo U.; Nikkari T.; Iacono J.M.; Puska P., 1985:
Concentration and composition of serum lipoproteins during a low fat diet at 2 levels of polyunsaturated fat

Leissner, K.H.; Fjelkegård, B.; Tisell, L.E., 1980:
Concentration and content of zinc in the human prostate

Cherdchu, C.; Viriyakitja, J.; Ratanabanangkoon, K., 1978:
Concentration and de salting of snake venom components by membrane ultra filtration

Chan W.H.; Tang A.J.S.; Chung D.H.S.; Lusis M.A., 1986:
Concentration and deposition of trace metals in ontario canada 1982

Clifton R.J.; Stevens H.E.; Hamilton E.I., 1983:
Concentration and depuration of some radio nuclides present in a chronically exposed population of mussels mytilus edulis

Lagana A.; Petronio B.M.; Rotatori M., 1980:
Concentration and determination of poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in aqueous samples on graphitized carbon black

Gluck S.J.; Melcher R.G., 1980:
Concentration and determination of the propylene glycol butyl ether esters of 2 4 d in air

Ogan, K.; Katz, E.; Slavin, W., 1978:
Concentration and determination of trace amounts of several poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in aqueous samples

Severson, R.C.; Gough, L.P., 1976:
Concentration and distribution of elements in plants and soils near phosphate processing factories pocatello idaho usa

Torjussen, W.; Haug, F.M.S.; Andersen, I., 1978:
Concentration and distribution of heavy metals in nasal mucosa of nickel exposed workers and of controls studied with atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis and with timms sulfide silver method

Hamilton E.I.; Clifton R.J., 1980:
Concentration and distribution of the trans uranium radio nuclides plutonium 239 plus 240 plutonium 238 and americium 241 in mytilus edulis fucus vesiculosus and surface sediment of esk estuary ravenglass cumbria uk

Sugiyama H.; Takagi H.; Koyama K.; Iwashima K., 1988:
Concentration and distribution of uranium in atmospheric particulates

Hamilton E.I., 1980:
Concentration and distribution of uranium in mytilus edulis and associated materials

Poulet M.; Beaudry Y.; Isoard P., 1987:
Concentration and elimination of poliovirus suspended in water by alum flocculation

Kimura Y.; Ogawa Y.; Honda Y.; Katsurayama K., 1981:
Concentration and elimination of radio cobalt in organic complexed and ionic forms by mussel mytilisepta virgatus

Kimura Y.; Ogawa Y.; Honda Y.; Katsurayama K., 1981:
Concentration and elimination of some radio nuclides during development and growth of fish eggs advanced fry and fingerlings

Chen, G.; Sniffen, C.J.; Russell, J.B., 1987:
Concentration and estimated flow of peptides from the rumen of dairy cattle: effects of protein quantity, protein solubility, and feeding frequency

Pavoni B.; Sfriso A.; Marcomini A., 1987:
Concentration and flux profiles of pcbs ddts and pahs in a dated sediment core from the lagoon of venice italy

Marinchenko G.V.; Khamrakulov U.; Taranenko A.G., 1982:
Concentration and forms of prolactin in circulating blood and lymph of mammary gland of lactating goats during milking and after injections of exogenous hormone

Parliment T.H., 1981:
Concentration and fractionation of aromas on reverse phase adsorbents

Salas-Valdés, A.; Sánchez-Hidalgo, V.M.; Nieto-Castillo, S.; Cervantes-Campos, C.; Parra, A., 1980:
Concentration and heterogeneity of pituitary hormones in infants and children

Nyagah G., 1981:
Concentration and high pressure liquid chromatographic determination of pyrazon in water

Zierdt, W.S., 1984:
Concentration and identification of Cryptosporidium sp. by use of a parasite concentrator

Doszpod, J.; Gaal, A.; Gati, I., 1974:
Concentration and in vitro release of placental human chorionic somatomammotropin in the case of fetuses of normal weight and with intra uterine weight retardation

Fine M.L.; Pennypacker K.R.; Drummond K.A.; Blem C.R., 1986:
Concentration and location of metabolic substrates in fast toadfish sonic muscle

Rowland, D.L.; Steele, M.K.; Moltz, H., 1978:
Concentration and metabolism of serotonin in selected brain areas during pregnancy and lactation in the rat

Leidy, R.B.; Wright, C.G.; Macleod, K.E.; Dupree, H.E.J., 1984:
Concentration and movement of diazinon in air 2. vertical distribution in rooms

Andersson R.E., 1980:
Concentration and partial purification of lipase from pseudomonas fluorescens

Rose, I.A.; Warms, J.V.; Kuo, D.J., 1987:
Concentration and partitioning of intermediates in the fructose bisphosphate aldolase reaction. Comparison of the muscle and liver enzymes

Kinniburgh D.G.; Jackson M.L., 1982:
Concentration and ph dependence of calcium and zinc adsorption by iron hydrous oxide gel

Luettge, U.; Ball, E., 1977:
Concentration and ph dependence of malate efflux and influx in leaf slices of crassulacean acid metabolism plants

D.L.rminat M A.; Bruchovsky N.; Rennie P.S., 1982:
Concentration and preservation of nuclear androgen receptor by lyophilization

Nishimura T.; Fukuda H.; Yamazaki H.; Sano T., 1981:
Concentration and purification of eel virus of europe

Henderson, M.; Wallis, C.; Melnick, J.L., 1976:
Concentration and purification of enteroviruses by membrane chromatography

Shichijo, A., 1976:
Concentration and purification of japanese encephalitis virus with aqueous polymer 2 phase system

Tolstoguzov V.B., 1988:
Concentration and purification of proteins by means of two phase systems membraneless osmosis process

Marchenkov, V.I.; Arutyunov-Yu, I.; Alutin, I.M.; Degtyarev, B.M., 1983:
Concentration and purification of the d'herelle phage

Vajda, B.P., 1978:
Concentration and purification of viruses and bacterio phages with poly ethylene glycol

Kurihara M., 1983:
Concentration and recovery of dilute aqueous solutions containing valuable materials by synthetic composite reverse osmosis membrane

Tengblad, A.; Laurent, U.B.; Lilja, K.; Cahill, R.N.; Engström-Laurent, A.; Fraser, J.R.; Hansson, H.E.; Laurent, T.C., 1986:
Concentration and relative molecular mass of hyaluronate in lymph and blood

Sung J.F.C.; Nevissi A.E.; Dewalle F.B., 1986:
Concentration and removal efficiency of major and trace elements in municipal wastewater

Chaleva E., 1981:
Concentration and retention time of ampicillin tri hydrate in blood serum after oral application to ruminant animals

Nogami A., 1984:
Concentration and reuse of priming blood after extracorporeal circulation a comparison between the cell saver and hollow fiber dialyzer

Slifkin M.A.; Saaid H.A.K.; Fernandez Diaz E., 1986:
Concentration and solvent effects on proline p benzoquinone complexes

Heilmann, P.; Guertler, H.; Wolf, H., 1975:
Concentration and sub cellular distribution of iron and copper in the pig liver part 2 studies on the livers of weaners and pigs for slaughter with regard to addition of copper sulfate to the animals food

Kothari B.K.; Wahlen M., 1984:
Concentration and surface morphology of charcoal particles in sediments of green lake new york usa implications regarding the use of energy in the past

Kruglova E.B.; Maleev V.Ya, 1985:
Concentration and thermal effects upon interaction of the pyronine g dye with polynucleotides

Gajbhiye S.N.; Nair V.R.; Narvekar P.V.; Desai B.N., 1985:
Concentration and toxicity of some metals in zooplankton from nearshore waters of bombay india

Reilley R.R.; Rodolfa E.R., 1981:
Concentration attention and hypnosis

Terhaag, B.; Richter, K.; Diettrich, H., 1978:
Concentration behavior of carbamazepine in bile and plasma of man

Selman, M.; Montaño, M.; Ramos, C.; Chapela, R., 1986:
Concentration, biosynthesis and degradation of collagen in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis

Angelieva R.; Novakova S., 1981:
Concentration change in some micro elements in hyper cholesterolemia

Kung M.S.; Russell G.F.; Stackler B.; Webb A.D., 1980:
Concentration changes in some volatiles through 6 stages of a spanish style solera

Akaike N.; Inoue M.; Krishtal O.A., 1986:
Concentration clamp study of gamma aminobutyric acid induced chloride current kinetics in frog sensory neurons

Daughtry, C.S.T.; Holt, D.A.; Lechtenberg, V.L., 1978:
Concentration composition and in vitro disappearance of hemi cellulose in tall fescue and orchard grass

Rumler W.; Heins S., 1985:
Concentration contact time relations in the effects of combinations of clotrimazole nystatin and 5 fluorocytosine and of decreasing and increasing concentrations of these antimycotics on candida albicans

Sun, Z.M.; Wen, G.N., 1987:
Concentration curve of tritiated water in expired gas in rabbits: its measurement and physiological significances

Block, C.; Dams, R., 1978:
Concentration data of elements in liquid fuel oils as obtained by neutron activation analysis

Schagina L.V.; Grinfeldt A.E.; Lev A.A., 1983:
Concentration dependence of bi directional flux ratio as a characteristic of trans membrane ion transporting mechanism

Chiantore, O.; Guaita, M., 1985:
Concentration dependence of elution volumes in size exclusion chromatography of polymer molecules 2. polymethylmethacrylate in ideal solvent

Okida M.; Kikuchi H.; Fujii K., 1986:
Concentration dependence of halothane metabolism in rabbits

Chen J.S.; Walser M., 1979:
Concentration dependence of nonelectrolyte permeability of toad bufo marinus bladder

Chang C.C.; Chen S.M.; Hong S.J., 1987:
Concentration dependence of the effects of neostigmine on the endplate potential and neuromuscular transmission in a mammalian muscle

Fowler, C.J.; Tipton, K.F., 1981:
Concentration dependence of the oxidation of tyramine by the 2 forms of rat liver mitochondrial mono amine oxidase ec

Shanshal, M.; Hassan, K.H., 1985:
Concentration dependence of the polarographic half wave potentials of ubiquinone o in aqueous and in methanol solutions with different concentrations 3. physicochemical studies of the solution behavior of ubiquinone

Mita D.G.; Canciglia P.; D'acunto A.; Gaeta F.S., 1984:
Concentration dependence of the rate of sulfate uptake in valonia utricularis

Murray, R.D.; Churchill, P.C., 1985:
Concentration dependency of the renal vascular and renin secretory responses to adenosine receptor agonists

Benson, A.M.; Suruda, A.J.; Talalay, P., 1975:
Concentration dependent association of delta 5 3 keto steroid isomerase ec of pseudomonas testosteroni

Frisk Holmberg M.; Wibell L., 1986:
Concentration dependent blood pressure effects of guanfacin

Basak, P.; Murty, V.V.N., 1978:
Concentration dependent diffusion applied to ground water contamination problems/

Cenedella R.J., 1980:
Concentration dependent effects of ay 9944 trans 1 4 bis 2 chlorobenzylaminomethyl cyclo hexane 2 hydro chloride and u 18666a 3 beta 2 di ethylaminoethoxy androst 5 en 17 one hydro chloride on sterol synthesis in brain variable sensitivities of metabolic steps

Ballanyi K.; Deitmer J.W., 1984:
Concentration dependent effects of barium on action potential and membrane currents in the ciliate stylonychia mytilus

Wilding, G.; Feldhoff, R.C.; Vesell, E.S., 1977:
Concentration dependent effects of fatty acids on warfarin binding to albumin

Oosterhuis B.; Ten Berge I.J.M.; Schellenkens P.T.A.; Van Boxtel C.J., 1987:
Concentration dependent effects of prednisolone on lymphocyte culture in humans

Zuenkler B.J.; Lenzen S.; Maenner K.; Panten U.; Trube G., 1988:
Concentration dependent effects of tolbutamide meglitinide glipizide glibenclamide and diazoxide on atp regulated potassium currents in pancreatic b cells

Gilliam D.M.; Collins A.C., 1983:
Concentration dependent effects on ethanol in long sleep and short sleep mice

Stewart D.J.; Khanna J.M., 1980:
Concentration dependent ethanol metabolism in perfused liver

Schreier, A.A.; Baldwin, R.L., 1976:
Concentration dependent hydrogen exchange kinetics of tritium labeled s peptide in rnase s

Karol M.H., 1983:
Concentration dependent immunologic response to toluene di iso cyanate following inhalation exposure

Chelack, W.S.; Petkau, A., 1981:
Concentration dependent inactivation of super oxide dis mutase ec

Altiere, R.J.; Inchiosa, M.A.J., 1980:
Concentration dependent inhibition of myosin atpase by an indole metabolite of epinephrine

Fuke N.; Martyn J.; Kim C.; Basta S., 1987:
Concentration dependent interaction of theophylline with dextro tubocurarine

Van Anda J.; Smith B.R.; Fouts J.R.; Bend J.R., 1979:
Concentration dependent metabolism and toxicity of carbon 14 labeled styrene oxide in the isolated perfused rat liver

Gibbons R.J.; Moreno E.C.; Etherden I., 1983:
Concentration dependent multiple binding sites on saliva treated hydroxylapatite for streptococcus sanguis

Connolly K.M.; Elgert K.D., 1979:
Concentration dependent role of macrophages in mixed lymphocyte reaction regulation elaboration of nondialyzable heat stable inhibitor and heat labile enhancing factors

Cardenas A.M.; Galvez E.G.E., 1979:
Concentration differences of bean golden mosaic virus in topcrop susceptible and porrillo 1 tolerant varieties

Shilov I.A.; Kamenov D.A., 1980:
Concentration dynamics of protein bound and free 11 hydroxy cortico steroid forms in the blood of wild house mice mus musculus depending on principal characteristics of neural processes at various stages in the formation of the hierarchical structure of model populations

Mcinnes G.T.; Brodie M.J., 1988:
Concentration effect relationship for oxprenolol in patients with essential hypertension

Dollery C.T.; Dargie H.J.; Sassard J.; Cuisinaud G., 1983:
Concentration effect relationships with fm 24 1 2 exo bi cyclo 2 2 1 hept 2 ylphenoxy 3 1 methylethylamino 2 propanol a new long acting beta adrenergic receptor antagonist

Wolter M.; Barthlott W.; Knoche M.; Noga G.J., 1988:
Concentration effects and regeneration of epicuticular waxes after treatment with triton x 100 surfactant

Janca, J.; Pokorny, S.; Vilenchik, L.Z.; Belenkii, B.G., 1981:
Concentration effects in gel permeation chromatography 7. viscosity phenomena and column geometry

Soria V.; Campos A.; Tejero R.; Figueruelo J.E.; Abad C., 1986:
Concentration effects in steric exclusion liquid chromatography for polymer polymer solvent systems

Scotti I.A.; Silva S.; Baffi C., 1984:
Concentration effects of stable and radioactive cobalt on the uptake of radiocobalt in tomato plants grown in nutrient solution

Vinoradov M.E.; Shushkina E.A., 1982:
Concentration estimations of the black sea jellyfishes ctenophora and calanus based on the observations from the argus submersible

Tateda Y.; Misonou J., 1988 :
Concentration factor of cobalt strontium and other stable elements by marine organisms in northern japan

Mihalj A.; Saracevic L.; Horsic E.; Milosevic Z.; Kljajic R., 1984:
Concentration factors for lead 210 and polonium 210 in the system soil grass

Conkic L.; Bikit I.; Vancsura P.; Slivka J.; Ivo M.; Marinkov L.; Simor J., 1988:
Concentration factors of cesium 137 in river sediment

Feldt, W.; Melzer, M., 1978:
Concentration factors of the elements cobalt manganese iron zinc and silver for fish

Hanna S.R., 1984:
Concentration fluctuations in a smoke plume

Wilson D.J.; Fackrell J.E.; Robins A.G., 1982:
Concentration fluctuations in an elevated plume a diffusion dissipation approximation

Stevens R.J.; Stewart B.M., 1982:
Concentration fractionation and characterization of soluble organic phosphorus in river water entering lough neagh northern ireland

Jensen, J.B., 1978:
Concentration from continuous culture of erythrocytes infected with trophozoites and schizonts of Plasmodium falciparum

Grove J.; Schechter P.J.; Hanke N.F.J.; Y.; Agid Y.; Tell G.; Koch Weser J., 1982:
Concentration gradients of free and total gamma amino butyric acid and homo carnosine in human cerebro spinal fluid comparison of suboccipital and lumbar sampling

Yaremenko M.S., 1980:
Concentration gradients of sodium and chloride ions between the external medium and tissues of the rabbit gallbladder walls

Hansen C.E.; Wenzler H.; Meins F.Jr, 1984:
Concentration gradients of trans zeatin riboside and trans zeatin in the maize zea mays stem measurement by a specific enzyme immunoassay

Yamazaki, T.; Fugono, T.; Kamiya, K.; Tsuchiya, K., 1977:
Concentration in plasma and excretion of sulbenicillin administered intra venously to rabbits

Anderson, R.A.; Bryden, N.A., 1983:
Concentration, insulin potentiation, and absorption of chromium in beer

Takao M.S.M.; A.T.; Nagakura K.; Fujioka T.; Hata M.; Nakamura H.; Hayakawa M., 1985:
Concentration level of latamoxef sodium in prostatic tissue

Vorob'eva L.A.; Rudakova T.A., 1980:
Concentration level of some chemical elements in natural water solutions

Coutselinis, A.; Kentarchou, P.; Boukis, D., 1978:
Concentration levels of endosulfan in biological material report of 3 cases

Coutselinis, A.; Kentarchou, P.; Poulos, L.; Qammaz, S., 1978:
Concentration levels of phosphamidon in biological material report of 2 cases

Okumura H.; Masuda N.; Akamine A.; Aono M., 1987:
Concentration levels of the pcb and pcq pattern of the pcb and ratio of cb percent in buccal mucosa of patients with the pcb poisoning kanemi yusho

Auclair A.N.D.; Rencz A.N., 1982:
Concentration mass and distribution of nutrients in a subarctic picea mariana and cladonia alpestris ecosystem

Winiger, P.; Huber, O.; Halter, J.; Michaud, B., 1976 :
Concentration measurements of beryllium 7 cesium 137 and short lived fission products in the tropopause

Lieback J.U.; Rueden H., 1983:
Concentration measurements of iron lead cadmium arsenic and selenium in respirable and nonrespirable fractions of berlin germany urban aerosol

Schatte L., 1987:
Concentration methods for the detection of phages in water

Rodriguez Velez M.M.; Rosiles Martinez R., 1988:
Concentration of 11 cationic elements in broilers suffering from ascites syndrome

Ikegawa S.; Lahita R.; Fishman J., 1983:
Concentration of 16 alpha hydroxy estrone in human plasma as measured by a specific radio immunoassay

Thomas L.H.; Winter J.A.; Scott R.G., 1983:
Concentration of 18 1 and 16 1 trans unsaturated fatty acids in the adipose body tissue of decedents dying of ischemic heart disease compared with controls analysis by gas liquid chromatography

Zachara B.; Zakrzewska I.; Maziarz Z.; Gaszynski W.; Wachowicz N., 1981:
Concentration of 2 3 di phospho glycerate and atp in erythrocytes following acute blood loss in the beagle

Bodnar P.N.; Pristunyuk A.M., 1982:
Concentration of 2 3 di phospho glycerate in the red blood cells of patients with diabetes mellitus

Bovey R.W.; Hein H.Jr; Meyer R.E., 1986:
Concentration of 2 4 5 t triclopyr picloram clopyralid in honey mesquite prosopis glandulosa stems

Berg D.; Sonsall R.; Kuss E., 1983:
Concentration of 2 methoxy estrogens in human serum measured by a heterologous immunoassay with an iodine 125 labeled ligand

Bradley B.J.; Carlson J.R., 1982:
Concentration of 3 methyl indole and distribution of radioactivity from carbon 14 labeled 3 methyl indole in goat tissues associated with acute pulmonary edema

Harvey, E.J.Sr ; Knight, L.A.J., 1978:
Concentration of 3 toxic metals in oysters crassostrea virginica of biloxi and pascagoula mississippi estuaries

Smolyanskaya, A.Z.; Itin, A.B., 1975:
Concentration of 5 fluoro uracil in blood and urine of pancreatic cancer patients

Tanaka J.; Inuyama Y.; Fujii M.; Takaoka T.; Hosoda H.; Kawaura M., 1988:
Concentration of 5 fu in tumor tissue and serum of the tumor bearing mice in combination therapy of uft and radiation

Abrams, R.; Essman, W.B.; Taylor, M.A.; Fink, M., 1976:
Concentration of 5 hydroxy iaa homo vanillic acid and tryptophan in the cerebro spinal fluid of depressed patients before and after electro convulsive therapy

Begg, K.J.; Donachie, W.D., 1984:
Concentration of a major outer membrane protein at the cell poles in Escherichia coli

Ogloblina O.G.; Polyantseva L.R.; Paskhina T.S., 1984:
Concentration of acid stable inhibitors derived from blood plasma trypsin inter alpha inhibitor in the urine of healthy persons and patients with nephrotic syndrome

Derech Mrozowska J., 1981:
Concentration of acth and cortisol in plasma and excretion of cortico steroids in 24 hour urine before and after the treatment of hyper thyroidism

Iyengar, R.; Rose, I.A., 1981:
Concentration of activated intermediates of the fructose 1 6 bis phosphate aldolase ec and triose phosphate isomerase reactions

Winstead M.B.; Dischino D.D.; Winchell H.S., 1979:
Concentration of activity in brain following administration of carbon 11 labeled alpha p iodoanilinophenyl acetonitrile

Arturson, G.; Hjelm, M., 1984:
Concentration of adenine nucleotides and glycolytic intermediates in erythrocytes, liver and muscle tissue in rats after thermal injury

Rosenberg, J.; Hurwitz, S., 1987:
Concentration of adrenocortical hormones in relation to cation homeostasis in birds

Frost R.R.; Passmore E.L., 1979:
Concentration of airborne mushroom basidio spores and their deposition in and around a mushroom farm in relation to mushroom virus disease

Lamedica, G.; Cordone, M.; Parodi, E.; Lituania, M.; Lenzi, A.; Canini, S.; Passamonti, U., 1988:
Concentration of alpha fetoprotein afp in mother's plasma before and after chorionic villi sampling

Lindemann R.; Rustad P., 1987:
Concentration of aluminum in breast milk and milk formula nursing infants at risk of poisoning?

Fernando T., 1981:
Concentration of animal blood by ultra filtration

Iwata R.Y.; Tang C.S.; Kamemoto H., 1985:
Concentration of anthocyanins affecting spathe color in anthuriums anthurium andraeanum

Ohta M.; Ohta K.; Matsubara F.; Nishitani H.; Hayashi K.; Maruyama N.; Shirai T., 1980:
Concentration of anti acetyl choline receptor antibodies in thymic extracts from patients with myasthenia gravis

Fujita K.; Sugimoto M.; Hara T.; Murayama T., 1984:
Concentration of antibiotics in prostate cefmetazole

Muther, R.S.; Bennett, W.M., 1980:
Concentration of antibiotics in simple renal cysts

Gaidamovich, S.Y. ; Polyakova, A.N., 1975:
Concentration of antibody to arboviruses in mouse immune ascitic fluids

Gorki K.; Gutkovska Zh; Kantin M.; Zhene Zh; Garsiya R., 1988:
Concentration of atrial and plasma natriuretic factor during the development of hypertension in spontaneously hypertensive rats

Seeley N.D.; Primrose S.B., 1979:
Concentration of bacterio phages from natural waters

Zambolim E.M.; Carvalho M.G.D., 1987:
Concentration of bean common mosaic virus in inoculated primary leaves of phaseolus vulgaris and its detection by elisa in seed embryos

Kmieciak Kolada K.; Felinska W.; Stachura Z.; Majchrzak H.; Herman Z.S., 1987:
Concentration of biogenic amines and their metabolites in different parts of rat brain after experimental cerebral concussion

Yavich P.A., 1981:
Concentration of biologically active compounds during their extraction from vegetable raw materials

Rovin-Yu, G., 1978:
Concentration of black spots and effect of detergents on black lipid membranes

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Concentration of bone marrow progenitor cells by separation on a Percoll gradient using the Haemonetics model 30

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Concentration of cadmium and copper in feces urine and blood after ingestion of wild mushrooms

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Concentration of cadmium copper lead and zinc with organic co precipitators in the analysis of natural waters

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Concentration of calcium carbonate on the walls of fungal hyphae

Gjerde H.; Morland J., 1987:
Concentration of carbohydrate deficient transferrin in dialyzed plasma from drunken drivers

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Concentration of carbon dioxide, interstitial pH and synaptic transmission in hippocampal formation of the rat

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Concentration of catecholamines in human cardiac muscle

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Concentration of catecholamines in the gastric juice and the state of adrenergic structures in the gastric mucous membrane in patients with periodic disease with gastroduodenal pathology

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Concentration of cefaclor in human prostatic tissue

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Concentration of cefmenoxime in human bone marrow blood and osseous tissue

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Concentration of cefotaxime and its metabolite in the human bone marrow blood

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Concentration of cefotaxime in various human tissues

Kiriyama T.; Okabe T.; Soeda A.; Iwasaki T.; Yoshida O., 1981:
Concentration of cephalosporins in fluid of simple renal cysts

Turcany J.; Macuhova K., 1979:
Concentration of cereals in crop rotation programs leading to a single crop system

Konstantinov, A.S., 1977:
Concentration of chironomid larvae on different substrate levels in a body of water

Landgraf W.W.; Ross P.F.; Cassidy D.R.; Clubb S.L., 1982:
Concentration of chlortetracycline in the blood of yellow crowned amazon parrots amazona ochrocephala fed medicated pelleted feeds

Dan, M.; Golomb, J.; Gorea, A.; Braf, Z.; Berger, S.A., 1986:
Concentration of ciprofloxacin in human prostatic tissue after oral administration

Debnath S.C.; Richards A.B., 1983:
Concentration of clobetasone butyrate in aqueous humor

Hatcher, R.F.; Parker, B.C., 1975:
Concentration of coliform organisms at fresh water surfaces and their transfer into the atmosphere

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Concentration of copper and zinc in liver of fetuses and infants

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Concentration of cyclic amp in blood plasma of patients with coronary athero sclerosis and its connection with the character of metabolic disorders

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Concentration of cyclic amp in human spermatozoa after treatment with methylxanthines

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Concentration of cyclic amp in mouse pancreatic islets measured by a protein binding radioassay

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Concentration of cyclic amp in rabbit ovaries in the pre ovulatory period after administration of luteinizing hormone or human chorionic gonadotropin

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Concentration of cyclic amp in ventricular cerebro spinal fluid of patients following severe head trauma

Rudman, D.; Fleischer, A.; Kutner, M.H., 1976:
Concentration of cyclic amp in ventricular cerebro spinal fluid of patients with prolonged coma after head trauma or intra cranial hemorrhage

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Concentration of cytochromes in rat kidney cortex homogenates at various periods and at low temperature conditions of storage

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Concentration of cytochromes in the liver at different stages of adaptation to cold

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Concentration of dextran and gamma globulin by osmocentrifugation

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Concentration of diatomaceous algae in the rhizosphere of wormwoods

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Concentration of dicloxacillin and benzyl penicillin in fracture hematoma

Kirchgessner M.; Reichlmayr Lais A.M., 1982:
Concentration of different metabolites resulting from experimental lead deficiency

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Concentration of dimexide in the blood of patients with diseases of the broncho pulmonary system

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Concentration of dissolved organic copper in relation to other chemical and biological parameters in coastal baltic waters

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Concentration of dopaminergic fibers in the marginal zone of the bird retina a nonvisual photo receptor system

Tsai, L.S.; Ijichi, K.; Harris, M.W., 1977:
Concentration of egg white by ultra filtration

Komar E., 1980:
Concentration of electrolytes in serum of pigs under general anesthesia produced by administration of chloral hydrate nembutal eunarcon and brevinarcon

Rawson, J.M.; Espey, L.L., 1977:
Concentration of electron dense granules in the rabbit ovarian surface epithelium during ovulation

Matsubara F.; Masui H.; Suzuki K., 1986:
Concentration of elements in organs and tissues of germ free silkworm larvae fed on an artificial diet

Thorsen T.; Tangen M.; Stoa K.F., 1982:
Concentration of endogenous estradiol as related to estradiol receptor sites in breast tumor cytosol

Buras, N., 1976:
Concentration of enteric viruses in waste water and effluent a 2 year survey

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Concentration of enteroviruses from estuarine water

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Concentration of enteroviruses from large volumes of water

Bitton G.; Feldberg B.N.; Farrah S.R., 1979:
Concentration of enteroviruses from sea water and tap water by organic flocculation using nonfat dry milk and casein

Wakiya K.; Endo K.; Goshi T.; Kubota A.; Kobayshi T., 1988:
Concentration of enzyme solution by centrifugal flow thin film vacuum evaporator

Kozlov V.I.; Kistanova E.K., 1984:
Concentration of erythrocytes in vessels of the microcirculatory bed of the albino rat mesentery the data of in vivo microfilming

Backstroem, T.; Carstensen, H.; Sodergard, R., 1976:
Concentration of estradiol testosterone and progesterone in cerebro spinal fluid compared to plasma unbound and total concentrations

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Concentration of estrogen hormones in sheep during pregnancy

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Concentration of estrogens and androgens in human ovarian venous plasma and follicular fluid throughout the menstrual cycle

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Concentration of estrogens in maternal peripheral plasma in late pregnancy, during labor and post partum

Gundert-Remy, U.; Klett, M.; Weber, E., 1973:
Concentration of ethambutol in cerebro spinal fluid in man as a function of the nonprotein bound drug fraction in serum

Ohya H.; Matsumoto H.; Negishi Y.; Matsumoto K., 1986:
Concentration of ethanol from its aqueous solution by pervaporation using porous polypropylene hollow fiber membrane

Merkiel K.; Wolosowicz N.; Prokopowicz J., 1986:
Concentration of fibrinogen degradation products fdp and the activity of some granulocyte enzyme

Pollard, J.P.; Hughes, S.P.; Evans, M.J.; Scott, J.E.; Benson, M.K., 1979:
Concentration of flucloxacillin in femoral head and joint capsule in total hip replacement

Barendsen, H.; Oosterhuis, J.A.; Van-Haeringen, N.J., 1979:
Concentration of fluorescein in tear fluid after instillation as eye drops 1. isotonic eye drops

Barendsen, H.; Oosterhuis, J.A.; Van-Haeringen, N.J., 1979:
Concentration of fluorescein in tear fluid after instillation as eye drops 2. hypotonic eye drops

Schneppenheim R., 1980:
Concentration of fluoride in antarctic animals

Rai A., 1979:
Concentration of foot and mouth disease virus with aluminum sulfate for use in the complement fixation test

Ceausescu S.; Stancioiu N., 1982:
Concentration of free amino acids detected in mono flower pollens collected by apis mellifica carpatica from romanian territory

Patel A.J.; Hunt A., 1985:
Concentration of free amino acids in primary cultures of neurons and astrocytes

Szczygieł, M.; Barej, W., 1977:
Concentration of free amino acids in the blood and liver of cattle, sheep and rabbits

Urban J.; Iwaszkiewicz Pawlowska A., 1986:
Concentration of free fatty acids in amniotic fluid and maternal and cord serum in cases of intrauterine growth retardation

Michalov, J.; Placek, J., 1976:
Concentration of free radicals in the root system of zea mays

Skiest D.; Braverman L.E.; Emerson C.H., 1986:
Concentration of free thyroxine in serum of a patient with euthyroid hyperthyroxinemia secondary to increased thyroxine binding prealbumin results by various methods compared

Fokina A.A.; Barashkova G.M.; Kotel'nikova V.I.; Boiko N.S., 1982:
Concentration of gastrin in the blood and stomach tissue and number of stomach endocrine cells after the secretin effect

Steiner, A.E.; Wittliff, J.L., 1986:
Concentration of glucocorticoid receptor sites in normal human lymphocytes

Barth J.; Mollmann H.; Schmidt E.W.; Rehder J.; Rohdewald P., 1986 :
Concentration of glucocorticoids in serum bronchoalveolar lavage fluid

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Concentration of glutamic acid glycine and cysteine in the aqueous humor of rabbits after topical and per oral application

Kishore P.V.; Sabne M.B.; Karanth N.G., 1987:
Concentration of glycerol in fermentation broths by reverse osmosis

Hammitt, D.G.; Walker, D.L.; Williamson, R.A., 1988:
Concentration of glycerol required for optimal survival and in vitro fertilizing capacity of frozen sperm is dependent on cryopreservation medium

Jayakumari, N.; Nambisan, B.; Kurup, P.A., 1978:
Concentration of glycosamino glycans glyco proteins collagen and elastin in the aorta of some animal species susceptible and resistant to athero sclerosis

Umezu M.; Miyamoto A.; Ito S.; Masaki J., 1988:
Concentration of gonadotropins and sex steroids in bovine follicular fluid during estrous stages

Dahlgren C.; Magnusson K E.; Sundqvist T., 1984:
Concentration of gradients in the under agarose chemotaxis assay system with attractant surface adsorption

Isopov N.N.; Charykov A.K.; Razumov S.O., 1985:
Concentration of heavy metals as exemplified by iron and copper by surface oil films

Khan H.U., 1981:
Concentration of heavy metals in bangkok thailand metropolitan area

Jacyszyn, K.; Walas, J.; Malinowski, A.; Latkowski, T.; Cwynar, L., 1982:
Concentration of heavy metals in pregnant women

Grodzinska K.; Godzik B.; Darowska E.; Pawlowska B., 1988:
Concentration of heavy metals in trophic chains of niepolomice forest southern poland

Crance J M.; Passagot J.; Deloince R., 1983:
Concentration of hepatitis a virus from experimentally contaminated water

Smith, J.D.; D.H.rven, E., 1973:
Concentration of herpesviruses

Solov'ev, V.D.; Parfenov, V.V.; Zubanova, N.A.; Pokidysheva, L.N.; Tkach, T.A., 1981:
Concentration of heterogeneous leukocyte interferon

Kmieciak Kolada K.; Majchrzak H.; Herman Z.S., 1979:
Concentration of homo vanillic acid and 5 hydroxy iaa in the ventricular cerebro spinal fluid of patients with obstructive hydrocephalus

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Concentration of humic acid from tap water

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Concentration of hyaluronidase in the vaginal secretion of patients with cancer of the portio

Tikhonov A.N.; Blyumenfel'd L.A., 1985:
Concentration of hydrogen ions inside the subcellular particles physical meaning and determination methods

Hatanaka A.; Kajiwara T.; Matsui K., 1988:
Concentration of hydroperoxide lyase activities in root of cucumber seedlings

Bandurski, R.S.; Schulze, A., 1977:
Concentration of iaa and its derivatives in plants

Bosma G.C.; Owen J.; Eaton G.; Marshall G.; Dewitt C.; Bosma M.J., 1980:
Concentration of immuno globulin g 1 and immuno globulin g 2a allotypes in serum of nude and normal allotype congenic mice

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Concentration of immuno globulin g in ethiopian cattle

Elazhary, M.A.S.Y.; Tremblay, A.; Lagace, A.; Roy, R.S., 1973:
Concentration of immuno globulin g in serum and large intestine of dysenteric swine

Fahrenkrug, J.; Magid, E., 1980:
Concentration of immuno reactive trypsin and activity of pancreatic iso alpha amylase ec in serum compared in pancreatic diseases

Woods, G.T.; Mansfield, M.E., 1976:
Concentration of inactivated swine influenza virus by molecular filtration for use as a vaccine in gilts before and after breeding

Collier B.D.; Isitman A.T.; Kaufman H.M.; Rao S.A.; Knobel J.; Hellman R.S.; Zielonka J.S.; Pelc L., 1984:
Concentration of indium 111 oxine labeled autologous leukocytes in noninfected and nonrejecting renal allo grafts

Kamiya I.; Kohzuka T., 1985:
Concentration of intravenously infused cefmenoxime in human vitreous cavity

Kamiya I.; Kohzuka T., 1985:
Concentration of intravenously infused cefsulodin sodium into the human vitreous cavity

Hochberg R.B.; Maclusky N.J.; Chambers J.; Eisenfeld A.J.; Naftolin F.; Schwartz P.E., 1985:
Concentration of iodine 125 16 alpha iodoestradiol in human ovarian tumors in vivo and correlation with estrogen receptor content

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Concentration of iodine and bromine by plants in the seas of japan and okhotsk

Dubiel A.; Stanczyk J.F.; Krolinski J.; Michalewska M., 1980:
Concentration of ions of selected trace elements in ejaculates of boars after interruption of the flow of secretion from the testicles epididymides and accessory sex glands

Paul R.; Gasia M.C.; Rocher M., 1985:
Concentration of iron 59 zinc 65 and manganese 54 in the stems and leaves of lime trees tilia platyphyllos 7 days following injection into the trunk

Pal S.S.; Sethunathan N., 1982:
Concentration of iron and manganese in rice plants as influenced by bhc applied to soil

Surks, M.I.; Oppenheimer, J.H., 1977:
Concentration of l thyroxine and l tri iodo thyronine specifically bound to nuclear receptors in rat liver and kidney quantitative evidence favoring a major role of tri iodo thyronine in thyroid hormone action

Kobuke Y., 1985:
Concentration of linear alkylbenzenesulfonates and its composition in the river waters of hyogo prefecture japan

Tryufanov V.F.; Usatenko M.S.; Bokii I.V.; Bol'shakova T.I.; Sokolovskaya N.E., 1983:
Concentration of lipids and apo lipo protein a 1 and apo lipo protein e in blood plasma of men with acute alcohol intoxication

Mazzota, M.Y.; Veneziale, C.M., 1980:
Concentration of liver and kidney fructose 1 6 di phosphatase ec determined by specific radio immunoassay

Chaffaux S.; Chassagnite F.; Thibier M., 1981:
Concentration of luteinizing hormone after stimulation by gonadoliberin in the bitch effects of ovariectomy

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Concentration of lysozyme ec during mineralization in callous tissue of healing fractures

Storer, A.C.; Cornish-Bowden, A., 1976:
Concentration of magnesium atp and other ions in solution calculation of the true concentrations of species present in mixtures of associating ions

Reynolds J.H.; Wall W.H.IIi, 1982:
Concentration of magnesium calcium phosphorus potassium and crude protein in fertilized tall fescue festuca arundinacea

Goldberg K B.; Brakke M.K., 1987:
Concentration of maize chlorotic mottle virus increased in mixed infections with maize dwarf mosaic virus strain b

Dwivedi A.K.; Sinha S.B.; Mahajan J.P., 1986:
Concentration of major nutrients in soybean varieties as influences by phosphorus fertilization in vertisol of madhya pradesh india

Postma, D., 1985:
Concentration of manganese and separation from iron in sediments 1. kinetics and stoichiometry of the reaction between birnessite and dissolved iron ii at 10 celsius

Kametani F.; Kitagawa S.; Nishiyama K., 1979:
Concentration of manganese by reverse permeation across a cellulose membrane

Matsunaga, K., 1978:
Concentration of mercury in marine animals

Foy, J.J.; Bhattacharjee, J.K., 1981:
Concentration of metabolites and the regulation of phospho fructo kinase ec and fructose 1 6 bis phosphatase ec in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Löscher, W., 1981:
Concentration of metabolites of valproic acid in plasma of epileptic patients

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Concentration of metallothionein in human pancreas

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Concentration of metallothionein in human tissues

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Concentration of metallothionein in major organs of rats after administration of various metals

Onosaka S.; Min K S.; Fukuhara C.; Tanaka K.; Tashiro S I.; Furuta M.; Yasutomi T., 1984:
Concentration of metallothionein in malignant and non malignant tissues in human liver

Weber O., 1985:
Concentration of metals in fish from the river rednitz west germany

Ellig D.L.; Althouse J.B.; Mccandless F.P., 1980:
Concentration of methane from mixtures with carbon di oxide by permeation through polymeric films

Rinsland C.P.; Levine J.S.; Miles T., 1985:
Concentration of methane in the troposphere deduced from 1951 ir solar spectra

Loper G.M.; Ross B.H., 1982:
Concentration of methyl parathion from penncap m in pollens of various lipid and oil contents

Holten, E.; Smith-Erichsen, N., 1981:
Concentration of metronidazole in serum during peritoneal dialysis

Hahn F.; Borner K.; Koeppe P., 1988:
Concentration of metronidazole in the bone

Steckmeier B.; Adam D.; Schaudig A.; Zimmermann M., 1983:
Concentration of mezlocillin and oxacillin in vessel walls and other tissues during vascular surgery

Spangler P.L.; Amundson C.H., 1986:
Concentration of milk and whey using composite spiral wound reverse osmosis membranes

Tan, E.L.; Loutit, M.W., 1976:
Concentration of molybdenum by extracellular material produced by rhizosphere bacteria

Bara, M., 1978:
Concentration of monovalent ions in aqueous solutions effect on the conductance of liquid lipid artificial membranes

Bell R.C.; Lipton J.M., 1987:
Concentration of msh within specific brain regions in aged squirrel monkeys

Yamasaki, E.; Ames, B.N., 1977:
Concentration of mutagens from urine by adsorption with the nonpolar resin xad 2 cigarette smokers have mutagenic urine

Kaidanov L.Z.; Khuguto N.; Iovleva O.V., 1983:
Concentration of mutations differentiated according to the influence on viability in selected inbred lines of drosophila melanogaster

du Moulin, G.C.; Stottmeier, K.D.; Pelletier, P.A.; Tsang, A.Y.; Hedley-Whyte, J., 1988:
Concentration of Mycobacterium avium by hospital hot water systems

Prignitz, R.; Rainer, K.; Biller, H.; Prignitz, I., 1981:
Concentration of neuraminic acid in the serum of tumor patients

Zaiko S.D.; Burbaeva G.Sh, 1986:
Concentration of neuron specific and non neuron specific enolase isoenzymes in different human brain structures

Ahn D.U.; Maurer A.J., 1987:
Concentration of nitrate and nitrite in raw turkey breast meat and the microbial conversion of added nitrate to nitrite in tumbled breast meat

Strom, P.F.; Matulewich, V.A.; Finstein, M.S., 1976:
Concentration of nitrifying bacteria in sewages effluents and a receiving stream and resistance of these organisms to chlorination

Orphanos P.I.; Krentos V.D., 1980:
Concentration of nitrogen phosphorus and potassium in leaves straw and grain of wheat and barley as influenced by nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers under semi arid conditions

Koroteev A.V.; Dement'eva N.N.; Zavrazhnaya T.A.; Gigauri V.S.; Tentsova A.I.; Kuleshova M.I., 1980:
Concentration of novocaine and promedol in the blood of laboratory animals after the needleless and needle syringe methods of administration

Shibkova D.Z.; Fomin N.A., 1987:
Concentration of nucleic acids in the skeletal muscles of rats during and after hypokinesia

Voskoboev, A.I.; Chernikevich, I.P.; Grushnik, V.V., 1975:
Concentration of nucleotide phosphates thiamine pyro phospho kinase ec and nucleoside di phosphatase ec by the method of ion exchange chromatography on deae sephadex a 25

Goodheart, C.R.; Armstrong, G.R.; Ablashi, D.V.; Pearson, G.; Orr, T.W., 1974:
Concentration of oncogenic herpesviruses by methyl alcohol precipitation

Thomas J.M.; Cadwell L.L.; Cataldo D.A.; Garland T.R.; Wildung R.E., 1984:
Concentration of orally administered and chronically fed technetium 95m in japanese quail coturnix japonica eggs

Tsuno K.; Terasaki H.; Saito Y.; Sakai K.; Kishi Y.; Sakanashi Y.; Morioka T., 1986:
Concentration of oxygen for an artificial membrane lung and the safety of prolonged ecmo

Storch, R.; Braeunlich, H., 1977:
Concentration of p amino hippuric acid in serum and renal tissue under stimulation of renal excretion

Tortell, P., 1976:
Concentration of particulate organic nitrogen in the marlborough sounds new zealand

Comhaire, F.H., 1987:
Concentration of pefloxacine in split ejaculates of patients with chronic male accessory gland infection

Chung M.Y.; Hwang L.S.; Chiang B.H., 1986:
Concentration of perilla perilla ocymoides anthocyanins by ultrafiltration

Lui C.Y.; Lee M.G.; Chiou W.L., 1984:
Concentration of ph dependent steady state volume of distribution of methotrexate estimated by a simple physiologically based method

Bystedt H.; Nord C.E., 1982:
Concentration of phenoxymethyl penicillin clindamycin and tinidazole in dental cysts

Ekedahl C.; Holm S.E.; Jeppsson P H.; Lindstrom J.; Ludwig C.; Bergholm A M., 1981:
Concentration of phenoxymethyl penicillin in the mucous membrane of maxillary sinus in patients with and without sign of sinusitis

Larsen R.E.; Archbald L.F.; Chen C.L.; Gronwall R.R.; Collier J.L.; Asbury A.C.; Thatcher W.W., 1986:
Concentration of phenylbutazone and 13 14 dihydro 15 ketoprostaglandin f 2 alpha in blood and seminal plasma of stallions treated with phenylbutazone

Kunjara, S.; Sochor, M.; Greenbaum, A.L.; McLean, P., 1986:
Concentration of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate in renal hypertrophy. Contrasting effects of early diabetes and unilateral nephrectomy

Kunjara, S.; Sochor, M.; Adeoya, A.; McLean, P.; Greenbaum, A.L., 1986:
Concentration of phosphoribosyl pyrophosphate in the kidney during development and in experimental diabetic hypertrophy

Caygill J.C.; Moore D.J.; Kanagasabapathy L., 1983:
Concentration of plant proteases by precipitation with poly acrylic acids

Yamaguchi Y.; Shimamoto K.; Nakagawa M.; Mori Y.; Masuda A.; Fukuyama S.; Yokoyama T.; Ando T.; Yamaji I.; E.A., 1987:
Concentration of plasma atrial natriuretic polypeptide in the patients with hypertension

Kawamura H.; Tanaka G.; Mcinroy J.F.; Eutsler B.C., 1981:
Concentration of plutonium 239 plutonium 240 in human autopsy tissues preliminary report of a comparative study on different populations

Farrah, S.R.; Goyal, S.M.; Gerba, C.P.; Wallis, C.; Melnick, J.L., 1978:
Concentration of poliovirus from tap water onto membrane filters with aluminum chloride at ambient pH levels

Aizen M.S.; Kazantseva V.A.; Drozdov S.G.; Sadovskii B.F.; Bazarov A.P., 1979:
Concentration of poliovirus from water on fp cloth

Globa L.I.; Zagornaya N.E.; Sinyak L.I.; Prikhod'ko E.F., 1986:
Concentration of polioviruses and the study of their properties by means of clay minerals

Watanabe A.; Komazawa K.; Nabetani H.; Nakajima M.; Nakao S I., 1986:
Concentration of polyphenols in alkaline extracts from larch bark with self rejection type of dynamically formed membrane

Weisner B.; Roethig H J., 1983:
Concentration of prealbumin in cerebro spinal fluid indicator of cerebro spinal fluid circulation disorders

Taha A.; Noseir M.B.; Abboud M.Y.; Salama A.; Fadally M., 1984:
Concentration of progesterone in buffalo milk during the estrous cycle

Gabor G.; Zoldag L.; Molnar L.; Solti L., 1987:
Concentration of progesterone in the blood of rabbits during different reproductive physiological phases

Watanabe, K., 1980:
Concentration of progesterone receptor in human endometrium with normal menstrual cycle, endometriosis or endometrial carcinoma

Ravitz, A.J.; Moore, K.E., 1977:
Concentration of prolactin in serum of rats treated with baclofen

Palfi G.; Gulyas S.; Szolloski I., 1987:
Concentration of proline in pollens a new taxonomical index

Marley, P.B.; Morris, S.R.; White, I.G., 1977:
Concentration of prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f fructose and glycerylphosphoryl choline in ram semen obtained by electro ejaculation or artificial vagina and in vesicular fluid/

Patwardhan V.V.; Lanthier A., 1980:
Concentration of prostaglandins prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f estrone estradiol and progesterone in human corpora lutea

Pastukhov, N.A., 1977:
Concentration of protein bound iodine in blood plasma in thyro toxicosis in the early post operative period and the effect of neurolept analgesia

Miyata Y., 1984 :
Concentration of protein from the wash water of red meat fish by ultra filtration membrane

Zhuravskaya, N.A.; Kiknadze, E.V.; Antonov-Yu, A.; Tolstoguzov, V.B., 1986:
Concentration of proteins as a result of the phase separation of water protein polysaccharide systems part 1. phase equilibria in water milk proteins polysaccharide systems

Zhuravskaya, N.A.; Kiknadze, E.V.; Antonov-Yu, A.; Tolstoguzov, V.B., 1986:
Concentration of proteins as a result of the phase separation of water protein polysaccharide systems part 2. concentration of milk proteins

Shukun S.A.; Gavryushkin A.V.; Brezgunov V.N.; Zav'yalov V.P., 1985:
Concentration of proteins in the free flow electrophoretic apparatus

Torres A.R.; Peterson E.A., 1979:
Concentration of proteins using carboxymethyl dextran

Mcverry P.H., 1981:
Concentration of radioactive waste generated in radio immunoassays

Facchini, U.; Martini, M.; Morniroli, E.; Procopio, G.; Tamborini, G.; Canuti, A.; Capelli, G., 1981:
Concentration of radon progeny in the open air and interiors of Milan and other Italian sites

O'Morchoe, C.C.; O'Morchoe, P.J.; Albertine, K.H.; Jarosz, H.M., 1981:
Concentration of renin in the renal interstitium, as reflected in lymph

England, B., 1972:
Concentration of reovirus and adenovirus from sewage and effluents by protamine sulfate (salmine) treatment

Klein, F.; Mahlandt, B.G.; Cockey, R.R.; Lincoln, R.E., 1970:
Concentration of Rift Valley fever and Chikungunya viruses by precipitation

Berezina, L.K.; Zakarian, V.A.; Gromashevskiĭ, V.L.; Borisova, S.M.; Novokhatskiĭ, A.S., 1975:
Concentration of Sakhalin virus

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Concentration of salmonella pullorum antigen and the immuno suppressive effect of acth in growing chickens

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Concentration of serum prealbumin protein in sick horses and its correlation to blood leukocyte count and albumin content in serum

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Concentration of sodium and magnesium in the habitat and water salt metabolism in fishes

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Concentration of some electrolytes and trace elements in bovine cervico vaginal mucus at estrus

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Concentration of some inorganic plant nutrients in saline lakes on the yorke peninsula south australia

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Concentration of some metals in east aegean sediments

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Concentration of some metals in the thallus of the brown alga sargassum pallidum turn c. ag. as a function of age

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Concentration of some poly valent metals and zinc by lipids of marine plants

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Concentration of stable free radicals in albino rat tissues irradiated with x rays and fast neutrons after preliminary adaptation to hypoxia and hyperoxia/

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Concentration of stable zinc in human bones quantitative determination by roentgenological fluorescence spectroscopy

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Concentration of streptomycin gentamicin and rifampicin in the secretion of the prostate and the ejaculate of patients with chronic nonspecific prostatitis

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Concentration of striatal tyramine and dopamine metabolism in diabetic rats and effect of insulin administration

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Concentration of strontium 90 radium 226 and cesium 137 during radiochemical analysis

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Concentration of technetium 99m labeled hida n 2 6 dimethylphenylcarbamoylmethyliminodiacetate and iopanoic glucuronide by the gallbladder

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Concentration of technetium 99m methylene di phosphonate in hepatic metastases from squamous cell carcinoma

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Concentration of technetium 99m pyro phosphate in a benign leio myoma of the uterus

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Concentration of testosterone in the plasma of polish large white boars of different ages

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Concentration of the secretory immuno globulin a of seminal fluid in normal subjects in decreased fertility and in aspermia

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Concentration of the systemic gametocide td 1123 in cotton nectar and honeybee response

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Concentration of the toxic metals lead and cadmium in chicken eggs from different regions of spain

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Concentration of three thrombin inhibitors in the nephrotic syndrome in adults

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Concentration of thyroid hormone in skeletal muscle

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Concentration of total inorganic and lipid phosphorus in leaves of white clover trifolium repens and stylosanthes stylosanthes hamata

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Concentration of total phenols and anthocyanin during ripening and post harvest storage of litchi litchi chinensis sonn. cultivars

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Concentration of trace elements in milk of west african dwarf goats affected by state of lactation

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Concentration of trace elements in the human inferior turbinate concha nasalis inferior and in the nasal septum

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Concentration of trace metals from sea water by complexation with 8 hydroxy quinoline and adsorption on 18 carbon bonded silica gel

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Concentration of trace metals in tissue of several animals living around syowa station antarctica

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Concentration of trans unsaturated fatty acids in the adipose body tissue of decedents dying of ischemic heart disease compared with controls

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Concentration of transcortin in the pregnant rat and its fetuses

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Concentration of tritium labeled 8 methoxy psoralen and its metabolites in the rat lens and eye after a single oral administration

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Concentration of tumor markers carcinoembryonic antigen alpha fetoprotein alpha and beta subunits of human chorionic gonadotropin in cerebrospinal fluid in children with inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system

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Concentration of unconjugated estriol in capillary whole blood from pregnant women

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Concentration of uranium and thorium in molluscs inhabiting gdansk bay baltic sea

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Concentration of urine in the absence of anti diuretic hormone with minimal or no decrease in glomerular filtration rate

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Concentration of valproate during pregnancy, in the newborn and in breast milk

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Concentration of various nitrogen fractions total volatile fatty acids and microbial protein synthesis in buffalo rumen as influenced by the dietary roughage concentrate ratio

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Concentration of various nitrogenous fractions in the rumen as influenced by dietary nitrogen sulfur ratio

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Concentration of venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus in a two phase system of water soluble polymers

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Concentration of viable microorganisms in indoor settled dust and its relation with meteorological parameters in baghdad city iraq

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Concentration of viruses in beef extract by flocculation with ammonium sulfate

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Concentration of vitamin b 12 in blood serum of certain species of laboratory rodents determined by isotope method

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Concentration of vitamin d and fluoride in the blood of cows before and after parturition and in new born calves

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Concentration of wound tumor virus determined from absorbance of the rna of virus collected on filters

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Concentration of zinc and copper in small samples of foremilk and hindmilk

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Concentration patterns of plasma dehydroepiandrosterone delta 5 androstenediol and their sulfates testosterone and cortisol in normal healthy women and women with anorexia nervosa

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Concentration polarization and water dissociation in ion exchange membrane electrodialysis mechanism of water dissociation

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Concentration prediction for meandering plumes based on probability theory

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Concentration profile in the intestinal tract and drug absorption model 2 dimensional laminar flow in a circular porous tube

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Concentration profile of repeatedly instilled ethanol in the canine subarachnoid space

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Concentration profile of repeatedly instilled phenol and glycerin in the canine subarachnoid space

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Concentration profiles processed x bag dry coffee in a circular sieve of the sururuca type

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Concentration reactivity and fate of copper nickel and zinc associated with a cooling water plume in estuarine waters 2. the particulate phases

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Concentration regularities for nutrients in plants and their organs

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Concentration related differences in the effects of the calcium agonist bay k 8644 in human bronchus in vitro

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Concentration requirement of glycine as nitrogen source for supporting effective growth of certain marine micro planktonic algae

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Concentration response relationships of amiodarone and deethylamiodarone

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Concentration separation and determination of hydro carbons in sea water

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Concentration standing state and cycling of nitrogen in soil vegetation components of sand and dune herbaceous vegetation around pilani rajasthan india

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Concentration thresholds in accumulation of heavy metals by haliotis discus and batillus cornutus

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Concentration time course of niridazole and 6 metabolites in the serum of 4 filipinos with schistosoma japonicum infection

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Concentration time curves in fed batch fermentations followed by a batch phase

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Concentration time mortality response relationship of irritant and systemically acting vapors and gases

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Concentration time related effects of colchicine on lettuce lactuca sativa cultivar grand rapids hypocotyl growth

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Concentration training and mnemonic training in elderly subjects with memory complaints a study of combined therapy and order effects

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Concentration values of immunoglobulins and heteroagglutinins and reactions of delayed hypersensitivity in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia

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Concentration vertical flux and re mineralization of particulate uranium in sea water

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Concentrational hierarchy in a mathematical model of the oscillating metabolism of fructose 2 6 bisphosphate

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Concentrations and activity coefficients of sodium potassium and chloride in aplysia californica enterocytes

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Concentrations and characteristics of amphibole fibers in the lungs of workers exposed to crocidolite in the british gas mask factories and elsewhere during the 2nd world war

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Concentrations and fluxes of tin in aerosols and rain

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Concentrations and health effects of potash dust

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Concentrations and kinetics of phosphorus fractions along the trophic gradient of lake memphremagog quebec canada vermont usa border

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Concentrations and kinetics of phosphorus fractions in water from streams entering lake memphremagog

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Concentrations and metabolism of volatile fatty acids in the fermentative organs of 2 species of kangaroo and the guinea pig

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Concentrations and microbial mineralization of 4 6 ring poly cyclic aromatic hydro carbons in composted municipal waste

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Concentrations and standing crops of calcium magnesium potassium and sodium in soil and litter arthropods and their food in an aspen woodland ecosystem in the rocky mountains canada

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Concentrations and temporal variations of polonium 210 lead 210 and aluminum in the surf zone ecosystem of copalis beach washington

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Concentrations and thermodynamic activities of cations in intact bryopsis maxima chloroplasts

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Concentrations and time of applications of naphthaleneacetic acid on yield and quality of apples malus domestica cultivar fuji

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Concentrations in serum and urinary excretion of guanidine 1 methyl guanidine and 1 1 di methyl guanidine in chronic renal failure

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Concentrations of 14 elements in tissues of blight affected and healthy valencia orange trees

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Concentrations of 2 3 di phospho glycerate in red blood cells and inorganic phosphorus in serum and the acid base balance parameters in different periods of normal pregnancy

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Concentrations of 2 hydroxy estrogens in human sera measured by a heterologous immunoassay with an iodine 125 labeled ligand

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Concentrations of 21 metals in the suspended solids collected from the principal 166 rivers and 3 lakes in japan

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Concentrations of 28 elements in fruiting shrubs downwind of the smelter at flin flon manitoba canada

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Concentrations of 5 hydroxy iaa and homo vanillic acid in the cerebro spinal fluid of chronic therapy resistant schizophrenics before and after hemo dialysis therapy

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Concentrations of 7 elements in the intra luminal fluids of the rat seminiferous tubules rete testis and epididymis

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Concentrations of 80 20 grain fumigant carbon tetra chloride carbon di sulfide in handling equipment during transfers of fumigated wheat

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Concentrations of ampicillin and chloramphenicol in the serum of patients with acute Salmonella enteric fever

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Concentrations of androgens and 19 carbon steroid sulfates in abdominal skin of healthy women and men

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Concentrations of androstenedione testosterone and luteinizing hormone in the blood before and after the onset of spermatogenesis in the cockerel

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Concentrations of apo lipo protein b apo lipo protein c i apo lipo protein c ii apo lipo protein c iii and apo lipo protein e in sera from normal men and their relation to serum lipo protein levels

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Concentrations of arsenic selenium and 10 heavy metals in school shark galeorhinus australis and gummy shark mustelus antarcticus from southeastern australian waters

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Concentrations of basic drugs in post mortem human myo cardium

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Concentrations of benzo a pyrene in the sediments of 6 western usa lakes

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Concentrations of bismuth 207 and lead 210 bismuth 210 polonium 210 disequilibrium in fish

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Concentrations of blood constituents from 12 to 72 weeks of age in genetically high and low milk production lines of friesian and jersey cattle

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Concentrations of blood constituents in genetically high and low milk production lines of british friesian and jersey cattle around calving and in early lactation

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Concentrations of cadmium 113m in the marine environment

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Concentrations of cadmium and lead in the body of some macrobenthos species from 5 streams of southern poland

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Concentrations of cadmium copper lead and zinc in surface waters of the northwest atlantic ocean a comparison of go flo and teflon water samplers

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Concentrations of cadmium copper selenium zinc and lead in tissues of new zealand cattle pigs and sheep

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Concentrations of cadmium in roe deer populations capreolus capreolus and their feed plants

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Concentrations of cadmium in the blood of inhabitants from an urban area and and an island in schleswig holstein west germany

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Concentrations of cadmium lead and zinc in human fingernails

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Concentrations of calcium magnesium manganese strontium and zinc in supragingival and subgingival calculus

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Concentrations of carbohydrates and lipids of guinea pigs cavia porcellus after five days starvation

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Concentrations of carbohydrates during osmotic adjustment of the eury haline teleost tilapia mossambica

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Concentrations of carbon di oxide and ethylene in the cavity of attached papaya fruit

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Concentrations of carbon dioxide and oxygen in floodwater and in internodal lacunae of floating rice growing at 1 2 meter water depths

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Concentrations of carnitine in the seminal fluid of normospermic, vasectomized, and castrated dogs

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Concentrations of catecholamines in cerebrospinal fluid and plasma and cardiovascular effects following epidural administration of 2 milligrams epinephrine

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Concentrations of cefazolin sodium in ischemic extremities

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Concentrations of cefmenoxime and cefotiam in the bile and gallbladder tissue following intravenous administration in patients with biliary tract diseases

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Concentrations of cefotaxime and the deacetyl metabolite in serum and cerebro spinal fluid of patients with meningitis

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Concentrations of cefotaxime in serum and myocardial tissue

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Concentrations of cefpiramide in bone and joint tissues

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Concentrations of cefsulodin in the mucous membrane of middle ear and otorrhea

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Concentrations of ceftriaxone in prostate adenoma tissue

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Concentrations of ceftriaxone in serum and lung tissue

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Concentrations of cefuroxime in the skin

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Concentrations of cerebro spinal fluid proteins as a measure of blood brain barrier function and synthesis of immuno globulin g within the central nervous system in normal subjects from the age of 6 months to 30 years

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Concentrations of certain chlorinated hydro carbons in the organisms of the bay of kastela adriatic sea

Mayer R.; Heinrichs H., 1981:
Concentrations of chemical elements in tree roots including heavy metals from air pollution

Dorrell, D.G., 1978:
Concentrations of chlorogenic acid oil and fatty acids in developing sunflower seeds

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Concentrations of chlorpromazine and 2 of its active metabolites in plasma and cerebro spinal fluid of psychotic patients treated with fixed drug doses

el-Yazigi, A.; Martin, C.R.; Siqueira, E.B., 1988:
Concentrations of chromium, cesium, and tin in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with brain neoplasms, leukemia or other noncerebral malignancies, and neurological diseases

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Concentrations of ciclosporin in allogeneic bone marrow recipients. Comparison of assay methods

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Concentrations of clindamycin phosphate in lung tissues

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Concentrations of cobalt cadmium chromium nickel and zinc in crop plants cultivated in the vicinity of coal fired power plants

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