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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5034

Chapter 5034 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Buttet, J.; Assal, G., 1980:
Conflict between prosody and syntax in restrained speech

Thouless C.R.; Guinness F.E., 1986:
Conflict between red deer cervus elaphus hinds the winner always wins

Clark R.D.Jr; Huang B., 1985:
Conflict between sportfishing commercial fishing and rehabilitation of lake trout salvelinus namaycush in lake michigan usa

Muehleman T.; Barrett T., 1983:
Conflict compromise theory and preference for stages of moral reasoning

Yelen, D.R., 1976:
Conflict defined by approach active avoidance procedures

Mills J.; Robey D.; Smith L., 1985:
Conflict handling and personality dimensions of project management personnel

Murray M.G.; Gerrard R., 1984:
Conflict in the neighborhood models where close relatives are in direct competition

Hartwig W.H.; Dickson A.L.; Anderson H.N., 1980:
Conflict resolution inventory factor analytic data

Waxman, H.M.; Astrom, S.; Norberg, A.; Winblad, B., 1988:
Conflicting attitudes toward euthanasia for severely demented patients of health care professionals in Sweden

Sklyut I.A.; Pivrikas V.I.; Tsemakhov S.G., 1986:
Conflicting caloric probe and some aspects of its clinical use

Klein D.R., 1980:
Conflicts between domestic rein deer rangifer tarandus and their wild counterparts a review of eurasian and north american experience

Straker G., 1987:
Conflicts of theory and views of human nature the case of kernberg versus kohut

Monzen, S., 1980:
Conflicts of will motives 3. effect of attention and the development of the maintenance mechanism of subconscious motives

Meijer, A., 1980:
Conflictual maternal attitudes towards asthmatic children

Tsugane T.; Muroshisa B.; Maruo K.; Mihara O.; Kitagawa M.; Yamada H., 1981:
Confluence anomaly of the bile and pancreatic ducts 2 cases

Hamaguchi T.; Hitaka Y.; Kotani Y., 1981:
Confluent and reticulate papillomatosis a possible relationship to malassezia furfur

Noto G., 1986:
Confluent and reticulated papillomatosis of gougerot and carteaud a case report

Heertje I.; Van Der Vlist P.; Blonk J.C.G.; Hendrickx H.A.C.M.; Brakenhoff G.J., 1987:
Confocal scanning laser microscopy in food research some observations

Morkovkina I.V., 1982:
Conformant delusions

Lassota, P.; Stolarski, R.; Shugar, D., 1984:
Conformation about the glycosidic bond and susceptibility to 5' nucleotidase ec of 8 substituted analogs of 5' gmp

Froimowitz M., 1982:
Conformation activity study of methadone and related compounds

Paulsen H.; Peters T.; Sinnwell V.; Meyer B., 1987:
Conformation analyses of modified n glycoprotein type tetrasaccharide sequences the problem of the alpha 1 6 glycoside bond

Denis A.; Delmas M.; Gaset A.; Gorrichon J P., 1982:
Conformation analysis of 5 acyl 1 3 dioxans proton nmr study of 1 3 dioxans substituted in position 5 by an acyl aliphatic or aromatic group

Mitra, A.K.; Chandrasekaran, R., 1977:
Conformation analysis of cyclo l cystine

Brasseur R.; Killian J.A.; D.K.uijff B.; Ruysschaert J.M., 1987:
Conformation analysis of gramicidin gramicidin interactions at the air water interface suggests that gramicidin aggregates into tube like structures similar as found in the gramicidin induced hexagonal h i i phase

Biftu, T.; Gamble, N.F.; Doebber, T.; Hwang, S.B.; Shen, T.Y.; Snyder, J.; Springer, J.P.; Stevenson, R., 1986:
Conformation and activity of tetrahydrofuran lignans and analogues as specific platelet activating factor antagonists

Bello, J.; Bello, H.R.; Granados, E., 1982:
Conformation and aggregation of melittin: dependence on pH and concentration

Kubota S.; Yang J.T., 1986:
Conformation and aggregation of melittin effect of ph and concentration of sds

Noelken M.E.; Chang P.J.; Kimmel J.R., 1980:
Conformation and association of pancreatic poly peptide from 3 species

Gacel G.; Fournie Zaluski M C.; Fellion E.; Roques B.P.; Senault B.; Lecomte J M.; Malfroy B.; Swerts J P.; Schwartz J C., 1979:
Conformation and biological activities of hexa peptides related to enkephalins respective roles of the ammonium and hydroxyl groups of tyrosine

Epand R.M.; Stahl G.L.; Orlowski R.C., 1986:
Conformation and biological properties of partial sequences of salmon calcitonin

Simoes J.A.; Calheiros F.C., 1985:
Conformation and composition of sheep carcasses contribution for a classification grade

Evans F.E.; Levine R.A., 1986:
Conformation and configuration at the central amine nitrogen of a nucleotide adduct of the carcinogen 2 acetylaminofluorene as studied by carbon 13 and nitrogen 15 nmr spectroscopy

Hossain, M.B.; Van-Der-Helm, D., 1978:
Conformation and crystal structures of 2 cyclo isomeric hexa peptides cyclo l alanyl l alanylglycylglycyl l alanylglycyl mono hydrate and cyclo l alanyl l alanylglycyl l alanylglycylglycyl di hydrate

Marchessault R.H.; Bleha T.; Deslandes Y.; Revol J F., 1980:
Conformation and crystalline structure of 2 1 beta d fructo furanan inulin

Mauger A.B.; Stuart O.A.; Ferretti J.A.; Silverton J.V., 1985:
Conformation and dimerization of actinomycin related peptide lactones in solution and in the solid state

Cary P.D.; Turner C.H.; Leung I.; Mayes E.; Crane Robinson C., 1984:
Conformation and domain structure of the non histone chromosomal proteins hmg 1 and hmg 2 domain interactions

Cary P.D.; Turner C.H.; Mayes E.; Crane Robinson C., 1983:
Conformation and domain structure of the nonhistone chromosomal proteins hmg 1 and hmg 2 isolation of 2 folded fragments from hmg 1 and hmg 2

Neumann J.M.; Tran Dinh S., 1981:
Conformation and dynamic structure of poly inosinic acid in neutral aqueous solution by proton deuterium carbon 13 and phosphorus 31 nmr spectroscopy

Evans F.E.; Miller D.W., 1983:
Conformation and dynamics of carcinogenic n substituted 2 amino fluorene compounds studied by nmr spectroscopy

Borer P.N.; Zanatta N.; Holak T.A.; Levy G.C.; Van Boom J.H.; Wang A.H J., 1984:
Conformation and dynamics of short dna duplexes deoxy cgcgcg and deoxy cgcgcgcg

Evans F.E.; Miller D.W.; Levine R.A., 1984:
Conformation and dynamics of the 8 substituted deoxy gmp adduct of the carcinogen 2 acetylamino fluorene

Patel D.J.; Kozlowski S.A.; Weiss M.; Bhatt R., 1985:
Conformation and dynamics of the pribnow box region of the self complementary deoxy cgattataatcg duplex in solution

Lybrand T.P.; Kollmam P.A.; Y.V.C.; Sadee W., 1986:
Conformation and electrostatic potential surfaces of opiates relationship to mu site and lambda site binding

Neumann, J.M.; Guschlbauer, W.; Tran-Dinh, S., 1979:
Conformation and flexibility of guanylyl 3' 5' cytidine and cytidylyl 3' 5' guanosine in neutral aqueous solution using proton nmr and spin lattice relaxation time measurements

Chen C.S.H.; Sheppard E.W., 1979:
Conformation and hydrolytic stability of poly saccharide from xanthomonas campestris

Speranza, M.L.; Apponi, M.C.; Iadarola, P., 1982:
Conformation and kinetic properties of photosynthetic glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase ec in vivo

Velech F., 1980:
Conformation and milk production of the f 1 generation cross breds of the bohemian spotted and austrian spotted breeds and cows of the bohemian spotted breed of the same age

Juy M.; Lam Thanh H.; Lintner K.; Fermandjian S., 1983:
Conformation and mobility of tyrosine side chain in tetra peptides specific effects of cis proline and trans proline in tyrosine proline and proline tyrosine segments

Kocjan D.; Hodoscek M.; Solmajer T.; Hadzi D., 1984:
Conformation and molecular electrostatic potential of ring fluorinated noradrenalines

Noack K.; Thomson A.J., 1979:
Conformation and optical activity of all trans mono cis and di cis carotenoids temperature dependent circular dichroism

Nabedryk E.; Biaudet P.; Darr S.; Arntzen C.J.; Breton J., 1984:
Conformation and orientation of chlorophyll proteins in photosystem i by circular dichroism and polarized ir spectroscopies

Harlos K.; Eibl H.; Pascher I.; Sundell S., 1984:
Conformation and packing properties of phosphatidic acid the crystal structure of mono sodium di myristoyl phosphatidate

Nagarajan M.K.; Shah J.P., 1981:
Conformation and phase transitions in mono layers of some 18 carbon fatty acids containing a hydratable functional group in their alkyl chains

Avoyan, R.L.; Arakelova, E.R., 1974:
Conformation and physiological activity of molecules part 7 modifications of the acetyl choline molecule and muscarinic cholino receptors of higher vertebrates

Costantino P.; Verdini S.; D.S.ntis P.; Rizzo R.; Savino M., 1979:
Conformation and properties of dna block co poly peptide complex a nucleo histone model

Gilmore, C.J.; Bryan, R.F.; Kupchan, S.M., 1976:
Conformation and reactivity of the macro cyclic tumor inhibitory alkaloid tetrandrine

Lysko A.I.; Surkov S.A.; Arutyunyan A.M.; Khmel'nitskii Y.L.; Klyachko N.L.; Levashov A.V.; Martinek K., 1986:
Conformation and reduction oxidation properties of cytochrome c incorporated into reversed micelles of surfactant in an organic solvent

Poon P.H.; Schumaker V.N.; Phillips M.L.; Strang C.J., 1983:
Conformation and restricted segmental flexibility of human complement c 1

Hariharan, I.K.; Czolij, R.; Wake, R.G., 1982:
Conformation and segregation of nucleoids accompanying cell length extension after completion of a single round of DNA replication in germinated and outgrowing Bacillus subtilis spores

Balk R.W.; Somsen G., 1986:
Conformation and solvation hydrophobic hydration and preferential solvation of some monosaccharides in mixtures of water and n n dimethylformamide

Haga M.; Yamauchi K.; Aoyagi S., 1983:
Conformation and some properties of bovine alpha s 2 group casein

Gruen L.C.; Kortt A.A., 1985:
Conformation and stability of the chymotrypsin inhibitor from winged bean seed psophocarpus tetragonolobus

Bats J.W.; Fuess H., 1980:
Conformation and structure of cyclo di benzylglycyl l proline and cyclo di l prolyl d proline in the crystalline state

Matsudomi N.; Kato A.; Kobayashi K., 1982:
Conformation and surface properties of deamidated gluten

Nagai, J.; Tanaka, M.; Nakashima, K., 1984:
Conformation and template activity of human reovirus genome RNA

Aslanyan V.M.; Arutyunyan S.G.; Babayan Y.S., 1984:
Conformation and thermostability of dna in aqueous solutions of beta alanine and gamma aminobutyric acid

Koenig, S.H.; Brewer, C.F.; Brown, R.D.I.i, 1978:
Conformation as the determinant of saccharide binding in concanavalin a calcium ion concanavalin a complexes

Murphy, J.C.; Watson, E.S.; Wirth, P.W.; Clark, C.R.; Borne, R.F., 1976:
Conformation aspects of the anti fibrillatory activity of procaine

Lim B.T.; Kimura T., 1980:
Conformation associated anomalous tyrosine fluorescence of adrenodoxin

Miki M., 1979:
Conformation change in reconstituted thin filament studied with fluorescence energy transfer between epsilon adp bound to f actin and 7 chloro 4 nitro benz 2 oxo 1 3 diazole bound to troponin c

Takano, T.; Dickerson, R.E., 1981:
Conformation change of cytochrome c 1. ferro cytochrome c structure refined at 1.5 angstroms resolution

Takano, T.; Dickerson, R.E., 1981:
Conformation change of cytochrome c 2. ferri cytochrome c refinement at 1.8 angstrom and comparison with the ferro cytochrome structure

Hara Yokoyama M.; Yokoyama S.; Miyazawa T., 1986:
Conformation change of glutamic acid transfer rna in the complex with glutamyl transfer rna synthetase is required for the specific binding of l glutamate

Senda M.; Kanazawa H.; Tsuchiya T.; Futai M., 1983:
Conformation change of the alpha subunit of escherichia coli f 1 atpase atp changes the trypsin sensitivity of the subunit

O.H.; Hirose M.; Doi E., 1986:
Conformation changes and subsequent gelation of conalbumin by a thiol reagent

Lamzin V.S.; Asadchikov V.E.; Popov V.O.; Egorov A.M.; Berezin I.V., 1986:
Conformation changes in bacterial formate dehydrogenase in complex formation with cofactor and its analogues

Gremlich H U.; Fringeli U P.; Schwyzer R., 1983:
Conformation changes of acth peptides upon interaction with lipid membranes revealed by ir attenuated total reflection spectroscopy

Andley U.P.; Chapman S.F., 1986:
Conformation changes of bovine lens crystallins in a photodynamic system

Boettger, M.; Hartwig, M.; Buechtemann, A., 1975:
Conformation changes of irradiated dna

Overkamp, M.; Twilfer, H.; Gersonde, K., 1976:
Conformation controlled trans effect of the proximal histidine in hemo globins an esr study of monomeric nitrosyl iron 57 hemo globins

Van Roey P.; Duax W.L.; Strong P.D.; Smith G.D., 1984:
Conformation coordination and ion selectivity of the ionophore x 206

Richman, P.G., 1978:
Conformation dependent acetylation and nitration of the protein activator of cyclic amp phospho di esterase selective nitration of tyrosine residue 138

Richman, P.G.; Klee, C.B., 1978:
Conformation dependent nitration of the protein activator of cyclic amp phospho di esterase

Maeji N.J.; Inoue Y.; Chujo R., 1987:
Conformation determining role for the n acetyl group in the o glycosidic linkage alpha n acetylgalactosamine threonine

Patel D.J.; Kozlowski S.A.; Hare D.R.; Reid B.; Ikuta S.; Lander N.; Itakura K., 1985:
Conformation dynamics and structural transitions of the tata box region of self complementary deoxy cgntatacgn duplexes in solution

London, R.E.; Sherry, A.D., 1978:
Conformation examination of udp glucose using lanthanide nitrilo tri acetate chelates as shift probes

Cavatorta P.; Farruggia G.; Masotti L.; Sartor G.; Szabo A.G., 1986:
Conformation flexibility of the hormonal peptide bombesin and its interaction with lipids

Nikiforovich G.V.; Betinsh J.R.; Podinsh L.U.; Chipens G.I., 1981:
Conformation function relationship in xenopsin and neurotensin analogs

Nikiforovich G.V.; Balodis Y.Y.; Chipens G.I., 1981:
Conformation function relationships for substance p

Nikiforovich G.V.; Shenderovich M.D.; Balodis Y.Y., 1981:
Conformation function relationships in the series of gastrin like oligo peptides

Gryczynski I.; Eftink M.; Lakowicz J.R., 1988:
Conformation heterogeneity in proteins as an origin of heterogeneous fluorescence decays illustrated by native and denatured rnase t 1

Darzynkiewicz, E.; Remin, M.; Dworak, A.; Shugar, D., 1975:
Conformation in alkaline medium of arabinosyl nucleosides with an intra molecular hydrogen bond between the pentose 5 o and 2 o

Mieyal, J.J.; Blisard, K.S.; Siddiqui, U.A., 1976:
Conformation in solution of coenzyme a thio esters part 2 butyryl coenzyme a and aryl acetyl coenzyme a compounds

Bucci E.; Fronticelli C.; Nicklas J.; Charache S., 1979:
Conformation in solution of hemo globin osler

Stevens E.S.; Sathyanarayana B.K., 1987:
Conformation of 1 6 beta d glucan by vacuum uv circular dichroism

Rait, V.K.; Karpova, G.G.; Grineva, N.I., 1977:
Conformation of 2 3 o 4 n 2 chloroethyl n methylamino benzylidene oligo cytidylates and properties of their complexes with poly inosinic acid

Chung, H.L.; Horwitz, J.P., 1978:
Conformation of 2 5 adp and 3 5 adp

Clarke, F.H.; Jaggi, H.; Lovell, R.A., 1978:
Conformation of 2 9 di methyl 3 hydroxy 5 phenyl 6 7 benzomorphan and its relation to other analgetics and enkephalin

Ross J.; Werbin H.; Metzger G., 1982:
Conformation of 2 deoxyguanosin 8 ylacetylamino fluorene differs in protein free dna and chromatin

Menez A.; Montenay Garestier T.; Fromageot P.; Helene C., 1980:
Conformation of 2 homologous neuro toxins fluorescence and circular dichroism studies

Foces Foces C.; Cano F.H.; Bernabe M.; Penades S.; Martin Lomas M., 1984:
Conformation of 3 4 6 tri o acetyl 1 2 dideoxy alpha d glucopyrano 2 1 d 2 oxazolines

Srikrishnan T.; Fridey S.M.; Parthasarathy R., 1979:
Conformation of 3 nucleotides crystal structure of uncharged 3 ump mono hydrate and hydrogen bonding to the furanose ring oxygen

Sunjic V.; Lisini A.; Sega A.; Kovac T.; Kaifez F.; Ruscic B., 1979:
Conformation of 7 chloro 5 phenyl d5 3s methyl di hydro 1 4 benzodiazepin 2 one in solution

Dashevskii V.G., 1981:
Conformation of a 7 member ring and biological activity of tri cyclic anti depressants

Saulitis Y.B.; Liepin'sh E.E.; Sekatsis I.P.; Shenderovich M.D.; Mutulis F.K.; Mutule I.E.; Chipens G.I., 1985:
Conformation of a cyclic analog of bradykinin in solution studied by two dimensional proton nmr

Hall D.; Pavitt N., 1984:
Conformation of a cyclic tetra peptide related to an analog of enkephalin

Thompson K.F.; Gierasch L.M., 1984:
Conformation of a peptide solubilizate in a reversed micelle water pool

Chothia, C.; Baker, R.W.; Pauling, P., 1976:
Conformation of acetyl choline of muscarinic nerve receptors crystal and molecular structure of 2 tri methyl ammonium methyl 5 methyl furan iodide 5 methyl furmethide iodide

Leng M.; Ptak M.; Rio P., 1980:
Conformation of acetylamino fluorene and amino fluorene modified guanosine and guanosine derivatives

Casu, B.; Reggiani, M.; Gallo, G.G.; Vigevani, A., 1970:
Conformation of acetylated cyclo dextrins and amylose

Nabedryk-Viala, E.; Thiery, C.; Calvet, P.; Fermandjian, S.; Kisfaludy, L.; Thiery, J.M., 1978:
Conformation of acth an ir spectrometry study of hydrogen exchange kinetics

Horton, D.; Wander, J.D., 1970:
Conformation of acyclic derivatives of sugars part 6 conformations of aldehydo aldose per acetates in solution

Gromova, E.S.; Dolinnaya, N.G.; Smirnov, V.V.; Shabarova, Z.A.; Prokof'ev, M.A., 1975:
Conformation of amides of oligo deoxy adenylic acids and the properties of their complexes with poly uridylic acid

Nakata, Y.; Akaike, T.; Inoue, S., 1978:
Conformation of amino acid residue contiguous to helical poly peptide

Janin, J.; Wodak, S.; Levitt, M.; Maigret, B., 1978:
Conformation of amino acid side chains in proteins

Imoto, T.; Shibata, S.; Akasaka, K.; Hatano, H., 1977:
Conformation of amp in aqueous solution as studied by nmr deuterium substitution effect on relaxation times method

Kodama, M.; Noda, H., 1978:
Conformation of amylase in water part 1 light scattering and sedimentation equilibrium measurements/

Handa T.; Yajima H., 1981:
Conformation of amylose iodine iodide complex in aqueous solution

Abillon, E., 1983:
Conformation of angiotensin II

Uratani Y.; Murayama H.; Matsuda M.; Mada T., 1988:
Conformation of antithrombin iii with defective biological functions derived from a thrombophilic patients

Kihara, M.; Kobayashi, S.; Shingu, T., 1978:
Conformation of apo galanthamine analogs as alpha adrenergic blocking agents

Coll M.; Subirana J.A.; Solans X.; Font Altaba M.; Mayer R., 1987:
Conformation of arginine side chain in a mini peptide molecular structure of acetyl l arginine ethylamide

L.Z.; Shi P., 1983:
Conformation of asparaginylalanylglycylalanyl asparagine and its derivatives in solution a circular dichroism spectra analysis

Borisov V.V.; Borisova S.N.; Sosfenov N.I.; Dikson K.B.F., 1983:
Conformation of aspartate amino transferase in crystal

W.C.S.C.; Lee N.M.; Ling N.; Chang J.K.; Loh H.H.; Yang J.T., 1981:
Conformation of beta endorphin analogs in cerebroside sulfate solution

Reddy M.C.; Reddy B.P.N.; Krishna J.R., 1986:
Conformation of biologically active p chloro l phenylalanine and its model compounds by 270 megahertz proton nmr

Agbaji, A.S., 1986:
Conformation of cardiotoxins isolated from Naja naja siamensis

Wong, Y.P.; Reid, B.R.; Kearns, D.R., 1973:
Conformation of charged and uncharged phenyl alanine transfer rna

Pandey, R.S.; Kanungo, M.S., 1987:
Conformation of chromatin of the skeletal muscle of developing rats and its modulation by sodium butyrate

Endo T.; Inagaki F.; Hayashi K.; Miyazawa T., 1979:
Conformation of cobro toxin in aqueous solution studied by nmr

Canioni, P.; Cozzone, P.J.; Sarda, L., 1980:
Conformation of colipase ec prediction of the secondary structure circular dichroism and 360 megahertz proton nmr studies of porcine colipase a

Gallo, A.A.; Sable, H.Z., 1975:
Conformation of complexes of thiamine pyro phosphate with divalent cations as studied by nmr spectroscopy

W.Y.V.; Paulis J.W.; Sexson K.R.; Wall J.S., 1983:
Conformation of corn zein and glutelin fractions with unusual amino acid sequence

Hayashi, F.; Akasaka, K.; Hatano, H., 1979:
Conformation of cyclic amp in solution as studied by the nmr deuterium substitution effect on relaxation times method 2. self association and temperature dependent glycosidic isomerization at ph 7

Hall, D.; Pavitt, N., 1985:
Conformation of cyclic analogs of enkephalin 3. effect of varying ring size

Pelton J.T.; Whalon M.; Cody W.L.; Hruby V.J., 1988:
Conformation of cyclic d phe cys tyr d trp lys thr pen thr amide a highly selective mu opioid antagonist peptide by proton and carbon 13 nmr

Kopple, K.D.; Go, A.; Schamper, T.J., 1978:
Conformation of cyclic peptides part 10 conformational averaging in peptides with the sequence cyclo glycine d amino acid l amino acid 2

Kopple, K.D.; Go, A., 1977:
Conformation of cyclic peptides part 9 cyclo dimerization of a hexa peptide unit at high concentration rationalization in terms of the conformation of the cyclic dodeca peptide

Kopple K.D.; Narutis V., 1981:
Conformation of cyclo l threonine 2 and cyclo l allo threonine 2 proton and carbon nmr study

Uvarov V.Yu; Bachmanova G.I.; Archakov A.I.; Khaitina S.Z.; Sukhomudrenko A.G., 1980:
Conformation of cytochrome b 5 in a soluble state and incorporated into artificial membranes

Bosshard H.R.; Zurrer M., 1980:
Conformation of cytochrome c in solution localization of a conformational difference between ferri cytochrome c and ferro cytochrome c on the surface of the molecule

Myer, Y.P., 1971:
Conformation of cytochromes part 5 cytochrome c oxidase

Shapiro, R.; Underwood, G.R.; Zawadzka, H.; Broyde, S.; Hingerty, B.E., 1986:
Conformation of deoxycytidylyl 3's' deoxyguanosine modified by the carcinogen 4 aminobiphenyl a combined experimental and theoretical analysis

Bielinski, H.; Ciarkowski, J., 1986:
Conformation of dioxopiperazines ii. cndo 2 quantum mechanical calculations on conformational preferences in cycloglycyl l alanyl cycloglycyl l valyl and both epimers of cyclodialanyl

Kolodziejczyk, A.; Ciarkowski, J., 1986:
Conformation of dioxopiperazines iii. conformational energy calculations and evaluation of specific forces contributing to the intramolecular dioxopiperazine phenyl ring ring folding in cycloglycylphenylalanyl

Veselkov A.N.; Frisman E.V., 1979:
Conformation of dna molecules in alcohol water solvents

Serwer P.; Allen J.L., 1984:
Conformation of double stranded dna during agarose gel electrophoresis fractionation of linear and circular molecules with molecular weights between 3 million and 26 million

Sage E.; Leng M., 1980:
Conformation of double stranded poly deoxy guanylate deoxy cytidylate modified by the carcinogens n acetoxy n acetyl 2 amino fluorene and n hydroxy n 2 amino fluorene

Borah B.; Cohen J.S., 1985:
Conformation of double stranded polydeoxynucleotides in solution by proton 2 dimensional nuclear overhauser enhancement spectroscopy

Inagaki, F.; Miyazawa, T.; Hori, H.; Tamiya, N., 1978:
Conformation of erabu toxin a and erabu toxin b in aqueous solution as studied by nmr and circular dichroism

Wataya, Y.; Iida, S.; Kudo, I.; Ohashi, Z.; Nishimura, S.; Suga, K.; Takagi, H.; Yokoshima, T.; Hayatsu, H., 1976:
Conformation of escherichia coli glutamic acid transfer rna ii as studied by hydrogen tritium exchange catalyzed by cysteine methyl ester

Behlke J., 1981:
Conformation of escherichia coli ribosomal protein l 7 l 12 in solution

Pezolet M.; Duchesneau L.; Bougis P.; Faucon J F.; Dufourcq J., 1982:
Conformation of free and phospho lipid bound cardio toxins from naja mossambica mossambica by laser raman spectroscopy

Robakis N.; Boublik M., 1981:
Conformation of free and ribosome bound ribosomal rna species from escherichia coli

Myer Y.P.; Barnard E.A.; Pal P.K., 1979:
Conformation of functionally homologous proteins turtle and bovine rnase

Horwitz, J.; Kabasawa, I.; Kinoshita, J.H., 1977:
Conformation of gamma crystallins of the calf lens effects of temperature and denaturing agents

Braun W.; Wider G.; Lee K.H.; Wuthrich K., 1983:
Conformation of glucagon in a lipid water interphase by proton nmr

Gerig, J.T.; Mcleod, R.S., 1976:
Conformation of glycyl trans 4 fluoro l prolyl l tryptophan in aqueous solution

Weinstein S.; Wallace B.A.; Blout E.R.; Morrow J.S.; Veatch W., 1979:
Conformation of gramicidin a channel in phospho lipid vesicles a carbon 13 and fluorine 19 nmr study

Ohno N.; Ohsawa M.; Sato K.; Oikawa S.; Yadomae T., 1987:
Conformation of grifolan in the fruit body of grifola frondosa assessed by carbon 13 cross polarization magic angle spinning nmr spectroscopy

Schulte T.H.; Marchesi V.T., 1979:
Conformation of human erythrocyte glycophorin a and its constituents peptides

Kilar F.; Simon I.; Lakatos S.; Vonderviszt F.; Medgyesi G.A.; Zavodsky P., 1985:
Conformation of human immunoglobulin g subclasses in solution small angle x ray scattering and hydrodynamic studies

Siegel, R.C.; Cathou, R.E., 1980:
Conformation of immuno globulin m 3. structural requirements of antigen for complement fixation by equine immuno globulin m

Siegel, R.C.; De-Guilio, P.A.; Cathou, R.E., 1981:
Conformation of immuno globulin m 4. hot trypsin digestion of equine immuno globulin m

Holowka, D.A.; Cathou, R.E., 1976:
Conformation of immuno globulin m part 1 characterization of anti epsilon 1 di methylamino 5 naphthalenesulfonyl l lysine immuno globulin m antibodies from horse pig and shark

Holowka, D.A.; Cathou, R.E., 1976:
Conformation of immuno globulin m part 2 nanosecond fluorescence de polarization analysis of segmental flexibility in anti epsilon 1 di methylamino 5 naphthalene sulfonyl l lysine anti immuno globulin from horse pig and shark

Bramson H.N.; Thomas N.E.; Miller W.T.; Fry D.C.; Mildvan A.S.; Kaiser E.T., 1987:
Conformation of leu arg arg ala ser leu gly bound in the active site of cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Smith, G.D.; Griffin, J.F., 1978:
Conformation of leucine enkephalin from x ray diffraction features important for recognition at opiate receptor/

Benedetti, E.; Bavoso, A.; Di-Blasio, B.; Pavone, V.; Pedone, C.; Toniolo, C.; Bonora, G.M., 1982:
Conformation of linear homo oligo prolines 7. n pivaloyl l prolyl d proline methyl ester in the solid state

Borochov N.; Eisenberg H., 1984:
Conformation of lithium dna in solutions of lithium chloride

Atassi, M.Z.; Rosemblatt, M.C., 1974:
Conformation of lysozyme derivatives modified at 2 carboxyl groups

Tovar Andrada J.; Aparicio Ruiz F.; Domenech Garcia V., 1986:
Conformation of merino lamb carcasses

Birnbaum G.I.; Bundle D.R., 1985:
Conformation of methyl 3 6 dideoxy alpha d arabino hexopyranoside the immunodominant sugar of salmonella serogroup d 1 crystal structure proton nmr analysis and semiempirical calculations

Khan, M.S.N.; Maden, B.E.H., 1978:
Conformation of methylated sequences in hela cell 18s ribosomal rna nuclease s 1 ec as a probe

Lisowski M.; Siemion I.Z.; Sobczyk K., 1983:
Conformation of model alanine and proline containing tetra peptides in water comparison of carbon 13 nmr and circular dichroism

Hart, P.A., 1978:
Conformation of mono nucleotides and di nucleoside mono phosphates phosphorus proton and proton proton nuclear overhauser effects

Viswanadhan V.N.; Mattice W.L., 1988:
Conformation of monomers and dimers of 2 3 trans and 2 3 cis flavan 3 ols with differing hydroxylation patterns in the b ring

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Conformation of naturally occurring peptides in surfactant solution its relation to the structure forming potential of amino acid sequence

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Conformation of poly l homo arginine

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Conformation of sequential and random lysine phenyl alanine co poly peptides

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Conformation of sequential peptides containing proline residues conformational studies in organic solution of monodisperse sequential oligopeptides and polypeptides having the sequence of l leucyl l leucyl l leucyl l prolyl l prolylglycine

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Conformation of the axially bound ligands of the heme iron and electronic structure of heme c in the cytochromes c 551 from pseudomonas mendocina and pseudomonas stutzeri and in cytochrome c 2 from rhodospirillum rubrum

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Conformation of the bi cyclo 4.1.0 hept 2 ene system configuration and conformation of chamic acid trans car 4 en 10 oic acid

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Conformation of the constant fragment of the immunoglobulin light chain: effect of cleavage of the polypeptide chain and the disulfide bond

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Conformation of the cyclic tetra peptide di hydro chlamydocin and experimental values for 3 1 intra molecular hydrogen bonds by x ray diffraction

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Conformation of the deoxy di nucleoside mono phosphate deoxy cytidylyl 3' 5' deoxy guanosine modified at carbon 8 of guanine with 2 acetylamino fluorene

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Conformation of the dienone system in delta 4 9 19 norketosteroids roentgenostructural analysis and its relation to reception and hormonal activity

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Conformation of the dna binding peptide antibiotic echinomycin based on energy calculations

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Conformation of the high molecular weight form of dunaliella salina phospho fructo kinase ec in solution by means of small angle x ray diffraction and viscosity measurements

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Conformation of the phospho protein phosvitin

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Conformation properties of gastrin fragments of increasing chain length

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Conformation radiotherapy with over centerable multi leaf collimators 3. hollow out technique without absorber

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Conformation reactivity relationships in pyridoxal model systems a semiempirical molecular mechanics and mo lcao investigation

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Conformation resulting from selection for milk yield of holsteins

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Conformation similarities of globular and tailed forms of acetylcholinesterase from torpedo californica

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Conformation specific antibodies to the alpha chain carboxyl terminus of hemo globin a o

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Conformation specific mono clonal antibodies directed against the calcium stabilized structure of human prothrombin

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Conformation specific monoclonal antibodies to the calcium induced structure of protein

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Conformation states of smooth muscle myosin effects of light chain phosphorylation and ionic strength

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Conformation study of neurotensin carboxyl terminal hepta peptide prolylarginylarginylprolyltyrosylisoleucyl leucine/

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Conformational activation of the yeast phenyl alanyl transfer rna synthetase ec catalytic site induced by phenyl alanine transfer rna interaction triggering of adenosine or cytidylyl 3' 5' cytidylyl 5' 5' adenosine tri nucleoside di phosphate amino acylation upon binding of phenyl alanine transfer rna lacking these residues

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Conformational alteration of the Antennulae microvillares

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Conformational analogy between substance P and physalaemin

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Conformational analysis and hydration models of copper threoninates and iso leucinates

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Conformational analysis by nmr insulin

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Conformational analysis of 1 isopropylindole and 3 isopropylindole a proton nmr and molecular mechanics study

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Conformational analysis of benzyloxy carbonyl protected peptides

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Conformational analysis of carbohydrate chains of blood group substances

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Conformational analysis of copper ii chelates with epimeric amino acids

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Conformational analysis of cyclic atp

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Conformational analysis of d pantothenic acid/

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Conformational analysis of dna from pm 2 bacterio phage the effect of size on super coil shape

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Conformational analysis of dopamine by the incomplete neglect of differential overlap molecular orbital method

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