Constituents of neutral fraction of steam volatile oil from allium fistulosum var caespitosum

Kameoka, H.; Demizu, Y.; Iwase, Y.; Kamimura, Y.

Nippon Nogeikagaku Kaishi 55(4): 315-318


Accession: 005039181

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Steam volatile oil was obtained by steam distillation of A. fistulosum Linn. var. caespitosum Makino. It was chemically separated into 3 fractions. The neutral fraction was investigated by column chromatography, gas chromatography, IR, NMR and mass spectrometry. Each component was further identified by comparisons with authentic compounds. Eight compounds were identified; dipropyl disulfide, dipropyl trisulfide, trans- and cis-3,5-diethyl-1,2,4-trithiolane, 2-undecanone, 2-tridecanone, 2-undecanol and 2-tridecanol.