Constitution of mitochondrial and chloroplast genomes in male sterile tobacco obtained by protoplast fusion of nicotiana tabacum and nicotiana debneyi

Asahi, T.; Kumashiro, T.; Kubo, T.

Plant and Cell Physiology 29(1): 43-50


ISSN/ISBN: 0032-0781
Accession: 005039373

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Chloroplast DNA (cpDNA) and mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of male sterile tobacco plants obtained by fusion of Nicotiana tabacum protoplasts and X-irradiated N. debneyi protoplasts were analyzed. Digestion of cpDNA isolated from ten male sterile lines with four restriction endonucleases (EcoRI, XhoI, SmaI and HindIII) indicated that these lines possessed either one or the other parental chloroplast genome. Neither mixture of two types of cpDNA nor unique restriction fragments were detected in any of the cases examined. The genetic constitution of chloroplast genomes identified by restriction analysis of cpDNA showed good agreement with that based on isoelectric focusing of the large subunit of the Fraction I protein. The mtDNA from five fusion-derived male sterile plants showed banding patterns quite different from each other and from the parental plants. Each plant exhibited new restriction fragments not found in the parental species. These findings indicate that recombinational events in the mitochondrial genomes take place rather frequently in the mixed cytoplasms after protoplast fusion, whereas the mixed chloroplasts become segregated to homogeneity.