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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5041

Chapter 5041 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Barrett, J.T.; Rhodes, C.S.; Ferber, D.M.; Jenkins, B.; Kuhl, S.A.; Ely, B., 1982:
Construction of a genetic map for Caulobacter crescentus

H.C.C.; Chye M.L., 1985:
Construction of a genetic map of chromosomal auxotrophic markers in streptomyces peucetius var caesius

Rhode S.L.IIi, 1987:
Construction of a genetic switch for inducible trans activation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells

Sen S.; Roy P., 1986:
Construction of a genomic library from germinating seedlings of mung bean vigna radiata evidence for the presence of a class of repetitive sequences and selection of beta tubulin specific recombinant phage

Groot Obbink, D.J.; Ritchie, L.J.; Cameron, F.H.; Mattick, J.S.; Ackerman, V.P., 1985:
Construction of a gentamicin resistance gene probe for epidemiological studies

Watanabe, S.; Temin, H.M., 1983:
Construction of a helper cell line for avian reticuloendotheliosis virus cloning vectors

Honjo M.; Nakayama A.; II.A.; Mita I.; Kawamura K.; Sawakura A.; Furutani Y., 1987:
Construction of a highly efficient host vector system for secretion of heterologous protein in bacillus subtilis

Tanaka, Y.; Ashikari, T.; Shibano, Y.; Amachi, T.; Yoshizumi, H.; Matsubara, H., 1988:
Construction of a human cytochrome c gene and its functional expression in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jandreski M.A.; Liew C C., 1987:
Construction of a human ventricular complementary dna library and characterization of a beta myosin heavy chain complementary dna clone

Kondor Koch C.; Garoff H., 1982:
Construction of a hybrid plasmid molecule containing the total coding region of semliki forest virus 26s messenger rna

Dedonder, R.A.; Lepesant, J.A.; Lepesant-Kejzlarová, J.; Billault, A.; Steinmetz, M.; Kunst, F., 1977:
Construction of a kit of reference strains for rapid genetic mapping in Bacillus subtilis 168

Heacock, P.N.; Dowhan, W., 1987:
Construction of a lethal mutation in the synthesis of the major acidic phospholipids of Escherichia coli

Ohnishi O.; Ohta T., 1987:
Construction of a linkage map in common buckwheat fagopyrum esculentum moench

Bracht A.M.K.; Ishii E.L.; Andrade P.V.M.D.; Bracht A., 1984:
Construction of a liver perfusion apparatus for studies on metabolic regulation and mechanisms of drug action

Gilboa, E.; Kolbe, M.; Noonan, K.; Kucherlapati, R., 1982:
Construction of a mammalian transducing vector from the genome of Moloney murine leukemia virus

Solov'ev, E.V., 1978:
Construction of a mathematical model for the process of carbon di oxide production from chernozem samples

Pokorny, F.A.; Henny, B.K., 1984:
Construction of a milled pine bark and sand potting medium from component particles 1. bulk density a tool for predicting component volumes

Pokorny, F.A.; Henny, B.K., 1984:
Construction of a milled pine bark and sand potting medium from component particles 2. medium synthesis

Niwa O.; Matsumoto T.; Yanagida M., 1986:
Construction of a mini chromosome by deletion and its mitotic and meiotic behavior in fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe

Heesemann, J.; Laufs, R., 1983:
Construction of a mobilizable Yersinia enterocolitica virulence plasmid

Carlson W.; Karplus M.; Haber E., 1985:
Construction of a model for the 3 dimensional structure of human renal renin

Khuzhun A.F.; Belyi V.V.; Penyazeva G.A.; Vil'davskii V.Yu; Saiko Y.V.; Feshchenko V.A., 1985:
Construction of a model generating normal human alpha rhythm in accordance with empirical data

Berakha, R.Ya, 1977:
Construction of a model of the mechanical system imitating acoustic properties of the human mastoid

Kaufman R.J.; Sharp P.A., 1982:
Construction of a modular di hydro folate reductase complementary dna gene analysis of signals utilized for efficient expression

Worley, S.J.; Smith, W.M.; Ideker, R.E., 1986:
Construction of a multipolar electrode system referenced and anchored to endocardium for study of arrhythmias

Nikolelis, D.P.; Hadjiioannou, T.P., 1983:
Construction of a n acetyl l methionine electrode and determination of acylase ec with an ammonia gas sensor

Stanley K.K.; Luzio J.P., 1984 :
Construction of a new family of high efficiency bacterial expression vectors identification of complementary dna clones coding for human liver protein

Shigesada K.; Itamura S.; Kato M.; Hatanaka M.; Imai M.; Tanaka M.; Masuda N.; Nagai J.; Nakashima K., 1987:
Construction of a new plasmid vector that can express cloned complementary dna in all translational reading frames

Byun M.O K.; Kaper J.B.; Ingram L.O., 1986:
Construction of a new vector for the expression of foreign genes in zymomonas mobilis

Hsu, W.H.; Magee, P.T.; Magee, B.B.; Reddy, C.A., 1983:
Construction of a new yeast cloning vector containing autonomous replication sequences from Candida utilis

Hasnain, S.; Thomas, C.M., 1986:
Construction of a novel gene bank of Bacillus subtilis using a low copy number vector in Escherichia coli

Stern, D.F.; Hare, D.L.; Cecchini, M.A.; Weinberg, R.A., 1987:
Construction of a novel oncogene based on synthetic sequences encoding epidermal growth factor

Tokudome S.; Ujike T.; Yamasaki S., 1981:
Construction of a nozzle type rainfall simulator with rotating disc

Katsu T.; Kanamitsu M.; Fujita Y., 1987:
Construction of a p nitrophenolate sensitive membrane electrode and its application to an enzyme assay

Franklin F.C.H.; Williams P.A., 1980:
Construction of a partial di ploid for the degradative pathway encoded by the tol plasmid pww 0 from pseudomonas putida mt 2 evidence for the positive nature of the regulation by the xylr gene

Pavirani A.; Mage R.; Jacobsen F.W.; Reddy E.P.; Bernstein K.; Fitzmaurice L., 1982:
Construction of a partial rabbit spleen complementary dna library and identification of immuno globulin clones

Toha J.; Soto M.A.; Pieber M., 1979:
Construction of a phylogenetic tree

Toha J.; Soto M.A.; Pieber M., 1979:
Construction of a phylogenetic tree 2

Lee B.J.; Lee D.H.; Kim Y.J.; Kang H.S., 1986:
Construction of a phylogenetic tree from transfer rna sequences

Tanimura M.; Miyamura K.; Takeda N., 1985:
Construction of a phylogenetic tree of enterovirus 70

Yamamoto T.; Yokota T., 1980:
Construction of a physical map of a kanamycin transposon tn 5 and a comparison to another kanamycin transposon tn 903

Maruyama A.; Nishi T.; Ozaki A.; Ito S.; Fujio T., 1986:
Construction of a plasmid for high level expression of xmp aminase in escherichia coli

Rokaeus A.; Brownstein M.J., 1986:
Construction of a porcine adrenal medullary complementary dna library and nucleotide sequence analysis of two clones encoding a galanin precursor

Clements J.D.; E.M.rshidy S., 1984:
Construction of a potential live oral bivalent vaccine for typhoid fever and cholera related and escherichia coli related diarrheas

Yoshimura K.; Uemura J.; Seki T.; Oshima Y., 1984:
Construction of a promoter probe vector for a bacillus subtilis host by using the trp d positive gene of bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Hwang Y I.; Harashima S.; Oshima Y., 1988:
Construction of a promoter probe vector with the pho5 gene encoding repressible acid phosphatase in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Garnaud, J., 1977:
Construction of a public aquarium maps directives and commentary

Sinogas C.; Lechner M.C., 1985:
Construction of a rat liver complementary dna library in escherichia coli

Tanaka, T.; Sakaguchi, K., 1978:
Construction of a recombinant plasmid composed of bacillus subtilis leucine genes and a bacillus subtilis natto plasmid its use as cloning vehicle in bacillus subtilis 168

Robakis N.K.; Palleroni N.J.; Boublik M.; Despreaux C.W., 1985:
Construction of a restriction map of the gluconobacter bacteriophage a 1 genome

Cantrell, M.A.; Haugland, R.A.; Evans, H.J., 1983:
Construction of a Rhizobium japonicum gene bank and use in isolation of a hydrogen uptake gene

Morino T.; Morita M.; Seya K.; Sukenaga Y.; Kato K.; Nakamura T., 1988:
Construction of a runaway vector and its use for a high level expression of a cloned human superoxide dismutase gene

Herrmann R.G.; Whitfeld P.R.; Bottomley W., 1979:
Construction of a sal i and pst i restriction map of spinach chloroplast dna using low gelling temperature agarose electrophoresis

Boureau F.; Luu M.; Doubrere J.F.; Gay C., 1984:
Construction of a self evaluation pain questionnaire with descriptors list comparison with the melzacks mcgill pain questionnaire

Yoon K.H.; Pack M.Y., 1987:
Construction of a shuttle vector between escherichia coli and zymomonas anaerobia

Leonhardt, H.; Alonso, J.C., 1988:
Construction of a shuttle vector for inducible gene expression in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis

Rawlins D.R.; Muzyczka N., 1980:
Construction of a specific amber codon in the sv 40 t antigen gene by site directed mutagenesis

Kock, N.G.; Myrvold, H.E.; Nilsson, L.O.; Ahrén, C., 1980:
Construction of a stable nipple valve for the continent ileostomy

Evans, D.H.; Kolodner, R., 1987:
Construction of a synthetic Holliday junction analog and characterization of its interaction with a Saccharomyces cerevisiae endonuclease that cleaves Holliday junctions

Kondo H.; Tomioka I.; Nakajima H.; Imahori K., 1984:
Construction of a system for the regeneration of atp which supplies energy to bioreactor

Cline S.W.; Yarus M.; Wier P., 1986:
Construction of a systematic set of transfer rna mutants by ligation of synthetic oligonucleotides into defined single stranded gaps

Kravchenko V.V.; Gileva I.P.; Shamin V.V.; Kulichkov V.A.; Dobrynin V.N.; Filippov S.A.; Chuvpilo S.A.; Korobko V.G., 1987:
Construction of a tandem of artificial genes encoding human leukocyte interferon and its expression as a part of polycistronic template with coupled translation

Jones D.A.; Ryder M.H.; Clare B.G.; Farrand S.K.; Kerr A., 1988:
Construction of a tra negative deletion mutant of pagk84 to safeguard the biological control of crown gall

Ishiyama, K.; Tanaka, N.; Mihama, K., 1985:
Construction of a transfer chamber and its application to the growth of gold deposits on magnesium 00.1 surfaces

Spittler H., 1979:
Construction of a trap for live capture of foxes

Vacher J.; Grosjean H.; D.H.nau S.; Finelli J.; Buckingham R.H., 1984:
Construction of a uga suppressor transfer rna by modification in vitro of yeast cysteine transfer rna

Shenk, T., 1978:
Construction of a viable sv 40 variant containing 2 functional origins of dna replication

Galawitz D., 1982:
Construction of a yeast actin gene intron deletion mutant that is defective in splicing and leads to the accumulation of precursor rna in transformed yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae cells

Barron E.A.; Sidhu R.S.; Bollon A.P., 1983:
Construction of a yeast bacterial dna cloning vector

Zassenhaus, H.P.; Hofmann, T.J.; Uthayashanker, R.; Vincent, R.D.; Zona, M., 1988:
Construction of a yeast mutant lacking the mitochondrial nuclease

Bachmair A.; Ruis H., 1984:
Construction of a yeast plasmid cloning vector with high stability in saccharomyces cerevisiae strains deficient in 2 micrometers dna

Jackson E.A.; Ballance G.M.; Thomsen K.K., 1986:
Construction of a yeast vector directing the synthesis and release of barley 1 3 1 4 beta glucanase

Ageeva O.N.; Andzhaparidze O.G.; Kibardin V.M.; Nazarova G.M.; Pletneva E.A., 1985:
Construction of an algorithm for the numerical classification of viruses

Nakayama K.; Kelly S.M.; Curtiss R.IIi, 1988:
Construction of an asd positive expression cloning vector stable maintenance and high level expression of cloned genes in a salmonella vaccine strain

Drahovzal J., 1980:
Construction of an auto instructive program called the rotation of crops and its testing in secondary technical schools

Reimer L.M.; Conley D.L.; Pompliano D.L.; Frost J.W., 1986:
Construction of an enzyme targeted organophosphonate using immobilized enzyme and whole cell synthesis

Singer M.E.V.; Finnerty W.R., 1988:
Construction of an escherichia coli and rhodococcus shuttle vector and plasmid transformation in rhodococcus spp

Oehmichen R.; Klock G.; Altschmied L.; Hillen W., 1984:
Construction of an escherichia coli strain over producing the transposon tn 10 encoded tet repressor and its use for large scale purification

Tabor H.; Hafner E.W.; Tabor C.W., 1980:
Construction of an escherichia coli strain unable to synthesize putrescine spermidine or cadaverine characterization of 2 genes controlling lysine decarboxylase

Fraser, A.D.E.; Yamazaki, H., 1978:
Construction of an escherichia coli strain which excretes abnormally large amounts of cyclic amp

Nishizawa M.; Ozawa F.; Hishinuma F., 1987:
Construction of an expression and secretion vector for the yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kudla, B.; Persuy, M.A.; Gaillardin, C.; Heslot, H., 1988:
Construction of an expression vector for the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Chung M.H.; Kim S.H.; Jun H.S.; Rho H.M., 1987:
Construction of an expression vector with sv 40 dna in a mammalian cell

Csonka L.N.; Clark A.J., 1980:
Construction of an hfr strain useful for transferring reca mutations between escherichia coli

Barber, H.W.; Small, P.A., 1977:
Construction of an improved tracheal pouch in the ferret

Stobbs L.W., 1986:
Construction of an inexpensive elisa plate reader

G.S.; Jiang M.; Zhao W.; Zheng Y.; Ren G.; Hou Y.; Hans W., 1988:
Construction of an infectious vaccinia virus recombinant expressing the hepatitis b virus surface antigen and epstein barr virus membrane antigen

Robertson, E.A.; Maclowry, J.D., 1975:
Construction of an interpretive pattern directory for the analytab products inc 10s kit and analysis of its diagnostic accuracy

Barnes W.M., 1979:
Construction of an m 13 histidine transducing phage a single stranded cloning vehicle with 1 eco r i site

O'Regan, G.T.; Sternberg, N.L.; Cohen, G., 1987:
Construction of an ordered overlapping library of bacteriophage P1 DNA in phage vector lambda D69

Murray A.W.; Szostak J.W., 1983:
Construction of artificial chromosomes in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae

Mashko S.V.; Lapidus A.L.; Trukhan M.E.; Lebedeva M.I.; Podkovyrov S.M.; Kashlev M.V.; Mochul'skii A.V.; Eremashvili M.R.; Izotova L.S.; E.A., 1987:
Construction of artificial overlappons for foreign gene expression in escherichia coli

H.Y.; Huang J.; Hou Y.; Zhu G.; Guo L.; Gan H.; Fan Q.; Jin Q., 1987 :
Construction of autographa californica npv transfer vector plasmid pac 24 5

Smith, G.R.; Tong, B., 1974:
Construction of bacterio phage phi 80 dhis carrying salmonella typhimurium histidine operon mutations

Russell P.W.; Muller U.R., 1984:
Construction of bacteriophage phi x 174 mutants with maximum genome sizes

Doyle M.P.; Shanklin M.S.; Oon S M.; Pho H.Q.; Van Der Heide F.R.; Veal W.R., 1988:
Construction of beta lactams by highly selective intramolecular carbon hydrogen insertion from rhodium ii carboxylate catalyzed reactions of diazoacetamides

Schneider H G.; Fischer P., 1988:
Construction of brackets and plaque development

Penttila, M.E.; Suihko, M.L.; Lehtinen, U.; Nikkola, M.; Knowles, J.K.C., 1987:
Construction of brewer's yeasts secreting fungal endo beta glucanase

Courage Tebbe U.; Kemper B., 1982:
Construction of capped circular dna from phage m 13 by in vitro hybridization

Piatier Tonneau D.; Turmel P.; Auffray C.; Charron D., 1986:
Construction of chain specific and locus specific hla class ii dna probes study of hla class ii transcripts in leukemias

Feng T Y.; Lin B Y.; Shih L J.; Kuo S S.; Liu L F.; Kuo T T., 1985:
Construction of chimeric plasmids for molecular cloning in yeast

Zhai W.; H.N.; Deng W.; Zhu L.; L.N.; Yue S.; Y.X.; Zhu R.; L.X., 1987:
Construction of chloroplast genomic library of atrazine resistant solanum nigrum

Gao J.; H.G.; Wang X.; Cai Y., 1987:
Construction of chloroplast genomic library of brassica napus and isolation of 16s ribosomal rna gene and 16s 23s ribosomal dna spacer

Jehlik V., 1986:
Construction of chorological spectra of synanthropic plant communities according to the synanthropy of their components

Kurnit, D.M.; Wentworth, B.M.;, L.; Villa-Komaroff, L., 1982:
Construction of cloned libraries from RNA of human fetal tissues

Luczak H.; Schwarzmoser H.; Staudenbauer W.L., 1985:
Construction of clostridium butyricum hybrid plasmids and transfer to bacillus subtilis

Sai S., 1987:
Construction of complementary dna clones encoding for cartilage proteoglycan core protein

Teeri T.T.; Kumar V.; Lehtovaara P.; Knowles J., 1987:
Construction of complementary dna libraries by blunt end ligation high frequency cloning of long complementary dna from filamentous fungi

Rothman, R.E.; Andrews, D.W.; Calayag, M.C.; Lingappa, V.R., 1988:
Construction of defined polytopic integral transmembrane proteins. The role of signal and stop transfer sequence permutations

Bernhagen, R.J., 1976:
Construction of dike disposal sites in lake erie

Yakubovich N.V.; Zdanovskii A.G.; Yanulaitis A.A.; Yankovskii N.K.; Debabov V.G., 1987:
Construction of diphtheria toxin gene derivatives and their expression in escherichia coli cells

Kunz H.; Waldmann H., 1985 :
Construction of disaccharide n glycopeptides synthesis of the linkage region of the transmembrane neuraminidase of an influenza virus

Danner D.B.; Smith H.O.; Narang S.A., 1982:
Construction of dna recognition sites active in haemophilus influenzae transformation

Genovese C.; Rowe D.; Kream B., 1984:
Construction of dna sequences complementary to rat alpha 1 and alpha 2 collagen messenger rna and their use in studying the regulation of type i collagen synthesis by 1 25 dihydroxyvitamin d

Van Houten, B.; Gamper, H.; Hearst, J.E.; Sancar, A., 1986:
Construction of DNA substrates modified with psoralen at a unique site and study of the action mechanism of ABC excinuclease on these uniformly modified substrates

Smirnov G.B.; Smirnova N.I.; Ilyina T.S.; Eroshenko G.A., 1987:
Construction of donor strains of classical and el tor biotypes of vibrio cholerae using r plasmids and genetic mapping of the vibrio cholerae chromosome

Shkot Y.Y.; Shelyah Sosonko Y.R.; Sirenko I.P.; Nyemchenko O.A.; Kanevs'kyi V.A., 1984:
Construction of ecological maps using a remote automatic system

Ceranka B.; Mejza S., 1979:
Construction of equi replicated balanced block designs with block sizes exceeding the number of treatments

Robbins A.K.; Weiss J.H.; Enquist L.W.; Watson R.J., 1984:
Construction of escherichia coli expression plasmid libraries localization of a pseudorabies virus glycoprotein gene

Hendren, W.H., 1980:
Construction of female urethra from vaginal wall and a perineal flap

Kazi Zade F.N.; Mamedov M.M., 1980:
Construction of filbert plantings as a factor affecting orchard productivity

Alikhanyan, S.I.; Khlebalina, O.I.; Stepanov, A.I.; Beburov, M.Y. ; Kalinina, N.V.; Debabov, V.G.; Krivtsov, G.G.; Galushko, F.P., 1975:
Construction of functional hybrid recombinants of dna molecules in vitro experiments on genetic engineering

Helentjaris T.; Slocum M.; Wright S.; Schaefer A.; Nienhuis J., 1986:
Construction of genetic linkage maps in maize zea mays and tomato lycopersicon spp using restriction fragment length polymorphisms

S.G.; X.Y.; Zhang Z.; Chen T.; Huang C., 1987:
Construction of genomic library of shigella flexneri 2a chromosome dna

Chang, S.C.; Jong, S.C., 1987:
Construction of glucoamylase producing bakers' yeasts by protoplast fusion

Van't-Hof, M.A.; Kowalski, C.J., 1977:
Construction of growth standards from mixed longitudinal data

Sawada D.; Jarman R.F., 1982:
Construction of haptic stimulus patterns for use in cross modal and intra modal matching tasks

Vermarien H., 1984:
Construction of heart vibration matrices at 49 chest wall sites by using non stimulating recordings a data acquisition apparatus and a preprocessing procedure

Carter P.; Bedouelle H.; Winter G., 1986:
Construction of heterodimer tyrosyl transfer rna synthetase shows tyrosyl transfer rna interacts with both subunits

Duthaler, R.O., 1983:
Construction of highly substituted nitro aromatic systems by cyclo condensation 1. synthesis of 4 nitro 3 oxo butyrate

Duthaler, R.O., 1983:
Construction of highly substituted nitro aromatic systems by cyclo condensation 2. conversion of 4 nitro 3 oxo butyrate to 3 nitro salicylates

Klessig D.F.; Grodzicker T.; Cleghon V., 1984:
Construction of human cell lines which contain and express the adenovirus dna binding protein gene by cotransformation with the herpes simplex virus type 1 thymidine kinase gene

Dem'yanova N.G.; Bolotin A.P.; Novikov A.A.; Sorokin A.V.; Lebedev A.N.; Strongin A.Ya; Kozlov Y.I.; Reverdatto S.V.; Chakhmakhcheva O.G.; E.A., 1987:
Construction of hybrid gene encoding alpha amylase leader sequence in bacillus amyloliquefaciens and human proinsulin

Gallagher M.L.; Burke W.F.Jr, 1987:
Construction of hybrid plasmid vectors for cloning in escherichia coli bacillus subtilis and the cyanobacterium anacystis nidulans

Webb, G.C.; Misfeldt, M.L.; Hanna, E.E., 1984:
Construction of hybridomas from nude mice with phenotypes of precursors of regulatory t cells 1. a model for study of development of t cell function in immune systems

Shoukas, A.A., 1977:
Construction of hydraulic cuff occluders for blood vessels

Jones, D.; Errington, J., 1987:
Construction of improved bacteriophage phi 105 vectors for cloning by transfection in Bacillus subtilis

Gething M J.; Sambrook J., 1982:
Construction of influenza hem agglutinin genes that code for intra cellular and secreted forms of the protein

Rigby, P.W.J.; Gething, M.J.; Hartley, B.S., 1976:
Construction of intergeneric hybrids using bacterio phage p 1cm transfer of the klebsiella aerogenes ribitol dehydrogenase ec gene to escherichia coli

Muradov A.Z.; Aliev D.A., 1986:
Construction of intermediate vectors for the transfer and expression of foreign genes in higher plants

Kruszewska A.; Szczesniak B., 1980:
Construction of iso mitochondrial and iso nuclear strains for recombinational analysis of mitochondrial loci in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Chang S C.; Jong S C.; Yoshikawa S., 1987:
Construction of killer bakers' yeast by protoplast fusion

Seki, T.; Choi, E.H.; Ryu, D., 1985:
Construction of killer wine yeast strain

Choi E H.; Chung E Y.; Chung W C., 1988:
Construction of killer yeasts by spheroplast fusion

Miwa K.; Tsuchida T.; Kurahashi O.; Nakamori S.; Sano K.; Momose H., 1983:
Construction of l threonine over producing strains of escherichia coli k 12 using recombinant dna techniques

Belyaev A.S.; Bazhutin N.B.; Zaitsev B.I.; Malygin E.G., 1982:
Construction of lambda phages containing dna repetitive sequences

Cruikshank D.R.; Penny J.; Levine S., 1983:
Construction of large enclosures for experimental studies in lakes

Boussaid M., 1980:
Construction of lateral shoots leaves in hedysarum carnosum

Paoletti E.; Lipinskas B.R.; Samsonoff C.; Mercer S.; Panicali D., 1984:
Construction of live vaccines using genetically engineered poxviruses biological activity of vaccinia virus recombinants expressing the hepatitis b virus surface antigen and the herpes simplex virus glyco protein d

Biryukov V.V.; Pavlov V.S.; Kats M.D., 1982:
Construction of logical models of microbiological processes and their use for predictive purposes

Secrist J.A.IIi; W.S.R., 1979:
Construction of long chain carbohydrates synthesis and chemistry of a galactose 6 phosphorane

Smith, J.G.; Pereira, A.C.; Correa, B.S.; Panizzi, A.R., 1977:
Construction of low cost apparatus for collecting and raising insects

Puzyrev, E.M.; Solomatov, V.V., 1975:
Construction of mathematical model for temperature regime of plants

Baujard P.; Pariselle A., 1987:
Construction of microsieves and preparation of nematodes for observation with the scanning electron microscope

Anichkov, A.D.; Belyaev, V.V.; Usov, V.V., 1978:
Construction of multiple electrodes and methods of their introduction into the human brain

Kjerfve B.; Seim H.E., 1984:
Construction of net isopleth plots in cross sections of tidal estuaries

Lee H.; Koh Y.W.; Yang J.M.; Lee C.H., 1988:
Construction of new shuttle vector for escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis

Fukaya M.; Okumura H.; Masai H.; Uozumi T.; Beppu T., 1985:
Construction of new shuttle vectors for acetobacter

Engelhard, V.H.; Yannelli, J.R.; Evans, G.A.; Walk, S.F.; Holterman, M.J., 1985:
Construction of novel class I histocompatibility antigens by interspecies exon shuffling

Osusky, M.; Turna, J.; Hybenova, J.; Brezovska, Z.; Kozak, J., 1987:
Construction of novel cloning vectors based on bacteriophage mu

Labouesse M.; Slonimski P.P., 1983:
Construction of novel cytochrome b genes in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae mitochondria by subtraction or addition of introns

Sethi, K.K.; Brandis, H., 1976:
Construction of novel mammalian cell types by fusing enucleated portions and heterologous nuclear components in presence of inactivated sendai virus

Pozdnyakov V.I.; Pankov Y.A., 1979:
Construction of optimal homologous alignment of 2 amino acid sequences a solution of the problem of unnecessary gaps

Lin, T.; Dickinson, J.B., 1977:
Construction of outcome scales measuring addicts' community functioning

Lauer G.; Pastrana R.; Sherley J.; Ptashne M., 1981:
Construction of over producers of the bacterio phage 434 repressor and cro proteins

Bogush, V.G.; Karataev, G.I.; Baev, A.S.; Permogorov, V.I., 1977:
Construction of partial denaturation maps for dna with random base distribution

Mezes P.S.F.; Wang W.; Yeh E.C.H.; Lampen J.O., 1983:
Construction of pen p delta 1 bacillus licheniformis 749 c beta lactamase lacking sites for lipo protein modification expression in escherichia coli and bacillus subtilis

Morino T.; Isogai T.; Takahashi H.; Saito H., 1984:
Construction of phage vectors in streptomyces introduction of the thiostreptone resistant tsr gene into r 4 phage

Sharaf, M.A.; Kowalski, B.R.; Weinstein, B., 1980:
Construction of phylogenetic trees by pattern recognition procedures

Kok, J.; van der Vossen, J.M.; Venema, G., 1984:
Construction of plasmid cloning vectors for lactic streptococci which also replicate in Bacillus subtilis and Escherichia coli

Nishi T.; Saito A.; Oka T.; Itoh S.; Takaoka C.; Taniguchi T., 1984:
Construction of plasmid expression vectors carrying the escherichia coli tryptophan promoter

Okumura H.; Uozumi T.; Beppu T., 1985:
Construction of plasmid vectors and a genetic transformation system for acetobacter aceti

Bal, J.; Cegłowski, P.; Maciag, I.E., 1982:
Construction of plasmid vectors for gene cloning in Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis

Hwang D J.; Rhee S K.; Pack M Y., 1987:
Construction of plasmid vectors for zymomonas mobilis

Naumovski L.; Friedberg E.C., 1983:
Construction of plasmid vectors that facilitate sub cloning and recovery of yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae and escherichia coli dna fragments

Nezametdinova V.Z.; Poluektova E.U.; Prozorov A.A., 1987:
Construction of plasmids which integrate into the chromosome of bacillus subtilis through homology recombination and their use as integration vectors

Stanway G.; Hughes P.J.; Westrop G.D.; Evans D.M.A.; Dunn G.; Minor P.D.; Schild G.C.; Almond J.W., 1986:
Construction of poliovirus intertypic recombinants by use of complementary dna

Meyer G.; Rossetti C.; Botta G.; Cremaschi D., 1985:
Construction of potassium sensitive and sodium sensitive theta microelectrodes with fine tips an easy method with high yield

Ashe J.S., 1981:
Construction of pupal cells by larvae of aleocharinae coleoptera staphylinidae

Nishigaki S.; Ichiba M.; Fukami K.; Senga K., 1982:
Construction of pyrimido 5 4 e as triazine purine v triazolo 4 5 d pyrimidine and pyrazolo 3 4 d pyrimidine ring systems from 5 arylazo 6 arylidenehydrazino 1 3 dimethyl uracils 1

van den Berg, F.M.; van Amstel, P.J.; Walboomers, J.M., 1985:
Construction of rat cell lines that contain potential morphologically transforming regions of the herpes simplex virus type 2 genome

Uede T.; Ibayashi Y.; Koda H.; Kikuchi K., 1985:
Construction of rat mouse t cell hybridomas that constitutively produce rat interleukin 2

Kohda H.; Uede T., 1986:
Construction of rat mouse t cell hybridomas that express the rat interleukin 2 receptors and analysis of mechanisms involved in the regulation of their expression

Paddock G.V.; Gaubatz J., 1980:
Construction of recombinant complementary dna via a ribo substituted hairpin

Hickson I.D.; Atkinson K.E.; Emmerson P.T., 1982:
Construction of recombinant lambda phages that carry the escherichia coli rec b and rec c genes

Il'ichev A.A.; Belikov S.I.; Pugachev V.G.; Timofeev I.V.; Zorin V.V.; Popov S.G.; Shchelkunov S.N.; Sandakhchiev L.S., 1986 :
Construction of recombinant plasmid suitable for selection of an optimal promoter for the gene of human alpha 2 interferon

Yanishevskii N.V.; Gintsburg A.L.; Vertiev Y.V.; Demme E.Yu; Karataev G.I.; Smirnov G.B., 1987:
Construction of recombinant plasmids coding for the biosynthesis of the cholera toxin b subunit

D.L.uro R.; Obici S.; Acquaviva A.M.; Alvino C.G., 1982:
Construction of recombinant plasmids containing rat thyro globulin messenger rna sequences

Brown R.D.; Armentrout R.W.; Cochran M.D.; Cappello J.; Langemeier S.O., 1981:
Construction of recombinant plasmids containing xenopus laevis immuno globulin heavy chain dna sequences

Dougherty W.G.; Franke C.A.; Hruby D.E., 1986:
Construction of recombinant vaccinia virus which expresses immunoreactive plant virus proteins

Holland, C.A.; Wozney, J.; Chatis, P.A.; Hopkins, N.; Hartley, J.W., 1985:
Construction of recombinants between molecular clones of murine retrovirus MCF 247 and Akv: determinant of an in vitro host range property that maps in the long terminal repeat

Stenlund A.; Perricaudet M.; Tiollais P.; Pettersson U., 1980:
Construction of restriction enzyme fragment libraries containing dna from human adenovirus type 2 and adenovirus type 5

Bellon, B., 1988:
Construction of restriction maps

Ogawa K.; Hisano K.; Shida T.; Goto T.; Matsuda S.; Yamamoto S.; Kozawa S.; Nakamura K., 1981:
Construction of right ventricular outflow tract in pulmonary atresia and ventricular septal defect with poorly developed pulmonary arteries as a palliative operation

Woggon B.; Dittrich A., 1979 :
Construction of second order scales manic depressive and schizophrenic syndrome

Gill H.S.; Verma S.K., 1983:
Construction of selection index in poultry ignoring relative economic values

Joshi B.P.; Thombre M.V.; Manke B.S.; Chaudhari P.N., 1985:
Construction of selection indices for varietal selection in safflower carthamus tinctorius

Nelms L.R.; Spomer L.A., 1980:
Construction of serviceable fast response tensiometers from porous ceramic tubes

Ceranka B.; Chudzik H., 1984:
Construction of some augmented block designs

Miwa M.; Momma T.; Fukazawa C., 1984:
Construction of soybean genomic library

Mindlin, S.Z.; Il'ina, T.S.; Gorlenko-Zh, M.; Khachikyan, N.A.; Kovalev-Yu, N., 1976:
Construction of specialized lambda transducing bacterio phages carrying the gene for rna polymerase

Feng T Y.; Kuo S S.; Liu L F.; Lin B Y.; Shih L Z.; Kuo T T., 1986:
Construction of stable plasmid through in vivo recombination in yeast

Sreekrishna, K.; Dickson, R.C., 1985:
Construction of strains of Saccharomyces cerevisiae that grow on lactose

Katz, D.H.; Bechtold, T.E.; Altman, A., 1980:
Construction of T cell hybridomas secreting allogeneic effect factor

Surosky, R.T.; Tye, B.K., 1985 :
Construction of telocentric chromosomes in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Datsun I.G., 1983:
Construction of the cavernous structures in the human rectum

Huebner G.; Schulze H.; Doellstaedt R.; Sprinz H.; Winkler E.; Reinhardt J.; Baer M.; Grahn C.; Schonert G.; E.A., 1982:
Construction of the gamma irradiation plant gbz 81

Miller, L.K.; Fried, M., 1976:
Construction of the genetic map of the polyoma genome

Bink F.A., 1985:
Construction of the hibernaculum by limenitis populi lepidoptera nymphalidae

Smirnov Y.V.; Lisenkov A.F., 1986:
Construction of the hybrid crp lac operon and investigation of the role of cyclic amp receptor protein cyclic amp complex in its regulation in escherichia coli

Berlin Y.A.; Lebedenko E.N.; Shpakovskii G.V.; Korotkov K.O., 1979:
Construction of the hybrid plasmids containing 2 col e 1 replicons

Laval Peuto M., 1981:
Construction of the lorica in ciliata tintinnina in vivo study of favella ehrenbergii variability of the phenotypes during the cycle biology statistics biometry

Suzuki M.; Ouchi A.; Fukuoka J., 1979:
Construction of the mathematical model of the lower trophic levels of the marine ecosystem and its stability analysis

Nakamura T., 1981:
Construction of the medical record data base for the atomic bomb survivors

Rogers M.J.; Simmons J.; Walker R.T.; Weisburg W.G.; Woese C.R.; Tanner R.S.; Robinson I.M.; Stahl D.A.; Olsen G.; E.A., 1985:
Construction of the mycoplasma evolutionary tree from 5s ribosomal rna sequence data

Mubumbila, M.; Gordon, K.H.; Crouse, E.J.; Burkard, G.; Weil, J.H., 1983:
Construction of the physical map of the chloroplast DNA of Phaseolus vulgaris and localization of ribosomal and transfer RNA genes

Konickova Radochova M.; Konicek J., 1979:
Construction of the replication map of the bacterial chromosome by mutagenesis

Honjo M.; Akaoka A.; Nakayama A.; Shimada H.; Furutani Y., 1985:
Construction of the secretion vector containing the prepro structure coding region of bacillus amyloliquefaciens neutral protease gene and secretion of bacillus subtilis alpha amylase and human interferon beta in bacillus subtilis

Valeev A.K., 1980:
Construction of the sedimentation curves for single stranded dna with induced breaks

Swindell C.S.; Britcher S.F., 1986:
Construction of the taxane c ring epoxy alcohol moiety and examination of its possible involvement in the biogenesis of the taxane 3 oxetanol structure

Kim Y.S.; Song O.K.; Rho H.M., 1984:
Construction of the vector for the cloning of blunt ended dna fragments

Pigeaire A.; Reponty H.; Duthion C., 1985:
Construction of the white lupine plant lupinus albus relationship between the amount and pattern of distribution of accumulated dry matter

Nevzglyadova O.V.; Smolyanitskii A.G., 1984:
Construction of the yeast vector marked by the mutation of multiple resistance to antibiotics

Neame, R.L.B.; Powis, D.A.; Imms, F.J., 1977:
Construction of thermistor probes suitable for the estimation of cardiac output by the thermo dilution method in small animals

Binder, W.; Cabaj, A.; Kaercher, K.H.; Windischbauer, G., 1977:
Construction of tissue compensating filters for extended areas in hodgkin irradiation on the basis of moire topography

Kamada K.; Nishiyama M., 1982:
Construction of tooth positioners with low temperature vulcanized vinyl silicone rubber and some case reports

Bartlett P.A.; Ting P.C., 1986:
Construction of trans fused polycyclic ethers methodology for the brevetoxins

Kroos L.; Kaiser D., 1984:
Construction of transposon tn 5 lac a transposon that fuses lac z expression to exogenous promoters and its introduction into myxococcus xanthus

Walker M.J.; Pemberton J.M., 1988:
Construction of transposons encoding genes for beta glucosidase amylase and polygalacturonate trans eliminase from klebsiella oxytoca and their expression in a range of gram negative bacteria

Normanly J.; Masson J M.; Kleina L.G.; Abelson J.; Miller J.H., 1986:
Construction of two escherichia coli amber suppressor genes phenylalanine transfer rna suppressor and cysteine transfer rna suppressor

Liu, J.Z.; Huisman, T.H., 1987:
Construction of two plasmids, each containing three different human globin gene fragments

X.L.; Jin L.; Wan D.; L.X.; L.H.; G.J., 1987:
Construction of v ki ras expression plasmid

Kiselev V.I.; Rechinskii V.O.; Manuilov Y.A.; Pachkunov D.M., 1985:
Construction of vector for dna regulatory elements cloning

Iomantas Y.V.; Ulnova T.I.; Ryabchenko N.F.; Kozlov Y.I., 1987:
Construction of vector molecules for bacillus amyloliquefaciens

Zvonok N.M.; Horvath E.; Bajszar G., 1988:
Construction of versatile escherichia coli and yeast shuttle vectors for promoter testing in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Kuge, S.; Nomoto, A., 1987:
Construction of viable deletion and insertion mutants of the Sabin strain of type 1 poliovirus: function of the 5' noncoding sequence in viral replication

Zhou J.; M.Q.; Zhou J.; Xiong L., 1987:
Construction of vibrio cholerae toxin gene probe and its use for the detection of vibrio cholerae

Unnikrishnan K.P.; Singh R., 1984:
Construction of volume tables a generalized approach

Despins J.L.; Turner E.C.Jr; Ruszler P.L., 1987:
Construction profiles of high rise caged layer houses in association with insulation damage caused by the lesser mealworm alphitobius diaperinus panzer in virginia usa

Goff S.P.; Berg P., 1979:
Construction propagation and expression of sv 40 recombinant genomes containing the escherichia coli gene for thymidine kinase and a saccharomyces cerevisiae gene for tyrosine transfer rna

Young W.G.; Deutsch J.A., 1981:
Construction surgical implantation and use of gastric catheters and a pyloric cuff

Gheorghiţă, N., 1980:
Constructional apraxia of drawing in patients with vascular or tumoral injury of the right hemisphere

Seilacher, A., 1984:
Constructional morphology of bivalves evolutionary pathways in primary vs. secondary soft bottom dwellers

Seilacher A., 1979:
Constructional morphology of sand dollars

Binder, L.M., 1982:
Constructional strategies on complex figure drawings after unilateral brain damage

Fabris, S.; Rocci, A., 1986:
Constructionism as a neo cognitivistic trend

Kozlov A.T., 1979:
Constructive behavior of caddis fly limnophilus stigma larvae during the construction of leaf and sand houses

Aminova G.G.; Erofeeva L.M., 1983:
Constructive changes in the rat thymus under the effect of hydrocortisone

Ponomarenko V.N., 1980:
Constructive characteristics bio mechanical properties of cusps of the venous valves and venous walls in the human lower extremities

Picard A.; Lacert P., 1985:
Constructive dyspraxias in motor cerebral impairment therapeutic orientation by semiologic analysis

Prawat, R.S.; Jones, H.; Cancelli, A., 1977:
Constructive memory of normal and learning disabled children

Oakhill, J., 1982:
Constructive processes in skilled and less skilled comprehenders' memory for sentences

Consoli S., 1979:
Constructive strategies secondary to hemispheric lesions

Sheehan, M.J., 1981:
Constructs and 'conflict' in depression

Kropiunigg U., 1987:
Consultation behavior of psychosomatic patients following inpatient psychotherapy effects of treatment

Diamond, H., 1972:
Consultation, education, and training perspectives from an urban community mental health center: the context of dilemma

Neill, J.R., 1979:
Consultation evaluation 1. psychotropic drug recommendations

Wilkinson, G.; Smeeton, N.; Skuse, D.; Fry, J., 1988:
Consultation for physical illnesses by patients diagnosed and treated for psychiatric disorders by a general practitioner: 20 year follow up study

Werner, M.; Zeller, J.A.; Williams, D., 1981:
Consultation in the coagulation laboratory. A conceptual analysis

Horikawa N., 1988:
Consultation liaison psychiatry on its problems and methodology

Fava G.A., 1981:
Consultation psychiatry in an italian child guidance center 200 referrals

Matsumura Y.; Matsunaga T.; Hata R.; Kimura M.; Matsumura H., 1986:
Consultation system for diagnoses of headache and facial pain rhinos

Kirillov V.V.; Lindenbraten A.L.; Duiko V.V., 1982:
Consultative aid to the urban population in clinical hospitals of the soviet socialist republics

Popkin M.K.; Mackenzie T.B.; Hall R.C.W.; Callies A.L., 1980:
Consultee concordance with consultant psychotropic drug recommendations related variables

Popkin M.K.; Mackenzie T.B.; Callies A.L., 1980:
Consultee concordance with consultant recommendations for diagnostic action

Weise G., 1981:
Consumability of silages and factors influencing it

Rasco, B.A.; Downey, S.E.; Dong, F.M., 1987:
Consumer acceptability of baked goods containing distillers' dried grains with solubles from soft white winter wheat

Saralaya K.V.; Nagaraj A.S., 1980:
Consumer acceptance and quality evaluation of canned sardines sardinella longiceps and mackerels rastrelliger kanagurta mediterranean style

Twigg, G.G.; Kotula, A.W.; Young, E.P., 1977:
Consumer acceptance of beef patties containing soy protein

Griffin, C.; Stiffler, D.; Smith, G.; Savell, J., 1985:
Consumer acceptance of steaks and roasts from charolais crossbred bulls and steers

Stephens, J.F., 1977:
Consumer acceptance of turkey cooked from the frozen state in roasting bags

Peringian, L.; Shier, N.; Leavitt, R.A., 1978:
Consumer beliefs concerning intentional and unintentional additives in health food breads chlorinated hydro carbon pesticide residues

Da-Ton, L.; Thompson, B.D., 1975:
Consumer discrimination among present usa standards grades of florida mature green tomatoes

Modler, H.W.; Emmons, D.B.; Commins, F.C.; Hurd, L.; Cowley, K.S., 1977:
Consumer evaluation of 2 percent milk containing added feed flavor

Liu, F.W.; King, M.M., 1978:
Consumer evaluations of mcintosh apple firmness

Abrams P.A., 1980:
Consumer functional response and competition in consumer resource systems

Petersen H.; Slordahl S.; Haanshuus A.P., 1986:
Consumer opinions of hospital food and food service

Francis, J.J.; Romans, J.R.; Norton, H.W., 1977:
Consumer rating of 2 beef marbling levels

Avery C.E., 1982:
Consumer response to the tris tris 2 3 di bromopropyl phosphate controversy a research study

Rohl, A.N.; Langer, A.M.; Selikoff, I.J.; Tordini, A.; Klimentidis, R.; Bowes, D.R.; Skinner, D.L., 1976:
Consumer talcums and powders: mineral and chemical characterization

Lundstrom K.; Malmfors B.; Fjelkner Modig S.; Szatek A., 1983:
Consumer testing of boar meat in sweden

Desmoulin B.; Bonneau M.; Frouin A.; Bidard J.P., 1982:
Consumer testing of pork and processed meat from boars the influence of fat androstenone level

Rothe M.; Erhardt V., 1985:
Consumer tests with flavorized cheese products

Bolter V.; Horler A., 1982:
Consumer views of a clinic service

Bray, S.L.; Duthie, A.H.; Rogers, R.P., 1977:
Consumers can detect light induced flavor in milk

Rudy J.W.; Hyson R.L., 1982:
Consummatory response conditioning to an auditory stimulus in neo natal rats

Brown B.L.; Coleman D.A.Jr; Elefant S., 1983:
Consummatory response latency and the stimulus reinforcer relation in auto shaping

Bano K.; Krishnamoorthy R.V., 1981:
Consummatory responses of the millipede jonespeltis splendidus in relation to soil organic matter

Ganchrow J.R.; Lieblich I.; Cohen E., 1981:
Consummatory responses to taste stimuli in rats selected for high and low rates of self stimulation

Ganchrow, J.R., 1977:
Consummatory responses to taste stimuli in the hedgehog erinaceus europaeus

Jacob S.S.; Nair N.B., 1983:
Consumption absorption and conversion efficiency in the larvivorous fish aplocheilus lineatus cyprinodontidae

Jacob S.S.; Nair N.B., 1982:
Consumption absorption and conversion of food in the larvivorous fish macropodus cupanus pisces anabantidae

Moscardi F.; Barfield C.S.; Allen G.E., 1981:
Consumption and development of velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis as influenced by soybean glycine max cultivar bragg phenology

Carmona, J.F., 1976:
Consumption and digestibility of straw part 1 oats maize and barley

Carmona, J.F., 1976:
Consumption and digestibility of straw part 2 pellets

Luniak, M., 1977:
Consumption and digestion of food in the rook corvus frugilegus in an aviary

Duodu Y.A.; Addo Ashong R.C., 1985:
Consumption and digestion of four cultivars of solanum melongena by selepa docilis larvae lepidoptera noctuidae

Waluyo S.P.; Darjono, 1986:
Consumption and egg production of kedu fowl

Hoglund N.H.; Porkert J., 1983:
Consumption and excretion of grit in capercaillie black grouse and willow grouse tetrao urogallus tetrao tetrix lagopus lagopus under experimental conditions

Ikeda K., 1979:
Consumption and food utilization by individual larvae and the population of a wood borer phymatodes maaki coleoptera cerambycidae

Shireman J.V.; Rottmann R.W.; Aldridge F.J., 1983:
Consumption and growth of hybrid grass carp fed 4 vegetation diets and trout chow in circular tanks

Niswbury, T.K., 1978:
Consumption and growth rates of chaetognaths and copepods in subtropical oceanic waters

Halva S., 1985:
Consumption and production of herbs in finland

Kasyev, B., 1977:
Consumption and return of manganese to areas sown with grain cultures

Axelson M.L.; Cassidy C.M.; D.C.lon M.M.; Hacklander E.H.; Neruda G.S.; Rawling K.E., 1982:
Consumption and use of the winged bean psophocarpus tetragonolobus by sri lankan villagers

Manuwoto S.; Scriber J.M., 1982:
Consumption and utilization of 3 maize genotypes by the southern armyworm spodoptera eridania

Sharma M.M.; Sehgal V.K.; Bhattacharya A.K., 1984:
Consumption and utilization of 6 plant species by athalia proxima

Quisenberry S.S.; Wilson H.K., 1985:
Consumption and utilization of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon by fall armyworm spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae larvae

Sharma H.C.; Agarwal R.A., 1981:
Consumption and utilization of bolls of different cotton genotypes by larvae of earias vittella and effect of gossypol and tannins on food utilization

Ramdev Y.P.; Rao P.J., 1979:
Consumption and utilization of castor ricinus communis by castor semilooper achaea janata

Dhandapani N.; Kareem A.A.; Jayaraj S., 1985:
Consumption and utilization of certain cotton and chili varieties by spodoptera litura

Dhandapani N.; Balasubramanian M., 1980:
Consumption and utilization of different food plants by heliothis armigera noctuidae lepidoptera

Sidhu R.K.; Misra S.D., 1980:
Consumption and utilization of drosophila flies by humbertiella similis dictyoptera mantidae

Manuwoto S.; Scriber J.M., 1985:
Consumption and utilization of experimentally altered corn by southern armyworm spodoptera eridania iron nitrogen and cyclic hydroxamates

Aslam, M.; Akhtar, M., 1974:
Consumption and utilization of food by aiolopus tamulus orthoptera acrididae

Manoharan T.; Chockalingam S.; Noorjahan A., 1982:
Consumption and utilization of food plants by euproctis fraterna lymantriidae lepidoptera

Harrell M.O.; Benjamin D.M.; Berbee J.G.; Burkot T.R., 1982:
Consumption and utilization of leaf tissue of tissue cultured populus euramericana by the cottonwood leaf beetle chrysomela scripta coleoptera chrysomelidae

Vendramin J.D.; Lara F.M.; Parra J.R.P., 1983:
Consumption and utilization of leaves of green cole cultivars brassica oleracea var acephala by agrotis subterranea lepidoptera noctuidae

Crocomo W.B.; Parra J.R.P., 1985:
Consumption and utilization of maize wheat and sorghum by spodoptera frugiperda lepidoptera noctuidae

Ovsishcher B.R.; Belikova V.S., 1985:
Consumption and utilization of organic matter and mineral substances of diets by replacement heifers as a function of the keeping conditions in an industrial complex

Bhat, N.S.; Bhattacharya, A.K., 1978:
Consumption and utilization of soybean by spodoptera litura at different temperatures

Bailey, C.G.; Mukerji, M.K., 1976:
Consumption and utilization of various host plants by melanoplus bivittatus and melanoplus femurrubrum orthoptera acrididae

Mendez M.D.; Shimada A.S., 1987:
Consumption and weight gains of pelibuey lactating lambs in the aw 1 sub humid tropic

Tenow O.; Larsson S., 1987:
Consumption by needle eating insects on scots pine in relation to season and stand age

Larcan, A.; Lambert, H.; Laprevote-Heully, M.C.; Alexandre, P., 1976:
Consumption coagulopathy and acidosis in the diabetic patient

Frick G.; Brugmann E.; Frick U., 1979:
Consumption coagulopathy during the bromsulphthalein test indocyanine green as an alternative

Benitez J.G.; Huerta Bravo M.; Orcasberro Gomez R., 1986:
Consumption digestibility and nitrogen balance in sheep fed on maize stubble treated with sodium hydroxide

Ratan, R., 1978:
Consumption digestion and utilization of food by acrida exaltata and acrida gigantia

Premkumar, M.; Dale, D.; Nair, M.R.G.K., 1977:
Consumption digestion and utilization of food by larvae of spodoptera litura noctuidae lepidoptera

Gupta S.C.; Maleyvar R.P., 1981:
Consumption digestion and utilization of the leaves raphanus sativus and brassica rapa by larvae of pieris brassicae lepidoptera pieridae

Hoekstra, A.; Beenakkers, A.M.T., 1976:
Consumption digestion and utilization of various grasses by 5th instar larvae and adults of the migratory locust

Prawochenski R.; Jarzynowa B., 1979:
Consumption efficiency of carps of different scaling

Salas, J.; Font, I.; Canals, J.; Guinovart, L.; Sospedra, C.; Marti-Henneberg, C., 1985:
Consumption nutritional habits and nutritional status of the population from reus spain 4. age and sex distribution of the consumption of roots tubercles cereals sugars and fruits

Salas, J.; Font, I.; Canals, J.; Guinovart, L.; Sospedra, C.; Marti-Henneberg, C., 1985:
Consumption nutritional habits and nutritional status of the population from reus tarragona spain 3. age and sex distribution of the consumption of milk dairy products visible vegetable fats and green vegetables

Salas, J.; Font, I.; Canals, J.; Guinovart, L.; Sospedra, C.; Marti-Henneberg, C., 1985:
Consumption nutritional habits and nutritional status of the population from rues spain 2. age and sex distribution of the consumption of meat eggs fish and vegetables

Salas, J.; Font, I.; Canals, J.; Guinovart, L.; Sospedra, C.; Marti-Henneberg, C., 1985:
Consumption nutritional habits and nutritional status of the population of reus spain 1. global consumption by groups of foods and their relation to the socioeconomic level and education

Ivanova E.A., 1979:
Consumption of 4 carbon 14 estradiol by tissues of the organ target rudiments in the rabbit embryonic reproductive tract in vitro

Fisher L.J., 1981:
Consumption of acid whey by lactating cows

Best, R.L.; Beegle, C.C., 1977:
Consumption of agrotis ipsilon by several species of carabids found in iowa usa

Yen, S.; Hsieh, C.C.; MacMahon, B., 1982 :
Consumption of alcohol and tobacco and other risk factors for pancreatitis

Menéndez-Abraham, E.; Menéndez-Patterson, A.; Marín, B., 1983:
Consumption of alcohol over a long period and the oxidative metabolism of nervous and glandular structures associated with sexual activity

Javicoli N.; Sorrentino G., 1985:
Consumption of alcoholic beverages in a student population of naples province italy

Bjork C.D.; Davis D.W., 1984:
Consumption of alfalfa by adult alfalfa weevils hypera postica coleoptera curculionidae

Okiwelu, S.N., 1977:
Consumption of alfalfa by larvae and adults of the egyptian alfalfa weevil hypera brunneipennis

Posypanov G.S.; Sidoreno A.V., 1987:
Consumption of alfalfa seed dry matter for germination at different sowing depths

Pommer W.; Glaeske G.; Molzahn M., 1987:
Consumption of analgesics in west germany extent and risk groups

Etheridge K.; Rathbun G.B.; Powell J.A.; Kochman H.I., 1985:
Consumption of aquatic plants by the west indian manatee trichechus manatus

Shcherbak V.I.; Bolovko T.V.; Zhdanov G.A., 1983:
Consumption of bacteria and algae by planktonic crustaceans of the kiev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

Schroeder, L.A., 1978:
Consumption of black cherry leaves by phytophagous insects

Sharp J.L.; Chambers D.L., 1984:
Consumption of carbohydrates proteins and amino acids by anastrepha suspensa diptera tephritidae in the laboratory

Ailamazyan E.K.; Taranov N.P.; Zhuravlev A.V.; Kirchik O.S., 1984:
Consumption of carbon 14 labeled phospholipids injected to rats in the late stage of pregnancy by rat fetal tissues

Seiler, W.; Liebl, K.H.; Stoehr, W.T.; Zakosek, H., 1977:
Consumption of carbon mon oxide and hydrogen by soils

Spencer, H.C.; Kaseje, D.C.; Roberts, J.M.; Huong, A.Y., 1987:
Consumption of chloroquine phosphate provided for treatment of malaria by volunteer village health workers in Saradidi, Kenya

Skorupa J.P.; Hothem R.L., 1985:
Consumption of commercially grown grapes by american robins turdus migratorius a field evaluation of laboratory estimates

Rathová, V.; Kocisková, D.; Krizanová, O.; Borecký, L., 1976:
Consumption of complement in chelated and nonchelated guinea pig serum after challenge with some viral and nonviral interferon inducers

Tseitlin V.B., 1981:
Consumption of descending detritus by pelagic animals

Ehlert D.; Spitschak K.; Schlenker G.; Skoeries H J.; Arndt S., 1981:
Consumption of drinking water basis for oral application of medication and vaccines to early weaned piglets via drinking water

Chernyavs'kyi, S.V., 1978:
Consumption of drugs by the rural population

Nienhuis, P.H.; Van-Ierland, E.T., 1978:
Consumption of eelgrass zostera marina by birds and invertebrates during the growing season in lake grevelingen southwest netherlands

Groenendijk A.M., 1984:
Consumption of eelgrass zostera marina by the isopod idotea chelipes in lake grevelingen southwest netherlands after the growing season

Cederholm-Williams, S.A.; Rees, M.C.; Turnbull, A.C., 1984:
Consumption of fibrinolytic proteins in menstrual fluid from women with normal menstrual blood loss

Balasubramanian G.; Chelliah S.; Balasubramanian M., 1985:
Consumption of food and its utilization by spodoptera litura fed on 8 different host plants

Brookhyser K.M.; Aulerich R.J., 1980:
Consumption of food body weight perineal color and levels of progesterone in the serum of cyclic female chinchillas chinchilla laniger

Reversat G., 1981:
Consumption of food reserves by starved 2nd stage juveniles of meloidogyne javanica under conditions inducing osmobiosis

Austin D.D.; Urness P.J., 1987:
Consumption of fresh alfalfa hay by mule deer and elk

Storozhuk P.G.; Sklyar V.A.; Korochanskaya S.P.; Gontmakher Y.V., 1986:
Consumption of glucose and the activities of glucose 6 phosphate isocitrate and malate dehydrogenases in erythrocytes of rats treated with tuberculostatics

Solntseva O.N., 1984:
Consumption of grass layer phytomass by phytophagous insects in a spruce forest

Soholt, L.F., 1977:
Consumption of herbaceous vegetation and water during reproduction and development of meriams kangaroo rat dipodomys merriami

Engesaeter, L.B.; Søreide, O., 1985:
Consumption of hospital resources for hip fracture. Discharge rates for fracture in Norway

Krasil'nikova, M.M.; Efimova, T.P.; Malkov, M.A., 1978:
Consumption of individual fat fractions during cultivation of a mycoheptin producer

Rothschild, A.M.; Castania, A.; Cordeiro, R.S.B., 1974:
Consumption of kininogen formation of kinin and activation of arginine ester hydrolase in rat plasma by rat peritoneal fluid cells in the presence of levo adrenaline specific sensitivity to acetyl salicylic acid

Gautvik, K.M.; Hilton, S.M.; Torres, S.H., 1970:
Consumption of kininogen in the submandibular salivary gland when activated by chorda stimulation

Yamazaki H.; Motomiya T.; Watanabe C.; Miyagawa N.; Yahara Y.; Okawa Y.; Onozawa Y., 1980:
Consumption of larger platelets with decrease in adenine nucleotide content in thrombosis disseminated intra vascular coagulation and post operative state

Seifert D.V.; Shutov S.V., 1981:
Consumption of leaf litter by land mollusk

Knollenberg W.G.; Merritt R.W.; Lawson D.L., 1985:
Consumption of leaf litter by lumbricus terrestris oligochaeta on a michigan usa woodland floodplain

Ichikawa K.; Ota M.; Suga S.; Nakamura M., 1980:
Consumption of lipid of horse serum in culture medium during the growth of mycoplasmas

Janssen C.W.Jr; Heimann P.L.; Solberg S., 1981:
Consumption of medical resources in 2 different age groups of patients with cholecystitis chole lithiasis

Shatilov, I.S.; Bebin, S.I.; Polozhentseva, E.I., 1977:
Consumption of mineral nutrients by spring vetch

Stevenson F.K.; Glennie M.J.; Johnston D.M.M.; Tutt A.L.; Stevenson G.T., 1984:
Consumption of monoclonal and anti idiotypic antibody by neoplastic b lymphocytes a guide for immunotherapy

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Consumption of muscle relaxants in electro stimulation anesthesia

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Consumption of nematodes by fungivorous mites tyrophagus spp acarina astigmata acaridae

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Consumption of northern shrimp pandalus borealis kroyer by the cod gadus morhua l. in the northwestern gulf of st. lawrence canada

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Consumption of nutrients alimentary habits and nutritional status of the population of reus spain v. energy and proteins carbohydrate and lipids

Salas, J.; Font, I.; Canals, J.; Fernandez, J.; Marti-Henneberg, C., 1987:
Consumption of nutrients alimentary habits and nutritional status of the reus population vi. risk of micronutrient malnutrition

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Consumption of nutrients alimentary habits and nutritional status of the reus population vii. distribution of energetic and macronutrient intake in the different meals depending on the age and sex

Zhuchko L.U., 1980:
Consumption of nutritive elements by grasses with different levels of mineral fertilizers

Zhiteneva T.S., 1981:
Consumption of oligochaeta by the bream abramis brama orientalis in different biotopes of the rybinsk reservoir russian sfsr ussr

Henneberry T.J.; Clayton T.E., 1985:
Consumption of pink bollworm pectinophora gossypiella lepidoptera gelechiidae and tobacco budworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae eggs by some predators commonly found in cotton fields

Golovko T.V.; Zhdanova G.A., 1988:
Consumption of planktonic bacteria by some groups of zooplankton in the kiev reservoir ukrainian ssr ussr

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Consumption of platelets in decompression sickness of rabbits

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Consumption of refined sugar by patients with Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, or irritable bowel syndrome

Teas J., 1981:
Consumption of seaweed as a protective factor in the etiology of breast cancer

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Consumption of soybean foliage by the velvetbean caterpillar anticarsia gemmatalis on soybean and notes about their development lepidoptera noctuidae

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Consumption of toxic rice oil by 'yusho' patients and its relation to the clinical response and latent period

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Consumption of tri methylamine by molds in salted fish during storage at low temperature

Nebeker, T.E., 1977:
Consumption of various douglas fir cone structures by barbara colfaxiana lepidoptera olethreutidae

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Consumption of vitamin c ascorbemia and clinical symptoms of vitamin c deficiency in medical students

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Consumption of zoo flagellates by planktonic organisms

Porzig E., 1987:
Consumption pattern and mechanisms of short time regulation in feed uptake behavior

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Consumption pattern of vegetables by the salaried class in india a preliminary report

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Consumption patterns of the retired household

Putman R.J., 1980:
Consumption protein and energy intake of fallow deer dama dama fawns on diets of differing nutritional quality

Warrington S., 1985:
Consumption rates and utilization efficiencies of four species of polyphagous lepidoptera feeding on sycamore acer pseudoplatanus leaves

Zoutendyk P., 1988:
Consumption rates of captive cape south africa rock lobster jasus lalandii

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Consumption use of upland rice as estimated by different methods

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Consumptive coagulopathy. A complication of therapy of solid tumors in childhood

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Consumptive competition coefficients an experimental analysis with spiders

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Consumptive use crop coefficient values for summer groundnut arachis hypogaea

Chavan D.A.; Pawar K.R., 1987:
Consumptive use crop coefficient values for wheat

Gupta, R.K.; Agrawal, G.G., 1977:
Consumptive use of water by gram and linseed

Idris, M., 1978:
Consumptive use of water by ir 8 and chandina rice cultivars

Ahmad B.; Haider G.; Tabassam M.S.; Ahmad R.; Khokhar I.A., 1985:
Consumptive use of water for wheat in northern punjab pakistan

Venkataraman S., 1983:
Consumptive use pattern of hybrid maize

Turkhede B.B.; D.R.; Singh R.K., 1981:
Consumptive water use by opium poppy papaver somniferum

Kneebone W.R.; Pepper I.L., 1982:
Consumptive water use by sub irrigated turf grasses under desert conditions

Miyamoto S., 1983 :
Consumptive water use of irrigated pecans carya illinoensis

Wilkinson D.J., 1987:
Contac 400 a possible cause of aspiration under anesthesia

Zdarkova E.; Horak E., 1987:
Contact acaricides may not restrain effectiveness of the biological control against stored food mites

German A., 1982:
Contact action of di ethyl stilbestrol impregnated paper strips on pregnant levant voles microtus guentheri effect of alteration of di ethyl stilbestrol concentration and of total strip area

Karpitskii V.V.; Yakubovskaya R.I.; Paskhina T.S., 1987:
Contact activated and immunoreactive prekallikrein in the blood plasma of patients with hypertension

Alving B.M.; Tankersley D.L.; Mason B.L.; Rossi F.; Aronson D.L.; Finlayson J.S., 1980:
Contact activated factors contaminants of immuno globin preparations with coagulant and vasoactive properties

Schiffman, S.; Pecci, R.; Lee, P., 1977:
Contact activation of factor xi evidence that the primary role of contact activation cofactor is to facilitate the activation of factor xii

Veremeenko K.N.; Volokhonskaya L.I.; Kizim A.I.; Pogorelaya N.F., 1983:
Contact activation of pre kallikrein and plasminogen in blood plasma

Nedelcheva N.; Gigov R.; Kapralov G.; Yaneva S., 1986:
Contact allergic dermatitis and eczema in workers of the varna transportation complex bulgaria

Kalenský, J.; Jirásková, M., 1980:
Contact allergic eczema caused by glass frames, and its differential diagnosis

Bjorkner, B.; Niklasson, B., 1983:
Contact allergic reaction to d and c yellow no. 11 and quinoline yellow

Malten, K.E.; Kuiper, J.P., 1985:
Contact allergic reactions in 100 selected patients with ulcus cruris

Fregert S.; Trulson L.; Zimerson E., 1982:
Contact allergic reactions to di phenyl thio urea and phenyl iso thio cyanate in poly vinyl chloride adhesive tape

Weissmann I.; Wagner G.; Plewig G., 1980:
Contact allergy to 8 methoxy psoralen

Osmundsen, P.E.; Brandrup, F.; Andersen, K.E., 1987:
Contact allergy to chlorhexidine

Cox, N.H., 1988:
Contact allergy to clobetasol propionate

Frazier, C.A., 1976:
Contact allergy to mace

Ebner H., 1986:
Contact allergy to non steroidal antiphlogistics and antirheumatics

Dooms-Goossens, A.; Degreef, H., 1983:
Contact allergy to petrolatums 1. sensitizing capacity of different brands of yellow and white petrolatums

Dooms-Goossens, A.; Degreef, H., 1983:
Contact allergy to petrolatums 2. attempts to identify the nature of the allergens

Dooms-Goossens, A.; Dooms, M., 1983:
Contact allergy to petrolatums 3. allergenicity prediction and pharmacopeial requirements

Lysell, L., 1976:
Contact allergy to rosin in a periodontal dressing. A case report

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Contact allergy to the brazilian rosewood substitute machaerium scleroxylon

Dahlquist I.; Fregert S.; Trulson L., 1983:
Contact allergy to tri methylol propane tri acrylate in an aziridine plastic hardener

Fraki J.E.; Kalimo K.; Tuohimaa P.; Aantaa E., 1985:
Contact allergy to various components of topical preparation for treatment of external otitis

Magnusson, B.; Möller, H., 1979:
Contact allergy without skin disease

Lamed R.; Bayer E.A., 1986:
Contact and cellulolysis in clostridium thermocellum via extensile surface organelles

Robertson J.L., 1980:
Contact and feeding toxicities of acephate and carbaryl to larval stages of the western spruce budworm choristoneura occidentalis lepidoptera tortricidae

Peleg, M., 1977:
Contact and fracture elements as components of the rheological memory of solid foods

Price, N.C.; Cheng, H., 1981:
Contact and noncontact specular microscopy

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Contact and residual toxicities of pyrethroids and organo phosphorus compounds to the boll weevil anthonomus grandis grandis coleoptera curculionidae

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Contact and systemic actions of flavomycin along with some surfactants on the development and reproductivity of aphis fabae on vicia faba plants

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Contact angle and surface tension in studies of lung surfactant

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Contact angle measurements on human enamel - an in vitro study of influence of pellicle and storage period

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Contact angles and alignment of liquid crystals on lecithin mono layers

Troester S.D.; Kreuter J., 1988:
Contact angles of surfactants with a potential to alter the body distribution of colloidal drug carriers on polymethyl methacrylate surfaces

Cape J.N., 1983:
Contact angles of water droplets on needles of scotch pine pinus sylvestris growing in polluted atmospheres

Peyman G.A.; Katoh N.; Tawakol M.; Khoobehi B.; Desai A., 1987:
Contact application of neodymium yag laser through a fiberoptic and a sapphire tip

Florentz C.; Giege R., 1986:
Contact areas of the turnip yellow mosaic virus transfer rna like structure interacting with yeast valyl transfer rna synthetase

Motolese E.; Morocutti A.; Esposti P.L.; Sarnicola V.; Addabbo G., 1988:
Contact b scan ultrasonographic findings in proliferative diabetic retinopathy

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Contact behavior and pattern formation of bhk and poly virus transformed bhk fibroblasts in culture

Brown R.M.; Middleton C.A., 1987:
Contact behavior during the reassociation of dissociated epithelial cells in primary culture

Klose, S.; Loeschner, K., 1987:
Contact behavior of elderly women living alone from a social psychological point of view part iv. are there any determinants of contact behavior

Klose, S.; Loeschner, K., 1987:
Contact behavior of elderly women living alone from a social psychological point of view part v. conclusions and consequence of individual advice and care

Freilich J.E., 1986:
Contact behavior of the whirligig beetle dineutus assimilis coleoptera gyrinidae

Leuthold W., 1981:
Contact between formerly allopatric subspecies of grants gazelle gazella granti owing to vegetation changes in tsavo national park kenya

Shugerman, R.; Rivara, F.; Parish, R.A.; Heimbach, D., 1987:
Contact burns of the hand

Van Drongelen W., 1979:
Contact chemo reception of host plant specific chemicals in larvae of various yponomeuta species lepidoptera

Rence, B.; Loher, W., 1977:
Contact chemo receptive sex recognition in the male cricket teleogryllus commodus

Valencia L.; Rice M.J., 1982:
Contact chemo receptors on the ovipositor of the potato moth phthorimaea operculella lepidoptera gelechiidae

Krapf D., 1986:
Contact chemoreception of prey in hunting scorpions arachnida scorpiones

Luuk A.G.; Allik Y.K.; Shotter L.Kh; Kushpil' V.I., 1980:
Contact circuit for recording turns of the eyeball

Sherrard, E.S.; Buckley, R.J., 1981:
Contact clinical specular microscopy of the corneal endothelium: optical modifications to the applanating objective cone

Ainsworth L.L., 1984:
Contact comfort a reconsideration of the original work

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Contact dependent regulation of vinculin expression in cultured fibroblasts a study with vinculin specific complementary dna probes

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Contact dermatitis and lysosome activity

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Contact dermatitis and photoallergic contact dermatitis due to musk ambrette

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Contact dermatitis caused by daily necessities and household commodities

Cochran R.J.; Rosen T., 1980:
Contact dermatitis caused by electro cardiographic electrode paste

Horiuchi N., 1987:
Contact dermatitis caused by pesticides

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Contact dermatitis caused by spouse's perfume and cologne

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Contact dermatitis clinical and epidemiologic study of workers who handle potassium bi chromate

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Contact dermatitis due to anesthesia mask

Okazaki N.; Matsunaka M.; Kondo M.; Okamoto K., 1982:
Contact dermatitis due to beefsteak plant perilla frutescens var acuta

Torres V.M.; Soares A.P., 1987:
Contact dermatitis due to iroko

Pasricha J.S.; Panjwani S., 1980:
Contact dermatitis due to nickel starting at the age of 1 year

Siddiqui, M.A.; Singh, R.; Sharma, R.C., 1978:
Contact dermatitis due to Parthenium hysterophorus

Tokizane K.; Kawatsu T., 1981:
Contact dermatitis due to rubber mask

Fiumara N.J.; Kahn S., 1982:
Contact dermatitis from a gonococcal discharge a case

Roed-Petersen, J.; Hjorth, N., 1976:
Contact dermatitis from anti oxidants hidden sensitizers in topical medications and foods

Watanabe K.; Sugai T.; Okuno F., 1982:
Contact dermatitis from clothing

Mathias, C.G., 1982:
Contact dermatitis from cyanide plating solutions

Kanerva L.; Jolanki R.; Plosila M.; Estlander T., 1984:
Contact dermatitis from di butyl thio urea a case with fine structural observations of epi cutaneous testing with di butyl thio urea

Menz, J.; Rossi, E.R.; Taylor, W.C.; Wall, L., 1986:
Contact dermatitis from Grevillea 'Robyn Gordon'

Rycroft, R.J.G., 1977:
Contact dermatitis from organo phosphorus pesticides

Fujita Y., 1985:
Contact dermatitis from pesticides in tea growers

Saito F.; Urushibata O.; Murao T., 1982:
Contact dermatitis from plants for the last 6 years

Nagano T.; Ohara K.; Yamamoto S.; Sugai T., 1982:
Contact dermatitis from plants these 7 years and presentation of some representative cases

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Contact dermatitis from stearyl alcohol and hexanetriol in fluocinonide cream

Cipolla C.; Monterastelli G.; Giannini A.; Morreale R.A.; D'antuono A.; Raffi G., 1986:
Contact dermatitis in health care professionals preventive approaches

Hayashi N., 1981:
Contact dermatitis probably caused by combination of fabric softener and soapless soap

Meltzer, J.; Rakoff, S.; Botstein, C., 1977:
Contact dermatitis progressing to generalized urticaria as a complication of lymph angiography/

Reiffers, J., 1982:
Contact dermatitis to bufexamac

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Contact dermatitis to mephenesin

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Contact dermatitis to neomycin sulfate

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Contact dermatitis with topical medicaments

Ohiwa K.; Matsunaga K.; Hayakawa R.; Yasuma M.; Ito M.; Tanaka T., 1982:
Contact dermatitis with zildasac ointment

Eisemann, M., 1984:
Contact difficulties and experience of loneliness in depressed patients and non-psychiatric controls

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Contact eczema due to ester imide resins

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Contact eczema in patients with leg ulcers

Murakami, M.; Moriga, M.; Miyake, T.; Uchino, H., 1982 :
Contact electrode method in hydrogen gas clearance technique: a new method for determination of regional gastric mucosal blood flow in animals and humans

Dubuisson, J.B.; Barbot, J.; Henrion, R., 1979:
Contact embryoscopy

Coin, C.G.; Coin, J.T., 1980:
Contact enhancement by xenon gas in computed tomography of the spinal cord and brain: preliminary observations

Ravindran, M., 1978:
Contact epilepsy a rare form of reflex epilepsy

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Contact filtration for phosphorus removal

Rebhun M.; Fuhrer Z.; Adin A., 1984:
Contact flocculation filtration of humic substances

Barenboim G.M.; Dmitrevskaya T.V.; Ivanov L.S.; Morozova G.I., 1982:
Contact fluorescence microscopy in pharmacology and biological studies of chemical compounds

Brinkmann H., 1986:
Contact gel as a source of error in x ray films of the skull

Riquin D.; Fankhauser F.; Loertscher H., 1983:
Contact glasses for use with high power lasers 2 new contact glasses for micro surgery at the iris in the pupillary and the retropupillary space

Ohara P.T.; Buck R.C., 1979:
Contact guidance in vitro a light microscopic transmission electron microscopic and scanning electron microscopic study

Wood, A., 1988 :
Contact guidance on microfabricated substrata: the response of teleost fin mesenchyme cells to repeating topographical patterns

Cone E.J.; Johnson R.E., 1986:
Contact highs and urinary cannabinoid excretion after passive exposure to marihuana smoke

Streilein J.W.; Sullivan S.; Thompson S., 1980:
Contact hyper sensitivity humoral immunity and specific unresponsiveness can be induced in syrian hamsters with simplex haptens

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Contact hyper sensitivity in the guinea pig the cumulative contact enhancement test

Ray M.C.; Tharp M.D.; Sullivan T.J.; Tigelaar R.E., 1983:
Contact hyper sensitivity reactions to di nitrofluoro benzene mediated by mono clonal immuno globulin e anti di nitro phenyl antibodies

Pasricha J.S.; Guru B., 1981:
Contact hyper sensitivity to local anti bacterial agents

Takashima, E., 1987:
Contact hysteroscopic exploration of the uterine cavity

Barbot, J.; Parent, B.; Dubuisson, J.B., 1980:
Contact hysteroscopy: another method of endoscopic examination of the uterine cavity

Valente, S.; Marchetti, M.; Murari, G., 1981:
Contact hysteroscopy in the diagnosis of endometrial carcinoma

Brown R.M.; Middleton C.A., 1981:
Contact induced spreading in cultures of corneal epithelial cells

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Contact infection of mink mustela vison with influenza a viruses of avian and mammalian origin

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Contact inhibited revertant cell lines isolated from sv 40 transformed cells

Culp, L.A.; Black, P.H., 1972:
Contact inhibited revertant cell lines isolated from sv 40 transformed cells part 3 concanavalin a selected revertant cells

Bradley, W.E.C.; Culp, L.A., 1977:
Contact inhibited revertant cell lines isolated from sv 40 transformed cells part 7 serum detachment resistant revertant cells

Holley, R.W.; Kiernan, J.A., 1968:
Contact inhibition of cell division in neopl 3t3 cells mouse embryo human virus

Sanders E.J.; Prasad S., 1981:
Contact inhibition of loco motion and the structure of homotypic and heterotypic inter cellular contacts in embryonic epithelial cultures

Van Haarlem R., 1979:
Contact inhibition of overlapping 1 of the factors involved in deep cell epiboly of nothobranchius korthausae

Dobias J.; Nemec P.; Podova M., 1979:
Contact insecticidal effect of fungi of the class fungi imperfecti

Viljoen, J.H.; De-Beer, P.R.; Du-Toit, D.M.; Van-Tonder, H.J., 1981:
Contact insecticides for the control of stored product pests 5. the protection against re infestation of maize and groundnuts in bag stacks

Chang, C.C.; Trosko, J.E.; el-Fouly, M.H.; Gibson-D'Ambrosio, R.E.; D'Ambrosio, S.M. , 1987:
Contact insensitivity of a subpopulation of normal human fetal kidney epithelial cells and of human carcinoma cell lines

Gvichiya A.Sh; Rovenskii Y.A., 1980:
Contact interaction of ascites hepatoma 22a cells with solid substratum

Gyulling E.V.; Nikol'skii I.S.; Dyugovskaya L.A.; Chernenko O.D.; Ovsienko V.V., 1980:
Contact interaction of mastocytes and lymphocytes in ontogenic antigen induced differentiation and malignant transformation of lymphoid cells

Rovenskii Y.A.; Gvichiya A.Sh; Vasil'ev Y.M., 1981:
Contact interaction of mouse ascites hepatoma cells with artificial and biological solid substrates

Martynov L.A., 1980:
Contact interactions between blastomeres after cell division in connection with viscid elastic properties of the snail lymnaea stagnalis cell membrane and membrane synthesis

Martynov L.A., 1979:
Contact interactions of blastomeres after cell division in connection with viscous properties of cell membrane and genetic determination of these properties

Ivanova O.Yu; Komm S.G.; Fetisova E.K., 1981:
Contact interactions of epithelial sheets

Aleksandrova A.Yu; Vasil'ev Y.M.; Samoilov V.I., 1986:
Contact interactions of the spreading platelets

Vijfvinkel G.; Van Loenen Martinet A.H.J., 1982:
Contact keratoscope for clinical and surgical use

Ando F.; Federman J.L.; Daikuzono N., 1987:
Contact laser scalpel for intraocular surgery

Kersley, H.J.; Bryan, S.J., 1985:
Contact lens hospital emergencies

Yusa T.; Nakagawa Y., 1984:
Contact lens induced allergic conjunctivitis

McMonnies, C.W., 1981:
Contact lens intolerance in association with epithelial dystrophy

Berson D.; Rozenman Y., 1981:
Contact lens simulating tumor of the upper eyelid

D.V.ies Reilingh, A.; Reiners, H.; Van Bijsterveld, O.P., 1978:
Contact lens tolerance and oral contraceptives

Flynn, W.J.; Miller, R.E.; Tredici, T.J.; Block, M.G.; Kirby, E.E.; Provines, W.F., 1987:
Contact lens wear at altitude: subcontact lens bubble formation

Gasset A.R., 1976:
Contact lenses and corneal disease a programmed course

Socks, J.F., 1982:
Contact lenses in extreme cold environments: response of rabbit corneas

Dmitrevskaya T.V.; Kharlamova S.B.; Ivanov L.S.; Barenboim G.M., 1984:
Contact luminescent microscopy in the intravital studies of the reparative processes in the liver of animals

Inbar, M.; Yuli, I.; Raz, A., 1977:
Contact mediated changes in the fluidity of membrane lipids in normal and malignant transformed mammalian fibroblasts

Carpenter, C.R.; Bose, H.R.; Rubin, A.S., 1977:
Contact mediated suppression of mitogen induced responsiveness by spleen cells in reticuloendotheliosis virus induced tumorigenesis

Voitenko, L.M.; Kalashnikova, E.P., 1976:
Contact microscopic and histochemical investigation of the placenta in normal and pathological pregnancy

Kochetygov N.I.; Popechitelev E.P.; Pozdnyakov P.K.; Chigirev B.I.; Yakubenas A.V., 1983:
Contact microscopy and interactive television method in the study of micro circulation in emergency states and their infusion therapy

Dumbre, R.B.; Hower, A.A., 1977:
Contact mortality of the alfalfa weevil parasite microctonus aethiopoides from insecticide residues on alfalfa

Ohyama M.; Nobori T.; Ueno K.; Shima T.; Miyazaki Y.; Daikuzono N., 1986:
Contact neodymium yag laser surgery for head and neck tumor

Vtyurin, B.M., 1987:
Contact neutron beam therapy of tumors with californium 252 radiation

Beiderbeck, R., 1976:
Contact of agrobacterium tumefaciens with wound cells as a prerequisite of tumor induction

Isaeva V.V., 1980:
Contact orientation of myo blasts and muscle fibers in the differentiating culture of myogenic cells

Hata T.; Ohkawa K.; Uchida K., 1981:
Contact patterns between cyto tropho blast decidual cells in human implantation site

Patrassi, G.M.; Martinelli, S.; Picchinenna, A.; Girolami, A., 1985 :
Contact phase of coagulation in diabetes mellitus after aspirin administration

Czarkowska, J.; Majczyński, H., 1985:
Contact placing reaction times in the cat

Goldberg, I.M.; Schick, P.M.; Pilch, Y.; Shabot, M.M., 1981:
Contact plate thermography: a new technique for diagnosis of breast masses

Belousov, L.V., 1988:
Contact polarization of the cells of the xenopus laevis embryos during gastrulation 1. contact polarization as a reaction to mechanical relaxation

Dolowy, K.; Minc, S., 1975:
Contact potential difference of cells in vitro as a measure of hydrophilic properties of the cell membrane

Dolowy, K.; Minc, S., 1976:
Contact potential difference of human erythrocytes part 1 effect of ionic strength and osmotic pressure

Dolowy, K.; Kucharska, M.M.; Minc, S., 1976:
Contact potential difference of human erythrocytes part 2 effect of glutaraldehyde and neuraminidase

Afoke, N.Y.; Byers, P.D.; Hutton, W.C., 1987:
Contact pressures in the human hip joint

Rosenstein, R.W.; Musson, R.A.; Armstrong, M.Y.K.; Konigsberg, W.H.; Richards, F.F., 1972:
Contact regions for di nitro phenyl and menadione haptens in an immuno globulin binding more than 1 antigen

Kalina, M.; Berke, G., 1976:
Contact regions of cyto toxic thymus derived lymphocyte target cell conjugates

Betchaku, T.; Trinkaus, J.P., 1978:
Contact relations surface activity and cortical micro filaments of marginal cells of the enveloping layer and of the yolk syncytial and yolk cytoplasmic layers of fundulus heteroclitus before and during epiboly

Viville C.; Schueller D.; D.P.triconi R., 1983:
Contact renal cooling under permanent control of intra renal temperature during surgery for coral calculi

Lewis, R.W.; Harrison, R.M., 1980:
Contact scrotal thermography 2. use in the infertile male

Lewis, R.W.; Harrison, R.M., 1979:
Contact scrotal thermography: application to problems of infertility

Klein, L.; Hewitt, J., 1987:
Contact seeking with an unfamiliar adult in day care and home reared children as a function of adult's seating position and mother's presence or absence

Nagarkatti M.; Nagarkatti P.S., 1980:
Contact sensitivity and tolerance induction to 1 fluoro 2 4 dinitro benzene in experimental dengue virus infection

Kulozik M.; Powell S.M.; Cherry G.; Ryan T.J., 1988:
Contact sensitivity in community based leg ulcer patients

Polak, L., 1984:
Contact sensitivity in guinea pigs: allogeneic reaction and carrier specificity in antigenic recognition

Kristofferson, A.; Ahlstedt, S.; Enander, I., 1982:
Contact sensitivity in guinea pigs to different penicillins

Bäck, O.; Larsen, A., 1982:
Contact sensitivity in mice evaluated by means of ear swelling and a radiometric test

Tanaka K I., 1980:
Contact sensitivity in mice induced by tolylene di iso cyanate

Tanaka K I.; Nagaya Y.; Marui S.; Okamoto Y.; Hanada S., 1985:
Contact sensitivity in rats induced by tolylene diisocyanate

Macdonald, T.T.; Carter, P.B., 1978:
Contact sensitivity in the germ free mouse

Asherson, G.L.; Zembala, M., 1970:
Contact sensitivity in the mouse part 4 the role of lymphocytes and macrophages in passive transfer and the mechanism of their interaction

Soeberg, B.; Sumerska, T.; Binns, R.M.; Balfour, B.M., 1978:
Contact sensitivity in the pig part 2 induction by intra lymphatic infusion of di nitro phenol conjugated cells

Soeberg, B.; Sumerska, T.; Binns, R.M.; Balfour, B.M., 1978:
Contact sensitivity in the pig part 3 induction by intra lymphatic infusion of di nitro phenyl conjugated cell membranes and soluble proteins free di nitrofluoro benzene and some small molecular weight derivatives