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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5042

Chapter 5042 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Frey, J.R., 1974:
Contact sensitivity induction tolerance de sensitization

Kanagawa H.; Kotake K.; Yasutake H.; Tateishi H.; Sagami S., 1984:
Contact sensitivity reactions induced by different quantities of haptens applied

Reed, S.G.; Larson, C.L.; Speer, C.A., 1978:
Contact sensitivity responses in mice infected with Trypanosoma cruzi

Tiwary, B.K.; Goel, M.C., 1985:
Contact sensitivity to 2 4 dinitrochlorobenzene in normal and cell mediated immunity deficient chickens in vivo detection and correlation with lymphocyte transformation and graft vs. host reaction

Clemmensen O.; Knudsen H.E., 1980:
Contact sensitivity to aluminum in a patient hypo sensitized with aluminum precipitated grass pollen

Zembala, M.; Asherson, G.L.; Noworolski, J.; Mayhew, B., 1976:
Contact sensitivity to picryl chloride the occurrence of bone marrow derived suppressor cells in the lymph nodes and spleen of immunized mice

Song, M.; Degreef, H.; D.M.ubeuge, J.; Dooms-Goossens, A.; Oleffe, J., 1979:
Contact sensitivity to rubber additives in Belgium

Curley, R.K.; Macfarlane, A.W.; King, C.M., 1986:
Contact sensitivity to the amide anesthetics lidocaine, prilocaine, and mepivacaine. Case report and review of the literature

Rycroft R.J.G.; Wilkinson J.D.; Holmes R.; Hay R.J., 1980:
Contact sensitization to p tert butyl phenol resin in plastic nail adhesive

Lang, J.T., 1977:
Contact sex pheromone in the mosquito Culiseta inornata (Diptera: Culicidae

Carlson D.A.; Nelson D.R.; Langley P.A.; Coates T.W.; Davis T.L.; Leegwater Van Der Linden M.E., 1984:
Contact sex pheromone in the tsetse fly glossina pallidipes identification and synthesis

Holbrook, K.A.; Perkins, W.D.; Glick, B., 1977:
Contact sites between lymphoid cells of the bursa of Fabricius, in vivo and in vitro

Okuyama, H.; Takeda, J.; Mimura, S.; Konishi, M.; Morikawa, K., 1978:
Contact skin hyper sensitivity against oxazolone in rabbits

Khararjian, H.A.; Sherrard, J.H., 1978:
Contact stabilization treatment of a colloidal organic waste water

Miller D.R.; Hamby K.M.; Slaga T.J., 1982:
Contact stimulated proliferation of cultured mouse epidermal cells by 3t3 feeder layers inhibition of proliferation by 12 o tetradecanoyl phorbol 13 acetate

Ito, Y., 1977:
Contact stimulation between intact and amputated deutonymphs of parasitus gregarius for induction of molting acarina parasitidae

Ito, Y., 1976:
Contact stimulation by crowding for induction of molting in parasitus gregarius deutonymphs acarina parasitidae

Clement J L., 1982:
Contact stimulations between termite species in the genus reticulitermes affecting their aggressive behavior

Ovchinnikov N.M.; Ivlieva M.S., 1980:
Contact syphilis in a guinea pig

Gonazlez Zangroniz L.; Lovio Cardenas Z.; Abreu Daniel A., 1981:
Contact tests

Fritz P.; Bauer M.; Fehrentz D.; Zum Winkel K.; Weidauer H.; Singer R., 1985:
Contact therapy in the region of pharynx and oral cavity afterloading technique irradiation planning and results

Morrow T.J.; Casey K.L., 1981:
Contact thermal stimulator for neuro behavioral research on temperature sensation

Berra J.L.; Forti I.N., 1984:
Contact thermography as a method for evaluating a vasoactive drug naftidrofuryl

Ruggiero H.A.; Berra J.L.; Rojas Brizuela J.M., 1986:
Contact thermography as an assessment method of ginkgo biloba extract effects on peripheral arteriopathies

Pflanzer K.; Dunky A.; Ebner W.; Funke U., 1979:
Contact thermography in evaluation of inflammatory joint diseases

Christensen S.W.; Willie Jorgensen P.; Kjaer L.; Stadeager C.; Widding A.; Vestergaard A.; Bjerg Nielsen A., 1987:
Contact thermography technetium 99m plasmin scintimetry and technetium 99m plasmin scintigraphy as screening methods for deep venous thrombosis following major hip surgery

Hare J.D., 1980:
Contact toxicities of 10 insecticides to connecticut usa populations of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata

Cherry R.H.; Dusky J.A., 1983:
Contact toxicities of 10 insecticides to the sugarcane grub ligyrus subtropicus coleoptera scarabaeidae

Nord J.C.; D.B.rr G.L., 1983:
Contact toxicities of 12 insecticides to leptoglossus corculus adults hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

Pandey G.C.; Agarwal R.A., 1980:
Contact toxicity of 11 insecticides to sugarcane top shoot borer tryporyza nivella lepidoptera pyralidae

Harris C.R.; Turnbull S.A.; Mcleod D.G.R., 1985:
Contact toxicity of 21 insecticides to adults of the carrot rust fly psila rosae diptera psilidae

Debarr, G.L.; Fedde, V.H., 1978:
Contact toxicity of 3 pyrethroids to the fall cankerworm alsophila pometaria

Debarr, G.L.; Nord, J.C., 1978:
Contact toxicity of 34 insecticides to 2nd stage nymphs of leptoglossus corculus hemiptera heteroptera coreidae

Waddill, V.H., 1978:
Contact toxicity of 4 synthetic pyrethroids and methomyl to some adult insect parasites

Respicio N.C.; Forgash A.J., 1984:
Contact toxicity of 6 insecticides to the gypsy moth lymantria dispar lepidoptera lymantriidae and its parasites brachymeria intermedia hymenoptera chalcididae and compsilura concinnata diptera tachinidae

Paraw, S.M., 1978:
Contact toxicity of ddt to musca domestica nebulo/

Childers C.C.; Nigg H.N., 1982:
Contact toxicity of insecticides to adults of the coffee bean weevil araecerus fasciculatus coleoptera anthribidae

Ying S H., 1988:
Contact toxicity of some insecticides to certain hymenopterous parasitoids

Rettich F., 1982:
Contact toxicity of some organo phosphates carbamates and pyrethroids to hibernating females of culex pipiens pipiens

Harris C.R.; Turnbull S.A., 1986:
Contact toxicity of some pyrethroid insecticides alone and in combination with piperonyl butoxide to insecticide susceptible and pyrethroid resistant strains of the colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata coleoptera chrysomelidae

Surulivelu T.; Menon M.V., 1982:
Contact toxicity of synthetic pyrethroids organo phosphorus and carbamate insecticides to adults of the parasite chelonus blackburni

Akhtar S.; Aijaz R.; Baig M.M.H., 1987:
Contact toxicity of two systemic pesticides for controlling locust hoppers

Munday, P.E.; McDonald, W.; Murray-Sykes, K.M.; Harris, J.R., 1983:
Contact tracing in hepatitis B infection

Cooper D.A.; Gold J.; May W.; Kaminsky L.S.; Penny R.; Levy J.A., 1984:
Contact tracing in the acquired immune deficiency syndrome evidence for transmission of virus and disease by an asymptomatic carrier

Asuzu M.C.; Ogunbanjo B.O.; Ajayi I.O.; Oyediran A.B.O.; Osoba A.O., 1984:
Contact tracing in the control of sexually transmitted disease in ibadan nigeria

Wykoff, R.F.; Heath, C.W.; Hollis, S.L.; Leonard, S.T.; Quiller, C.B.; Jones, J.L.; Artzrouni, M.; Parker, R.L., 1988:
Contact tracing to identify human immunodeficiency virus infection in a rural community

Brancato R.; Leoni G.; Trabucchi G., 1986:
Contact transcleral chorioretinal photocoagulation with cw neodymium yag laser experimental study

Rogoza, A.N., 1981:
Contact transducer for continuous measurement of blood vessel diameter

Kono Y.; Sentsui H.; Arai K.; Ishida H.; Irishio W., 1983:
Contact transmission of bovine leukemia virus under insect free conditions

Agrup, G.; Sjöstedt, L., 1985:
Contact urticaria in laboratory technicians working with animals

Edwards, E.K., 1981:
Contact urticaria to cow's milk

Henry, J.C.; Tschen, E.H.; Becker, L.E., 1979:
Contact urticaria to parabens

Frosch P.J.; Wahl R.; Bahmer F.A.; Maasch H.J., 1986:
Contact urticaria to rubber gloves is immunoglobulin e mediated

Beck, J.; Chmielewska, J., 1976:
Contact with estrus female as a reward for instrumental response in a growing male rat from the 3rd up to the 14th week of life

Timonen, T.T.T.; Ilvonen, M., 1978:
Contact with hospital drugs and chemicals as etiological factors in leukemia

Staples R.C.; Grambow H J.; Hoch H.C.; Wynn W.K., 1983:
Contact with membrane grooves induces wheat stem rust puccinia graminis f sp tritici uredo spore germlings to differentiate appressoria but not vesicles

Henderson, N.D., 1977:
Contact with novel stimuli improves subsequent food location performance in mice

Lander F.; Jeune B.; Skytthe A., 1987:
Contact with pesticides and the prevalence of acute symptoms among gardeners

Strunk R.C.; Kunke K.S.; Hollister J.R.; Musson R.A., 1982:
Contact with specific surfaces stimulates the production of complement c 2 in human peripheral blood monocytes via a lymphocyte factor

Link, B.G.; Cullen, F.T., 1986:
Contact with the mentally ill and perceptions of how dangerous they are

Hafner J.C.; Hafner D.J.; Patton J.L.; Smith M.F., 1983:
Contact zones and the genetics of differentiation in the pocket gopher thomomys bottae rodentia geomyidae

Mueller R.; Ruediger W., 1987:
Contactless measurement of position time parameters during locomotor behavior

Rech, F., 1981:
Contactless method for the continuous and selective study of motor activity in the laboratory rat

Morrison, A.; Cozzarelli, N.R., 1981:
Contacts between DNA gyrase and its binding site on DNA: features of symmetry and asymmetry revealed by protection from nucleases

Johnsrud, L., 1978:
Contacts between escherichia coli rna polymerase ec and a lac operon promoter

Siebenlist, U.; Gilbert, W., 1980:
Contacts between escherichia coli rna polymerase ec and an early promoter of phage t 7

Simpson, R.B., 1979:
Contacts between escherichia coli rna polymerase ec and thymines in the lac uv 5 promoter

Falvey, E.; Grindley, N.D., 1987:
Contacts between gamma delta resolvase and the gamma delta res site

Middleton, C.A.; Pegrum, S.M., 1976:
Contacts between pigmented retina epithelial cells in culture

Dohr G.; Tarmann T., 1984:
Contacts between wolffian and muellerian cells at the tip of the outgrowing muellerian duct in rat embryos

Smith, P.G.; Pike, M.C.; Kinlen, L.J.; Jones, A.; Harris, R., 1977:
Contacts between young patients with hodgkins disease

Bailey, J.; Gingell, D., 1988:
Contacts of chick fibroblasts on glass: results and limitations of quantitative interferometry

Keil T.A., 1982:
Contacts of pore tubules and sensory dendrites in antennal chemo sensilla of a silk moth antheraea polyphemus demonstration of a possible pathway for olfactory molecules

Abdurashidova G.G.; Nargizyan M.G.; Rudenko N.V.; Turchinskii M.F.; Budovskii E.I., 1985:
Contacts of ribosomal proteins with phenylalanyl transfer rna and 16s rna in analogs of 30s initiation complex

Wolk-Wasserman, D., 1987:
Contacts of suicidal alcohol and drug abuse patients and their significant others with public care institutions before the suicide attempt

Davydova T.V., 1983:
Contacts of the cone like visual cell basal processes in the external reticular layer of the tortoise sensory tunic eyeball

Medvedeva G.I.; Korenberg E.I.; Vasil'eva V.I.; Savel'eva N.A.; Mineeva M.M.; Yurkova E.V.; Kozhevnikova L.K., 1982:
Contacts of the population with natural foci of tick borne encephalitis in the 1st years of development of the eastern part of the baikal amur railway zone russian sfsr ussr

Clark, S.C.; Rootman, I.; Maclean, B., 1977:
Contacts with a canadian drug information and crisis center 1971 1974

Clark, C.; Rootman, I.; Lander, A., 1978:
Contacts with a canadian street level drug and crisis center 1972 1976

Clark S.C.; Mckiernan W., 1981:
Contacts with a canadian street level drug and crisis center 1975 1978

Wallace, R., 1978:
Contagion and incubation in new york city usa structural fires 1964 1976

Talavera J.; Goncer A., 1985:
Contagious agalactia in goats caused by 2 simultaneous pathogenic mycoplasma

Guha C.; Verma B.B., 1987:
Contagious caprine pleuropneumonia experimental infection of kids with local strain of mycoplasma agalactiae

Rommel, F.A.; Sahu, S.P., 1981:
Contagious equine metritis: antibody response of experimentally infected pony mares

Kamada M.; Anzai T.; Kanemaru T.; Wada R.; Kumanomido T., 1987:
Contagious equine metritis characterization of small and large colonial variants of taylorella equigenitalis isolated from a laboratory strain

Acland, H.M.; Allen, P.Z.; Kenney, R.M., 1983:
Contagious equine metritis: distribution of organisms in experimental infection of mares

Sahu, S.P., 1981:
Contagious equine metritis: effect of vaccination on control of the disease

Timoney, P.J.; O'Reilly, P.J.; McArdle, J.F.; Ward, J.; Harrington, A.M., 1985:
Contagious equine metritis: experimental infection in the donkey

Sahu, S.P.; Dardiri, A.H., 1980:
Contagious equine metritis: isolation and characterization of the etiologic agent

Panjevic D.; Paunovic S.; Durkovic B.; Knezevic N., 1980:
Contagious hemorrhagic enteritis in dogs

Nandi D.N.; Banerjee G.; Bera S.; Nandi S.; Nandi P., 1985:
Contagious hysteria in a west bengal india village

Ilic G.; Milosavljevic B.; Jujic B., 1986:
Contagious pustular dermatitis of sheep and goats on farms in the timok region yugoslavia

Koff, R.S.; Slavin, M.M.; Connelly, J.D.; Rosen, D.R., 1977:
Contagiousness of acute hepatitis B. Secondary attack rates in household contacts

Llienfeld, D.E., 1977:
Contagium vivum and the development of water filtration: the beginning of the sanitary movement

Röck, N.D.; Hoffmann, P., 1987 :
Container accidents

Taylor, H.M., 1977:
Container blow molding noise

Smittle, B.J.; Labrecque, G.C.; Williams, D.F.; Patterson, R.S., 1978:
Container for irradiation of stable flies for a mass release program

Dixon R.K.; Wright G.M.; Garrett H.E.; Cox G.S.; Johnson P.S.; Sander I.L., 1981:
Container grown and nursery grown black oak quercus velutina seedlings inoculated with pisolithus tinctorius growth and ecto mycorrhizal development during seedling production period

Dixon R.K.; Garrett H.E.; Cox G.S.; Johnson P.S.; Sander I.L., 1981:
Container grown and nursery grown black oak quercus velutina seedlings inoculated with pisolithus tinctorius growth and ecto mycorrhizal development following out planting on an ozark missouri usa clear cut

Guldin R.W., 1982:
Container grown longleaf pine pinus palustris regeneration costs in the sandhills of south carolina usa

Khoshoo V.; Bhan M.K.; Arora N.K.; Ghai O.P.; Bhandari N.; Sood D., 1985:
Container size and sodium concentration of rehydration solutions prepared by rural mothers

Dufault R.J.; Waters L.Jr, 1985:
Container size influences broccoli brassica oleracea var italica and cauliflower brassica oleracea var botrytis transplant growth but not yield

James, R.L.; Gilligan, C.J., 1985:
Containerized engelmann spruce seedling diseases at the usa department of agriculture forest service nursery coeur d'alene idaho usa

Supan J.E.; Cake E.W.Jr, 1982:
Containerized relaying of polluted oysters crassostrea virginica in mississippi sound mississippi usa using suspension rack and on bottom longline techniques

Dixon R.K.; Garrett H.E.; Cox G.S., 1979:
Containerized shortleaf pine pinus echinata seedlings show superior growth and ecto mycorrhizal development with mist foliar fertilization

James R.L., 1985:
Containerized western white pine pinus monticola seedling mortality at the bonners ferry ranger district idaho panhandle national forests usa

Jacobi, G.Z., 1977:
Containers for observing mortality of benthic macro invertebrates during antimycin treatment of a stream

Keller E.R.; Huber R.; Schwendimann F.; Soldati A., 1987:
Containers for small plot trials with crop plants

Pflug I.J., 1982:
Containers with an end flat against the side wall or bottom of a retort effect on heating rate and the sterilization value

Clayton, A.J., 1979:
Containment aircraft transit isolator

Barbeito, M.S.; Taylor, L.A., 1968:
Containment of microbial aerosols in a microbiological safety cabinet bacteria human infection

Gupta, H.P.; Singh, N.B.; Kumar, A., 1987:
Containment of mycobacterium leprae multiplication in footpads of mycobacterium habana vaccinated animals

Edsberg B.; Rubinstein E.; Reimers J., 1979:
Containment of the femoral head in legg calve perthes disease and its prognostic significance

Hilton J.W.; Hodson P.V.; Braun H.E.; Leatherland J.L.; Slinger S.J., 1983:
Contaminant accumulation and physiological response in rainbow trout salmo gairdneri reared on naturally contaminated diets

Clark J.R.; Devault D.; Bowden R.J.; Weishaar J.A., 1984:
Contaminant analysis of fillets from great lakes usa canada coho salmon 1980

Pick F.E.; P.R.; Prinsloo S.M.; Van Dyk L.P., 1987:
Contaminant and formulation analysis of msma using high pressure liquid chromatography graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry

Riches P.G.; Polce B.; Hong R., 1988:
Contaminant bands on sds polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis are recognized by antibodies in normal human serum and saliva

Cross J.N.; Hardy J.T.; Hose J.E.; Hershelman G.P.; Antrim L.D.; Gossett R.W.; Crecelius E.A., 1987:
Contaminant concentrations and toxicity of sea surface microlayer near los angeles california usa

O'shea T.J.; Moore J.F.; Kochman H.I., 1984:
Contaminant concentrations in manatees trichechus manatus in florida usa

Rustgi S.N.; Gromadzki Z.C.; Ling C.C.; Yorke E.D., 1983:
Contaminant electrons in the build up region of a 4 megavolt photon beam

Heinz G.H.; Erdman T.C.; Haseltine S.D.; Stafford C., 1985:
Contaminant levels in colonial waterbirds from green bay and lake michigan usa 1975 1980

Fontaine T.D.IIi; Lesht B.M., 1987:
Contaminant management strategies for the great lakes usa canada optimal solutions under uncertain conditions

Winger P.V.; Andreasen J.K., 1985:
Contaminant residues in fish and sediments from lakes in the atchafalaya river basin louisiana usa

Jensen A.L., 1986:
Contaminant uptake by fish and the potential for transfer to humans modeled over time

Hering S.E.; Cupo P.; Trivelato T.M.B.; Ottoboni M.A.P.; Franco L.M., 1986:
Contaminant zinc contents in solutions routinely utilized for parenteral nutrition and or hydration

Goh K.M.; Molloy B.P.J., 1979:
Contaminants in charcoals used for radio carbon dating

Wigle, D.T.; Mao, Y.; Semenciw, R.; Smith, M.H.; Toft, P., 1986:
Contaminants in drinking water and cancer risks in Canadian cities

Thompson B.E.; Hershelman G.P.; Gossett R., 1986:
Contaminants in sediments of two nearshore basin slopes off southern california usa

Mueller, J.A.; Anderson, A.R.; Jeris, J.S., 1976:
Contaminants in the new york bight usa

Fleming W.J.; Rodgers J.A.Jr; Stafford C.J., 1985:
Contaminants in wood stork mycteria americana eggs and their effects on reproduction florida usa 1982

Martin, G.C.; Dennis, F.G.; Gaskin, P.; Macmillan, J., 1975:
Contaminants present in materials commonly used to purify plant extracts for hormone analysis

Frank, M.J.; Schaffner, W., 1976:
Contaminated aqueous benzalkonium chloride. An unnecessary hospital infection hazard

Marples R.R., 1983:
Contaminated first aid dressings report of a working party of the public health laboratory service

Baird, R.M.; Awad, Z.A.; Shooter, R.A.; Noble, W.C., 1980:
Contaminated medicaments in use in a hospital for diseases of the skin

Martin D.L.; Gustafson T.L.; Pelosi J.W.; Suarez L.; Pierce G.V., 1986:
Contaminated produce a common source for two outbreaks of shigella sonnei gastroenteritis

Moustoukas, N.M.; Nichols, R.L.; Smith, J.W.; Garey, R.E.; Egan, R.R., 1983:
Contaminated street heroin. Relationship to clinical infections

Bernier, G.M.; Mcintyre, O.R., 1976:
Contaminating antibodies in anti immuno globulin e anti sera

Arpi M.; Gahrn Hansen B.; Rosdahl V.T., 1988:
Contaminating coagulase negative staphylococci isolated in a lysis centrifugation isolator blood culture system application of different epidemiological markers for deduction of mode of contamination

Skjonsberg O.H.; Kierulf P.; Gravem K.; Fagerhol M.K.; Godal H.C., 1986:
Contaminating fibrin in citrate phosphate dextrose blood solubility in plasma and distribution in blood components following separation

Mateos Garcia A.; Suarez Fernandez G., 1984:
Contaminating mycoflora in yoghurt general aspects and special reference to the genus penicillium

Nester S.; Woodburn M., 1982:
Contamination and growth of bacillus cereus and clostridium perfringens in mexican style beans

Teninges D.; Ohanessian A.; Richard Molard C.; Contamine D., 1979:
Contamination and persistent infection of drosophila cell lines by reovirus type particles

Al-Adil, K.M.; Abdul-Nour, B.A.; Yahia, S.A.; Daoud, K.A., 1977:
Contamination by aspergillus flavus group of some foodstuffs in baghdad area iraq

Saraiva, M.C.; Fraizier, A., 1975:
Contamination by chromium 51 and cadmium 109 of cultures of the alga dunaliella bioculata

Perombelon, M.C.M.; Lowe, R.; Ballantine, E.M., 1976:
Contamination by erwinia carotovora of seed potato stocks of stem cutting origin in the process of multiplication

Cala-Rivero, V.; Rodriguez-Sanchidrian, J., 1985:
Contamination by heavy metals in different plant species of the aranjuez plain spain i. distribution in their constitutive parts

Cala-Rivero, V.; Rodriguez-Sanchidrian, J., 1985:
Contamination by heavy metals in different plant species of the aranjuez plain spain ii. potential toxicity

Cala-Rivero, V.; Rodriguez-Sanchidrian, J.; Guerra-Delgado, A., 1985:
Contamination by heavy metals in soils of the aranjuez plain spain i. lead cadmium copper zinc nickel and chromium

Cala-Rivero, V.; Rodriguez-Sanchidrian, J.; Guerra-Delgado, A., 1985:
Contamination by heavy metals in the soils of the aranjuez plain spain ii. statistical analysis

Desjardins C.; Dutil J D.; Gelinas R., 1983:
Contamination by mirex of eels anguilla rostrata in the basin of the st lawrence river canada

Ende, M.; Pfeifer, P.; Spiteller, G., 1980:
Contamination by use of Extrelut columns

Abdel-Mageed, A.I.; El-Gammal, A.S., 1974:
Contamination effect on carbon 14 dating of foraminifera samples

Lonneman W.A.; Bufalini J.J.; Kuntz R.L.; Meeks S.A., 1981:
Contamination from fluoro carbon films

Billinghurst, M.W.; Hreczuch, F.W., 1976:
Contamination from iodine 131 ruthenium 103 and neptunium 239 in the eluate of molybdenum 99 technetium 99m generators loaded with gamma produced molybdenum 99

Sansone E.B.; Losikoff A.M., 1979:
Contamination from skin painting test chemicals

Knauss J.F.; Knauss M.E., 1979:
Contamination in plant tissue cultures

Mogollon J.L.; Kretzien H.; Bifano C., 1987:
Contamination in sediments in the tuy river basin spain in geochemical controls of the system

Hensen, P.W.; Stanford, R.W., 1976:
Contamination incidents resulting from the use of a molybdenum 99 technetium 99m generator

Kaphalia B.S.; Siddiqui F.S.; Seth T.D., 1985:
Contamination levels in different food items and dietary intake of organochlorine pesticide residues in india

Rehani M.M.; Sharma S.K.; Sharma R.R., 1979:
Contamination monitor as a nuclear stethoscope for community nuclear medicine

Ishiwata K.; Ido T.; Nakanishi H.; Iwata R., 1987:
Contamination of 2 deoxy 2 fluorine 18 fluoro d mannose in the 2 deoxy 2 fluorine 18 fluoro d glucose preparations synthesized from fluorine 18 acetyl hypofluorite and fluorine 18 fluorine

Mackie T.R.; Scrimger J.W., 1982:
Contamination of a 15 megavolt photon beam by electrons and scattered photons

Weinstein, H.J.; Bone, R.C.; Ruth, W.E., 1977:
Contamination of a fiber optic bronchoscope with a proteus sp

Ward, N.I.; Brooks, R.R.; Roberts, E., 1977:
Contamination of a pasture by a new zealand base metal mine

Boryczko Z.; Furowicz A.; Wilk G.; Jakubowska L., 1985:
Contamination of a ram semen with brucella ovis

Masui T., 1980:
Contamination of air turbine hand pieces and the disinfecting effect of uv rays

Ribeyre F.; Boudou A.; Delarche A., 1981:
Contamination of an experimental trophic chain by methyl mercury importance of the primary production consumption system

Bond, G.C.; Pasley, J.N.; Koike, T.I.; Llerena, L., 1976:
Contamination of an ovine prolactin preparation with anti diuretic hormone

Robertson W.D.; Barker J.F.; Lebeau Y.; Marcoux S., 1984:
Contamination of an unconfined sand aquifer by waste pulp liquor a case

Haddad P.R.; Foley R.C.L., 1987:
Contamination of aqueous eluents due to corrosion of stainless steel chromatographic components

Gilbertson R.L.; Manning W.J., 1983:
Contamination of asparagus asparagus officinalis flowers and fruit by airborne spores of fusarium moniliforme

Inglis D.A., 1980:
Contamination of asparagus seed by fusarium oxysporum f sp asparagi and fusarium moniliforme

Argirova, M.; Nikiforov, B.; Mladenova, S., 1977:
Contamination of atmospheric air in areas of cement production and its influence on the health of the population

Brown J.J.; Cutright W.J., 1981:
Contamination of bee collected pollen with volcanic ash from mount st helens washington usa

Mankovska B., 1981:
Contamination of beech and oak by magnesium sulfur fluorine lead cadmium and zinc near magnesite works

Kar A.M.; Seth T.D.; Kapahalia B.S.; Shukla R.; Nag D., 1986:
Contamination of bhc residues a possible factor for the altered levels of electrolytes and trace elements in the cerebrospinal fluid of epileptic

Rueden H.; Gundermann K O., 1982:
Contamination of blood units collected in glass containers with klebsiella oxytoca and serratia liquefaciens

Kapoor S.K.; Chawla R.P.; Kalra R.L., 1980:
Contamination of bovine milk with ddt and 1 2 3 4 5 6 bhc residues in relation to their usage in malaria control program

Thomas, C.J.; McMeekin, T.A., 1980:
Contamination of broiler carcass skin during commercial processing procedures: an electron microscopic study

Notermans, S.; Dufrenne, J.; van Leeuwen, W.J., 1982:
Contamination of broiler chickens by Staphylococcus aureus during processing; incidence and origin

Tomlins B.; Harding S.E.; Kirby M.S.; Poole Wilson P.A.; Williams A.J., 1986:
Contamination of cardiac sarcolemmal preparation with endothelial plasma membrane

Lafont, P.; Lafont, J., 1970:
Contamination of cereal products and animal feeds by afla toxin

Valkounova J., 1982:
Contamination of childrens sandpits in the prague czechoslovakia area by eggs and oocysts of parasites with special reference to genus toxocara

Salveson, A.; Bergan, T., 1981:
Contamination of chlorhexidine cream used to prevent ascending urinary tract infections

Takahashi T.; Onoue Y.; Mori M., 1982:
Contamination of commercial corn flour with afla toxins and citrinin

Gamache D.A.; Kornberg L.J.; Bartolf M.; Franson R.C., 1986:
Contamination of commercial preparations of xanthine oxidase by a calcium dependent phospholipase a 2

Novokhatskiĭ, A.S.; Tsareva, A.A.; Mikhaĭlova, G.R.; Zhdanov, V.M., 1980:
Contamination of continuous cell lines

Chittum, M.E.; Grutzmacher, R.D.; Oiland, D.M.; Kalina, R.E., 1985:
Contamination of corneal tissue from infected donors

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Contamination of cosmetics by microorganisms

Lafont P.; Lafont J.; Mousset S.; Frayssinet C., 1980:
Contamination of cow milk by the ingestion of weak quantities of afla toxin

Erwerth W.; Mehlhorn G., 1985:
Contamination of cowshed microclimate on cattle fattening unit with exposure to staphylococci and escherichia coli with consideration of resistance to chemotherapeutics and of indicator germ functions

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Contamination of dentist fingers and an examination of current sterilization methods

Dabeva, M.D.; Petrov, P.T.; Stoykova, A.S.; Hadjiolov, A.A., 1977:
Contamination of detergent purified rat liver nuclei by cytoplasmic ribosomes/

Lecumberri Martinez S.; Arina Elorza M.P.; Martinez D.A.tola V.; Fernandez Calvo J.L., 1986:
Contamination of disinfectant products utilized in a hospital

Schoenen D.; Brettnacher I., 1988:
Contamination of disinfectant solutions from central dosing operators in swimming baths with pseudomonas aeruginosa

Hamilton, P.B.; Myoda, T.T., 1974:
Contamination of distilled water hydro chloric acid and ammonium hydroxide with amino acids proteins and bacteria

Boos, G., 1978:
Contamination of dog feed with salmonella

Reinhold R., 1985:
Contamination of drugs with dichlorvos upon application of fekama dichlorvos 50

Venant A.; Richou Bac L.; Gleizes E.; Terrasse M.; Terrasse J.F.; Juillard M., 1984 :
Contamination of eggs of birds of prey by chlorinated organic hydro carbons between 1974 and 1980

Basmadzhieva-Tancheva, K., 1977:
Contamination of environment and health methodology and epidemiologic and toxicologic studies/

Ambach, W.; Rehwald, W., 1985:
Contamination of firn layers by radioactive fission products from atmospheric fallout

Venant A.; Cumont G., 1987:
Contamination of fish in the french sector of lake leman with organochloride compounds between 1973 and 1981

Luckas B.; Wetzel H.; Rechlin O., 1980:
Contamination of fishes from the baltic sea by poly chlorinated bi phenyls

Kroyer G.; Washuttl J.; Schorgmayer W.; Steiner I.; Winker N., 1982:
Contamination of food with volatile biocide substances from wood preservatives in model experiments

Vieths S.; Blaas W.; Fischer M.; Krause C.; Mehlitz I.; Weber R., 1987:
Contamination of foodstuffs by emission of tetrachloroethene from a dry cleaning unit

Vieths S.; Blass W.; Fischer M.; Krause C.; Matissek R.; Mehlitz I.; Weber R., 1988:
Contamination of foodstuffs by emissions from dry cleaning units

Beaud P.; Rollier H.; Ramuz A., 1982:
Contamination of foodstuffs on external shop windows by automotive traffic

Rimkus G.; Wolf M., 1987:
Contamination of game by harmful substances in schleswig holstein west germany 2. communication residues of dieldrin heptachlor epoxide and other cyclodiene insecticides in liver fat of hares lepus europaeus l

Nielsen S.S., 1980:
Contamination of glucose solutions in a surgical ward investigation of the frequency of contamination following addition of a phosphate buffer

Bacon J.R.; Maas R.P., 1979:
Contamination of great smoky mountains usa trout streams by exposed anakeesta formations

Kaemmer, D.; Neubert, K.; Demuth, H.U.; Barth, A., 1986:
Contamination of highly purified human serum cholinesterase by dipeptidyl peptidase IV causing hydrolysis of substance P

Vietinghoff U.; Predel W., 1981:
Contamination of human fat of citizens of rostock east germany with ddt and poly chlorinated bi phenyls in 1979

Muir, P.D.; Gunz, F.W., 1977:
Contamination of human melanoma cell lines by mouse L cells

Pratzel, H.; Dirnagl, K.; Drexel, H., 1984:
Contamination of human skin by radionuclides

Tan, K.H., 1976:
Contamination of humic acid by silica gel and sodium bi carbonate

Flaherty, L.; Stanton, T.H.; Boyse, E.A., 1977:
Contamination of ia anti serum anti with antibodies related to the t 1a region

Rothweiler H.; Knutti R.; Schlatter C., 1983:
Contamination of indoor air by formaldehyde released from urea formaldehyde insulation foams

Umoh V.J.; Obawede K.S.; Umoh J.U., 1985:
Contamination of infant powdered milk in use with enterotoxigenic staphylococcus aureus

Harper A.M.; Huang H.C., 1984:
Contamination of insects by the plant pathogen verticillium albo atrum in an alfalfa medicago sativa field

Pierson E.E.; Clark R.B., 1983:
Contamination of laboratory glassware with iron

Pisano, V.E., 1976:
Contamination of littoral phanerogamic vegetation by oil from the tanker metula preliminary results

Chanana, A.D.; Joel, D.D., 1986:
Contamination of lung lymph following standard and modified procedures in sheep

Craven, D.E.; Connolly, M.G.; Lichtenberg, D.A.; Primeau, P.J.; McCabe, W.R., 1982:
Contamination of mechanical ventilators with tubing changes every 24 or 48 hours

Vicente, N.; Chabert, D.; Escoubet, P., 1976:
Contamination of mediterranean mollusks by a heavy metal lead

Suenaga O., 1985:
Contamination of mosquito strains caused by the aeration for larval rearing in the laboratory

Trivino A.I., 1982:
Contamination of mother milk the adipose tissue of women and cow milk by insecticides of high residual power

Rajkov, L.; Dimchev, T.; Najdenov, M.; Dankova, S., 1976:
Contamination of mountain soils with radioactive strontium and cesium

Mankovska B., 1983:
Contamination of oak by acid gases and poly chlorinated bi phenyls near chemical works/

Macek, J.; Cencelj, J.; Dorer, M., 1975:
Contamination of orchard soil and of apple and pear fruits with residues of carbaryl and endrin in slovenia

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Contamination of perfused donor kidneys by starch from surgical gloves

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Contamination of pig carcasses at 2 abattoirs by escherichia coli with special reference to o serotypes and antibiotic resistance

Rosseel, M.T.; Bogaert, M.G., 1976:
Contamination of plasma samples by plasticizers: another source

Reinhold R., 1986:
Contamination of plastic wrapped food stuffs with dichlorvos upon application of fekama dichlorvos 50

Labow, R.S.; Tocchi, M.; Rock, G., 1986:
Contamination of platelet storage bags by phthalate esters

Elphinstone J.G.; Perombelon M.C.M., 1986:
Contamination of potatoes by erwinia carotovora during grading

Silva J.P.D., 1984:
Contamination of public squares of the city of rio de janeiro brazil by helminth eggs

De-Vries, J.; Verbroom, C.N.; Bast, A.; Pieterse, H.; Stouthamer, A.H., 1977:
Contamination of rat urine with gut flora using all glass metabolism cages for collection of urine and feces

Krynski A.; Kaluzinski J.; Wlazelko M.; Adamowski A., 1982 :
Contamination of roe deer by mercury compounds

Grodzinska K.; Grodzinski W.; Zeveloff S.I., 1983:
Contamination of roe deer capreolus capreolus forage in a polluted forest of southern poland

Fang, S.W.; Huang, W.W.; Chen, L.H., 1987:
Contamination of seafood by Vibrio parahaemolyticus in Taiwan

Morgan D.G.; Marcusson J.O.; Finch C.E., 1984:
Contamination of serotonin 2 binding sites by an alpha 1 adrenergic component in assays with tritium labeled spiperone

Coote D.R.; Hore F.R., 1979:
Contamination of shallow ground water by an unpaved feedlot

Keizer M.G.; Hooghiemstra Tielbeek M.; F.A.M., 1982:
Contamination of soil and street dust with lead and cadmium near a lead smelter at arnhem the netherlands

Leach S.S., 1985:
Contamination of soil and transmission of seedborne potato dry rot fungi fusarium spp to progeny tubers

Kitunen V.H.; Valo R.J.; Salkinoja Salonen M.S., 1987:
Contamination of soil around wood preserving facilities by polychlorinated aromatic compounds

Haque M.A., 1987:
Contamination of soil water and vegetation by copper lead and zinc ore mining and smelting of khetri and zawar india

Sanchidrian J.R.; Marino M., 1979:
Contamination of soils and plants by heavy metals in areas surrounding the motorways which converge on madrid spain

Allen, B.W.; Darrell, J.H., 1983:
Contamination of specimen container surfaces during sputum collection

French, M.L.; Dunlop, S.G.; Wetzler, T.F., 1971:
Contamination of sputum induction equipment during patient usage

Merna J.W., 1986:
Contamination of stream fishes with chlorinated hydrocarbons from eggs of great lakes usa canada salmon oncorhynchus spp

Krivan V.; Egger K.P.; Hausbeck R.; Schmid W., 1986:
Contamination of the air and other environmental samples of the ulm region by radioactive fission products after the accident of the chernobyl reactor

Kiryakov, K.; Vodichenska-Ts ; Markovska, V.; Tsutsulova, E., 1978:
Contamination of the atmospheric air and morbidity with temporary loss of working capacity among agrarian workers

Mendola, J.T.; Risebrough, R.W.; Blondel, J., 1977:
Contamination of the bird fauna of the camargue by organo chlorine residues

Kadlecová, O., 1977:
Contamination of the Czechoslovak section of the Danube by bacteria of the Salmonella group

Beyer W.N.; Miller G.W.; Cromartie E.J., 1984:
Contamination of the dekalb o 2 soil horizon by zinc smelting and its effect on woodlouse porcellio scaber survival

Desjardins C.; Dutll J D.; Gellnas R., 1983:
Contamination of the eel anguilla rostrata of the saint lawrence river basin canada by poly chlorinated bi phenyls/

Harper, G.J., 1981:
Contamination of the environment by special purpose centrifuges used in clinical laboratories

Szabo E., 1981:
Contamination of the environment with natural radio nuclides following the use of some chemical fertilizers

Simoneit, B.R.T.; Mazurek, M.A.; Cahill, T.A., 1980:
Contamination of the lake tahoe usa air basin by high molecular weight petroleum residues

Cattaneo, A.D.; Indiveri, F.; Launo, C.; Pierri, I.; Desalvo, P.; Poggi, A.; Zappi, L.; Pannunzio, V.; Rogna, S., 1985:
Contamination of the operating room air by anesthetic gases and vapors v. anesthesiologist's immunocompetence

Arata T.; Shimizu N.; Kawakami Y.; Tomita T.; Mitsuoka T.; Tsukahara T.; Orita K., 1980:
Contamination of the operating room by waste anesthetic gases

Corvi C.; Vogel J., 1985:
Contamination of the surface sediments of the principal rivers of the canton of geneva switzerland by polychlorobiphenyls and ddt

Bhatt, P.N.; Jacoby, R.O.; Barthold, S.W., 1986:
Contamination of transplantable murine tumors with lymphocytic choriomeningitis virus

Asami, T.; Teshima, R., 1978:
Contamination of urban street dust with heavy metals

Macek J.; Cencelj J., 1980:
Contamination of vegetables with residues of copper di thio carbamates organic phosphoric esters and chlorinated hydro carbons and of the soil in which the vegetables had been grown with chlorinated hydro carbon residues in slovenia yugoslavia

Wall C.; Sturgeon D.M.; Greenway A.R.; Perry J.N., 1981:
Contamination of vegetation with synthetic sex attractant released from traps for the pea moth cydia nigricana

D.F.anco A.; Bruno F.; Fiore T.; Altieri M.; Quarto M.; Colaleo M., 1986:
Contamination of ventilatory circuits in intensive therapy units sources of bacteriological colonization

Ighil M.A.; Caubel G., 1986:
Contamination of vicia faba seeds by stem nematodes ditylenchus dipsaci epidemiological consequences

Merry R.H.; Tiller K.G.; D.V.ies M.P.C.; Cartwright B., 1981:
Contamination of wheat crops around a lead zinc smelter

Fleet M.R.; Stafford J.E.; Dawson K.A.; Dolling C.H.S., 1986:
Contamination of white wool by melanin pigmented fibers when pigmented and white sheep graze together

Tataruch, F.; Onderscheka, K., 1981:
Contamination of wild animals with environmental pollutants 3. mercury content of organs of european brown hare

Sawada K.; Lin I.; Yazaki M.; Sunada I., 1986:
Contamination reducing effects of various hand disinfection methods in dental clinic

L'ochev I.; Petrov I., 1979:
Contamination with lead along the side of a crowded highway

Snyder D.E.; Fitzgerald P.R., 1987:
Contaminative potential egg prevalence and intensity of baylisascaris procyonis infected raccoons procyon lotor from illinois usa with a comparison to worm intensity

Janezic F., 1980:
Contarinia istriana new species diptera cecidomyiidae in the flower galls of coronilla emerus and coronilla emeroides

Gagne R.J.; Beavers G.M., 1984:
Contarinia spp diptera cecidomyiidae from shoots of slash pine pinus elliottii with the description of a new species injurious to needles

Sager G., 1987:
Contemplations about the mathematical representation of experimental tumor growth

Sager G.; Gabel M.; Pieper B.; Papstein H J., 1985:
Contemplations on the approximation of nutritionally initiated growth development

Sehgal, V.N.; Srivastava, G.; Sharma, V.K., 1987:
Contemplative immune mechanism of Lucio phenomenon and its global status

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Contemporaneous isolation of dna dependent rna polymerase and poly adenylic acid polymerase from rat liver mitochondria

Hirsch K.F., 1983:
Contemporary and fossil chelonian egg shells

Somogyi, A.; Malick, L.E.; Langenbach, R.; Sallach, K., 1976:
Contemporary animal nutrition and its potential hazards to human health

Katusic, D.; Sikic, J.; Nasic, M., 1987:
Contemporary approach to the hemophthalmus treatment

Warcholinska A.U., 1979:
Contemporary changes of segetal communities in central poland

Goot H.; Eyal E.; Folman Y.; Foote W.C., 1979:
Contemporary comparisons between progeny by finnish landrace and romanov rams out of mutton merino and awassi ewes

Pirk, F.; Skála, I.; Drastík, J., 1978:
Contemporary concept of examination of the stomach by double contrast

Turowski J.; Chielewski O., 1981:
Contemporary conceptions concerning the etio pathology and treatment of emesis gravidarum

Djordjevic P.; Dragasevic M., 1981:
Contemporary conceptions on some morphological and functional disturbances which lie at the basis of hypo somatotropism and hyper somatotropism

Lautsyavichyus, A.L., 1978:
Contemporary concepts of the cardiac conduction system

Yurchik, V.; Vara-Vonsovskii-Ya, 1975:
Contemporary concepts of the so called intra vital brain death

Pizzorno G.; Trave F.; Mazzoni A.; Russello O.; Nicolin A., 1985:
Contemporary detection of 4 demethoxydaunorubicin and its metabolites 13 dihydro 4 demethoxydaunorubicin and 4 demethoxydaunorubicinone by reverse phase high performance liquid chromatography

Jaros F., 1987:
Contemporary diagnosis and therapy of byssinosis

Greene, R.S., 1977:
Contemporary dilemmas in personality assessment illustrated in a diagnostic case study

Easley, H.A.; Olive, D.L.; Holman, J.F., 1987:
Contemporary evaluation of suspected ectopic pregnancy

Grzycki, S., 1977:
Contemporary histology and its applications in industrial medicine

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Contemporary hydrochemical regimen and intensity of the low dnieper river russian sfsr ussr self purification

Shelud'ko-Yu, M.; Reifman, V.H., 1975:
Contemporary ideas on some causative agents of virus like diseases in plants and animals as possible representatives of viroids

Leman, V.M., 1977:
Contemporary light culture of agricultural plants in the ussr

DeCherney, A.H.; Minkin, M.J.; Spangler, S., 1981:
Contemporary management of ectopic pregnancy

Saito, M., 1976:
Contemporary meaning of common pasturing of japanese cattle

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Contemporary mediastinal tuberculosis

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Contemporary methods of isolating nuclei from higher plants

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Contemporary neurology series vol 12 topics on tropical neurology

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Contemporary non invasive evaluation of hemodynamic parameters in essential hypertension

Pidgeon, J.D., 1976:
Contemporary pedogenetic processes in a ferrallitic soil in uganda part 1 identification

Eyal E.; Lawi A.; Shimshony A., 1986:
Contemporary performance comparisons of chios and assaf sheep and of their crosses under intensive indoor management preliminary results

Billy G., 1979:
Contemporary phenotypic modifications and matrimonial migrations

Jacobs J.D.; Mode W.N.; Dowdeswell E.K., 1985:
Contemporary pollen deposition and the distribution of betula glandulosa at the limit of low arctic tundra in southern baffin island northwest territories canada

Heusser L.E., 1983:
Contemporary pollen distribution in coastal california and oregon usa

Yablanski T.; Van Weghe A.; Dobrev D., 1983:
Contemporary possibilities for studying the erythrocyte and serum polymorphic protein systems in the horse equus caballus

Kodousek, R., 1975:
Contemporary possibilities of histo pathology in routine diagnostics of systemic visceral mycoses

Ruzek V.; Toman R.; Fiserova J.; Kolihova E., 1987:
Contemporary possibilities of ultrasonography in the diagnosis of metastases in the liver

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Contemporary problems in the evaluation of myo cardial contractility

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Contemporary quality control practices for anti microbial susceptibility tests a report from the microbiology portion of the college of american pathologists surveys program

Bryc S., 1980:
Contemporary radiologic diagnosis of the stomach

Mashkin V.I., 1984:
Contemporary range and numbers of menzbiery marmot marmota menzbieri in western tien shan ussr

Gilbert R., 1982:
Contemporary sedimentary environments on baffin island northwest territories canada glacio marine processes in fjords of eastern cumberland peninsula

Gilbert R.; Church M., 1983:
Contemporary sedimentary environments on baffin island northwest territories canada reconnaissance of lakes on cumberland peninsula

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Contemporary stage of expansion of carpodacus erythrinus in slovakia

Teply V.; Lochmanova J., 1985:
Contemporary state and trend in the sensitivity test and interpretation of results

Kubin M.; Svandova E.; Stastna J., 1987:
Contemporary state of mycobacteriological diagnosis in czechoslovakia

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Contemporary state of the problem of bi spore genera of microsporidians

Shalimov, A.A.; Sukharev, I.I.; Ryabyshev, A.V.; Turaev, R.I.; Soroka, A.M., 1978:
Contemporary status of diagnosis and surgical treatment of the post thrombo phlebitic syndrome in the lower extremities and pelvis

Ivanova-Kazas, O.M., 1978:
Contemporary status of the theory of primary heteronomy of segments

Erenpreis-Ya, G.; Erenpreisa, E.A., 1978 :
Contemporary status on the problem of electron cytochemical detection of dna

Danninger F.; Pelikan A.; Kodydek J.; Molnar P., 1988:
Contemporary surgical tactics in the treatment of colorectal carcinoma

Cobic T.; Bacvanski S.; Vucetic S., 1985:
Contemporary systems of assessment of energy value of feeds for ruminants

Blum R., 1987:
Contemporary threats to adolescent health in the usa

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Contemporary topics in immunobiology vol 6 immunobiology of oncogenic viruses

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Contemporary topics in molecular immunology vol 6

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Contemporary tribes of kerala india structure and transformation in their ecological context

Sapira, J.D., 1978:
Contemporary use of the disease concept

Batovsky M.; Vavrecka A., 1986:
Contemporary views in endoscopic sclerotization of esophageal varices ii

Adams, G.R.; Bueche, N.; Schvaneveldt, J.D., 1978:
Contemporary views of euthanasia: a regional assessment

Batovsky M.; Vavrecka A., 1986:
Contemporary views on endoscopic sclerotization of esophageal varices i

Rektor I.; Hrazdirova V.; Lukesova M.; Svejdova M., 1982:
Contemporary views on the relation of electro encephalographic findings to the operability of intra cranial neoplasm

Bell E.V., 1980:
Content analysis of teenaged interviews for designing drug programs

Groth Marnat G., 1987:
Content analysis of the dreams of dying patients

Elitzur, B., 1976:
Content analysis of the rorschach in 2 phases imaginary story and self interpretation

Mesch, J.C., 1976:
Content analysis of verbal communication between spinal cord injured and nondisabled male college students

Stevens, J.T.; Oberholser, K.M.; Wagner, S.R.; Greene, F.E., 1977:
Content and activities of microsomal electron transport components during the development of dieldrin induced hypertrophic hypoactive endoplasmic reticulum

Tsyrlov I.B.; Polyakova N.E.; Gulyaeva L.F., 1987:
Content and activity of the molecular forms of monooxygenase p 450 b and p 450 c during their separate and consecutive induction in the liver

Miranyenka A.V.; Rahul'chanka I.V.; Bawtramovich I.B., 1981:
Content and amino acid composition of proteins from seeds of some varieties and forms of white lupine

Hirose F.; Ashihara H., 1983:
Content and availability of 5 phospho ribosyl 1 pyro phosphate in cultured cells of catharanthus roseus

Ivanov, S.; Chelibonova-Lorer-Kh, 1978:
Content and biosynthesis of purine nucleotides in hepatoma induced by avian leukosis virus strain mc 29 and chicken liver

Fedurov, V.V., 1976:
Content and biosynthesis of ubi quinone 9 in the liver of albino rats adapted to high altitude hypoxia

Mirzoyan S.A.; Karagyan A.T.; Gevorkyan G.A.; Movsesyan T.G., 1982:
Content and capture of amino acids by the brain under the effect of mineral baths of the arzni resort armenian ssr ussr

Mochizuki T.; Kurosaki T., 1984:
Content and changes of organic acids in some fruits and vegetable fruits during storage

Titaeva, N.A.; Taskaev, A.I.; Ovchenkov, V.Y. ; Aleksakhin, R.M.; Shuktomova, I.I., 1978:
Content and characteristics of inflow of the isotopes uranium thorium radon and radium into plants growing in different radio ecological conditions

Markus, G.; Takita, H.; Camiolo, S.M.; Corasanti, J.G.; Evers, J.L.; Hobika, G.H., 1980:
Content and characterization of plasminogen activators in human lung tumors and normal lung tissue

Cappon C.J., 1984:
Content and chemical form of mercury and selenium in lake ontario usa salmon and trout

Cappon C.J., 1984:
Content and chemical form of mercury and selenium in soil sludge and fertilizer materials

Hayashi K.; Yamamoto S., 1987:
Content and composition of alkylglyceryl ethers in liver of gonatid squid berryteuthis magister from the northwestern pacific

Karpova, O.B.; Obukhova, E.L.; Avrova, N.F.; Shvarts, E.A., 1978:
Content and composition of brain gangliosides in downs syndrome

Porter N.G.; Shaw M.L.; Shaw G.J.; Ellingham P.J., 1983:
Content and composition of dill anethum graveolens herb oil in the whole plant and the different plant parts during crop development

Zyrin N.G.; Butylkina T.G.; Ryabinina L.N.; Sokolova T.A., 1979:
Content and composition of finely dispersed fractions in gray forest soils in the moldavian ssr ussr

Efremov A.L., 1987:
Content and composition of free amino acids in soils under small leaved forests of pripet polesye ukrainian ssr ussr

Volynets A.P.; Pal'chenko L.A., 1980:
Content and composition of free phenol compounds in germination of seeds of differing viability

Luk'yanchikova Z.I., 1980:
Content and composition of humus in soils under intensive agriculture

Urusevskaya, I.S.; Shchipikhina, L.S., 1978:
Content and composition of humus of soils of varying degree of gleying in a soddy podzolic zone

Nguyen, T.S., 1974:
Content and composition of humus of the principal soils of north vietnam part 2 dark red ferralitic and ferralitic margalitic soils

Hara M.; Ito K.; Hata M., 1981:
Content and composition of lipid in ordinary muscle of pacific saury cololabis saira

Polak, L.; Falkowski, L., 1987:
Content and composition of lipids in mesidothea entomon l. crustacea isopoda

Reistad R., 1983:
Content and composition of nonstarch poly saccharides in some norwegian plant foods

Aseeva, I.V.; Panikov, N.S.; Chursina, O.T., 1977:
Content and composition of nucleic acids in soddy podzolic soils

Pleshkov B.P.; Novikov N.N.; Milyaeva T.F., 1980:
Content and composition of proteins in grain of wheat couch grass hybrids under various nitrogen nutrition

Novikov N.N.; Pleshkov B.P.; Milyaeva T.F.; Lyashko M.U., 1982:
Content and composition of proteins in grain of wheat wheat grass hybrids under root and foliar nitrogen application

Ermakov A.I.; Artyugina Z.D., 1982:
Content and composition of seed oil in different pumpkin species

Matsui T.; Kitaoka S., 1981:
Content and composition of the aroma in wasanbon sugar

Khudoerkov R.M., 1979:
Content and concentration of total protein in neurons of the epileptogenic mirror focus of rat brain at late stages of its existence

Pollard P.; Evans J.S.B.T., 1987:
Content and context effects in reasoning

Vega O.G., 1980:
Content and correlation of groups and forms of iron compounds in the volcanic soils of costa rica

Stepanova, M.D.; Treiman, A.A., 1977:
Content and correlation of nutritive elements in leaves and kernels of spring wheat/

Kirby, L.K.; Nelson, T.S.; Johnson, Z.; Waldroup, P.W., 1978 :
Content and digestibility by chicks of the amino acids in wheat fish meal and animal byproducts

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Content and digestibility of cell fractions of pasture grass conserved in various ways

Senesi N.; Polemio M.; Lorusso L., 1979:
Content and distribution of arsenic bismuth lithium and selenium in mineral and synthetic fertilizers and their contribution to soil

Stetsenko N.M.; Tabachnyi L.Ya, 1984:
Content and distribution of ash elements of the p family and f family in ferns

Zhukov Y.P.; Karpukhina N.S., 1982:
Content and distribution of atrazine in plant organs under different conditions of mineral nutrition

Rink, H.; Twenhöven, H., 1985:
Content and distribution of calcium in bovine lenses of different ages

Isacsson, G.; Shear, M., 1981:
Content and distribution of glycogen in oral epithelial dysplasia

Eustachiewicz, R., 1975:
Content and distribution of glycogen in the neurons of the nucleus of nerves x and xii after persistent damage to the nervous stems

Kirchgessner M.; Roth Maier D.A.; Schnegg A., 1982:
Content and distribution of iron copper zinc nickel and manganese in fetuses amniotic fluid placenta and uterus of rats

Lavado, R.S.; Gonzalez-Quintana, J.A.; Hevia, G.G., 1978:
Content and distribution of lithium in la pampa soils argentina

Hoffmann, K.; Bourwieg, H.; Riese, K., 1974:
Content and distribution of low molecular and high molecular substances in the vitreous body part 2 high molecular substances lactate dehydrogenase ec malate dehydrogenase ec glutamate oxal acetate trans aminase ec

Svennevig J L.; Svaar H., 1979:
Content and distribution of macrophages and lymphocytes in solid malignant human tumors

Garina, I.A.; Emel'yanov, N.A.; Lopatina, N.G., 1977:
Content and distribution of sodium 22 and kinetics of its exchange in brain cortex sections of wistar and krushinskii molodkina rats

L.Z.; Xie Y.; Tian X.; Yang J., 1986:
Content and distribution of trace elements in the soil of xinjiang china

Sun J.; H.Z.; Zhou K.; Dang Z.; Yang Z., 1987:
Content and distribution of trace elements in the soils of the tianshan mountains china

Valdebouze P.; Bergeron E.; Gaborit T.; Delort Laval J., 1980:
Content and distribution of trypsin inhibitors and hem agglutinins in some legume seeds

Sidorenko, B.A.; Otverchenko, O.I.; Razumova, E.T.; Stepanova, L.V., 1975:
Content and distribution of water and potassium in the body of patients with chronic circulatory insufficiency

Golovina L.P.; Lysenko M.N.; Kisel' T.I., 1980:
Content and distribution of zinc in soils of ukrainian woodland polesye ussr

Donos, A.I.; Kordunyanu, P.N., 1978:
Content and dynamics of amino acids in organic nitrogen fractions in an ordinary chernozem

Jovandic P., 1980:
Content and dynamics of manganese zinc and copper in the soil plant system rendzina lucerne

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Content and dynamics of nitrogen in gray forest soils tatar assr russian sfsr ussr under the effect of fertilization

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Content and form as influences on role taking performance

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Content and intracellular distribution of calcium and magnesium in the myometrium

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Content and properties of antibodies to re glycolipid of the outer membrane of enterobacteria in mothers and newborns

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Content and properties of different classes of membrane bound poly ribosomes during embryogenesis in chicken

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Content and ratio of some components of the ash composition in young apple trees as diagnostic indices of rosetting

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Content and release of acetyl cholin esterase in skeletal muscle of rats with experimental auto immune myasthenia gravis

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Content and retention of calcium phosphorus potassium and sodium in the bodies of growing gilts

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Content and synthesis of the nucleic acids and proteins in the reproductive bud of eremurus hissaricus liliaceae in connection with the dormancy period

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Content and systematic status of the group architaenioglossa gastropoda pectinibranchia

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Content and technological properties of the milk obtained from bulgarian simmental ayrshire their f 1 crosses and black pied holstein friesian cows

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Content and topography of proteins and sugars in the leaves of male and female ginkgo plants and in asparagus cladodes

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Content and transfer of heavy metal air pollutants in populations of formica spp wood ants hymenoptera formicidae

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Content and types of sulfhydryl groups in creatine kinase differing in their accessibility to different reagents

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Content and uptake of trace metals in benthic algae enteromorpha and porphyra part 1 measurement and variation of trace metal content of porphyra grown in natural environment

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Content and uptake of trace metals in benthic algae enteromorpha and porphyra part 2 studies on the algae cultured in sea water supplemented with various metals

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Content bias in the neoplastic related items of the national board of medical examiners part 2. examination

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Content category analysis of affective expression in irritable bowel, duodenal ulcer and anxiety disorder patients

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Content composition and localization of carotenoids in eyes of some decapods

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Content composition and properties of the humus in virgin and cultivated soddy podzolic light loamy soils

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Content composition and yield of proteins of rice oryza sativa

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Content consideration in the distinction between assertive and aggressive behavior

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Content dermatitis from the epoxy resins tetra glycidyl 4 4' methylene di aniline and o di glycidyl phthalate in composite material

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Content determination of nutrient constituents in various processed samples of cynanchum auriculatum royle ex wight

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Content dimensions of self statements in assertive situations a factor analysis of 2 measures

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Content exchange intensity and metabolic interactions of phospho lipids and glyco lipids in various tissues in experimental diabetes

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Content kinetics of main proteins histones in the oocyte nucleus of cochineal insects with respect to morpho functional changes of its chromosomal nucleolar apparatus in oogenesis

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Content of 11 oxy cortico steroids in the blood and of 17 oxy cortico steroids and 17 keto steroids in the urine of children born of mothers with diabetes mellitus

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Content of 2 3 di phospho glycerate in erythrocytes as an index of the activity of a rachitic process in children in the 1st 2 years of life

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Content of 25 hydroxy cholecalciferol and 24 25 di oxy cholecalciferol in rat tissues during vitamin d poisoning

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Content of 3 4 benz a pyrene in wheat grist products and baked bread

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Content of 5 methyl cytosine in different families of repeating sequences of some higher plant dna

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Content of 5 methyl cytosine in dna fractions in normal human leukocytes and in chronic leukemia

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Content of a and b blood group substances in placental and abortive blood sera and their fractions at different stages of alcohol fractionation and in commercial immuno globulin preparations

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Content of acid soluble nucleotides in placenta of sows on 55th day of gestation

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Content of adenine nucleotides and orthophosphate in exporting and importing mature maize zea mays cultivar balda leaves

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Content of adenosine phosphate compounds in a long day duckweed lemna gibba g 3 under different light and nutritional conditions

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Content of adenyl system components in the liver during cholestasis

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Content of adenylic nucleotides and creatine phosphate in myo cardial necrosis in stressed rats

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Content of aldo sterone in the blood of patients with ischemic heart disease during treatment with anti reticular cyto toxic serum

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Content of alkaloids in salsola richteri growing on the territory of the karakalpak assr ussr

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Content of alkaloids in some species of the lily family of the flora of the buryat assr ussr

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Content of alpha 1 anti trypsin and alpha 2 macro globulin in blood serum and its anti tryptic capacity

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Content of alpha cholesterol in blood serum of patients with alimentary obesity

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Content of ambulatory medical care in the usa an inter specialty comparison

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Content of amino acids and nucleic acids in generative organs of corn in connection with heterosis

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Content of anticerebral antibodies in the blood of patients with diffuse toxic goiter and thyrotoxic encephalopathy

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Content of antidiuretic hormone in the neurohypophysis of adult albino rats after hydrocortisone injection during early postnatal period

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Content of antithrombin iii as a function of multiple administration of various doses of heparin to healthy animals

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Content of apo lipo protein b in chylomicron particles

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Content of apolipoprotein b in the serum of guinea pigs with experimental allergic encephalomyelitis

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Content of ascorbic acid and dehydro ascorbic acid in thermal treatment of mothers and powdered milks

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Content of assimilated phosphorus in the soils of exhausted peat bogs of leningrad oblast russian sfsr ussr

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Content of atp adp and amp in cryo preservation of lymphoid cells

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Content of atp and acid phosphatase activity in seeds of norway maple acer platanoides during dormancy breaking under conditions of cold stratification

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Content of available phosphorus and potassium related to wheat yields in social and individual sectors in the krizevci yugoslavia region

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Content of available phosphorus exchangeable potassium and acidity in soils of agricultural land in the ussr

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Content of b group vitamins in the bio stimulator formed by yeast like fungi and their effect on levorin synthesis

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Content of b lymphocytes immuno globulins and antibodies to thyro globulin in goiter patients blood

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Content of beta lipotropin and its fragments including endorphins in anterior and intermediate lobes of the bovine pituitary gland

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Content of biogenic amines in brain under artificial and natural cooling of rats and susliks citellus pygmaeus

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Content of biogenic amines in rat salivary and lacrimal glands under conditions of experimental staphylococcal pancreatitis

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Content of biogenic amines in various organs and tissues and some patho morphological changes in them during hematogenic spreading and botulinum toxin fixation

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Content of biogenic elements in the rain water penetrating through the crowns of the silver lime norway maple red oak and horse chestnut

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Content of biological substances and activity of oxidases in the ontogenesis of the agent of loose smut in wheat and millet

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Content of biologically active compounds in common sea buckthorn hippophae rhamnoides fruits in its natural populations in issyk kul oblast kirgiz ssr ussr

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Content of biologically active compounds in useful plants of the flora of the turkmen ssr ussr

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Content of biologically active substances in 2 species of camel thorn from uzbek ssr flora ussr

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Content of biophylic elements in the chernozem and soddy podzolic soils in the ob region russian sfsr ussr

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Content of biophylic elements in the clay fraction of chestnut soils of the buryat assr russian sfsr ussr

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Content of blood serum immuno globulins in patients with myo cardial infarction

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Content of calcium and magnesium in tissues and biological fluids of intact rats in chronic pharmacologic de sympathization

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Content of calcium ions in the blood and gamma aminobutyric acid in the brain after chronic exposure to sulfur dioxide before and after creation of hypocalcemia and hypercalcemia

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Content of calcium magnesium zinc in histone fractions isolated from normal and tumor cells

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Content of calcium phosphorus potassium and sodium in blood serum and urine of rats in prolonged administration of thyro calcitonin

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Content of calcium strontium 90 and cesium 137 in the human placenta

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Content of carbohydrate components of glyco proteins in blood serum and erythrocyte and leukocyte membranes in rats with hyper thyrosis

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Content of carbohydrates and activity of glycolysis enzymes in liver of pure bred and hybrid young cattle of different sex

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Content of carbohydrates and lipids in liver tissue of rats after a 22 day space flight

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Content of carbon 14 variamycin in normal and tumor tissues of the albino rat brain

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Content of cardenolides and accompanying substances in adonis chrysocyatha with respect to age vegetational phases and mowing times

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Content of carotenoids and photo resistance of the energy metabolism system in fungi

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Content of carotenoids in various body parts of the crayfish orconectes limosus in the annual cycle

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Content of catecholamines in adrenal glands during meningococcal infection

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Content of catecholamines in blood of rats flown on the bio satellite cosmos 936

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Content of certain hormones and mediators in adrenal and peripheral blood of hypertensive patients

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Content of chemical elements in precipitation at solling west germany

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Content of chemical elements in terrestrial moss shoot segments varying in age

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Content of chlorinated hydro carbons in body and eggs of mallard anas platyrhynchos in a free living population

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Content of chlorogenic acid in fagus sylvatica leaves

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Content of chlorophyll and carotenoids in leaf of inbred lines and their f 1 in corn

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Content of chlorophyllous pigments in shoot bark and leaves in syringa vulgaris

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Content of cholesterol and phospholipids in cells sensitive and resistant to ethidium bromide and its change in resistant cells under the action of methyltestosterone

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Content of cholesterol in erythrocytes of persons with various levels of plasma cholesterol

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Content of cholesterol in human and rabbit erythrocytes in athero sclerosis and experimental hyper cholesterolemia

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Content of chorionic gonadotropin in human fetal tissues

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Content of circulating b lymphocytes in patients with glomerulo nephritis and the effectiveness of immuno depressant therapy

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Content of clonogenic stromal precursor cells in the hemopoietic organs of guinea pigs of different ages

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Content of cobalt in some edible mushrooms

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Content of collagen fractions and synthesis of collagen in lung tissues of rats of differing age

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Content of copper zinc and cobalt in soils as a function of soil mineral composition and the productivity of tree stands

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Content of cortico steroids in adrenals of rats exposed to hypo kinesia combined with graded exercises

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Content of creatine creatine phosphate and activity of creatine phospho kinase in dog heart with restricted coronary circulation

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Content of cyclic 3 5 amp and calcium transport in the aorta during hypertension caused by experimental renal insufficiency

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Content of cyclic amp in tissues and its excretion with urea in rats during ontogenesis

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Content of cyclic nucleotides activity of adenylate cyclase cyclic amp phospho di esterase and guanylate cyclase in plasmatic membranes of the liver and hepatomas with various levels of malignancy

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Content of cyclic nucleotides and lipid peroxidation products in the irradiated mouse brain

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Content of cyclic nucleotides cyclic amp and cyclic gmp in bull and boar semen under cryo conservation/

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Content of cyclic nucleotides in adipocytes of rats with spontaneous genetic hypertension differences revealed by adrenalectomy

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Content of cyclic nucleotides in blood plasma of patients with bronchial asthma

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Content of cyclic nucleotides in myometrium of female rabbits in various functional states

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Content of cyclic nucleotides in rat tissues during development of insulin hypoglycemia

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Content of ddt and its metabolites in fish and invertebrates of the barents sea shelf

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Content of delta sleep inducing peptide enkephalins and acth in some tissues of active and hibernating ground squirrels citellus suslicus

Golikov P.P., 1979:
Content of dexamethasone binding protein in plasma in acute traumatic surgical and therapeutic diseases

Shortanova, T.Kh, 1978:
Content of di carboxylic amino acids and gamma amino butyric acid in the suslik brain under normal conditions and under the effect of oxygen at increased pressure

Sidorenko V.M., 1981:
Content of dissolved gases and biogenic elements in shallow waters of dnieper reservoirs russian sfsr ussr

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Content of dissolved oxygen in microbiological culture media

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Content of dna bivalent ions from transformed tissues under different effects

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Content of dna in the cell nuclei of tumors in the nervous system induced by ethylnitrosourea

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Content of dopa and catecholamines in tissues of the heart and adrenal glands in hypoxia depending on the initial condition of the sympathico adrenal regulation apparatus

Bereznegovskaya L.N., 1979:
Content of dry matter in cells of isolated culture of datura inoxia tissues

Ganiev S.G., 1980:
Content of ecdysones in certain plants of the genera serratula and rhaponticum

Maync A.; Venter F., 1980:
Content of edta soluble cadmium nickel chromium copper and zinc in the soil as influenced by increasing doses of sewage sludge and by the period of time used

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Content of eicosapentaenoic acid in the sea urchins strongylocentrotus intermedius from different habitats

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Content of electrolytes in blood and water in organs under emotional algesic stress

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Content of elements in herbaceous vegetation of the quercetum petraeae cerris forest of sikfokut northern hungary

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Content of endocrine cells in the large intestine epithelium of some representatives of vertebrata

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Content of endogenic cyto kinins in pea seedlings grown in light and darkness

Lazorik M.I., 1981 :
Content of enzymes in leukocytes of peripheral blood in rheumatic fever

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Content of epinephrine and serotonin in the eye tissues of mammals of different ages

Neustroev G.V., 1982:
Content of erythrocyte proteins in blood serum and their functional importance

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Content of essential oil during the growth and development of fruits of verna lemon tree

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Content of estrogenic hormones in chicken blood serum during laying

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Content of ethereal oil and ledol in marsh tea ledum palustre leaves in various vegetative phases

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Content of extracellular fluid and total potassium in patients with obesity

Shuruev, A.S., 1977:
Content of factor viii in the cryo precipitate

Georgiev S., 1985:
Content of fats in the seeds of some foreign and local peanut cultivars of the valencia group grown under conditions existing in bulgaria

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Content of fibrinogen disintegration products soluble fibrin and blood fibrinolytic activity in patients with myo cardial infarction

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Content of field beans vicia faba and their influence through genotype and environment

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Content of fixed ammonium in some soils of the armenian ssr ussr

D.A.aral M.D.E.; Salatino M.L.F.; Salatino A., 1985:
Content of foliar epicuticular wax of cerrado dicotyledons

Sheremet O.V.; Terent'ev A.N.; Shatova I.N.; Rozova L.N., 1987:
Content of fraction 1 and vw antigen in yersinia pestis cultures grown in yeast casein medium yeast medium with hottinger digest and yeast medium with sunflower seed protein

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Content of free amino acids and other ninhydrin positive combinations in cattle myo cardium

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Content of free amino acids in blood plasma and erythrocytes of patients in the acute period of ischemic cerebral stroke

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Content of free amino acids in human serum in some liver diseases

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Content of free amino acids in leaves of the siberian ussr larch in relation to vertical zonality of forests

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Content of free amino acids in rat brain under conditions of hypo thermia and within various periods after the lesion

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Content of free amino acids in rat tissues under various forms of thiamine deficiency

Zeini S.M., 1981:
Content of free amino acids in the plasma and red blood cells of patients with neuro dermatitis

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Content of free amino acids in tissues and organs of calves depending on threonine entering the gastro intestinal tract

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Content of free amino acids in tissues of rats with preference for water or an ethanol solution

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Content of free and bound amino acid in grapevine depending on amelioration state of solonetz solonchaks of the ararat plain armenian ssr ussr

Lilov, D.; Khristov, K., 1978:
Content of free and bound gibberellins and gibberellin like substances in the flowers and clusters of grapevines with differing flower formation and fruit formation

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Content of free and esterified cholecalciferol in tissues of rats intoxicated with vitamin d

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Content of free fatty acids and glucose 6 phosphate dehydrogenase ec activity in rat and chick brain

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Content of free fatty acids in the gastric mucosa during secretion

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Content of free nucleotides and exchangeability of adenine nucleotides in the liver of birds of different age

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Content of free nucleotides in muscles of adrenalectomized rats exposed to cold stress

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Content of gamma aminobutyric acid aspartic acid and glutamic acid in the rat's brain in hypoparathyroidism

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Content of gangliosides ano protein bound sialic acid in post mortem brain of patients with muco lipidosis i and muco lipidosis ii

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Content of general soil maps of the usa

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Content of gibberellin like substances in bean stems with zinc deficiency

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Content of gibberellin like substances in radish raphanus sativus cultivar tetra ilowiecka during transition of plants from the vegetative to the generative stage of development

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Content of gibberellins and gibberellin like substances in the reproductive organs of young tomato plants

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Content of gluco corticoid receptors in blood leukocytes in various acute diseases

Golikov P.P., 1981:
Content of gluco corticoid receptors in the leukocytic cytoplasma of human peripheral blood

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Content of glycerol 2 3 butanediol and amyl alcohols in chilean wines utilization of a method by gas chromatography

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Content of glyco protein in rat blood with experimental hypo thyroidism

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Content of glycogen and glucose in tissues of the frog and some reptiles

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Content of glycogen in the liver and skeletal muscles with certain types of experimental nanism

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Content of gonadotropic hormones and cortisol in women in the process of adaptation to conditions of high latitude

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Content of gonadotropins in cultured human malignant cells and effects of sodium butyrate treatment on gonadotropin secretion by HeLa cells

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Content of gonadotropins in hypophysis and peripheral blood of birds during changes in sex hormone balance in the body

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Content of grandiose phenomenology across cultures

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Content of hair chromium and serum glucose in wuhan china healthy school children

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Content of heavy metals in littoral marine limpets from various geographical regions

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Content of heavy metals in pond sediments

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Content of heavy metals in soils polluted by industrial waste products

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Content of heavy metals in the bivalve mollusk tridacna crocea from the south china sea

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Content of heavy metals in the water and hydrobionts of the lagoon of kursiu marios lithuanian ssr ussr in 1982 and 1983

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Content of heavy metals in xylem of 100 year old beech fagus sylvatica in southern poland

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Content of hepatic reduced glutathione in chronic alcoholic patients: influence of the length of abstinence and liver necrosis

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Content of hexuronic acids hexoses and tyrosine in lung tissue in experimental pneumoconiosis

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Content of high energy phosphates and ultrastructure of mitochondria in the brain of rats exposed to carbon di sulfide

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Content of high energy phosphorus compounds and end products of glycolysis in the heart muscle in experimental traumatic shock

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Content of high mobility group nonhistone proteins in some experimental tumors

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Content of histamine and serotonin in blood and skin under experimental therapy for dermatitis in rats

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Content of hydro cyanic acid protein and lysine in hybrids of sweet and grain sorghum

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Content of hypophyseal adrenal and sex hormones in different types of leukemia

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Content of immuno globulins in human seminal plasma

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Content of immuno reactive insulin and catecholamines in blood plasma and carbohydrate metabolism disturbance in patients with myo cardial infarction

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Content of individual carotenoids in green and preserved feed

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Content of individual phospho lipid fractions in neurons and neuro glia of brain cortex in rats of different ages

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Content of inorganic ions and protein fractions in blood plasma and lymph with stimulation of gyrus cinguli

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Content of inositol in human and cows milk

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Content of intermediate products of energy exchange in tissues of the black sea mussel under normal conditions and in hypoxia

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Content of kallikrein pre kallikrein and the anti tryptic activity in serum of patients with serum hepatitis of various severity

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Content of labile phosphorus containing metabolites

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Content of lactate dehydrogenase in lymphocytes of tonsil sections in patients with rheumatic fever and tonsillogenic cardiac lesion

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Content of lactate dehydrogenase isozymes in extramural nodes of the autonomic nervous system working myo cardium and conductive system of the rabbit heart in acute experimental emotional stress

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Content of lactic acid and pyruvic acid in the blood of patients with chronic nonspecific pulmonary diseases

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Content of lead in the blood of pregnant women from the industrially polluted region of trepca mines yugoslavia

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Content of lead in water sources and its effect on the development of experimental athero sclerosis

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Content of lindane residues in soil and plant parts of stubble field crops after its application on wheat as the main crop

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Content of lipid components in the eggs and milt of the cisco coregonus albula

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Content of lipid per oxides in erythrocytes and some systems for their regulation in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers

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Content of lipids and their fractions in rat erythrocyte membranes during guerins carcinoma vitamin a deficiency and the effect of high vitamin a doses

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Content of lipids in cells isolated from normal and athero sclerotic zones of human aorta

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Content of lipids in serum of children and teenagers

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Content of low density lipoprotein receptors in breast cancer tissue related to survival of patients

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Content of luteinizing hormone follicle stimulating hormone and growth hormone in the pituitaries of pregnant and anestrous sheep

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Content of lymphocytes binding corpuscular antigen of staphylococcus in different lymphoid organs of cba mice

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Content of lysosomal cation proteins in neutrophilic granulocytes of rabbits and guinea pigs in the early period of acute radiation sickness

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Content of macroergic compounds in mussel mytilus galloprovincialis tissues under standard and hypoxic conditions

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Content of magnesium in drinking water and deaths from ischemic heart disease in white south africans

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Content of magnesium inorganic phosphorus and sulfur in blood and urine of hypertensive patients

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Content of malondialdehyde alpha tocopherol and retinol in the blood serum of male patients with diabetes mellitus

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Content of mercury in leaves of spartina alterniflora in georgia usa an update

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Content of metabolizable potassium in cases of cardiac failure

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Content of metals in leaves of populus nigra influenced by pemphigus spirothecae aphidoidea eriosomatidae

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Content of micro flora on implements and equipment of slaughter and cutting rooms

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Content of middle mass molecules in blood of children with chronic kidney insufficiency under conditions of short term treatment with hemo dialysis

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Content of mineral elements in deschampsia flexuosa as an essential component in spruce ecosystems

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Content of mineral nutrients and proteinogenic amino acids in rice in response to sodium sulfate in soil salinization

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Content of mineral substances in reed canary grass plants cultivated on different agrophones

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Content of mineral substances in the internal organs of rats during intravenous feeding

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Content of minerals in pork of landrace pigs and their hybrids

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Content of minor metallic elements and zinc deficiency in mulberry trees

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Content of mobile compounds in frozen solonetz soils of transbaikal

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Content of mono amines in different sections of rat brain in terminal conditions and during recovery after resuscitation of the body

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Content of mono amino di carboxylic acids and their derivatives and changes in immune reactivity in mouse brain and spleen

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Content of mono amino di carboxylic acids and their derivatives in brain and spleen tissues of normal and tumor bearing mice under antigenic stimulation of the immune system

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Content of monoamines in the brain of minks mustela vison differing by their reactions to humans

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Content of muco poly saccharides in wool from sheep of different breeds

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Content of myosin antibodies in rheumatic patients

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Content of n acetyl l aspartate n acetyl l glutamate and n acetyl l aspartyl l glutamate in the mammalian brain at increased oxygen tension

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Content of n acetyl neuraminic acid in water soluble and membrane fractions of various analyzers from rat cerebral cortex

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Content of nicotinamide co enzymes and metabolites and activity of nad dependent dehydrogenases in blood during athero sclerosis

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Content of nicotinamide coenzymes in myo cardium of growing rats after pharmacological de sympathization

Viktorov A.P., 1981:
Content of nicotinamide coenzymes in the myo cardium of growing rats exposed to alpha adrenergic and beta adrenergic blockade

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Content of nitrates and ascorbic acid in vegetables and fruits

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Content of nitrogen and ash elements in leaves of oak quercus robur of different geographical origin

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Content of nitrogen compounds in maize shoots structural and functional features of photosynthetic apparatus under ammonium and nitrate nutrition

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Content of nitrogen forms in grapevine shoots depending on phases of development

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Content of nonsaponifying substances in crystalline fructose bi phosphate aldolase ec from muscles of normal and athero sclerotic rabbits

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Content of nonspecific esterases in the megakaryocyte platelet system under physiological conditions

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Content of noradrenaline and the mono amine oxidase activity in the rat brain and liver tissue in hyperoxia

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Content of nuclear dna in acantholytic cells in pemphigus

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Content of nucleic acids and protein in storage plastids of carrot roots

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Content of nucleic acids and proteins in cells of embryonic and differentiated tissues of parent forms of corn heterosis hybrids

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Content of nucleic acids in plant chloroplasts in a manganese deficiency

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Content of nucleic acids in sub cellular fractions of cows milk

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Content of nucleic acids in the mammary gland tissues and blood plasma in goats during lactation

Jagiello R., 1981:
Content of nucleic acids in the nuclei of gland cells of the oviduct magnum of hens and japanese quail depending on their productivity age and functional condition of the oviduct

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Content of nucleic acids of chicken embryo liver in heterosis

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Content of opioid delta receptor and methionine leucine enkephalin in amygdala kindled rat brain

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Content of organic acids and physiologically active substances in plants with different sensitivities to aluminum ion toxicity

Vasil'eva V.E., 1987:
Content of organic carbon in quaternary deposits of the pacific ocean

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Content of organic matter and its group composition in fractions of mechanical soil elements in the lenkoran region ussr

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Content of organic polyphosphates and their allosteric effects on hemoglobins from the water snakes helicops modestus and liophis miliaris

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Content of organo phosphorus compounds in vegetative and bacteroid cells of rhizobium lupini

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Content of osteogenous precursor cells in the bone marrow and their reproduction in cultures

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Content of pesticides in some food products in the hissar raion of the tadzhik ssr

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Content of pharmacologically active substances in the fatty oil of the fruit pulp of sea buckthorn hippophae rhamnoides growing in the georgian ssr ussr

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Content of phenol and quinoid compounds in plants of various radio sensitivity

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Content of phenol compounds with respect to cotton resistance to fusarium wilt

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Content of phospho lipids and high density lipo proteins in hyper alpha lipo proteinemia

Ganieva M.G., 1980:
Content of phosphorus calcium and alkaline phosphatase activity in children with rickets with varying functional activity of the thyroid glands

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Content of pigments in assimilatory organs of silver fir abies alba

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Content of plastid pigments in above water and submerged leaves of some species of fresh water heterophyllous plants

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Content of plastid pigments in leaves of some plants as a function of leaf blade form

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Content of poison in blood and tissues of mammals after inhalation of carbon mon oxide benzene vapors and cyanides

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Content of poly amines in liver kidneys and tumors of rats with breast carcinogenesis induced by 7 12 di methyl benz a anthracene

Herlan A., 1982:
Content of poly cyclic aromatics in middle distillates

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Content of polyamines and the diamine oxidase activity in the liver and kidneys of rats with n nitrosodiethylamine induced hepatocarcinogenesis

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Content of potassium and sodium in seminiferous tubule and rete testis fluids from sertoli cell enriched testes

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Content of proline free amino acids total and protein nitrogen and sugars as a function of duration and degree of desiccation of excised tobacco nicotiana tabacum leaves

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Content of prostaglandin e and prostaglandin f in the plasma and kidneys in arterial hypertension clinical experimental study

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Content of prostaglandin f 2 alpha in the blood plasma of children with bronchial asthma

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Content of prostaglandins and sex hormones in cow serum as a productivity test

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Content of protein and amino acids in leaves of interspecies hybrid and initial components of sugar beet in connection with growth and species specificity

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Content of protein and free and bound amino acids in oat leaf joints with respect to their age and functional state

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Content of protein and nitrogen in the salmonella typhimurium carrier state in experiments

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Content of protein components in endosperm of buckwheat cultivars and species and its heritability under hybridization

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Content of protein substances in the neurons of various regions of the cerebral cortex in alcoholic delirium

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Content of proteo lipid protein in various parts of the nervous system and some other organs of white rats

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Content of pyridine nucleotides in the rat brain and myo cardium under the simultaneous effect of hypercapnia hypoxia and cooling

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Content of repetitive dna nucleotide sequences in different breeds of cattle

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Content of reserve carbohydrates in irrigated orchard grass with different dates of mineral fertilization and after harvest residue removal

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Content of residual amounts of tetracyclines in meat products

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Content of ribosomal dna in the clones of onion allium fistulosum with various morphology of satellite nucleolar chromosomes

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Content of rna and dna in anthers of corn and wheat plants with male sterility induced by ethrel

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Content of rosette forming cells and functional activity of t lymphocytes in peripheral blood of patients in different stages of hodgkins disease

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Content of rosette forming cells in the lymphoid fraction of liver cells during anti hepatocyto toxic serum administration

Alekseeva I.N.; Timoshenko Y.G., 1979:
Content of rosette forming cells in the rat thymus and spleen under conditions of different functional state of the liver

Orlov E.N., 1980:
Content of s adenosyl l methionine and s adenosyl l homo cysteine in tissues of some experimental tumors in the course of their growth in rats

Kar D.K.; Sen S., 1986:
Content of sapogenins in diploid tetraploid and hexaploid asparagus

Amarowicz R.; Gosiewska H.; Smoczynski S.; Markiewicz K., 1987:
Content of selected trace elements in meals of school children university students and pre school children

Uzbekov M.G., 1981:
Content of serotonin and activity of tryptophan 5 hydroxylase in the rat brain optic system during ontogenesis

Khachatryan G.S.; Bakunts G.G., 1980:
Content of serotonin and catecholamines in the brain under the effect of cyclic amp histidine imidazole and tryptophan

Veinbreg E.G.; Vetrogon F.G.; Sabakhtarashvili M.A.; Marganiya I.Kh, 1986:
Content of serotonin histamine and catecholamines in patients with hyperprolactinemia

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Content of serotonin norepinephrine and dopamine in the blood of the students during the examination period

Babloyan A.A.; Osipova E.N., 1986:
Content of serum iron and some indices of its metabolism in women with uteric myoma before and after treatment

Moiseev V.S.; Karpova L.P.; Bobkov A.I.; Demina D.G.; Semenova V.V., 1985:
Content of sex steroid hormones and cortisol in the blood of patients with various forms of ischemic heart disease and autonomic endocrine myocardiodystrophy

Nikitina M.M.; Godovich P.L.; Kalmykova V.V., 1984:
Content of sex steroids in the blood of carp males and females subjected to the hormonal stimulation of reproduction

Boberg, K.M.; Skrede, S., 1988:
Content of sitosterol, cholestanol, and cholesterol in very low density lipoproteins of rat liver perfusate

Mkhitaryan A.D., 1982:
Content of sodium and potassium electrolytes in the blood plasma and erythrocytes and indices of the acid alkaline state in healthy infants below 3 years of age

Il'ina L.P., 1980:
Content of soil maps of different scales and the methods of their compilation

Reinicke, R.; Matthias, F.R.; Lasch, H.G., 1977:
Content of soluble fibrin in plasma of patients after myo cardial infarction with carcinomas and consumption coagulopathy

Lagodiuk, P.Z.; Klos, I.S.; Charkin, V.A., 1981:
Content of soluble proteins in the mammary gland tissue of cattle

Maldonado E.M.; Guzman C.A., 1982:
Content of some elements and total ash in seeds of new peanut arachis hypogaea cultivars from the province of cordoba argentina

Saric, M.; Jocic, B., 1978:
Content of some elements in different leaf segments of corn sunflower and sugar beet

Basovic M.; Velagic Habul E.; Cmelik Z., 1980:
Content of some elements in the aboveground parts root and tuber of the potato plant cultivar eba

Pawlik, T., 1978:
Content of some high energy phosphorus compounds and glycogen in muscles in functional changes of the thyroid gland

Shaginyan D.A.; Mkrtchyan G.M.; Kaprielyan T.O., 1980:
Content of some macro elements and micro elements in blood of children with acute glomerulo nephritis

Ivanov T.; Chervenakova J., 1984:
Content of some macroelements oligoelements and microelements in bee honey royal jelly and pollen

Rabinovich P.D.; Milyushkin P.V., 1979 :
Content of some metabolites of biological oxidation in blood and urine of ulcer patients

Vodichenska Ts; Razboinikova F., 1985:
Content of some microelements in blood and organs of rats in chronic nickel intoxication

Kurashvili B.E.; Kvesitadze A.G.; Dzhioeva S.M., 1982:
Content of some trace elements in earthworms

Vardiashvili, N.A.; Makhatadze, I.K.; Mosulishvili, L.M.; Khuluzauri, O.A., 1978:
Content of some trace elements in the bone marrow cells of guinea pig in mono layer culture

Palamarchuk V.I.; Trikash I.O.; Antonenko L.V., 1983:
Content of squalene and sterols in hemopoietic tissues of rats in normal state and in experimental leukemia

Epshtein N.A.; Goncharova I.B.; Baranova O.K., 1982:
Content of steroid hormones in blood plasma and their connection with indices of natural resistance in calves

Adigamov L.F.; Chernikov M.P., 1985:
Content of steroid hormones of the androstane series in tissues of cattle of different sexes and ages and under the effect of ammonium perchlorate

Glabiszewski J.; Hrynczuk B.; Kiepul J., 1984:
Content of strontium 90 and cesium 137 in some crops as dependent on soil type and time of harvest

Voloshina, D.A.; Mel'nikova, T.M., 1978:
Content of strophanthus glycosides and yield of aboveground mass in annual adonis annua grown near moscow ussr

Kozlowski S., 1979:
Content of structural carbohydrates and lignins as a characteristic feature of fodder grasses

Tishenina R.S., 1987:
Content of substances reacting with 2 thiobarbituric acid in the blood plasma of healthy persons and of patients with some endocrinopathies

Lyashenko N.I., 1980:
Content of sugars in different hop organs

Skakun N.P.; Vysotskii I.Yu, 1983:
Content of sulfhydryl and di sulfide and groups in blood and liver homogenates in acute intoxication with tetracycline antibiotics

Bilich I.L.; Trigulova V.S., 1980:
Content of sulfhydryl compounds in the blood during diabetes mellitus

Chotinski D.; Profirov Y.; Voinova R.; Borisova L., 1987:
Content of sulfhydryl groups and activity of some hydrolases in the mucosa of the small intestine in birds offered a mixture containing aflatoxin b 1

Gevondyan, V.S.; Barkhudaryan, V.A.; Karpov, V.P., 1978:
Content of sulfhydryl groups and lipid per oxides in mice inoculated with sarcoma s 180

Starodub, N.F.; Artyukh, V.P., 1978:
Content of sulfhydryl groups in isolated fractions of rat hemo globin

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