Content of 11 oxy cortico steroids in the blood and of 17 oxy cortico steroids and 17 keto steroids in the urine of children born of mothers with diabetes mellitus

Kalinina, L.M.

Problemy Endokria 21(6): 31-36


Accession: 005041606

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A total of 61 mother and neonate pairs were examined. The influence of maternal diabetes mellitus on the glucocorticoid level in maternal blood and neonatal blood and urine was examined; a relationship between the child's condition and the hormone level in its blood and urine was ascertained. There was an increased content of 11-oxycorticosteroids (OCS) in the maternal and neonatal blood, and also a greater 17-OCS and 17-ketosteroids excretion in children in long-term diabetes (3-15 yr), decompensated diabetes, complication of diabetes by microangiopathy, and in neonatal respiratory distress and diabetic fetopathy.