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Content of available phosphorus and potassium related to wheat yields in social and individual sectors in the krizevci yugoslavia region

Ivanek, V.

Poljoprivredna Znanstvena Smotra 32(42): 243-255


Accession: 005041644

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Parallel investigations of the soil properties and wheat yields were carried out on the social sector (plowing at the depth of 26-28 cm) and of the individual sector (plowing at the depth of 18-20 cm). The available nutrients were investigated by means of the Morgen-Peech and AL-methods. On the majority of plots in the individual sector, there was a low content of available P, while the available K content was higher. On the plots in the social sector, the AL-method revealed a better availability of P. On the plots in the individual sector, there were greater variations of the available nutrients and of the wheat yield. The mean wheat yields in the social sector were 55.5 q [quintals]/ha and in the individual sector 41.7 q/ha. Strong to very strong correlations were determined in the individual sector between the available P, K and the wheat yield, while weak to strong correlational relations were determined in the social sector. In the conditions of the present shallow plowing, higher wheat yields can be obtained in the individual sector by increasing the available P and K content in the soil by regression, or by deeper plowing and adequate fertilizing. The correlation and regression results can serve for programming adequate fertilizing and determining its economic justification in both sectors.

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