Contribution concerning the occurrence and pathogenicity of european populations of oat crown rust puccinia coronata var avenae fraser and led. and donors of resistance

Sebesta, J.; Harder, D.E.; Zwatz, B.

Ceska Mykologie 41(2): 97-106


Accession: 005045047

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Crown rust (Puccinia coronata Cda. var. avenae Fraser et Led.) on oats is widespread over Europe but its severity varies depending on the region and year. Crown rust is usually more common in southern countries. However, in some north European localities, high incidence of oat crown rust have been recorded: Austria (1978-1984); Soviet Union (1979), and Great Britain (1982). In Czechoslovakia, moderate occurrence of crown rust on oats as recorded in the localities of Bystrice in 1978, 1979 and 1984, Viglas and Brezova in 19870 and of Viglas in 1981. Virulence analyses of P. coronata var. avenae populations in Europe indicate very high levels of variability. The distribution of virulence on the host (major) genes varied, depending on the region. The most ineffective genes were Pc 35, Pc 40, Pc 45, Pc 46, pc 47 abnd Pc 54. The most effective genes were Pc 39, Pc 48, Pc 50, Pc 55, Pc 58 and Pc 59. The usefulness of the Pc genes used in the study is discussed in relation to breeding oats for resistance to P. coronata var. avenae.