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Chapter 5,047

Contribution to the determination of limiting values of sulfur di oxide for vegetation in the region of bratislava czechoslovakia

Navara, J.; Horvath, I.; Kaleta, M.

Environmental Pollution 16(4): 263-276


ISSN/ISBN: 0269-7491
Accession: 005046312

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The relationship between the concentration of industrial pollutants in the air and the degree of injury to local vegetation was studied. Such vegetation is negatively influenced by a conglomerate of substances of which SO2 is the most easily recognized pollutant. Vegetation is injured most seriously near the industrial complex of Bratislava, where the SO2 concentrations in the air reach an annual average in the range 20-100 .mu.g m-3. SO2 concentrations of 10-70 .mu.g m-3 occurring in the region at a distance of 5-15 km from the pollution sources cause chronic damage to the vegetation. In the region with permanent levels of SO2 below 5 .mu.g m-3 no pathological changes were observed.

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