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Contribution to the histochemical behavior of acetyl cholin esterase in diaphragm and nonspecific esterase in hypothalamus testis and liver of rats in view of organo phosphates

Huesken, R.

Zeitschrift für Mikroskopisch-Anatomische Forschung 91(2): 347-368


ISSN/ISBN: 0044-3107
Accession: 005046470

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The enzyme behavior of acetylcholinesterase in diaphragm and that of nonspecific esterase in liver, testes and hypothalamus were investigated in view of various organophosphates on total-preparation and cryostat section of 10 male Wistar rats. The blockade was dependent on the concentration and the acid possessing P.dbd.O-binding was appropriate for in vitro experiment. The most intense blockade of nonspecific esterase was reached in tanycytependym of the 3rd ventricle. The acetylcholinesterase in the motor endplate of diaphragm was less influenced. A direct conclusion for in vivo toxicity can not be drawn from in vitro results. The significance of the chemical structure of the substance utilized was discussed concerning its inhibitory effect.

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