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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5050

Chapter 5050 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Tanaka, Y.; Masuma, R.; Omura, S., 1984:
Control of ammonium ion level for efficient nanaomycin production

Sauer, L.A., 1978:
Control of amp catabolism in mouse ascites tumor cells

Pratley J.E., 1983:
Control of amsinckia hispida and juncus bufonius toadrush with herbicides

McPherson, M.A.; Hales, C.N., 1978:
Control of amylase biosynthesis and release in the parotid gland of the rat

Morohashi Y.; Ueno K., 1980:
Control of amylase synthesis in cotyledons of germinating peas pisum sativum cultivar alaska 7 examination of the possibility of osmotic regulation

Barksdale T.H., 1982:
Control of an epidemic of septoria leaf spot of tomato by resistance

Greenhalgh D., 1986:
Control of an epidemic spreading in a heterogeneously population

Disalvo, L.H.; Cobet, A.B., 1974:
Control of an estuarine micro fouling sequence on optical surfaces using low intensity uv irradiation

Roberts, S.; Church, R.M., 1978:
Control of an internal clock

Meyer, R.E.; Bovey, R.W.; Baur, J.R., 1978:
Control of an oak quercus complex with herbicide granules

Mhalu F.S.; Mandara M.P., 1981:
Control of an outbreak of rove beetle paederus sabaeus dermatitis in an isolated camp in a game reserve

Giersch, C., 1988:
Control of analysis of metabolic networks 1. homogeneous functions and the summation theorems for control coefficients

Giersch, C., 1988:
Control of analysis of metabolic networks 2. total differentials and general formulation of the connectivity relations

Yabar L.E., 1986:
Control of andean potato weevil by storing potatoes in diffuse light

Sanborn, B.M.; Wagle, J.R.; Steinberger, A., 1984:
Control of androgen cytosol receptor concentrations in Sertoli cells: effect of androgens

Simmons W.K., 1984:
Control of anemia in the english speaking caribbean

Dickens R., 1979:
Control of annual blue grass poa annua in over seeded bermuda grass cynodon spp golf greens

Lee W.O., 1981:
Control of annual blue grass poa annua in perennial rye grass lolium perenne seed fields

Venn N.R., 1984:
Control of annual grasses in pasture and legume crops with fluazifop butyl

Barker M.A.; Thompson L.Jr; Godley F.M., 1984:
Control of annual morning glories ipomoea spp in soybeans glycine max

Bai M.G.; Kalyanasundaram M.; Rao U.S.B.; Reddy C.B.S.; Srinivasan R.; Kuriakose K.M.; Panicker K.N., 1984:
Control of anopheles subpictus breeding in backwaters of 2 coastal villages of pondicherry india

Locke, W., 1978:
Control of anterior pituitary function

Lenne J.M., 1982:
Control of anthracnose in the tropical pasture legume stylosanthes capitata by burning

Breithardt G.; Seipel L.; Haerten K.; Abendroth R R.; Loogen F., 1979:
Control of anti arrhythmic drug efficacy in patients with chronic recurrent ventricular tachy cardia by electrical stimulation

Principi, N.; Sher, D.; Moresco, R.C.; Marchisio, P.; Boccazzi, A.; Viola, G.; Sereni, F., 1981:
Control of antibiotic therapy in pediatric patients 1. a computer system to collect and analyze antibiotic prescriptions in hospitals

Principi, N.; Marchisio, P.; Sher, D.; Boccazzi, A.; Moresco, R.C.; Viola, G.; Sereni, F., 1981:
Control of antibiotic therapy in pediatric patients 2. appropriateness of antibiotic choice in selected diseases

Dekruyff, R.; Siskind, G.W., 1979:
Control of antibody synthesis 14. role of thymus derived cells in regulating antibody affinity

Heinrich, E.A.; Da-Silva, R.F.P., 1975:
Control of anticarsia gemmatalis and plusia sp with insecticidal dusts and their effect of defoliation and yield of soybeans

Winder J.A., 1984:
Control of anticarsia gemmatalis lepidoptera noctuidae in soybean with the insect growth inhibitor diflubenzuron

Kirchhof, B.R.; Muller, A.D.; Vermeer, C.; Hemker, H.C., 1979:
Control of anticoagulant therapy with a chromogenic substrate

Kitade T.; Kitamura K.; Hozumi K., 1987:
Control of antipyrine release rate by plasma coating using tetrafluoroethylene and propargyl alcohol blend monomer

Smith, D., 1977:
Control of aonidiella aurantii and chrysomphalus ficus on citrus in southeastern queensland australia

Strider D.L., 1979:
Control of aphelenchoides ritzemabosi in african violet

Hall R.A.; Burges H.D., 1979:
Control of aphids in glasshouses with fungus verticillium lecanii

Hall R.A., 1980:
Control of aphids myzus persicae by the fungus verticillium lecanii effect of spore concentration

Hood W.M.; Fox R.C., 1980:
Control of aphids on loblolly pine in northwestern south carolina usa

Hamalainen, M., 1977:
Control of aphids on sweet peppers chrysanthemums and roses in small greenhouses using the lady beetles coccinella septempunctata and adalia bipunctata coleoptera coccinellidae

Hawton, D., 1976:
Control of apple of peru nicandra physalodes in maize on the atherton tableland queensland

Covey R.P.; Koch B.L.; Larsen H.J.; Haglund W.A., 1984:
Control of apple replant disease with formaldehyde in washington usa

Berton O.; Melzer R., 1984:
Control of apple scab based on the mills system

Schwabe, W.F.S.; Heyns, A.J., 1974:
Control of apple scab venturia inaequalis by post harvest application of fungicides

Agnihothrudu, V.; Mithyantha, M.S.; Tripathi, S.C.; Kumar, S., 1978:
Control of apple scab venturia inaequalis in the kashmir valley using captafol and residues of the fungicide in fruits

Mastro, V.C.; Cameron, E.A., 1976:
Control of archips semiferanus on quercus spp with 2 chemical insecticides

Williams, A.L.; Williams, L.S., 1973:
Control of arginine biosynthesis in escherichia coli characterization of arginyl transfer rna synthetase ec mutants

Williams, A.L.; Yem, D.W.; Mcginnis, E.; Williams, L.S., 1973:
Control of arginine biosynthesis in escherichia coli inhibition of arginyl transfer rna synthetase ec 6.1.13 activity

Williams, L.S., 1973:
Control of arginine biosynthesis in escherichia coli role of arginyl transfer rna synthetase ec in repression

Goodman I.; Weiss R.L., 1980:
Control of arginine metabolism in neurospora crassa flux through the biosynthetic pathway

Goodman, I.; Weiss, R.L., 1986:
Control of arginine metabolism in Neurospora crassa. Role of feedback inhibition

Weiss, R.L.; Davis, R.H., 1977:
Control of arginine utilization in Neurospora

Shaw, C.G.Iii ; Roth, L.F., 1978:
Control of armillaria root rot in managed coniferous forests a literature review

Gibori, G.; Sridaran, R.; Basuray, R., 1982:
Control of aromatase activity in luteal and ovarian nonluteal tissue of pregnant rats

Schwartz, P.E.; Goldstein, H.M.; Wallace, S.; Rutledge, F.N., 1975:
Control of arterial hemorrhage using per cutaneous arterial catheter techniques in patients with gynecologic malignancies

Lillywhite, H.B.; Pough, F.H., 1983:
Control of arterial pressure in aquatic sea snakes

Pacala S.; Roughgarden J., 1984:
Control of arthropod abundance by anolis lizards on st eustatius netherlands antilles

Kosugi, T.; Takagi, I.; Kinjo, K.; Nakagawa, S.; Noda, Y.; Mihara, H., 1983:
Control of Arthus tonsillitis by the administration of an antiplasminic agent

Williams D.B.; Lennarz W.J., 1984:
Control of asparagine linked oligo saccharide chain processing studies on bovine pancreatic rnase b an in vitro system for the processing of exogenous glyco proteins

Fitzgerald R.D.; Bailey A.W., 1984:
Control of aspen populus tremuloides re growth by grazing with cattle

Bowes G.G., 1981 :
Control of aspen populus tremuloides re growth in western canada when there is an understory of established alfalfa medicago sativa

King R.W.; Patrick J.W., 1982:
Control of assimilate movement in wheat triticum aestivum is abscisic acid involved?

Brewer, N.; Kirby, N.H.; Meeuwissen, R., 1980:
Control of associated movement as a factor influencing reaction times of mentally retarded adults

Shawa A.Y., 1982:
Control of aster aster subspicatus and birdsfoot trefoil lotus corniculatus in cranberries vaccinium macrocarpon cultivar mcfarlin with napropamide

Roper-Hall, M.J., 1982:
Control of astigmatism after surgery and trauma

Roper-Hall, M.J.; Atkins, A.D., 1985:
Control of astigmatism after surgery and trauma: a new technique

Brown, N.A.; Sparrow, J.M., 1988:
Control of astigmatism in cataract surgery

Verburg, K.M.; Freeman, R.H.; Davis, J.O.; Villarreal, D.; Vari, R.C., 1986:
Control of atrial natriuretic factor release in conscious dogs

Baker, C.H.; Davis, D.L.; Sutton, E.T., 1978:
Control of atrio ventricular shunt and capillary circuits in the dog hind paw

Birchwood, M., 1986:
Control of auditory hallucinations through occlusion of monaural auditory input

Harmon, W.E.; Grupe, W.E.; Parkman, R., 1980 :
Control of autologous immune complex nephritis 1. suppression of disease in the presence of thymus derived cell sensitization

O'sullivan P.A.; Kirkland K.J., 1984:
Control of avena fatua and cirsium arvense with mixtures of 3 6 di chloro picolinic acid and 4 herbicides for control of avena fatua

O'sullivan P.A., 1981:
Control of avena fatua and fagopyrum tataricum with tank mixtures of linuron or linuron plus 2 methyl 4 chlorophenoxy acetic acid and sequential applications of linuron and post emergence avena fatua herbicides

Miller, H.R.; Nawas, M.M., 1970:
Control of aversive stimulus termination in systematic de sensitization

Darvas J.M.; Toerien J.C.; Milne D.L., 1984:
Control of avocado persea americana root rot by trunk injection with phosethyl aluminum

Miller, H.N.; Noegel, K.A., 1977:
Control of azalea flower blight with a new fungicide bay meb 6447

Le-Bouteiller, P.P.; Asherson, G.L.; Edwards, A.J., 1981:
Control of b cell in mice 1. increased b cell maturation in vitro by bone marrow protected during whole body irradiation

Berman, J.E.; Zolla-Pazner, S., 1985:
Control of B cell proliferation: inhibition of responses to B cell mitogens induced by plasma cell tumors

Migliorini D.; Saudelli M., 1982:
Control of bacterial air pollution reflections and proposals

Singh J.; Swarup J., 1986:
Control of bacterial blight of cluster bean cyamopsis tetragonolobus by seed treatment and foliar spray

Rocheleau S.; Desjardins R.; Lafrance P.; Briere F., 1986:
Control of bacterial growth in public pools

Keil H.L., 1979:
Control of bacterial spot caused by xanthomonas pruni in apricot trees by trunk infusion with oxytetracycline

Marco G.M.; Stall R.E., 1983:
Control of bacterial spot of pepper initiated by strains of xanthomonas campestris pathovar vesicatoria that differ in sensitivity to copper

D.Plessis H.J., 1987:
Control of bacterial spot on plums by sprays of calcium oxytetracycline and copper and infusion with n pyrrolidinomethyl tetracycline

Bernstein, R.L.; Sellin, H.G.; Srinivasan, P.R., 1970:
Control of bacterio phage development in escherichia coli rc rel events following infection of k 12 relaxed strains with t 2 and t 3

Biel, A.J., 1986:
Control of bacteriochlorophyll accumulation by light in Rhodobacter capsulatus

Khanna, K.K.; Chandra, S., 1976:
Control of banana fruit rot caused by fusarium moniliforme and fusarium roseum

Fan, P.C.; Wang, Y.C.; Liu, J.C.; Lo, H.S.; King, M.L., 1975:
Control of bancroftian filariasis by common salt medicated with di ethyl carbamazine on little kinmen quemoy island part 1 epidemiological study

Fan P.C.; Hsu Y.P.; Cheng F.Y.; Wang K.H.; Lee S.H.; Wang Y.C.; Liu J.C.; L.H.S.; Chen C.C., 1979:
Control of bancroftian filariasis on kinmen proper kinmen quemoy islands

Bobes I.; Florea N.; Rosca A.; Vasinc L., 1979 :
Control of barley mildew by chemical treatments applied during vegetation period

Mitchell J.K., 1987:
Control of basal stem and root rot of christmas and easter cacti caused by fusarium oxysporum

Knauss, J.F., 1975:
Control of basal stem and root rot of christmas cactus caused by pythium aphanidermatum and phytophthora parasitica

Nguyen T.T.; Schloemer R.H.; Niederpruem D.J., 1987:
Control of basidiospore germination in schizophyllum commune

Van Rheenen H.A.; Muigai S.G.S., 1984:
Control of bean common mosaic by deployment of the dominant gene i

Zambolim L.; Rodrigues C.H.; Martins M.C.D.P., 1985:
Control of bean rust using protective and systemic fungicides

Krull K.W.; Schuster S.M., 1981:
Control of beef heart sub mitochondrial particle catalyzed ortho phosphate atp exchange by nucleotides and the atpase inhibitor protein

Whitehead A.G.; Tite D.J.; Fraser J.E.; Nichols A.J.F., 1987:
Control of beet cyst nematode heterodera schachtii by aldicarb applied to the soil by a vertical band reciprocating harrow technique or by rotary cultivation

Persson B.; Svensson T.H., 1981:
Control of behavior and brain noradrenaline neurons by peripheral blood volume receptors

McPherson, A.; Osborne, J.G., 1988:
Control of behavior by an establishing stimulus

Entsu, S.; Ando, F.; Morozumi, K., 1980:
Control of behavior of young cattle under restricted grazing with night kraaling 3. improvement of method for tending cattle by conditioned sound

Entsu, S.; Ando, F.; Morozumi, K., 1982:
Control of behavior of young cattle under restricted grazing with night kraaling 4. movement orders under tending cattle by conditioned sound

Sharaf N.S.; Allawi T.F., 1981:
Control of bemisia tabaci a vector of tomato yellow leaf curl virus disease in jordan

Javed Z.U.R., 1984:
Control of benomyl resistant strains of colletotrichum coffeanum the cause of coffee berry disease

Smiley, R.W.; Craven, M.M., 1977:
Control of benzimidazole tolerant fusarium roseum on kentucky blue grass

Koffmann, W.; Penrose, L.J.; Menzies, A.R.; Davis, K.C.; Kaldor, J., 1978:
Control of benzimidazole tolerant penicillium expansum in pome fruit

Cieslak, J.W.; Yousif, H.Y.; Ismail, L.K.; Vartanian, K., 1978:
Control of bermuda grass cynodon dactylon in orchards

Gold, L.M.; Schweiger, M., 1970:
Control of beta glucosyl transferase and lysozyme synthesis during t 4 dna dependent rna and protein synthesis in vitro

Santana Guerra B.R.; Bermudez Guerra O.; Cuba Yordys O.; Rodriguez Obediente M., 1984:
Control of beta hemolytic streptococcus carriers in personnel working in day nursery schools

Mcdaniel K.C.; Balliette J.F., 1986 :
Control of big sagebrush artemisia tridentata with pelleted tebuthiuron

Rahman, K.; Hammond, T.G.; Lowe, P.J.; Barnwell, S.G.; Clark, B.; Coleman, R., 1986:
Control of biliary phospholipid secretion. Effect of continuous and discontinuous infusion of taurocholate on biliary phospholipid secretion

Phillips, A.T.; Egan, R.M.; Lewis, B., 1978:
Control of bio degradative threonine dehydratase ec inducibility by cyclic amp in energy restricted escherichia coli

Fischer, J.L.; Moriarty, C.M., 1977:
Control of bioactive acth release from the neuro intermediate lobe of the rat pituitary in vitro

E.Eman M.A., 1986:
Control of biomphalaria alexandrina populations by homogenates from physa acuta helisoma duryi and biomphalaria alexandrina snails

Hunt, J.L.; Latham, V., 1978:
Control of biped loco motion

Bosc, M.J.; Germain, G.; Nicolle, A.; Mouren, M.; Philibert, D.; Baulieu, E.E., 1987:
Control of birth in rats by RU 486, an antiprogesterone compound

Duncan I., 1986:
Control of bithorax complex functions by the segmentation gene fushi tarazu of drosophila melanogaster

Bourassa, J.P., 1975:
Control of biting culicids an application of eco physiological research

Ueckert D.N.; Scifres C.J.; Whisenant S.G.; Mutz J.L., 1980:
Control of bitterweed hymenoxys odorata with herbicides

Kakar, K.L.; Sharma, O.P.; Dogra, G.S., 1978:
Control of black beetle heteronychus lioderes coleoptera dynastidae damaging maize

Nielsen, S.L., 1987:
Control of black currant gall mite cecidophyopsis ribis westw. time of sprayings and spray volume

Sharma S.L., 1981:
Control of black rot xanthomonas campestris of cauliflower by hot water seed treatment and field sprays with streptocycline

Somani A.K., 1988:
Control of black scurf rhizoctonia solani and common scab streptomyces scabies of potato solanum tuberosum with boric acid

Khan Y.S.A.; Hakim M.A.; Zamal H.; Khan Z.U.M., 1983:
Control of black spot in shrimp

Graversen H.P.; Sorensen L.H., 1987:
Control of bladder tumors transabdominal ultrasonic scanning compared with cytoscopy

Easterbrook M.A.; Solomon M.G.; Fitzgerald J.D., 1985:
Control of blastobasis decolorella lepidoptera blastobasidae a new pest of apple

Asano, K.I.; Ando, T.; Hanada, S.; Maruyama, Y., 1983:
Control of bleeding during the Bentall operation

Johnson, W.C.; Widrich, W.C.; Ansell, J.E.; Robbins, A.H.; Nabseth, D.C., 1977:
Control of bleeding varices by vasopressin: a prospective randomized study

Aulick, L.H.; Baze, W.B.; McLeod, C.G.; Wilmore, D.W., 1980:
Control of blood flow in a large surface wound

Blackshear, P.J.; Rohde, T.D.; Grotting, J.C.; Dorman, F.D.; Perkins, P.R.; Varco, R.L.; Buchwald, H., 1979:
Control of blood glucose in experimental diabetes by means of a totally implantable insulin infusion device

Rowlands D.B.; Glover D.R.; Stallard T.J.; Littler W.A., 1982:
Control of blood pressure and reduction of echo cardiographically assessed left ventricular mass with once daily timolol

Bravery, A.F.; Derbyshihe, H., 1979:
Control of blue stain fungi in service 1. development of a test method for determining the effectiveness of preservatives applied by techniques other than brushing

Bravery, A.F.; Derbyshihe, H., 1979:
Control of blue stain fungi in service 2. comparison of the effectiveness of anti stain chemicals after natural and artificial weathering

Bravery, A.F.; Derbyshire, H., 1979:
Control of blue stain fungi in service 3. the influence of various artificial weathering systems on anti stain effectiveness

Macphee A.; Gaul S.; Ragab M.T.H., 1982:
Control of blueberry thrips frankliniella vaccinii with permethrin and effect on yield and residue in fruit

Summy K.R.; Heilman M.D.; Namken L.N.; Hart W.G., 1986:
Control of boll weevils coleoptera curculionidae through crop residue disposal destruction of subtropical cotton under inclement conditions

Balazs A.; Barabas K., 1979:
Control of bone marrow colony forming cell proliferation by selective endogenous inhibitors

Sidman, C.L.; Unanue, E.R., 1976:
Control of bone marrow derived lymphocyte function part 1 inactivation of mitogenesis by interaction with surface immuno globulin and fc receptor molecules

Walker, D.G., 1975:
Control of bone resorption by hematopoietic tissue. The induction and reversal of congenital osteopetrosis in mice through use of bone marrow and splenic transplants

Davey R.B.; Garza J.Jr; Thompson G.D., 1979:
Control of boophilus microplus on cattle with injections of ei lily l 27 n 2 amino 3 nitro 5 trifluoromethylphenyl 2 2 3 3 tetrafluoro propanamide

Gubler W.D.; Marois J.J.; Bledsoe A.M.; Bettiga L.J., 1987:
Control of botrytis bunch rot of grape with canopy management

Pearson R.C.; Riegel D.G., 1983:
Control of botrytis bunch rot of ripening grapes vitis vinifera timing applications of the di carboximide fungicides

Presly A.H.; Maude R.B., 1980:
Control of botrytis cinerea and botrytis squamosa in over wintered salad onions by fungicide sprays

Morgan W.M., 1979:
Control of botrytis cinerea on glasshouse tomato by high volume sprays

Marois J.J.; Bledsoe A.M.; Gubler W.D.; Luvisi D.A., 1986:
Control of botrytis cinerea on grape vitis vinifera berries during postharvest storage with reduced levels of sulfur dioxide

Mahr S.E.R.; Stevenson W.R.; Sequeira L., 1986:
Control of bottom rot of head lettuce lactuca sativa with iprodione

Gospodarowicz, D.; Ill, C.R.; Hornsby, P.J.; Gill, G.N., 1977:
Control of bovine adrenal cortical cell proliferation by fibroblast growth factor. Lack of effect of epidermal growth factor

Leite R.C.; Reis R.; Rivera F.E.B., 1980:
Control of bovine vibriosis by vaccination

Wildman T.E.; Cone W.W., 1988:
Control of brachycorynella asparagi homoptera aphididae in irrigated asparagus with granular systemic insecticides and disulfoton degradation in asparagus fern

Martin, R.J., 1977:
Control of bracken pteridium esculentum in pasture with asulam

Gubitz, R.H.; Akera, T.; Brody, T.M., 1977:
Control of brain slice respiration by sodium ion and potassium ion activated atpase ec and the effects of enzyme inhibitors

Smedstad K.G.; Rigg J.R.A., 1982:
Control of breathing after fentanyl and innovar anesthesia

Finkler, J.; Iscoe, S., 1984:
Control of breathing at elevated lung volumes in anesthetized cats

Weiler-Ravell, D.; Cooper, D.M.; Whipp, B.J.; Wasserman, K., 1983:
Control of breathing at the start of exercise as influenced by posture

Martin, B.J.; Morgan, E.J.; Zwillich, C.W.; Weil, J.V., 1981:
Control of breathing during prolonged exercise

Glass, M.; Johansen, K., 1976:
Control of breathing in acrochordus javanicus an aquatic snake

Gaultier, C.; Perret, L.; Boule, M.; Tournier, G.; Girard, F., 1982:
Control of breathing in children with interstitial lung disease

Pardy, R.L.; Rivington, R.N.; Milic-Emili, J.; Mortola, J.P., 1982:
Control of breathing in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The effect of histamine inhalation

Klyueva N.Z., 1979:
Control of breathing in combined hypercapnia and inspiratory resistant load

Begin R.; Bureau M A.; Lupien L.; Lemieux B., 1980:
Control of breathing in duchenne muscular dystrophy

Scano, G.; Duranti, R.; Spinelli, A.; Gorini, M.; L.C.nte, C.; Gigliottie, F., 1987:
Control of breathing in normal subjects and in patients with chronic airflow obstruction

Marazzini L., 1987:
Control of breathing in normal subjects and in respiratory diseases

Rajagopal, K.R.; Abbrecht, P.H.; Tellis, C.J., 1984:
Control of breathing in obstructive sleep apnea

Sorli, J.; Grassino, A.; Lorange, G.; Milic-Emili, J., 1978:
Control of breathing in patients with chronic obstructive lung disease

Patakas, D.A.; Christaki, P.I.; Louridas, G.E.; Sproule, B.J., 1986:
Control of breathing in patients with chronic obstructive lung diseases and secondary polycythemia after venesection

Hackett, P.H.; Reeves, J.T.; Reeves, C.D.; Grover, R.F.; Rennie, D., 1980:
Control of breathing in Sherpas at low and high altitude

Hamilton, R.W.; Epstein, P.E.; Henderson, L.W.; Edelman, N.H.; Fishman, A.P., 1976:
Control of breathing in uremia ventilatory response to carbon di oxide after hemo dialysis

Kawakami, Y.; Yoshikawa, T.; Shida, A.; Asanuma, Y.; Murao, M., 1982:
Control of breathing in young twins

Johnson, R.W.; Back, P.V., 1977:
Control of brigalow acacia harpophylla in cattle country by 2 aerial spraying applications 10 months apart

Johnson, R.W.; Back, P.V., 1974:
Control of brigalow acacia harpophylla re growth by single and double plowings

Lal O.P., 1981:
Control of brinjal flea beetle psylliodes tenebrosus with certain organo phosphorus insecticides

Singh D.; Narang D.D.; Chahal B.S., 1985:
Control of brinjal fruit borer leucinodes orbonalis with synthetic pyrethroids

Yazdani S.S.; Mehto D.N.; Singh R.; Kumar A., 1981:
Control of brinjal shoot and fruit borer leucinodes orbonalis with granules alone and in combination with spray formulations

Choudhary R.S., 1982:
Control of brinjal solanum melongena shoot and fruit borer leucinodes orbonalis pyralidae lepidoptera

Darwent A.L.; Smith J.H., 1984:
Control of broadleaved weeds in creeping red fescue festuca rubra var geniuna grown for seed

Collins Thompson D.L.; Lopez G.R., 1982:
Control of brochothrix thermosphacta by lactobacillus spp in vacuum packed bologna

Morandini G.; Finiguerra M.; Fraticelli G.; Ferraris F.; Gallone F., 1986:
Control of bronchial secretion in chronic hypersecretory bronchopulmonary disease the role of letosteine

Lolas P.C., 1986:
Control of broomrape orobanche ramosa in tobacco nicotiana tabacum

Kuratsu Y.; Inuzuka K., 1983:
Control of broth viscosity colistin fermentation by bacillus polymyxa

Heaton J.B., 1981:
Control of brown rot monilinia fructicola and transit rot rhizopus stolonifer of peaches with post harvest fungicidal dips

Islam K.Z.; Nandi B., 1985:
Control of brown spot of rice by bacillus megaterium

Lal S.; Saxena S.C.; Upadhyay R.N., 1980:
Control of brown stripe downy mildew sclerophthora rayssiae var zeae of maize by metalaxyl

Strand R.J.; Sylvester N.K., 1981:
Control of brown tail moth euproctis chrysorrhoea ultra low volume compared with conventional low volume spraying

Chandrasekharan K.K.P.; Cherian C.; Roychowdhury S.P.; Rao C.K., 1984:
Control of brugia malayi filariasis with common salt medicated with diethylcarbamazine in some hill tribe settlements of kerala india

Waddington J.; Bittman S., 1987:
Control of brush regrowth in northeastern saskatchewan canada by several concentrations of herbicides applied with a roller

Matsche N.F., 1982:
Control of bulking sludge practical experiences in austria

Buchanan G.A.; Hauser E.W.; Patterson R.M., 1981:
Control of bur gherkins cucumis anguria in peanuts arachis hypogaea with herbicides

King, A.D.Jr ; Michener, H.D.; Ito, K.A., 1969:
Control of byssochlamys and related heat resistant fungi in grape d products byssochlamys fulva byssochlamys nivea

Ramirez Villapudua J.; Munnecke D.E., 1987:
Control of cabbage yellows fusarium oxysporum f sp conglutinans by solar heating of field soils amended with dry cabbage residues

Beutler, B.; Krochin, N.; Milsark, I.W.; Luedke, C.; Cerami, A., 1986:
Control of cachectin (tumor necrosis factor) synthesis: mechanisms of endotoxin resistance

Meyer, W.J.; Transbol, I.; Bartter, F.C.; Delea, C., 1976:
Control of calcium absorption: effect of sodium chloride loading and depletion

Marier, S.H.; Putney, J.W.; Van de Walle, C.M., 1978:
Control of calcium channels by membrane receptors in the rat parotid gland

Katz, A.M.; Repke, D.I.; Fudyma, G.; Shigekawa, M., 1977:
Control of calcium efflux from sarcoplasmic reticulum vesicles by external calcium

Gentleman, S.; Mansour, T.E., 1977:
Control of calcium ion efflux and cyclic amp by 5 hydroxy tryptamine and dopamine in abalone gill

Palmer J.W.; Pfeiffer D.R., 1981:
Control of calcium release from heart mitochondria

Little C.H.A.; Wareing P.F., 1981:
Control of cambial activity and dormancy in picea sitchensis by iaa and abscisic acid

Krippner S.; Nopper P.; Herold H.; Pollandt G.; Steuer D.; Oelke H., 1986:
Control of campylobacter fetus or centralized bull raising unit

Keller-Wood, M., 1988:
Control of canine ACTH by corticosteroids: interaction between dose and time

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Control of canine kidney cortex slice volume and ion distribution at hypo thermia by impermeable anions

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Control of canine rabies in the city of salvador bahia brazil

Gerber, J.G.; Nies, A.S.; Olsen, R.D., 1981:
Control of canine renin release: macula densa requires prostaglandin synthesis

Abd-el-Al, A.; Ingraham, J.L., 1969:
Control of carbamyl phosphate synthesis in Salmonella typhimurium

Tupy, J.; Primot, L., 1976:
Control of carbohydrate metabolism by ethylene in latex vessels of hevea brasiliensis in relation to rubber production

Kim, B.H.; Bellows, P.; Datta, R.; Zeikus, J.G., 1984:
Control of Carbon and Electron Flow in Clostridium acetobutylicum Fermentations: Utilization of Carbon Monoxide to Inhibit Hydrogen Production and to Enhance Butanol Yields

Davies, D.D.; Patil, K.D., 1973:
Control of carbon di oxide fixation by cell free extracts of chlamydomonas reinhardtii

Laing W.A.; Stitt M.; Heldt H.W., 1981:
Control of carbon di oxide fixation changes in the activity of ribulose phosphate kinase and fructose bis phosphatase and sedo heptulose bis phosphatase in chloroplasts

Gardemann A.; Stitt M.; Heldt H.W., 1983:
Control of carbon di oxide fixation regulation of spinach spinacia oleracea ribulose 5 phosphate kinase by stromal metabolite levels

Andersen P.K., 1981:
Control of carbon di oxide in modified mapleson a and d hafnia anesthetic systems an experimental model

Gardemann A.; Schimkat D.; Heldt H.W., 1986:
Control of carbon dioxide fixation regulation of stromal fructose 1 6 bisphosphatase in spinach spinacia oleracea by ph and magnesium concentration

Yavitt J.B.; Lang G.E.; Wieder R.K., 1987:
Control of carbon mineralization of methane and carbon dioxide in anaerobic sphagnum derived peat from big run bog west virginia usa

Suzuki T.; Yamane T.; Shimizu S., 1986:
Control of carbon source supply and dissolved oxygen by use of carbon dioxide concentration of exhaust gas in fed batch culture

Mitty, H.A.; Warner, R.R.; Newman, L.H.; Train, J.S.; Parnes, I.H., 1985:
Control of carcinoid syndrome with hepatic artery embolization

Gay, R.; Lee, R.W.; Appleton, C.; Olajos, M.; Martin, G.V.; Morkin, E.; Goldman, S., 1987:
Control of cardiac function and venous return in thyrotoxic calves

Bock K.R.; Guthrie E.J., 1982:
Control of cassava mosaic disease in kenya

Van Slobbe W.G., 1983:
Control of castnia daedalus a major pest of oil palm elaeis guineensis in surinam

Latzkovits L.; Rimanoczy A.; Juhasz A.; Torday C.; Sensenbrenner M., 1982:
Control of cation transport in cultured glial cells by external calcium ii a possible signal in glial neuronal interaction

Hunt L.M.; Beadles M.L.; Shelley B.K.; Gilbert B.N.; Drummond R.O., 1980:
Control of cattle grubs with dichlorvos impregnated strips attached to legs of cattle

Soll, M.D.; Carmichael, I.H.; Swan, G.E.; Scherer, H., 1987:
Control of cattle mange in southern Africa using ivermectin

Kundu P.K.; Nandi B., 1984:
Control of cauliflower damping off by using antagonist coated seeds

Yen, A.; Chiao, J.W., 1983:
Control of cell differentiation during proliferation 1. monocytic differentiation of hl 60 pro myelocytes

Yen, A.; Reece, S.L.; Albright, K.L., 1985:
Control of cell differentiation during proliferation 2. myeloid differentiation and cell cycle arrest of hl 60 promyelocytes preceded by nuclear structural changes

Miki, T.; Yoshioka, K.; Horiuchi, T., 1984:
Control of cell division by sex factor f in escherichia coli 1. the 42.84 43.6 f segment couples cell division of the host bacteria with replication of plasmid dna

Miki, T.; Horiuchi, T.; Chand, Z.T., 1984:
Control of cell division by sex factor f in escherichia coli 2. identification of genes for inhibitor protein and trigger protein on the 42.84 43.6 f segment

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Control of cell division in Escherichia coli: effect of amino acid starvation

Donachie, W.D., 1969:
Control of cell division in Escherichia coli: experiments with thymine starvation

Matsumoto K.; Uno I.; Ishikawa T., 1983:
Control of cell division in saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants defective in adenylate cyclase and cyclic amp dependent protein kinase

Metraux J P.; Richmond P.A.; Taiz L., 1980:
Control of cell elongation in nitella axillaris by endogenous cell wall ph gradients multi axial extensibility and growth studies

Kubitschek, H.E., 1971:
Control of cell growth in bacteria: experiments with thymine starvation

Sorrentino, J.M.; Kirkland, W.L.; Sirbasku, D.A., 1976:
Control of cell growth part 1 estrogen dependent growth in vivo of a rat pituitary tumor cell line

Sorrentino, J.M.; Kirkland, W.L.; Sirbasku, D.A., 1976:
Control of cell growth part 2 requirement of thyroid hormones for the in vivo estrogen dependent growth of rat pituitary tumor cells

Kirkland, W.L.; Sorrentino, J.M.; Sirbasku, D.A., 1976:
Control of cell growth part 3 direct mitogenic effect of thyroid hormones on an estrogen dependent rat pituitary tumor cell line

Sirbasku, D.A.; Kirkland, W.L., 1976:
Control of cell growth part 4 growth properties of a new cell line established from an estrogen dependent kidney tumor of the syrian hamster

Sargent, M.G., 1975:
Control of cell length in Bacillus subtilis

Kinsella M.G.; Fitzharris T.P., 1982 :
Control of cell migration in atrio ventricular pads during chick early heart development analysis of cushion tissue migration in vitro

Katzin, W.E.; Gershman, H., 1984:
Control of cell mobility by cyclic AMP

Pietu, G.; Chany, E.; Molimard, R.; Frayssinet, C., 1978:
Control of cell multiplication: preparation and immunological comparison of inhibitory factors in the homogenate and perfusate of the adult rat liver

Sethi U.; Basu A.; Guha Mukherjee S., 1988:
Control of cell proliferation and differentiation by regulating polyamine biosynthesis in cultures of brassica and its correlation with glyoxalase i activity

Hyldahl, L., 1986:
Control of cell proliferation in the human embryonic cornea: an autoradiographic analysis of the effect of growth factors on DNA synthesis in endothelial and stromal cells in organ culture and after explantation in vitro

Pleskach, V.A., 1980:
Control of cell proliferation in vitro 3. cell proliferation and the state of cell surface concanavalin a binding receptors

Murray, J.M., 1981:
Control of cell shape by calcium in the euglenophyceae

Fantes, P.A., 1977:
Control of cell size and cycle time in Schizosaccharomyces pombe

Lorincz A.; Carter B.L.A., 1979:
Control of cell size at bud initiation in saccharomyces cerevisiae

Fantes, P.; Nurse, P., 1977:
Control of cell size at division in fission yeast by a growth modulated size control over nuclear division

Strathern J.; Hicks J.; Herskowitz I., 1981:
Control of cell type in yeast saccharomyces cerevisiae by the mating type locus the alpha 1 alpha 2 hypothesis

Northcote D.H., 1984:
Control of cell wall assembly during differentiation

Maeda M., 1984:
Control of cellular differentiation by temperature in the cellular slime mold dictyostelium discoideum

Ross P.; Aloni Y.; Weinhouse H.; Michaeli D.; Weinberger Ohana P.; Mayer R.; Benziman M., 1986:
Control of cellulose synthesis in acetobacter xylinum a unique guanyl oligonucleotide is the immediate activator of the cellulose synthase

Dickinson P.S.; Nagy F.; Moulins M., 1988:
Control of central pattern generators by an identified neuron in crustacea activation of the gastric mill motor pattern by a neuron known to modulate the pyloric network

Gimenes Fernandes N.; Barreto M.; Perecin D., 1983:
Control of cercospora leaf spots and web blotch of peanut efficiency of fungicides and influence on yield

Grewal J.S.; Pal M.; Kulshrestha D.D., 1980:
Control of cercospora leaf spots of green gram vigna radiata by spraying bavistin

B.Angood S.A., 1985:
Control of cereal aphids on wheat in yemen

Sasaki T.; Honda Y.; Umekawa M.; Nemoto M., 1985:
Control of certain diseases of greenhouse vegetables with uv absorbing vinyl film

Shawa A.Y., 1987:
Control of certain resistant weeds in cranberries with fydulan

Kuntz, D.A.; Nelson, A.I.; Steinberg, M.P.; Wei, L.S., 1978:
Control of chalkiness in soy milk

Singh R.S.; Chohan J.S., 1979:
Control of charcoal rot macrophomina phaseolina of muskmelon fruits

Jelinek, C.F., 1985:
Control of chemical contaminants in foods: past, present, and future

Ahn C.Y.; Kim S.C.; Park C.S., 1984:
Control of chestnut gall wasp dryocosmus kuriphilus by pruning fertilization and thinning

Vyas H.N.; Chari M.S.; Bapodara J.G.; Beria N.N.; Upadhyaya V.R., 1983:
Control of chick pea pod borer heliothis armigera through insecticidal dust in ghed area of saurashtra india

Hawton, D.; Quinlan, T.J.; Shaw, K.A., 1975:
Control of chickweed drymaria cordata in declining tropical pastures

Tsai, S.C., 1978:
Control of chironomids in milkfish chanos chanos ponds with abate temephos insecticide

Sanders D., 1980:
Control of chloride influx in chara corallina by cytoplasmic chloride concentration

Reid R.J.; Walker N.A., 1984:
Control of chloride influx in chara corallina by internal ph

Sabater, B.; Rodriguez, M.T., 1978:
Control of chlorophyll degradation in detached leaves of barley and oat through effect of kinetin on chlorophyllase ec levels

Masoner, M.; Kasemir, H., 1975:
Control of chlorophyll synthesis by phytochrome part 1 the effect of phytochrome on the formation of 5 amino levulinate in mustard seedlings

Kasemir, H.; Masoner, M., 1975:
Control of chlorophyll synthesis by phytochrome part 2 the effect of phytochrome on amino levulinate dehydratase in mustard seedlings

Kasemir, H.; Prehm, G., 1976:
Control of chlorophyll synthesis by phytochrome part 3 does phytochrome regulate the chlorophyllide esterification in mustard seedlings

Ferte N.; Meunier J C.; Sauve P.; Ricard J., 1984:
Control of chloroplastic nadp malate dehydrogenase activity by thioredoxins

Robinson J.A.; Robinson H.C., 1981:
Control of chondroitin sulfate biosynthesis beta d xylo pyranosides as substrates for udp galactose d xylose transferase from embryonic chicken cartilage

Donaldson, J.O., 1982:
Control of chorea gravidarum with haloperidol

Kasukawa, H.; Sugimoto, M.; Oshima, N.; Fujii, R., 1985:
Control of chromatophore movements in dermal chromatic units of blue damselfish chrysiptera cyanea 1. the melanophore

Kasukawa, H.; Oshima, N.; Fujii, R., 1986:
Control of chromatophore movements in dermal chromatic units of blue damselfish chrysiptera cyanea ii. the motile iridophore

Cary, E.E.; Allaway, W.H.; Olson, O.E., 1977:
Control of chromium concentrations in food plants part 1 absorption and translocation of chromium by plants

Cary, E.E.; Allaway, W.H.; Olson, O.E., 1977:
Control of chromium concentrations in food plants part 2 chemistry of chromium in soils and its availability to plants

Nakahara H.; Moebius D., 1986:
Control of chromophore aggregation in mono and multilayers of long chain merocyanine dyes

Gillin, F.D.; Ganesan, A.T., 1975:
Control of chromosome replication in thymine requiring strains of bacillus subtilis strain 168

Psatta, D.M., 1983:
Control of chronic experimental focal epilepsy by feedback caudatum stimulations

Brandt R.H.; Weidner I., 1980:
Control of chronic laryngitis by endoscopic and histo morphologic methods

Misra, A.K.; Singh, B.P., 1976:
Control of chrysanthemum stunt virus disease by chemo therapeutics

Pastrana, R.; Brammar, W.J., 1976:
Control of ci gene expression in bacterio phage lambda 434 imm studied in an immunity trp fusion made in vitro

Doughty, M.J., 1979:
Control of ciliary activity in paramecium 3. evidence for specific membrane binding sites for ions and cholinergic ligands

Doughty, M.J., 1979:
Control of ciliary activity in paramecium 4. calcium modification of magnesium dependent dynein atpase ec activity

Saiki, M.; Hiramoto, Y., 1975:
Control of ciliary activity in paramecium by intra cellular injection of calcium buffers

Doughty, M.J., 1978:
Control of ciliary activity in paramecium part 1 modification of potassium ion induced ciliary reversal by temperature and ruthenium red

Doughty, M.J., 1978:
Control of ciliary activity in paramecium part 2 modification of potassium ion induced ciliary reversal by cholinergic ligands and quaternary ammonium compounds

Bakshi I.S.; Farooqi A.H.A.; Maheshwari S.C., 1979:
Control of circadian rhythm in nitrate reductase activity in wolffia microscopica

Amor, R.L.; Harris, R.V., 1977:
Control of cirsium arvense by herbicides and mowing

LaNoue, K.; Nicklas, W.J.; Williamson, J.R., 1970:
Control of citric acid cycle activity in rat heart mitochondria

Timmer, L.W., 1977:
Control of citrus nematode tylenchulus semipenetrans on fine textured soil with 1 2 di bromo 3 chloro propane and oxamyl

Latham A.J.; Hammond J.M., 1983:
Control of cladosporium caryigenum on pecan carya illinoensis leaves and nut shucks with propiconazole cga 64250

Andrews, J.W.; Bonnifay, P.; Cha, B.J.; Barthel, Y.; Deschamps, A.; Frankowiak, S.; Renault, P., 1976:
Control of claus plant sulfur compound emissions

Stueber, R.; Dickler, E., 1987:
Control of clearwing moth synanthedon myopaeformis borkh. with the male confusion technique

Sachs, L., 1978:
Control of cloning of normal human thymus derived lymphocytes by transferrin albumin and different lectins

Kroll T.K.; Moore L.D.; Lacy G.H.; Lambe R.C., 1984:
Control of clubroot in southwest virginia usa with chemicals and resistant cultivars

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Control of cnida discharge i. evidence for two classes of chemoreceptor

Giebel, G.E.M.; Thorington, G.U.; Lim, R.Y.; Hessinger, D.A., 1988:
Control of cnida discharge ii. microbasic p mastigophore nematocysts are regulated by two classes of chemoreceptors

Esashi Y.; Ohhara Y.; Okazaki M.; Hishinuma K., 1979:
Control of cocklebur seed germination by nitrogenous compounds nitrite nitrate hydroxylamine thio urea azide and cyanide

Takeuchi N., 1980:
Control of coelomic fluid concentration and brain neuro secretion in the littoral earthworm pontodrilus matsushimensis

Smith F.E.; Okioga D.; Khoo L.E., 1980:
Control of coffee berry disease coffee leaf rust and coffee bacterial blight by some new organo tin compounds

Grant, W.D.; Sutherland, I.W.; Wilkimson, J.F., 1970:
Control of colanic acid synthesis

Talbot H.W.Jr; Morrow J.E.; Seidler R.J., 1979:
Control of coliform bacteria in finished drinking water stored in redwood tanks

Bond, E.J.; Svec, H.J., 1977:
Control of colorado potato beetle leptinotarsa decemlineata in shipments of harvested potatoes

Mayeux H.S.Jr; Drawe D.L.; Scifres C.J., 1979:
Control of common goldenweed isocoma coronopifolia with herbicides and associated forage release

Cramer G.L.; Burnside O.C., 1981:
Control of common milkweed asclepias syriaca

Rannels, D.E.; Karl, H.W.; Bennett, R.A., 1987:
Control of compensatory lung growth by adrenal hormones

Ziccardi R.J., 1986:
Control of complement c 1 activation by nascent c 3b and c 4b a mechanism of feedback inhibition

Korzenev, A.V.; Slezin, V.B.; Khananashvili, M.M., 1976:
Control of complex forms of animal behavior based on electrical stimulation of brain emotiogenic structures

Schwartz B., 1980:
Control of complex sequential operants by systematic visual information in pigeons

Koh, S.H.; Toh, B.H.; Gallichio, H.A.; Elrick, W.L., 1978:
Control of concanavalin a receptor mobility by cytoplasmic actin in human tumor cells

Dardano, J.F., 1971:
Control of concurrent avoidance and appetitive behaviors by an indicator of shock proximity

Holland P.C.; Forbes D.T., 1982:
Control of conditional discrimination performance by conditioned stimulus evoked event representations

Fatzinger C.W.; Merkel E.P.; Mantie R.; Goldman S.E., 1984:
Control of cone and seed insects in slash pine pinus elliottii var elliottii seed orchards with acephate sprays

Chung D.Y.; Kwon H.M.; Tak W.S.; Kim J.H.; Kim T.S., 1984:
Control of cone insects of four pine species by soil application of furadan carbofuran at two locations

Elphinstone J.G.; Perombelon M.C.M., 1987:
Control of contamination of potatoes with air borne erwinia carotovora by foliar application of copper oxychloride

Lara, F.M.; Busoli, A.C.; Marchiori, D.L., 1976:
Control of contarinia sorghicola diptera cecidomyiidae and phyto toxicity of insecticides in 7 hybrids of sorghum vulgare

Honda H.; Tanaka K.; Minamino T.; Konishi T., 1982:
Control of contour feather growth of japanese quail coturnix coturnix japonica

Ettienne, E.M., 1970:
Control of contractility in Spirostomum by dissociated calcium ions

Chazov, E.I.; Rozenshtraukh, L.V.; Saks, V.A.; Smirnov, V.N.; Undrovinas, A.I., 1976:
Control of contractility of the myo cardium by action on the intra cellular energy transport

Derr J.F., 1987:
Control of cool season perennial grasses with glyphosate sethoxydim and fluazifop

Goren, R.; Monselise, S.P.; Ben-Moshe, A., 1976:
Control of corky silvery spots of grapefruit by growth regulators

Shah A.; Srivastava K.K., 1984:
Control of corm rot of saffron crocus sativus

Fajola A.O.; Nwufo M.I., 1985:
Control of corm rots of cocoyam colocasia esculenta caused by botryodiplodia theobromae and sclerotium rolfsii

Kronish, J.W.; Forster, R.K., 1987:
Control of corneal astigmatism following cataract extraction by selective suture cutting

Stowe D.F., 1982:
Control of coronary flow by local factors during hypoxia with and without a fall in oxygen consumption

Poras M.; Baehr J.C.; Cassier P., 1983:
Control of corpus allatum activity during the imaginal diapause in females of locusta migratoria

Ruegg R.P.; Lococo D.J.; Tobe S.S., 1983:
Control of corpus allatum activity in diploptera punctata roles of the pars intercerebralis and pars lateralis

Golos T.G.; Sherwood O.D., 1982:
Control of corpus luteum function during the 2nd half of pregnancy in the rat a direct relationship between conceptus number and both serum and ovarian relaxin levels

Gadsby, J.E.; Keyes, P.L., 1984:
Control of corpus luteum function in the pregnant rabbit: role of the placenta ("placental luteotropin") in regulating responsiveness of corpora lutea to estrogen

Bambauer R.; Jutzler G.A., 1980:
Control of correct position of large bore central venous catheter by means of intra cardiac electro cardiogram

Marchini, L.C.; Yokoyama, M.; Nakano, O.; Goncalves, W., 1977:
Control of cotton bollworm heliothis virescens lepidoptera noctuidae with insecticides applied at very low volume

Shirshikar S.P.; Pawar V.M.; Jadhav G.D., 1986:
Control of cotton bollworms with the synthetic pyrethroid cypermethrin

Chakkaravarthy G.; Balasubramanian M., 1986:
Control of cotton jassid amrasca biguttula biguttula homoptera cicadellidae

Filatov V.I.; Polyanskii N.V., 1986:
Control of cow parsnip a biocenosis weed using herbicides

Murphy T.R.; Gossett B.J., 1984:
Control of cowpea vigna unguiculata in soybean glycine max with acifluorfen

Wehner F.C.; Smith E.M.; Barnard R.O.; Kotze J.M., 1987:
Control of crater disease of wheat caused by rhizoctonia solani with phosphorous acid

Jacoby P.W.; Ueckert D.N.; Hartmann F.S., 1982:
Control of creosotebush larrea tridentata with pelleted tebuthiuron

Bentley, D., 1977:
Control of cricket song patterns by descending inter neurons

Ritchie D.F., 1984:
Control of criconemella xenoplax and meloidogyne incognita and improved peach tree prunus persica survival following multiple fall applications of fenamiphos

Kelley, W.D., 1978:
Control of cronartium fusiforme on loblolly pine seedlings with the experimental systemic fungicide benodanil

Grimm R.; Vogelsanger J., 1987:
Control of crown gall in swiss apple nurseries

Utkhede R.S., 1987:
Control of crown rot phytophthora cactorum of apple trees with the systemic fungicides metalaxyl and fosetyl al

Ruiz, A.; Neilson, J.B.; Bulmer, G.S., 1982:
Control of Cryptococcus neoformans in nature by biotic factors

Sumner D.R.; Phatak S.C.; Smittle D.; Johnson A.W.; Glaze N.C., 1981:
Control of cucumber cucumis sativus foliar diseases fruit rot and nematodes by chemicals applied through overhead sprinkler irrigation

Iwaki M.; Zenbayashi R.; Hanada K.; Shibukawa S.; Tochihara H., 1986:
Control of cucumber mosaic virus cmv disease of tomato by application of an attenuate strain of cmv

Sundheim L., 1982:
Control of cucumber powdery mildew by the hyper parasite ampelomyces quisqualis and fungicides

Levy R.; Garrett W.D.; Chizzonite J.J.; Miller T.W.Jr, 1980:
Control of culex spp mosquitoes in sewage treatment systems of southwestern florida usa with mono molecular organic surface films

Bhale M.S.; Khare M.N., 1984:
Control of curvularia lunata and phoma insidiosa associated with sorghum sorghum vulgare grains by hot water treatment

Reynolds, S.E., 1977:
Control of cuticle extensibility in the wings of adult manduca at the time of eclosion effects of eclosion hormone and bursicon

Nicholson, G.C.; Moseley, J.M.; Yates, A.J.P.; Martin, T.J., 1987:
Control of cyclic adenosine 3' 5' amp production in osteoclasts calcitonin induced persistent activation and homologous desensitization of adenylate cyclase

Laval, J.; Bommelaer, G.; Senarens, C.; Vaysse, N.; Ribet, A., 1983:
Control of cyclic AMP accumulation in dog acini: its relation to amylase release

Green, R.D., 1977:
Control of cyclic amp elevating effect of adenosine in c 1300 murine neuro blastoma in tissue culture

Uno I.; Ishikawa T., 1981:
Control of cyclic amp level and protein phosphorylation by de polarizing agents in coprinus macrorhizus

Kirkpatrick C.; Van Sande J.; Rodesch F., 1981:
Control of cyclic amp level in human amnion by prostaglandin e 1 and isoproterenol

Trevillyan J.M.; Pall M.L., 1979:
Control of cyclic amp levels by de polarizing agents in fungi

Tominaga Y.; Shimmen T.; Tazawa M., 1983:
Control of cytoplasmic streaming by extracellular calcium in permeabilized nitella cells

Shimmen T.; Tazawa M., 1983:
Control of cytoplasmic streaming by magnesium atp and cytochalasin b in permeabilized characeae cell

Kim, D.; Okada, A.; Smith, T.W., 1987:
Control of cytosolic calcium activity during low sodium exposure in cultured chick heart cells

Bielenin A.; Olszak M.; Zdyb H., 1986:
Control of cytosporosis of apricots

Economopoulos A.P.; Raptis A.; Stavropoulou Delivoria A.; Papadopoulos A., 1986:
Control of dacus oleae by yellow sticky traps combined with ammonium acetate slow release dispensers

Rosenberger D.A.; Meyer F.W., 1988:
Control of dagger and lesion nematodes in apple and plum orchards with fenamiphos carbofuran and carbosulfan

Cardoso, J.E.; Grau, C.R.; Hildebrandt, A.C., 1978:
Control of damping off and root and hypocotyl rot of soybean incited by rhizoctonia solani with 5 fungicides

Gupta J.H.; Pandey I.C., 1981:
Control of damping off fenugreek by seed treatment with fungicides

Ohep J.; Mcmillan R.T.Jr; Bryan H.H.; Cantliffe D.J., 1984:
Control of damping off of tomatoes by incorporation of fungicides in direct seeding gel

Stephens C.T.; Stebbins T.C., 1985:
Control of damping off pathogens in soilless container media

Siberhein K.; Hofmann F.; Maertin B.; Buechel G., 1987:
Control of dandelions taraxacum officinale wiggers in lucerne before turning of the soil

Humpherson Jones F.M.; Maude R.B., 1982:
Control of dark leaf spot alternaria brassicicola of brassica oleracea seed production crops with foliar sprays of iprodione

Davey, R.B.; Meisch, M.V., 1977:
Control of dark rice field mosquito larvae psorophora columbiae by mosquitofish gambusia affinis and green sunfish lepomis cyanellus in arkansas usa rice field

Poyton, R.O.; Branton, D., 1972:
Control of daughter cell number variation in multiple fission genetic vs environmental determinants in prototheca zopfii

Tauxe, R.V.; Johnson, K.E.; Boase, J.C.; Helgerson, S.D.; Blake, P.A., 1986:
Control of day care shigellosis: a trial of convalescent day care in isolation

Stonebraker T.B.; Rilling M., 1981:
Control of delayed matching to sample performance using directed forgetting techniques

Ibrahim, N.G.; Nelson, J.C.; Levere, R.D., 1981:
Control of delta amino levulinate synthase ec and heme oxygenase ec in chronic iron overloaded rats

Salvador, G.F.; Beney, G.; Nigon, V., 1976:
Control of delta amino levulinic acid synthesis during greening of dark grown euglena gracilis

Katagiri, K.; Iwata, Z., 1976:
Control of dendrolimus spectabilis with a mixture of cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus and bacillus thuringiensis

Karsenti, E.; Bornens, M.; Avrameas, S., 1977:
Control of density and micro re distribution of concanavalin a receptors in rat thymocytes at 4 celsius

Miller, C.O., 1969:
Control of deoxyiso flavone synthesis in soy bean d tissue

Painter T.J., 1988:
Control of depolymerization during the preparation of reduced dialdehyde cellulose

White, D.J.; Benach, J.L., 1981:
Control of dermacentor variabilis 1. larval and adult susceptibility to selected insecticides

White, D.J.; Benach, J.L.; Smith, L.A.; Ouyang, S.P., 1981:
Control of dermacentor variabilis 3. an analytical study of the effect of low volume spray frequency on insecticide stressed and nonstressed populations

Child R.; Morgan D.C.; Smith H., 1981:
Control of development in chenopodium album by shade light the effect of light quality red to far red ratio on morphogenesis

Szpirer, J., 1972:
Control of development in temperate bacterio phages part 4 specific action of n product at a transcription stop signal

Couturier, M.; Dambly, C.; Thomas, R., 1973:
Control of development in temperate bacterio phages part 5 sequential activation of the viral functions

Thomas, R., 1970:
Control of development in temperature bacterio phages part 3 which pro phage genes are and which are not trans activable in the presence of immunity

Borchert R.; Honda H., 1984:
Control of development in the bifurcating branch system of tabebuia rosea a computer simulation

Morohashi Y., 1982:
Control of development of amylolytic and proteolytic activities in cotyledons of germinating black gram vigna mungo seeds

Matsui T.; Eguchi H.; Mori K., 1981:
Control of dew and frost formations on the leaf by radiative cooling

Grandgenett, D.P.; Stahly, D.P., 1971:
Control of di amino pimelate decarboxylase ec by l lysine during growth and sporulation of bacillus cereus

Leys E.J.; Kellems R.E., 1981:
Control of di hydro folate reductase messenger rna production

Macedo C.S.; Mercadante M.C.S.; D.M.cedo A.R., 1986:
Control of diabetes in rats by transplantation of islets of langerhans prepared by mechanical method without enzymatic digestion

Solbreck C.; Sillen Tullberg B., 1981:
Control of diapause in a monovoltine insect lygaeus equestris heteroptera

Kyriakis S., 1981:
Control of diarrhea of piglets

Fletcher, J.T.; Sharpe, K., 1978:
Control of didymella lycopersici on tomato stems with fungicidal paints

Forward R.B.Jr; Cronin T.W.; Stearns D.E., 1984:
Control of diel vertical migration photo responses of a larval crustacean

Fricke H.W., 1980:
Control of different mating systems in a coral reef dascyllus marginatus fish by 1 environmental factor

D.P.ermentier F.; Barbason H.; Bassleer R., 1979:
Control of differentiation and proliferation by a hepatic chalone in cells from a rat hepatoma cultivated in vitro

Redshaw, P.A.; Mccann, P.A.; Sankaran, L.; Pogell, B.M., 1976:
Control of differentiation in streptomycetes involvement of extrachromosomal dna and glucose repression in aerial mycelia development

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Control of dinitrogen fixation in ammonium assimilating cultures of azotobacter vinelandii

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Control of discharge patterns of medullary respiratory neurons by pulmonary vagal afferent inputs

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Control of disease caused by pythium ultimum in seed propagated geraniums sprayed or not sprayed with silver thiosulfate

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Control of dissolved aluminum distributions in marine sediments by clay reconstitution reactions experimental evidence leading to a unified theory

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Control of ditylenchus dipsaci in garlic allium sativum by bulb and soil treatments

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Control of diurnal variations in photosynthetic products part 1 carbon metabolism

Steer, B.T., 1974:
Control of diurnal variations in photosynthetic products part 2 nitrate reductase activity

Tanaka I.; Ito M., 1981:
Control of division patterns in explanted micro spores of tulipa gesneriana

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Control of dna and rna synthesis in pyrimidine limited escherichia coli

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Control of dna ligase ec molecular forms in nucleo cytoplasmic combinations of axolotl ambystoma mexicanum and pleurodeles waltlii

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Control of dna synthesis and ornithine decarboxylase ec activity by hormones and amino acids in primary cultures of adult rat hepatocytes

Laurent, S.J., 1974:
Control of dna synthesis in a bacillus subtilis mutant temperature sensitive for initiation of chromosome replication

Taggart H.; Stout R.W., 1980:
Control of dna synthesis in cultured vascular endothelial and smooth muscle cells response to serum platelet deficient serum lipid free serum insulin and estrogens

Soska, J.; Koukalova, B.; Reich, J., 1976:
Control of dna synthesis in lactobacillus acidophilus role of rna and free amino acids

Dawson, J.H., 1978:
Control of dodder cuscuta spp with pronamide

Haywood J.D., 1980:
Control of dogfennel eupatorium capillifolium does not increase loblolly pine pinus taeda yields

Turesson, I.; Notter, G., 1976:
Control of dose administered once a week and 3 times a day according to schedules calculated by the cumulative radiation effect formula using skin reaction as a biological parameter

Whittaker, J.J.; Jackson, J.H., 1978:
Control of downstream amplification in tie ilveda operon in iso leucyl transfer rna synthetase valyl transfer rna synthetase and leucyl transfer rna synthetase mutants of escherichia coli k 12/

Weltzien H.C.; Ketterer N., 1986:
Control of downy mildew plasmopara viticola on grapevine leaves through water extracts from composted organic wastes

Hanson W.D., 1986:
Control of dry matter accumulation in soybean seeds glycine max

Tate K.G.; Van Der Mespel G.J., 1983:
Control of dryberry disease peronospora sparsa in boysenberry with fungicides

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Control of dutch elm disease by the sterol biosynthesis inhibitors fenpropimorph and fenpropidin

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Control of dutch elm disease comparison of benomyl and methyl 2 benzimidazolecarbamate hydro chloride and 2 injection techniques

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Control of dynamic and static nuclear bag fibers and nuclear chain fibers by gamma axon and beta axon in isolated cat muscle spindles

Milstead J.E.; Odom D.; Kirby M., 1980:
Control of early larval stages of the california oakworm phryganidia californica by low concentrations of bacillus thuringiensis applied to lower leaf surfaces

Nielsen, D.G.; Balderston, C.P., 1977:
Control of eastern spruce gall aphids and cooley spruce gall aphids with soil applied systemic insecticides

Ravishankar, G.A.; Mehta, A.R., 1979:
Control of Ecdysterone Biogenesis in Tissue Cultures of Trianthema portulacastrum

Piggin C.M., 1979:
Control of echium plantagineum with 2 4 d and grazing management

Rübsamen, R.; Betz, M., 1986:
Control of echolocation pulses by neurons of the nucleus ambiguus in the rufous horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus rouxi. I. Single unit recordings in the ventral motor nucleus of the laryngeal nerves in spontaneously vocalizing bats

Rübsamen, R.; Schweizer, H., 1986:
Control of echolocation pulses by neurons of the nucleus ambiguus in the rufous horseshoe bat, Rhinolophus rouxi. II. Afferent and efferent connections of the motor nucleus of the laryngeal nerves

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Control of ecthyma contagiosum (pustular dermatitis) of sheep with a new parenteral cell culture live vaccine

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Control of egg hatching in the crab rhithropanopeus harrisii

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Control of elastin metabolism by elastin ligands. Reciprocal effects on lysyl oxidase activity

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Control of electron transfer in the cytochrome system of mitochondria by ph trans membrane ph gradient and electrical potential the cytochromes b cytochromes c segment

Tezuka T.; Sekiya H.; Ohno H., 1980:
Control of elongation and thickening growth of primary shoots and primary lateral shoots in grapes vitis vinifera x vitis labrusca cultivar kyoho by 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride

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Control of embryonic development effect of an embryonic inducer rna on in vitro translation of messenger rna

Arnold H H.; Siddiqui M.A.Q., 1979:
Control of embryonic development isolation and purification of chick heart myosin light chain messenger rna and quantitation with complementary dna probe

Macquart-Moulin, C., 1977:
Control of emergence and of nocturnal swimming activity in peracarida of mediterranean beaches eurydice affinis isopoda gastrosaccus mediterraneus gastrosaccus spinifer mysidacea

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Control of emotional expression in pseudobulbar palsy. A personal experience

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Control of emulsification in model system using soy protein as surfactant

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Control of end tidal halothane concentration part a. anesthesia breathing system and feedback control of gas delivery

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Control of endogenous cell regulators by the 2nd stage tumor promoter phorbol 12 retinoate 13 acetate

Brown J.W.S.; Kemble R.J.; Law C.N.; Flavell R.B., 1979:
Control of endosperm proteins in triticum aestivum cultivar chinese spring and aegilops umbellulata by homoeologous group 1 chromosomes

Williamson, J.R., 1970:
Control of energy metabolism in hamster brown adipose tissue

Cvjetanovic, B., 1976:
Control of enteric fever

Volpe, P.; Sawamura, R.; Strecker, H.J., 1969:
Control of enz ornithine delta trans aminase in rat liver and kidney diet nitrogen intake

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Control of enzymatically inactive renin in man under various pathological conditions: implications for the interpretation of renin measurements in peripheral and renal venous plasma

Hotta Y.; A.; Tabata S.; Stern H., 1985:
Control of enzyme accessibility to specific dna sequences during meiotic prophase by alterations in chromatin structure

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Control of enzyme activities in cotton cotyledons during maturation and germination part 1 nitrate reductase and iso citrate lyase

Choinski, J.S.Jr ; Trelease, R.N., 1978:
Control of enzyme activities in cotton cotyledons during maturation and germination part 2 glyoxysomal enzyme development in embryos

Choinski, J.S.Jr ; Trelease, R.N.; Doman, D.C., 1981:
Control of enzyme activities in cotton gossypium hirsutum cotyledons during maturation and germination 3. in vitro embryo development in the presence of abscisic acid

Miernyk, J.A.; Trelease, R.N., 1981:
Control of enzyme activities in cotton gossypium hirsutum cultivar deltapine 61 cotyledons during maturation and germination 4. beta oxidation

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Control of enzyme activities in individual myotubes cultured without nerve

Jerebzoff, S.; Jerebzoff-Quintin, S., 1983:
Control of enzyme activity rhythms in leptosphaeria michotii 1. effects of cyclo heximide

Jerebzoff, S.; Jerebzoff-Quintin, S., 1983:
Control of enzyme activity rhythms in leptosphaeria michotii 2. effects of propargyl glycine

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Control of enzyme distribution in enzyme membrane by electric field

Simon, J.P.; Wargnies, B.; Stalon, V., 1982:
Control of enzyme synthesis in the arginine deiminase ec pathway of streptococcus faecalis

Jacks T.J., 1984:
Control of enzymic competition for isocitrate by intracellular compartmentation in seedlings

Hodges R.J.; Benton F.P.; Hall D.R.; Dos Santos Serodio R., 1984:
Control of ephestia cautella lepidoptera phycitidae by synthetic sex pheromones in the laboratory and store

Trematerra P.; Battaini F., 1987 :
Control of ephestia kuehniella zeller by mass trapping

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Control of epidemic group A meningococcal meningitis in Nepal

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Control of epilachna dodecastigma on cowpea

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Control of ergot in pearl millet pennisetum americanum through pollen management

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Control of eriosoma lanigerum by systemic insecticides

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Control of erysiphe cichoracearum on zinnia elegans with a polymer based antitranspirant

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Control of erythroblastosis fetalis an example of interdisciplinary cooperation

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Control of erythroid differentiation asynchronous expression of the anion transporter and the peripheral components of the membrane skeleton in avian erythroblastosis virus and s 13 transformed cells

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Control of escherichia coli growth by carbon di oxide

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Control of estrogen synthesis in the testis of the infant rat by follicle stimulating hormone and androgen

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Control of estrus and fertility in gilts with accessory corpora lutea by prostaglandin f 2 alpha analog ici 79939 and ici 80996

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Control of estrus and ovulation in beef cattle in central australia

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Control of estrus and progesterone levels in heifers given intra vaginal progesterone coils and injections of progesterone and estrogen

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Control of estrus in bos indicus and bos taurus heifers with prostaglandin f 2 alpha

Boland M.P., 1983:
Control of estrus in primi parous sows

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Control of estrus in the lactating post partum mare with fluprostenol ici 81008

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Control of ethanol withdrawal symptoms in mice by phenytoin

Gavinlertvatana P.; Read P.E.; Wilkins H.F., 1980:
Control of ethylene synthesis and action by silver nitrate and rhizobitoxine in petunia hybrida leaf sections cultured in vitro

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Control of ethylene synthesis during development and senescence of carnation dianthus caryophyllus cultivar white sim petals

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Control of eublemma amabilis a serious predator of the lac insect kerria lacca part 1 screening of insecticides for their safety to lac insect

Sower L.L.; Overhulser D.L.; Daterman G.E.; Sartwell C.; Laws D.E.; Koerber T.W., 1982:
Control of eucosma sonomana by mating disruption with synthetic sex attractant

Safer B.; Jagus R., 1979:
Control of eukaryotic initiation factor eif 2 phosphatase activity in rabbit reticulocyte lysate

Rothbard, S., 1975:
Control of euplotes sp by formalin in growth tanks of chlorella sp used as growth medium for the rotifer brachionus plicatilis which serves as feed for hatchlings

Benndorf, J.; Puetz, K., 1987:
Control of eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs by means of pre dams i. mode of operation and calculation of the nutrient elimination capacity

Benndorf, J.; Puetz, K., 1987:
Control of eutrophication of lakes and reservoirs by means of pre dams ii. validation of the phosphate removal model and size optimization

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Control of evaporation and surface accumulation of nutrients in sand culture experiments with oak seedlings

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Control of evaporative heat loss during changes in plasma osmolality in the cat

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Control of exocellular proteases in dermatophytes and especially Trichophyton rubrum

Pakrasi K., 1984:
Control of expanding family indian experiences

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Control of experimental burn wound infections comparative delivery of the anti microbial agent silver sulfadiazine from a cream base or a solid synthetic dressing

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Control of experimental dental caries development by alteration of sugar composition in milk formula

Hamada M., 1980:
Control of experimental incompatible blood transfusion by heparin

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Control of expired carbon dioxide level and minute ventilation during a hyperventilation challenge for asthmatics

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Control of expression of an integrated Rous sarcoma provirus in rat cells: role of 5' genomic duplications reveals unexpected patterns of gene transcription and its regulation

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Control of expression of the herpes simplex virus thymidine kinase gene in biochemically transformed cells

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Control of expression of the l arabinose operon in temperature sensitive mutants of gene arac in escherichia coli b r

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Control of expression of the pyr genes in Salmonella typhimurium: effects of variations in uridine and cytidine nucleotide pools

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Control of expression of the transposon tn 10 encoded tetracycline resistance genes equilibrium and kinetic investigation of the regulatory reactions

Hillen, W.; Schollmeier, K.; Gatz, C., 1984:
Control of expression of the transposon tn 10 encoded tetracycline resistance operon 2. interaction of rna polymerase and tet repressor with the tet operon regulatory region

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Control of expression of the vaccinia virus thymidine kinase ec gene

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Control of external bacterial infections of bluegills with potassium per manganate

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Control of extracellular ions in skate raja erinacea brain during osmotic disturbances

Newman E.A.; Frambach D.A.; Odette L.L., 1984:
Control of extracellular potassium levels by retinal glial cell potassium siphoning

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Control of extracellular slime accumulation in monokaryons and resultant dikaryons of Schizophyllum commune

Kjellstrand, P., 1977:
Control of extraction of dna and apurinic acid by poly ethylene glycol in feulgen hydrolysis

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Control of f prime lac replication in escherichia coli b r

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Control of face fly musca autumnalis larval development in bovine feces with daily injections of the ivermectin mk 933

Meyer J.A.; Simco J.S.; Lancaster J.L.Jr, 1980:
Control of face fly musca autumnalis larval development with ivermectin mk 933

Jagschitz J.A., 1980:
Control of fall panicum panicum dichotomiflorum and nut sedge cyperus esculentus in kentucky blue grass poa pratensis with post emergence herbicides

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Control of fast goal directed arm movements

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Control of fat cell phosphatidate phospho hydrolase ec by lipolytic agents

Sauer A.; Heise K P., 1984:
Control of fatty acid incorporation into chloroplast lipids in vitro

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Control of fatty acid metabolism in ischemic and hypoxic hearts

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Control of fatty acid synthesis in bacteria

Pry T.A.; Porter J.W., 1981:
Control of fatty acid synthetase messenger rna levels in rat liver by insulin glucagon and di butyl cyclic amp

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Control of fc and complement c 3 receptors on myeloid leukemic cells

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Control of fear brady cardia in the swamp rabbit sylvilagus aquaticus

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Control of fecundity through abortion in epilobium montanum l

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Control of feeding behavior in response to changes in short chain polyhydroxymonocarboxylic acids

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Control of feeding in 3 species of aplysia from the coasts of israel

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Control of feeding in suckling rats: effects of glucose and of osmotic stimuli

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Control of feeding motor output by paracerebral neurons in brain of Pleurobranchaea californica

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Control of feeding movements in the freshwater snail Planorbis corneus. I. Rhythmical neurons of buccal ganglia

Arshavsky YuI.D.liagina, T.G.; Orlovsky, G.N.; Panchin YuV, 1988:
Control of feeding movements in the freshwater snail Planorbis corneus. II. Activity of isolated neurons of buccal ganglia

Arshavsky YuI.D.liagina, T.G.; Orlovsky, G.N.; Panchin YuV, 1988:
Control of feeding movements in the freshwater snail Planorbis corneus. III. Organization of the feeding rhythm generator

Saitoh T., 1981:
Control of female maturation in high density populations of the red backed vole clethrionomys rufocanus bedfordiae

Szabad, J.; Fajszi, C., 1982:
Control of female reproduction in Drosophila: genetic dissection using gynandromorphs

Parkes J.P., 1983:
Control of feral goats capra hircus by poisoning with compound 1080 fluoroacetic acid sodium salt on natural vegetation baits and by shooting

Barford J.P., 1985:
Control of fermentation and respiration in schizosaccharomyces pombe

Gilbert, R.D., 1980:
Control of fetal cardiac output during changes in blood volume

Warshaw, A.L.; Carey, R.W.; Robinson, D.R., 1981:
Control of fever associated with visceral cancers by indomethacin

Banks P.A.; Hill L.V.; Santelmann P.W., 1979:
Control of field bindweed convolvulus arvensis in winter wheat triticum aestivum with foliar and subsurface layered herbicides

Wiese A.F.; Lavake D.E., 1986:
Control of field bindweed convolvulus arvensis with postemergence herbicides

Lauenstein G., 1979:
Control of field mice microtus arvalis in greenland denmark

Asjes C.J., 1985:
Control of field spread of non persistent viruses in flower bulb crops by synthetic pyrethroid and pirimicarb insecticides and mineral oils

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Control of filament length by the regulatory light chains in skeletal and cardiac myosins

Kuwahara M.; Yamamoto T., 1981:
Control of filamentous bacteria in bulking sludge by treatment with sulfuric acid

Witkowski J.F.; Barber D.T.; Currier D.R., 1986:
Control of first generation european corn borer lepidoptera pyralidae larvae in nebraska usa by applying insecticides by center pivot irrigation systems

Nichols, K.M.; Rikmenspoel, R., 1978:
Control of flagellar motility in euglena and chlamydomonas micro injection of edta ethylene glycol bis ethylamine tetra acetic acid manganese ion and zinc ion

Usami, K.; Okubo, S., 1980:
Control of flagellum maturation in naegleria gruberi 1. an electron microscope study and vinblastine binding assay

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Control of flashing in fireflies 4. free run pacemaking in a synchronic pteroptyx cribellata

Buck, J.; Buck, E.; Case, J.F.; Hanson, F.E., 1981:
Control of flashing in fireflies 5. pacemaker synchronization in pteroptyx cribellata

Srivastava A.S.; Singh B.; Mohan K., 1986:
Control of flea beetle psylliodes britinghami maulik coleoptera halticinae on brinjal crop with granular insecticides

Snodderly L.J.; Lambdin P.L., 1981:
Control of flea beetles epitrix spp on tomatoes with foliar applied insecticides

Bailey D.A.; Weiler T.C., 1984:
Control of floral initiation in florists hydrangea hydrangea macrophylla

Wehtje G.; Reed R.B., 1985:
Control of florida beggarweed desmodium tortuosum in peanuts arachis hypogaea with chloramben

Abdul, K.S.; Harris, G.P., 1978 :
Control of flower number in the 1st inflorescence of tomato lycopersicon esculentum the role of gibberellins

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Control of flowering in 2 commercial sugarcane varieties

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Control of flowering in bougainvillea cultivar san diego red metabolism of benzyl adenine and the action of gibberellic acid in relation to short day induction

Banno, K.; Sugiura, A.; Tomana, T., 1981:
Control of flowering in grapevine 1. effects of 2 chloroethyltrimethyl ammonium chloride and 6 benzyl adenine sprays on the inflorescence induction and development on lateral shoots

Ikegaya, F.; Kawabata, S.; Sato, S., 1979:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 1. optimum temperature for flora induction in seedling

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1983:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 10. influence of flower induction of the main stem on heading behavior of lateral tiller buds and its difference among genotypes

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1980:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 2. influence of day length on floral induction inflorescence differentiation and its development in seedling

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1980:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 3. influence of fertilizer application on responsiveness to floral induction treatment in aged plants

Ikegaya, F.; Kawabata, S.; Sato, S., 1981:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 4. acquirement of responsiveness to floral induction treatment in seedlings

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1981:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 5. increase in responsiveness to floral induction treatment with plant age after juvenile stage

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1982:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 6. influence of temperature and day length on floral induction in aged plants

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1983:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 7. influence of low temperature immediately after floral induction treatment on heading behavior

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1982:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 7. reversal of floral induction by high temperature

Ikegaya, F.; Sato, S.; Kawabata, S., 1983:
Control of flowering of orchard grass dactylis glomerata 8. interaction of day length and temperature for flora induction and inflorescence differentiation in dactylis glomerata ssp judaica

Derr R.F.; Derr R.E., 1987:
Control of flux by isozymes and alternate enzymes application to horse liver alcohol dehydrogenase

Sumner D.R.; Phatak S.C., 1987:
Control of foliar diseases of cucumber with resistant cultivars and fungicides

Brenowitz, G.L., 1980:
Control of food handling by cutaneous receptor input in squirrels

Morrison, S.D., 1976:
Control of food intake in cancer cachexia: a challenge and a tool

Fleming, A.S., 1976 :
Control of food intake in the lactating rat: role of suckling and hormones

Davies, H.V.; Chapman, J.M., 1979:
Control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus 1. influence of embryonic axis and testa on protein and lipid degradation

Davies, H.V.; Chapman, J.M., 1979:
Control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus 2. role of the embryonic axis

Davies H.V.; Chapman J.M., 1981:
Control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus cultivar ridge long green the pattern of protein degradation

Chong S.K., 1981:
Control of foot and mouth disease slaughter or vaccination

Retnakaran A.; Smith L.; Tomkins B.; Granett J., 1979:
Control of forest tent caterpillar malacosoma disstria lepidoptera lasiocampidae with dimilin

Sarkisova M.M.; Oganesyan R.S.; Agamyan L.B.; Gyulamiryan R.S., 1980:
Control of formation and development of fruit in the grapevine with physiologically active compounds

Bird, N.L.; Mclachlan, J., 1976:
Control of formation of receptacles in fucus distichus ssp distichus phaeophyceae fucales

Weiner, S., 1980:
Control of fowl cholera in Hungary

Dawson, J.H.; Della'agostino, E., 1978:
Control of foxtail millet setaria italica in new seedlings of alfalfa medicago sativa with s ethyl di propyl thio carbamate applied in surface lines

Prendergast, F.G.; Veneziale, C.M., 1975:
Control of fructose and citrate synthesis in guinea pig seminal vesicle epithelium

Sastry M.N.L.; Hegde R.K., 1988:
Control of fruit rot or koleroga disease of arecanut areca catechu l

Anderson, M.R.; Deppe, C.S., 1976:
Control of fungal development part 1 the effects of 2 regulatory genes on growth in schizophyllum commune

Dasgupta, H.; Schiffman, R.; Deppe, C.S., 1977:
Control of fungal development part 2 kinetics of growth during dikaryosis in schizophyllum commune

Sanders, P.L.; Burpee, L.L.; Cole, H.J. ; Duich, J.M., 1978:
Control of fungal pathogens of turf grass with the experimental iprodione fungicide rp 26019

Nes W.D.; Hanners P.K.; Parish E.J., 1986:
Control of fungal sterol carbon 24 transalkylation importance to developmental regulation

Oseid, D.M., 1977:
Control of fungus growth on fish eggs by asellus militaris and gammarus pseudolimnaeus

Vidhyasekaran P., 1983:
Control of fusarium moniliforme infection in sorghum sorghum bicolor seed

Rowe, R.C.; Farley, J.D., 1978:
Control of fusarium oxysporum crown and root rot of greenhouse tomatoes by inhibiting re colonization of steam dis infested soil with a captafol drench

Gangopadhyay, S.; Kapoor, K.S., 1977:
Control of fusarium oxysporum f sp vasinfectum wilt of okra with seed treatment

Mishra D.; Rath G.C., 1986:
Control of fusarium rot of eggplant solanum melongena

Nedumaran S.; Vidhyasekaran P., 1981:
Control of fusarium semitectum infection in tomato seed

Ghosal, S.; Biswas, K.; Charabarti, D.K.; Chaudhary, K.C.B., 1977:
Control of fusarium wilt of safflower by mangiferin

Kuniyasu K.; Takeuchi S., 1986:
Control of fusarium wilt of tomato by soil sterilization with hot water

Kuniyasu K.; Yamakawa K., 1983:
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