Section 6
Chapter 5,050

Control of food mobilization in seeds of cucumis sativus cultivar ridge long green the pattern of protein degradation

Davies, H.V.; Chapman, J.M.

Zeitschrift fuer Pflanzenphysiologie 101(4): 347-354


Accession: 005049821

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Substantial protein degradation in the cotyledons of intact cucumber seedlings is initiated in the region of the primary (central) vascular bundle. Hydrolysis in the region of the secondary vascular bundles proceeds at a slower rate. Protein is subsequently hydrolyzed in the mesophyll cells between the vascular bundles in a wave of activity moving from the adaxial to abaxial surface. The palisade cells are the last to lose their storage protein. A similar pattern of degradation occurs in cotyledons excised from the embryonic axis; the rate of degradation is slower in this treatment. Starch accumulates in excised cotyledons, especially in the vicinity of the vascular tissues. Starch is not detectable in the cotyledons of intact seedlings.

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