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Chapter 5,051

Control of nutrients in flows in river

Pineau, M.; Villeneuve, J.P.; Campbell, P.G.C.

Eau du Quebec 16(1): 47-50, 53-55


Accession: 005050571

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In many urban and agricultural watersheds in southern Quebec [Canada] (e.g., Richellieu, Yamaska, l'Assomption, du Nord), problems of stream eutrophication prevail, linked to excessive P loadings. Agricultural and point sources, such as municipal and industrial sewage have been identified as the major cause of such P enrichment. In relating these sources to the seasonal distribution of P loadings and to the flow discharge behavior of receiving streams, point source contributions have a greater significance in terms of algae and plant growth in a stream system. This suggests the need for P removal from municipal and industrial sewage and leads to some important implications for the water pollution control program that the Province of Quebec is undertaking. These implications are discussed in this paper and general principles are proposed for an optimal control of P loadings.

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