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Biology, Geography & Health: Chapter 5053

Chapter 5053 provides bibliographic information on scholary research in the basic and applied life, earth and health sciences.

Hachiya K., 1985: Control threshold of rice leaf bug trigonotylus coelestialium

Dorf G.; Poynard T., 1983: Control trial of penta erythritol in the treatment of functional constipation

Paz-Vivas, L.M.; Franco, L.; Gutierrez, M.P.; Martinez-Beringola, Y.M.L., 1987: Control trials of globodera rostochiensis in spain i. population tendencies

Franco, L.; Paz-Vivas, L.M.; Aguirre, A.; Gutierrez, M.P.; Martinez-Beringola, M.L., 1987: Control trials of globodera rostochiensis in spain ii. rol1 resistant potato varieties

Perkins, W.J.; Stenning, B.F., 1986: Control units for operation of computers by severely physically handicapped persons

Gunnar, M.R., 1980: Control warning signals and distress in infancy

Miller S.M., 1979: Controllability and human stress method evidence and theory

Maier S.F.; Warren D.A., 1988: Controllability and safety signals exert dissimilar proactive effects on nociception and escape performance

Swart J.H., 1988: Controllability in age dependent population dynamics

Bolz J.; Giedke H., 1981: Controllability of an aversive stimulus in depressed patients and healthy controls a study using slow brain potentials

Balakrishnan R.; Backman K., 1988: Controllable alteration of cell genotype in bacterial cultures using an excision vector

Breier, A.; Albus, M.; Pickar, D.; Zahn, T.P.; Wolkowitz, O.M.; Paul, S.M., 1987: Controllable and uncontrollable stress in humans: alterations in mood and neuroendocrine and psychophysiological function

Dubourg O.; Gueret P.; Ferrier A.; Farcot J.C.; Terdjman M.; Rigaud M.; Beaumont D.; Bardet J.; Bourdarias J.P., 1984: Controlled 8 hour hemodynamic study of a sustained release formulation of isosorbide dinitrate in moderate left ventricular failure

Georges M.; Tam T F.; Fraser Reid B., 1985: Controlled access to furanose precursors related to sesquiterpene lactones 1

Georges M.; Fraser Reid B., 1985: Controlled access to furanose precursors related to sesquiterpene lactones 2

Boos R.; Gnirs J.; Auer L.; Schmidt W., 1987: Controlled acoustic and light stimulation of the fetus in the third trimester

Cuthbert, O.D.; Brighton, W.D.; Ayuso, R.; Trivinio, E.; Carreira, J., 1986: Controlled activity mite vaccines for 'barn allergy'

Mccormick, C.L.; Kim, K., 1988: Controlled activity polymers iv. copolymers of 2 1 naphthylacetylethylacrylate with hydrophilic comonomers synthesis and characterization

Mccormick, C.L.; Kim, K., 1988: Controlled activity polymers v. copolymers of 2 1 naphthylacetylethyl acrylate with hydrophilic comonomers release behavior

Mccormick, C.L.; Kim, K., 1988: Controlled activity polymers vi. acrylamide copolymers with structopendent naphthylacetic acid and iaa esters synthesis and characterization

Mccormick, C.L.; Kim, K.; Ezzell, S.A., 1988: Controlled activity polymers vii. acrylamide copolymers with structopendent naphthylacetic acid and iaa esters release behavior

Guiloff R.J.; Eckland D.J.A.; Demaine C.; Hoare R.C.; Macrae K.D.; Lightman S.L., 1987: Controlled acute trial of trh analogue rx 77368 in motor neuron disease

Boidin, M.P.; Mooi, B.; Erdmann, W., 1980: Controlled administration of oxygen with self inflating resuscitation bags

Szyperski R.J.; Hamann D.D.; Walter W.M.Jr, 1986: Controlled alpha amylase process for improved sweet potato ipomoea batatas puree

Menon A.D.; Pinto J.A.; Rolla A.F.D.A.; Andrade L.A.G.D.; Abe N.H.; Ribeiro U.J., 1986: Controlled and double blind study on blood and tonsil tissue bioavailability of trihydrated ampicillin in isolated form and in combination with trypsin and chymotrypsin

Eggink, G.; Lageveen, R.G.; Altenburg, B.; Witholt, B., 1987: Controlled and functional expression of the Pseudomonas oleovorans alkane utilizing system in Pseudomonas putida and Escherichia coli

Lahuerta-Palacios, J.J.; Bornstein, R.; Fernandez-Debora, F.J.; Gutierrez-Rivas, E.; Ortiz, M.C.; Larregla, S.; Calandre, L.; Montero-Castillo, J., 1988: Controlled and uncontrolled thrombocytosis its clinical role in essential thrombocythemia

Morris P.; Tatnall M.L.; Montgomery F.J., 1983: Controlled anesthesia a clinical evaluation of an approach using patient characteristics identified during uptake

Tatnall M.L.; Morris P.; West P.G., 1981: Controlled anesthesia an approach using patient characteristics identified during uptake

Sternberg, P.; Tiedeman, J.; Hickingbotham, D.; McCuen, B.W.; Proia, A.D., 1984: Controlled aspiration of subretinal fluid in the diagnosis of carcinoma metastatic to the choroid

Brecht J.K.; Kader A.A.; Heintz C.M.; Norona R.C., 1982: Controlled atmosphere and ethylene effects on quality of california usa canning apricots and clingstone peaches

Reyes A.A.; Smith R.B., 1986: Controlled atmosphere effects on the pathogenicity of fungi on celery and on the growth of botrytis cinerea

Akamine E.K.; Goo T., 1981: Controlled atmosphere storage of anthurium anthurium andraeanum cultivar ozaki flowers

Stow, J.R., 1978: Controlled atmosphere storage of crispin apples

Mcdonald, B.; Harman, J.E., 1982: Controlled atmosphere storage of kiwi fruit acrinidia chinensis cultivar hayward 1. effect on fruit firmness and storage life

Smith R.B.; Reyes A.A., 1988: Controlled atmosphere storage of ontario grown celery

Landfald R., 1988: Controlled atmosphere storage of the apple cultivar aroma

Geeson J.D.; Browne K.M., 1980: Controlled atmosphere storage of winter white cabbage brassica oleracea var capitata alba

Sheikh Zade Y.R.; Galenko Yaroshevskii P.A., 1987: Controlled atrial fibrillation and possible mechanisms of its origin

Jones M.R.; Boltz M.; Kidd G., 1982: Controlled attending as a function of melodic and temporal context

Mølster, A.O.; Gjerdet, N.R.; Langeland, N.; Lekven, J.; Alho, A., 1987: Controlled bending instability in the healing of diaphyseal osteotomies in the rat femur

Murthy V.S.; Hwang T F.; Rosen L.B.; Gorczynski R.J., 1987: Controlled beta receptor blockage with flestolol a novel ultrashort acting beta blocker

Liautard J.P.; Vidal M.; Philippot J.R., 1985: Controlled binding of liposomes to cultured cells by means of lectins

Okumura, Y.; Okamura, K.; Takei, T.; Kouno, K.; Lein, J.; Ishikura, T.; Fukagawa, Y., 1979: Controlled biosynthesis of neo viridogriseins new homologues of viridogrisein 1. taxonomy and fermentation

Okumura, Y.; Takei, T.; Sakamoto, M.; Ishikura, T.; Fukagawa, Y., 1979: Controlled biosynthesis of neo viridogriseins new homologues of viridogrisein 3. production structures and biological properties of neo viridogrisein i and neo viridogrisein iii

Okumura, Y.; Sakamoto, M.; Takei, T.; Fukagawa, Y.; Ishikura, T., 1979: Controlled biosynthesis of neo viridogriseins new homologues of viridogrisein 4. in vitro synergism between neo viridogrisein ii and the antibiotics of the mikamycin a group

Aronsen, K.F.; Hellekant, C.; Holmberg, J.; Rothman, U.; Teder, H., 1979: Controlled blocking of hepatic artery flow with enzymatically degradable microspheres combined with oncolytic drugs

Manns, J.G.; Hafs, H.D., 1976: Controlled breeding in cattle a review

Fletcher, I.C., 1988: Controlled breeding in the Asiatic buffalo (Bubalus bubalis)

Schreiber K F., 1981: Controlled burning of abandoned land encumbrances possibilities and limits in application an interim statement on studies in fire ecology

Arkhipov, V.V.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Lavrovskaya, V.P., 1980: Controlled cell culture 3. flow diffusion chamber

Arkhipov, V.V.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Veprintsev, B.N., 1980: Controlled cell culture 4. cultivation of isolated neurons of lymnaea stagnalis in a flow diffusion chamber

Arkhipov, V.V.; Lezhnev, E.I., 1980: Controlled cell culture 5. effect of some rubbers on isolated neurons of lymnaea stagnalis in culture

Gavrilyuk, B.K.; Lavrovskaya, V.P.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Lelikova, A.I.; Shvirst, E.M., 1981: Controlled cell culturing 6. growth of cells on porous glass

Lavrovskaya, V.P.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Lelikova, A.I.; Pluzhnikova, G.N.; Fedotov, V.P.; Yanakopulo, E.S., 1981: Controlled cell culturing 7. specificity of culturing some hormone secreting and hormone sensitive cells

Kelemen, M.V.; Sharpe, J.E., 1979: Controlled cell disruption: a comparison of the forces required to disrupt different micro-organisms

Heaton M.P.; Johnston R.B.; Thompson T.L., 1987: Controlled cell lysis and protoplast formation by enhancement of inhibitors of alanine racemase by glycine

Mann, A.W.; Vaccaro, R.F.; Deese, P.L., 1978: Controlled chlorination in agricultural systems irrigated with secondary waste water effluents

Schuhl, J.F., 1987: Controlled cicatrization in the treatment of dupuytren's contracture by mccash's method

Hoetzinger, H., 1985: Controlled clinical assessment of the efficacy and tolerance of triletide vs. antacids in patients with gastric and duodenal ulcers

Uchida A.; Wakano Y.; Fukuyama O.; Miki T.; Iwayama Y.; Okada H., 1980: Controlled clinical evaluation of a 10 percent strontium chloride dentifrice in treatment of dentin hyper sensitivity following periodontal surgery

Caramazza R.; D.G.egorio M.; Pioggia M., 1985: Controlled clinical evaluation of bendazac lysine in senile cataract a multicenter study analysis of the effects of 6 months treatment

Giambrone I., 1985: Controlled clinical experimentation on the therapeutic activity and tolerance of a product provisionally named af 80 cdp choline for oral administration

Rossi F.; Monteverde A.I.; Occhipinti P., 1987: Controlled clinical study of a new pharmaceutical presentation of etodolac rectal capsules in patients with osteoarthritis

Spaggiari G., 1985: Controlled clinical study of an antirheumatic preparation for local application

Aguglia A.; Poma A., 1987: Controlled clinical study of etizolam in patients with hypochondriasis

D.P.rto R.; Meini L.; Cipriani M.; Carlotti R.; Venturini E.; Quilici G., 1986: Controlled clinical study on a new sustained release preparation of theophylline bioavailability and relative efficacy

Sacchetti G., 1984: Controlled clinical study on the efficacy and tolerance of the guaiacol ester of acetylsalicylic acid in the treatment of disorders of the respiratory tract in pediatric practice

Catti, A., 1983: Controlled clinical study with Fentiazac suspension in painful inflammatory diseases of children

Alger Work Group; B.M.d Res Counc Coop Study, 1984: Controlled clinical trial comparing a 6 month and a 12 month regimen in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in the algerian sahara

Aantaa, E.; Skinhoj, A., 1976: Controlled clinical trial comparing the effect of betahistine hydro chloride and prochlorperazine maleate on patients with menieres disease

Second-East-Afr-Br-Med-Res-Counc-Study, 1976: Controlled clinical trial of 4 6 month regimens of chemo therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis

Third E.Afr Med Res Counc Study; B.M.d Res Counc Study, 1980: Controlled clinical trial of 4 short course regimens of chemo therapy for 2 durations in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis 2

Third, E.Aer-Br-Med-Res-Counc-Study, 1978: Controlled clinical trial of 4 short course regimens of chemo therapy for 2 durations in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis part 1

East Cent Afr B.Med Res Counc, 1983: Controlled clinical trial of 4 short course regimens of chemo therapy three 6 month and one 8 month for pulmonary tuberculosis

East Cent Afr B.Med Res Counc, 1986: Controlled clinical trial of 4 short course regimens of chemotherapy three 6 month and one 8 month for pulmonary tuberculosis final report

E-Afr-Br-Med-Res-Counc, 1978: Controlled clinical trial of 5 short course 4 month chemo therapy regimens in pulmonary tuberculosis 1st report of 4th study

E.Afr B.Med Res Counc Stud, 1981: Controlled clinical trial of 5 short course 4 month chemo therapy regimens in pulmonary tuberculosis 2nd report of the 4th study

Beck, G.J., 1980: Controlled clinical trial of a new dosage form of metaproterenol

Swai O.B.; Aluoch J.A.; Githui W.A.; Thiong'o R.; Edwards E.A.; Darbyshire J.H.; Nunn A.J., 1988: Controlled clinical trial of a regimen of two durations for the treatment of isoniazid resistant pulmonary tuberculosis

G.J.M.Alexander, E.A.Fagan, J.E.Hegarty, J.Yeo, A.L.W.F.Eddieston, R.Williams, 1987: Controlled clinical trial of acyclovir in chronic Hepatitis B virus infection

Bircher, J.; Bourquin, J.; Wirth, W.; Marthaler, T., 1971: Controlled clinical trial of barium sulfate suspensions for upper gastro intestinal x ray examinations

Gilioli R.; Cotroneo L.; Sanarico M., 1984: Controlled clinical trial of brain gangliosides in the treatment of peripheral neuropathies due to industrial chemicals

Catalano M.; Parini J.; Romano M.; Libretti A., 1985: Controlled clinical trial of cadralazine as a 2nd step drug in the treatment of hypertension

Berstad A.; Rydning A.; Aadland E.; Kolstad B.; Frislid K.; Aaseth J., 1982: Controlled clinical trial of duodenal ulcer healing with anti acid tablets

Fumagalli, M.; Cunietti, E.; Vaiani, G.; Monti, M.; Ferrari, F.; Gandani, R., 1986: Controlled clinical trial of imidazole 2 hydroxybenzoate itf 182 vs. sulindac in patients with rheumatoid arthritis

De-Maio, D.; Nielsen, N.P.; Sesso, M.; Griner, A., 1978: Controlled clinical trial of nomifensine a nontricyclic anti depressant drug

Ganança, M.M.; Mangabeira Albernaz, P.L.; Caovilla, H.H.; Ito, Y.I., 1988: Controlled clinical trial of pentoxifylline versus cinnarizine in the treatment of labyrinthine disorders

Mayer, A.D.; McMahon, M.J.; Corfield, A.P.; Cooper, M.J.; Williamson, R.C.; Dickson, A.P.; Shearer, M.G.; Imrie, C.W., 1985: Controlled clinical trial of peritoneal lavage for the treatment of severe acute pancreatitis

Gray B.N.; J.; Andrewarthur L.; Crowley S.; Kamm M.; Watson K., 1986: Controlled clinical trial of ranitidine in bleeding peptic ulcer

Anon, 1982: Controlled clinical trial of the effect of aspirin and aspirin plus dipyridamole on the development of diabetic retinopathy 1. general protocol

Tchobroutsky, G.; Slama, G.; Canivet, J.; Passa, P.; Kohner, E.; Maneschi, F.; Hayes, T.; Jones, G.; Coscas, G.; Et-Al, 1982: Controlled clinical trial of the effect of aspirin and aspirin plus dipyridamole on the development of diabetic retinopathy 2. ophthalmologic protocol

Tanzania B.Med Res Counc Study, 1985: Controlled clinical trial of two 6 month regimens of chemotherapy in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Raffaeta G.; Saponati G.; Terzuoli A., 1987: Controlled clinical trial on morniflumate treatment in inflammatory or degenerate conditions of the locomotory apparatus

Miraglia Del Giudice M.; Capristo A.F.; Maiello N.; Coppola T.; Mirra G.; Coronella A.; Decimo F., 1985: Controlled clinical trial on the bronchodilator effects of a new oral beta adrenergic drug procaterol in the asthmatic child

Horbach L.; Just H.; Haberland G.L.; Koller S.; Martinelli M.; Schnells G.; Sotgin G.; Van D.L.o J., 1979: Controlled clinical trial trasylol on cases of myo cardial infarction

Burkhardt, R.; Kienle, G., 1978: Controlled clinical trials and medical ethics

Lebacqz K., 1980: Controlled clinical trials some ethical issues

Castelli C.; Allegra L.; Grasselli G.; Moavero N.E., 1988: Controlled clinico functional study on bitolterol crossover with placebo and salbutamol

Fedorov V.D.; Rykov V.I.; Odaryuk T.S.; Amelin V.M.; Blagodarnyi L.A., 1983: Controlled colostomy in cases of abdomino perineal extirpation of the rectum

Drtilkova I.; Nahunek K.; Machackova V.; Podhradska O.; Mrskos A., 1979: Controlled comparative study of dosulepin and diazepam in hyper kinetic children with phenyl ketonuria

Sanz Sanz F.; Del Palacio Hernanz A.; Amor Sanchez E.; Gomez Alvarez C.; Muelas M.; Rodriguez Noriega A., 1985: Controlled comparative study of metronidazole flagyl and tinidazole tricolam in the treatment of nonspecific vaginitis vaginitis due to gardnerella vaginalis

Berkeley, A.S.; Hayworth, S.D.; Hirsch, J.C.; Freedman, K.S.; Ledger, W.J., 1985: Controlled, comparative study of moxalactam and cefazolin for prophylaxis of abdominal hysterectomy

O'Boyle, C.A.; Barry, H.; Fox, E.; McCreary, C.; Bewley, A., 1988: Controlled comparison of a new sublingual lormetazepam formulation and i.v. diazepam in outpatient minor oral surgery

Smith, C.R.; Baughman, K.L.; Edwards, C.Q.; Rogers, J.F.; Lietman, P.S., 1977: Controlled comparison of amikacin and gentamicin

Mizes J.S., 1988: Controlled comparison of bulimics and noneating disordered controls on the mmpi 168

Gutman, R.A.; Blumenkrantz, M.J.; Chan, Y.K.; Barbour, G.L.; Gandhi, V.C.; Shen, F.H.; Tucker, T.; Murawski, B.J.; Coburn, J.W.; Curtis, F.K., 1984: Controlled comparison of hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis: Veterans Administration multicenter study

Cook P.J.; James I.M.; Hobbs K.E.F.; Browne D.R.G., 1982: Controlled comparison of intra muscular morphine and buprenorphine for analgesia after abdominal surgery

Moore, R.A.; Paterson, G.M.; Bullingham, R.E.; Allen, M.C.; Baldwin, D.; McQuay, H.J., 1984: Controlled comparison of intrathecal cinchocaine with intrathecal cinchocaine and morphine. Clinical effects and plasma morphine concentrations

Hansson, H.B.; Barkenius, G.; Cronberg, S.; Juhlin, I., 1981: Controlled comparison of nalidixic acid or lactulose with placebo in shigellosis

Wilson G.B.; Mcintosh J.; Dietrich J.; Manning T., 1984: Controlled comparison of plasma and serum for cystic fibrosis protein

White, J.D.; Butterfield, A.B.; Greer, K.A.; Schoem, S.; Johnson, C.; Holloway, R.R., 1985: Controlled comparison of radio wave regional hyperthermia and peritoneal lavage rewarming after immersion hypothermia

Widran J., 1985: Controlled continuous flow resectoscope report of 200 cases

Wright J.L.; Stevens J.L.; Brown M.J., 1981: Controlled cooling of onion allium cepa umbels by periodic sprinkling

Robinson, A.S.; Curtis, C.F., 1973: Controlled crosses and cage experiments with a translocation in drosophila

L.Pivert P., 1987: Controlled cryosurgery of lower extremities varicose veins a new therapeutic approach presentation of 350 cases

Kulesz-Martin, M.F.; McLimans, W.F., 1984: Controlled culture of adult human skin: characterization

Gavrilyuk, B.K.; Lezhnev, E.I.; Makarova, O.P.; Beloyartsev, F.F., 1982: Controlled culturing of cells 8. culturing of bhk 21 cells on fluoro carbon emulsion

Chidakel, B.E.; Ellwein, L.B.; Chrambach, A., 1978: Controlled deaeration of polymerization mixtures in poly acrylamide gel electrophoresis/

Lesnikowski Z.J., 1988: Controlled degradation of yeast phenylalanine transfer rna by spleen phosphodiesterase in the presence of ethidium bromide

Juliano R.L.; Mccullough H.N., 1980: Controlled delivery of an anti tumor drug localized action liposome encapsulated cytosine arabinoside administered via the respiratory system

Bodor, N.; Sloan, K.B.; Kuo, Y.N.; Higuchi, T., 1978: Controlled delivery of theophylline chemistry of 7 acyl di theophylline and 7 7 prime acyl di theophylline derivatives

Pinel, J.P.J.; Cheung, K.F., 1977: Controlled demonstration of metrazole kindling

Marra J., 1985: Controlled deposition of lipid monolayers and bilayers onto mica and direct force measurements between galactolipid bilayers in aqueous solutions

Wojcicki J.; Samochowiec L., 1986: Controlled double blind study of padma 28 in angina pectoris

Bunchuk N.V.; Nasonova V.A.; Sigidin Y.A., 1980: Controlled double blind test of levamisole in rheumatoid arthritis

Carrara, S.; Mauri, M.; Guazzelli, M.; Maggini, C.; Castrogiovanni, P., 1978: Controlled double blind trial of camazepam a new benzodiazepine derivative vs chlordiazepoxide

Rajan, V.S., 1976: Controlled double blind trial with supracortin cream

Pfrang H.; Schenk J., 1985: Controlled drinkers in comparison to abstinents and relapsed drinkers with regard to attitudes and social adjustment

Pendery, M.L.; Maltzman, I.M.; West, L.J., 1982: Controlled drinking by alcoholics? New findings and a reevaluation of a major affirmative study

Ueno N.; Refojo M.F., 1984: Controlled drug delivery systems in ophthalmology a review

Juni, K.; Nakano, M.; Arita, T., 1977: Controlled drug permeation part 2 comparative permeability and stability of butamben and benzocaine

Knepp, V.M.; Hinz, R.S.; Szoka, F.C.J. ; Guy, R.H., 1988: Controlled drug release from a novel liposomal delivery system i. investigation of transdermal potential

Chien, Y.W.; Lau, E.P.K., 1976: Controlled drug release from polymeric delivery devices part 4 in vitro in vivo correlation of sub cutaneous release of norgestomet from hydrophilic implants

Chien Y.W.; Jefferson D.M.; Cooney J.G.; Lambert H.J., 1979: Controlled drug release from polymeric delivery devices part 5 hydroxy group effects on drug release kinetics and thermodynamics

Tan E.L.; Liu J.C.; Chien Y.W., 1988: Controlled drug release from silicone coated tablets preliminary evaluation of coating techniques and characterization of membrane permeation kinetics

Malko, J.A.; Nelson, R.C., 1987: Controlled eddy currents: applications to MR imaging

Lehmann, D.; Lang, W.; Debruyne, P., 1976: Controlled electro encephalographic alpha feedback training in normals and head ache patients

Spangenberg G.; Schweiger H G., 1986: Controlled electrofusion of different types of protoplasts and subprotoplasts including cell reconstitution in brassica napus

Syuto B.; Miyake Y.; Kubo S., 1981: Controlled electrophoresis of serum proteins on poly acrylamide gel

Hezmall H.P.; Flechner S.M.; Sandler C.M., 1985: Controlled endoscopic retrieval of ectopic ureteral catheters using fluoroscopic guidance

Miani P.; Piemonte M.; Pasquetto A.L., 1988: Controlled enteral nutrition in orl

Burdon, J.J.; Chilvers, G.A., 1977: Controlled environment experiments on epidemic rates of barley powdery mildew in different mixtures of barley and wheat

Burdon, J.J.; Chilvers, G.A., 1976: Controlled environment experiments on epidemics of barley mildew in different density host stands

Gill, A.P.S.; Atwal, A.S., 1976: Controlled environment for the commercial growing of roses in punjab india

Kuster W.C.; Goldan P.D.; Fehsenfeld F.C., 1981: Controlled environment portable gas chromatograph for in situ aircraft or balloon borne applications

Fejer S.O.; Fedak G.; Gillespie B.J.A., 1979: Controlled environment studies of pure and mixed stands of 2 spring barley hordeum vulgare cultivars with varying densities day lengths and temperatures

Clifford B.C.; Harris R.G., 1981: Controlled environment studies of the epidemic potential of puccinia recondita f sp tritici on wheat in britain uk

Castor, L.L.; Ayers, J.E.; Nelson, R.R., 1977: Controlled environment studies of the epidemiology of yellow leaf blight of corn

Hartgerink, A.P.; Mayo, J.M., 1976: Controlled environment studies on net assimilation and water relations of dryas integrifolia

Woodward F.I.; Friend A.D., 1988: Controlled environment studies on the temperature responses of leaf extension in species of poa with diverse altitudinal ranges

Summerfield, R.J.; Muehlbauer, F.J., 1981: Controlled environments as an adjunct to field research of lentils lens culinaris 1. perspectives tenets and objectives

Summerfield, R.J.; Muehlbauer, F.J., 1982: Controlled environments as an adjunct to field research on lentils lens culinaris 2. research strategy

Summerfield, R.J.; Muehlbauer, F.J.; Roberts, E.H., 1984: Controlled environments as an adjunct to field research on lentils lens culinaris 3. photoperiodic lighting and consequences for flowering

Sela, I., 1970: Controlled enzymatic cleavage of tobacco mosaic virus rna yielding uniform size fragments

Angelescu N.; Constantinescu N.M.; Jitea N.; Stanciu D.; Mandi F.; Dinu A., 1987: Controlled epithelization in thermal burns

Macphee, G.J.A.; Mcphail, E.M.; Butler, E.; Brodie, M.J., 1986: Controlled evaluation of a supplementary dose of carbamazepine on psychomotor function in epileptic patients

Craig, T.M.; Kunde, J.M., 1981: Controlled evaluation of ivermectin in Shetland ponies

A.Gaddi, G.C.Descovich, G.Noseda, C.Fragiacomo, L.Colombo, A.Craveri, G.Montanari, C.R.Sirtori, 1984: Controlled evaluation of pantethine, a natural hypolipidemic compound in patients with different forms of hyperlipoproteinemia

Reimer, L.G.; McDaniel, J.D.; Mirrett, S.; Reller, L.B.; Wang, W.L., 1985: Controlled evaluation of supplemented peptone and Bactec blood culture broths for the detection of bacteremia and fungemia

Hilton S.; Anderson H.R.; Sibbald B.; Freeling P., 1986: Controlled evaluation of the effects of patient education on asthma morbidity in general practice

Weinstein, M.P.; Reller, L.B.; Mirrett, S.; Wang, W.L.; Alcid, D.V., 1985: Controlled evaluation of Trypticase soy broth in agar slide and conventional blood culture systems

Reimer, L.G.; Reller, L.B.; Wang, W.L.; Mirrett, S., 1987: Controlled evaluation of trypticase soy broth with and without gelatin and yeast extract in the detection of bacteremia and fungemia

Cortellaro M.; Fassio G.; Boschetti C.; Basagni M.; Polli E.E., 1979: Controlled ex vivo effect of sulfinpyrazone on platelet function of myo cardial infarction patients

Tang S.W.; Stancer H.C.; Takahashi S.; Shephard R.J.; Warsh J.J., 1981: Controlled exercise elevates plasma but not urinary 3 methoxy 4 hydroxyphenyl ethylene glycol and vanillyl mandelic acid

Adams J.A.; Endo A.S.; Stolzy L.H.; Rowlands P.G.; Johnson H.B., 1982: Controlled experiments on soil compaction produced by off road vehicles in mojave desert california usa

Linn, W.S.; Shamoo, D.A.; Spier, C.E.; Valencia, L.M.; Anzar, U.T.; Venet, T.G.; Avol, E.L.; Hackney, J.D., 1985: Controlled exposure of volunteers with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to nitrogen dioxide

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Pfeiffer, E.F.; Raptis, S., 1972: Controlled extension of oral anti diabetic therapy on former insulin dependent diabetics by means of the combined intra venous glibenclamide glucose response test

Downey, B.R.; Conlon, P.D.; Irvine, D.S.; Baker, R.D., 1976: Controlled farrowing program using a prostaglandin analog ay 24655

Connor, J.K.; Fuelling, D.E.; Barram, K.M., 1977: Controlled feeding of the layer part 1 restriction of the lysine and total feed intake of the pullet in the starter grower and developer phases

Connor, J.K.; Barram, K.M.; Fuelling, D.E., 1977: Controlled feeding of the layer part 2 restriction in time of access to feed of the replacement pullet and laying hen

Fleming, H.P.; Thompson, R.L.; Bell, T.A.; Hontz, L.H., 1978: Controlled fermentation of sliced cucumbers

Tapa, S.; Cvjetanovic, B., 1975: Controlled field trial on the effectiveness of 1 and 2 doses of acetone inactivated and dried typhoid vaccine

Antunes, C.M.; Mayrink, W.; Magalhaes, P.A.; Costa, C.A.; Melo, M.N.; Dias, M.; Michalick, M.S.; Williams, P.; Lima, A.O.; Vieira, J.B., 1986: Controlled field trials of a vaccine against New World cutaneous leishmaniasis

Gouffrant, J.M.; Grenet, J., 1986: Controlled fistula of Wirsung's duct

Obuchi K.; Maeda H., 1985: Controlled flow reversal column reactor for microcapsules

Obuchi, K.; Maeda, H., 1986: Controlled flow reversal column reactor for microcapsules 2. feedback control of pressure drop

Petrocelli, S.R.; Anderson, J.W.; Hanks, A.R., 1975: Controlled food chain transfer of dieldrin residues from phyto plankters to clams

Ackland, N.R.; Hinton, M.R.; Denmeade, K.R., 1980: Controlled formaldehyde fumigation system

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Biltcliffe D.O.; Judd H.J.; Wood R., 1984: Convection oven determination of loss of mass on drying of quick frozen french fried potatoes collaborative study

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Skjoldebrand C.; Hallstrom B., 1980: Convection oven frying heat and mass transport in the product

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Cameron, D.R.; Klute, A., 1977: Convective dispersive solute transport with a combined equilibrium and kinetic adsorption model

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Noguchi Y.; Isoda M.; Kuroki K.; Furukawa M., 1982: Convenient 1 pot syntheses of sulfinates sulfinamides and thio sulfinates by sulfinylation with p toluene sulfinic acid and activating reagents

Laloue M.; Courtois D.; Manigault P., 1980: Convenient and rapid fluorescent staining of plant cell nuclei with hoechst 33258

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Iwata R.; Monma M.; Tamate K.; Ido T., 1982: Convenient krypton 77 production method for medical use

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Hilu K.W.; Randall J.L., 1984: Convenient method for studying grass leaf epidermis

Haruna, M.; Ito, K., 1976: Convenient method for syntheses of erythrinan alkaloids

Rembold H.; Lackner B., 1985: Convenient method for the determination of picomole amounts of juvenile hormone

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Terasawa T.; Okada T., 1986: Convenient preparative routes to 19 hydroxydeoxycorticosterone 19 oxodeoxycorticosterone 19 oic deoxycorticosterone and 19 nordeoxycorticosterone

Zabel, R.A.; Miller, C.A.; Tanenbaum, S.W., 1979: Convenient procedures for the biosynthesis, isolation, and isotope labeling of cytochalasins

Okada Y.; Tsuda Y.; Nagamatsu Y.; Okamoto U., 1982: Convenient purification of human spleen fibrinolytic proteinase and human leukocyte elastase by affinity chromatography

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Jemmerson R.; Fishman W.H., 1982: Convenient selection of mono clonal antibodies to iso enzymes of placental alkaline phosphatase using the catalytic activity of the antigen in enzyme antigen immunoassay

von Rieson, V.L., 1975: Convenient, simplified preparation of less commonly used media

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Sakai K.; Yoneda N., 1981: Convenient synthesis of 1 4 thiazane 3 carboxylic acid derivatives

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Klemmensen P.D.; Kolind Andersen H.; Madsen H.B.; Svendsen A., 1979: Convenient synthesis of ethyl racemic cis and trans 3 2 2 di chloroethenyl 2 2 dimethyl cyclo propanecarboxylate

Davis P.J.; Seyhan S.; Soine W.; Smith R.V., 1980: Convenient synthesis of s dextro apo morphine from r levo apo morphine

Chawla H.M.; Mittal R.S., 1983: Convenient synthesis of some isomeric di nitro hydroxy naphthalenes

Sasaki, T.; Minamoto, K.; Itoh, H., 1978: Convenient synthesis of some purine 8 5 imino cyclo nucleosides

Santaniello E.R.C.; Manzocchi A., 1985: Convenient synthesis of stereospecifically deuterated glycines from glutamic acid using a combination of enzymatic and chemical methods

Joshi, N.N.; Mamdapur, V.R.; Chadha, M.S., 1983: Convenient synthetic route to 6 8 di oxa bi cyclo 3.2.1 octanes the aggregation pheromone components of bark beetles

Poppe, L.; Novak, L.; Kolonits, P.; Bata, A.; Szantay, C., 1988: Convenient synthetic route to dextro faranal and dextro 13 norfaranal the trail pheromone of pharaoh's ant and its congener

Bovin N.V.; Khorlin A.Ya, 1985: Convenient synthon for preparing le and abh blood group determinants

Young, E.; Udey, L.R., 1976: Convenient system for multiple screening of microbial carbohydrate metabolism

Yeola S.N.; Mali R.S., 1984: Convenient total syntheses of racemic cheilanthifoline and racemic tetrahydrogroenlandicine

Giri V.S.; Ali E.; Pakrashi S.C., 1980: Convenient total synthesis of racemic quebrachamine

Eklof O.; Thonell S., 1984: Conventional abdominal radiography as a means to rule out ileo cecal intussusception

Sonotani N., 1980: Conventional and 2 dimensional real time echo cardiographic diagnosis of left heart tumors 3 cases of left atrial myxoma

Brumfitt W.; Hamilton Miller J.M.T.; Franklin I.N.S.; Anderson F.M.; Brown G.M., 1982: Conventional and 2 dose amoxicillin treatment of bacteriuria in pregnancy and recurrent bacteriuria a comparative study

Boone E.J.; Albrecht P., 1983: Conventional and enhanced plaque neutralization assay for polio antibody

Räsänen, J., 1987: Conventional and high frequency controlled mechanical ventilation in patients with left ventricular dysfunction and pulmonary edema

Hawes C.R., 1985: Conventional and high voltage electron microscopy of the cytoskeleton and cytoplasmic matrix of carrot daucus carota cells grown in suspension culture

Rogers D.D.; Chamblee D.S.; Mueller J.P.; Campbell W.V., 1985: Conventional and no till establishment of ladino clover trifolium repens cultivar tillman as influenced by time of seeding and insect and grass suppression

Fischl, J.; Eichhorn, F.; Ruttenberg, A.; Major, C., 1970: Conventional and preparative electrophoretic separation of some urinary porphyrins and porphyrin precursors

Laszlo, A.; Gill, P.; Handzel, V.; Hodgkin, M.M.; Helbecque, D.M., 1983: Conventional and radiometric drug susceptibility testing of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex

Hamm B.; Wolf K J.; Felix R., 1987: Conventional and rapid mr imaging of the liver with gadolinium dtpa

Nelson, L.M., 1984: Conventional and simplified microsurgical isthmic tubal anastomosis compared in the rabbit

Schaeffler L.; Imbach P.; Ruedeberg A.; Vassella F.; Karbowski K., 1982: Conventional and spectral electro encephalographic analysis in children treated with cyto toxic agents

Bargon G.; Arlart I., 1985: Conventional angiography and digital subtraction angiography in occlusive arterial disease of the extracranial supraaortic branches

Leone L.; Ferraro M.; Scalercio A., 1985: Conventional assistance rooming in and mother infant contact a follow up at 1 month

Donald, P.R.; Burger, P.J.; Becker, W.B., 1987: Conventional cerebrospinal fluid investigations in the diagnosis of meningitis

Jaster, D.; Krueger, K.; Kupatz, P., 1985: Conventional dorsal spondylodesis in the treatment of the spondylolisthesis

Wilson, J.M.; Traub, A.I.; Sheridan, B.; Thompson, W.; Atkinson, A.B., 1988: Conventional dose intravenous pulsatile GnRH therapy does not induce ovulation in polycystic ovarian disease

Striano, S.; Meo, R.; Bilo, L., 1988: Conventional EEG in the differential diagnosis of dementia syndromes

Short R.B.; Grossman A.I., 1981: Conventional giemsa and c banded karyotypes of schistosoma mansoni and schistosoma rodhaini

Severini G.; Giuliani A.; Maffi D.; Cerulli N., 1980: Conventional hemo dialysis and ultra filtration effects on erythrocyte 2 3 di phospho glycerate and oxygen affinity in patients with uremia

Peters, T.G.; Stanford, G.C.; Hidayet, A.; Winsett, R.P.; Britt, L.G.; Vera, S.R., 1988: Conventional immunosuppressive therapy in modern renal transplantation

Haas H.; Schlaak M., 1987: Conventional isoelectric focusing does not dissociate immune complexes

Pettersson H.; Harwood Nash D.C.F.; Fitz C.R.; Chuang H.S.; Armstrong E., 1982: Conventional metrizamide myelography and computed tomographic metrizamide myelography in scoliosis a comparative study

Tolle, A.; Reichmuth, J.; Worstorff, H.; Hamann, J., 1975: Conventional milking machines and the risk of infection of the bovine mammary gland

D.D.ego J.A.; Higueras A.; Gamallo C.; Mayer R.F.; Calero J.R., 1987: Conventional morphometry and analytic morphometry with the ibas 1 image basic analytic system in the experimental infection with trypanosoma brucei brucei

Brown, M.H.; Edelman, P.M., 1976: Conventional occlusion in the older amblyope

Rady, M.Y.; Rady, A.M., 1987: Conventional open surgery for renal stones

Nathan M.H.; Newman A., 1981: Conventional oral cholecystography single visit oral cholecystography

Lamberg, B.A.; Kivikangas, V.; Vartiainen, J.; Raitta, C.; Pelkonen, R., 1976: Conventional pituitary irradiation in acromegaly effect on growth hormone and thyrotropin secretion

Huels A.; Walter E.; Schulte W., 1984: Conventional radiographic diagnosis and computed tomography of the temporomandibular joint in myoarthropathy

Jensen D.B.; Bjerg Nielsen A.; Laursen N., 1988: Conventional radiographic examination in the evaluation of sequelae after tibial plateau fractures

Egund, N.; Hasegawa, Y.; Pettersson, H.; Wingstrand, H., 1987: Conventional radiography in transient synovitis of the hip in children

Shapiro A.G.; Carter M.; Ahmed A.; Sielszak M.W., 1987: Conventional reanastomosis versus laser welding of rat uterine horns

Neufang K.F.R.; Beyer D., 1983: Conventional roentgen examination of mediastinal lymph adenopathy diagnostic value and integration of other imaging techniques

Tuchmann A.; Fischer P.L.; Bauer P.; Plenk H.Jr; Braun O.; Dinstl K., 1986: Conventional scalpel and carbon dioxide laser in experimental tumor surgery

Potta, C.; Plant, W.T.; Southern, M.L., 1978: Conventional sex differences in personality does sex or verbal ability level account for more variance

Samuelsson, L.; Eklöf, O., 1987: Conventional spinal radiography as a supplement to the neurologic assessment in myelomeningocele

Fairris, G.M.; Jones, D.H.; Mack, D.P.; Rowell, N.R., 1985: Conventional superficial x ray vs. grenz ray therapy in the treatment of constitutional eczema of the hands

Heinzel W.; Kronbach T.; Voelter W., 1982: Conventional synthesis of thymopoietin 32 36 using the 1 1 adamantyl 1 methylethoxy carbonyl group

Ranawat C.S.; Atkinson R.E.; Salvati E.A.; Wilson P.D.Jr, 1984: Conventional total hip arthro plasty for degenerative joint disease in patients between the ages of 40 and 60 years

Westphal C.; Bachhuber K.; Froesch D., 1984: Conventional transmission electron microscopy of unstained melamine embedded frog photo receptor membranes

Musk, A.W.; Woodward, S.D., 1982: Conventional treatment and its effect on survival of malignant pleural mesothelioma in Western Australia

Conte, P.F.; Pronzato, P.; Rubagotti, A.; Alama, A.; Amadori, D.; Demicheli, R.; Gardin, G.; Gentilini, P.; Jacomuzzi, A.; Lionetto, R., 1987: Conventional versus cytokinetic polychemotherapy with estrogenic recruitment in metastatic breast cancer: results of a randomized cooperative trial

Yang, P.J.; Seeley, G.W.; Carmody, R.F.; Seeger, J.F.; Yoshino, M.T.; Mockbee, B., 1988: Conventional vs computed radiography: evaluation of myelography

Pahlm, O.; Jonson, B.; Lukes, M.; Ringqvist, I.; Engstrom, M.L.; Foborg, M.L., 1981: Conventional vs. computer aided interpretation of long term electro cardiographic recordings aspects of precision and economy

Choe, J.K.; Dawood, M.Y.; Andrews, A.H., 1983: Conventional vs. laser re anastomosis of rabbit ligated uterine horns

Ritter, M.A.; Gioe, T.J., 1986: Conventional vs. resurfacing total hip arthroplasty a long term prospective study of concomitant bilateral implantation of prostheses

Merkle K.; Karpova I.A.; Lyutova N.A.; Poltorakin I.A., 1983: Conventional x ray methods and computerized tomography in pre irradiation preparation of patients with esophageal cancer

Arnason U.; Bellamy H.; Eyporsson P.; Lutley R.; Sigurjonsson J.; Widegren B., 1985: Conventionally stained and c banded karyotypes of a female blue whale

Worobey, J., 1986: Convergence among assessments of temperament in the first month

Mathes E.W., 1984: Convergence among measures of interpersonal attraction

Kline R.B.; Lachar D.; Gdowski C.L., 1988: Convergence and concurrent validity of dsm iii diagnoses and the personality inventory for children pic

Sewell, K.W.; Downey, R.G.; Sinnett, E.R., 1988: Convergence and divergence of clinical memory tests

Inouye R.S.; Tilman D., 1988: Convergence and divergence of old field plant communities along experimental nitrogen gradients

Gaspari A.; Sabatini M., 1982: Convergence and divergence on interventions for papillary stenoses

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